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Post by Garet » Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:24 pm

The chief problem about death, incidentally, is the fear that there may be no afterlife—a depressing thought, particularly for those who have bothered to shave. Also, there is the fear that there is an afterlife but no one will know where it’s being held.


"Every philosopher must have had the question that will never be answered. 'What happends after death?' " questioned the auburn bearded professor to his philosophy class. Turning to the blackboard, hand in his pocket, he began to write.

"The one thing that every living being on this planet is scared of." he stated, pointing his chalk on the single word that he wrote.


"No one could prove what happends after we die, those who are religious believe that those who are pure at heart will go to the city of paradice while those who are bad go to abyth's of hell. Of course, athiest believe that once we die we get eternal peace.' the professor began to pace as he scaned his classroom 'But these are just statements, there's no scientific proof that any of them are true, and that's what scares us."

The professor then noticed a blond haired student with his head on the desk.

"Don't you agree, Ken?" he stated irritate manner. Ken still had his head on the desk showing that he was still asleep, some of the students laughed when one of them nudged Ken from behind.

"I agree!" he replied as he jerked his head up, taking a few seconds to realize where he was.

The students laughed as the professor shook his head, "You agree with what?"

Ken looked around for a moment until he saw the blackboard.

"That 'Death' is scary."

The class went quiet as the professor nodded his head, "Smooth."

Throughout the rest of the class, Ken was awake as he tried to follow what the professor was saying. Finally after a dragging twenty minutes, the bell rang as the students began to walk out while the teacher yelled out the pages for the reading assignment.

Scratching his three day old dark beard as he walked towards his locker, Ken began to think what in the world he had next when someone tugged his black shirt from behind.

"Hey,'' greeted the brunette.

"Morning, Michelle." greeted Ken as he stared at his child hood friend. Michelle, at the eye's of any man that looked at her, would go nuts. Her long straight black hair never had a bad hair day, and her honey brown eye's puts to shame Ken's green ones. Her body physique was also superb, but none of these attributes affected Ken throughout the years he's known her.

"I was calling you down the hall and you didn't say hi!" stated Michelle as she punched Ken on the shoulder.

"Sorry about that, I'm a bit asleep today."

Michelle raised an eyebrow as he studied Ken for a moment, poking his ribs and ignoring Ken's yelp, she yelled.

"You got into another fight?!"

"I got no time for this, I'm going to be late."

"Don't tell me with Paul!"

Ken walked to his locker as Michelle followed, "You did didn't you?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about." he said, unlocking his lock.

"Why do you always have to get involved with my ex-boyfriend."

Ken turned to Michelle as he raised his finger, "He cheated on you."

"It doesn't mean you should beat up my ex!"

Ken threw his arm in the air, motioning himself to brush off this conversation, but Michelle wouldn't let it go.

"Dammit Ken, you're always getting into fights." she said in a low voice, Michelle then began to look at Ken with her puppy face.

The teenager was getting agrivated as he looked at her. "Dammit Michelle, you know I hate it when you do that."

"Well how else am I going to make you stop getting into trouble?" her eyes widened as she thought of something, extending her pinky she looked at Ken.

"Pinky swear."

"The hell you doing, we're not eight years old here. We're nineteen."

"Pinky swear!" she yelled jokingly as she kicked him on his kneecap. Ken hopped slightly as he cursed.

"Why the hell did I force you to take martial arts," he then wrapped his pinky around her's as she spoke.

"No fighting." she said, her staring brown eye's breaking through Ken's mental defense.

"No fighting."


The final school bell rang as students walked out of their classrooms and got ready to leave. Ken was already walking out of the school doors as he headed towards the student parking lot. He was supposed to meet up with Michelle at the athletic section and drop her off at her house.

Noticing a familliar face standing next to his car, Ken cursed underneath his breath.

"Hello, Paul."
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Post by Garet » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:03 pm

The football jock stood still as he had his hands in his pockets. His black leather jacket matched his hair and sunglasses as he stared at Ken without an expression on his face.

Getting slightly impatient with Paul, Ken broke the silence between them.

"You're standing next to my car, so I guess you want to say something?"

Paul continued his silence for a few moments when he replied. "What do you see in her?"


"In Michelle, what in the world do you see in her?"

Ken raised an eyebrow as he studied Paul, "Aside from the fact that she's annoying and loud, nothing much...but I've known her since we we're kids so..." he then shrugged his shoulders.

"I see..." Paul looked down for a moment, his bangs hanged infront of his sunglasses as it looked like he was thinking to himself. With a quick motion, Paul pulled out a small pistol and shot Ken in the chest. Ken didn't have a chance as the bullet pierced his upper left torso.

"You took her away from me...." he mumbled as Ken fell to the floor.

Lying on the floor, Ken began to feel cold as he stared at the clouds that floated in the sky. He could hear echoing of footsteps and yelling around him but couldn't make out the images much....except for the clouds, everything else was a blur except for the clouds that shined down upon him.

A kneeling figure was ontop of Ken as he felt dropplets fall on his face. Wanting to focuse on the body ontop of him, his eye's continued to look at the clouds as if they were fixed on them.

So this is how I go... he thought to himself as the blurred body ontop of him began to be pulled away by other blurred images. From the looks of the first person that was ontop of Ken, it appeared she had long hair.

I wonder how it's going to be like... he continued as he began to notice the clouds getting bigger and bigger and his body colder and colder...

I should have listened in my philosophy class...
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Post by Garet » Fri Oct 01, 2004 12:56 pm

Darkness filled Ken's eyes as he could only hear his heartbeat thumping at a steady pace. His body felt like he was floating in air, and his skin was as cold as ice. Not being able to see anything he began to smell something.

Smells like....sunflowers.

The smell of sunflowers began to get stronger as Ken's skin began to warm up slightly, his body didn't fell like he was floating as it began to feel like he was lying on the floor. Ken then opened his eyelids as if they were closed during this whole time.

He began to stare at a clear blue sky, not a single cloud was floating. Ken stared at the sky for a moment as he felt relaxed and calm. Turning his head to the right he could see sunflowers growing from the fertilized earth. Moving his fingers slightly he began to feel the softness of the earth, he began to play with it as he turned his head to the left where there was more sunflowers.

The colours of the sunflowers were remarkable, they were so pure that it looked like the flowers were glowing slightly. It must have been from the non-burning white light that was shinning ontop of Ken. After a few moments of lying on the cool earth he decided to stand up. After slowy getting up he realized that he was naked, but that didn't bother him, what shocked him the most was what he was seeing.

All around him was an endless field of sunflowers, there were some hills here and there but it was completly covered with sunflowers. He looked at the sky and couldn't see a single cloud anywhere, he also couldn't see the sun concedering the fact that there was a bring white light. What caught his eye the most was the sunflowers.

They stood approximately five feet tall and everysingle one of them looked the same, not a single one was rotten or had anything missing. They all waved back and forth slightly as if a wind was blowing, but Ken couldn't feel anything, he didn't care because the motion of the sunflowers were relaxing him. That's when he noticed it, something that stuck out to him like a wolf with sheep.

On one of the hills at a distance was a person playing on the fields, the person appeared to be a female as Ken could see her long white shinning hair dancing in the wind. Her hair covered most of her face as she ran and turned her body in circles on the hill, she also had a white dress and a white long cloth that she was holding on to with one of her extended hands. Letting go of the cloth Ken looked at it as it danced in the air as if it was being blown around higher and higher into the blue sky.

He then looked back on the hill and noticed that the female stood still and was looking at him, they both stared at each other as Ken began to realize that this girl almost looked like a certain someone he knew...but he couldn't remember who, all he knew is that he knew that person for a long time.

Ken then felt a certain tug in the back of his head, he placed his hand behind his head to see if anything was grabbing it but felt nothing. The tug felt stonger as his head jerked back, he almost lost his balance as his head was being pulled back harder. Trying to pull his head forward he noticed that the girl was extending her hand and running towards him.

Finally loosing his balance he fell down and to his surprise, ripped through the earth as if it was a piece of paper. Ken began to fall endlessly as all around him was darkness except for the hole that he made which appeared ontop of him with a shinning light. The blue sky he was looking at before was getting smaller and smaller as Ken fell deeper and deeper.

What appeared to be an instant after the blue hole got swallowed by darkness, Ken felt himself lying on a cold object. Trying to move his arms and legs he also realized that he was chained.

"I don't know how you were there kid," echoed a british voice in the darkness as Ken began to get scared. Looking around he tried to make out where he was but couldn't since it was completely dark. But he knew he was somewhere because he felt someone looking at him.

He then heard footsteps as they echoed on the hard metallic floor, "But it doesn't matter now..." laughed the british voice as Ken began to smell an awful strong stench, turning his head left and right he then noticed an outlinning of a person standing right next to him.

Out of nowhere a white light was flickering ontop of the figure as it revealed a man with a bloody doctor's jacket holding two scapels on each hand. The man's face had blood all over as he smilled at Ken. His thin black moustach following the top of lips and pure white eyes reflecting Ken lying on an operating table.

"...Because you're in Hell."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Post by Garet » Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:21 pm


Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscrib’d
In one self place; for where we are is Hell,
And where Hell is, there must we ever be.


A single scream was heard and echoed all around the small metalic room as Ken was experiencing pain at it's prime. The entire room was rusty and bloody, cabinets of tools used for torture and operations were inside, all of them used at least once. But the doctor didn't bother using them yet, the sinister man merely laughed as he toyed with the organs of the open chested teenager.

"You humans are remarkable creatures.' he said with his british accent. The doctor then leaned as he began to cut Ken's small intestine, holding one of the end with his hand the doctor extended the intestine and hooked it onto a chain ontop of the operating table.

'It is incredible to be created in such a way.' continued the doctor as he placed his hand on a button. 'To be tortured in so many ways." with that sinister smile on his face he pressed the button as the chain was pulling out the intestine slowly from Ken's body.

Ken screamed even louder, wishing for this to end. But it couldn't, for it felt like he's been in this room for a week. But to his's just been seven seconds. A day passed by in this room is a single second in the human world, Ken knows this because that sinister surgeon told him so, and he's going to be doing this for three human days.

Wishing for his life to end, he can't because he's already dead. All Ken could do is experience the mind blowing pain and do nothing about it but scream.

"Bloody hell lad!" yelled the doctor, "Don't scream that loud! You're going to rip you're vocal cords again!"

Too late. Ken felt a sharp pain in his throat as a warm red liquid came out of his mouth, but that didn't stop Ken from screaming even more as nothing came out. He's experienced this before, several times to be exact. Whenever Ken ripped his vocal cords, the doctor would just snap his fingers and Ken's voice was good once again for screaming.

Yelling pleased the doctor, it's what drives him to do more phychotic things to his patients. He has the time, so do his patients, seventy-two hours to be exact.

The doctor laughed as he snapped his fingers, the sharp pain from Ken's throat went away as the teenager continued to scream.

"I expecially love the vocal cords." said the doctor with a smile on his face as he waited for the intestinal removal to end. After a few moments of absolute pain for Ken and pleasure for the doctor it finally ended.

"Well now lad,' said the doctor as he cut off the end of Ken's intestine. 'We're should we continue."

The doctor then pointed the inside of Ken's body with his scapel as he spoke to himself.

"Did the heart, liver, lungs, intestine, spleen, rearanged your limbs, eyes...well aren't you lucky! We finished body number eight!" with the snap of his fingers Ken's entire body was back to normal...only to be tortured again. The doctor shook his head as he sniffed Ken's body.

"No matter how many times I rearange you're body, you still have that stench...don't know how you ended up there kid." the doctor then shrugged.

"Doesn't matter, we're shoud we start...' said the doctor to himself as he began to wave his scapel, he then pointed at Ken's eyes. 'Let's begin with those beautiful eyes."

The teenager heard an unusual noise as a loud clank was echoed throughout the room followed by a metallic drag.

"What the hell?!' yelled the doctor as he looked towards the door. 'Who dares to disturb my work at this time!"

Ken jerked his head to the left of the room where he saw an open door, at the other side of that door was absolute darkness except for a shadowed figure. Ken could only see the legs of the intruder and it's eyes, white pearl like the doctors.

A slight growl was heard from the intruder as the doctor widened his eyes.

"Oh it's you! Didn't expect you to show up here!" yelled the doctor in a greeting cheering manner as he placed his scapel on the rusty table and walked towards the door. Ken could hear the intruder whispering to the doctor as he yelled in shock.

"What?! understand what you've just asked me to do?! I..haven't completed......this is...impossible! No one has ever left my room before it has ended!" Ken began to laugh from hapinness as the doctor yelled some more.

"STOP LAUGHING!" the doctor then ran to his table as he picked up the scapel and was about to stab Ken in the eye when a loud growl echoed the room.

The doctor stopped and twitched slighlty as he mumbled ''Impossible.'' He then snapped his fingers as the chains that were on Ken unlocked themselves.

"Master wishes to speak with you." boomed the shadowed figure as it waited for Ken.

Getting up quickly Ken sped walked towards the door, he didn't care what that thing was at the door, he just wanted to get out of this room and that man.

"I'll see you again kid,' hissed the doctor as he clenched his scapel 'This scapel will pierce your body again, and this time for eternity!"

The metalic doors closed infront of the doctor and Ken was surrounded by darkness once again. But this time he was with someone...or something, he could feel the deep warm breaths of the thing next to him.

"Open your eyes." ordered the deep voiced thing as Ken obeyed. Opening them slowly he realized that he was in a long white corridor with a big wooden door at the other end of the hallway.

"You're one lucky human." said the thing which stood next to Ken. Ken turned and looked up and gasped at what he was looking at.

He remembers this thing from his past life, not in a fight, not with someone he got into a conversation with, but what he learned in class. An Egyptian mythological creature with the body of a human and the head of a Jackal.

"You're -"

"Follow me." interupted the mythological creature as it began to walk towards the doors. Ken followed as the Jackal headed beast opened the doors and walked through.

Ken was amazed at what he was looking at, he was inside a mansion which appeared to have the architecturing and designs of all civilizations..old an recent. Pictures on the wall of Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Hitler. A statue of Julius Ceaser in the center of the room and two wooden staircases going to the second floor.

"This way." ordered the Jackal like being as it walked to the right of the room where there was a glass door. Entering the room a unsuspected chill ran up his spine at what he was looking at.

The entire room was made from black marble as it had gold designs of humans all over. The room was lighted with candlelights and Ken didn't know if his eyes were playing tricks on him but he could have sworn that the images were moving on their own.

Staring at the center of the room, Ken began to hear whisperings.




Looking down Ken jumped in fright at the images were actually moving and talking to him, all pointing towards the center of the room. There he looked again and was fixated in fright at what he was looking at.

In the center of the room was an inground circular bathtub of blood and inside that tub was a black haired woman. The woman had here eyes closed as he was being bathed by hands that were made from the blood from the pool. The whispering of the images continued to pierce Ken's ears.




The women sniffed slightly as he opened her eyes and stared at Ken. Both eyes were pitch black for a moment when she blinked once, revealing normal brown eyes.

"You've come." she said in a soothing voice, swimming towards the staircase of the tub she began to walk up as the whisperings of the paintings were faster and louder.




Ken, who was expecting the woman's naked body as she stepped out of the bathtub was puzzled as the blood from the pool started to become a long tight red dress on her. The moment her barefoot stepped on the black marble the whispering of the images stopped immediately.

Walking calmly towards Ken, she suddenly kissed him on his lips for a long moment. Ken wanted to step back but he couldn't because he was attracted to this kiss so much. Stepping back from the woman, she then arched her eyebrow ang gave a slight smile.

"Welcome to my kingdom."
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Post by Garet » Mon Oct 04, 2004 5:45 pm

Ken was drawn in with her beauty but mostly her eyes, he doesn't know what...but looking at her eyes made his leg tremble and body sweat.


The woman raised her hands slightly as she smiled, giving a slight wink she replied to Ken's unaswered question.

"I'm many things hun, to complicating for you to understand."

"But I thought you're..."

"A man?' she laughed slightly as she gently grabed Ken by the chin. 'I could be whatever I want to be love...after all...I am the strongest angel."

Ken couldn't believe with who he was talking to...he was so confused that he didn't know if he should be scared or happy considering where he is and who he's looking at.

"And for arguments sake, call me Alexia." winked Alexia at Ken as she walked out of the room they were in.

"Follow me love."

Looking at the Jackal headed human who was staring down at Ken, he began to walk quickly after the fallen angel.

"C-Can I ask you a question." questioned Ken as he walked up the stairs behind the female and trying very hard not to look at her behind.

"Sure thing love."

"Why did you revolt against god?" the moment he said that name Alexia stopped on the stairs as the images on the pictures along the wall began to scream and moan as they blocked their ears.

She stood quietly for a moment as she turned her head slightly over her shoulder.

"If you really must know...' she said, 'Father stopped listening to me."

Alexia continued to walk up the stairs as Ken followed, after a few moments of walking down a long wooden corridor they entered in what appeared to be a master bedroom.

The master bedroom was different from the previous room he was in, the floor he was walking on was thick glass as underneath it was half a golden sphere of the bottom equator of earth. The ceiling had the top half of the equator. Ken was in aw as he looked at the golden plated continents.

"Amazing isn't it?" she said, walking towards a nightstand which had a bottle of a thick red liquid and two glasses. Taking one for herslef she picked up the bottle and waved it infront of Ken.

"Blood? B Positive..."

Ken was discusted at the thought of drinking blood as he shook his head, Alexia opened her mouth.

"Right, just died..."

Pouring the think blood in her glass quietly and taking a long sip of her drink, she began to walk towards Ken with her eyes closed.

"You know...I still remember the smell.' she said, Ken looked at Alexia confusingly as she opened one of her eyes. 'The fields." she stated.

The teenage began to think with what she was talking about when he realized she was talking about the sunflower field.

"You smell like them, the flowers, reminds me of the old days." she continued with a slight smile. Alexia then raised an eyebrow as she questioned Ken.

"You saw a women dancing in the fields right?"

"Yes..." replied Ken in a slight shock to the question.

Alexia laughed, "Yeah, that's her alright, playing in the fields as usual."

"Who was she?"

"Destiny,' Alexia then laughed, 'Don't know how she does it, makes sure that everyone's lives father wrote goes as planned, while playing in the fields."

Finishing her glace, Alexia shook her head. "Don't care how she does it though unless I get my souls.' Pointing at Ken, Alexia continued. 'That's where you come in love."

"What are you talking about?"

"In case you haven't were in heaven a while ago and now your in hell. Something that no soul has ever done before." she then began to walk towards a stand that had an open golden book with no pages inside.

"Each soul has a marked path to where they go, once they die they go there. They do not and I repeat..not go to both places...but you have."

Pouring another glace, Alexia shook her head. "The only possible explanation is that it musn't have been your time."

"How did I die?" he questioned, Alexia looked at Ken for a moment when she realized what was the matter.

"Ah yes...amnesia is followed by death.' pointing at his chest she replied. 'You were shot hun, by a jealous boyfriend whom believes you stole his ex a soap opera which I hate."

"Girlfriend...." he began to think with what she was talking about...out of no where a face appeared inside his mind like a flash.


"Yes I'm sure,' she said quickly as Ken was beggingin to remember all the memories he had with her, bit by bit. 'Listen love. I could do you a favor."


"Yes..' Alexia began to walk towards Ken again with a slight smile on her face.

'Let's make a deal."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Post by Garet » Tue Oct 05, 2004 5:35 pm


Galloping on her horse, the blond haired teenager raced down the field as the sun began to set. Hearing the constant thud thud thud of her horse galloping as fast as he can, she began to get more anxious as the sun continued to set.

I'm going to hear it from dad...

Smiling slightly as she began to see the small image of her white painted home she let out a sigh of relief as the sun had some time before it set under the horizon. After a few moments she began to see her farm animals and her older brother as he tried to get the cattle to go inside the barn.

"C'mon you slow sack of meat!" she heard clearly what he was saying as he too was gallping back and forth behind the cattle.

Stopping next to her brother, she smiled and winked at him.

"Ha, made it back in time."

"Either way Syd, pops is going to nail you; you were supposed to be back an hour ago!" replied the dark haired brother to his sister Sydney. Sydney's brother had long dark hair and brown eyes with a little bit of freckles on his face with the regular farm boy body that any woman would fall for. Even though Sydney and her brother are syblings, they have very little resemblance aside from their attitude.

Hearing the familliar rattle noise of her backyard door, she turned around and widened her eyes as she saw her dad holding a shotgun.


The white bearded man grumbled as he waved his muscular arm towards her and began to walk the opposite direction.

"Stop fooling around Syd,' threatened her brother as he galloped next to her. 'We've been told by old man Terry that there has been spottings of Wolves on his fields heading towards this direction. Killed a couple of his cattle along the way."

Sydney turned white for a moment as she stared at her father, "You're kidding."

"Why would I kid with something like that? Pops didn't want to take any chances so we put all the animals in the barns and we're going to be doing checkups in case any of the wolves go near our home."

Sydney's father walked along the edge of the forest which wasn't to far away from their home and barns. Taking a few steps inside the forest, Sydney could see her father kneel down and doing something.

"Pops also placed some bear traps incase any of the wolves do decide to step out." continued her brother.

Looking at her father, Sydney smiled as she brought her horse into the barn.

"Nothing to worry about, if you, daddy and Tommy are involved then me and mom should sleep alright tonight."

"Easy for you to say,' grumbled Tommy as he stepped out of the barn with two german shepards next to him. Tommy was the oldest between the three and he looked it, buzz cut hair and a beard he looked like a man in his thrity's instead of early twenty.

'I gotta stay up all night next to my window and wake up John and dad incase I see any wolves. So everyone is going to be sleeping except me if nothing shows up."

"Awwww poor baby,' pouted Sydney as she walked out of the barn. John laughed as he too began to place his horse inside with the rest of the animals.

Slaping Tommy behing his back, Sydney began to grumble. "At least you don't have to study for a Chem test coming up!"

"So I guess I'll be seing you up tonight along with me?" laughed Tommy as his younger sister waved her middle finger at him as she walked inside her home.


The chemical bonds between two molecules...

After hours of reading her notes, the blond teenager closed her book with a loud moan. Placing her head on her desk she looked at her Mickey Mouse clock, checking for the time.

"12:34..." she mumbled.

Everyone must be asleep...

Realizing that her older brother is still awake, she stood up from her chair and walked to his room. Trying not to make any noise as she tiptoed down the wooden hallway, Sydney opened the door to Tommy's room as he was leaning on the wall and looking out the window.


"Hey,' replied back Tommy, not taking his gaze away from the window. 'Full Moon." he stated as he looked up at the clear starlight sky.

"I've seem to notice that." she said as the light of the moon was shinning down on Tommy and the sleepings guard dogs. She then looked at the rifle that was leaning on him.

"Took out the hunting rifle eh?"

"For sure, I want to pick some wolves off if I see any from here.' he laughed, Tommy then pointed on his wall. 'Hang up their heads also"

Looking at her brother's wall she could see that there was room to place a few animal 'trophies' ontop of his samurai collection.

"Do me a favor twirt.' pleaded Tommy, 'Get me some water."


As Sydney was walking down the stairs, she could have sworn that the house shook abit from a slight tremor. Shrugging the thought off she continued towards the kitchen. Filling up the glass of water she placed the glass on the counter as she looked for a snack for herslef. That's when she felt the slight tremor again.

Turning towards the glass of water to see if it wasn't her imagination, she saw that the glass and water was vibrating also. The tremor became stronger and stronger as the whole house began to shake violently.

"Oh my god!" she yelled, trying to gain balance. Sydney could hear her mother scream as the glass of water fell onto the floor. That's when she heard a weird loud noise that you don't normally hear from a earthquake, a loud hissing noise.

Walking towards the direction she could hear the noise, Sydney looked out of her kitchen window as she saw a cloud of smoke hissing out from the ground in her back yard.

"What the hell is that?!" yelled John as he ran into the kitchen with his shotgun in hand.

"I REALLY DOUBT IT'S THE WOLVES!" yelled Sydney back over the rumbling.

After the earthquake stopped, the hissing steam continued for a few moments until it ended.

"I thought for a moment it was a volcanic erruption!" laughed John as both syblings began to hear the footsteps of their parents upstair, checking for damage. Sydney kept her eye on the spot that the steam came out from, it was so powerful that it made a hole.

"What the hell is wrong with the dogs?" questioned John as he began to hear the german shepards howling.

Squinting slightly as if she saw something where the steam came out from, the german shepards ran into the kitchen as they began to scratch the back door, helping and growling.

"The hell?!"

Opening the door, both dogs ran towards the direction where the steam was a moment ago.

"I think I see something!" yelled Sydney as she too ran out of her home.

"What do you think you're doing?!" yelled John as he ran after her. Sydney thought her eyes were playing tricks on her before when she saw a body standing next to the steam area.

Reaching the spot she gasped from the enourmous heat that sweapt her, she was instantly sweating. The dogs stopped also from the heat as they began to bark and whine at the same time towards something.

Looking towards the direction the dogs were pointing she couldnt believe her eyes with what she saw. A man, with his skin completly burnt and holding on to a short black staff layed on the floor next to the hole.

Looking at the spot were the steam came out, she realized in puzzlement that earth was still there and there and not a hole.

"Jesus Christ he's still moving!" hissed John who was next to his sister. To her amazement he was right as she too could see the man's nakes chest move up and down. That's when she heard something else.

"Oh no....' she whispered, looking at the forest. 'Wolves."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Post by Garet » Wed Oct 06, 2004 3:54 pm

Sydney's skin began to get goosebumps as she began to hear the constant howling of the wolves. John stepped infront of his sister as he held his shotgun close to his chest.

"We gotta head back to the house." he ordered as he began to push his sister towards the house, keeping his eyes on the forest.

"What about the guy on the floor!"

"Forget him! The way he is, we'll do more damage to him if we brought him then leaving him there!' John then stared at the burnt naked body, 'Let's hope the wolves will finish him off quickly or leave him." he mumbled.

Sydney's heart stopped as she heard Tommy's voice. "WOLVES!" Looking at her oldest brother, she could see half his body out of the window, looking through his hunting rifle's scope. Following the direction the rifle was pointing, she gasped as she saw approximately two hundred yards away, twenty wolves running out of the forest and heading towards them.

John cursed out loud as he grabed his sister by the arm and began to run with her to the house. Hearing Tommy's rifle and the shouting of her mother and father from the house, all that Sydney could do was run and look behind at the person they left alone. That's when everything went chaotic.

"NO!" was the only thing Sydney heard as three wolves ran from the side of her and her brother. One of the wolves pounced on John and was about to bite his throat when Tommy shot the wolf from the house. Feeling something pouncing from her back, all Sydney could do was scream and she fell face first on the floor.

"Don't move." hissed a male voice next to her ear, and was instantly off her body as she began to hear yelping and broken bones. Looking up she saw the burnt naked man wrestle down the two wolves that attacked them earlier.

One of the wolves was viciously bitting his left forearm while the other was on his back bittig the side of his neck.

"Dammit!" yelled the man in anger, pinning the wolves head on the floor with his forearm, a loud crack and yelp was heard from the wolf as it layed motionless on the floor. Grabing the wolf that was on his back, he threw it on the floor and gave it one punch on the skull followed by another loud crack

That's when she saw the black staff...or what she thought was a black staff that the man had. The black object looked like the samurai swords that her brother has collected in his room but the blade itslef was black instead of a shiny silver and the handle was a mixture of black and gold. There it layed on the floor as the moonlight shined ontop of the blade, reaching to touch it
Sydney could have sworn that she felt colder the closer she was to it and was hearing whispers next to her.

The burnt man immediately picked it up from the ground as he sprinted across the field into the direction of the wolves that they were running from before. Feeling a strong arm grabing her by the shoulders and forcing her to get up, she then heard her older brother Tommy next to her.

"CMON! WE GOTTA HEAD BACK INSIDE!" he yelled, as they followed their dad who had John limping next to him back in the house. Sydney continued to look at the burnt man in aw and fear. Waving his sword from one side to the other, he easily cut of the limbs and bodies of the wolves that were pouncing on him.

Not seeing one of the wolves coming from behind, it bit him in the back of the leg which made him loose his balance. Seeing the oportunity of attack, two wolves pounced on the man to knock him down as the remaining seven jumped on him also.

"No!" yelled Sydney as she tried to run back out into the field. Her father grabbed her by the arm and threw her onto the kitchen chair as he yelled.


Closing the door quickly, Tommy then lowered the window door blinds as he shook his head.

"I don't want to see what their doing to him." he said as his mother closed the blinds of the kitchen window also. Sydney shook her pale face as she began to think of what they did.

The entire familly stood in the kitchen quietly for a few moments when a loud banging noise was heard form the kitchen door. Cursing, the father shot the door with the shotgun as it blew a huge hole. Hearing a thump and silence for a few minutes, the father signaled Tommy to check outside.

Walking to the kitched window he opened the curtain and scaned the area when his eyes widened.

"Mother of god." he whispered and ran out of the kitchen through the back door as the rest of the familly looked in confusion.

"Pop's shot him with a shotgun," they could hear Tommy saying, Sydney ran out from the back door and saw Tommy kneeing next to the burnt man who was holding his chest.

She gasped as she began to see that the man was still breathing.
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Post by Garet » Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:03 pm

Running next to the lying burnt man, she knelt down looking at the wound that her father and the wolves had caused on him.

"Impossible,' whispered Tommy under his breath, "Pops shot him with a shotgun and he was attacked by the wolves...there's no way."

The burnt man had bite marks and cuts all over his body, some of his skin was torn off, aside from it also being burnt from before. Jerking her head up, Sydney checked the area where the man was attacked by the wolves, there layed all the wolves cut apart...

"Tommy...' she said, pulling his shirt, 'looking at the wolves."

Looking at the direction her sister was pointing, she could still hear her older brother saying, 'Impossible.' He then began to run towards the pile of dead wolves.

Looking back at the burnt man, she began to study his body. Aside from the severe injuries, he looked like a normal human male, but it was impossible for someone to survive all this.

What are you..

That's when it caught her eye again, that sword still being held by him. The black blade shinning from the moonlight hypnotyzed her into wanting to touch it. Reaching slowly to touch the blade, she began to feel cold and hear whispering that she couldn't make out. The closer she got to the sword, the more she could hear it.




Sydney screamed when the man's other arm grabed her wrist with quick speed before she could touch the blade.

"Don't touch it!" he hissed as he stood up. Both of their eyes met, looking at the man's green eye's she could see lot's of pain and suffering inside him.

'Hey! Let go of her!" yelled Tommy as he pointed the rifle at the back of the man's head. The man turned his head slightly over his shoulder.

With quick speed the man lifted his blade behind him and cut Tommy's rifle in half as he got up and grabed Sydney. Screaming in horror the man hid himself behind her as he placed his blade inches infront of her throat.

"Don't touch the blade." whispered the man next to her ear as Sydney began to feel cold and heard the chilling whisperings.




"Hey now, let her go, she didn't do anything." said Tommy as he raised his hand, turning viciously along with Sydney he backed away from the father and mother as they came out from the house. Sydney could see her father's lips moving but couldnt hear his voice, everything was quiet except for the whisperings.




She felt so cold yet relaxed as her eyes began to get heavy. Feeling the cold skin of the teenager, the man grinded his teeth as he cursed.

"Dammit," Lifting the blade he pushed Sydney away from him as she stumbled onto the floor.

"What did you do to her?!' yelled the mother as she began to touch her daughter. 'She's so cold!"

"She'll live." grunted the man, he then began to look at the farm, ignoring the familly bringing in their daughter. His eyes began to tear as he saw the motion of tree's blowing in the wind.

Their real...this is not a dream.

"Is she alive?!" yelled the mother in panic as Tommy checked for a pulse.

"Yeah she's alive, getting warmer also." The moment Tommy replied, Sydney opened her eyes as she looked around in confusion for a moment.

"Whoa, did I pass out?"

"Sure hell you did, who knows what that alien did to ya." cursed the father as he pointed at the man who stood outside, looking at the sky.

No..not alien. she thought to herself as the man walked into the kitchen.

"Where am I?" questioned the naked, burnt man. Everyone but Sydney looked at him in confusion and fear as he held his blade up slightly.

"Albany, New York." replied Sydney, the man's piercing green eyes stared at her own as he questioned again.

"As in America..."


Raising his blade, he pointed at Sydney, no one in the familly knew what to do.

"Your not lying...this isn't another one of your tricks devil" he hissed, this time his eyes were fierce and frightening...yet she could see some fear. Shaking her head in reply, the man lowered his blade as he smiled.

"I'm free..." he said to himself as his eyes teared, dropping his blade he passed out on the kitchen floor.
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Post by Garet » Sat Oct 09, 2004 2:29 pm

"Let's make a deal."


Yelling at the sound of the woman's voice in his mind, Ken opened his eyes as he jerked his body up. Looking around for his sword he then realized that he was in a bedroom and wearing blue pyjama pants.

The entire room was painted with a light yellow and the furniture was made from wood. Next to the bed he was lying on was a desk that had a single sunflower in a pot as the moon shined behind it. Someone began to run towards the room as Ken began to look around for his sword.

Where is it?! he cursed. Looking at the entrance a blond haired teenager walked in with a pot of water as she screamed and dropped it.

"Oh my god!' she yelled, holding her mouth. Her brown eyes met were wide in shock. 'Your skin!"

Looking at his forearm Ken noticed that his skin was back to normal.

"You much blood!" she continued as she pointed at him.

Shrugging, Ken stood up as he began to stretch. He noticed that the female was still looking at him.

"Your my age." she stated. Ken looked at her as if she had two heads.

"Where's my sword?" he questioned, ignoring completely what she said.

"Oh I left it in the kitch-"

"Did you touch it?" snapped Ken the teenager shook her head.

"No, what is it with you and not touching that thing?"

Walking out of the room, the teenage female yelled at Ken to get some rest but he ignored her as he went to the kitchen. Tommy stood up quickly as Ken walked in.

"Who the hell are you?" he questioned, Sydney ran behind Ken as she answered.

"It's the burnt guy."

Tommy looked at Ken as he shook his head.

"Impossible,' he stated staring at Ken as he picked up his sword. 'We brought him upstairs after he passed out around five minutes ago."

"You think that's impossible.' smiled Ken as he looked at his blade to see if there's any damage. 'Look at the wolves outside."

Tommy quickly ran out as he saw that the once was bodies of the wolves were now gone. Vanished, not a drop of blood on the soil.

"What the hell..."

Ken ignored the comment as he took the table cloth from the kitchen table and wrapped it around the blade of his sword.

"Hey you can't take that!" yelled Sydney.

"Leave him alone Syd.' ordered Tommy as he walked in. 'I don't care about him, I'm worried about John."

"John? What's wrong with him?" she questioned, not letting her eyes off Ken as he wrapped not around the covered sword.

"He was bitten on the leg by a wolf, mom and pops brought him to the hospital."

Ken jerked his head up quickly, Sydney arched her eyebrow.

"That got your attention."

Ken was quiet for a moment as he looked at Sydney with an uneasy face.

"Stay away from John.' he ordered, 'Kill him if you have to."

"The hell is wrong with you?!' she yelled, 'I'm not going to kill my own brother!"

"You're funeral." he whispered as he began to walk out of kitchen when Tommy stepped infront of him.

"Who are you."

Ken stood for a moment as he shook his head.

"I don't remember."
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Post by Garet » Sun Oct 10, 2004 4:58 pm

"What do you mean you don't remember?" questioned Tommy. Ken looked down for a moment as he tried to remember anything aside from waking up in the field and the nightmares of hell.

"Don't remember anything, my name, my age, where I live...' he then looked at his sword. 'All I know is that I have to go to New York."

"New York?' Sydney walked next to Tommy with her arms folded. 'Why New York."

Ken was quiet for a moment. "I have something to do."

Looking at the blade he was holding, Sydney couldn't help but to ask. "Are alien?"

Ken laughed, "Aliens don't exist." Walking passed Tommy and Sydney he then mumbled. 'There's other things you should worry about."

"Other things? What do you mean other things?"

"Is there a church around here?" questioned Ken, ignoring Tommy's question. Sydney bit her lower lip as she got a chill at looking at the teenager.

"Yeah, head east on the 12, you can't miss the church."


Without saying bye to Sydney and her brother, Ken walked shirtless towards the road.

"What a weird guy." insulted Tommy. Sydney didn't reply instantly as she looked at the man walking away.



Sydney only slept for two hours since she had to go to school. Opening her eyes from the sunlight rays that shined through her window, she wanted to believe that all that has happened during the night was a dream, but she knew it wasn't since her father didn't wake her up and mother isn't cooking breakfast.

Must still be at the hospital with John.

Walking downstairs and heading towards the kitchen, she could hear Tommy trying to put up a new back door that was blown down by her dad.


Tommy looked up he dropped his hammer, "Morning'' he then began to wipe the sweat off his forehead as he yawned.

"You didn't sleep." she stated. Tommy shook his head as he laughed.

"After what happened last night..."

"I know,' she then poured a glass of orange juice, drinking it quickly she also looked around the kitchen for something. 'Where's the car keys?"

"On the counter."

Finding them she waved and kissed her brother goodbye as she headed to her car for school.

Driving along highway 12, Sydney couldn't help but to think about the guy from last night.

He was half naked and walked down the highway, guaranteed the highway patrol stopped him...

She then thought a bit longer about what he said.

Why would he want to go to a church?

Thinking about it throughout her drive to school, Sydney couldn't figure out why as she tossed the thought aside once she reached school. Meeting up with one of her friends at the parking lot as she parked also, they both greeted each other.

"What's up Syd!" smiled a curly hair brunette as she hopped towards her.

"Morning Marlene."

"Gee you looked tired,' stated Marlene as Sydney nodded her head. 'Studied for chem?"

Sydney thought for a moment as she tried to reply in a way that wouldn't make her sound like she was crazy.

"Animal problems...only got two hours of sleep."

"I hear ya, my dad had to wake up early also."

Sydney raised an eyebrow in question as Marlene answered.

"He's investigating the murder that happened."

"Murder?" Sydney's heart began to beat quickly as the man from last night popped in her mind.

"Yeah, didn't you hear? It's all over in the morning news, someone killed Father George infront of the church stairs..."
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Post by Garet » Mon Oct 11, 2004 4:31 pm

Earlier that morning

An '87 Oldsmobile turned around the corner as the sun slowly began to rise to start the new day. Parking at the lot next to the church, the old man reached over to the back of his seat as he grabbed a bottle of clear water. Looking at his rearview mirrior to see his reflection he fixed his white collar and checked his grey hair as he smiled.

Another day.

Stepping out of the car, he took a deep breath as he sniffed the morning dew.

Another beautiful day in the house of god.

Walking along the side of the church, the middle aged man noticed that the painted windows of saints were slightly dirty.

Gotta make the boys clean that up in the weekend. he said to himself with a bigger smile. When the man reached the steps of the church, he was halfway up when someone called his name.

"Father George Nicholas..."

Father George turned around in slight shock as he saw the teenager at the bottom of the steps.

"What's wrong my child?" he questioned, staring at the half naked teenager who was holding a stick wraped with a cloth. The teenager looked at the priest as his eyes showed fear and sorrow. Walking towards the priest, the teenager collapsed onto his knees as he placed his object next to him and grabbed Father George's left hand.

"Forgive me father...for I have a confession to make." he whispered as he began to rub the priest's warm hand. Father George placed his other hand on the cold shoulder of the teenager.

"What is it child?"

"...Forgive me father, for I'm going to sin."

Father George raised an eyebrow in confusion as he stared at the teenager who had his head down.

"Don't you mean 'Have sinned' my child?"

The teenaged boy was quiet for a moment as he looked up at Father George, his piercing green eye's shined like a wild animal.

"No." he said as he reached for his long object.

Father George didn't have time to react as he saw a black blade come out from the cloth and cut through the side of his neck.
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Post by Garet » Tue Oct 12, 2004 5:52 pm

Present Time

John opened his eyes as he looked around the room he was in. Judging from the machinery and equipment it looked like he was in the hospital.

"What a headache..." he moaned to himself, trying to push up in a seating position. Feeling a sharp pain at the side of his ribs, John lifted up the sheats ontop of him. He then could see a big hospital bandaid on his right ribs, frowning slightly he began to think what happened.

Now I remember, that bloody wolf scratched me when it pounced on me.

He then remembered passing out after seeing his father shoot the door for some reason. Looking at the entrance to the room, in came a doctor as he was looking at his clip board.

"Alright John, let me see your wound." he said without looking at the teenager.

John pulled down his sheets as he layed on his back, the doctor then peeled off the band aid and began examining. That's when John began to notice something weird. He began to hear a constant thumping noise next to him.

Looking around as he tried to find out where the thumping noise is coming from, he noticed that it came from the doctor.

"Do you hear that?" questioned John.

"Hear what?"

The thumping noise changed slightly as it began to bother John slightly, he then began to breath deeper and started to sweat as his head pounded at the constant thump coming from the doctor.

"Make it stop..." hissed John as the doctor stepped back for a moment.

"My god your burning up!"

"Don't put god into this." replied a woman's voice that made John jump slightly. Out of nowhere a woman in a red dress appeared in the corner of the room. Turning to the doctor, John noticed that he was completely frozen on the spot, but he could see nurses and other people walking down the hallway, passing the entrance of the room without noticing this.

"The hell are you."

"Meh, close enough." smiled the woman as she walked towards John. The teenage boy was hypnotized by her beauty as she smiled at him, her red dressed matched with her red lips and black straight hair.

John gasped for air as he quickly noticed he couldn't breath for a moment.

"Whoa whoa there hun,' she snapped, placing her hand on John's chest. As she did that, John continued to breath normally. 'Looks like your a fiesty mut."

John didn't catch what the woman said as he began to get dizzy and halucinate, for a moment he thought he saw black wings on the back of the female.

"What's happening."

"Oh nothing serious, you were just scratch by a wolf from hell, so your going to turn into a HellWolf." she smiled. John laughed but then started to cough out blood as his chest burned.

"Oh god!' he yelled 'It hurts!"

"Why does everyone say his name.' she snapped, 'He never listens..."

John continued to cough out more blood as his muscles then began to burn.
"Help me!" he moaned.

"If you say so." snapping her fingers, John was thrown onto the celing of the room as he began to crawl.

"Mother of god!" yelled the doctor. John looked down as noticed that the woman was nowhere to be seen as the doctor looked in horror.

"Help me...' moaned John as blood came out of his mouth. He then began to crawl at the corner of the room as he placed his back to it.

Letting out a loud scream, he felt his muscles tightening and his skin cooling down. Looking at his hands he saw that he was growing long nails and that his forearms growed thick dark hair. John then fell to the floor as he cracked the tiles.

"Are you ok kid?!" questioned the doctor as nurses ran inside the room. John then stood up as he stared at the gasping doctor and nurses, he could see the reflection of himself in the mirror at the other end of the room.

He looked taller then before with thick dark hair on his chest, forearms and the side of his face. He has muscles with veins showing and his pupils are yellow.

Go wild hun... whispered the females voice in his mind.

Letting out a roar that broke the mirror, John quickly pounced ontop of the doctor as he ripped his throat.
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Post by Garet » Wed Oct 13, 2004 2:58 pm

Throughout her first three classes, Sydney couldn't help but think about the man from last night.

There's no way he would kill a priest... she thought to herself...but deep down inside Sydney knew, he wanted to go to a church, the pieces fit together. It was him.

Continuing her thoughts in Math class, a cell phone ring made her jump as a fellow student answered it, apologizing to the class.

"Hel..what? Are you ok...? Hello.?"

The female hung up the phone as she got up from her desk.

"And where do you think you're going miss?" threatened the math teacher as the student began to run out.

"There's an attack at the hospital! My dad is working there!"

Hearing that made Sydney jump up from her desk.



Ken began to walk towards the hospital as people ran out of the main entrance. Bumping into some of them, Ken grabbed a nurse by the arm.

"When did this happen?"

"Right now! Dear god! I saw it! It's an animal!" she yelled, yanking herself away from Ken and running as far as she can.

Animal... Ken knew that it was the brother of the girl he saw last night. If they weren't going to kill him, then Ken has to do it.

Walking at the entrance he stopped as he saw from the reflection of the window two people that stood out to the crowd like a thorn in Ken's eyes. Not turning around he could see two males with long white hair wearing a black trenchcoat staring at him. Turning his head over his shoulder, the two people weren't there, looking back at the window Ken didn't see them anymore.

Walking in as the sound of sirens filled the streets, Ken headed towards the elevator. Stepping inside he began to hear the shouting of the police officers.

"HEY GET OUT!" one of them yelled as the doors began to close. As the elevator doors were closing, he saw on the reflection Alexia standing behind him with hollow eyes and a big smile.

Turning around quickly, Alexia wasn't there.

"I know you're involved in this..." he whispered as he could have sworn he heard a faint laughter. Ken didn't have a chance to react from what happened after reaching his chosen floor.

The elevator doors was pushed onto Ken as he got pinned to the wall thanks to the hellwolf pushing it onto him. John roared in anger as he began to punch the elevator door that Ken was behind. The hellwolf leaped back into the hallway as a black blade popped out from the center of the elevator doors.

Dropping the doors onto the floor, Ken cracked his neck as he stepped out from the elevator. Looking at the surroundings around the hellwolf, Ken saw torn apart bodies and blood all over the hallway walls and ceiling.

"Enough playing around you lap dog."

John roared as he leaped onto the ceiling of the hallway and crawled towards Ken. Pointing sword upward, Ken jumped towards John, but the wolf showed unsuspected speed as it leaped onto the side wall and pounced on Ken from the side as he still was in mid air. Tackling Ken through a room, John began to dig his claws into Ken's chest as he began to scratch him.

Slashing his blade towards John's face, Ken only got some hair as the wolf side leaped onto the wall and began to crawl around. With this blade pointing at the wolf, Ken slowly got up only to loose his balance by stepping on a dead body. Raising his blade in the air to catch his balance was all the hellwolf needed as he pounced on Ken once again.

Dropping his blade from the impact, Ken tried to get John off of him as he was scratching him. Looking to his side, he saw a defribulator on the floor, reaching for it he maxed the machine and grabed one of the extensions as he placed it at the side of John's head and pressed the button.

Heaing a loud ZAP the hellwolf yelped as it was thrown onto the wall, John layed motionless on the floor as Ken began to cough out blood. Forcing himself up from his own pool of blood, Ken made his way towards his sword as he picked it up.

Looking at John, he noticed blood coming out from his head as he layed on the floor, staring blankly at the side wall.

"Stay." mumbled Ken as he limped out of the room. Hearing three floors down the police officers patroling the hospital floor by floor, Ken made his was out from the back entrance.
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Post by Garet » Thu Oct 14, 2004 2:47 pm

Driving towards the hospital, Sydney now began to worry about her older brother as the news station began to talk about the hospital attack.

"It is just greusome in there, police officers are searching for the animal inside the hospital but they haven't come back out yet. Eyewitnesses say that the animal is some sort of wolf.."

"Wolf..." she repeated, tigheting her sweaty palms on the wheel of her car as she began to pick up speed. Sydney then began to have flashbacks of last night.

""He was bitten on the leg by a wolf, mom and pops brought him to the hospital."

He then heard the man's voice as he mentioned her brother.

""Stay away from John.' he ordered, 'Kill him if you have to."

"No...' she wimpered as she was getting closer to the hospital. 'It's not John."

"It is." replied a soft voice in the back seat, quickly looking at her rear view mirror she saw a female with white hair looking at her. Screaming as she turned around to the back seat, the woman wasn't there.

Looking back at the road she didn't have time to slam on the breaks as she hit a man.


Stumbling on the last steps from the hospital's fire exit, Ken began to cough out more blood.

"Bloody mut had to puncture my lungs." he mumbled as he pulled himself up. Limping due to a slight fractured leg, Ken made his way along the back alley when he began to feel that someone was watching him. Turning back to the hospital, he saw through one of the windows a white haired man with a black trenchcoat staring at him. Looking at each other for a moment, the white haired man walked away from the window.

Making a slight frustrated face, Ken turned back to his alley path when he saw a familiar face. Around forty yards ahead of him, at the other side of the road was a white haired female with a long white dress. Her dress and hair was flowing from the wind as the pedestrians that passed by not only didn't notice her, but their clothes weren't moving from the wind.

"Hey,' he pointed, 'I know you from somewhere..." Staring at her eyes, a flashback ripped through his mind like a lighting bold. A field of sunflowers...

"Wait your-" she then began to walk away from him as Ken began to limp faster towards her. Exiting the alley and stepping onto the road, Ken sensed an automobile coming his way but didn't have time to react as it hit him, darkness consumed his eyes once again.
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Post by Garet » Thu Oct 14, 2004 6:42 pm

"What do you say love?"questioned Alexia as she began to rub her neck and looked at Ken.

"Do you accept it?"

She then began to kiss Ken.


Opening his eye quickly, Ken sat up as he looked around at his surroundings. He then noticed that he was in the back of a car.

"Your up quickly,' stated a famillair voice. Sydney turned her head as she frowned. 'Looks like I can't escape you."

Ken began to look at his body as the wounds he received from the fight and the car accident were healed, he then noticed that her windshield was broken.

"Your the one who hit me."

"You were the one who walked infront of me!"

Ken cursed slightly as he remembered the woman he wanted to talk to. Sydney slouched as she stared at her windshield.

"How the hell am I going to drive now.' slamming her fist onto the wheel 'How the hell am I going to go to the hospital."

Looking at the direction that Sydney was looking at, Ken saw police cars blocking the way towards the hospital.

"There's no need to go there..."

Sydney looked at her rear-view mirror, "What do you mean..."

Ken was quiet for a moment as he looked at his sword. "Your brother is not at the hospital."

"Your lying, I called Tommy and he said that mom and dad dropped him off there.' she hissed as she opened her door but was interupted before she stepped out.

"He's not there anymore." Ken said again, Sydney stopped for a moment as she lowered her head slightly, her blond hair covered the side of her face as her hand trembled slightly on the door handle.

"Was...' she whimpered slightly, 'was it quick?"

Ken looked out the window at the pedestrians walking by and gathering themselves to see the hospital incident as he repliied.


He then began to hear Sydney trying to hold back her tears as he leaned forward to comfort her. She then snapped at him,

"Don't touch me you devil!' Ken didn't move as he saw the slap from Sydney coming. 'What the hell are you..."

He looked down as he stared at his sword, "I don't know." Both teenagers were quiet as Ken decided to step out of Sydney's car.

"I think the best thing for you is for me to leave."

Sydney didn't reply, her eyes were watering as she hugged herself. Ken looked down at the torn up and bloody PJ's as he smiled.

"Thanks for the pyjama's also."

No reply.

"..I never got your name.."

Sydney slammed her car door as she turned on her car and drove off, doing a U turn and nearly hitting Ken again, she drove off. Staring at the car for a moment, Ken began to walk the opposite direction when a little girl in a blue dress stood in his way.

"He's not dead." she said, Ken raised an eyebrow as he stared at the little girl.

"Who's not dead?"

The little girl smiled as she roared with her squeaky little voice in reply. Ken looked at the girl for a moment in thought to what she did when his eyes widened after figuring out who she meant.
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Trying her best to drive home with a broken windshield, Sydney didn't care if she got into an accident, her brother was dead. Tightening her grip on the wheel she began to tear up.

John's am I going to bring it up to everyone else...

As she was turning into the road that headed to her home, Sydney saw at the corner of the road a girl in a red dress looking at her as the wind blew her hair and dress.

"Who the hell was that?" she said to herself as she began to wonder who in the world would wear a dress in a farm area.

Driving down the road she began to see her home and her two dogs lying on the lawn as she began to think to herself what to say about John. Parking her car she began to wonder why her dogs didn't get up to greet her.

"Hey guys, wake up." she said, walking towards them, but they didn't move. Looking over one of the dogs, she gasped as she saw that his stomach was ripped open. Looking at the other dog, his stomach was ripped also.

"Daddy!' she yelled, running towards the door. Realizing that it wasn't locked as she pushed it open with ease, Sydney began to get worried. 'Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

She yelled as Tommy jumped infront of her.

"Oh my god! You're bleeding!' she began to look at the wound that was on Tommy's ribs. 'Were's daddy?!"

"Don't...look." he mumbled as he leaned on the wall. Sydney ran into the kitchen, instantly freezing after what she saw.

Her father and mother layed on the floor all torn up as John stood next to them, looking down at her dead parents with blood on his hands.


Sydney couldn't believe it, the man said that her brother was dead, but there he was standing in the kitchen all ok, looking like his normal self...but he killed his own parents. John turned his head as his red pupils made Sydney gasp.

"It's not...John." gasped Tommy as he began to sit on the floor.

Raising his hands, John smiled. "Sydney...'' taking a step forward, Sydney took a step back as John stopped and raised his eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" he questioned in a calm voice, as if nothing was wrong.

"Who...are you?" she whimpered. John looked at Sydney as if she had two heads.

"I'm your brother, Syd."

"You're not my brother." she then looked at her parents as she gaged. John looked as he nodded his head.

"Yeah..that.' he then looked at his hands, 'I don't want them to see what I've become..."

John looked up as his eyes began to tear up.

"What we're going to become."

Sydney's heart began to pound quickly, she was scared...yet somehow, she doesn't know why, she wants the man to be here right now with her.

"What do you mean."

"Join me, Syd. Become what I am. It would be us's and sister." he said as he grabbed Sydney by the shoulders. John's red eye's looked as if they were on fire as Sydney backed away.

"Tommy..." she whimpered in fear, her brother looked up to her all pale.

"He got me Syd, he bit me."

"Just a matter of time...' smiled John as he kneeled next to Tommy. Sydney backed away, John's face was more serious now as he stood up.

"What wrong Syd? You don't want to join you own brother?"

Sydney decided to run out from the back door but was instanlty stopped as John ended up there with quick speed. She could have sworn that her brother crawled on the wall along the way.

"I'm sorry Syd,' whispered John as he raised his hand, his nails began to get longer, 'But if you're not going to join...I guess I have to..."

John was instantly cut off as a loud boom noise was heard in the back yard. The noise was so great that it shattered the windows in the kitchen, a white and dark blue light was followed after the noise as it shined into the kitchen.

John turned towards the light as it dimmed down.

"You..." he hissed.

Ken stood at the backdoor entrance as he raised his sword.

"This time you're going down Lassie."
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Ken vs John pt.2

Post by Garet » Sat Oct 16, 2004 9:51 am

Sydney jumped back as John let out a howl. In what appeared to be an instant, dark hair grew oh John's forearms, chest and cheeks, his ears pointed and his nails got longer and sharper.

The man raised his blade across from his face as he slouched slightly, John crouched on the floor as he began to crall to the side a bit. Both circled each other for a moment when John decided to pounce on Sydney.

Sydney screamed when she saw John heading towards her, and was instantly tackled down by Ken for cover. John, expecting Ken to do this, immedieately shoved his claws into Ken's back as he tore some flesh out in mid air.

Landing on the wall, John began to crawl as he looked upon Ken who was flinching in pain.

"Get out of here..." he hissed to Sydney. She got up and began to run out of kitchen when John decided to pounce on her again.

Ken then threw his blade towards John, but having inhuman reflects, John shoved his hand into the wall which slowed him down enough to avoid the sword as it went into the wall. John growled as he saw his sister running out, turning his head towards Ken, his eyes widened as Ken's fist impacted him on the side of the face, following through with the punch, Ken shoved the hellwolf's head into the wall.

Grabing his sword with his free hand, Ken began to cut the wall as it headed towards John's head. With his fist's, John punched the area of the wall that was underneath his head as he fell onto the floor. Pulling out his blade, Ken went to stab John but hit the floor as the wolf crawled from the kitchen to the hallway due to the hole on the wall that he made.

Running on all fours down the hallway, John looked around for his sister and brother as Ken followed behind.

Where are they...

Leaping through the front door and landing onto the front lawn, John turned his body around into the direction of Ken as his body glided on the earth, scratching the surface.

Ken stopped at the front steps as he raised his blade in defense. John crouched some more as his chin touched the floor, his muscles tensing as he prepared himself for a quick and deadly pounce.

Ken gripped the handle of his blade as he extended his foot slightly at the edge of the steps. Both eye's met each other as they knew this last attack would end the fight.

John let out a low growl, "I will not die..." he then leaped towards Ken with incredible speed. Ken, extended his leg as his slid down the stairs and raised his blade, shoving it into John's stomach when he was over him.

John roared in pain as he rolled through the front entrance and into the hallway, breaking the wall that his limbs hit. Lying on the floor, John moaned in pain as he held the wound in his stomach, it felt like it was burning from the inside.

Getting up, Ken let out a sigh of relief as he walked towards John. By the time he reached to the hellwolf, John was turned into his normal form. John looked up at Ken as he began to feel cold and sweaty.

"" he hissed, smoke began to come out from his mouth as his teeth chattered.

Ken then pointed his blade onto John's red eye, "It's over."

John laughed, "No it's not."

Ken then heard the cocking of a shotgun as he looked over his shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing..." he mumbled as Sydney pointed the shotgun at his head as John began to laugh.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Post by Garet » Sun Oct 17, 2004 2:44 pm

"What are you doing?" Ken questioned again, Sydney lowered her eyes slightly.

"I want to help my brother..."

"He tried to kill you!"

"I want to bring him back to his normal self."

John continued to laugh as the pain from his stomach began to fade away and his skin started to warm up.

"Listen,' hissed Ken, 'There's no way you can help your brother...he's not even your brother anymore, this is just his shell, you've seen how he really looks!"

"No' she shook her head, 'there has to be a way to bring him back, you made him this way!"

"I have no time for this!" lifting his blade up with quick speed, Ken cut the shotgun in half from behind. John, seeing the an open attack lifted his body up as he punch Ken on the chest which sent him flying to the living room.

Sydney who fell on the floor from Ken's attack, began to crawl backwards as John walked towards her.

"Sorry sis,' shaking his head, 'But I really have to kill you because you don't like how I am."

Sydney began to scream as John slowly began to turn into his wolf self when something tackled John from the side. Breaking a hole through the wall John began to wrestle with what appeared to be another wolf similar looking to him.

Getting up, Sydney could see the back of the wolf as he was ontop of John, punching and scratching him. John now turning to his true self, gave a right hook to the beast that was ontop of him, rolling on the floor it immediately went on all fours as it turned it's head towards Sydney.

She gasped as she saw the face,

"Sydney get out of here!" yelled Tommy, his face was all hairy and his eyes were a mixture of red and white.

"No!" yelled John, as he tried to pounce on Sydney but was instantly tackled by Tommy as they continued to wrestle on the floor, bitting, scratching and punching each other.

Holding his chest slightly, Ken looked towards him as he stared at John's sister. He then began to hear something aside from the roaring of the hellwolves...something he didn't want to hear.




Looking at the pictures in the living room, all the images shifting their bodies in abnormal ways, some of them covered their ears as their heads began to rotate quickly.

Ken immediately ran to Sydeny as he grabbed her by the arm.

"We gotta get out of here, now."

"But Tommy!" she yelled out, eyes watering.

"Forget him! Let him use his last moments of freedom the way he wants,' he said as he pulled her towards the kitchen. Getting out from the back door, the voices began to get louder as Sydney started to look around.

"Do you hear something?"

"Block your ears! You'll go mad!"

Ken then placed Sydney on his chest as he held her tightly, "Close your eyes!"

"Wha-" a white light appeared infront of Sydney as she screamed and closed her eyes. She then felt a gush of wind and felt like she was floating, Sydney wanted to open her eyes but couldn't due to the blinding light.

"Shit!" she could hear the man saying, Sydney then felt herself falling very quickly as she screamed of fear from not knowing what's happening. Holding on to the man tighter she heard cracking noises then a loud boom as she felt herself pressing into the man.

Opening her eyes slowly, there was no more white light as she began to notice that they were inside a forest. Looking around her she saw pieces of branches on the floor as she looked up, noticing that a line of tree's have been ripped apart.

What just happened...

Realizing that she was still ontop of the man, she got off of him as she spoke, "What just happened right now?"

Expecting a reply, she looked back at the man only to realize that he was knocked out.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Post by Garet » Mon Oct 18, 2004 7:07 pm

Touching Alexia's naked body made Ken forget everything, expecially a promise he made to a certain someone as they both fell upon Alexia's bed.

"Forget about Michelle..." she whispered.


Opening his eyes once again, Ken began to remember some of the things that has happened before waking up in the farm last night.

"Michelle.." he mumbled to himself as he looked at the trees ontop of him.

"Who?" snapped a females voice, sitting up quickly Ken saw John's sister sitting next to a tree with her knees up to her chest.

"Oh, nothing.' he mumbled, John's sister looked pretty beat up. She had mud all over her face and clothing, a small scratch on the side of her cheek and her bags hanged infront of her face. 'Just started to remember."

"Ah." she replied, placing her bangs behind her ears. Both were quiet as Ken began to move his body.

"You know I saw it."

"Saw what?" he said, looking up quickly at the teenaged female. She then began to point at his body.

"Your skin, bones...everything went back to it's place on it's own in a matter of seconds." she explained with a disgusted face. Looking at his body, Ken nodded his head.


"...Are you an alien?"

Ken laughed, "I told you, I don't believe in aliens."

"But how did you do that?"

"Magic," he winked.

Getting up, he then looked at his torn up pyjama bottom. "I need some clothing." he smiled.

"Well, I don't know where we are. So I can't help you."

Sydney looked at the man as he stared at a certain direction for a moment, then another.

"Well, we're near New York." he said

"Near New York?!' Sydney laughed, 'That's like three hours away from Albany!"

"Nope, we're about an hour drive away." he then began to walk as he picked up his sword on the floor.

"Hey wait!" she yelled as she got up and started to run towards him.

"The hell you think you doing? How do you know that New York is that way?!"

The man smiled, "It's not.' he then pointed to his left, 'New York is in that direction...I'm heading to the highway."

He began to laugh as he continued to walk, "No way I'm walking to New York."

Cursing to herslef, Sydney began to walk next to him. "Well I have no choice but to go with you."

He then looked at her in shock. "What?"

"You heard me,' she then looked down, 'I have no where else to go...' Sydney was quiet for a moment as she looked at him. 'Either way, I got an aunt at New York and since your heading there, I'm going with you."

Shrugging, the man nodded his head. Sydney then looked down again, "You know, we've know each other for this long and we still don't know each other's names..."

"Oh,' he then began to think for a moment, 'My name is Ken."

Raising an eyebrow, Sydney looked at Ken. "You sure? Took you a while to think about it."

"Not really, memory is still a blur."

"Ah, well my name is Sydney."


"Sorry about that bro,' laughed John as he stood up, he then extended his hand. 'but you were acting a bit off."

"It's my fault bro.' laughed Tommy as he grabbed his brothers arm and stood up, 'Wasn't myself."

Both brothers laughed as their wounds from battle began to heal quickly on their own.

"Yes, if it wasn't for me, I would have definetely lost one of you." replied a females voice as both brother's turned to a female in a red dress.

"Thanks Alexia," winked Tommy, Alexia smiled as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Anytime hun,"

Two police cars then pulled up on the driveway as they ran out.

"Is everything alright guys? There was alot of commotion in your area."

"Kill them boys." ordered Alexia as she began to walk away.

"Sure thing babe," smiled John as both brothers began to walk towards the cops.

"Babe? Who you guys talking to?" questioned the cop as he looked behind the brothers to find someone but couldn't.

As Alexia walked to the back of the house, she smiled when she began to hear screaming. Stopping infront of a small crater she clenched her teeth as she cursed.

"Who would have thought he would be able to do all this..." she said to herself as she stared at the small crater with black fire burning at the edge.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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To New York

Post by Garet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:54 pm

Sticking her thumb out as she stood at the side of the highway, Sydney looked at the forest as she began to wonder what Ken was doing. Watching him walking out of the woods without his sword that he cherished so much made her wonder where it was.

"Where's your sword?"

"Don't worry about it," Ken quickly replied as he began to rub his hands, she then noticed that his thumb was bleeding. Keeping her eyes fixed on Ken's thumb she then saw the wound heal in a matter of seconds.

"How do you do that?"

"Do what."

"That..healing thing." she stated as she pointed at his body again. Ken shrugged as he stood next to her.

"Don't know, it just happends." he lied as he stared at the cars passing by. Sydney contiuned to look at him in puzzlement.

"Are you a mutant?"

Jerking his head back, Ken blinked a couple of times before he replied. "What?"

"You know, like, are you Wolverine or something?"

"Did you hit your head?"

The teenager looked down as she closed her eyes, "I hope I did,' she mumbled, 'I hope that all this is a nightmare and that I will wake up and see my familly."

Ken stared at Sydney, nodding his head. "Same here."

No you don't

Turning around quickly, Ken wondered where the voice came from, it didn't sound like someone he heard of before, but the voice felt like it was next to his ear.

"Are you ok?" questioned Sydney as Ken still looked around.

"I'll be fine after we get a lift." he replied, Sydney then smiled after she heard a honk.

"Looks like someone love you up there." she laughed as she pointed at the sky. Ken was quiet from the remark as he stared at a grey SUV that pulled over.

"My my! You kids look like you went through hell!" said the middle aged man after rolling down his window. His blue eyes made the wrinkles on his face and his grey hair look younger then he does.

"One of us did," replied Ken with a smile as he walked towards the passenger window.

"Where you heading?" questioned the old man.

"New York." replied Sydney as she leaned next to Ken, the man smiled as he pointed to the back seat.

"So am I! Hop on in!"


John wiped his mouth with a torn shirt from the police officer as he approached Alexia.

"What are we gonna do now?" he said.

Alexia stood folded arm infront of the small crater, lost in thought. John shrugged as he headed towards his home.

"...Or we could stay here."

"We're not." she snapped, looking over her shoulder. John turned to her as he waited for Alexia to continue.

"Well, do you know where they went?' he said, loosing slight patience from the silence. 'I mean, considering what he just did." he stated, pointing at the sky.

"He went to New York."

"So let's go there then!" yelled Tommy with excitement as he appeared around the corner, his mouth and fingers all bloody. Alexia shook her head.

"No, we did to much today. The Heaven's might get involved if we continue."

John arched an eyebrow as he walked next to Alexia, "You mean those guy's weren't with us?"

Alexia turned to John, "How did they look like?" she snapped.

"Long white hair, black coats, serious looking."

Alexia clenched her fist as she cursed slightly, "We gotta lay low for a bit."

"What? Why?" questioned Tommy as he appeared at the other side of Alexia.

"Because they're going to make their move." she mumbled, grabing both brother's by the arm and disappearing in mid air.

A man with blue tint sunglasees and wearing a black suit with a blue shirt and silver tie walked out of the kitchen door with his hands in his pockets as he stopped were Alexia stood.

A gust of wind blew his spikey white hair as he looked over his shoulder where a long white haired male in a black trenchcoat stood behind him.

"What is she trying to do...' hissed the man with the long white hair. 'Start another war?!"

The spikey haired man shook his head, closing his eyes in thought.

"No' he replied in a low voice, he then stared up at the blue sky. 'The war never ended..."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Father Nick

Post by Garet » Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:04 pm

Sitting in the back seat of the jeep, Ken looked out of the window as the trees passed by the old man's SUV. The different colours of the leafs made the forest they were driving by a beautiful sight to see.

"So why you heading to New York for?" questioned the old man as he looked at Ken through his rear view mirror. Sydney, who was sitting on the passenger seat, lost in thought, replied before Ken could.

"Visiting familly." she smiled. The old man nodded his head, giving a warm smile back.

"How nice,' he then looked at both teenagers, 'Are you related? 'Cuz you don't look alike."

Sydney shook her head quietly as she looked down at her feet, Ken began to stare at the old man. He then began to laugh as he slapped his wheel.

"Oh..I see.' nodded the old man, 'How long have you two been dating?"

"What?!" the both yelled at the same time, Sydney looked back at Ken as she made a face.

"You actually think that me and him?!"

The old man shrugged one of his shoulders, still smiling.

"Love moves in mysterious ways."

Sydney could reply as she folded her arms, slouching down her seat and continued to look out of the window. Ken still looked at the old man when he decided to lean toward him.

"You're a priest aren't you?"

Sydney's eyes widened as she looked at Ken, then at the old man as he nodded his head.

"Yup, Father Nicholas Riggio.' he then raised an eyebrow as he looked at Ken. 'How did you know?"

Ken smiled as he placed his hand on the shoulder of Father Nic, "I have a sixth sense about these things...' he then looked down for a moment. 'And a few others..." he whispered.

"Haha, he loves to play jokes." laughed Sydney as she slapped off Ken's hand. Father Nick began to laugh also.

"Yes I love kids that joke around." he smiled, Ken gave half a smile.

"I know." he mumbled.

"Anyone have to go to the bathroom?" questioned Nick as he began to switch lanes into the pit stop restaurent.

"I do..." replied Ken, still looking at the priest, Father Nick nodded his head.

"Yeah so do I."

Sydney began to breath deeply as images of the murdered priest at Albany began to pop into her head.


Tossing water onto her face, she still was thinking about Ken and Father Nick.

No way he would do anything, I don't believe it's him anyway. she thought to herself as she began to look at her reflection through the mirror. Stepping out from the ladies washroom, Sydney almost bumped into a mother and her little child as they were walking by. Looking at the mother and child, Sydney wanted to hold her mother again as she began to miss her.

She then noticed Ken leaning on the wall next to the entrance lost in thought as he looked at the floor.

Where's Father Nick?

Walking towards Ken, her heart began to beat quickly.

"Where is he?" she snapped, Ken looked at Sydney as he raised his eyebrow.


"Don't huh me! Where is Nick!" her voice was getting louder as people around them began to look at the two.

"Hey relax.' he said 'He's still in the -" a loud scream was then heard throughout the restaurent. People looked around as the scream continued, Sydney's heart was pounding faster as she ran towards the men's bathroom.

Nearing the bathroom, a man ran out of there as he bumped into Sydney.


Ken opened the bathroom door and walked in as Sydney followed. Once she entered the men's washroom she gasped but couldn't scream.

Even though the toilet door was closed, Sydney could see Father Nick's head infront of his feet as he was still siting on the toilet...
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Post by Garet » Mon Oct 25, 2004 6:10 pm

Sydney felt Ken grabbing her by the arm as he pulled her out of the bathroom. She couldn't believe that Father Nick was dead, and it makes her wonder if Ken was actually involved in it.

"We gotta get out of here." whispered Ken as they walked out of the restaurent. Sydney jerked herself away and stopped as Ken turned back.

"You did this..."

Ken stood quietly for a moment, he then pulled out Father Nick's car keys as he headed towards his car, not replying to Sydney's question.

"You can't do this to innocent people!" yelled Sydney as she followed Ken who in reply, was silent. She then grabed him by the shoulder and he immediately slapped it off as he raised his finger.

"Don' don't understand." he hissed.

He then began to unlock the drivers door, "Fate led them to their deaths."

Turning on the car, Ken looked through the windshield at Sydney as he motioned to her if she's coming. Looking back at the restaurent that was now bombarded with people, Sydney could only pray that the priest could rest in peace as she went inside the car.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
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Post by Garet » Wed Nov 10, 2004 4:50 pm

"Take a look at this." gagged a fat detective as he placed his hand on his mouth. An auburn haired man walked next to the fat detective as he looked at the decapitated man sitting on the toilet bowl.

"Second murder smilar to the first.' continued the fat detective as he walked away, 'No sign of a murder weapon, or self defense from the victim."

The auburn haired detective continued to look at the decapitated old man, his brown eyes studying the cut of the neck.

"Any witnesses?" he questioned. The fat detective shook his head, "Nadda, this killer is smooth."

The other detective nodded his head as he pulled out his cell phone.

"Who are you calling?" questioned the fat detective.

"A friend of mine, he's seen these types of murders before." he replied as he selected the name from his phonebook.

"You mean the Italian guy?" continued the fat detective.

"Yeah,'' the auburn haired man waited a few moments when the other line picked up.


"Cross, it's me." replied the detective.



"Right, our American Detective. What do you want?"

"We got a situation."

"About the murdered priests?"

"How did you know."

"It's my job, don't worry, I'm already on it."

"On it? Where are you?"


"Just landed in New York." smiled the tale Italian male with a short black ponytail. He wore all black silk clothing, with silver cuflings of a cross on each sleeve. The man known as Cross only carried a wodden stick in the shape of a sword, a bokken for those that studied the Japanese art.

Cross stepped out of the airport as the detective on the other line continued to speak.

"Listen man, I don't know what you guys do, but..."

"Don't worry Steve, leave the rest to the church." smiled Cross as he hunged up and entered a taxi cab.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
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A game of chess.

Post by Garet » Thu Nov 11, 2004 7:34 pm

At a local park in Manhantan, pedestrians walked around doing their own business. Children played on the grass as their parents watched while joggers jogged down the path. Next to a path were nine tables where people were playing chess. On the table at the far right, the man with the spikey white hair and blue sunglasses with the black suit, sat by himself as he stared at the set chess pieces.

"Sorry I'm late love." said a soft voice as a women in a red dress sat across from the man with the white spikey hair.

"Lucifer-Alexia." greeted the man with the spikey hair as he bowed his head slightly at Alexia. Alexia winked at the man.

"Hello Maxwell,' she then raised her hand slightly 'I see you haven't changed." She then moved a chess piece.

Maxwell smirked as he moved, "I believe you know why I called you."

Alexia moved another chess piece, "I told you, there will be no truce with the war." she snapped, Maxwell shifted slightly.

"I'm talking about our little outlaw friend."

Alexia nodded her head slowly, "Right, figured you would have found out."

Maxwell laughed. "Found out? The entire heavens know.' he then fixed his sunglasses as he laughed slightly. 'Do you understand where he was?"

Alexia was silent for a moment, "Yes, I smelled it."

Moving another piece, Maxwell leaned forward. "Now, we gotta figure out how this is possible."

"It's under control Maxwell."

"Alexia.' snapped Maxwell, 'I don't want to bring up the wolves you let loose."

Alexia leaned towards Maxwell as she smiled, "Listen love, we're at war. Personally, I don't like you or the heavens and I don't care what you say.' she then pointed at the pedestrians walking by. 'These maggots are lucky I don't let out 'the four horsemen' on them."

Maxwell clenched his fist as a faint thunder sound was heard from the skies.

"If you do that..."

"You'll what? Release your angels?' Alexia smiled, 'Those four are doing something much more important."

She then winked at Maxwell and blew him a kiss as she walked off.

"Checkmate by the way." she laughed.

Maxwell grinded his teeth as Lucifer-Alexia walked away. She was right, if Alexia released the four horsemen, the heavens couldn't do much since the four angels that they have, who are equal to her four horsemen are doing something more important. Protecting the gates of Hell where the body of Lucifer-Jade fell.

He then looked at his king that was in checkmate.

If Maxwell was to release the four angels, would be released upon earth. It was a situation where the heavens wouldn't allow even if they would send swarms of their own angels upon the diabolical horsemen.

But the four horsemen are like a double edged sword, if Alexia is willing to release them, she is risking her capability to have spirital access to earth since her spirit is binded to them.

Death, Plague, Famine, Pestilence. If one of them is defeated, Alexia would slowly loose her spiritual strength in entering the mortal world. If all four are defeated, she cannot have access to earth unless the heaven's four angels left the spot where she has fallen.

Maxwell looked up at the sky as he sighed. Lucifer-Alexia has to really be impatient over something if she released her four horsemen, since she is jeopardizing herself. It's a high risk for both sides, it could be used as an advantage in winning the war, or completly loosing it.

"All this for a teenage boy." he whispered.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
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Search for

Post by Garet » Sun Nov 14, 2004 6:30 pm

The jeep stopped infront of an apartment building as the engine went silent. Ken and Sydney sat quietly for a moment when she broke the silence.

"Are you coming in?"

Ken looked out of the drivers window as he stared at the pedestrians walking along the sidewalk.


Sydney lowered her head slightly, "Oh." she whispered. Both were quiet once again when Ken decided to speak.

"I gotta do something."

Sydney began to whimper slightly after she heard what Ken said, "How many more priest do you have to kill."

Ken still looked out of the window as he shook his head, "It's not that.' he stated, Sydney looked at Ken as he continued, 'I have to find out why I came here."

Sydney lowered her head again as she wiped her eye, "You could just forget about it."

"No." Ken quickly replied, he shook his head a bit more. "No...I don't know why, but something is making me search for that answer."

"What about me..." she whispered. Ken was quiet for a moment, he then opened the door.

"You have your uncle and aunt." he replied quietly.


Ken didn't have time to hear what Sydney said as he stepped out of the jeep and closed the door.
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Post by Garet » Mon Nov 15, 2004 7:28 pm

Third Level of Heaven

Maxwell opened the large white marble doors that led him into a even larger room. Inside the room that Maxwell entered, the floor was a thick layer of glass as underneath it was a grayish cloud with a faint white light glowing that constantly moved around. All along the walls where statues of angels holding spears as they looked down upon those that looked up at them.

Across from the doors was a tall bureau that stretched to nearly the top of the room. The bureau had two levels as the lower one was seperated on the left and the right side while the center stretched up a bit more. On the left seperation sat a woman wearing a black cloak over her as her chin and mouth only showed, the same was for the man who sat at the right side. But on top sat a old man with a long white beard as he was wearing a white with gold designed cloak with no hood. The old man's face had little rinkles but his eyes showed that he was very old.

"What is it Arch-Maxwell?" questioned the old man as he looked down upon Maxwell. The angel took off his sunglasses as they began to glow a bright white light.

"I need your aid Pathos.'' begged Maxwell as he bowed slightly. Pathos arched an eyebrow as he leaned on his desk.

"Continue child."

"I need your voice in calling off the hunt for the outlaw." pleaded Maxwell, the woman shook her head as she replied.

"Impossible, he must be caught immediately."

Maxwell looked at the woman, "Yes, concidering the situation he's in, I understand.' he then raised a finger 'But Lucifer-Alexia is seeking to find the outlaw as well and is willing to do anything in order to retreive him."

Pathos nodded his head, "Continue."

"Lucifer-Alexia is willing to let loose her four horsemen..' Maxwell was interupted by the hissing and whispering that the three judges were doing to each other. 'As dangerous as it is, we could use this to our advantage."

All three judges were quiet as Maxwell smiled slightly, "If we could defeat the four horsemen, Lucifer-Alexia will no longer have spiritual access to the human world."

Pathos shook his head, "Maxwell, you have thought of a good plan, but I'm afraid we cannot alow that to happen."

Maxwell raised his arms slightly as Pathos continued. "There's a reason why we must capture the outlaw."

"A reason?"

Pathos extended his arm as the clouds that were underneath the glass and Maxwell's feet began to seperate as a wooden door apeared. The doors opened slightly as Pathos spoke.

"He's not the only one." he whispered

Maxwell gasped as his eyes widened from what he saw.
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Cross encounter

Post by Garet » Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:09 pm

Walking down the sidewalk at a quick pace, Ken didn't want to look back at the jeep in which he left Sydney in. He knew it was the best for her, for both of them actually. Things were going to get tougher now since he's in New York...Ken couldn't quite understand why, but he knew.

Pedestrians looked at him wierdly as Ken noticed that he was still wearing the torn up, bloody pyjama bottoms that Sydney gave him.

Looks like I gotta get something to wear

Looking ahead of him, Ken noticed a man in a business suit talking on his cell phone. Picking up the pace slightly, Ken walked next to the man and with inhuman speed he pulled out the man's wallet as he continued to walk. Looking around for a clothing store, he finally saw one as he walked in.

"Good...evening sir?" greeted the woman as she looked at him wierdly.

"Had a wild party last night." smiled Ken as he began to take a pair of blue jeans and a dark green shirt from the counter. Not bothering to try them on, he quickly bought them and walked out of the store. Heading into an alley, Ken got dressed when he heard a click noise.

Pulling up his pants, Ken looked to his left, down the alley as he saw a tall dark haired man with a ponytail and wearing black silk clothing lighting a cigarette as he was leaning on the wall.

Taking a long drag from the cigratte, the man wave his hand as he exhaled.

"Don't mind me,' he said with his Italian accent, 'Finish getting dressed."

Ken quickly put on his shirt as the man continued to smoke.

"You know,' he continued as he looked at the cigarette, 'I really like your american cigarettes...expecially these Malboros."

"I don't smoke." replied Ken suspiciously as the man laught slightly.

"Ah yes, I forgot to introduce myself!' he then lowered his head slightly, 'Name's Anthony Cross."

He then raised his hand, "Don't need to introduce yourself.' he smiled, 'I know much about you Ken."

Ken placed his right thumb into his mouth as he bit it, Cross raised an eyebrow as Ken then spread the blood from his thumb onto his left palm. Ken also noticed that Cross picked up a wooden sword that was leaning on the wall as he placed it on his shoulder.

"You know,' he said as he began to walk towards Ken. 'I must hand it to you with killing those priests."

Ken bended his knees slightly as placed his palm facing downward on the floor as Cross continued.

"How would you have known that each one of them were 'tainted'?" he smiled, and then with inhuman quick speed, Cross raised his bokken as he ran towards Ken.

Caught of guard for a moment, Ken rolled to the side as Cross slashed the floor causing an impact that cracked it. Cross looked over his shoulder and saw Ken placing his hand onto the floor as a black hole appeared, the size of a fist in which he then pulled out a dark blade from it.

"Mingia..." he cursed and whistled as Ken stood up, raising his sword.

"That's a hell of a trick.' he continued as he too, raised his bokken.

'Looks like I'm going to have fun."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
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Rock n' Wood

Post by Garet » Thu Nov 18, 2004 7:44 pm

"What do you want with me?" questioned Ken as he began to pace, keeping his eyes on Cross.

"Don't take it personally, it's just business." he replied, shrugging slightly. Ken looked at Cross suspiciously.


"I only talk about it to those that deserve to hear it." he said, raising his bokken as he ran towards Ken.

Ken could only block the quick attack as he raised his sword. The moment his sword connected with Cross's bokken, Ken's sword vibrated viciously as Ken was thrown back by some 'force.' Landing on his back and still glinding on the floor, he began to wonder what in the world Cross did.

Cross whistled as he looked at his bokken. "Whoa, it vibrated. First time this happened,' he then looked at Ken. 'My weapon can cut through anything, but it repelled against your weapon."

"That's no ordinary wood." said Ken as he stood up, his blade still vibrated slightly. Cross nodded his head,

"Glad you noticed.' he then raised his bokken towards his face. 'This weapon is made from the wood of the cross that Jesus was crusified on."

Ken's eyes widened from what he heard. It's abselutly impossible for Cross to have such a object, but after he thought about it, in comparison to the weapon Ken had, it made some sense. Ken then raised his own blade.

"This blade is made from the rock that Lucifer fell upon, forged by the great Hephaestus "

Cross nodded his head in surprisement and acceptance. "Your already made things interesting kid."

Cross then shoved his bokken into the wall as he ran towards Ken while cutting the wall as if it was a hot knife on butter. Ken expected the attack and started to run towards Cross as he scratched the edge of the blade onto the floor as sparks flew.

Both went to slash each other by the torso as their blades connected with a strong impact. The moment both blades touched each other the same force pushed both Cross and Ken back as dust and newspapers were thrown around from the impact as well.

The instant Cross stopped glinding on the floor, he reached into his pocket as he threw two throwing knives at Ken. Ken deflected the blades with his sword and instantly jumped in air as Cross appeared infront of him and tried to slash his torso. In mid air Ken went to slash Cross as he to attacked Ken, both blades connected and Ken was then thrown into mid air as Cross was pinned onto the floor. Being pushed up, Ken then landed onto the roof of the building that was next to the alley.

Getting up quickly, Ken then ran to the side of the apartment as he looked over the ledge only to see Cross running up apartment wall. Ken then did three back flips as Cross tried to cut him. Ken then went on the offense as he to tried to cut Cross as he began to swing verticly, horizonatly and diagonaly, but Cross moved his body with quick speed as Ken slashed air.

Both connected their blades again, as they got jerked back again, but this time not as visciously as before since they both forced themselves not to get pushed back. This time both Cross and Ken swung their blades at each other while dodging each other's attacks as they were rolling, jumping, ducking.

They connected each other's weapons three more times as their upper body jerked back slightly while their feet firmly stood where they were. Ken went to stab Cross by the shoulder in the stomach as Cross jumped flipped over the blade and over Ken as he prepared to stab him in the back while he landed. Ken followed Cross' movements while flipped his blade and went to stab Cross in the face.

Both stopped as Cross had his blade right underneath Ken's left armpit while Ken had his blade centimeters away from Cross' eye. Both were gasping for air from exhaustion as their blades were still vibrating slightly.

"Not bad kid." Cross smiled as he pulled back his bokken and stepped back, Ken did the same thing but still had his blade up in case Cross attacked. The Italian raised his hand as he shook his head.

"No more fighting for today.' he said as Ken lowered his sword. Cross then winked, 'You made things really interesting for me kid. Looks like I'm going to enjoy my stay in New York."

He then began to walk towards the fire exit as Ken spoke, "Why are you doing this?"

Cross stopped and turned at Ken, "Like I said, it's business, nothing personal but you got a bounty on your head kid.' he then rested his bokken on his shoulder as he pulled out his sunglasses. 'Now I'm going to enjoy some sightseeing."

Cross then began to walk downt he stairs as he waved at the confused Ken.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Uncle Phil's Birthday

Post by Garet » Wed Nov 24, 2004 6:41 pm

Sydney still sat in the jeep after Ken left, she doesn't know if she should be furious or sad at the moment. So much has happened that she is overwhelmed with emotion, expecially with Ken.

Looking down at her trembling hand, Sydney couldn't stop thinking of Ken. How could he have left her after all that he's done to her? Her entire familly is dead, he's murdered innocent people and yet she still thinks of him and followed him to New York...and..

Shaking her head slightly from the thought, Sydney opened the pasenger door as she began to look around at her uncle and aunt's neighbourhood. Pedestrians walked around laughing, talking, going on with their daily lives...Sydney wanted to do that right go one with her life.

Walking up the stairs of her uncle's apartment, she couldn't stop thinking of what has happened, she just wants everything to be a dream. Knocking on her uncle's apartment door she knew that all this wasn't a dream after all.

Hearing faint footsteps and silence for a moment, the green door creaked open as Sydney's aunt, Beatrice appeared infront of her.

"Oh my, Sydney!' smiled Aunt Beatrice as she placed her hand on her mouth, 'What a surprise!"

Sydney smiled as she walked in, "High aunt.' she greeted, kissing her on the cheek. 'How's uncle Phil?" she continued, trying to act as if everything was normal.

"Oh he's fine...' replied aunt beatrice, 'A bit cranky though that he's now fifty."

"Fifty?' Sydney totally forgot that it was her uncle's birthday today from all that has been happening, her familly were supposed to meet up for dinner to celebrate Uncle Phil's birthday tonight.

'Oh right, John and Tommy are going to get the gift." lied Sydney as she continued, Uncle Phil then appeared around the corner. He looked just like her father.

"Get me what?' he grumbled while scratching his head, 'All I need is a grave to put my old body in."

"Hush Phillipe!" yelled Beatrice as she slapped her husband on the arm while they both walked into the kitchen. Sydney leaned on the wall as she exhaled deeply, she couldn't stay here...her aunt and uncle are expecting the rest of her familly.

Walking into the kitchen, aunt Beatrice was pouring a glass of tea for Phil as he was still grumbling.

"Your cousin Jimmy should be passing by to give your uncle his gift also!" smiled Aunt Beatrice as she looked at her niece, Sydney smiled.

"That's nice."

"No it's not." grumbled Uncle Phil, a knock on the door then was heard.

"Oh, that must be him!" smiled Aunt Beatrice as she walked out of the kitchen. Sydney began to hear her aunt's footsteps go down the hallway and unlock the door as she opened it.

Sydney then began to hear slight whispering and Aunt Beatrice's giggling for a few moments as she heard the front door close and her aunt walked into the kitchen.

"Look who came!' smiled Aunt Beatrice as Uncle Phil continued to grumble.

John and Tommy walked into the kitchen, both wearing a black shirt and pants as they smiled while walking towards their uncle. Sydney couldn't breath as she watched her brothers walking by her. Gripping onto the edge of the table, she didn't know what to do.

"Happy birthday uncle Phil!" congratulated John as he kissed his uncle on the cheek.

"Leave me alone!" he grumbled, John and Tommy laughed as they began to play around with uncle Phil like they normally did.

"Don't worry Uncle Phil,' said Tommy as he wrapped his arm around his uncle's shoulder. 'You'll live to see 100!"

Uncle Phil grumbled as he looked at John. "At least you guys didn't get me anything."

John shook his head, "Ooooohh no, we got you something alright!" he smiled as he looked at Sydney.

"It's a surprise and are you going to like it!" he continued as he winked at his sister.

Sydney looked at the kitchen entrance
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A Wolf's Cry

Post by Garet » Thu Nov 25, 2004 8:33 pm

Sydney started to breath deeply as she began to look at John and Tommy who were both staring at her.

"Oh, how wonderful! It's been a while since you three visited us!" smiled aunt Beatrice as she walked towards her cupboard. As Uncle Phil was drinking his tea, Tommy leaned back as he opened his mouth ontop of his uncle's head and his fangs began to appear. Sydney was about to do something when John raised his finger to motion her not to do anything.

"So Uncle Phil,' snapped John as Tommy quickly went back to his normal self and leaned next to his uncle. 'What do you always ask for whenever it's your birthday?"

"A grave'' he grumbled as Aunt Beatrice shook her head while she took out tea cups from the cupboards.

"Oh really?' laughed John as he quickly glanced at Sydney, 'Well what if-" John, Tommy and Sydney both jumped slightly as Aunt Beatrice dropped the cups as she too fell to the floor and began to shake viciously.

"Aunt Beatrice!" yelled Sydney as she jumped up and ran towards her aunt, John and Tommy were caught off guard from this as they began to look over their aunt as well. All of a sudden, everything happened in an instant.

Sydney didn't know if her brother's were more shocked then she was from what they saw. In a white flash, Aunt Beatrice turned into a man who was wearing all black and had long white hair with a black trenchcoat as he jumped into the air and kicked Tommy in the chest.

Tommy didn't have time to react as the same thing happened to Uncle Phil, a white light surrounded him and there appeared a man with long white hair as he grabbed Tommy around the waist and pinned him onto the wall.

John instantly turned into his wolf form as he roared while the first white haire man pulled out a sword similar to Ken's, but in silver, out from the inside of his trenchcoat.

"We didn't expect these two!" yelled the second man as he began to wrestle with the transformed Tommy.

John leaped towards the first man, and yelled in pain as the man sliced off his arm with one quick motion. Sydney couldn't believe her eyes, one moment the man was standing infront of John and right when her brother was in mid air, the man appeared right behind John in the blink of an eye.

John slammed onto the cupboards as he shook vicioulsy in pain.

"Dispose of them quickly." ordered the first man. The second man nodded his head as he grined at Tommy. Tommy shoved his claws into the man and roared in pain as his fingers and nails began to burn, pulling out his hand from the man's chest he continued to roar as his saw his fingers were burnt off.

The second man gripped Tommy by the neck as he lifted him up.

"Rest in piece."

Tommy roared as his eyes and mouth began to shoot out white flames, John looked in horror as his brother shook in pain as his entire body was then covered in a white fire. A vicious wind then appeared in the kitchen followed by a white light. Opening his eyes, John then saw a pile of black dust infront of the man that was holding up Tommy.

Letting out a roar in pain and anger, he leaped towards the man but was instantly counter attacked as the man just lifted his elbow with quick speed as John was thrown back into the cupboards.

Holding his bleeding nose, John tried to get back up but was kicked in the head by the first man with white hair. He let out a whimper as he contiuned to look at the pile of dust infront of him. That was his brother, easily defeated...right infront of him.

He then looked at Sydney as she noticed that he was tearing up, John then let out a roar as he jumped out of the kitchen window. The second man with white hair was about to chase him when the other spoke.

"Leave him, he's not our concern."

The first man walked towards the shocked Sydney as he knelt infront of her.

"Where is the outlaw?"

"" she questioned as she began to shake slightly...she knew who he was talking about.

"This was unsuspected." stated the second man again, the first stood up as he placed his blade in it's sheath.

"He won't come.' he stated as he looked around the kitchen, he then raised his finger as he made a frustrated face. 'We'll have to hunt."

Snapping his finger, then entire room was filled with a bright white light as Sydney felt warm and heard the men talking to each other.

"Should we erase her memory?"

"No, we need it to catch the outlaw."

"Oh, that must be him!" echoed a familiar voice to Sydney as the light began to dim. As it was dimming a body moved infront of her as it left the kitchen entrance, Sydney slowly began to notice that she was sitting down in her aunt's and uncle's kitchen again. She quickly turned to see her uncle sitting and drinking a cup of tea like he was before.

Sydney then began to hear slight whispering and Aunt Beatrice's giggling for a few moments as she heard the front door close and her aunt walked into the kitchen.

"Look who came!' smiled Aunt Beatrice as Uncle Phil continued to grumble. Sydney's heart skipped as he stared at the kitchen entrance. But in entered her cousin Jimmy with a gift.

"Happy birthday pops!" he smiled as he walked towards his dad. Sydney quickly stood up as she ran towards the bathroom. She just made it to the toilet as she threw up.
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The 4th Dimention

Post by Garet » Fri Nov 26, 2004 2:59 pm

Maxwell stepped out of the room in which he was previously talking to the high Angel, Pathos. Confusion and anger filled the Arch-Angel's mind after what Pathos had shown him.

How long has this been going on? he thought to himself while walking down the white marble hallway. He then opened a wooden door as he entered a gigantic room.

Inside this room were angels, talking and going on with their businesses. Some angel's wore black signifying that their 'military' while the others had a white rob showing that their 'civilian.' The room had three tunnels in which angels kept on coming in and out from which led them to different parts of heaven. Behind Maxwell were seven doors, each door was made from wood except for the last one which was made from stone. The closer you get to the door in stone, the higher the rank the angel is required to enter.

Most many souls were down there. he continued as he walked towards the tunnel that was at the left side of the room. Maxwell remembers hearing about something like this when he was in training with the Academy, his sensei mentioned it just briefly...


"The fourth dimension." said a man wearing a black martial art uniform. Maxwell was kneeling infront of the man as his hair was in a ponytail.

"What is the fourth dimension sensei?" questioned Maxwell as his sensei began to rub his chin as he thought.

"Well,' he said, 'It is said that the fourth dimension is an area where the Heaven's casted 'gray souls' known as 'Outlaws.'"

"Gray souls?' questioned another student that was kneeling next to Maxwell. 'Isn't that demons?"

Their sensei shook his head, "No, not demon nor outlaw is a soul that doesn't have a path chosen in the afterlife."

"That makes no sense.' snapped Maxwell as he shook his head, 'Every soul has a path after death. It's what they do in the real world, the actions they cause will lead them to either Heaven or Hell."

His sensei raised his finger as he smiled, "But what if the path of the soul hasn't been decided when the human dies?"

"It's still impossible, the acts that the human has done before death should judge where the soul should go."

"What if theirs an equal balance between the actions..good and bad, before the human dies? Doesn't that technically mean that soul is undecided?"

Maxwell pondered for a moment, his sensei had a point, if there's an equal in the number of actions of both sides then the soul doesn't have a chosen path. Heaven and Hell cannot decide if the balanced soul should go to either or because there's no side that the soul is in...a demon could be sent to Heaven while an Angel could be casted into hell...

"If this is true...' stated Maxwell as he raised an eyebrow. 'Then why don't we see or know about 'The 4th Dimension?'" His sensei smiled again.

"That's why it's just a rumor."


It's not a rumor. replied the current Maxwell to himself as he entered the tunnel.

Heaven has been casting down these undecided souls to the 4th dimension without giving them a second chance.

Maxwell then thought of the current outlaw that the Academy is after.

"I must find him."
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Post by Garet » Sat Nov 27, 2004 8:14 pm

After the encounter with Cross, Ken was still puzzled by what the man's puporse was in attacking him and collecting that bounty that supposently was on him. He then held his sword towards him as it disapeared in thin air, Ken then went down the fire exit of the apartment as he began to think where he should go now.

As he reached back into the alley, Ken walked out of it while he looked around at the surroundings of the area that he was in. He doesn't know why, but this area seems familliar. Looking at the clothing stores and restaurents near him, some of the names began to set bells into Ken's mind. He then opened his eyes as he turned his head without knowing why, when he saw a restaurent named 'Barney's.'

Ken then began to speed walk towards the restaurent as he felt something warm inside of him the closer he got to it. He doesn't know why, but he started to smile the closer he got to the entrance which made him wonder even more why he's acting like this. Opening the doors he walked in as he looked around the restaurent.

The restaurent was made in oak as it had a european feel and design, at the left side of entrance was a small bar as the bartender was making the drinks. Across from the bar a waitress with short black hair was serving a couple while the other customers were eating and drinking.

"Can I help you sir?" questioned a voice in which Ken got the goosebumps as he heard it. Turning towards where the man was, he began to stare at the host.

The twenty five year old male had short black hair up to his neck with a slight beard as he also had an earing on his right ear. He was slightly shorter then Ken was. The man gasp as he opened his eyes.

"Jesus Christ.' he whispered, he then laughed as he grabed Ken head 'Is it really you, you son of a..."

Ken didn't have time to hear what the man was saying, since the moment the man's hands touched Ken, a flash of images were rushing through Ken's mind. He knew him, he's known him since they were kids...he has a younger sister...this man's name is..

"Tony." whimpered Ken a but as he grabed his childhood friend by the arm. Tony bursted out in nervous laughter as he hugged Ken.

"Jesus Christ, is it really you! Michelle said..."

Ken pushed Tony back slightly as more images rushed into his head after hearing that name.


"Hey Nicole! Look who it is!" yelled Tony at the waitress Ken saw earlier, Nicole covered her mouth as she gasped. Nicole was Tony's twin sister.

"Where's Michelle?" questioned Ken as he looked around. He now knows why he had to come to New was for Michelle...but there was another reason...another reason that whenver Ken thought about it, he felt cold inside...but not in fear, but anger.

"Bro..' replied Tony as he grabed Ken by the head again. 'She's visiting your grave."

A white light then filled the entire restaurent as the customers and workers started to wonder where it was coming from. Ken began to look around as he cursed to himself.

"No..not now!"

As the white light dimmed, two men with long white hair and trenchcoats stood in the center of the restaurent as they stared at Ken.
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Post by Garet » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:26 am

"We knew you would come here." smiled one of the white haired men as he pulled back his trenchcoat slightly, revealing a samurai sword with a white and gold handle in a white sheath on his waist.

"Get out of here!" hissed Ken at Tony as he pushed him away while biting his right thumb. Both Angels looked at Ken surprisingly as he spread his thumb on his left palm. The second angel placed his hand into his pocket as he quickly pulled out a small rectangular piece of paper.

"No your not" whispered the second angel as he to bit his thumb and quickly wrote with his blood the word 'Seal' in Angelic writing.

Before Ken could slam his plam onto the floor, the second angel slamed the note onto the floor as the entire room was shinning for a moment with these symbols. When Ken placed his palm on the floor, a white light was shinning where his palm was, Ken screamed in pain as he pulled away his palm from the floor. Looking at his hand, he noticed that it was burnt.

"How the hell did he manage to know this?" questioned the first angel as he slowly placed his hand on his swords handle.

"Beats me,' replied the second as he stood up. 'But the rest of them didn't know this when we were after them."

Rest of them? Ken thought to himself, but what the angels were saying were the least of his worries since he couldn't pull out his sword.

"Either way,' smiled the first angel. 'Let's have some fun!" he then pulled out his sword as he ran towards Ken. Picking up a chair that was next to him, Ken raised it in the air as the angel cut through it as if it was nothing. He then kicked Ken as he flew onto the window, but to his surprise, instead of breaking through the window, a sort of force field blocked him from breaking the window as Ken bounced off of it.

Getting up from the floor, both angels began to laugh.

"You ain't going nowhere outlaw.' laughed the second angel as the first one raised his sword.

'Your trapped here."
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Post by Garet » Mon Nov 29, 2004 5:37 pm

Ken clenched his fist as the angel with the sword came running towards him. Rolling to the side as he dodged the attack, Ken then jumped towards the Angel as he went to punch him in the face. The angel smiled as he side stepped the punch with ease. He then quickly rotated his sword as he jammed his handle onto Ken's sternum.

The attack made Ken jump back as he was instanly kicked in the head by the second angel, who appeared behind him in an instant. Fallin onto the floor, Ken reached for a bottle of rum that was on the floor as the second angel then kicked Ken on the back as he was tossed into the air.

In mid air, Ken noticed that the first angel was waiting for him where he was going to land. Tossing the bottle of rum at the angel's head, he smiled once again as he shifted his head while the bottle passed by him and broke onto the floor. The moment Ken was in close distance with him, the angel lifted his blade quickly in the air as he slashed Ken across the chest.

Falling on the floor, Ken moaned in pain as the slash began to burn him.

"Whoa there Lexx. We're supposed to capture the outlaw." stated the second angel as Lexx , shrugged.

"It wasn't a deep cut.' he then pointed at Ken, who was shifting slightly in his pool of blood. 'It's not like he's going any-"

A white light then filled the entire room as Lexx and the second angel covered their eyes in pain. Both angel's then felt a gush of wind followed by an explosion as the light began to dim.

Lexx squinted as his vision was slightly blurred, he looked at his companion who was across the restaurent when he noticed that the entrance door's next to him were blown down.

"He escaped?!" yelled Lexx as he looked down where Ken was. Next to the pool of blood that Ken was on, was a marking that the angel's use in the academy to signify a 'flash bomb.'

The second angel walked next to the symbol as he shook his head, "Impossible, I sealed this entire area."

Lexx looked at the second angel, "The only way..." his eyes then opened in shock as he quickly turned around where he saw the broken bottle of rum ontop of the ruined sheat of paper that had the smudged writing of the word 'Seal.'
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
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Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Post by Garet » Fri Dec 03, 2004 7:38 pm

Ken opened his eyes as he saw Alexia naked, standing next to a desk.

"This is for you love." she said with a smile as she picked up a black sword from the desk. Ken sat up from the bed as he looked at it. The entire blade was pure black instead for the handle as it had gold designs.

"This sword is very powerful. It was forged by Hephaestus, it could withstand almost anything from heaven."

"Your giving it to me?" he questioned as he stood up from the bed and walked towards Alexia.

"Of course love,' she smiled as Ken hugged her, 'There's a few other things I should teach you that would help you."

Ken raised an eyebrow as he looked at Alexia. "Help me in what?"

"To choose your path."


Ken opened his eyes as he tried to sit up, but couldn't due to the fact that he was in tremendous pain. Shifting his body slightly from the pain, he tried to look and see where he was. The small room, and surroundings made him realize that he was in an apartment room. Judging from the furniture it looked like was in the Hilton to his surprise.

Hearing the water run for a moment in the washroom, Ken turned his head towards the washrooms direction as the running water stopped, and out came a familiar face.

Sydney looked at Ken for a moment as she then looked away from him as she walked towards the chair.

"What...are you doing here?" coughed Ken as he began to remember what happened at the restaurent. All he remembers was finishind the symbol to cause a flash bomb before he passed out.

Sydney didn't say anything as a man with spikey white hair and wearing a black suit with blue tinted sunglasses walked into the room. Ken knew that he was an angel, and a strong one, and wanted to get up to protect himself or attack but couldn't since he was to much in pain from the attack he received from before.

"Don't worry Ken, I'm not here to take you away." stated the man with spikey hair as he raised his hand. Ken then looked at Sydney as he began to realize if he knew who this man was.

"She knows the situation since the academy already paid her a visit." replied the man as if he was reading Ken's mind. Ken looked at Sydney with a hurt expression on his face as he didn't want her to get involved with all of this since the beginning. He wanted to tell her, that he was sorry for what he did...but he couldn't.

Sydney continued to look away from Ken as he man continued to speak. "My name is Maxwell, I'm a high class Angel in the Military Academy, the same academy that's after you..."

"So why are you heping me?" snapped Ken as Maxwell smiled.

"That's because Heaven hasn't been honest..."

Ken looked at Maxwell for a moment as he tried to understand what he meant, but he couldn't.

"What do you mean?"

Maxwell shook his head as he began to walk to the windows. "Forget it, all that matters is that you must rest for a bit. Lexx and Ricardo nearly captured you at the restaurent if it wasn't for me."

"There still going to find me." replied Ken as he looked out the window. Maxwell shook his head as he raised a finger.

"I 'fixed' this room, no angel or demon can sense you or enter this room. It's been blessed and cursed so both sides cannot enter."

Ken nodded his head as he then looked at Sydney, who was looking at him the whole time, but turned away as he looked at her.

"Why is she involved." he snapped, to show that he didn't want her near him and perhaps make her leave. Ken didn't want Sydney to get inolved or hurt with his problems.

"Her brother is still after her." replied Maxwell as he continued to look out of the window. Sydney closed her eyes from the thought as she lowered her head.

"Brother?' questioned Ken. 'Didn't she have two of them?"

"Tommy is dead...' replied Sydney in a low voice. 'John escaped."

Ken shook his head as he spoke to Sydney. "I'm sorry Sydney.' he said, 'I didn't want you to get involved with this..."

"It's ok.' she replied as she looked at Ken with smile on her face that shocked Ken a bit. 'I...would have either way followed you." she whispered.

The room was silent for a moment as Maxwell spoke. "I must head to the academy and find out more about this situation, and try to help you Ken.' he said as he begant to walk towards the door. 'The only thing I could say is, don't give in to the hatred..."


John leaned on a building wall as he grabbed his wound. He looked up to the gray sky as he began to cry from the loss of his brother. The hatred in him was growing ten fold to those men with white hair and his sister as he began to think that it was a set up all along.

"Help me master." he pleaded, and in an instant Alexia appeared from the shadows as she looked upon John.

"Look what has happened to you." she stated, John raised his arm as he pleaded.

"Make me stronger Alexia....' Alexia raised an eyebrow as she smirked. 'I want my revenge..."

Alexia thought for a moment as she continued to smile. "Alright hun, I'll do you this favor."

She then kneeled next to John as she touched his chin. "But you won't be the same ever again."

John didn't think as he replied.

"Do it..."

"Very well.' smiled Alexia as she stood up, 'But I got someone else to do replace you until your ready."

She then grabbed John by the arm as they both disapeared in thin air.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Silent Love

Post by Garet » Sat Dec 04, 2004 5:23 pm

After Maxwell stepped out of the room, both Ken and Sydney remained where they were as they didn't speak. They could both feel that 'vibe' of uncomfortableness between each other as it started to make Ken a bit frustrated.

Forcing himself to sit up caused him to feel a sharp pain in his chest, as he coughed out blood. Sydney jumped up from her chair and ran to Ken as he then fell off his bed.

"Jesus, what the hell are you doing?!" she snapped as she placed Ken's arm around her neck and tried to lift him up. Ken held his chest as he spat out some more blood.

"Leave me alone." he snapped as he shoved Sydney slightly. Limping towards the window, Ken began to look out at the silent night as he saw Sydney's reflection staring at him.

"So you know." he said, Sydney was quiet for a moment as she then nodded her head in reply.

"Now you'll understand why I'm going to ask you to leave."

"And go where?!' she snapped. 'To my familly? Their dead because of you!"

"I said I'm sorry, but if don't listen to me now, you could die. I cannot babysit you while I'm-"

"Babysit?' she interfeared, 'Is that what you thinking about me?"

Ken continued to look out the window as he replied. "Your not the reason I came here."

Sydney was in shock, the room was quiet once again when Sydney decided to walk out of the room. As the door closed, Ken nodded his head.

It's the best thing for you.


"Welcome to the Hilton sir.' smiled the receptionist at a middle aged man who was wearing a white jacket. 'How long will you be staying here?" she continued.

The man was holding a black briefcase which surgeons had in the olden days, that carried their tools. The man was wearing dark sunglasses which matched his black slicked back hair and thin moustach as he smiled at the receptionist.

"Just for the night." he replied with a british accent.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Surprise Visit

Post by Garet » Sun Dec 05, 2004 5:57 pm

Slamming the entrance door which led into Ken's room, Sydney stormed down the hallway floor and headed towards her own room. When Maxwell brought Ken to the Hilton, he kept on telling her to stay with Ken in his room where it was safe, but she refused, not because she didn't want to see him...well until now...but she would have felt uncomfortable. Luckily, Maxwell was kind enough to pay for her room.

Walking in, she immediately tossed herself onto the bed and hugged the pillow.


Ken continued to look out the window as he stared at the pedestrians walking by. For a moment he felt a chill run down his spine and still had an uneasy felling inside of him. It wasn't the injury that made him slightly edgy, but something else. He then thought of Sydney, Maxwell mentioned briefly that she had her own room, and most probably that's where she is right now most probably.

Letting out a long sigh, Ken put on his shirt as he tried not to ruin the bandages around his chest. Walking out of his room, he tried to remember the room number that Sydney was in. Standing infront of the door, he paused for a moment as he then knocked on the door.


Feeling comfortable, Sydney began to close her eyes when a knock at her door woke her up.

Knock Knock Knock

"Geez, you like to apologize quickly." she said to herself, thinking of Ken. Not looking through the eye hole, Sydney opened her door as she arched an eyebrow.

" may I help you?" she questioned at the man who was wearing a white jacket and holding a black fat briefcase.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Dr. Jackal

Post by Garet » Tue Dec 07, 2004 6:17 pm

Opening the door, Ken was surprised to see an old woman staring at him.

"Yes?" she questioned, as Ken tried to say something.

"Uhhh, my mistake." he smiled and ran off. Thinking to himself, he tried to figure out which room Sydney was acutally in. That's when it hit him, instead of 383, which he just went to, she's in 338. Turning at the corner, Ken then walked down the hallway as he knocked at Sydney's room.

Waiting a couple of moments, Ken knocked again as he spoke.

"Hey, I know your in there."

He then waited a few more moments as he continued to knock on the door repeaditly. Ken then began to smell a certain scent coming from Sydney's room, that started to make him a bit worried. Banging on the door now, Ken raised his voice slightly.

"Syd, are you in there?"

The smell then came a bit stronger, as Ken immediately bit his thumb and marked his palm as he pulled out his sword from the floor. Kicking down the door, Ken ran inside when his eyes opened in horror.

Hanging by her feet ontop of her bed, was a woman wearing the Hilton uniform as she was cut apart in a horrific way. The entire bed was soaked by her own blood and organs. Behing the hanging woman was a phrase written in blood on the wall.

Rooftop. J

"J...." he mumbled to himself, he knew that marking on the wall. It was the exact marking that he kept on getting carved into him when he was in hell, infact, the same marking was on the woman's forehead. This was the marking of...

"Dr. Jackal." hissed Ken as he ran out of the room.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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Last Chance

Post by Garet » Fri Dec 10, 2004 7:16 pm

Opening the door which led him into the rooftop of the Hilton, Ken immediately saw Sydney on her knees, tied up and had a red ball in her mouth. Dr. Jackal stood next to her as his jacket was full of blood from the secretary he killed earlier.

"Are you ok?" he questioned, Sydney nodded as tears ran down her cheeks. Dr. Jackal laughed as he smiled at Ken, his psychotic smile made Ken have flashbacks of hell.

"She would have been ok, if it wasn't for you, boy" snapped Jackal, Ken raised his sword and was about to run when Dr. Jackal made a satchel come out from his sleeve and pointed it at Sydney's neck.

"Easy there, boy." he laughed, Ken did what he was told. Doctor Jackal then raised a finger as he continued to speak.

"This is your last chance kid,' he said, 'I don't know why she wants you, if it was up to me...' he then looked at Sydney as he rubbed her cheek while laughing. 'Well, you know."

"Last chance for what?"

"To join us obviously.' he laughed. 'We're at war, boy. You just don't know it."

"Why would I want to join Hell?"

Dr. Jackal appeared that he was getting fed up of this conversation. "Listen to me boy, the Heaven's don't want you, that's obvious. There hunting you,' he then started to laugh. 'If only you knew what they would do to you."

"Bull-'' he then raised his sword. Dr. Jackal laughed as Sydney looked at Ken in confusion.

"Even with threats, you would still attack me.' Jackal then pulled the satchel away from Sydney. 'Must I force you to do things."

"Don't bother, I won't join Alexia."

After what Ken said, a wall of flames appeared infront of him as Alexia appeared.

"Hey hun," she greeted with a smile.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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The innevitable trial that never happened...

Post by Garet » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:39 pm

The flames disappeared the moment Alexia appeared, Ken leaped back as he raised his sword. Alexia began to laugh as she placed a hand on her hip,

"Who are you joking hun?' she laughed some more as she snapped her finger; the blade disappeared in thin air from Ken's grip. 'Why would you want to attack me with my own weapons?" she continued.

"What do you want from me?" questioned Ken as he began to look around for something he could use as a weapon. Alexia began to walk towards him, her hips shifted from side to side underneath her tight red dress as she smiled.

"I want you, of course.' she said, as she rubbed her finger along Ken's chin and lips. Alexia then raised an eyebrow, 'Don't tell me you forgot the deal that we made."

"You want me to kill someone, that I don't even know.'' he mumbled, Alexia smiled again.

"Oh, you know this person." she said, walking towards Sydney, who was still tearing up a little bit. Sydney's eyes then widened as she looked at Alexia and at Ken after piecing together what they were talking about.

"You want me to kill, Sydney?" questioned Ken in shock, Alexia smiled as she began to rub Sydney's cheek.

"No, hun.' she then laughed slightly, 'I feel sorry for this human, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, when you appeared."

Alexia then turned towards Ken as she folded her arms, "The person your going to kill is someone you know,' she then began to tap her head, 'and don't know if you know what I'm saying." hitting Ken's memory loss.

Alexia then turned towards the edge of the building as she looked upon the city, "It's a trial,' she said, 'a trial that has never been done. It's something the heavens wouldn't allow."

She then turned back at Ken as she raised a finger, "This one act will decide which side you will be, and it will happen soon."

Alexia continued as she walked towards Ken, "Why do you think Heaven is after you? They want to take you away, strip away the oportunity to make that decision, somethign they've been doing for the past thousand years with others like you.' Alexia's face was inches away from Ken's, 'They don't want to give you a second chance."

A thunder was then heard ontop of the building, Ken and Sydney jumped in shock as Alexia smiled.

"And look who's here." she smiled as she turned her head over her shoulder.

"Lucifer-Alexia, what do you think your doing?!" yelled Maxwell as he walked towards her and Ken. Alexia placed bother of her hands on her hips as she raised her eyebrow.

"Watch your tone, Angel." she threatened, Maxwell ignored her as he continued.

"Ignore her, Ken. Only you have the choice in choosing your path by the choices you make. There isn't just one decision making event which will decide everything!"

Alexia laughed, "How would you know, Maxwell. You just figured this out and you believe what your saying is correct?' she then shook her head, 'Think harder Maxwell, who's the villain in this situation? The one giving them a choice,' she then pointed up at the sky, 'or no choice at all."

Maxwell didn't say anything as Alexia smirked, she then snapped her fingers as Sydney was free from being a prisoner. "Either way hun, remember this' she said, speaking to Ken. 'The innevitable will happen, even the heaven's cannot stop it."

Walking towards Dr. Jackal, Alexia tapped Jackal by the shoulder. "Let's go Doc,' she said, 'Your work is done here." In a blink of an eye, they were both gone.

Maxwell looked at Sydney to see if she was alright, he then turned to Ken who was looking down.

"What's going on...." he whispered.
If they swing their swords for the sake of 'order'.
I will fire my arrow for 'pride'
Then I would punch for the sake of a 'bond'

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