The Darkness (Rated R for Language and Content)

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The Darkness (Rated R for Language and Content)

Post by Xalsin » Sat Jul 15, 2006 6:07 pm

She was not sure when she first became aware. It could have been hours, or days, perhaps a week, or more. It had taken time to realize that she was aware, slipping from a dream to a reality which never changed. A reality of Darkness. A reality in which she realized she was alone.

At first she thought she had been dreaming. Why else could she not see her surroundings. But then, this morning? or afternoon? Night? she began to understand she was not dreaming. Where am I? Opening her eyes she saw nothing. At least nothing different then when they were closed. It was pitch dark. A dark so black it went beyond her senses into her soul. She felt panic rise and sat up. She was on a floor, placing one hand down she felt beneath herself....cold...was it a floor or the surface of a metal table...sliding her hands along she felt for an edge...slowly she slid her body further and further until her hands came to a joining of her resting place and what she persumed to be a wall. How high? High enough to stand? Carefully she slid her hands up, careful to keep them above her head. If anything was up there in the darkness, she was sure she would rather lose a limb then life. Slowly, ever so slowly she slid her hands up the wall until, even on her tiptoes she could reach no higher...So the room? had high walls, but how big? Carefull still she outstretched her arms, expanding them full but coult not touch either side. Okay, the room was bigger then her reach, but how big....

"Hello" she finally found her voice to call into the darkness "Can anyone hear me?"

Only the echo of the silence reveberated back to great her ears. She closed her eyes trying to escape the darkness. With her eyes closed she felt safer somehow. Stupid thought girl, if it's in the darkness you closing your eyes isn't going to help. But it always worked at scarry movies. Right when the murderer was about to kill the woman who went up the stairs or opened the closet door. It worked then, it was less scarry somehow to hear the woman get murdered then to actually see it.

"Please, if anyone can hear me. Please help me" she called out again to the silence. She could feel the panic rising in her chest, the urge to scream. Where was she? and why could she not remember getting here?


The room was big. Her guess as she had carefully felt her prision was about thirty feet in each direction. She could not tell with the ceiling. She had stretched up as high as she could which she figured to be about six and a half feet from the souls of her feet to her upstretched arms. She had jumped up but felt nothing. She had sought to find something to throw up in the air to see if could make contact with the ceiling but had found nothing...and with that discovery had found she had not shoes on...

She was wearing a bodysuit of some sort. It was form fitting and something she was completely sure she had been dressed in. She was a blue jeans kind of girl...Blue jeans and tank tops, with sandles in the summer, and long pull overs and cowboy boots in the winter. All of those items were missing, as was her high school ring and all of her other jewelry. Whoever had taken her and put her here had stripped her and taken everything she owned.

She had given up calling for help. No one answered. If anyone had heard her. At first she thought someone must be watching, and that thought was still there, but she just felt alone...No, she amended. She was alone. For how long that would last, she did not know...but for now she was alone.

How long she sat she was not sure. Should have eaten more carrots, she though. Then she might somehow make out something in the darkness of her cell. She knew she had been sitting for hours. Her throat was sore and crying for something to drink from all of the yelling she had done. It had been to no avail though. No one had answered. Now she sat, her back against a wall and tried to remember HOW she had gotton here.

She remembered being at a party. She was sure of that...A friends house..Sharon. Not a good friend, more of an acquantance she knew at work. She had hesitated at first about even going, with her class schedule she did not spend much time partying...not with finals comming up. She had given some lame excuse but Sharon had told her that Devon was going to be at the party, and Devon was enough to make her change her mind.

Devon was also employed at the Temp agency where she worked. She often gazed at him from across the room on the mornings she came in for the days work assignments. He was tall, slender, with wavy black hair....handsome, not in the greek statue sense, but in the good old county boy aspect. She could imagine him riding astride a galloping stallion across a field of green. His father owned a ranch, he was attending university to become a vet and take over the reins someday. He had been the reason she went to the party, and...god...she remembered...they had talked...danced...he had asked her to walk with him along the beach...then...nothing.

What happened? She struggled to remember, pushing back the pounding in her head, but the more she struggled to think the louder the pounding became, until she realized it was not in her head but above her. Someone was above her. Standing she yelled as loud as she could "Help me...Please help me."

the pounding stopped, and for a breif moment she wondered if perhaps she should not have called out. What if whoever she called out to was not friendly? Too late now, but then again, anything out there had to be better then starving in here.

Finally, after a heartbeat which felt like an eternity she heard scraping overheard then a voice, very masculine. "Are you all right down there?"

"Alright? No" she responded "I'm trapped, how could I be alright?"

A slight pause then a chuckle "Fair enough, are you hurt? Did you break anthing when you fell?"

"Fell? I don't remember falling" she paused and felt for pain "No, I don't think anything is broke. What do you mean fall?"

"Look" the voice overhead was firm "I'm going to open the hatch and throw down a rope for you....but when I open the hatch...well, you might...Your in a cell, the suit you are wearing is some sort of cryogenic material...when I open the hatch and you look up....If your cell is anything like mine....there are people hanging everywhere."

"What?" She looked up at the ceiling in the darkness "People...hanging?" She could feel panic welling up in her chest.

"Don't scream" The male voice was firm "If you scream I will shut the hatch and leave you down there."

"DON'T" she forced herself to calm and repeated "Don't please. I don't want to die down here."

"All right, here goes then."

Light, as bright as a nova streamed in through the small slit causing a shaft of pain to go coursing through her head. She closed her eyes against the pain, sheilding them with her hand. She waited a few moments for the pain to lessen to a dull ache then began to open her eyes to the room.


She held back the screams which tore at her throat, closing her eyes, not against the light, but against the horror above her....around her....The voice had not lied, above her were bodies...humans, men, women. Suspended in the air by cables which were linked to suits like the one she wore. Liquid of some sort was being pushed through the cables into the suits. Suddenly a movie came to mind, one she had seen long ago, one in which Coma patients had been kept alive suspended in a room. These people are alive. Some of them anyway. While some looked peacefull, asleep others were not, while some were still partially suspended in the air, their connecting tubes had detached from their suits and they were dead. Corpses, in varied states of decay hung loosely from one or two wires. Some dangled serene, others clutched with death grip hands on the remaining tubes which suspended them, in some vain effort to be free.

She could not look up anymore, she felt the bile rise in her throat and bent over and let it flow freely from her stomach. She would not look up again. Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes trying to keep them down...regretting at once her decision. More bodies, these all dead, lie broken on the floor...those which had not survived the fall from above.

How had she survived? The thought of how caused more bile to rush from her stomach. She had fallen on them then to the floor. In the darnkess she had not explored the center of the room, only the walls.

"Are you okay?" she looked up to the opening in the ceiling to see a male face peer down at her.

"No" she called back "No...Where are we?"

"I don't know." the face pulled back from the hole and a rope fell through "A building of sorts...It's hugh, been exploring for hours and so far have only found corridors of these of some sort." He shook the rope "tie the rope around your waist, I'll pull you up." He waited for the girl to comply then began to speak as he worked pulling her up through the opening. "Your the first person I've found alive...well awake anyways. There's others alive...hanging still, but I don't figure as I'm ready to wake anyone yet...Whatever keeps them hanging keeps them alive, and the one thing I have not found yet is food...would'nt do to wake up a whole bunch of people and not offer them a drink at least."

She was careful to not make the rope sway as her savior pulled her up through the room. She did not want to touch any of the corpses hanging about her. Where the hell could they be? As she reached the top she took the hand offered to her and felt her body lifted through the hole to stand firmly on a stainless steel walkway. Looking up into the eyes of her savior she smiled. "Thanks"

"Your welcome" the man, not much older then her held out his hand. "I don't know what good pleasantries are for at a time like this but...names Loran..yours?"

"Brook" She took his hand in a firm handshake which was more then a sign of friendship...So far they were the only two people alive in this place...Whatever this place was.

It was a thick, dreamless sleep Dane found himself waking up out of, to the sound of a steady hiss. He tried to open his eyes, but there seemed to be some sort of gummy surface coating his face, making it near impossible.

With a growing alarm, his hand shot to his face, only to bounce off of some sort of mask wrapped around his head. From there, his hands shot to either side, looking for some point of reference that would give him an idea of where he was. Almost immediately, his hands struck something hard and metallic on either side. He was in a box, similiar in size to a coffin.

Okay. Calm down. There's probably some explanation for this. Dane told himself, Forcing himself to take a deep breath. There was this nagging sensation of being buried alive that was trying to overtake him, but he forced it back. It might have been true (in fact, it might still be true), but for the mask wrapped around his mask that seemed to be providing him with air. Except, the air smelled odd, laiden thick with unidentifiable gases.

That explained the hissing noise.

He was standing up in the box, too, he realized. While it was extremely hard to get any sort of orientation, he could lean forward to be resting on his stomach, or lean back to rest on his back. What exactly that told him, was nothing. Other then, perhaps, he hadn't been buried alive in the traditional sense. Whether that was a comfort or not, Dane could not decide.

Dane's hands next explored the mask. It was some sort of plastic material, very hard, with several clasps and connectors on the back. Taking it off seemed like the only logical thing to. He opened the clasps, pulling on the mask until it split apart, freeing his head.

At first, he wasn't even sure what this was going to do for him. After all, he was still trapped within the strange box, but the effect was near immediate.

A distant sound greeted his ears, sounding like a warbling alarm. The box shifted forward, the panel in front of him opening in two seperate pieces and spilling him to the ground. As it turned out, unfortunately, the ground was a good five meter drop. Dane managed one yelp of surprise before he slammed into the hard, metal ground and came to rest there, breathless, on his stomach.

For a long time, Dane simply laid there, staring at the steel looking floor. He felt tired and stiff, like he had just woken up after sleeping too long. It was hard to move, and in truth, he was rather afriad to move, to roll over and see what greeted his eyes. Because, whatever sight he would see, where ever he had come to rest, he was certain it would be nothing he was familiar with.
"Hello?" Dane's voice echoed dully as if in mockery of the producer of the sound. Only silence responded after his echo had faded away.

Finally, Dane rolled on to his back to take in the sight of the room he found himself in. It was... unexplainable.

The lighting was dim, provided by a row of lights along the base board of the room. Many of these lights were flickering, many had darkened completely, as if ill maintained. The ceiling, somewhere high above, was shrouded in shadows, making it impossible to see how high it stretched up.

Along the wall closest to him, were a series of boxes. Lots and lots of boxes, stretching up into the shadows of the ceiling. Including the one he had just fallen from. They were rather unmarkable looking, actually, apart from a a series of greenlights that were blazing on most of them. All but the ones that were open, like his. These were colored with red lights, apparently to signify something not right.

Off to the left of the room was a... station. That's all Dane could think to describe it as. There appeared to be several computer screens, a table that looked like it had medical uses in mind, and several strange and robotic looking pieces of equipment.

Dane levered himself to his feet. There were others laying next to him. They were corpses, one look told him. Another quick glance up told him that they too had fallen from their capsules on the wall, only they had fallen further then him.

A shudder ripped through Dane as he moved away from the corpses, trying desperately to make sense of everything around him. He had spent a lot of time with animals, meaning he was no stranger to rotting remains... But then again, these were human remains...

The last thing he remembered....

They had gone for a walk along the Nile bank in Qena. The sun had just been setting, and slowly the day's considerable heat had been dissipating.
The mosquitos had been out for blood, as always, but Dane was one of those few people that did not attract more then the occasional stray Mosquito. Bad blood, or something.

But after that... Nothing.

He could remember nothing, not getting mugged, nor anything that might explain how he had ended up somewhere else. And there was certainly nothing to explain how he had ended up here.

Before Dane could ponder the question any further, an unearthly, if muffled howl pierced the air, causing him to jump in surprise, but immediately he recognized the sound, causing him to scramble in the direction of little computer station from which the noise had come.


Dane carefully stepped his way through the dead bodies, trying hard not to look at them too closely. They had obviously been dead for a while.

Gretchin, upon hearing her name, yapped noisily and excitedly.

"I'm coming, girl." Dane couldn't help but feel a bit of relief at the thought of a familiar face in this bizarre place.

He found Gretchin, a female black backed jackal that he had raised since a cub, in a small capsule next to the metal table. It apparently had tried to open, but failed halfway, leaving Gretchin trapped in the capsule. He couldn't guess how long she had been stuck like that. As long as he had been stuck where he had been, he supposed.

Working quickly, he pried the lid open enough for her to work her away out. Gretchin howled happily in her eerie and unearthly voice, then bounded on him, licking the strange gummy substance that was still caking much of his face.

"It's good to see you too, girl. But I'm afriad our situation could be a lot better." He murmured to her, stroking her vigorously on the head to show his affection. A frown creased his features as he felt something hard on the back of the jackal's head.

There was small black component that had been grafted in to her skin. Just the slightest pull on it confirmed it was not going to be removed by hand.

"Okay, okay." He spoke again, as she enthusiastically kept greeting him by licking his face. "I'll wash up as best I can, I don't think I need your help for it."

She subsided reluctantly, coming to sit in front of him with her head cocked to the side inquistively.

"I don't know where we are, girl. For that matter, I don't know how we go here either. I was hoping you could tell me." Dane replied to the jackal's unspoken question, who regarded him for a moment, then gave a yip.

"It's okay. I didn't expect any different answer. But I suppose we can't just sit here forever."

The unlikely pair set off to explore, but the exploration was rather limited.

There was a largish hatch against one wall, but there was no obvious way of opening it. The computer screens were dead, with no apparent control panels or anything. Apart from the capsules, the little (if Dane's guess was right) medical station, and the corpses, there was nothing.

Dane also discovered he lacked any sort of familiar clothing, and was instead wearing a rather perfunctory set of shorts and that was all. Well, shorts weren't particularly out of his style, but these were rather odd ones, being made of an unknown material, giving them a slightly metalic look. He certainly had not been dressed in these as of his last rememberance.

Presently, Dane sat down again in the little station, preferring it to the more spacious areas, since it distanced him from the bodies some what. There didn't seem any feasible way of escaping from here, wherever here was. No food, no water. No, the situation was not looking good.

His head went between his hands, as he sought to make sense of it all. Where could they possibly be?

It was then that he made the next startling discovery. As he was running his fingers through his black hair, he found there was something small and hard on the back of his head. No, not on his head so much as in his head.

Whatever had been done to Gretchin had been done to him as well.

Things were getting wierder by the minute.

"We're gonna die in here, Gretchin. We're gonna slowly starve to death and die." Dane murmured slowly, his blue eyes unfocused and distant. He was Norwegian by birth, American by citizenship and upbringing, and pretty close to African by residence.

As a wildlife photographer and researcher, he had always expected to die by accidentally getting close to the wrong animal on the wrong day. He had certainly not expected to waste away inside of an iron room full of corpses.

Gretchin gave a whimper, then another howl that so many found unsettling, dragging Dane from his self-pity.

A faint smile came to his face. "Alright, Gretchin. We're not dead yet."

Dane considered Gretchin his truest friend, and she returned the favor by being fiercely loyal. At three years old, she was in the prime of her life, still having the energy of youth tempered with the maturity of adulthood. Jackals were notorious for being clever, but Dane was quite sure Gretchin outdid them all. She was more clever then some humans Dane knew.

"But we're still stuck here, and I doubt anyone's going to wander by. If those corpses are anything to judge by, no one has been in here in weeks. Maybe months. But we'll see what we can do." He added the last to forestall any further arguements from her.

Perhaps there was some way of getting that hatch open.

But how..?


"So, the last thing you remember is walking on the beach with this Devon guy?" Loran queried as the two of them had begun walking the hallway of what he thought a ship. He suspected it was much more then just a ship, but he was not yet ready to accept it in his mind. The ramifications of such a fact he was sure he could not handle. As they walked the stopped periodiacally and hammered on the hatches below them, then standing silent waiting for any sound of life.

Brook nodded as they stopped at the next hatch. "Yeah. We had left this party to take a walk on the beach..." she explained, leaving out the minor details on how she had been hoping for much more then a mere walk with country boy Devon. She had envisioned pictures of the two of them, naked in the surf, the water cold, rushing over heated flesh as they were having hot, passionate sex. Not love, no. At 23, Brook was not going to fall into that trap. She had finished her bachelors and was now attending medical school. Where Devon hoped to become a vet, Brook had a strong desire to become a surgeon. A desire fueled by a strong family history of physicians. That dream would take yet another eight or more years of schooling to was not in her plans. "I remember stopping at the Beachcommer pub for a pina coloda..plastic cups." she made a face "The we walked down the dune to the beach....then...." she paused a moment, stopping "I...remember....a boat....Lights..out on the water....I remember Devon saying they were odd for a boat..different...Too close to shore?" she shook her head, trying to remember, but failing. "How about you?"

Loran remained silent for a few minutes waiting for some sign of life in the room below them. A few minutes the he turned and began to walk on. "Me. Names Loran as you already know. Just your average joe, 35, though I look much younger. Two kids, boys, a beautiful wife. I'm a reporter by trade, though it's in my blood. I remember bitching to Sara, my wife, about having to go out of town on this last assignment. Had to cover a story on illegal immigrates comming in from Mexico...Now that's something everyone knows nothing about right? Some big hot story...Well to my boss it was big, especially with new policy changes in the white house..Supposedly a small group of immigrants were attacked and mysteriously dissappeared. The mexican government cried foul play, the US claimed ignorance." He shrugged "Probably a drug bust gone bad. I was actually out in the desert searching the remains of the truck they were using when..." he shrugged again "I don't remember.....It was hot, hotter then hell on it's best of days....I had just examined the truck for some signs of foul blood, nothing.....then I stopped for some got dark...not dark like in midnight, but dark like in an approaching storm....then...nothing, till I woke up here."

"Where is here?" Brook examined the walls, running her hand along it's smooth surface. "This metal, it's not like anything I've ever seen.'s"

"So...not human." Loran smiled sardonic at Brooks smile. "Yeah, I figure whoever kidnapped us is either very advanced which leaves out most countries I can think of, or...." he stopped walking, bit his bottom lip for a moment before letting the thought slip past his lips. "Alien"

"Alien" Brook said the word slowly, as if drinking sour milk.

"Yeah, Aliens if you believe in them...If not?" he shrugged and began knocking on the next hatch down the line.

"If not...yeah." Silence fell between the two as they waitied again for any sign they were not alone.


Gretchin had curled up, resting her head in his lap while Dane had sat pondering the situation, hoping some flash of insight would greet him and provide a way out. But so far nothing had come.

In truth, he was closer to falling asleep then finding a way out when Gretchin suddenly sprang to her feet, her ears cocked in the direction of the hatch. A strange sensation over took Dane. He could hear voices but... He had a very strange feeling that he was not hearing them with his own ears.

Gretchin growled lightly then trotted over to the door.

"Yeah, aliens, if you believe in them... If not...?" One of the voices was saying, it grew louder as Gretchin grew closer to the door. Almost at once it hit him: he was hearing things through Gretchin's ears.

It was such a disturbing discovery, the immediate fact that he had just heard human voices nearly was lost to him. Fortunately, Gretchin picked up the slack by letting out the most ethereal and forlorn sounding howl ever heard. To people unfamiliar with what a jackal sounds like, it could be quite a discomforting sound.

But it was sufficient for Dane to snap back to the situation at hand. He jumped to his feet and ran to the hatch, which he pounded on with the fist of his hand.

"Can you hear me over there? We're trapped in here..." He trailed off, the thought occuring to him that maybe the voices were not friendly. But it was too late now and he almost would rather die seeing someone then spend the rest of his life in here alone. "I can't open the hatch from this side, can you help?" He yelled after a moment's delay. He was eager to see who he was dealing with.

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Brook looked to Loran as the sound of pounding came from the other side of the door.

"I can't open the hatch from this side, can you help?"

Neither of them spoke for a moment. Either from surprise at the sign of life other then them, or fear that whoever was on the other side of the hatch might not be all that friendly. Finally Loran moved forward and spoke.

"Are you okay? What's going on in there?"
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Post by Xalsin » Sat Jul 15, 2006 6:37 pm

Am I okay? Sure, I'm stuck in a pill box God knows where with a bunch of corpses. I'm doing great. Dane thought with a hint of sarcasm at the question, but he spoke differently.

"I guess I'm okay, considering the circumstances. I had a slight fall, but..." He trailed off, realizing that the jackal howl was probably what made them nervous.

"By the way, that noise you heard was Gretchin, an African black backed jackal." He said, hoping that didn't sound as strange to them as it did to him. "Uh... Do you know where we are, by any chance?"

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Leaning over to help Loran turn the hatch manually Brook responded to the voice from the other side of the door.

"No. But it's not Kansas" Brook paused a moment then added "Nor anywhere over the rainbow from what I've seen of the movie." and she was fairly certain that a pair of red slippers and clicking her heels three times would not help much either.

"Yeah" Loran added his affirmation "If what you've got in there is anything like what we've seen in the other rooms. It's not going to get any better either." Slowly, surely the pair managed to disengage the door lock and pull the hatch open. Even though she knew what she would see Brooks heart began to race again at the sight of meat being prepared for butchering.

"You know. I'd settle for a cafeteria just once...or at least a Starbucks." she smiled, halfheartedly as she gazed at the newest members of the group. The man looked harmless enough, but she knew enough about Jackal's to know that if food became a priority issue the animal would have no compunction about making her it's next meal.
" They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once.." --Tony Stark

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Post by Xalsin » Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:06 am

Dane watched Gretchin's reaction to the two people. For whatever reason, Dane had long learned that Gretchin was an uncanny judge of character. More then once, she had identified conmen who had approached him on the streets in Africa.

The girl Gretchin passed over without a second glance, but the man became the object of the jackal's intense scrutiny for several moments. Obviously, there was something about the man that Gretchin didn't quite like. But presently, Gretchin looked back up at Dane with her brown eyes, prompting him to stroke her head.

"Well, I'm Dane, for what it's worth, and this is Gretchin." Dane spoke, after a brief pause as the two parties assessed each other. "Does anyone have any idea what's going on?"

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Loran shook his head. "No. From what we can tell we are in a facility of sorts. Unlike any we have ever seen." he spoke and Brook nodded. "It's full of rooms, like the one you were in. Though the room you are in is a bit different then the room Brook or I was in. This room looks to be more of a operation room. Ours were more"

Brook shuddered and broke in. "Bodies everywhere we look, every room." she looked back to Loran.

"Not just your ordianary bodies though. Each one is in a different state of decay then the other. Almost like at various times some of us are woken for some reason, or purpose. Nears I can figure is we are part of some kind of experiment, on a timmer to go off a specific intervals. The problem seems to be in the fact that our host, or hosts, seem to have disappeared. Who...or what they are."

Loran paused again as Brook took over. "We have completely finished examining this level. There are several elevators located at each end, but we have not tried them yet." she laughed dryly "We had hoped to find more people alive before we faced...." she shrugged.
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Dane nodded slowly, not really sure what to say to all this. In truth, the man was just happy to see other people.

He toyed briefly with the idea of bringing up the strange little device surgically attached to the back of his head, but he decided against it. He didn't really know what it was himself, so there really wasn't much to tell anyways.

It didn't make much sense to Dane that they were awake by someone's intention. Between the corpses and the fact that this place just didn't look like the place that was designed to have people wandering around it, that didn't pan out.

More likely, he thought, is that the machines keeping us asleep went haywire because they, whoever they are, are either dead or they don't care about us one way or another. I'm not sure which one has worse implications.

"I don't suppose anyone has seen a window or anything? It would be nice to have some idea what's outside this place, but I almost get the feeling it's subterranian."

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"Yeah. No windows. No phones. No water coolers. Not even a main control room. A broom closet. A bathroom. Anything which would make you think it was a place of some sort. It's more like a storage facility. We counted the hatchways. Eighty-six. Forty-three on each side of the hallway. From my guess and Brooks we speculate about two hundred bodies hanging around in each room. That's approximately seventeen thousand bodies this level alone."

Brook nodded then stepped to the walls and tentively touched the smooth metal surface. "the walls, they are different. Like nothing I've ever felt. If it was perhaps a military experiment...but how would the military get away with the disappearance of so many people."

"The government can get away with almost anything these days." Loran interjected, knowing the attrocities the United States could get away with in the name of progress. His years as a reporter had opened his eyes to that fact. "We discussed waking some of the others up, but, with no food, no water....That might not be a good idea. My suggestion? go up, or down, to the next level. If we find more of the same, so be it...if we encounter hosiles and are killed...well, starving down here does not seem much better to me."
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Dane was silent for a long moment, looking around their enivornment once more. It was nothing like any building he had ever been in. It lacked all the things one would come to expect from a government building: guiding signs, clearly marked exits, labeled doors, anything. in fact, it seemed like a very easy building to get lost in, which was very untypical for a functional government/military building.

Not to mention the sheer number of people here... No country would want to sacrifice this many of its tax paying citizens for... what, exactly?

No, Dane had a hard time believing that this was a government project of any sort. And yet, what were the alternatives?

"Well, I'm inclined to agree with you. I'd almost rather meet the people responsible for this then just starve to death never knowing what's going on here."

Absently, he reached down and stroked Gretchin on the head. "Which way to the elevators?"

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