Warhammer 40,000 - We Are Returned

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Warhammer 40,000 - We Are Returned

Post by Jagtai » Mon May 22, 2006 10:56 pm

Imperial Hive World of Charnis, Segmentum Solar - 600 lightyears from Holy Terra

Only three months ago, Charnis had been a relatively peaceful world, ruled with an iron fist by Lord Lucis DeLorien from the capital, Charnas Hive. Then, in the course of a single night, everything changed.

A supposed sub-cult of the Imperial Cult, known as the Sons of the Beneficiary Master, rose up in rebellion and revealed themselves as adherents of Chaos. Normally, the rebellion would have been put down quickly, but three factors prevented this. First of all, Lord DeLorien himself turned out to be the highpriest of the cult, thus commanding the majority of the resourced of the planet. Secondly, a majority of the Planetary Defence Force had been subverted by the cultists and joined them in rebellion.

Even so, the remaining part of the PDF should have been able to contain the rebellion long enough for reinforcements to arrive. In the event, the loyalists only barely managed to hold the southern city, Kellis Hive, and soon found themselves under heavy siege. The reason for this was the third unforeseen factor: Chaos Space Marines.

A contingent of Traitor Marines, composed of units from the Black Legion, Night Lords and Thousand Sons arrived only days after the rebellion began, apparently summoned by DeLorian. They were led by Captain Phlegethon - nicknamed the Destroyer - and joined the rebel forces. A fierce artillery assault by the Night Lords breached the walls of Karas Hive, the only other hive not to subvert to Chaos. Units of the Black Legion and the Thousand Sons entered the hive through the breach, followed by rebel infantry. The slaughter was unmatched - in less than two days, over thirty million civilians - men, women and children - were mercilessly murdered by the Traitor Marines and their rebel allies. The surviving defenders of Karas Hive were crucified on the walls of the hive, before the city itself was burned to the ground. Then the forces of Chaos turned their eyes on Kellis Hive.

Phlegethon had called in a detachment of Iron Warriors, who built massive siege emplacements all around the doomed city. The world seemed sure to fall to Chaos, but then a chance encounter between an Imperial Navy cruiser and the Chaos fleet blockading Charnis alerted the Imperium to the presence of the invaders. A call was sent out for aid, and three Space Marine Chapters responded - the Mentors, the Hawk Lords, and the Omega Legion. The Mentors and Storm Lords each committed two companies. The Omega Legion, a young chapter founded only four hundred years earlier, committed fully half their strength. An Imperial Navy detachment had driven off the Chaos fleet and entered orbit after destroying the planetary defence lasers.

After an extensive bombardment, the Imperial forces had liberated Karas Hive, then expanded their area of operations. Despite a tenacious defence, the rebels were defeated everywhere, and within two months only Charnas Hive still held out. The Traitor Marines were all gathered there, preparing for the final assault of the Loyalists...

Governor's Palace
Charnas Hive

Phlegethon the Destroyer looked at the large tactical map. By his side stood Captain Targos of the Night Lords and Sorcerer-Lord Oris of the Thousand Sons. Targos spoke.

"The situation is unstable. The feeble humans can never hold out against the Followers of the False Emperor. I say we destroy what we can and evacuate." Phlegethon didn't reply, but merely looked at Oris. The fair-skinned sorcerer shrugged.

"I have to agree with Targos. We may be able to repel the first attack, but we are too few to hold out indefinitely." He too disregarded the human soldiers fighting for Chaos. Phlegethon nodded.

"Very well. Prepare to evacuate." His voice was slightly metallic from beneath the helmet, and dripped with malice. Lord Lucis DeLorien rose to object:

"I called you here to help us. You can't leave us now before our final victory!" DeLorien had gone more and more insane, as his forces was destroyed. Phlegethon slowly turned and glared contemptously at DeLorien for a moment. Then, in a single fluid movement, he pulled his boltpistol and pulled the trigger. DeLorien's head exploded, showering the wall behind him with blood and brain matter. Phlegethon turned again.

"Make sure the city is unusable after we leave."

A few hours later, the entire Chaos Marine detachment was gathered in the Palace and prepared to leave.

Outside Charnas Hive
Omega Legion trenches

Brother-Captain Lucius, commander of the 7th Company, was looking at the hive through his macro-binoculars when Battle Brother Andrus came up to him.

"Brother Captain, we are measuring massive readings of power from within the Hive. Brother Magius believes it may be a teleportation device." Brother Magius was the Company Techmarine.

"A teleportation device? Where would they go?" Just then Brother Magius appeared.

"A Space Hulk have appeared in-system."

"And the readings?" Magius checked a small device in his hand.

"Still off the chart...wait...they're gone."

Lucius no longer listened. He sniffed the air, then yelled into the com:

"Everyone, take cover. The Hive is going to blow!"

He was right; seconds later, a nuclear explosion tore the Hive apart, showering the Imperial trenches with debris and contorted bodies. Apparently the rebels had not departed along with the Traitors. A huge sheet of metal landed on Lucius, knocking him out cold...

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