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Post by Garet » Wed Dec 15, 2004 6:26 pm

Maxwell stood quietly for a moment as he began to think about what Lucifer-Alexia mentioned before she left. The innevitable, no, the trial, that she kept on mentioning must have a reason behind it, aside from the soul making the decision.

The Arc-Angel looked at Ken as he walked towards the silent Sydney, who was curled up until Ken went near her. He wants to help the teenager in making the right decision, being casted into another dimension without having a choice isn't the right thing to do, which is surprising concerning Heaven is the one doing all this.

Maxwell has to take care of matters a step at a time, his primary concern is Ken. Most of all, he must find out about this trial that Lucifer-Alexia is eager about.

"Ken, why did you come here?" he questioned. Ken didn't reply as he picked up Sydney. The femal teenager wrapped her arm around his neck and placed her head on his chest.

"Let me handle my own problems."

Walking by Maxwell while still carrying Sydney, the angel knew that he had to find things out himself. Thinking for a moment, he knew exactly where to start.

Neither Ken nor Maxwell said bye to each other as one walked down the stairs, into the hallway apartment while the other vanished in the blink of an eye.


Walking into his room, Ken placed Sydney on his bed as she began to pull his shirt.

"Don't leave me." she whispered, Ken was quiet as he stared at her eyes. Sydney wasn't looking at him, her eyes were blankly staring at the wall. Ken knew that she was still in shock from what happened earlier with Alexia and the masacre that Dr. Jackal did to the secretary.

He then placed the covers over her and closed the lights as he dragged a chair and sat next to Sydney. Bitting his thumb and marking his palm, he then pulled out his sword just in case something happends.

Leaning the sword on his shoulder, Ken exhaled as he stared at the ceiling for a moment. He could still hear Alexia's voice in his head.

The innevitable will happen...

Having the slight feeling like he was being watched, Ken turned his head towards the window as something caught his eye at the building across the street. Even thought it was a little bit far, Ken saw for a moment a woman in a red dress staring out of the window and into his. He didn't have time to look at the face since the woman in red walked away from the window the moment Ken noticed. He didn't need to look at the face, he knew exactly who it was as Ken began to hear a faint woman's laughter...
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The Book

Post by Garet » Fri Dec 17, 2004 7:27 pm

Coming out of the tunnel that made him enter the big room with the angels, Maxwell headed towards the seven doors as he began to think the fastest way to find out this person that Ken is supposed to kill.

If it's someone he knows, Ken would have definetly met him during his past life.

Walking through the fourth door he then entered a small office. The entire room was make from a polished dark oak, the floor had a red Egyptian made carpet as it had a podium with a closed book. There were two clocks also, one on the left side of the wall and the other on the right. One was to signify the current time while the other was to signify the time inside the room.

The book on the podium was thick, perhaps it held a couple of thousand pages. The cover of the book was pure black, no designs, nothing at all. This book is known as 'The Book'; it had the complete information of a selected persons life from the moment he was born, till he had. It also has everysingle detail that person did from a dirty thought to paying their taxes.

Standing infront of the book, Maxwell spoke in a steady, clear voice.

"Ken Duncan."

Opening the first page, there he saw the writing of Ken when he was first born, every single word that was said around him and the actions also. He then flipped a chunk of pages as he went to the teenage years of Ken's life.

Alright, let me see.

Pulling a red chair that was at the corner he then sat down with the book on his lap as he began to quickly read through Ken's life.
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Farewell Sydney

Post by Garet » Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:48 am

Ken began to listen to Sydney's deep breaths as she was sleeping soundly while he still stared at the ceiling. He wasn't thinking about what Alexia said anymore, instead he was thinking about a certain someone; Michelle. He finally knew why he wanted to come to New York, he wanted to see Michelle, his childhood friend.

Turning his head towards Sydney, Ken sighed as he began to realize that he couldn't go see Michelle with her. He knew her heart would be broken from the silent love she has for him, Ken didn't want to do that.

Walking to a counter infront of the bed, Ken searched for a piece of paper and pen.

Sydney, he wrote.

I'm not to good in saying these kind of stuff so I'm going to make it short, staying with me will jeopardize your life. You know it as much as I do, your whole familly is gone thanks to me, and I don't know what I'll do if you died as well.

Thank you for your help and being next to me the whole time.


Folding up the paper he placed it right next to Sydney so she'll notice it when she wakes up. Making his blade disapear he then began to walk to the door when he heard a voice.

"Ken?" whispered Sydney as she sat up. Ken looked at Sydney as she stared at him, then at the letter infront of her.

"What's this?" she said, opening up the letter. Reading it quickly she then jerked her head up, but had nothing to say since Ken was no where to be found.
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Post by Garet » Wed Dec 22, 2004 8:46 am

The man with the head of a Jackal stood infront of a polished oak door as he began to hear a male's voice screaming at the other side of the door. The manbeast then twitched his snout as he began to smell blood, and heard the sound of wolves howling.

The door then creaked open as Alexia walked out of the room, wiping her blood soaked hands with a cloth, the manbeast looked behind her as he just saw a bunch of wolves running around the room, howling, before the door closed.

"How did the procedure go?" he questioned. Alexia smiled, "Oh, you know me hun.' she winked 'I got the magic touch."

More wolves were then heard behind the door as Alexia began to think.

"I'd give him a while to handle this."

The moment Alexia finished what she said, the howling of the wolves stopped. After a moment of silence, the door creaked open as John stepped out while buttoning his dark red silk shirt. The manbeast just barely saw these symbols on John's chest before he covered them up.

"Well, that was quick." smiled Alexia as she walked into the room, not a wolf was in sight.

"Send me back." said John as he stared at his hands. He could feel evil running through his veins, this wasn't something he experienced when he was transformed.

"You got it babe." she smiled as she snapped her fingers.


In the blink of an eye, John ended up in an alley. He knew he was in New York, he could smell it. Before he could take a step, John screamed in pain as his chest began to burn. Going on his knees he began to unbutton his shirt as he continued to scream, a bald man with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey heard John screaming as he began to walk towards him.

"Hey, man. Are you alright?" he questioned. John couldn't handle it anymore as he ripped open his shirt.

"What the hell?!" yelled the man as he stared at John's chest. In the center of his chest were these black symbols in the formation of a circle starting from his niples till belly button, the flesh inside the circle began to darken as John continued to scream. As the flesh darkened, the symbols began to glow a dark red. In a matter of seconds, the dark symbols were now a dark glowring red and a black hole was in the center of his chest.

The man was frozen in place as John laughed, "Come out my children." he whispered.

The hockey fan didn't have time to run as Wolves jumped out of the hole in John's chest and attacked him, tearing him into pieces.
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'Don't underestimate me.'

Post by Garet » Mon Dec 27, 2004 10:12 am

As John's pack of wolves were ripping apart the hockey fan, a sharp pain different from what he previously experienced ran through his body. Leaning on the wall and clenching his fist, John then began to look up at the sky.

"Come after me,' he whispered, 'Come you bloody angels."

He then heard a scream; it was about time that some pedestrian passing by saw what was happening in the alley. John then smiled as he stared at his wolves.

"Let's force them to come out."


Stepping out of the Hilton, Ken wasn’t surprised to see that the mutilated corpse of the secretary in Sydney’s room was gone.

It must have been from the work of Maxwell

Looking around at the pedestrians walking by, Ken could have sworn he felt for a split second a cold chill running up his spine. The same chill he gets whenever he’s near someone from Hell. Walking along the sidewalk, Ken continued to feel the chill as he began to look around for any sign of Alexia’s minions. A pedestrian then bumped into Ken as he continued to run by him.

“Hey,’ another pedestrian then bumped into Ken, followed by a few others. ‘What the hell?”

Then all of a sudden a stamped of screaming people started to run past Ken followed by cars honking and accidents happening on the road. The chill grew colder as Ken tried to look at what the pedestrians were running from when he heard a wolf’s howl.



Walking down the road as half a dozen wolves began to terrorize the area by jumping on cars and attacking pedestrians, John continued to search for the Angels that attacked him in his uncle’s apartment and killed his brother.

A strong gush of wind then appeared as John covered his face with his hand; the wind pushed back his shirt as the symbols were being shown. Lowering his arm from his face, the two angels that he was looking for were standing right in front of him.

“You two…”

Lexx pushed back his coat as he held his blade with one hand, “John Casey, under the code of the Angelic Academy, you are under arrest from the use of demonic powers.”

John laughed as his wolves began to surround both angels by jumping on top of the abandoned cars and sidewalks. Ricardo looked at the wolves as he began to laugh.

“This is going to be easy; he’s just a C-Class demon.”

John opened his shirt, “Don’t underestimate me.” he said as he touched the symbols symbols on his chest. The wolves then let out a loud howl as they began to shake their heads viciously.

“What’s happening to them Ric?” questioned Lexx as he began to look at the wolves, Ricardo then noticed that the wolves began to grow bigger.

“He’s increasing the strength of the wolves.”

The wolves were now triple the size then before, their hair became spikier and darker and their teeth’s and nails were longer and sharper. The wolves that were on top of the cars began to cave in the metal wherever they stepped. John stopped touching his chest as he looked at his new wolves, his vision began to blur for a bit as he shook it off.

Lexx didn’t say anything as he looked at John, who smiled in return.

“Kill them…”

All twelve wolves pounced towards Lexx and Ricardo as they both pulled out their blades and battle notes to attack.
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End of a battle, beginning of another.

Post by Garet » Wed Dec 29, 2004 9:46 am

Ken wanted to make sure that the howling he heard before was John's as he waited for it. Along with the screaming of the pedestrians running by, Ken then heard another howl of a wolf, but this time a multiple of them as their howling was deeper then before.

Running towards where he heard the howling, Ken then began to hear loud booming noises along with glass breaking. Looking up, he then saw a wrecked taxi cab twirling in the air as they were blood stains on it. Crashing onto other parked cars and nearly killing other pedestrians, that was when Ken began to pick up the pace. Everything Ken was hearing up ahead sounded like a fight was going on, he also knew that because he began to smell blood.

Police sirens were then heard in a distance but Ken knew that the police would just get themselves hurt in whatever was happening ahead. An unsuspected white light with an electrical charge blinded Ken along with the pedestrians that were near him as they screamed in pain. All of a sudden a cold black light appeared from the center as it swallowed up the white light leaving a cold depressed feeling inside of Ken.

Everything was happening to quickly for Ken to understand what was going on up ahead, he then began to hear people crying and screaming as Ken realized that the people must have the same depressed, cold feeling as he's experiencing. Ken finally reached John as he looked in shock at what he was seeing.

The street around him had multiple craters around six feet in diameter and three feet deep as smoke came out, cars were torn apart, some were even into buildings. Nine big wolves were tearing apart a man in a black trenchcoat, but Ken knew that the person being eaten by the wolves was an angel. Another angelic body was on the floor, torn apart, with angelic written notes on the floor as three dead burnt and cup apart wolves laid around him. Ken noticed that some of the notes weren't used.

John stood in between both dead Angels as Ken realized the symbols written around his chest. Bitting his thumb and marking his palm, Ken then pulled out his sword as John laughed.

"There's no use, I killed two angels!' yelled John, he then looked at his hands as he continued to laugh. 'What strength...' he then looked up at Ken. 'I could easily kill you now...and then my sister."

Raising his blade in the air, Ken yelled at John.

"I won't let you touch Sydney!"

"COME!" yelled John as he ripped his shirt off and made the symbols on his chest glow as Ken lowered his blade and made the tip scratch the street as he ran towards John.
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Post by Garet » Wed Dec 29, 2004 10:25 pm

Sydney still held the letter that Ken wrote for her as she curled herself in a ball and cried.

Why did he leave me...

She continued to re-read the letter; the more she read, the more she cried. Sydney knew it, she's all alone now. She wanted to believe Ken, that him leaving her would be best for her life but on the other hand, what life would she live without Ken? Sydney liked Ken, she just couldn't say it.

Tossing herself off the bed, she still held the letter in her right hand as she walked barefoot towards the window. Looking out as she saw pedestrians running down the sidewalks, cars getting into accidents and even a taxi cab flying in the air as it crashed onto another car. Sydney didn't show any emotion over what was happening outside, she was still thikning about Ken.

Placing her hand on the window, she began to think.

How would my life been like if I told Ken that I loved him?

She then looked up at the bright blue sky as an airplane was flying over the city of New York.

Would he have stayed with me?

She then gripped the letter even tighter and closed her eyes as more tears ran down her cheeks.

Does he love me?

She then opened them slowly.

If he did he would have stayed with me...

Banging the window slightly as it shook, Sydney then looked at the people running by underneath her.

How would it have been like if I told Ken that I loved him?


Ken didn't have the chance to get 10 feet close to John as his massive wolves attacked him. Two of them jumped right infront of Ken's direction towards John, blocking it completly and forcing him to stop which then led to three wolves pouncing towards Ken for an attack.

Ken jumped in the air as he leaped over the three wolves with ease, only to come across in mid air the four remaining massive wolves pouncing towards him in everydirection; one towards him, one behind, one from the left and from the right.

The only thing Ken could have done in mid air was to attack one of the wolves, which would have left him completly open to attack from the three other wolves. In doing so, he slashed the face of the wolf infront of him and as suscpected, the wolves coming from both sides and behind attacked him.

One of the wolves bit Ken in the right rib, while the one on the left bit his shoulder and the one behind him slashed his back with it's massive claws.

Having his right rib cage and left shoulder crushed along with his back being torn open, Ken fell to the floor.

What a tactical attack...

John began to laugh as he stared at Ken forcing himself up.

"You cannot defeat my children, this is the gift given to me by Alexia!" he laughed as he pointed at his chest. In doing so, three wolves began to make their way towards Ken.

"I'm disapointed,' stated John as he shook his head, 'The angels put up a better fight then you did."

The wolves then went into their pouncing position as Ken tried to stand on his feet, but couldn't due to the attack he receive on his back.

"There's nothing you can do Ken,' snapped John. 'You're all alone now."

The three wolves then pounced towards Ken as he raised his sword for some sort of defense. A gust of wind appeared infront of Ken and the wolves as they yelped in pain and fell onto the floor in pieces.

Blood squirted out of the fallen wolves as John yelled and Ken stared in shock at what happened.

"Mingia...' said a familiar voice behind Ken. Turning around he then saw Cross waving his bokken around as blood was flying off of it.

'That's alot of blood in those puppies..." he stated with a smile.
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A helping hand

Post by Garet » Fri Dec 31, 2004 11:20 am

"What are you doing here?" questioned Ken as he fell on one knee due to his injury. Cross began to walk towards Ken as he kept his eyes on John and his five remaining wolves.

"That's the thank you I get for saving your ass?"

Ken laughed slightly as he tried to push himself up by using his blade. "I thought you're after me."

"Well-' Cross didn't have time to reply as a wolf jumped right next to Cross and was about to slash him with it's claw, all of a sudden the wolf yelped and fell on the floor in an instant.

Ken looked down at the wolf and saw that it was cut in half, he then looked up at Cross who was pointing his bokken at John.

"Let's not get to hasty now." he told John, who smirked at Cross in return.

Ken began to look at Cross and the dead wolf infront of him continuously.

How could Cross have killed that wolf? I didn't even see him move to attack it.

"Out of my way human, your not the one I want to kill.' John then laughed as he raised his hands slightly. 'But if you want to fight me as well, so be it. I shall kill you along with him"

John then raised head in the air, staring at the sky, as the marks on his chest began to glow red and the interior skin of the circle began to get darker. Ken finally managed to stand on his two feet as he limped towards Cross.

"Cross stay out of this, it's my fight."

"Not anymore kid, it's my fight as well."

"Since when?"

"Since the moment he killed both angels."

Ken looked at Cross curiously as he tried to figure out what kind of job he has.

"Heads up!" yelled Cross as he raised his bokken, Ken turned his attention towards John, who was yelling while six more of those massive wolves came out of the black hole in his chest.

"Kid, I'll take care of the puppies while you handle 'Houdini' over there." ordered Cross. Ken didn't have time to say anything as Cross ran towards the wolves and began to wave his bokken around. Ken stared at Cross in amazement as he was cutting apart the wolves with quick speed and ease.

Eight wolves tried to do the same tactical attack at Cross as they did to Ken. Cross jumped in the air and realized of the attack when the four wolves came from each direction, Ken couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Cross twirling his body with great speed as the wolves were hacked apart.

As Cross fell to the floor he then waved his bokken around as the other four wolves that were apart of the tactical attack died as well. Ken jumped in shock as two wolves roared next to him and went to attack Ken when out of nowhere, Cross appeared right in front Ken and blood started to squirt out of the decapitated wolves.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" questioned Cross, Ken the pointed at his body.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm severly injured."

Both Cross and Ken then looked at John as he began to yell even louder as twenty wolves then came out of the hole in his chest.

"Well, think of something kid. I cannot take out the guy while killing the puppies."

In a blink of an eye, Cross then appeared in the center of the pack and began to wave his sword around as pieces of the wolves were tossed around.

Ken looked at John and noticed that he was paler then before and wasn't paying attention to him. Instead, John was staring at the floor.

Now's my chance. he said to himself as he began to look around for something to use against John. The unused angelic notes next to Ricardo caught Ken's attention as he limped towards them.

"Alright,' he said while picking up the battle notes. 'Let's see what these things can do."
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Post by Garet » Sat Jan 01, 2005 11:26 am

The pain running through John's body was enourmous, every muscle was aching as his fingers began to twitch on their own. His vision was blurry for a moment, though longer then before, and his skin was paler as he began to feel cold.

He then coughed out blood as he stared at the stain on the floor.

Is there a side effect to this? he thought to himself, but didn't have time to continue to think about it as his markings were glowing a colour, stating that an angelic force was about to be used. Turning quickly towards Ken he then saw a white ball of fire half his size, heading towards him as John jumped away from it.

"Jesus Christ!" cursed Ken as he stared at the used battle note.

So this symbol means a fire ball will come out.

Shuffling through the unused battle notes that he picked up from Ricardo, Ken pulled out another one of the fire ball notes. Wrapping the note around his hand as the symbol of the note was at his palm, he then placed his other hand where his knuckles are and raised his palm towards John.

Ken felt his palm burning slightly, when in an instant the same fireball came out of the note and headed towards John. One of John's wolf jumped infront of the fireball as the flames wrapped around the wolf and burned it completly.

"There's no use.' hissed John as Ken unrapped the battle note, 'The angel was doing the exact same thing!"

John then made the symbols on his chest glow red as the hole appeared and out came ten more wolves. As the wolves ran towards Ken, the pain that John was experiencing grew ten fold as he spat out more blood.

Stumbling onto one knee, John began to breath deeply as he stared at his shaking hands.

Looks like...

He then jerked his head up as he heard the wolves yelping in pain, there infront of him was the man with the wodden stick that has been killing all of his wolves, protecting Ken.

"Damn you!' he yelled as the hole in his chest apperead once again. 'I will complete what I want!"

John let out a tremendous yell as a countless amount of wolves began to come out of his chest and began to run towards Cross and Ken.

"Mingia!' yelled Cross, 'There's to many!"

Ken began to shuffle through the notes as he tried to find something that he could use against the massive number of wolves heading towards them.

"I can't find anything!"

"This is bad!" yelled Cross as the wolves were getting closer to them, all of a sudden a yellow light appeared behind Ken and Cross as it expanded throughout the entire area they were fighting in. The wolves that were inside the vacinity of the yellow light immediately burst into black flames and turned into dust. The yellow light continued to shine until all the wolves were wiped out.

As the light vanished, Cross and Ken looked at the piles of dust that inches away from them in shock. Cross then burst out laughing.

"Did you do this kid?"

Ken shook his head, "No way, it came from behind me." Turning around, he then saw Ricardo sitting upright as a black battle note with red writting was on the floor with his hand ontop of it and another battle note, with black writing on a red sheet was on his chest.

"Ricardo!" yelled Cross as he ran towards him, dropping his bokken and kneeling next to the angel he then gasped as he looked at both multi colour battle notes.

"You idiot!" he yelled as Ricardo sat motionless and stared blankly at the floor infront of him. Gripping the angels shoulder, Cross lowered his head as he cursed in italian.

"Wasn't he dead?" questioned Ken, Cross then looked up.

"He is now."

Ken then heard a moan behind him as he turned around and raised his sword. Ahead of Ken stood John as he was leaning on a car, Ken then noticed that John's skin was white as the clouds as the symbols on his chest were now bleeding.

Is it over?
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The Sacrifice Note

Post by Garet » Sun Jan 02, 2005 2:26 pm


“Kill them…”

All twelve wolves pounced towards Lexx and Ricardo as they both pulled out their blades and battle notes to attack.

Both angels waited until the wolves were close to them as they jumped in mid air, making the wolves collide with one another.

"Ricardo!" yelled Lexx as he was signaling his partner for an attack. Ricardo was already prepared as he had a wrapped battle note around his hand and aimed it downwards at the wolves. Placing his spare hand over the wrapped one, Ricardo then shot out mutliple fireballs towards the pack of wolves.

Looking up at the angels, the wolves growled as the fireballs headed towards their direction, with quick speed they all scattered as the fireballs missed their targets and blew up on the ground, making multiple craters.

The moment both angels landed on the floor, the wolves went to attack them again. Lexx ran to the right as Ricardo urapped the used battle note, and wrapped two other ones, one on each hand. Four wolves were running towards him as Ricardo went on one knee and swipped his arms in a downward motion as a wave of wind went towards the wolves. The attack was a failure as the four wolves seperated and a taxi cab was strucked with the wind causing it to be launched in the air.

Ricardo was wide open for an attack as the wolves pounced on him and began to bite and scratch him. Ricardo began to scream as a wolf ripped off one of his knees, fighting off the wolves by kicking and punching, he then placed his hand inside his jacket pocket as he pulled out a small blue gem with a yellow petal. Lifting up the gem before a wolf bit his arm, an electrical bolt came down from the sky as it attacked the wolf, making it glow white and vanishing. The moment the wolf vanished, an electrical field jumped onto the three other wolves attacking Ricardo as they collapsed onto the floor.

Everything around Ricardo was blurry as darkness was consuming his eyes, he heard Lexx screaming as a white light shined for a moment followed by a black light. That was all Ricardo heard from Lexx as he then began to hear bone crunching and flesh being torn.

Ricardo began to stare at the sky as he began to wonder, I can finally relax

Darkness consumed his eyes as the smell of sunflowers overpowered Ricardo's nose.


Opening them quickly, Ricardo then stared at the bright blue sky as sunflowers surrounded him. Standing up, he then realized that his body was back to normal as he teared from the sight of the sunflower field.

"Welcome, Ricardo." greeted a female voice behind him. Turning around, Ricardo began to stare at a female wearing a white dress and a shinning white hair.

"Fate...' he bowed, 'I'm sorry I've failed."

"It's alright.' smiled Fate as she placed her hand on Ricardo's cheek he voice was so calming that it made Ricarod warm inside, 'You and Lexx have made Father proud over the years."

"Lexx is hear too..."

Fate nodded, "Yes, for he sleeps with the rest."

"Then...why aren't I sleeping?"

Fate smiled as she began to rub Ricardo's cheek, "There's one last thing I want you to do."

"What's that?"

"You'll find out."

Ricardo then felt an electrical serge running throught his brain as he was staring at the gray once again.

This looks familiar

He tried to move his body but couldn't as sharp pains ran through his body.

I'm at the battle field...

Ricardo then heard the demon that Lexx and him were supposed to capture yelling.

"I will complete what I want!"

What's happening? he thought to himself as he forcingly sat up. Looking at his body, he saw that his one of his legs was ripped off as his stomach was ripped open and so was his left arm.

"Mingia!' yelled a familiar voice, 'There's to many!"

"Croos?" mumbled Ricardo as he looked ahead of him to see his Italian human friend standing side by side with the outlaw they were also supposed to capture.

What is happening? he thought to himself as he stared in shock at the massive amount of wolves running towards Cross and the outlaw.

"I can't find anything!" yelled the outlaw as he was scanning through Ricardo's own battle notes.

I see...This is why Fate brought me here.

Realizing what Fate wanted him to do, Ricardo placed his right hand inside his jacket pocket as he pulled out a black and red sheet battle notes. Placing the notes on his lap and rubbing his thumb on his bleeding left arm, Ricardo quickly wrote the word 'Sacrifice' on both notes. The colour of the symbol changed on the colour of the paper showing that the effect of the attack will work.

Placing the red battle note on his chest and the black one of the floor, Ricardo then raised his hand in the air as he heard Cross yelling.

"This is bad!"

Slaming his hand on the black battle note, a yellow light immediately came out of the black battle note as darkness consumed Ricardo's eyes and the smell of sunflowers overpowered his nose.
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The Death of John

Post by Garet » Mon Jan 03, 2005 8:37 pm

John began to breath deeply as the symbols on his chest began to pinch his chest tremendously. Touching the symbols with his fingers he then looked down as he saw blood on them.

I've reached my limit...

He then looked at the pile of dust that used to be his tremendous amount of wolves. An attack in which he knew would have killed both Ken and that man with the wooden stick, gone to waste from the angel in which he thought was dead.

I can't die...

John then coughed out some blood as his vission was a blur and everything was spinning. Slidding along the car, he then sat on the floor as he leaned his head on the passenger door. A person walked infront of John as he looked up.

Ken looked down at John, who looked like a mess. Along with his white skin and bleeding symbols, John continued to cough out blood as his eyes slowly started to become blood shot. Both didn't say anything as they stared at each other, it was Cross who broke the silence.

"Leave him be, kid...doesn't have much time left anyway." he stated in a low voice as he walked next to Ken.

John began to breath deeply, not in pain, but in anger as his eyes stared at Cross.

"You...' he hissed as he spat on Cross' shoes. 'If it wasn't for you..."

John then began to vomit out blood as his symbols burned even more. Cross grabed Ken by the shoulder as he motioned him to leave, John fell forwards as Ken and Cross walked away. Lifting his head, John's anger grew ten fold as Ken was walking away alive...and so will his sister.

Raising his hand as it looked like he was reaching for Ken and Cross, John began breath quicker and deeper.

Master...give me the strength...

Darkness began to take over his eyes.


John coughed out blood for the last time as he gasped for air and collapsed onto the floor.
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Cross' job

Post by Garet » Wed Jan 05, 2005 6:03 pm

Ken looked over his shoulder as he saw at a distance John lying face down on the floor.

"Leave him kid,' replied Cross as if he was reading Ken's mind, 'It's good for earth."

"What's bothering me is where is the police?" questioned Ken as he could have sworn he heard sirens before John's encounter.

Cross smirked as he pulled out a cigarette from his pack.

"Kid, why did you kill the priests?"

Ken looked at Cross confusingly, "Didn't you say before, that you knew why?"

"Yeah, yeah, 'cuz they were tainted' he then took a drag from his cigarette as he grab Ken, signaling him to stop before they walked towards a crowd of people. 'But why did you kill them, the Vatican took care of the issues, the priests weren't going to do anything like that again."

Ken looked down as he shook his head. "I don't know, it seemed like the right thing to do, when I saw the priest, something came over me."

Cross smirked and nodded his head, "I see,' he then laughed slightly. 'Alright, kid. Charges dropped."

Ken arched an eyebrow. "Eh?"

"You heard me, we're no longer after you."

"What the hell is happening? First we fought, then you saved my life, and now you dropped the charges which brought you here!"

Cross laughed as Ken continued. "When we first met, I asked who you worked for and you replied..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know what I said.' he then took another drag, 'To make you happy, I work in a group for the Vatican, to...'Make the world a better place.'" Cross then laughed.

"Sounds cheesy, but there's much more to it. Heck you just experienced it."

Ken shook his head, "I don't understand."

"Of course you don't kid, but let me tell you something.' he then leaned next to Ken's ear. 'To know more, ask Maxwell 'what happends when an Angel dies'."

Ken's eyes widened from what Cross said as he took a step back.

"It happends kid, more then you think."

Taking another drag from his cigarette, Cross then waved at Ken as he placed his bokken on his shoulder and walked off.

"I have a feeling i'll be seeing you again, kid...and pretty soon."

Ken stared at Cross as he crossed the street to avoid the crowd of people ahead of him. He then focused his attention at the crowd and an ambulance.

What happened there? It's not like the battle had reached this far... he thought to himself as he looked behind him, only to see the area where they fought seven blocks away. Ken then caught sight of the taxi cab that was tossed when he first walked towards the battle area.

Ken then began to look around, in fact this was the exact same path he took when he left the Hilton. Turning back to the crowd, he then noticed that they were infront of the Hilton.

"IS SHE ALRIGHT?!" yelled a man

They must have found the dead secretary. he thought to himself as he continued to walk towards the crowd. He then stopped as he realized that Maxwell took care of the secretary incident. Shoving people aside as he tried to see what happened, Ken began to hear whispering from the people around him.

"Poor thing..."

"Think it was suicide?"

Looking at the center of the circle, Ken stared in shock at the corpse that the two medics were trying to save.
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Post by Garet » Thu Jan 06, 2005 6:58 pm

Maxwell continued to read the life of Ken as he reached his sixteenth year; the angel began to ponder if the trial has to involve this Michelle since Ken is always with her.

Nearing the halfway mark of Ken's sixteenth year, Maxwell stopped "How long have you been here?" he questioned, raising his head away from the pages, Maxwell then stared at Fate.

"I've been here since you started the sixteenth year..." she replied with her soft, calming voice. Maxwell stared at her for a moment.

"You have something to say."

Fate nodded her head, "Your brothers are dead."

Maxwell stared at Fate for a moment, he then lowered his head to the book.

"Every angel in the Academy is concidered as my brother, Fate..."

Fate lowered her eyes, "Lexx and Ricardo, Maxwell."

Maxwell nodded his head, "I know who you were talking about..."

"Then why did you act before as if you didn't know? Don't you care?"

Maxwell laughed, "I cared when they both died on Normandy, and I didn't. I cared that I was the only brother to have survived the second world war on earth.' he then looked up at Fate. 'Even in the afterlife my younger brothers will rest before me...I envy them!"

Fate lowered her head, "I see."

Maxwell laughed, "You knew, you've always known, Fate! For that is your purpose.' Maxwell then stood up from the chair, 'You know where I'm going at...and it's not about me..."

Fate didn't say anything as Maxwell walked infront of her. "How long have the gray souls been casted into the fourth dimension?"

Fate looked up at Maxwell as she stared into his eyes. "Yes I knew about casting the gray souls, this has been Pathos' idea...but you must realize Maxwell, that it's for the good of heaven...and earth."

Maxwell took a step back as he shook his head, "What's so good about casting souls and depriving them to receive a second chance into choosing a side. It defeats our purpose!"

Fate shook her head, "This is not my conversation." she stated as she disappeared.

Maxwell looked around the room for a moment as he then stared at the book of Ken's life.


"Sydney!" yelled Ken as he ran towards her.

"Hey man! Leave her-" the medic didn't have an oportunity to speak as Ken shoved him and his partner aside. Ken fell to his knees as he looked down at Sydney.

She lay on her back as her eyes stared blankly into the sky above, her hair was covered in blood from the fall. Pieces of glass were around her as Ken then looked up at the building, he saw one window broken and Ken knew that it was the room he left Sydney in.

Placing his arm under her neck, Ken then lifted Sydney's limp uper body to his chest as he kissed her forehead. Sticking out the most in Ken's eyes, he saw the letter Ken left Sydney ontop of a pool of blood.

My fear came true...

Ken wanted to protect Sydney, in doing so he left her...but Ken should have realized one was he able to protect Sydney from herself?

Closing his eyes as he smelled her sent, Ken would have cried if he wasn't dead, instead he shed no tear, which made the feeling inside Ken even worse.

I'm sorry Sydney...
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Post by Garet » Mon Jan 10, 2005 1:40 pm

When the ambulance took Sydney's body away, Ken still knelt where her body layed as the crowd slowly started to scater. Ken didn't know what to do now, he didn't know where to look to find Michelle, he couldn't go back to Barney's since there's a chance that another ambush could be waiting for him over there.

"Hey there's blood all over you...are you alright?" questioned the second medic as his partner placed Sydney inside the ambulance.

"Huh?' Ken then looked at his body as he realized that he was still cut up from the fight he had with John, the deeper wounds weren't healed yet. 'Yeah, yeah I'm fine, just a scratch." he replied.

"But I could see-"

"Leave me alone." snapped Ken as the medic shook his head and walked into the ambulance and drove off.

"I see you lost someone you love." stated a strong voice behind Ken as he looked over his shoulder. Behind him stood a middle aged Catholic Priest; the priest had a mixture of black and gray hair and brown eyes as he had his hands folded infront of him. Even though the priest looked slightly old, Ken knew he was healthy due to his slightly built body he had.

Ken looked into the priest's eyes for a moment before he replied, "Yes I did father."

"Would you like to come to my church and talk?" questioned the priest as he extended his hand to help Ken up. Ken looked at the hand for a moment, "Sure" he replied with a smile as he grabed it.

Images rushed through Ken's mind, but they were different from the other ones he received from the other priests. Instead of naked children, prostitutes, illegal gambling; Ken got images of this priest helping children and visiting hospitals.

"Thanks," said Ken as he stood up, the priest smiled as he motioned Ken to follow him.

After walking for a few minutes, Ken entered the priest's church; it looked like a regular catholic church, wooden interior, images of angels and saints.

"No one is in here, father." stated Ken as he looked around the church. The priest nodded his head as he walked down the isle.

"I know,' replied the priest as he sighed. 'Sadly, many people are abandoning their faith, some adopt a new one while others just abandon it completely."

Ken lowered his head as he wanted to say that everything was real, angels & demons...and more.

"Anyway,' laughed the priest, 'We're here for you."

"Uh, yeah I guess."

"Take a seat." said the priest as he pointed at a chair, Ken looked confused for a moment.

"Uh, shouldn't we go into one of those confession area's?"

The priest laughed, "It's not like anyone is going to listen." Ken shrugged as he sat down.

"Who was this person you lost?" questioned the priest as he scratched his short beard.

"You know what father, I really don't want to talk about this." snapped Ken as the priest nodded his head.

"I see, she must have been someone very close."

"I don't have time for this.' said the teenager as he stood up and began walking away. 'I have other things to do."

"I understand, but if you want someone to talk to or place to stay, you know where to go."

Ken thanked the priest as he nodded and walked out of the church.


Alexia stood in her bedroom as she began to pour some blood for herself, the jackal headed human then entered as he spoke.

"Bad news,"

"I know love.' replied Alexia as she drank. 'What can you do, I wasn't expecting much anyway."

"At least he killed two angels."

"He did it foolishly."

"Maxwell is going to be angry."

Alexia thought for a moment with what her minion said, he got a point.

"Who cares, I got something in return..." she laughed.

"You want me to take care of Ken?"

"Forget it hun, the trial is near. I think we should let them out."

The jackal headed human shook his head, "I don't know, they would cause to much trouble."

"They won't have the angels to worry about that's for sure. All they have to do is persuade Ken to come with us."

The beast stood quietly for a moment, "Release the four horsemen?"

Alexia smiled as she raised her glace. "Release 'The Four Horsemnen'."
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Post by Garet » Thu Jan 13, 2005 6:04 pm

Stepping out of the church, Ken looked around to find out what time it was. He had to have gone to a school in his past life, and he knew that Michelle was with of the flash memories he received at Barney's was him and Michelle studying for a class test. Ken had to somehow get his memory back.

Unsuspectidly a flashback of Tony when Ken was in Barney's during the ambush poped into his mind.

Michelle is visiting your grave

My grave he thought to himself as he looked around for any sort of transportation to the cemetary. It's worth a shot, anything he touches that was in his past life he received a flashback, so if he touches his own grave...perharps he would receive the memory for his entire life.

"Taxi!" he yelled as a cab stopped right next to him, entering he then ordered the cab driver where to go.

''To the cemetary."

"Which one?" questioned the fat male, Ken thought for a moment.

"The closest one."


"Here it is." said the cab driver as Ken looked upon the field of tombstones.


Stepping out of the cab, Ken looked at the tombstones quietly before he began to walk up and down the path to find his tombstone...if it was here. After searching for half an hour, Ken finally stumbled upon his own grave; it was black with a cross ontop and infront of it were planted flowers.

"Feels weird." he said to himself as he continued to look at his grave, he then slowly reached towards the tombstone. The moment he touched it, Ken yelled in pain as his entire life was quickly rushing through his mind as if he was actually there. The moment it stopped Ken realized he was on his knees as he was still touching the tombstone.

"Paul..." he hissed as he clenched his fist.

Ken's eyes widened in shock as he heard a voice behind him, "...Ken?"

Turning quickly around he saw Michelle standing behind him.
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Post by Garet » Sun Jan 16, 2005 9:17 am

New York, New York

A blue haired eighteen year old sat in the crowded subway as he waited patiently for the cart to arrive. He wore black jeans with steel toe boots as his legs were extended, and a black leather jacket with a black t-shirt. He scanned the crowd with his brown eyes when one of his eye's twitched as a crowd of young teenagers stopped infront of him as they spoke to one another.

"Yo, did you listen to the knew Ludacris song?"

"Oh geez! It was so hit!"

The blue haired teenager turned his head slightly as he looked down the tunnel to see if the cart was on it's way.

"Yo, I forgot to tell you! I dumped that biatch Hilary last night!"

"Haha, what a ho!"

As the group of teenagers laughed, other pedestrians that were waiting for the cart began to look at them annoyingly, the blue haired teenager grinded his teeth as he exhaled while pulling out a pair of headphones from his jacket pocket. Turning on his iPod, he then began to listen to 'Enter the Sandman' as he pulled out a black skullcap and wore it, making his bangs cover his forehead.

When the cart arrived, the blue haired teenager stood up quickly and shoved the teenagers that were infront of him, and other pedestrians that tried to exit the cart aside as he went for his seat inside the cart.

When the cart began to make it's way down the tunnel, the group of teenagers stood infront of the blue haired teenager as one of them leaned forward and shoved him slightly.

"Yo, you pushed me and I fell to the floor before."

The blue haired teenager looked at where the teenager touched him as one of his friends spoke.

"Yo, do you know who he is? This is Ceaser!"

The blue haired teenager increased the volume of his iPod as the teenagers began to loose patience for him not replying. Ceaser raised his shirt slightly as he showed a holstered gun infront of his pants, the blue haired teenager smirked, understanding what Ceaser was trying to say as he took out his headphones.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yo, what the fuck is wrong with his voice?" whispered one of the teenagers at Ceaser.

"I don't give a fuck who you are!" yelled Ceaser as the blue haired teenager smirked some more.

"You should"

The blue haired teenager then stared at Ceaser's eyes as his own pupils dilated to the size of a pin.

"I'll be the last face that all you shall see!"

The blue haired teenager quickly stood up as he placed his right palm onto Ceaser's sternum. Ceaser stood as if he was paralyzed as he looked at the blue haired teenager, only to shake in fear as images of people dying a horrible death began to appear into his mind; villages being burned down, men, women and children hacked apart.

Ceaser's friends pulled out their knives as they began to stab the blue haired teenager, but he stood as if nothing was happening as he continued to stare at Ceaser. All the other pedestrians in the cart began to scream.

"The name's Grym"

Ceaser screamed as a black hole appeared where his sternum was as Grym still had his right palm there.

"And your all going to die."

Grym then placed his right hand into the black hole that appeared on Ceaser's sternum as he began to pull out a long silver scythe while Ceaser screamed in pain and fear from what was happening and seeing.


As the cart stopped at it's next stop, the doors opened as Grym stepped out, empty handed as everyone inside the cart was sliced apart.
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Post by Garet » Tue Jan 18, 2005 8:13 pm

"Michelle..." whispered Ken as his childhood friend pounced on top of him and began to cry.

"Ken...It can't be..."

Michelle didn’t continue her phrase as she continued to cry, Ken hugged her for a moment as he tried to figure out what to say. They both knew that his body was underneath them in a coffin, therefore Ken had no choice but to tell Michelle the truth…they’ve known each other for so long and never kept a secret from each other, so why lie now?

“Hey,’ he said as he pushed Michelle back a bit so he could see her. ‘What you saw actually happened.’

Michelle looked like hell as she continued to cry; her mascara was smudged all around her eyes and it made her looked like the undead. Ken smiled as he continued, ‘I’m here to watch over you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Think of me as your guardian angel.”

Wiping her eyes with her hand, Michelle sobbed slightly, “How is on the other side?”

Ken scratched his head, “Complicating.’ He then began to check out what Michelle was wearing, as he noticed that the jacket she had was...different for her taste as he began to read the three Greek letters. ‘Kappa Omega Alpha? Jesus, Michelle don’t tell me you joined a fraternity!”

“Hey,’ she snapped as she placed her hands on her hips, ‘The rest of my friends were in it!”

Ken stared at Michelle for a moment as he began to laugh; Michelle smirked for a moment as she watched Ken laughing and joined him. Everything is back to the way it was for Ken; he’s with Michelle, John is dead, Cross is no longer hunting him and Maxwell has been gone for a while…so has Alexia.

A slight uneasy feeling began to rush into Ken’s mind as he thought of Alexia, a feeling that he hope would go away.
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Post by Garet » Thu Jan 20, 2005 1:53 pm

New York, New York
Billy Bleu’s Restaurant

Billy Bleu’s atmosphere was a bit high class then the average restaurant; there were no windows and the doors were made from wood in preventing anyone to look into the restaurant when the guest singers were singing. The restaurant had tables along the wall where there were black and white pictures of guest singers singing for the customers as they ate. In the center of the restaurant were the V.I.P tables where the customers had a ‘front-row’ seat in seeing the guest singer(s) perform on stage.

The regular lunch hour was full of business men/women talking to one another as they ate their meals and waited patiently for the guest singer to please them with their music.

In the backstage, the guest singer was in her room as she prepared for her performance. Wearing a black silk sleeveless dress, the singer rolled her black hair with red streaks into a bun, she then picked up a long black metallic pin from the table as she pinned her bun. Hearing a knock on the door, the singer didn’t have time to speak as the manager of the restaurant stepped in.

“Valerie, you’re up.”

Valerie nodded her head as he manager left her room, before leaving to do her performance she quickly wore her black silk gloves and wrapped her shoulders with a fox scarf.

Stepping onto the stage Valerie began to look at her music crew as they were all prepared, each one of them wore the traditional clothing; a black suit with a white not- fully buttoned shirt with a black tie and black sunglasses. The crowd began to clap as Valerie bowed slightly while the manager spoke through the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Straight from France! Valerie!” Closing her eyes, Valerie began to sing.

“Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. In other words…hold my hand…in other words…baby kiss me.’

“Beautiful voice,’ commented a business man to his partner as they both sat on a V.I.P table, the partner nodded his head as he drank his glass of white wine while Valerie continued.

‘Fill my heart with sigh and let me sing for evermore…you are I long for all I worship and adore…in other words...please be true…in other words…I love you!”

The partner who was sitting with the business man, felt his throat burning slightly as he drank his wine. Placing the cup onto the table his eyes widened as he saw blood inside his drink.

“Hey Louis? Are you alright?” Questioned the businessman to his partner as he saw Louis’ mouth bleeding heavily, the business man then felt his eyes burning as he rubbed them, only to see on his fingers blood.

‘You are all I worshiped and adore!’

Louis then barfed out blood as he collapsed onto the floor, he began to shake viciously as blood leaked out of his eyes, nose, ears. The business man that was with Louis barfed out blood as well, as he too collapsed onto the table. Everyone in the restaurant began to have the same symptoms as people began to panic while Valerie continued to sing.

‘In other words’

A crowd of customers ran towards the door only to notice in fear that they were locked inside.

‘Please be truuuuuuuuuuuueeeeee!”

Bagging on the door viciously, the crowd near the door began to fall onto the floor as they shook viciously; the ones strong enough realized that it was hopeless due to the fact that it was hopeless.

‘In other words.’

Everyone collapsed onto the floor as Valerie finished her song, ‘I love you.”

Smiling slightly as she looked at all the corpses on the floor, she then turned to the musicians as she placed her hands on her hips.

“All right boys. Lunch is served.”

The musicians took off their sunglasses only to reveal empty eye sockets as they smiled; as Valerie exited from the back of the building, the musicians began to eat the dead bodies as customers who were at the other end of the door entrance began to knock on the door, no not knowing what happened and wanting to eat at Billy Blue’s
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A Secret

Post by Garet » Mon Jan 24, 2005 4:51 pm

Ken was surprised after what Michelle told him; not only did she join a fraternity, but she also decided to move in with them as well. Ken doesn’t know much about fraternities other then the fact that all the frat boys act like jerks.

“This is it.” She said with a smile as Ken stared at an old white house; on the top of the entrance door were three big letters in blue, Kappa Omega Alpha, as Ken shook his head while he read it.

“I still can’t believe you joined a fraternity,”

“Hey, all my friends are in here.”

“None of them better be your boyfriends.”

Michelle ignored what Ken said as she used her key to open the entrance door. The moment she entered, one of her girlfriends, Katherine was standing in the hallway as if she was waiting for her.

“Jesus, Michelle! You’ve been skipping school for the past two weeks!”

“Not now Katherine,’’ she mumbled while looking over her shoulder at Ken, who hasn’t entered yet. Katherine put her brown hair in a ponytail and fixed her glasses as she continued to speak.

“Listen, Michelle. I understand you’re still torn up over Ken, but you have to move on. I mean, look at Bobby, he’s worried sick about you.”

“Katherine…” hissed Michelle as her idiotic friend continued.

“Bobby should be as depressed as you should be, but he’s not, instead he’s more worried about you...he wants to go out with you for dinner tonight.”

Katherine then opened her eyes in shock as she stared behind Michelle, hearing footsteps behind her; she knew that it was Ken.

“Don’t tell me…” he mumbled, Michelle raised her head slightly as she stared at the ceiling. She then turned around as Ken had his head lowered.

“Don’t tell me...”

Michelle lowered her eyes, “Ken…” but Ken interrupted her as he yelled.

“Don’t tell me you’re dating my brother!”
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Post by Garet » Tue Jan 25, 2005 6:29 pm

Unknown Location

A dark haired, twenty year old male stepped out of a tent as he looked around at the archeological sight in front of him. After putting his gold cufflinks in his black suit pants, he then began to role up his sleeves as he looked up at the sun.

“Bloody sun…”

The wind didn’t even blow across the archeological sight as the diggers worked endlessly to find what this man was looking for. The dark haired man then squinted as his brown eyes began to burn, in which he was forced to wear his sunglasses to ease the pain.

“Mr. Smith!” yelled a man as he climbed up from the hole that the diggers were digging and ran towards the dark haired man, who was unbuttoning his shirt.

“What is it?” questioned Mr. Smith as the man gasped for breath before he spoke.

“We’re close.” He gasped as he glanced curiously at the small, black droplet tattoo that Mr. Smith had on his right wrist.

“How do you know?”

“There are bodies…”

Mr. Smith raised his eyebrows as he turned to his tent and yelled, “Anderson!”

An old man immediately stepped out of the tent as he held an old brown leather book, “I heard,’ he said as his eyes widened, ‘I must see the bodies.”

“Follow me,” said the digger as Mr. Smith and Anderson walked towards the hole.

“There they are…” continued the digger as the diggers around the hole began to look down worryingly at what they saw. Bodies layed in the dirt as they moved slightly, their movements were so weak that you had to force your eyes to see their arms and fingers moving.
“There alive…” whispered Mr. Smith as Anderson nodded his head, his long old white and gray hair bounced with his head movement.

“Not alive…but cursed, they’ve been cursed by him…” replied Anderson, he then pointed at one of the bodies.

“You see that black circle with a line going down the middle? That means he touched them on that spot.”

Mr. Smith searched the hole, “So where is he?”


“Diablo…” whispered the digger as Mr. Smith began to hear a helicopter at a distance. Looking up at the sky, he saw a black helicopter coming towards them. “Keep digging!” yelled Mr. Smith as he walked away from the hole.

“Right on time…” he mumbled as the helicopter landed. The second the propellers stopped; a tall, built, African American in a black suit and sunglasses stepped out with an open umbrella in one hand and a long suitcase in another.

“Steph.” smiled Mr. Smith as he walked towards him. Steph looked up at the sun slightly and then back at Smith as he replied.

“You must be going mad out here in the sun.”

“I feel as weak as a human.”

Smith then looked at the briefcase, “Is that it?”

“Yes,’ replied Steph as he gave the long briefcase, ‘I’m getting out of here…I’m already feeling the effect.”

Smith walked away as Steph’s helicopter took off, “Anderson! We’ve got it!” he yelled as he placed the briefcase on a table.

As Mr. Smith was unlocking the code to open the case, Anderson was already next to him as he mumbled.

“I can’t believe we’re going to see them.”

Opening the briefcase, Mr. Smith and Anderson then stared at two long objects wrapped in white bandages.

“His arms…”

As Mr. Smith was about to reach for them, Anderson yelled as he pushed them away. “Be careful you fool! If you touch his exposed skin, you’re cursed! Demon or not!”

Mr. Smith and Anderson turned quickly at the hole as they began to hear screaming; all the diggers ran out of the hole as they yelled.

“Diablo! Diablo!”

“We’ve found him…” smiled Anderson as he closed the briefcase and walked towards the hole with Mr. Smith. Both looked down at the hole as they saw an open coffin with a digger touching the body as he stood frozen on the spot.

“Mother of…” cursed Mr. Smith as he stared at what was happening to the digger. The digger began to thin as his skin appeared to be covering his bone and it looked as if no muscle was in between. The digger managed to let go as he took two steps back with his stick legs and tumbled on the floor.

Anderson and Smith then looked at the body inside the coffin; the only clothing was these torn rags as it covered his private area, the body had long white hair and a white beard as you can see his bones due to him being so thin. Smith began to blink as he saw the body began to…fill up…as it appeared to look like that he was gaining weight.

“These are his powers…” whispered Anderson… “And his curse…”

The arm-less body then sat up as he looked up at Smith and Anderson, his dark green eyes eyeing the briefcase as they widened.

“My arms…”
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Pathos' Decision

Post by Garet » Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:19 pm

Maxwell finished the last pages of Ken’s life as he pondered at whom in the teenagers life was the one Ken was supposed to kill during the trials. He knew that it had to be someone in Ken’s life in order for the trial to have effect; it wouldn’t make any sense if Ken killed someone he didn’t know…that Maxwell knew for sure.

Maxwell then thought of something as he began to figure out whom it was Ken was supposed to kill.

“Of course…” he said to himself as he headed towards the door, when out of nowhere, Pathos appeared in front of him.

“Pathos.” Greeted Maxwell in shock as he wondered why would Pathos be here with him at this moment. Maxwell watched as the old angel rubbed his beard for a moment as it looked like he was thinking very hard about something.

“The Four Horsemen have been released…”

Maxwell’s eyes widened as he rubbed his head, “Lucifer-Alexia has actually done it…”

“Yes she has…” nodded Pathos as Maxwell continued.

“Have all four of them been set free?”

“We’re waiting for Pestilence’ appearance.”

Maxwell shook his head, “What about Famine?”


“His arms?”

Pathos nodded his head as Maxwell began to think, “Alright, perhaps we could have a slight advantage if we use the Pestilence and Famine incident.”

Maxwell was about to walk out when he realized the door wouldn’t open for him, turning the knob a couple of more times he then turned back at Pathos.

“What’s happening?”

Pathos lowered his head slightly, “I know about your involvement with the outlaw.”

“Now is not the time Pathos,”

“It is, Maxwell.’ Maxwell looked at Pathos confusingly as he continued, ‘We cannot afford having you getting involved with the outlaw now that the four horsemen are released.”

“What are you doing, Pathos?”

Pathos was quiet for a moment, “We’re sending Apollo after the outlaw, he will definitely bring the outlaw to me while we wait…” Pathos was quiet as Maxwell waited for him to finish.

“Wait for?”

“To release East.”


Pathos nodded his head, “It’s a wise decision, we could use East’s strength to control the horsemen, if the Pestilence and Famine incident is still happening then East could use it to his advantage like you said Maxwell, while East is away, we use our Angels to handle the Eastern opening.”

“Pathos! Why leave an opening if we could just send our Arc Angels after the horsemen directly! Alexia is releasing them to bring Ken to her!”

Pathos shook his head, “Even if your correct Maxwell, Apollo will bring the outlaw to us
Before the horsemen will.”

“Pathos! This is a gamble that shouldn’t be!”

Pathos shook his head as he disappeared slowly, “No it isn’t.”

Maxwell stood in the room by himself as he realized that he was locked in…and hell was going to be set free.
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Michelle looked away from Ken for a moment as she tried to think of something to say.

How was she able to say it? It's true what Ken said...she is dating his brother.


Ken shook his head as he raised his hand. "Don't...' he hissed, 'It's true...I know it."

Michelle closed her eyes and nodded her head after what Ken said.

"Ken...let me explain."

Ken didn't say anything as Michelle continued. "It was after your burial...and...I needed to talk with someone...' Michelle looked down 'I couldn't handle your loss."

Ken's chest burned as Paul's face appeared in his mind while Michelle continued. 'Your brother came up to me...and he too was shocked from your death."

Ken shook his head, "Lies...' he hissed, 'He just wanted - " Ken stopped from what he was about to say as he looked at Michelle.

"He never hanged around with us when we were young...and.." Ken grinded his teeth as memories of his brother flashed into his mind.

"Ken..." said a familliar voice, turning around quickly Ken saw his twin brother standing on the front steps.

"Bobby..." replied Ken as the memory of his brother flashed into his mind, a day he will never forget.


A young, thirteen year old Ken opened his eyes as he looked around his bedroom for a moment. Scratching his dark hair as the smell of bacon filled his nose with a mouth watering aroma, Ken then jumped out of his bed and ran towards the kitchen.

His mother, who was wearing a blue nightgown with a white aprone that matched her hair began to place the freshly cooked bacon onto the single plate of eggs.

"Mom, why are you cooking?' questioned Ken as he walked towards his mother and took the frying pan from her hands and placed the bacon on the plate himself. 'You should be relaxing."

Ken's mother shook her head "I'm not going to let some sickness keep me away from what I love doing." she smiled, but Ken let out a low sigh as he kissed his mother on her cheek and walked to the table to eat.

"What are you doing Ken?" questioned her mother with a smile. Ken looked at his mother as he raised an eyebrow.


His mother laughed, "That's Michelle's meal."

"Of course it is!" yelled Michelle as she ran into the kitchen and yanked the plate from Ken's grasp as she sat across from him and began to ate. Ken looked at his mother in shock as Michelle spoke.

"Geez, going to the bathroom one moment, and my breakfast gets stolen!"

"Where's my meal?!" Ken's mother laughed slightly as she replied.

"You didn't ask for bacon and eggs."

"But I was sleeping!"

"Oh well, Michelle was awake before you were..and those were the last eggs. Go eat some cereal."

Michelle gave a big smile as she shoved a forkfull of bacon and eggs into her mouth while Ken watched in jealousy.

"How come whenever Michelle sleeps over, she always gets treated like royalty!"

"That's because she's our guest." smiled Ken's mother as Michelle smiled. Ken waved his hand to brush off the subject as he looked at his brother's room, which was across from the kitchen entrance.

"Where's Bobby?"

"He just left when you woke up, said he had to do something."

"What?!' yelled Ken as he jumped up from his seat, 'But we agreed that we'll walk to school together!"

"Doesn't matter, Ken." replied Michelle as Ken ran out of the kitchen and into his room. The moment Michelle finished her meal, Ken ran back into the kitchen, fully dressed and holding his schoolbag along with her's.

"C'mon were leaving!"


"No buts! Your already dressed, let's go!"

They both ran out of Ken's home as they headed towards the school, trying to catch up to Bobby.

With their luck, after a few moments of sprinting, both Ken and Michelle managed to catch up to Bobby, whom at first didn't notice their presence until Ken yelled.

"What the hell bro? You were supposed to wait for us!"

Bobby stopped for a moment, his back was towards his younger brother, by seven hours, as he turned around. Bobby was wearing all black with a brown jacket as he had his hands in his pockets, his dark spikey hair pointed in every direction.

"Sorry about that,' replied Bobby as he let out a faint smile, 'C'mon now, let's go together now."

Ken let out a big smile as he and Michelle followed his brother to school.
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Brother II

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Ken walked up to his older brother, "Hey, Bobby, why did you leave without me and Michelle this morning? You knew we were supposed to go all together."

Bobby didn't reply for a moment as he stared infront of him, "I have to do something."

"What in the world do you have to do this -"

"That's none of your business." snapped Bobby as Ken was in schock from the tone of his brother's voice as he stopped walking and waited for Michelle to catch up with him.

"What's wrong with him?" she questioned as Ken shoo his head.

"Wish I knew, he's been like this ever since mom got sick."


The moment the three of them reached school, Bobby left his brother and Michelle without telling them as he headed towards an older group of students. Looking at them carefully, Ken realized that the group of students his older brother was hanging around with were from a fraternity.

"Ick, frat boys." said Michelle as she stuck out her toungue.

"Yeah," mumbled Ken slightly as he saw his brother kissing a dark haired female on the lips. As the female wrapped her arms around Bobby, Ken noticed a small tattoo of a black droplet on her wrist...


During lunch break, Ken didn't even see his brother as he and Michelle ate outside of the school.

"What are you thinking about?" questioned Michelle as she drank her coke can and stared at some students passing by.


"Why are you so worried about him?"

"Because I'm his brother! I'm supposed to be worried about him...just like he's worried about me."

Ken thought for a moment from what he said, "...Right?"

Michelle shrugged as she continued to drink her coke when unexpectidly, someone bumped into her.

"Woops!" yelled Michelle as she spilled her drink onto the student.

"You stupid bitch!" yelled the female student as Michelle and Ken looked at her. It was the female that was making out with Bobby earlier.

"Excuse me?" snapped Michelle as Ken stood up quickly and walked in between the two female students who were about to look like they were ready to fight.

"Take it easy, it was just an accident."

"Get out of my way!" yelled the female as she shoved Ken; to his and Michelle's surprise, Ken was thrown directly onto the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" he mumbled to himself as it felt like he was pushed by a wrestler. Michelle was about to punch the female when someone yelled.

"Michelle! What are you doing?!"

Looking up, Ken saw his brother...who looked a little bit different. He had a scarf wrapped around his neck and looked extremely pale.

"Bobby, could you tell your girlfriend-"

Bobby interupted his younger brother, "Tell your bitch to stop it."

Ken was in more shocked then Michelle was from what Bobby said as he stared at his brother. Bobby showed no expression of guilt from what he said, he didn't even move as he had his hands in his pockets.

"Are you feeling alright?" questioned Ken as Bobby was quiet for a moment.

"Get out of my face." he snapped as Ken raised an eyebrow. Bobby then walked towards his younger brother, "God dammit Ken, get out of my face!"

Ken couldn't move, the words his brother said echoed in his mind. "I can't belive your standing up for her instead of your brother."

Bobby then slapped Ken with surprisingly quick speed as Michelle yelped from what she saw.

"Your no longer my brother.' he stated as he walked towards the female, Ken stood frozen as he saw his brother wrap his arm around the female and noticed the tattoo of a droplet on his wrist as Bobby continued. 'My real brothers and sisters are with them.' he then kissed her neck and bit it slightly as he turned back to Ken.

'You're nothing."
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"I'm nothing..." whispered Ken as those words still echoed his mind and scared him mentally. His own twin brother, backstabbing him and leaving him in the dark...for a group of fraternity.

Bobby looked at his brother's hair as he arched an eyebrow, "You dyed your hair blond?"

"This was the best that I could do to not resemble you.' replied Ken as he brushed his hair with his hand, 'Except it's been like this for three years just never noticed."

Bobby didn't reply as he closed his eyes, "Your hair is the least of my worries, Ken.' he then began to walk towards his younger twin brother, 'I thought you were are dead...we burried you."

"Well I'm here aren't I?" snapped Ken as Bobby stood motionless and expresionless infront of his brother.

"Indeed." he replied, both brothers were quiet for a moment when Bobby decided to enter the fraternity home as he began to walk up the stairs that Ken was standing on. The moment Bobby passed his younger twin brother, Ken felt a slight cold chill running up his body.

What the hell was that feeling? he thought to himself as he looked over his shoulder slightly to see his brother passing by Michelle in an ignoring manner as she tried to get his attention...


"Oi!' snapped Grym as he sat on a wooden chair while extending his legs onto a marble table. 'Where's my bloody O positive drink around here?"

"Grym' snapped Valerie as she sat across from him with one leg crossed over the other as she rubbed her fur scarf, 'Have some respect with where you are."

"Hey she knows when I'm here, I should always have an O positvie drink waiting for me!"

"How dare you speak about her that way! snapped Valerie as she stood up quickly and extended her arm with her palm facing Grym.

"Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi!' yelled Grym as his eyes began to ooze out blood in a vicious manner, 'It burns, damn you!

"Enough," snapped Alexia as she entered the wooden designed living room with her half human and beast assisstant. The flames in the fireplace grew triple the size the moment she stepped in as Valerie and Grym where pinned onto the wall with an unseen force in the antichrist position.

"Behaving like children, this is how we act after reuniting from all these years?"

Valerie and Grym began to apologize as Alexia shook her head, "Your both not getting away that easily."

Not making any motion at all, Valerie's face caved in with a loud and squishy crack noise as she collapsed head fist onto the floor from the wall. Alexia then stared at Grym as the blood from his eyes began to pour down his forehead and onto the floor.

"I'll keep you like that for now.' she said as she made her way to the seat, 'Where is Pedro and Edge?"

"I'm right here my lady." replied Pedro as he entered the living room from another door. Pedro had shaved his beard into a goatee as his hair was now dark black from the old gray he had when he woke up. His skin was now a nice dark tan colour, like a lantino, as he wore a white sleevless undershirt with a blue pair of jeans and brown steel toe shoes.

"You look healthy." smiled Alexia as Pedor rubbed his hand,

"I was eating..." he said with a smile and wink. He then looked at Grym and whistled as Valerie stood up with her face back to normal.

"What happened here?" he said as Valerie quietly sat on a chair with her head slightly down and Grym grinding his teeth from the burning pain he's receiving with his bleeding eyes.

"These two are acting like children...' she statted as she stared at them, 'After what I gave them...this is what I get in return."

Pedro smirked as he sat next to Valerie, Alexia was quiet for a moment as she waited for Edge.

"Where's the other."

Pedro shrugged, Alexia raised an eyebrow. "This is all your fault, you know that right? He is still holding a grudge."

"And he shouldn't anymore after what he did to me."

Alexia shrugged, "Either way, he'll appear. The three of you could handle the job."

Rasing her finger slightly, Grym fell head first onto the floor as he slid off the wall as Alexia spoke.

"There's an outlaw that I want you to convince in joining my side."

"Convince? We gotta convice a confused soul?"

"This soul is special, this sould could ripple the balance between heaven and hell..."

Pedro arched an eyebrow, "Heaven is going to be affected by this? This is interesting...will we confront any angels?

Alexia smiled as the fire from the fireplace danced within her eyes.

"Oh yes..."


Unknown location on Earth

Pathos walked quietly in a dark area as his long white robe dragged along the floor. His sleeves covered his arms and hands as his lips moved slightly from the conversation he's having with himself.

"Am I making the right decision?" he mumbled.

"Your decision will always be correct, that is why you were chosen by father." stated a strong loud voice in the darkness.

Pathos closed his eyes as he nodded his head, "Appear, East."

A yellow glowing figure appeared infront of Pathos as the figure of the angel couldn't be seen due to the light that surrounded it. Even with Patho's eyes, all he could see was a white body with a glowing gold light around it. For this was one of the Proctectors.

"The consiquences which will come from this."

"Heaven has no worry, this is the last attack from Lucifer. For Lucifer's soul will be casted into the abyss and Hell will be vanquished from Earth with Angels walking freely without the worry of Demons attacking them and the humans.

Pathos stood quietly for a moment after what East said, a decision like this needs serious thought for it could decide the fate of Heaven or Hell on Earth.
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"Michelle...' said Ken as he tried to get his childhood friend's attention, 'I want you to stay away from Bobby."

Michelle, who was staring at Bobby walking up the stairs to the second floor of the house turned at Ken with a confused expression on her face.

"What? Why?"

Ken didn't reply as two fraternity men walked out of the home and passed by him as they both glared at Ken. Ken, meanwhile, felt the exact weird feeling that he received when Bobby passed by him before.

Ken waited for a moment until the frat boys were gone, "This entire frat place has a weird atmosphere-"

Michelle cut him off, "Oh stop it Ken, it's a frat house. What the hell could this place be?"


Inside the frat home

Entering his office, Bobby looked at the sofa as a black haired female was bitting on the neck of a freshman. The freshman whimpered and moaned as blood began to pour down his neck, while Bobby ignored what was happening.

Picking up a phone, he then began to think for a moment as he heard the low dialtone as if it was next to his ear. Bobby then began to press a set of numbers as the phone then began to ring.


"...Mr. Frederick Smith?" said Bobby as he waited for the man on the other side to reply.

"Yeah that's me."

"There's somethign that I got to tell you..."


Mental Institution
New York City, New York

An african american nurse sat behind the counter as pyschiatrists and other nurses walked about the hallway with their patients.

"How's the boy doing?" questioned a middle aged nurse at the african ameriacn nurse.

"Which one?"

"You know...the mayor's nephew."

"Oh, him.' said the african american nurse as she shook her head, 'Frankly dear, if he wasn't the mayor's nephew, he would have been tossed into jail."

"Maybe," said the other nurse as she turned to a man that was next to her.

"How may I help you sir?"


Paul sat in his white empty room as he looked at the wall infront of him. Pleading insanity was the best thing to do after shooting Ken, his mother begged his uncle to try and send him to a mental institution instead of jail.

Smilling slightly as his bangs covered his eyes, Paul began to hear screaming in the hallways. Normally in the mental institution he would hear the occasional psychopaths screaming because their retarted...but these screams were different.

Staring at the door at the far right corner of the room, Paul jumped slightly as he saw a long curved blade appear through the door. Staring in horror as the blade moved up the door and was cutting through it like a hot knife on butter, it was then kicked down as a teenager with a skull cap and blue hair holding a staff with the long curved blade at the end walked into the room and stared at Paul.

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A familiar betrayal

Post by Garet » Fri Mar 04, 2005 11:39 am

Ken shook his head as he grabbed Michelle by the shoulders, "Have I ever told you to do anything?"

Michelle shook her head as Ken continued, "Please leave this fraternity."

Before Michelle could reply, her friend stepped out as she called her name. "Hey Michelle, Bobby wants to see you and his brother in the office."

Michelle nodded her head quietly as she looked at Ken, who was staring at her in a way not to go inside. Michelle winked slightly, motioning
Ken to go inside with her.

"C'mon he's your brother."

Stepping inside the frat home, the uneasy feeling Ken received earlier was increasing as a lot of the frat people were looking at him as he made his way to his brother's office. Stepping in, Ken saw a black haired female and a young freshman sitting on the sofa holding hands, the freshman looked a bit pale as he had a scarf wrapped around his neck.

Bobby was sitting on his desk with his arms folded as he was staring at the telephone.

"Leave us alone." ordered Bobby as the freshman and dark haired female stood up and silently walked out of the room, Michelle stood next to Ken as Bobby shook his head.

"You to, Michelle."

Looking puzzled, Michelle left the room as she closed the doors behind her. Ken has his hands in his pocket as he was pinching his thumb for it to bleed as he saw Bobby staring at him.

Both brother's stared at each other for a moment as Bobby broke the silence. "What are you doing to your thumb?"

Ken raised an eyebrow, "Doing what to my thumb?" he said, Ken knew that Bobby knew what he was doing even with his hand in his pocket.

Nodding his head Bobby smiled slightly, "So you know."


"Does it makes sense now?"

Ken shook his head, "No."

"Let me explain,' said Bobby as he began to walk towards Ken, 'This was all for mom."


Bobby nodded his head as he leaned on the desk with his hands in his pockets, "Mom was sick, she was going to die, I could have made her to what I am and she would have been fine."

"So you became...' Bobby nodded his head as Ken continued, 'To help out mom...' Bobby nodded some more, 'So did you do it?"

Bobby was quiet for a moment, "She killed herself when you died Ken."

Ken couldn't believe it, if was able to cry he would have on the spot...all he felt inside was sorrow and anger towards Paul. He then felt a cold chill running up his spine as he turned around quickly.

A woman wearing a long dress and a fur scarf with a tanned man wearing a white sleeveless shirt and jeans were standing behind Ken.

How long were they in here? I didn't even feel them before!

"Hey hun." smiled the woman as she touched Ken on the cheek. Ken then felt his stomach boiling as he began to vomit out blood.

What's happening?

Rubbing his palm with blood, Ken was about to slam his palm on the floor when the tanned guy grabbed his wrist with quick speed.

"Sorry essei' said the man as he shook his head, 'But Alexia told us not to let you do anything stupid that would get you killed.'

"Alexia..." he moaned as his vission was getting blurry, Bobby then walked next to Ken as he started to speak.

"It's your fault she's dead brother.' snapped Bobby quietly, 'With the stupidities that you got yourself into...look what happened..."

As darkness began to consume Ken's eyes, he began to hear a silent laughter.
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The Trial

Post by Garet » Sun Mar 06, 2005 7:54 am

Maxwell sat on the chair as a prisoner inside the room, one leg folded over the other as he had his hand on his cheek. There was absolutely nothing that the Arc Angel could do in order to escape from the room. The only thing he could do is ponder about the outcome of Ken's trial; will he figure out what to do, or will Apollo bring him in.

Then came the thought of Patho's decision in releasing East; chaos would be released on the Eastern side of Earth; tsunami's, earthquakes, murder...all of Lucifer's trademarks...and the only thing Maxwell could do is sit as a prisoner in this room...with a damn book.

To his surprise, someone appeared in the room infront of him. Maxwell for a moment stretched his arm as he stared at the angel.

"What was your decision?" questioned Maxwell at Pathos who stood there quietly.


"Either way hun,' echoed Alexia's voice in the darkness, 'The innevitable will happen, even the heaven's cannot stop it..."

"Wake up hun." said a familiar voice as Ken opened his eyes, the night sky and stars were staring down upon him as a cool breeze ran through his body. Alexia then appeared over Ken with a big smile as her lips matched her red dress and her hair was as dark as ever.

"It's time." she said with a smile. Getting up slowly, Ken then realized he was on a rooftop of a building in New York City as there were three dark figures standing on the edges of the rooftop.

"The trial has begun." she continued, Ken then shook his head.

"The trail..."

"Exactly,' she continued as she snapped her fingers 'And guess who's here."

Ken's eyes widened as three people appeared infront of him...
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The rules of the Trial

Post by Garet » Thu Mar 10, 2005 2:48 pm

"What is this?!" hissed Ken as three people appeared infront of him. All three were on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs...but Ken didn't notice that, what puzzled him the most was who were infront of him.




"This hun,' said Alexia as she walked next to Ken, 'is the trial."

"Stop this bullshit.' he snapped as Alexia raised an eyebrow, 'Why are they here?!"

"Well, if you let me explain." she winked while walking behind the three people that Ken knew.

"The purpose of this trial is that you have to kill someone...'

Ken was in more shock then Paul, Michelle and Bobby after what Alexia said. The three prisoners wanted to say something, but no sound was coming out of their mouths.

'In order to choose the side, you must kill the person that deserves death the most.'

With the snap of her fingers, Ken's blade appeared in mid air infront of him.

'If you kill the person that deserves death, you become an angel...but...if you kill a person that didn't deserve to die...then, you become a demon.'

Ken shook his head slightly as Alexia continued, 'It makes perfect sense, you kill someone that deserves to go to hell, then your doing heaven a favor...boom...your an angel...but, if you kill someone that didn't deserve to die...then, that's murder..which means you go to hell, hun."

The three shadows began to laugh as one of them spoke, "Hell, isn't that bad"

"I can't do this." said Ken as Alexia shook her head slightly.

"Ken, what are you doing that's so different from the real world? In every single bloody human second, there's choices being made which lean the soul of that person into one of the sides of the afterlife. From the woman you sleep with to paying a bum in the think killing someone right now is different then a human killing another human?'

Ken thought for a moment as he stared at the black blade floating infront of him, while Alexia continued.

'Which of these three will you kill Ken? It must be an easy choice since one of them killed you...and the other two betrayed you."

Ken then grabed the handle of the blade as he slowly walked towards the prisoners.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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The Trial (Part II)

Post by Garet » Sun Mar 13, 2005 7:16 pm


Standing on building that's dozen's of blocks away from the building which the trial is being held upon, a man wearing a gray suit and blue tinted sunglasses with blond dreads that hung past his shoulders stared in the direction that the trial was being held.

My target it wide open. he thought to himself as he extended his right hand and opened his palm. Not moving his body, a silver long arrow began to appear on his hand.

I just gotta wait for the signal.

Using his free hand, the angel then placed his hand into his jacket as he pulled out a long silver bow.

"I hate waiting." he said to himself as he prepared his bow and arrow.


"Who do you think he's going to pick?" whispered Grym at Valerie as she shook her head slightly and smiled.

"It, doesn't matter,' she said, 'The outcome will be the same."

Walking towards the three prisoners, Ken had already made the choice with who he wanted to kill, there was no thought involved at all. He wanted to kill Paul; all this is happening because of Paul, because after all, Paul did kill Ken.

Pointing the blade at Paul's throat, Ken stared at him for a moment as he thought of something.

This is to easy; I'm supposed to make a critical decision in which there is no second chance, and I choosed my kill in an instant...something is not right.

He then stared at Bobby and Michelle, Why are they here?

Pedro turned to Grym with a smile, "He's hesitating"

Alexia too, was smiling as she noticed that Ken was re-thinking about his choice. She then raised an eyebrow as she felt her skin warming up.

"I know this feeling," she said to herself as she turned to her three horsemen who began to notice the warmth in the night wind.

The moment Alexia felt what was coming, she then yelled at her horsemen. "Watch out!"

A blinding white light filled the entire roof as Alexia barely closed her eyes before the light blinded her, but the three horsemen along with Ken and the prisoners got the full impact of the attack as their eyes began to burn from the light.

With her eyes still closed due to the white light still shinning on the roof, Alexia felt at the last moment another attack as she dove on the floor. Bolts of lighting skimmed by her as they went towards the three horsemen and electrocuted them as they stumbled off the building and fell all the way down to the city streets.


"That's the signal!" said the angel to himself as he stared at the white light that looked like a dot to where he was.

Stretching his bow, the angel paused for a moment before he let it go. With a loud twang, the silver arrow hissed through the air with ease as it headed towards it's target.


Grym stood up as he mumbled and moaned slightly, black smoke was coming out of his ears and most of his skin was completely burnt. Valerie and Pedro stood up as well as they too were burnt from the attack.

"That made me numb"

"My hair is fuzzy and my scarf is burnt!"

Pedro cracked his neck as he stared infront of him, "That made me hungry." he hissed while ripping off his shirt, what was muscles before was now skin and bones.

Grym stared at Pedro for a moment before he looked in the direction that the horseman was staring at. Whistling slightly, Grym smiled.

"Look who it is..."

Valerie then made a slight moaning sound as she stared in the direction her companions were staring at, while rubbing her stomach.

"We're going to have fun..."

Staring at the three horsemen stood Pathos, his face was expresionless but strong as his white cloak was blowing in the direction of the wind as a shining silver knights armor was being revealed underneath. Without a word, Pathos unsheathed a long double edged sword from his side and placed it towards his face.

"Reveal yourselves...fallen angels."

"With pleasure." smiled Grym as the three horsemen revealed their wings of bones.

Grym then placed his hand behind his neck as he then pulled out his spinal cord, whipping it around a couple of times he then managed to make it longer as it hardened into a staff, he then placed his fingers on his ribcage as he pulled out a rib that was three times the thickness and width of a regular one. Placing the rib on the top of the spinal cord staff, Grym managed to make a scythe out of his bones.

Valerie pulled out of her purse a small black box the size of her palm as she pointed it towards Pathos.

Pedro opened his hands and faced his palms towards Pathos as his palms began to split open slightly.

Pathos placed his blade to his side as he revealed his wings, they were double the size of the horsemen's wings as his feathers were a glowing white. His blade then began to glow slightly as he waved it around.

"Don't disapoint us angel" hissed Grym as his waved his bone scythe around.


Alexia stood up and began to dust herself as the white light vanished.

"That's all you got hun?" she smiled as she stared at Maxwell who stood silently as he was holding a blue stone with a yellow pedal inside that was pointing in Alexia's direction.

He then stared at Ken who was now standing up and looking around.

"What's going on?" he said as he stared at Alexia and Maxwell.

"You see hun? Heaven is trying to prevent you from the trial!' laughed Alexia as Maxwell was still quiet. She then arched an eyebrow, 'What are you so quiet about?"

Maxwell then saw the silver bow heading towards this direcion as he tensed his body and prayed that Apollo would get his target. The silver arrow was heading towards the unsuspected Ken's chest as it then shockingly arched upwards and pierced Ken's left colar bone. Ken yelled in pain as he stumbled onto the floor as Maxwell stared in shock from what he saw.


"Shit!" yelled Apollo as he couldn't believe he missed the target, he was aiming at Ken's heart all along. How in the world could his bow miss it's target? It was going directly to the outlaw's heart.


Alexia smiled as she stared at the schocked Maxwell.

"C'mon hun, would you actually think I would leave Ken without protection?"

Maxwell shook his head slightly, even though he kept Alexia from doing anything to Ken while the bow headed towards him. She already had Ken protected from the beginning.

"I gotta hand it to Apollo though,' she continued 'That bow nearly broke through the barrier and pierced his heart.'

She then began to walk towards Maxwell, 'Now it's my turn."
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Taming the horses

Post by Garet » Fri Mar 18, 2005 12:10 pm


A farmhouse was burning as a small boy knelt next to his dead father and dying mother. The boy was hugging her mother as the gunshot wound she received through the chest was slowly taking her life away.

"God, don't let my mommy die...I don't want to be alone."

The boy then heard his mother's dying breath as more tears began to flow out of his eyes. The fire now was growing hotter as it began to spread towards the boy's direction. The boy then felt something else in the room as he looked up and turned around slightly.

"Hey there." greeted a female's voice, the boy looked in shock at the beautiful woman with dark black hair and a red dress. He wasn't in shock at the woman's looks, but how she was able to stand with the fire surrounding her.

"I see you lost your parents from a bunch of theives.'

The boy didn't reply due to being in shock, the woman shook her head slightly as she continued. 'No, not from a bunch of thieves, but from God..."

She then began to walk towards the boy and passed by the fire as if they weren't there as they didn't burn her at all. She nelt next to the boy as she ran her hand through the boy's hair.

"What's your name?"

The boy wipped his eyes as he sobbed a bit more. "Grym..."

"Well Grym,' she said with a smile, 'How would you like to get revenge..."


Using both his hands, Pathos raised his sword in the air as a white light appeard from the center while the three horsemen crouched slightly and extended their wings of bone.

Lighting then began to shoot out from the sword as it headed towards the suspecting horsemen; Valerie and Pedro jumped aside as Grym charged Pathos head on.

Waving his scythe of bone horizontally, Grym was slighlty surprised to see the old looking angel being able move his body around and avoid the attacks. Waving his scythe upwards from right to left, Grym expected Pathos to side step to the left as he continued his attack by doing a round house on the old angel's face.

But to his surprise, it was as if Pathos expected Grym to do the round house as the angel tried to stab Grym in the stomach with his sword. The horseman was skilled as he used his wings to push his body away from the attack.

Valerie saw an opening from the attack as she opened her small box; black liquid began to rise as the liquid extended towards Pathos in the form of blades. The angel waved his blade as he began to cut apart the black liquid but was shocked to notice that as he cut the liquid, green smoke appeared and spreaded towards him. Pathos quickly used his wing as he tried to move the green smoke away.

I should have suspected this from Pandora's box. he thought to himself as his vision began to get blurry.

"Good work, Valerie!" yelled Grym as he glidded towards Pathos with his scythe raised. Doing a quick slashing motion towards Pathos' back, the angel blocked the attack as he moved his sword behind him. In midair, Grym kneed Pathos on the side of the head as he yelled.

"Now Pedro!" he yelled, Pathos sharpened his senses as he tried to see if anything is coming towards his direction but he couldn't feel anything until the last moment.

Pathos felt rumbling underneath him as two hands appeared from the floor and grabbed both his ankles. Pedro's upper torso then appeared from the floor as he smiled.

"Such a high spiritual power...and I'm very hungry."

Pathos tried to move, but couldn't as he was frozen in place. He then began to feel weak as he realized that the horseman was sucking his spiritual life away.

Grym then walked towards Pathos as he pointed his scythe infront of his face.

"We have no equal."
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Post by Garet » Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:43 pm


"What's wrong with her?" barked an old drunk woman as she bursted through these wooden doors. Another old woman sat next to a young teenager as she spoke.

"She has some sexual transmited disease."

"Who cares!' yelled the old woman as she pointed out of the window, 'As long as the men want her, then she stays! They don't have to know."

The young teenager sat quietly as the two old women talked about her business, no, their business...owning a bordelo in France. The first old woman looked at the young teenager as she pointed to the stairs,

"You got some work to do, room six."

The young teenager didn't say a word as she walked up the wooden stairs and walked along the hallway, passing by the moaning rooms. Once she reached room six, the young teenager slowly opened the door as she saw her waiting customer.

The catholic priest sat on the bed as he stared at the young teenager with a big shark smile.

"Sit ma'petit." he said while rubbing the bed.

The young teenager quietly sat next to the priest as he immediately began to take off her clothes.

"What is your name?"


"What a pretty name." smiled the priest as he began to take off his clothes as well.

Valerie arched her eyebrow as she noticed that the priest was frozen in place. "Monsieur?" she said while waiving her hand infront of his unblinking eyes.

"Hey there." greeted a females voice behind Valerie, turning around quickly, Valerie gasped as she saw another female in the room with her. She was a beautiful woman with black hair and a red dress as she smiled at Valerie.

"Your not afraid." stated the woman in red as she walked towards Valerie, who was still sitting on the bed with the frozen priest. Valerie didn't say anything as the woman in red continued to speak.

"Your body has been used since you were a child, and where has God been during all these years?"

The woman in red looked at the priest quietly as Valerie turned to him as well.

"You have a diseases in which you will soon die, you've never lived your life how you wanted...instead you've followed the path that God gave you."

The woman in red then extended her hand towards Valerie, "How bout I give you a new life..."


Pathos began to feel very weak as Pedro continued to suck the spiritual life from the angel. Valerie walked next to Grym as she spoke, "Shouldn't we head back to the roof and help out our master with the Trial?"

Grym shook his head with a slight smile, "I want to enjoy this angel's death."

"Then finish him off essei, I'm almost done eating here." replied Pedro as Grym nodded. Raising his scythe of bone in the air, all Pathos could do is stare at the grinning blue haired horseman.


Before Grym could slash Pathos, the side of the horseman's head squirted out blood as Grym moaned slightly while falling on the floor. Valerie turned around quickly only to fall on the floor as multiple blood squirtings appeared
throughout her body.

Pedro immediately released Pathos as the angel knelt on the floor. "Did you do this angel?" hissed the horseman as he looked around the area. Pathos couldn't speak due to him being exhausted from the loss of spiritual power, it wasn't him who easily attacked the two horsemen.

"No' said a voice coming from the shadows of an alley, 'It was me."

Pedro turned towards the direction which the voice came from as Grym and Valerie stood up.

"Well well, the wandering horseman finally appeared!"
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The Trial (part III)

Post by Garet » Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:31 pm

Maxwell stumbled onto the floor as his entire top torso was burnt due to Alexia's attacks. The angel could stand no chance against Lucifer-Alexia, the only thing he could do at the moment is to stay alive as long as he can until the plan he and Pathos has set up will succeed.

Ripping off his remaining burnt shirt, Maxwell looked at Alexia who was smiling back.

She's playing with me...

Alexia then shook her head slightly, "Why did you bother to come here? You stand no chance against me, and yet you still risk your soul."

Maxwell smiled as Alexia raised an eyebrow, "What are you smiling about?"


Ken struggled himself to get up as the pain from the arrow he received was incredible, ripping out the arrow from his colarbone, he then realized that his entire upper left torso was numb...he couldn't move it at all.

Michelle crawled next to him as he saw that she was crying, who wouldn't blame her from what she was experiencing and seeing. She was trying to say something, but nothing was coming out of her mouth. Ken shook his head slightly was he hugged her for a moment with his right arm; he knows that Michelle isn't the one he's supposed to kill. Since they were little, Ken was always protecting and trying to make things better for Michelle

Smilling slightly, he realized that recent things weren't going so well for Michelle, thanks to him. The conflict between Paul and Bobby ended up like this and Michelle is in the middle of it all. Ken then turned his attention to Paul and Bobby as they to struggled to get up from the flash attack they all received earlier...he tried to study them, to see which of the two is he supposed to kill.

Paul shot him, and Bobby abandoned him...which lead to Michelle, since he 'stole' Michelle from Paul and Bobby hooked up with her after his death. Raising an eyebrow slightly, Ken then looked at Michelle.

Don't tell me she is the cause of all this.

Ken then shook his head from teh thought, he knows that Michelle isn't the one that deserves death over all this, he just isn't seeing the big picture.

Think Ken, think deeper. he thought to himself as he looked at Paul and Bobby.

That's when it clicked in his head light a lightbulb.

"You took her away from me."

"After you died, mom killed herself."

"It's...' he mumbled as he began to see the picture even clearer now. 'me."

This is all my fault, from the beginning. Paul thinks that I took Michelle away from him, which led up to him shooting me. My death then led up to my mother's suicide in which Bobby was to late to convert her into a vampire and save her...which then led up to the depression Michelle got from my death and the hook up between Bobby and her.

He then raised his head to the sky as he finaly realized what he was supposed to do.

All this was thanks to my actions...

He then looked at Michelle as he smiled slightly, even when she is crying she looks beautiful...her bangs and messed up hair covered most of her face but it didn't matter. Ken kissed Michelle on the forhead softly as smelled her perfum for a moment before standing up.

I know what to do...


"This arrow should do the trick." smiled Apollo as he pulled out a silver arrow with a tip in the shape of a cork screw.


"So,' repeated Alexia, 'What are you smilling about?"

A big gush of wind then appeared on the roof top as Alexia's hair began to fly all over the place. Maxwell raised his left hand slightly as he covered his face from the wind and looked behind Alexia.

Alexia turned around while laughing, "He did it!' she yelled...but immediately gasped after what she saw. Ken was standing as he looked at the sky with his black sword his chest; Michelle, Bobby and Paul all looked at Ken in shocked. 'He stabbed himself!"

"He found out, Lucifer-Alexia...'smiled Maxwell, 'He didn't fall for the trick that the Trial had in thinking of killing those three that looked like they deserved death.'

Alexia turned back at Maxwell as he eyes were now white as pearl, Maxwell laughed. 'You wanted him to join your side, but even you, great angel, fell into our plan."

Ken then let out a scream as he knelt down, his entire body began to burn and his shoulder blades felt like something was pincing from the inside. He then felt a rip as two wings of bones ripped out from his back; letting out a loud yell, white feathers slowly began to appear.


Stretching his bow, Apollo then realeased the second arrow as it hissed through the air.


Alexia looked at Ken as the white feathers were appearing on his wings of bone as she grinded her teeth.

"He's still not an angel yet!" she hissed as she raised her hand. She then felt the presence of Apollo's arrow heading towards this direction again...but this time, this arrow felt stronger then before.

"No you don't!" she yelled, focusing her attention to the arrow.

"Hey Alexia!' yelled Maxwell, turning around quickly Alexia saw Maxwell smilling again as he continued. 'You forgot about me."

Alexia then felt her hair getting fuzzy as she looked at Maxwell, who pulled out a black stone with five yellow pedals inside. Widening her eyes competely, she then looked up at the sky as a lighting bold at about five feet in diameter strucked down right on her. The impact was so great, that Alexia went through the ceiling and a couple of floors as the lighting kept on pushing her down.

Ken began to feel warm as the burning pain slowly began to go away, until a silver arrow pierced his heart. His entire body froze as Ken collapsed on the floor, his wings stopped halfway as they were bones and white feathers.
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The wandering horseman

Post by Garet » Thu Mar 24, 2005 12:18 pm

The three horsemen stared quietly in the dark alley in which the fourth horseman was hidding. Pathos was now able to stand on his feet as his legs shook slightly due to his weakness.

"Oi,' yelled Grym, 'Show yourself, Kosta!"

The fourth horseman stepped into night light as he was dressed up as a catholic priest. The priest had a mixture of black and gray hair and brown eyes as he had his hands folded infront of him, the three horsemen now stared at the fourth in confusion.

"Is this a joke?" snapped Grym, Valerie arched an eyebrow as Pedro stared at Kosta with a blank face.

"It's not a joke, Grym." he replied as he continued to stare at Kosta, who began to walk towards his three companions.

"It appears that Kosta is against us."

Kosta shook his head, "Just you, Pedro. I have nothing against them."

"You always thought about yourself. Never about your friends"

"You have a lot of nerves saying that."

Pedro quickly pointed at himself, "I had all the right to kill her!" he hissed, completely changing the subject and bringing up the matter.

"She was your sister!"

"She was your lover!' Pedro then shook his head as his faced was slightly depressed, 'We were brothers, essei! Homeboys till the end! Then...when you met up with my sister, you changed!"

Kosta shook his head, [color=orange=]"I was fed up, Pedro...the killing, raping, robbing.'[/color] Kosta then stared at the floor, 'When I met your sister, I thought there was a moment for me to change my life. To stop all this madness...and I thought I would get your blessing...since we were homeboys."

Pedro shook his head, "Homeboys till the end, essei! You know that!"

Kosta nodded his head as he looked at Pedro, "I know...that's why we're going to end this.


In one of the floors of the building, rubble was pilled on the floor as the lighting bold finished striking through the building. The rubble then began to move slightly as Alexia slowly began to come out of it, her hair was all messed up and her dress was scratched and torn along with her skin.

"That's it.' she hissed as the floor began to bubble violently. 'Now I'm pissed."


Maxwell forced himself up as a limped towards the frozen body of Ken, he stared at a moment his half wings of bone and white feathers.

This is going to be difficult. he thought to himself as he grabbed the arrow that pierced Ken's chest.

"Sorry about that Ken,' he whispered while yanking it out, 'But it seems we don't have a choice now...."

Maxwell then winded his eyes completely as he felt an enourmous aura, the floors began to steam as the building rumbled slightly. Turning towards the hole he made earlier, Alexia bursted out of it as she made the hole bigger. Staring at Lucifer-Alexia, Maxwell never saw her in her angelic form.

Alexia now floated about twenty feet over the roof as her black feather wings were ten feet in length each and she now had a black silk dress with shining pearl white hair with black streaks.
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The angel that rebelled against the heaven's

Post by Garet » Sat Apr 09, 2005 9:33 am

Maxwell only heard whispers in the Academy about Lucifer; her...or him...whatever the angel wants to be...her strength was no match in the heaven's except for Father. Everyone knew this, but no one has ever experienced it...except now.

There Lucifer-Alexia floated, her wings didn't move that much as she was meters off the floor. Her white hair with dark streaks floated in every direction as if they were alive, her eyes...her eyes glowed in a manner that would make a Titan tremble.

Maxwell stood infront of Ken as Alexia looked down at them both, "He's not yet an angel." she said while pointing at his half feather wings.

"We...weren't planning in making him one." replied Maxwell as he looked down at Ken. Alexia placed her hands on her hips as she laughed.

"All you angels are the same, and I thought that you wanted him to convert into an angel."

Before Maxwell could speak, Alexia raised her hand as she turned her head to the right. "Hold on a moment hun,' she said with a smile, 'I gotta get rid of a fly.'

Maxwell looked in the direction that Alexia was staring at and gasped as he realized that she was talking about Apollo. Raising her hand, Alexia mumbled a word.

Apollo had no time to react as flames came out of his eyes, mouth and ears; he tried to scream but the flames overpowered the yell as he then imploded. Maxwell stood frozen after what he saw, Apollo was a high ranking angel in the Academy and Lucifer-Alexia killed him with just one word.

"Strong Angel,' she said with a smile, 'I had to raise my hand."

Maxwell took a step back as Alexia began to land slowly onto the roof, the moment her foot touched it, frost appeared all around her.

"Let me show you my new creations."


Kosta and Pedro stared at each other as the other two horsemen and Pathos watched.

"You want to end this..."

Kosta then pulled out four long black spikes as he held them in between his fingers.

"One move."


Maxwell took another step back as he saw these dark shadow figures in the shape of humans came out of Alexia's black dress; each one had a different shape and size.

"Allow me to introduce to you 'the seven sins.'"


Pedro extended his arms and opened his hands as his palms splitted open, "Sure essei"

"This is crazy!" yelled Grym as he ran towards both horsemen, but was interupted as Pathos jumped infront of him and slashed his sword. Valerie, Grym and Pathos were attacking each other as Pedro and Kosta stared at each other again.

Pedro was the first to attack as he stretched his arms like rubber with quick speed at Kosta. Kosta then tossed his long black spikes at Pedro's chest. Both were now standing still as Kosta had Pedro's hands wrapped around his neck and Pedro had Kosta's four nails pierced into his heart.


Kosta smiled, "...Yeah."

Pedro then grinded his teeth as he exploded Kosta's neck, making his head fly off the body as it landed and rolled on the floor. Kosta's wings then turned into dust as his body fell to the floor.

Pedro started to breath deeply as he stared at Kosta's body, his eyes began to darken as his cursed.


Collapsing on the floor, his wings turned into dust as well.


Maxwell then began to stare at seven shadow figures as Alexia pointed at him.

"Kill-' she then let out a tremendous yell as her body began to fade slightly. Maxwell looked at Alexia in shock as he began to see right through her.

The horsemen...

"It can't be!" she yelled, one of the seven sins stared at Alexia and then at the six other dark shadows.

"My brothers and sisters, our master is weak. She has no control over us, let us escape and roam free on this dimension!"

The seven shadows then jumped off the roof in different directions as Alexia fell to her knees.

"This can't be!" she yelled, Maxwell then looked down at Ken as he grabbed his shoulder.

Now's my chance! he thought to himself as he pulled out a angelic note with the word 'Transportation' on it.

Alexia looked up as she saw Maxwell and Ken glowing, extending her hand she then let out a yell as they vanished...
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Post by Garet » Thu Apr 14, 2005 3:07 pm

c"We shall take care of the Trial." replied Pathos as Maxwell jumped up from the his seat.

"You didn't release East?"

The old angel shook his head, "I couldn't afford to let innocent humans die over this...decision. The Academy voted me to be in charge of the Heaven's while Father sleeps, and I wouldn't want to ruin what he created."

Maxwell nodded his head, "I will join you have my soul."

Pathos nodded his head as well as he looked at Maxwell with an odd expression, "We must stop the do know that right?"




Ken opened his right eye slowly as he felt his cheek pressed on a cool floor; opening his other eye, he then noticed that the floor he was lying on was see through as there were clouds underneath with a white sinning light.


The loud knocking noise coming ahead of him was getting louder by the moment. Ken then placed his hands on the cold surface as he pushed himself up, realizing that he could now move his body...and something else...his wings.

Getting on one knee, Ken then looked infront of him as a tall wooden bureau, like the ones that a judge sat on in a trial, was infront of him in three different levels; a hooded woman sat on the first level on the right as a hooded man sat on the second level on the left...but no one was standing on the third level in the center.

The walls on his left and right had tall statues of Angels with their wings on their sides as one held a sword pointing downwards while the other held a scroll.

The woman held a wooden hammer as she raised it slightly and slammed it infront of her.


"Ken Duncan, you shall now hear your sentence." boomed the man, the only thing that Ken could see was the man's mouth.

"Sentence?" he questioned as the woman replied.

"You are an outcast...and it is your fault that Apollo along with...Pathos...have died."

Arching an eyebrow, Ken had no idea who this Pathos was. The woman then raised her hammer as she continued. "For those sins, you are to be casted to the Fourth Dimention."

Maxwell then felt a hand touch his shoulder as he looked. "Maxwell?"

Maxwell stood behind him with his eyes closed as he was looking down slightly.

"What's happening?" questioned Ken as Maxwell shook his head.

"I'm sorry."

Maxwell the grabbed both of Ken's wings as he shoved them into Ken's back with force as Ken screamed in pain. Maxwell then placed his hands on Ken's shoulders as he yelled, "Seal!"

A black circled with a horizontal line in the middle was burnt on Ken's shoulder blades. Ken stumbled onto his knees in pain as he then noticed that the floor infront of him started to open. Maxwell then wrapped a chain around Ken as he spoke.

" haven't realized...but you've given a heavy blow to both Heaven and must...' he then locked the chain as he pushed Ken into the clouds underneath the see through floor. 'Be casted."
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Post by Garet » Sat Apr 16, 2005 8:09 am

Ken didn't know if he should scream as he fell through the glass floor and into the clouds; his speed increased every moment as his chained body ripped through the never-ending gray clouds. The wind made his eyes tears, squiting slightly, as he stared at the white light below him...which was getting brighter and brighter.

Eventually, the bright white light completely blinded him as Ken closed his eyes from it. Even with his eyes closed he still felt himself falling, but what was different now...was that he began to smell something...something familliar.

Smells like the sea...

Opening his eyes slowly, Ken then saw the dark blue ocean underneath him as he was now falling towards it. Turning his body around he noticed that there was no gray clouds...but instead a bright blue sky with a bright sun.

This is...the fourth dimention?

Turning his body around again as he faced the incoming ocean, he then noticed that he was chained in the world was he able to swim?! Trying to break free from the chains, he was nearing the ocean when he noticed a brown ship about a hundred yards away form where he was going to fall.

Is that...a pirate ship?

Ken didn't have the chance to make out for sure as he ripped through the surface of the ocean and into the deep blue sea. Trying to break free from the chains Ken noticed that he was sinking deeper and deeper and also...his lungs were if he wanted air.

To his shock, the current shifted his entire body a couple of yards to the left as something passed by him underneath. Looking down, Ken couldn't see anything but darkness; he then turned back towards the surface of the ocean where there was more light as he widened his eyes in shock.

In front of him was a head of a gigantic lizard; it's dark blue, scaly head was about the height of a double decker buss and it's width was three of the busses put together, it had green fins that opened and closed and it's teeth were near the height of Ken as they stuck out of it's mouth. It's yellow eyes stared at Ken with delight as it new it had found it's meal.

Ken tried to swim away as he started to shake his legs, he noticed the long neck that the gigantic monster had which lead down to the darkness of the sea...but Ken didn't know if his eyes were playing tricks on him as he saw six other pairs of yellow eyes staring up at him from the darkness.

The beast opened it's mouth as it's red toungue stuck out's thick silava didn't disolve within the ocean as Ken saw it floating out of it's mouth. What happened after...was quick as Ken barely saw it happen.

What appeared to be a staff coming from ontop of the beast, pierced the beast in the left eye. The weapon didn't have a moment to fully pierce the eye as the beast showed incredible quick speed concerning it's size as it shifted it's head away with a growl that rippled the ocean.

Dark blood oozed out of the eye of the beast as it submerged into the darkness. Ken quickly looked at the weapon which appeared to be a Trident...and a long one at that as it appeared to have been extending at about fifty yards!

To Ken's amazement, the Trident was now shriking in length as Ken followed it with his eyes. He then noticed a man swimming towards him who was holding that Trident, which was now a couple of meters long. The man had dirty blond hair and a slight beard as he swam shirtless towards Ken; his bright blue eyes shinned from the sunlight as he smiled slightly while grabing Ken by the chain.

The man then tugged a rope that was around his waist and a short moment after, both he and Ken were being yanked out of the ocean with incredible speed. The loud woooosh that was going through Ken's ears as he was ripping through the water was for a short moment as he then realized he was at the surface.

"Bloody hell, Herc! You almost ripped off my hair with that pull!" yelled the dirty blond man with a slight laugh. Ken looked over his shoulder as he saw the man looking up at the brown 'pirate' ship he saw earlier; the dirty blond haired man was looking up at a slightly darked skin male...whom was extremely cut with muscles.

The man known as Herc smiled slightly as he began to pull up the blond haired man and Ken into the ship.

"Captn' did ya see 'er?!" yelled a short bearded crewman that ran next to Herc as the blond haired man, (his captain) and Ken appeared on deck. The captain, rubbed his hair with his fingers as he walked bearfoot towards a pile of boxes wich a long black leather jacket was on top of.

"Aye, she was the real deal...almost had her too." hissed the Captain as he wore the leather jacket over his shirtless body and strapped a brown belt diagonaly around his torso while sheathing his black trident.

Ken looked around the ship as he saw crewmen walking around and doing their pirate things like they normally do in the movies he's seen.

Where am I?...

Herc, who wore a sleevless light brown shirt and pants knelt next to Ken as he grabbed the chains.

"Don't move." he said with a low voice and with one yank, he ripped the chains with ease.

Ken looked at Herc in shock as the Captain walked next to him.

"You were lucky you landed near our ship kid,' he said with a smile. 'Or else you would have been seafood for the Hydra."

Ken shook his head slightly, "Where am I..."

The Captain then knelt next to Ken as well, "Welcome to Limbo...or how Heaven likes to call it before casting us here...'The 4th Dimention.'"
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Captain Morgan

Post by Garet » Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:51 pm

Ken was given dry clothing as he began to dress up in the ragged uniform; the Captain, while leaning on the side of the boat, stared at Ken changing as he noticed the markings on his shoulder blades.

“Looks like Heaven really didn’t like ya’ lad.” He commented as Ken looked over his shoulder as he tried to see the marking.

“Yeah, it-“

“I don’t want to hear about it lad,’ interrupted the Captain as he then began to walk towards Ken, ‘There’s only one rule in Limbo…well not a rule…but more like a respect…you don’t ask about someone’s past life and don’t talk about your past-life.”

Ken arched an eyebrow for a moment before he nodded his head; the Captain then wrapped his arm around Ken’s shoulder as he laughed. “The only thing you need to know about me is that my name is Captain Morgan and this here is the fine crew of the Dancing Ebony!” Some of the crewmembers cheered as they got back to work while Morgan pointed towards Herc.

“And this tall fellow here is my trusted friend Herc…not very talkative, but one hell of a man to be fighting along side.”

Ken waved at Herc as he nodded slightly back at him, “Now lad,’ continued Captain Morgan as he walked towards a wooden door, ‘Walk with me, there’s much to say now that you are in Limbo.”

Ken followed the captain into the ship as they walked along a dark wooden hallway and into a wooden room with candles and red carpet. Inside the room was a man in his mid thirties with dirty brown hair in a pony tail sitting on a chair as he was…to Ken’s surprise…stringing a bow. The man looked over his shoulder as he stared at Ken with his brown eyes for a moment before turning back to the bow.

“That’s Richard, he’s not part of the Pirate Crew…but an archer that we needed.” Replied Morgan to Ken’s un-mentioned question.

“Why do Pirates need an archer? Don’t you have guns and cannons?”

“About that lad,’ replied Morgan as he sat behind a wooden desk on a red leather chair while resting his feet on it. ‘Limbo isn’t the same as…well, where and when you came from.”

Ken arched an eyebrow as Morgan pointed at the window next to him, “Take for example the Hydra that we encountered.”

“It’s a demon…I’ve seen, something like that.” Replied Ken as Morgan smirked slightly while mumbling,

“How the hell can I explain it like the old man..." the captain was quiet for a moment as he raised his hands slightly.

"Limbo is a dimention with...different Era's gathered together..."

Ken looked at Morgan as if he was high on something as the pirate tossed his arms in the air.

"For Black Beard's sake! I'm not the political..conversative type...when we head back to-"

A loud roar was then heard at a distance as Morgan and Richard jumped from their seats and looked outside the window.

"Captn'!" yelled a crewman from down the hallway.

"What is it?!"

"It's the Hydra! She's comin' back!"
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The Angelic Demon

Post by Garet » Sat Apr 23, 2005 8:14 pm

Morgan stepped out into the open space of the ship as Richard and Ken followed. All of the crewmen were running around the ship; some were carrying weapons while others were doing things to the ship.

Morgan turned around as he looked up at a crewman on the second floor of the ship, "Where is it coming from?!"

"Starboard cap'n!" yelled a blond haired man as he was controlling the gigantic wooden wheel of the ship.

Captain Morgan focused his direction to the right of the ship as he heard Richard mumbling. "There she is..."

Ken looked in the direction as he noticed these gigantic ripples about a couple hundred yards heading their way. Morgan reached for his Trident as he spoke to Richard.

"Send her a welcoming present."

"Already on it,'' replied the archer as he placed an arrow onto his bow and yanked it back. Ken noticed the arrow slowly began to glow a fire orange as Richard aimed at the sky and let the arrow go...followed by a loud twang

The arrow soared through the air in an arc as it then headed towards the fact, it was going to impact the submerged Hydra. The moment the arrow touched the rippled water, a big explosion occured as a wall of water rose in the air; followed by seven lizard heads with it's long necks coming out of the ocean surface, screaming in pain. On the top of one of the heads, there was a black mark as smoke was coming out.

"Ha! You nailed one of them!" laughed Morgan as he pointed the Trident at the Hydra. To Ken's surprise, the Trident then stretched at an abnormal length as it was heading towards the sea-monster...which was still at about a hundred yards away. It looked like Morgan wanted to pierce the Hydra again; but things didn't as planed like before as two of the Hydra's heads jabbed their heads towards the Trident.

Ken didn't know what had happened, but it appeared they blocked Morgan's attack. Morgan's Trident was vibrating so much as his body shook slightly as well, "Bloody hell..." he hissed as he shifted his body and made the trident return back to its original length.

"Capt'n this isn't a Hydra!" yelled the blond sailor as Morgan looked up in shock.

"What did you say?!"

"Look at the side of the neck of the center head! It's the symbol!"

"He's right..." whispered Richard as he stared at the neck of the beast; which was now stationary at about a hundred yards away as it is staring at the ship...enjoying the view of it's meal.

Morgan saw it also, at the side of the neck...the marking of the symbol...the black upside down triganle followed by a shape of a tear drop.

"What does that mean?" questioned Ken as Morgan looked up at the sun while replying.

"It's the symbol of the orginal..."

"Original what?"

"Angelic demon...' replied Richard as he stared back at the sea-beast, 'Scylla."

Ken was going to ask what the hell was happening as Morgan replied once again before Ken had the chance. "I'll explain later."

He then jumped on the edge of the ship as he grabed a rope with one hand and raised his trident with the other as he yelled at the beast.

"Hear me beast! I am Captain Morgan! The last captain and ship you will terrorize on this sea...for on the oath of my soul, and the souls that you have devoured! I will have your heads hanging on the walls of Parna!"

Scylla let out a roar as Richard shook his head, "You got her pissed." The Scylla then submerged quickly into the sea as Morgan looked over his shoulder at Ken with a smile.

"I hope you know how to fight."

Before Ken could reply, Scylla ripped through the surface of the water with incredible speed as it was now a couple of feet infront of Morgan.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Scylla encounter

Post by Garet » Sun Apr 24, 2005 3:25 pm

Everyone on the ship began to run around as some tried to avoid being eaten by Scylla while other fought the sea-beast head on. Morgan, who was still standing on the edge of the ship raised his trident as it stretched upwards. The seven heads of Scylla scattered out of the way as the trident missed and immediately shrunk back to it's normal length. Ken noticed a bunch of arrows piercing Scylla as he turned to see where they were coming from.

Richard shot three more arrows, back to back, as they pierced the beast and blew up on impact...but had little effect as the sea-beast shook it off and attacked with a hiss. Richard and Ken jumped out of the way as one of the heads went through the deck, pieces of wood flew in the air as Ken began to hear screaming coming from underneath; the head stayed there for a moment and came out with some crewmen dangling out of it's razor teeth.

I gotta save them... he thought to himself as he bit his thumb and marked his palm. As he slammed his palm on the deck; to his surprise...his sword didn't come out, in fact, nothing happened.

"What the hell?!"

"Watch out!" yelled Richard as Ken looked up, one of Scylla's head's came towards him with his mouth wide open. There was no way for Ken to avoid this attack, he knew he was bait until...right above the Scylla's head, Herc landed on the snout while slamming the mouth shut with a one-handed cement hammer, and the head was pinned onto the deck as pieces of wood flew in the air.

"Good work Herc!" yelled Morgan, Ken turned to his direction and saw that a head had the extended trident with it's jaws. Morgan tried to shake it off, but was unable to as the head with the symbol went towards the captain with an open jaw.

Morgan extended his arm as he yelled, "Fist of Poseidon!" and out of the water came a shape of a fist, about the size of Scylla's head as it upercut the lizard. The Scylla snapped it's head back as Morgan shrunk his trident purposely as he headed towards the other head in mid air.

Following his extended arm was water coming from the sea in the shape of a spear as it pierced the head on the side of the neck. Scylla screamed in pain as Morgan was able to pull out his trident from the mouth while landing on the ship's deck.

Richard reached for a bow and realized that he only had two left...

This will end up being a loosing battle... he thought to himself as he saw the scylla picking up one of the crewman...preparing to eat him. That's when an idea sparked into Richard's mind.

"Herc!' he yelled while running towards Herc who was helping up Ken. 'Toss me in the air."

Ken arched an eyebrow as Herc nodded his head; dropping his hammer, Herc grabbed Richard by the back colar with one hand and by the back of the belt with his other.

"Whoa there,' stated Ken as Herc was making a firm grip on Richard, 'your not actually going to..."

"Make it high, Herc." stated Richard; Herc lifted him up with ease and turned his body around as he tossed Richard up in the air as if he was weightless.

Ken opened his mouth from what he saw, this was impossible...he hasn't seen none of this abnormal strength when he was on earth...was this what Heaven feared about?

Richard ignored the whistling noise coming from his ears as he turned his body around while pulling out an arrow and placing it on his bow. The arrown began to glow a light blue as he aimed it at the top of the symbol marked Scylla head. Letting the arrow go, a bolt of lighting struck down at the top of the head as the Scylla hissed in pain. Richard now stopped in mid air as he began to drop as one of the heads was heading towards his direction with it's mouth open.

Right on target. he thought to himself with a smile as he pulled out a red glowing arrow and quickly shot it into the mouth, and down the throat of Scylla. The Scylla head closed it's mouth for a moment as Richard contiuned to fall towards the sea; all of a sudden all seven heads of Scylla opened wide as flames came out from their mouths. Scylla screamed in pain as it was waving it's flaming mouths around and immediately submerged into the ocean in pain.

"YEEAHH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" yelled Morgan as he jumped on the edge of the ship and started to laugh. Richard began to swim towards Morgan's ship as the captain contineed to laugh and yell at his friend from what he did. Even Ken was in shock from what happened, he was almost getting the doubt of beating the beast before Richard's courageous atempt.

"Seven heads...ONE STOMACH!" he yelled back at Morgan as he laughed.

"You medieval bastard! Haha! I can't believe what you did!' yelled Morgan as Richard smiled back at him while he continued to swim. 'Wait until I tell-"

Morgan was cut off as he jumped back in shock as a head of Scylla quickly came out of the water opened it's mouth and plunged towards Richard.

"RICHARD!" yelled Morgan as the entire crew ran to the side of the ship in schock from what they saw. The captain took off his jacket and he jumped into the ocean, quickly swimming deeper into the sea. Morgan strained his eyes as he stared at the dark bottom, he even stretched his trident into the darkness as long as his strength could allow him...but it was all for nothing...Scylla was gone along with Richard.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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The docks of Parna

Post by Garet » Sun May 01, 2005 8:23 am

Morgan was quiet during the rest of the trip to Parna, he stood at the second level of the damaged ship as he leaned on the edge and stared at the sea. Sometimes Ken would notice Morgan slaming his fist and mumbling something to himself, none of the crewmen went up to their captain to ask or inform him about something.

"Leave him be.' stated Herc as Ken mentioned if he should go talk to him, 'Ask him later on when we reach Parna."

Ken asked Herc what was Parna, and Herc replied briefly. "One of the first cities of Limbo...before everything else happened."

That was all with the conversation between him and Herc had, as the crewman went to work by fixing the ship. Ken looked around the ship and realized that the atmosphere seemed different then before the attack with Scylla...perhaps everyone was mourning the loss of their companions. Ken at first didn't notice Morgan walking down the wooden stairs as he made his way towards him.

"We've reached the docks." stated Morgan in a low voice as he walked by Ken without giving him a moment to say anything. One of the crewmen yelled out Parna to inform the rest of the group that they've reached home.

Along the coast of the land were ships similar to Morgan's, as they were docked with pirates and workers walking in and out of the ships with boxes and nets filled with fish. The ship slowly made it's way towards an open spot, next to two ships bigger then Morgan' fact, from what Ken recalls in History class...the ships looked like they were used during the Renaissance.

A long plank was then extended onto the dock as the crewmen lined up to get off the ship. Many were smilling as they couldn't wait to see their home after the trip.

"I can't wait to see my wife!" said a crewman as another crewman wrapped his arm around his friends shoulder.

"After we mourn the loss of our friends and please our souls at 'the festival'."

"Aye!' yelled Morgan as he walked along the line of his crewmen who were now looking at him. 'Everyone shall drink, feast and dance tonight in rememberance!' he then was quiet as he stared at all his crewmen. 'You all fought well today, be proud. We won the battle against Scylla...but the war still goes."

All the crewmen nodded their heads as they made their way towards the docks; Morgan, Ken and Herc were the last in line as Ken stared at Morgan.

"The festivals...' stated Morgan as if he knew what Ken was going to ask, 'Is when the people of Parna feast, eat and drink to heal their souls after a long day of work and's also for remembering those who've lost their souls in battle."

"...Was he a good friend?"

Morgan was quiet for a moment as he shook his head, "More then that...' he said while walking towards the docks, 'he was a good brother."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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