So Much for my Happy Ending-A Smallville Fanfic

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So Much for my Happy Ending-A Smallville Fanfic

Post by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt » Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:10 pm

Ok heres a fan fic I have started writing on another site. But Since theres alot of Smallville fans here why not post it for you guys too. . .Plus I would love the feed back. Plus I saw others do so I diecded to give it a try.

Disclaimer I own nothing just thought it would be a good story.

AN: Simple its Clois some minor Lexana and it begins at the end. This is my first attempt at a smallville fanfic so plese read and let me know what you think.

A bright flash flew before eyes just as her once firend Lois Lane's fist connected with the left side of her jaw."Back off *****, you made your choice, hes mine now."The voice of Lois Lane cursed over her long dark strand of hair.

Lana Lang looked up to see some of her blood splattered on Lois white lacy wedding gown. Lana spit out blood onto the ground, she had to admit Lois packed one hell of a punch, "Clark are you going to let this whore attack me.You know ME Lana the girl you swore to love forever."Lana cired out looking at Clark's face, his eyes which once held such love now there was coldness as his icey baby blues seem to star death rays through her soul, and in that moment she knew everything she had done had destoryed her dreams of a happy ending.

Lois attempted to lunge at Lana her once firend now the person she hated as much she hated that bastard Lex Luthor. Just as she reached Lana's throat Clark pulled Lois back. "Come on Lois lets go shes not worth it. Plus we have a wedding night to see to Mrs. Kent."Clark said pulling Lois into his armsd and kissing her, but Lois just broke away angry

"Clark I cant just let her get away with everything Linoel your mothers senate seat, CHOLE!!!! This ***** is the reason my cousin wasnt here to be my maid of honor, this ***** is the reason shes in Bel Reve. She has to pay, Clark!!!!" and it was all true, Lana once one of her best freinds had become lying maniplutlive, traitor !!! She had thrown in with the devil and was now paying the price.

Clark just smiled and showed Lois the ring he had placed on her hand not two hours previous, "She's starting too. Now,"Clark said then scooping her up into his arms, "Mrs Clark Smallville Kent we have somewhere else to be.""Clark said with a huge grin on his face.

Lois laughed for the first time today, but Clark had always had the ability form the moment they met to put a smile on her face, 'Shut up Smallville."She laughed then turned to look at Lana who was nuring her swollen jaw and bloody lip "I guess so much for that happy ending you keep talking about. Comeon Smallville lets leave here where she belongs. . . in the past "She said looking over Clarks shoulder seeing Lex Luthor unconcious and handcuffed to his own desk. "Nice work smallville."

Clark just smiled ,"I try my best."

Lana looks up at the happy couple Lois word about a happy ending stinging in her mind. . . .

(Aveil Lavens So Much for my Happy Ending playing in the back ground as it fades back to black. . .)

"All this time you were pretendn so much for my happy endn" sang Avrial Leven over teh radio as Lois and Chole were working on their homeowork. It had taken some convicneing and a few weell placed threats from Lois' dad but finally Clark and Chole had gotten Lois to join them in Journalism Classes at MET U. Clark had transfered after his frist year so he could be closer to his mother as she did her seantor gig.

So with that Clark had moved next door to Chole, Lanna who had gotten a huge intership at a near by NASA facility had moved out becasue she claimed she needed privacy and Lois had moved in. Chole had begun dating Clarks firend Bart who was now rooming Clark and Lois well she was Lois.

In the year since Jonahthan Kents death Lana and Clarks relationship went from bad to worse to back and forth. Though the more time the spent apart the better it got. Well that was until recently when Chole caught her and Lex looking into Clarks adoption. She was indeed now treading into dangerous territory. Chole knew Clarks secert and knew the part that Lionel Luther played in covering it up though unknowingly. Since then it had been one fight after another with Lanna taking the offensive and jumping down Clarks throat when ever she got the chance.

Tonight was one of those nights. Lana had shown up after Clark apolgized once more for whatever and what had been time clark hoped to make up with Lana soon turned into a whail on Clark becasue she did not know everything about him thing. Lois just rolled her eyes as Lana's voice grew louder and louder.

"Sheesh give it a rest Lana Smallville isnt perfect but hes not some creepy freak like Lex Luthor. I mean so what he has a serect so does everyone else in this world. I mean it cant be that bad becasue Smaville I hate to tell miss ballerina Pincess is just not that complicated. Now her pal Lex I could see him eating a nun if he though itd get him president."Lois snotred hearing Lana voice on the otherside of the wall.

"LOIS!!!!"Chole yelled

"What? She spends all her time with him, heck I even saw them hugging outisde the Talon while i was picking up the last of my things. . . .She was all boo hoo Clark while crawling all over his lap. You know I like Lana but Lex is as bad as they get. Yet every chance she gets she is all over that conehead. Yeck. I know she needs to know what Clark is hiding but not if shes just going to run and tell it to Lex. No realtionship can surivie with three people in it. And with Clark and Lana there is always Lex."Lois said in her usual scastic demeanor.

"Lois you just hate Lex because he called you a muffin pusher with no future."Chole smarted back half laughing.

"Oh please! If that guy had the chance hed blow up the whole world to prove he is somebody. Clark has more character in his pinky than Crome Dome ever will in his entire body. I dont understand why Lana keeps running to him.. . "

Chole shreked out she knew deep down Lois always like Clark, I mean what women in her right mind wouldnt but this was as close as her hard as nails city girl cousin ever came to admitting it."Lois Lane your jealous!!!""Chole chided.

"Of what Smallville . . . AS IF!!! I- just becasue its a fact in life that Clark Kent is a better human being than Lex Luthor ever dreamed of being doesnt mean I can stand him."Lois snorted angrily, but the truth was the more she got to know him the more. . . It didnt mattter Smallville only had eyes for the pretty pink fairy princess known to the rest of the world as Lana Lang. . yeck.

""I cant live with the LIES ANYMORE CLARK!!!"They heard Lana's voice through the paper thin walls.

Lois looked at Chole, deep down she knew miss swan lake hat hurt Clark badly with her words, but she knew she had to keep her agner in tact. But likewise it was not a time for Clark to be alone thinking about what Lana said. . . Hurting. . . .thinking about calling her up and begging for another chance which Lana usually granted, nope dont want that to happen.

Hold it Lo hes your firend an annyoance you could never fall for a guy like that. Plus he finds you annyoing and bossy and will never see you as anything but one of the guys. . .

His eyes if she made those beautiful eye cry ill beat her so good her face will look like ground beef. . .

"LOIS!!!" Chole yelled snapping Miss Lane out of another round of battle with your brain.

"Uhm why dont I go and invite him over I need the notes for tomorrows test that he has and. . .he might want to get his mind off Lana for ten minuets"Lois said

Yeah right if that was possible., she thought as she got up and headed to the door.

She slowly opened it and heard Lana talking near by. She looked but did not see her so Lois went into the stair well, there with her back turned hidden behind wall was Lana on the phone crying her big sweetheart tears talking on the phone. 'Lex, I-I I cant take it anyone. . .I dont know what to do I love him so much.'Lana cried.

Instantly Lois knew it was Lex on the other end. . .She was crying to him once more boo hoo hoo hoo. In most circles this would be considered cheating, Lana was cheating on Clark by leaning on Lex and making him a thrid wheel in their realtionship, a thrid wheel that Lois knew wanted Lana for himself.

What a *****!!! She though watching Lana pour her heart out on the phone to her crome dome cassonova, it was enough to make the blood boil.

The next thing Lois knew she had Lana's hair in one hand and Slamming the Princess face into the stair well rail back and forth harder and harder Lanas face clanging each time as it hit. "Take that you cheating ***** how could you."With her other hand she struggled to get the phone loose"When Clark hears what your doing he'll dump you for good you no good lyin. . . "Lois yelled

"Lois, I didnt see you there."Lana said stll sobbing, snapping Lois out of another day dream.

Lois just smiled though it felt like she was standing on hot glass"Lana yeah I was just comming to make sure everything is alright."Lois said looking at Lana,"But when I got here you were on the phone and I didnt want to but in."

Lana smiled a sob escaping her lips,"Yeah I just wish he would. . .I love Clark, and no matter what we will beat this. We belong toether. (sobs) We've been through so much. But (sobs) I know were going to have that happy ending. (sobs)"Lana said hideing her phone and wiping a tear from her eye with a kleenex.

Lois went over and patted her on the back,"I know you will."She said quietly.

Lana looked at her watch "I have to go see you later." Lana said as she started down the stairs then turned back up"Oh and Lois thanks your a real firend."Lana said with a painful smile then went on her way.

Lois watched as she went out of site, "Damn should have pushed her down the steps."She murmured to her self hen turned and began to knock on Clarks door. "Hey Smallville were studing and I need your notes so come on."Lois yelled through the door.

"Go away Lois." he yelled back.

"Oh comeone smallville gut it up be a man, shell be back, and I really need those notes. You know if I dont pass the General will make me go back to work for Lex. . .Comeone please!" Lois called out in a begging high pitched voice. . . She couldnt bear for her plaid prince to be in there alone hurting.

The door slowly opened, Clarks face was long and sad, and too look at him like this made Lois Lane want to go and beat Lana and Lex up. But she kept her cool.

"Bout time smallville, comeone grab your stuff and-"But before she could finish he placed his notes in her hands.

"I cant now, sorry Lois, take them. I need to be alone right now."Clark said sadly then shut the door in Lois face. Her heart sunk as she turned and looked at door.

"I should have pushed her down the stairs"Lois murmured to herself.

AN: Let me know what you think, sorry but its my first attempt at a fan fic more to come
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