The Unknown Travels

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The Unknown Travels

Post by Scottish Ninja » Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:44 pm

Thunder emanated from a violent waterfall in the distance. Reilly could hear it, though not see it through the steep, gravel-lined rocky canyons. A bird above him launched itself into the air, setting off a slow crackle of sliding pebbles. He paused. Nothing else around him; dry brush growing halfway up the right slope, a stunted tree at the base of the left – no other life, no other sound, nothing but the roaring waterfall in the distance. But he felt it – something around, somewhere, and nowhere to hide – nowhere for the other to hide, nowhere for him. Even so, he drew his pistol. The old maxim held true – better to be safe than sorry.

Then, as he turned around a bend, his boots churning the shifting rock beneath his feet, he saw it. A cave. Atop the far slope was a cave, deep, dark, and forbidding. It could be ten feet deep, or ten miles. But how to find out? And was this what he was looking for? Surely it couldn’t be. The Tolbold Secret was supposed to be hidden on the far side of the lake.

But perhaps they had misread the directions, misread the map – maybe he was on the right “far side” of the lake. Reilly doubled back. If this was the place where it was hidden, then it would do no good to charge it straight on. He’d have to make a stealthy approach, lest death ensue. He spent half an hour trying to find a suitable place to climb the slope, and found it only in a solid rock wall that had enough footholds to get up. Though it took thirty minutes to find, it took no more than thirty seconds to climb.

Up atop the ridge, the wind blew, apparently with a vengeance, whipping dust and the occasional leaf into Reilly’s face. With every step dust smoked away under his boots when there was little gravel to crunch and grind. Arduous, certainly, though not nearly as painful as other incidents the mercenary could recall.

By the time he reached the fracture in the rock that was the entrance to the cave, the continuous blasting of the wind had blown Reilly’s short brown hair into a mangled mess. If he had had a mirror, Reilly would have deemed it “a disaster with no survivors” if in fact he cared that much about his hair.

Every precaution had to be taken. Reilly tapped his foot around the edge of the cave’s mouth, and when he got no response from inside, he got down into a crouch and carefully peered into the cave. Were there a man standing inside with a gun, he would have fired by now – were there guns at all. His pistol could be the only gun in the land, or the world. Reilly knew not of the technological advances of this world, nothing beyond the fact that it was not Earth as he knew it.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped up and faced the cave fully, keeping his pistol aimed carefully down its length.

OOC: I have absolutely no idea what to do next. Read this, and give me your opinions on where I should go from here.
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