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Make the Mark...

Post by VagueDurin » Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:06 pm

"Rei here... Go." a voice spoke into the darkened cockpit of the YT 1930 freightor Decietful...

"Mr. Rei, I have a job for you. You come highly recomended from an associate of mine." The voice spoke from the comm box.

Rei half shrugged his armored shoulders and sighed a bit. He heard the same thing all the time. He didn't respond, only waited for the man to continue patiently, he had nowhere important to be...

"Theres a certain smuggler... who took it upon herself to steal a very valuable peice of equiptment from me. I am in need of both the human, and the prototype." the voice continued after the silence had gone on long enough...

"Two targets... Two prices." Rei spoke calmly.

"I expected as much. I'm transmitting a file, it contains all needed information on the human, the equiptment and what i'm willing to pay for each of them...."

Rei waited for the information to download and displayed it in holographic form in the air in front of him. An eyebrow raising slightly. "I need ten percent upfront."

"I'll give you five, and nothing more."

"Fine... I'll contact you on this frequency when I'm finished."

"Oh, and Mr. Rei... The human will be Alive."

Rei clicked the comm off and rolled his eyes slightly. A smuggler... stealing. His barely blue eyes flicked over the bio... Colorfull history with the law, not suprising... Taking a deep breath, he took the controls of the freightor and inputed the coordinates. Within minutes his craft was traveling at faster than light speeds towards Nal Hutta... The Smugglers Den…
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