The Pale Death

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The Pale Death

Post by Jagtai » Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:00 am

Present Day

Penelupe Narcis was a young reporter for the local Madrid newspaper Gaceta Madrid. She had been investigating the underworld for several months and had finally hit a breakthrough. An anonymous caller had informed her of a meeting between crime lords in the industrial quarter of Madrid, and so she had grabbed her digital camera, tape recorder and her gun, and headed down there.

She had quickly found the warehouse where the meeting was to take place, and now hid behind a stack of oil barrels, blocking her from view, while she herself could survey the scene through a crack between the barrels. She could now only wait.

She didn't have to wait long. She heard a car pull up outside, then another. A group of people entered the warehouse. Through the crack, she saw two of the most notorious men in Madrid: Kemen Tito, a known gangster; and Antonio Sorrel Mendez, a man with powerful political connections. She grabbed her camera and took a snap shot of the two men.

Tito and Mendez stopped in the center of the room, apparently waiting for someone. Then, Penelupe heard a third car pull up. A moment later, the Mayor of Madrid entered the warehouse.

Penelupe snapped another shot of the Mayor and Mendez shaking hands, then turned on her tape recorder.

The three men began to talk.

"Señor Mendez, this is a strange place to meet." Mendez nodded.
"It is. But what I have to say is potentially volatile, and I would prefer to discuss it outside of City Hall." The Mayor smiled, a strained smile. Apparently, he was unnerved by Mendez and the presence of Tito.
"Very well. But what is he doing here?" The Mayor looked at Tito.
"Kemen is here for another reason." The gangster grinned malevolently to the Mayor, who shuddered.
"Very well. What can I do for you, Señor Mendez."

Mendez looked around, his eyes meeting Penelupes for a few seconds. His brown eyes burned into hers, and for a moment, Penelupe thought she had been discovered. Then he looked back at the Mayor.

"A local newspaper, the Gaceta Madrid, has been investigating the underworld. As you can imagine, it has hampered Kemens activities. We want them to stop."

Penelupe held her breath. Mendez was talking about her!

"But how am I going to make them stop. The Constitution..." The Mayor said. Mendez broke him off.
"The Constitution is just a minor problem. Just use your leverage with Señor Morales, and have the journalists in charge fired."

The Mayor looked as if he was about to object. Then his shoulders sagged, and he looked at Mendez, a defeated glare in his eyes.

"Very well. I shall speak to Morales."
"My thanks, Mayor. That is all."

The Mayor nodded, shook hands with Mendez again, and left. As soon as his car pulled out, Mendez turned to Tito.

"Kemen, you know what to do."
"Yes. The reporter is dead."

Mendez smiled, shook hands with Tito - Penelupe snapped a shot of it - and watched Tito leave. Then he left. The cars pulled out.

After a few minutes, Penelupe rose. She knew she could not go home, but where was she to go then? Mendez was a powerful man. She had to flee Madrid, maybe even Spain. She left the warehouse, and made her way to her car. As she drove away, Sorrel Mendez stepped out from behind a pile of crates and watched her car move away. He smiled...

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