Forgotten Realms: Eternal Night

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Post by Pryde » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:48 pm

Isis smiled as the two men tried in vain to lie their way out of her trap. How stupid do they think I am, she thought to herself. But something happened then that took her completely by surprise. Boswell's huge rat leapt onto the table and rushed the stone in her hand. With a yelp Isis tried to jump backwards but succeeded only in falling out of her chair. The stone, however, fell free from her hands and clattered onto the table.

"That was a dirty low down trick!" Isis exclaimed, but Boswell was busy congratulating himself and the rat. Oh well, Garrett's coins will at least make up for the loss, er... Somewhat. Boswell better watch that emerald like a hawk, I'm sure I'll get another chance. "Anyway," Isis said, getting up and dusting herself off, "I think it's time we headed to the Great Hall, or else we'll miss the assembly."
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Post by Aranador » Mon Jan 23, 2006 8:37 pm

Ji pulled her soggy body out of the churning river. The collapse of the moon bridge was whipping the waters into a frenzy, and the odd shadow caused by the vile darkness clouding the city lend the whole scene a sinister air - so unlike the city of just a few hours ago.

All up and down the shore, free people of the city and bedraggled soldiers were busy recuperating from the aftermath of the fight. Further away, hospital tents were still carrying on the fight.

Ji shook her head briefly to clear the water from her ears, then walked away from the river, back into the districts of New Town.

Before long, Ji was reunited with an exhausted looking Laurissa, who had been working non stop to aid the wounded. Ji helped as best she could - while lacking any medical training, the young warrior girl was strong of body, and invaluable in shifting wounded and comatose soliders, as well as clearing away those in whome the spark of life had departed.

Here - the battle still had hours to go.

And finally - the flood of wounded had turned into a trickle. Ji looked with concern at Laurissa, who was visibly fatigued. Ji herself was exhausted, she still had not had time to recover from her earlier efforts in battle. Je glanced a meaningful glance at the head medic, then quickly in the direction of Laurissa. The doctor nodded once, and that was all the signal Ji needed. It was time to get Laurissa to her family.

"Sifu Lananen," Ji said while bowing. "Forgive me - may I enter?" The young girl stood at the door to her foster family's summer home. Propped up against her was the sleeping Laurissa.

The arch mage Lananan however, was not interested in the curiously polite manerisms of this girl from far away right now, he immediatly fussed forward to his daughter, scooping her up protectively.

"Laura OK - just tired. Much hard work healing" Ji explained

Lananan nodded, saying "Yes, I got a message that she ws helping in the hospitals. She always puts others well ahead of her own health."

And finally - a touch of normality returned. With the young elf maiden resting quietly in her room, Ji enjoyed a relaxing herbal tea with her foster parent, recounting the tale of the battle of the moon bridge.

For his part, the arch mage had been labouring to weave powerful divinations to determine the nature of the foe they faced. "And soon," he said "I shall present the results of my research to the council. Infact I had best get ready. Indeed - you should as well child. You saw the Balor's attack on the moon bridge, it may be useful to have you recount the tale before the council."

Ji was unsure about the idea of speaking before such a large body of people, but politeness would not permit a refusal.

The young warrior made ready to attend the meeting.

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Kath'remis stirred beneath white covers, his head bandaged from a nasty bruise that he had sustained during the fight, most likely during the battle with the Bebilith. His armor, once shiny and noble-looking now had dents and wholes in several vital places, but could be considered in worse condition than its owner. It had fulfilled its purpose.

Kath'remis finally awoke slowly, his body still weak from the beating that he had taken only days before. Almost immediately, a cleric was at the noble paladins side, checking up on the man, making sure he was healthy. Among the group that Kath'remis had traveled with, he had been injured the worst. His ribs were fractured, if not broken and he suffered from a shoulder wound from a fey-fiend who shot him with an arrow before the bridge collapsed.

"Where are my friends?" He managed to get the words out slowly, trying to string thoughts together in his addled mind. His friends saved him, or someone had saved him. For that, he was eternally grateful.

"My lord, your friends are awaiting you at the Great Hall where the Lady has called all those that fought to save the city to gather." The male cleric stated as he checked Kath'remis ribs for any signs of bruising. However, he was quickly satisfied to find that the paladin was healthy. The healing spells that the healers had applied to Kath'remis healed him back to normal, perhaps even better than normal.

"Then I must go to give them my thanks." He threw off the remaining covers and tried to stand, but found that his legs had trouble supporting his weight. Great, you can't even walk. He told himself as he slumped to the floor.

"My lord, you must rest. Your body needs time to fully recover. The Lady forbids you to leave." The cleric knelt down to help the paladin back to the bed, but the nobleman was stubborn.

"I am sorry, kind sir, but I must go. The Lady will understand." Suddenly, a thought that had lain dormant in his mind came rushing back to him. The BOY! A sense of urgency overcame Kath'remis as his thoughts returned to the young boy and that he had been protecting. It was during the battle with the Bebilith that he lost track of him.

"Where is the boy? Please tell me the boy that I was protecting is alive and safe?" Kath'remis pleaded to the cleric, grabbing the man by the arms with what little strength he had generated from his weak form.

"The boy is healthy, he has been asking about you for several days." The cleric smiled as he took Kath'remis' hands off his arms. "It seems that you have made quite the impression, Paladin of Torm."

"Kath!" a shout came from the doorway. The young boy rushed into the room and would have tackled Kath'remis if it weren't for the cleric who held him back. "Are you all right?"

Kath'remis smiled, "Yes, I am fine. Come, have a seat. I have a task for you to perform, squire of Torm."

"Squire?" The young boy's eyes widened with suprise and glee, he had just been made a Squire by Kath'remis. "What is your order?"

"It is no order, but a favor." Kath'remis once again tried to stand, this time he succeeded, but with help from the cleric and the young boy. "Would you be so kind as to fetch my horse. I believe she is still harnessed in the Lady's stables. Her name is Andariel."

"As you wish, my lord." The boy went rushing off without a second thought. He was a squire, and nothing more could make him happy than to serve nobly under a Paladin of Torm, especially one that saved his life.

He is so young. His family is dead, probably Shades now, or food for the demons. The thought sent a chill down Kath'remis' spine, but he knew it was the truth. To his knowledge, the demons still had control of the Old City, and they would most likely be opening portals to merge the Old City with the extra-planar realms where the originated. What they wer doing was a direct affront to Kath'remis. Had he the Knights of the Chalice with him, he would be sure they would be able to erradicate the demons. But the damage had been done, and there was little that he could do alone.

"I must see my friends, and go to the gathering in the Great Hall." Kath'remis gingerly put a white blouse on and pulled up a pair of trousers, then a pair of boots. It wouldn't be good to walk about in my underwear. "I thank you for your generosity, good sir. I must be off."

"Where are you to go?" The cleric asked, looking at the back of the paladin as he slowly walked out the door.

"If I know them, they'll be at a tavern." Kath'remis turned and smiled. "Can you have my armor and weapons sent to the armorsmith to have them repaired? I don't think they will be of much help in the condition that its in."

The cleric nodded, then turned and motioned for several of his fellow clerics to aid him taking the armor to get repaired. At first, Kath'remis had trouble keeping his balance. It felt as if he had not walked in ages, but as he went, he felt that he was improving. That knock to my head must have done more damage than I thought.

As he entered the street outside the Keep, he allowed his eyes to adjust to the sunlight that cascaded down from the heavens. The sun's warmth washed over Kath'remis, filling him with a renewed vigor that he had not felt in a long time. He stopped one of the guards nearby and asked for directions to the tavern, which just so happened to be a short distance away. Good, I'm already getting sore from walking. I guess I still need some time to heal.

He quickly found the tavern and opened the old door and walked inside. What he saw inside brought a smile to his eyes. His friends were alive, and up to their usual antics. It appeared that the rat had returned and Boswell was up to his old tricks. Isis, it seemed, had healed quite well from her injuries, which brought a sense of relief to Kath'remis' heart. He had tried to spirit the young lady to safety, but they had taken a nasty fall into the river. Luckily, a water elemental had saved them, conjured by someone who Kath'remis owed a lot to.

"You escape death and you're still up to your old tricks, Boswell? Don't you ever give it a break." Kath'remis spoke up, finally drawing attention to his injured self. He supposed that he looked alright. His white hair was a little bit of a mess, but it still looked radiant in the gloom of the tavern. In the end, he really didn't care how he looked, he was just happy that his friends had survived, and he was even more grateful that so did he.

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Post by Pryde » Mon Jan 23, 2006 10:58 pm

"Kath'remis!" Isis cried before she did something completely uncharacteristic of her. She rushed forward and hugged him tightly. The man winced slightly, obviously still not fully recovered from his wounds, which caused Isis to quickly jump away. Coughing in embarrassment the rogue turned away a bit and said, "It's good to see you're okay. I never did get to thank you--the cleric, he told me..." Fumbling around for the words she finally gave up and fell silent. She was already embarrassed enough by her impromptu hug, and she was sure Kath'remis felt the same way.
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