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ooc> The following is a co-op post that I and Shaggy worked out over MSN, if you note the difference in style. Also, be warned that this post contains some highly graphic material.

IC>Bane was alerted to the approaching chopper by his security. The fact that is was military was apparent no matter how badly they wanted to hide it. Bane moved behind his desk and got a hold of his chief of security. "Whoever is on that thing knows who we are by the package I recieved last night. Put him some where witha moniter. When they time is right we will feed them something to watch later when the time is right. Maybe a display of how powerful we truley are." Bane got a double click from the chief and then everything was silent. Bane did not sleep much an unfortuante side effect of his powers. Sleep lasted only three hours at tops, but he was used to it. He had spent the rest of the night formulating his plans to solodify their unit or kill those who stood in his way.

Now was as good of time as any to try to break the sisters apart. He knew they were in the same room from the reports from the nurses. He went to their room and knocked on the door. "Good morning my dears. Serenity, it is time to see you daddy!"


Sable woke up with a start, and nearly fell out of her chair. She noted, absently, the cat sitting on the back of the chair, but paid it no mind, it must be one of Bane's pets.

Serenity, on the other hand, awoke quickly, and with ease, and was already bounding to the door. She threw the door open and said, "Yeah, let's go..." She wanted to try to heal her daddy again. She knew that she had taken care of most of the bad hurt that Sable had given him, but now he was hurt in another way... a way that was similar to Mr. Bane's hurts... though Mr. Bane's hurts were strange... almost not like a hurt at all.

Sable and Serenity let themselves be led out of the room and through a series of halls to the medical lab. As they left, Sable looked back again at the strangely out of place cat, the thing was looking right at her, eyes wide and unwavering... there was something about the stare that seemed familiar.

As they traveled down to his medical area, Bane was holding Serenity's hand. Bane made a sepeical not that she took his not the other way around. He smiled inside. He was enjoying more then he thought he would. They came to the door and stood in front of it. Bane let the anticipation build before he opened to see the man. Bane pressed his hand on a plate next to the door and it opened. The man was lying there twisting a little bit in pain. The poison was working wonders and should almost be ready to start the full blown effects. Serenity started to runs towards him but Sable grabbed her.

Bane looked at the two and then looked at the man in disgust. Humans always disgusted him. After the man was dead he would have cleaning crew come in here and disinfect every part of this room. He turned and spoke to Serenity, "I was told that he is still hurt and you can still see some bruises that are on him from a previous fight. Who ever did it beat him up really badly. You might want to wait a little bit before you go to him." Serenity was starting to really squirm and she ended up leaving her sisters grasp but before she got to her father, he scream in agony. He started to convulse heavily and he started to vomit up whatever was in his stomach. His skin was starting to crack and blood started to pour from his body. He looked at his girls and convulced once again and the sound of his back breaking under the stress was so loud that it even surpirsed Bane for a second. The man's eyes were red and blood dripped from his tear ducts. His skin had broken completely open and his heart rate had flat lined. Nurses ran through the door and one screamed. Another one lost her breakfast in the nearest trash can. Bane, made sure that he would try to turn Serenity away from the image but also made sure that she could see bits and pieces.


The whole time Serenity had been holding Bane's hand, she had been exploring his strange hurt, and was becomeing increasingly aware that something was not quite right about it. It wasn't a hurt, not really.. but she thought maybe she could heal it anyway. She was distracted from this train of thought when they entered the room that her daddy was in, and saw him lying on the bed in a sweat.

The new bruising on him was not from what Sable had left on him. She had taken care of the worst of Sable's wounds, and these new ones were strange to her, ones she had not yet explored. She tried at first to run to him, but was restrained. She watched a moment more, reaching out to him with her heart, hoping she could do something for him. When he started to connulse on the bed, and eventually go limp, Serenity would not be held any more. She wrenched herself free and ran to the bedside, slapping her hands on her dead father's chest, tears streaming. She tried and tried to heal him, to bring him back, but he wasn't even there anymore. It was like trying to heal a rock.

She raised her hands from the corpse, and looked wildly at her hands, and felt Sable pulling her away. She let herself be pulled, and withdrew... she couldn't help but feel it was her fault.


Sable watched her father die with a stoic expression. She didn't want to see him end this way, but her concern was for Serenity. As far as she was concerned, the bastard got what was coming to him. Despite this, she couldn't help but think that somehow, Bane had something to do with the death of her father. As she snatched Serenity away from the broken and bleeding body, she cast a smoldering glance at Bane. "Get us the hell out of here." She said, withholding the worst of what she wanted to say. After all, Bane had yet to make his intentions clear, and so far, he had been nothing but helpful, if a bit creepy. Still, Sable had a creeping feeling that Bane was trying to make Sable out to be the murderer, from a couple of off hand comments he had made. She was probably just being paranoid.


Bane looked at Serenity and he watched her crawl into herself again and she was trying to hide from her pain. Sable on the other hand was angry. Bane moved them out of the room and then reached out for Serenity. She started to reach back but Sable would not let her. "I am sorry that you had to see that. My doctors said something was wrong but we did not know that it was that bad. Kraven and ... Aurora picked him up in a hospital. He had stumbled in there earlier that day. My doctors will find out what is going on right now. I employ the best in the business. They should let us know. Please come back with me to the penthouse."

Bane looked around and when the alarms had sounded throughout this level it might have woken up the rest of his guests. It could not be avoided but he had made plans for it. Now was the time to set things in motion.

They got to his office/room and he sat behind his desk. The two grils sat on a large sofa and Serenity still sat there almost in a coma. Bane could tell that Sable was about to boil over when he hit his own call button to his desk. Sable was about to say something when Bane simply lifted a finger which meant to wait. He put his head down like he was listening to something and when he brought it up, his eyes were filled with self-manufactured fake tears.

"I am sorry to report that my people have seen this before. It is a poison used by the governemnt to silent certain people. In fact I myself have been contacted by the government. They are looking for mutants. They want us dead. In fact," Bane got up and went to some large moniters and clicked a button. A picture apeared and it showed the chopper on the roof and the men coming into the building. "They are coming here now for me. Somehow they have found out I am a supporter for mutants and they are proabbly here to try and kill me and all mutants here in my building."

He turned again and hit another button. "Yes Sir?" came the voice on the other side. "Wake the others, we have visitors." Bane said coldly as he turned back toward the girls, "Did you father have any contacts with the governemt?"

Sable looked at Bane in disbelief. "He did some civilan contracts with them. We were told it was nothing big."

Bane could not believe that fate was alloying all this to happen all at once. he could turn the girls to his side and also he could show the military what they were really dealing with.


Sable didn't like the tenor of this conversation, and she had a few questions for Bane. "How do you know about my father, and why did you have him brought here?"

Bane simply smiled and replied, "I have many resources at my command, girl. And I merely thought it would be a nice welcoming gift for dear Serenity."

"Oh? Just look at her, nice welcoming gift. Why didn't you let us see him last night, when Serenity might have been able to do something about him?" Bane didn't answer, he simply stared into Sable's eyes with something like menace. "And what about Aurora, huh? I saw the was she was looking at me last night. What have you done to her?" Bane didn't answer again, but his eyes narrowed, and his hand clenched on his desk.

Sable got up and planted her palms on the desk, leaning in to put her face into Bane's. "And last night, your cronie, Kraven could have helped us all out, but instead, he nabbed Serenity and took off. What assurances do I have that you weren't there just for that reason? Maybe you somehow knew that Serenity had this gift, and you planned on using it?"

"You should reconsider your words, girl. And get out of my face."

"Or what? Are you gonna send Kraven and Aurora after me, like you did my... my dad? Come off it, Bane, you probably already know it, but even if Kraven hit me as hard as he could, I'd just bounce off the walls a bit and be fine. You can't hurt me, and you're not foo-"

Sable's words were cut off by a sudden, massive backhand to her jaw. It didn't hurt, but the force of it threw her to the ground. "Can't hurt you?" She heard Bane's voice grumbling as he stood and circled the desk to look down at her. "Do you feel the fever already, Sable? Maybe a bullet can't stop you, but my poison will."


At that moment, the door burst open, and Seraphim and the others rushed into the room. As this happened, Serenity flung herself from her chair and rushed to Bane. She had, indeed, been withdrawn, but not unaware. She had been listening to the conversation, with her heart's eyes. She knew now that Mr. Bane wanted to kill Sable, and that he could, with his strange hurt... the hurt that wasn't a hurt. She could tell that Sable was not dead yet, and she decided to try something else first. If she got it, maybe Mr. Bane wouldn't hurt people anymore. Maybe he wouldn't want to hurt people.

She planted her hands firmly on his chest and concentrated hard on his strange hurt, and poured herself into it. She imagined herself pouring her energy, like water, into a great, gaping hole. It was working, but slowly... she knew she could do it if she tried harder.

Bane's eyes went wide, with a tinge of fear and more than a tinge of hatred. He shoved her away viciously, feeling what was happening inside him, and gave Serenity a backhand twice as hard as the one he had given Sable. Serenity was knocked senseless by it, and she fell limply on top of Sable. Sable looked up at Bane and screamed, "Leave her alone she's innocent!!!!" In a flash, before anyone else could react, Bane produced a pistol and with a voice that could chill bones Bane replied, "Silly girl inncocence gained is innocence lost." No longer willing to let this girl who could possibly steal his power to live, Bane took aim and..


A spray of blood fountained up from Serenity's back, and she shuddered as the bullet passed all the way through her, stopping when it smacked into Sable. The sudden shock of the bullet shot brought Serenity around enough for her to realize that Sable had been poisoned by Bane. She was dying, and fast, but she had to make her life count for something. Her last act was to kiss her sister on the cheek. A pulse of white energy emenated from her, covering everyone in the room. Serenity was dead.

Bane calmy took the gun and put it back under his jacket. "What a waste. You turn your back on me and you turn your back on all mutant kind. Kraven, Darkstar, Fusion, it is play time."


To be continued in Mutants Inc. : Lines in the Sand