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An Ancient Arena... (OPEN TO ALL)

Post by coronhorn » Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:56 pm

The foliage was think, there was no doubt about that, it had since he'd set his small personal skiff down two days ago in the only open area he'd been able to find within a couple days hike of his destination. Parallax IV was a remote world even by the standards of the outter rim, as far as he could tell there hadn't been any seintient inhabitants on it's surface in atleast a thousand years, not since the early days of the republic. Back then the remote world had been a hub for the exploritory boom that shaped those early days, hyperspace explorers had flocked here jsut as they had to thousands of other worlds but once the most lucrative hyperspace routes had been discovered and the reality that the systems off of this particular hub held little or no value the thriving settlement had turned to ghost town almost over night. He's seen the mostly overgroen remains of that boom time settlement on his initial overflight of the planet. The only other thing this planet had to offer was it's past, all across the surface of the planet archeologists had discovered the remains of what appeared to be a vast and complex ancient civilization. There were vast cities of ruins on just about every contienent of the planet. Early explorers had probed some of the ruins but hadn't discovered anything of real value and so they simply stopped looking.

This didn't surprise the man as there was literally no evidence to suggest anything significant laid burried here, atleast not on the planet, no the information that had sent this man hurtling through thousands of light years of space had been discovered on very nearly the other side of the galaxy. There on a planet much like this one he'd been poking through the ruins of another ghost planet when he'd discovered refrences to an ancient civilization that had spanned much of the known and apparently now unknown galaxy. That didn't surprise him, several of his colleges and indeed some of teh most preeminant archeological minds in the galaxy had in recent years began to posit that the Old Republic had not been the first galaxy spanning culture to exsist. There were far too many traces of one or more previous cultures having exsisting showing up in the archeological records of far too many differnt culture to think that anymore.

Ofcourse most of those same per-eminant thinkers also shunned his own theories about these cultures, the most popular opinions assumed that like the most recent cultures to crawl thier way across the galaxy that the primary mode of transport was ship based. He on the other hand had been persuing a theory that was somewhat more exotic and if he was right proof of that theory was here on this planet.

Pausing for a momment he lifted his arm and wiped the sweat that was dripping from his brow away with his sleeve, he just hadn't counted on having to trudge through miles of heavy jungle to get where he was going. Behind him the light buzz of a micro repulsor made it's way through the jungle till a small cam-bot finally broke through the foilage, it's red photo receptor focusing on the man before it bobbed up to him and released the large canteen it carried into his grasp,

"Master I still fail to see why you could not have simply utilised the speeder bike you carry with you on the ship to have by-passed this long and might I add dangerous trip on foot."

The man smirked at the worried prattling of his faithful camera-bot, most wouldnot have equiped such a droid with a vocabulator or the logic and personallity circuits needed to even hold this conversation, but CD-6 had been with him far longer than any of his organic counter-parts had been and he enjoyed the droids company,

"It's simply part of the experience CD, it helps one to appreciate the discovery all the more if achieving it was a challenge."

"I must say MAster if your postulations are correct the mere struggle to prove that you are infact not a loon would be more than satisfying."

The man just shook his head and took a swig from his fresh canteen before sealign it back up and pulling his vibro-machette from the ground and thumbing it back on,

"Were that any messages on the holocomm back at the ship?"

"None of consequence, just two messages from one Gorba the Hutt, shall I play them back for you?"

"No, that won't be nessecery CD."

"As you wish master though I must say that the hutt did seem rather... agitated with you sir."

"I don't doubt it, the slug probably is gettign antsy about the credits he supplied to fund this expedition."

"Would it not be wise then to appraise him of your current findings?"

The man looked at the droid for a momment and then shook his head and started forward into the jungle again, CD simply resumed his primary function and resumed his documentation of his master's laborous trek through the jungle's undergrowth...

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Post by coronhorn » Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:35 am

The fire crackled in the night, the occasional bursh of embers floating into the air from within it when one of the not quite dry peices of wood would get hot enough and pop. The man watched the flames with an un-nerving stillness studying the dance of the flames as they consumed thier source of life. To him fire was one of the most intresting metaphores for the human condition that he'd stumbled across in his years of searching the galaxy for lost or previously unknown civilizations. For a fire to "live" it had to consume it's source of fuel, but indoing so it doomed its own exsistence, and depending on the fuel the fire would change. The more intense and entergetic the fuel the brighter and stronger the flame but the shorter it's life would be. The same he'd come to the conclusion, was true of sentiant beings, the beings in the galaxy that were truely brilliant lived lives that were bright intense super novi, while the less brilliant lived long and mostly benign lives that did little to improve the overall state of the galaxy. The rest, men like him, fell somewhere in middle, thier lives burned hot enough and long enough to make a difference and that was what he'd long since decided to her would do. The trail that had lead him to this place in this suffocating jungle had been a long and twsiting trail, but he would follow it to it's inevitable conclusion. He wasn't sure of what he would find at it's end but he knew there was something there, even if it was only the dead shell of a people who'd live so long ago that all be the scantist traces of thier exsistence still exixsted and then usually only buried in cryptic refrences in other younger cultures.

Rasing his eyes from the fire the man looked upwards into the heavens, there twinkling beyond the dense forest canopy was a sky that very likely hadn't been gazed upon by a senitent lifeform in centuries. A small smile creased teh man's lips as he adjusted the small pack that was to serve as his makeshift pillow and then settled down by the fire, tossing a few more pieces of fuel he granted it a few more hours of life and himself a few more hours of warmth and protection from teh predators that invariably inhabited this jungle, but of which he'd seen little or no sign and with that he laid his head down, the next day would be a long one and he would need his rest...

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Post by coronhorn » Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:36 pm

This was the mother of all strange dreams, that was the conclusion that the man had quickly come to as he moved through the jungle he'd spent the last several days hiking through with almost un-natural ease. Ahead he could see his eventual desination rising out of the jungle. A millinias old structure that by all accounts was completely devoid of anything of value or intrest, atleast that was what the previous reports had said, but as he moved through the jungle he knew that there was something there, something important. As he reached the edge of the clearing around the massive structure he came to a gracful stop and stared up the slope of the building there perched halfway up was a being, a woman to be precise, she seemed to almost glimmer in the morning sun. She was he thought, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. With almost no hesitation he began to bound up the pyramid, taking leaps that would have been impossible for a normal human, as he did so the woman retreated into a cavity that had formed in wall, it was then that he was suddenly aware of why the leaps had been so easy and un-natural. As he glanced at his hands, no they were paws he stopped on the ledge, glancing into a small pool of water that had accumlated the face that met his own wasn't human,

"Do not fear Chosen one, we have been waiting a long time for your arival."

The man looked up and found himself looking into the face of woman, her eyes so deep that he felt as if he could fall into them, and then he did...

The man awoke with a start, the sense of falling so real in the dream completely disorrienting him, as he flopped around on the muddy jungle floor he rolled onto the still hot coals of his former fire and yelped as he scrambled to his feet nursing a now burnt hand. As he stood nursing the injured hand he noticed that the jungle, which over the last two mornings had been a chophany of noise was now almost completely still. A silence that was suddenly split by a low rumbling growl, the man spun still holding his hand to find a jungle cat, it's body low to the ground it's eyes fixed on him. The man's mind raced as it began to calculate ways out of this particular situation, almost as if in response the cat rumbled another low growl and licked it's chops,

"Easy now." he spoke pressing out his hand, the burn on it now completely forgotten in a rush of adreninal, "You wouldn't want to eat me, I don't have any fat on me, I'm all muscle and sinuwe."

Still the large cat moved forward placing one darkly furred paw in front of the other, the man seeing no other option began to back up, he could remember a passage from one of his survival books back on Obroa-skai that said to never turn your back on any variety of predator, to always back away from them. It was then that his attention so focused on the animal infront of him failed to recognise the presence of the large tree behind him. This reality dawned on him as his foot caught on one of it's roots and then fell backwards into the trees trunk. His burnt hand immediantly moving to soften his landing. Ofcourse the fact that the adreninal had erased the passive pain couldn't block out the stabbing pain that shot up his arm to his brain, pain enough for him to pass out, stupid he thought as the world turned black, died backing away from a dangerous beast and then tripping on a root...

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Post by coronhorn » Fri Feb 10, 2006 8:28 pm

The first stirrings of conciousness were more than a little confusing for the man, though the fog that seemed to be blanketting him vanished in a flash when he felt a large rough tounge lapping at his hand. The same hand he'd burned on the fire, as he glanced over he found the large cat carefully attending to his wound,

"Master, it is good to see you back amongst the living sir."

The man glanced over to the droid that was floating about a meter off the moss covered floor of the jungle,

"How long?"

"Aproximently 12 hours sir, I must say Master I was quite surprised when the animal did not attack you. It instead seems to be most concerned with your injuries."

The man again turned his attention to his hand which the cat was still nursing, hesitently he pulled it away from the cat who looked at him with none of the malice he'd seen before, his eyes widened as he studied his completely unharmed hand,

"It is quite remarkable." CD continued, "I've documented the process sir, my logic processors can merely speculate that the animal's siliva contains some kind of healing properites akin to bacta. It is quite facinating sire."

The man flexed his hand and winched as dull pain throbbed through it, lowering it back down the cat sniffed at where the injury had been and resumed it's libations,

"Document everything, this cat's saliva alone could pay for this expedition."

As the droid buzzed around them it drew the cat's attention and as it moved in for a closer shot of the man's hand it took a swipe at him, the droid squealed as it was sent spinning away. Once the droid had righted itself and began to approach again the cat growled and rose to its feet,

"CD, I think you might want to..."

Before the man could finish his sentence the cat leapt onto the droid knocking it out of the air and pinning it to the ground, the sound of something scrapping durasteel emanated from the fracas,

"STOP!" he finally shouted when he finally realised what the cat was tryingt o do. The cat didn't stop,

"Master the beast has almost penatrated my casing please!"

Pushing to his own feet the man focused his still somewhat hazy attention on the beast, he could almost feel it's anger with the droid,

"Stop." he repeated but this time with a much more commanding aire. The cat immediantly stopped and turned it's head to him, though it kept the droid pinned under one of it's massive paws,

"Let it go." the man spoke again with the same aire of authority.

Again the beast complied removing it's paw from atop CD-6,

"Oh master, thank the maker that it listened to you." the droid prattled on as it jetted up into the air about 3 meters hopfully out of range of the jungle cat, through the man doubted the little droid would be safe anywhere within the tree canopy, this animal was a predator that no doubt spent it's days in these trees hunting as evidenced by the solid gashes in the small cam droids durasteel housing. The man turned his attention back to the cat and then motioned for it to come to him,

"Come here."

Much to his surprise the animal did moving to him and sitting down infront of him, extending his formerly injured hand the cat sniffed at it again but didn't resume it's licking, instead it yawned, barring it's massive teeth before snapping it's mouth shut,

"My what big teeth you have." the man chuckled to himself remembering an old fairly tale his mother had often recited to him in his childhood, it was apporiate if not a little ironic since in the story the animal the lines had been recited to was more of a canine than a feline. Reaching out his moved to scratch the big cat's head and it quickly presented the back of it's ear, after a momment a deep purring sound emanted from it,

"I do believe it likes you master."

"I think you're right CD, which direction is the temple?"

The small droid bobbed in a circle for a minute as it oriented itself to the planet's magnetic fields,

"The temple should be 10.4 klicks north northeast of us sire."

"Can we make it before nightfall?"

"Given your condition I doubt that sir."

"Fine then we'll get as far as we can prior to nightfall."

Picking up his back-pack the man settled the bag on his shoulders and snapped the latches into place. Reaching down he picked up the vibro-machete and started into the jungle, the cat glanced up at the hovering droid before turnign and bounding into the forest after the man...

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Post by coronhorn » Sat Feb 18, 2006 2:04 pm

His dreams that night were primal, mostly running through the forest, both on the floor and through the tree canopy. The visceral thrill of the hunt, the adriniline rush was still pumping through his veins when his eyes snapped open, above him the sunlight of the system's star was just begining to peek through the tree canopy above and for just a momment it was like he could sense all the living creatures round him, each small bird and rodent, even the trees themselves. To his right the underbrush ruselled for a momment before his new compaion emerged carrying a medium sized rodent like creature in it's mouth, the car moved to his side where the fire embers from the previous night were still smoldering and deposited the small animal,

"For me?" he asked the cat as he stood and streched before squating back down to take a look at the animal. It appeared to be some kind of distant cousin to the womprats of tatooine. It would take hours to cook properly over a fire, he'd never eaten raw meat before and stuck in the middle of a jungle on a virtually uninhabited planet didn't strike him as the best place to start. For a momment he considered how to best go about eating the critter before an idea dawned on him. Moving over to his bag he retrieved a smaller virboblade and his small hand torch, glancing over he found the cat laying about 5 feet away watching him intently,

"I have no doubt that it's good raw, but I perfer my meat cooked." he joked as he took the knife to the small animal and begad carving out a section of solid meat. A few minutes later he ws crisping the slab of meat with the torch, the meat gave off an armoa very similar to a finely aged nerf steak as it cooked under the heat of the torch, this ofcourse setoff a vertiable water foceet in the man's mouth. As he finished the second side he pulled out a small vibro dirk and carefully carved off a slice and slipped it in his mouth. The meat was far gamier than he usually cared for but given the situation it was far better than freeze dried ration bars or nothing at all. As he started to work on the rather large steak the cat rose from it's place and moved over to the carcuss and then dragged it back to where he'd been laying and proceeded to finish pulling the meat from the animal's bones. Now normally just the sound of this kind of act would have set off the man's gag reflexes but even the sight of it didn't phase him. Thirty minutes later when the both of them had finished thier meals the man moved over to where CD-4 was charging and popped the connector loose and switched teh small droid on. It's photoreceptor coming to life followed by it's micro-repulsors,

"You appear to have had a much more restful night master." the droid spoke after a momment,

"I did, now if you would give us a headign on the temple?"

"Right away sire." the droid replied with it's best immitation of a chipper human voice, again the small droid aligned itself with the planet's fields and then oreinted itself in the direction of their destination,

"The structure 7.3 kilometers due northeast of us."

The man glanced over just in time to see the large cat preparing to pounce on the droid again,

"No!" he ordered sharply and the cat froze it's eyes still firmly locked on the droid, CD turned and then made it's best approximation of a yelp as it shot upwards into the tree canopy another 10 or 15 feet,

"Come back down CD, he's not gonna jump you. Are you?"

The cat glanced from the droid to the man and then back again and the let a low growl out before dropping it's head back down and then starting into the woods in the direction of the temple,

"See." the man smiled at his droid, "Now just stay out of his hair, keep your vocabulator tight and photo recptor peeled and we'll all be fine."

"As you wish Master."

With that the trio once again set off into the underbrush towards thier destination.

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Post by coronhorn » Sun Feb 19, 2006 6:12 pm

It was teh strangest feeling the man had ever felt as the mis-matched trio progressed through the jungle, the vibro-machettee buzzed in his hand as it slashed through the various vines and brush that compossed the living wall that stood between him and his destination. Though as the journey closed on it's destination he found himself doing less slashing and more agile ducking through, it was almost as if he was becoming one with his new feline friend. Above them the droid buzzed along taking the whole scene in,

"Master we should be coming up on the temple any momment now." the man could hear the droid preen above him. The droid was ofcourse right, he could almost feel the temple's impossing presence in the jungle ahead. Stepping through the last vestiages of the jungle the man paused,

"I've been here before." he spoke aloud even though the only being there was the droid,

"I highly doubt that master, this is the first time you've been at the this particular locale."

"No, I've been here." the man repeated his eyes scanning the vine covered surface for the opening that he knew was there, finally his eyes settled on the spot where he knew that opening was,

"There." he pointed, putting the machetee away, tugging on a couple of the vines he found one that he was sure would support his weight, the dorid buzzed up towards the area he'd indicated,

"Sire my scans do not indicate any kind of entryway into the structure in this area. Should I perform a more complete area scan? Perhaps there's another way into the temple."

"You do that." the man grunted as he continued pullign himself up the surface of the ziggurat. It took about 30 minutes of careful climbing for the man to reach the spot, instead of the damp and dark opening from his dream there was a solid block of stone. Closing his eyes he could almost see the scene from his dream,

"I know this is it."

A low growl emmanted from behind him and he turned to find his new friend carefully working it's way up the face, making delicate jumps, the cat circled up the surface and then hopped back down till he was astride the top of the block and then began pawing at the top center of the block. The man stooped down and looked closer at the front surface of the block,

"What are you trying to tell me big guy?"

As he examined the weathered surface he found a series of indentation near the center,

"Master I've done a complete survey and my finding concure with the previous records. This structure has no detecable entrences."


"I'm certain to within the ninety fifth percentile."

The man chuckled, "CD, what do you make of this series of indentations?"

The man moved back and allowed the droid to take a closer look,

"They appear to be a hand print sire, anaylsis indicates a ninety-nine percent chance that it is human."

"Good to see that your scanners agree with my dreams."

The droid turned to the man and he could have swore there was surprise in the droid's voice,

"There are no indications that this stone is..."

The droid stopped when the man pressed his hand into the depression and a deep rumbling issued from within the structure and the cube of stone began to slowly recess into the building and then dropped into the floor,

"An entry way," the man finished with a smile, "Tell me CD, what are the odds of that?"

"Higher than my processors are capable of processing sire."

The Man chuckled and then ducked into the low ceilinged passageway, the cat growled at the droid and then dropped down into the passageway behind the man, the droid sighed and then followed,

"I just know I'm going to regret this..." it warbled as it disappeared into the darkness...

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Post by coronhorn » Tue Feb 21, 2006 2:00 pm

The man's eye adapted remarkibly well to the much darker enviroment than he would have thought possible, he'd been in many many dark crypts before and this was the first time he could honestly remmeber not having to break one of the glowsticks he carried in his pack. About thirty meters into the tunnel the room opened up the walls to either side and the roof above disappearing into pitch blackness that even his new found night vision failed to pirece, behind hi CD-4 worrriedly bobbed out into the open space,

"CD, map the room and give me a holo." he nearly whispered but even that near whisper sounded booming in the enclosed space.

The small droid whirled off into the darkness, it's dimmed photo receptor glowing a faint red like dieing embers in a fire, suddenly a series of high-pitched pulses assaulted his ears, grimacing his hands covered them but it did no good, after a momment the pulses stopped,

"CD what was that noise?"

"My sensors detected nothing..."

"No, just now I heard a really high-pitched pulsing."

"Oh my, but that's impossible."

The man scowled at the droid, "What's impossible."

"The only accoustic sounds in this room that match your description would have been the hypersonics my systems use to map rooms, but your hearing should be incapable of detecting such frequencies."

The man shook his head, "Well I did, would it be possible for you to use a slightly higher frequency form now on?"

"I can but the resolution of the scans will not be as great."

"That's fine."

The droid bobbed in acknowledgement and then moved off again, again the man could hear barely audiable traces of the hypersonics but nothing like the first round. Reaching around into his pack the man pulled loose a couple of the glowsticks he'd brought and cracked the stack in front of him, slowly thier blue-green light began to colleece, shaking each one he tossed it in a different direction radiating from the doorway. The first one he threw straight ahead flew for a solid twenty meteres before bouncing along to a stop, the second about ten before it bounced off a vertical surface and dropped to the floor, the third arched through the air and then disappeared into the darkness of the floor, attachign the last one to his pack's harness he slowly began movign towards where the third stick had vanished, his eyes easily seeing much further with the added light of the sticks, ahead of his the floor dropped away into a sheer drop of about 100 meters, at the bottom of which he could see the small light of the stick reflecting off a pair of walls, pulling another stick from his pack he cracked and shook it then slung it out across the revine and it bounced and skittere to a stop ten meters away, in the dim light he estimated the trench to be about 3 meters across, much too far to leap, above him the buzzing of CDs microrepulsors returned and he glanced up,


"The room is quite large master, based on external scans of the structure I would say it occupied apoximently thirty percent of the area inside the surface structure."

"Surface structure?"

"Yes master, based on my own scans, the orbital survey records and the mapping of this room I would estitmate the structure on the surface is merely the tip of a much larger complex. Most of which appears to be buried under the surface."

"How'd you come up with that?"

"Well sir many of the arcitecturial facets of this structure are similar to others we have surveyed, though I must say this one is far larger than the others, extrapolating based on the size of this room which I beleive to be the typical main audience chamber and the structure that is not buried I..."

"I get the drift. You said similar architecural facets? How similar?"

"There are correlations between the structures in this room and eighty-five percent of the various temples I have documented in your service."

"Eighty-five percent, this has to be it then... CD disaply the holo-mapping."

The little droid's projector whirled to life and a scaled representation of the room resolved in the air with a small red dot pulsing within, the man moved slowly around the hologram drinking in the rough details. Thr droid was close in it's assumptions when it had built it's theory but as he examined the room the detail he was seekign eluded him,

"CD where is the dias? If this is an audience chamber there should be a dias."

"As I was going to add before you intreupted me sire, I was unable to locate a traditional dias."


"Yes sire, the room does not contain one, but here.." The holo zoomed towards the center of the room where a large butte stood, "At the center of the room there is the structure that most resembles the traditional dias found in most audiecene chambers. The scans are not detailed enough for a complete analysis but it is the most likely fucntion of the structure given the layout of the room."

The droid was right, in the back of his mind the man felt a slight stiring that cuased him to break his focus away form the holo,

"Where is the cat?"

"The feline appears to be moving towards the center structure sire."

Without another word the man started into the darkness with only his glowstick to light the way, ahead he could feel the path he needed to take...

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Post by coronhorn » Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:18 pm

The room infact was significantly larger than the man had first thought, the scale of the holo that CD had displayed was slightly out of wack and it took the trio some five minutes of walking to actually reach the center dias and when they did it stood well over fifteen feet above the man's head,

"Ok, so suggestions as to how we get up there?" he asked aloud as much to the cat as to his droid,

"My inital scans did not show any form of access along the outter rim of the dias sire, I'm afriad I have no..."

The droid stopped as the cat glanced back at the two of them and then pawwed at a spot on the wall of the dias, as the man moved in to examine the spot the cat backed away and sat on it's haunches humming a rather throated purr, as the man examined the spot closer he detected the faint outline of bricks in the dust, as he touched the center of the one the cat had been pawing something inside the dias growned and ground before the distinct sound of a latch releasing could be heard, suddenly the stone he'd touched began to slowly extend from it's cavity, once it was fully extened another stone above and too it's right began to repeat the process,

"Stairs." the man smiled and then rubbed the top of the cats head, the large feline inclined it's head and tilted it so that his hand was scratchign just behind it's ear,

"I beleive it has befriended you sire."

"You don't say." the man replied sarcasm dripping from his voice, once the stairwell had disappeared around the far edge of teh dias the man, followed by the cat started up it, at first gingerly testing each stone, but finding they were as solid the rock they appeared to be made of, when they reached the top they found the last stone forming the landing at the top of the stairs was twice as wide as the steps and centered on a newly formed gap in the rim of the dias, when both the man and the cat had stepping into the dias the stone on the threshold rumbled and began to rise back into place, around the edge of teh rim they could feel more than see the other stones that formed the spiral stair case sliding back into the dias, surrounding them were a semi circle of ancient computer consoles,

"CD do any of these look familiar to you in design?"

The droid bobbed around above the various dorment consoles it's photorecptors taking in the details,

"These share several traits with several other anicent computer systems we have surveyed, much like the structure these appear to possibly be the orignal designs upon which those later systems were based."

Again an alosmt feral grin spread across the man's features, this place proved all of his theories about how civilizations in the galaxy had formed right, or atleast lended them creedence that could no longer be ignored by the rest of the scientific community. Moving forward to one of the dorment ocnsoles he blew at it's surface but only a slight bit of the loose dirt filled the air, the rest was caked on, with the swipe of a hand the rest was stirred from it's long slumber crumbling onto the stones beneath his feet, suddenly the ocnsole hummed beneath his touch and flickered to life, text in a language he'd never seen before began to flicker across the pannels,

"By the Force, it's still functional!"

"So it would appear, I'm running a analyse of the glyphs now sire."

The man stared at the console his own eyes studying the alien script, slowly his mind began to pluck out pieces that it knew, though they came from a dozen and a half different langauges from twice as many systems,

"Sire, this appears to be a..."

"Hybrid langauge."

"Close sire, my analyse indicates this is the root langauge."

The man turned to glare at teh small droid who bobbed back at the look from his master,


"Yes sire, the based on a comparative ananylsis with the various languages from the target worlds I cross refrenced in my architecural analysis my processors indicate 99.9999% percent certainty that the glyphs on the screen represent the root language that is the basis for all of the others."

The man stared at his robitc counterpart then glanced over at his feline companion then back to the console,

"Can you translate it?"

"I'm attempting to index the data and correlate now sire."

The man flashedhis feral grin again and then turned back to the console running his hands across the dusty surfaces, one by one the remaining four consoles flickered to life, each one scrollign more of teh same language across thier displays, CD turned and watched each one for minutes at a time as did the man, he recongised more individual glyphs and his own mind was workign at a furious pace to decode and decipher the meanings, it was all too much, sitting down on the cool stones he pulled a small ration from his pack began knawing at the bar, it's taste was hiderous but the neutriants it provided were soon humming through his system, glancing over to the cat he offered the bar but the feline turned it's nose up after sniffing it,

"I can't blame you, these things are awful." chucking at his own joke he finished the last of teh bar and then freed his water bottle from his pack and took a swig of teh cool liquid enjoying the feeling of it running down his dusty throat, standing back to his feet his eyes studied the glyphs again, suddenly things began to click reaching out he tapped one of the clusters of glyphs, above them another rummbling echoed through the darkness,

"Oh dear sire what have you done..."

Suddenly the darkness above them was rended by a blinding flash of white light, when it subsided and the man's vision began to readjust, far quicker than it ever had before he stared up at a massive array of glowing blue crystals suspended from the roof of the cavern,

"The emperor's black bones..." the man gasped in awe

Welcome Chosen one...

The man started at the voice, it spoke softly, though not through his ears,

We have long awaited your arrival

Spinning on his heal the man froze as he stood face to face with a blue shimmering verson of the lady from his dream, to his right the cat rose and then move to the woman's side seeming to rub against her leg, the woman glanced down at then scatched the cat lightly behind his right ear,

If Ra'Za has choosen you as his bond mate you are strong indeed Chosen

"Bond mate?" the man questioned his eyes dartign from the apprition to the cat, the woman's features softened into a smile,

I see you have much to learn Chosen, I suppose now is as good a time as any to begin your education...

Moving forward teh ghost extened her hand and with her index and middle finger touched the man upon his forehead, pure energy arched and the man went stiff his world fading to white...

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Post by coronhorn » Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:07 pm

The man's eyes blinked open, above him the massive blue crystals still hung where they had been when his world had gone white. Beside him the deep strum of the cat, Ra'Za, vibrated through him. As he propped himself up on his elbows the large feline's head rose and it's eyes, eyes that now shone with intelligence, looked over him,

It is good that you are unharmed, Medina was unsure if the Biden's technology was compatible with your physiology. When you passed out she left to consult with the others.

The voice rang in his mind and it took the man a momment to realise that it was Ra'Za's voice that he was hearing,

"You can speak?" his own voice sounded alien to him as the words left his lips.

Ofcourse, all creatures can speak with thier own, but our bond allows us to break through the walls that would otherwise seperate our minds. I see the lessons have already begun to take root in your memory, you speak the old language quite well now.

The man's mind raced at the implications of Ra'Za's words and he realised that was why his words had felt alien, he was speaking the langauge from the consoles,

"How is that possible?"

The large cat laid it's head back down and the man could swear it almost wore a grin,

Biden technology is capable of many things that the current galactic civilization, old as it is, consider impossible. In simplest terms Medina downloaded the basics of the Biden civilisation into your mind. As we speak it is... unfolding itself within your concious and unconcious mind, gifting you with the knowledge you will need to walk the path of the Chosen.

Pulling himself to a sitting position the man steadied himself as his head swam slightly at the change in posture, once he'd steadied himself he turned to face Ra'Za again,

"So whatever it is that she put in my head, it's re-writing my mental operating systems?"

Not re-writing, it's more akin to insertion...

the cat paused for a minute and the man could almost feel it sifting through his memories,

The program is much like a computer worm, it is sifting through your mind and creating the nessecery links within your mind where needed to allow you to fully comprehend Biden culture, it's language, customs...


Yes, once it has completed it's task it will simply terminate leaving you with a complete inventory of the nessecery knowledge.

The man reached over to his bag which was still sitting where he'd left it and again retireved his canteen, pulling the top loose he gulped the remaining water down, soothing his dry throat. If what the cat, Ra'Za was telling him was true then... again his throughts swirled at the possibilities. In the distance the distinct whine of a micro-repulsor reached his ears,

Your... Droid... returns. It left some time ago to return to your ship.

The man's eyes searched out into the darkness of the cavern till his eyes could decern the small metalic speck that grew steadily till he could make out the droid's scratched casing,

"Why did you attack CD before?"

It resembles one of this planet's native prey.

"A cambot resembles food?"

Yes, though it's shell is much more difficult to crack.

The man chuckled at that as the small droid dropped in and circled him,

"It is good to see you awake, the Lady Medina feared that she might have harmed you when she began the infusion. I attempted to assure her that my scans did not indicate any truma to you but she left to go and research the issue herself anyway."

"When will she return?"

The droid studied him for a long momment with no reply,


"One momment master, my translation matrix is still compiling a full index of the Biden language."

The man sighed and then closed his eyes for a momment,

"When... will... she... return..." the sentence was halting and monosybillic in basic and he had to struggle to regain his grasp of the langauge that he'd spoke almost his entire life,

"Ah," the droid replied a bit of surprise in it's voice, "She didn't not indicate a timeframe master. Though the fact that you now speak the Biden language perfectly and can still comprehend Basic is proof that her fears of damage to your cortex were unfounded."

As if on cue the air to thier right shimmered and the beautiful figure of the woman returned, she first nodded to Ra'Za and then to the man and lastly the droid,

"It is good to see you awake and cognative." she spoke in the old langauge this time, "Can you understand me?"

"Completely." the man replied from his place on the stone floor, slipping easily back into the old language himself, "Though I must say I am still... adjusting."

The woman smiled, "It is to be expected, your physiology is different from our own. Though our inital scans did not indicate such. There are slight differences in your species nuro-chemical makeups, fortunately yours is close enough that the process appears to be suceeding splendidly. Your grasp of the biden language is far greater at this early stage than we had predictied it would be."

"Stage?" the man questioned.

"Yes, the infusion is just the first in a series of steps, please stand."

Shakily the man streched his muscles and forged his way to his feet, Ra'Za too rose and moved to his side allowing him to steady himself,

"I see you and Ra'Za have made your aqauintences."

We have. the man could feel the cat reply.

"Good, then we shall proceed to the next stage."

The man glanced around, and then shruged, "Lead on."

Beneath them the stone vibrated and then rose sharply upwards. The man caught partially by surprise dropped to a knee holding onto Ra'Za, the small platform spiraled upwards towards the large crystals overhead,

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." the man whispered to himself as the quartet neared the formations and the air began to fill with static, then suddenly went white... again...

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When the man awoke again the air had lost the dusty taste of a tomb, instead now it burst with the tang of life as it had in the jungle around the temple. His surroundings were likewise fare more woodland and when moved he noticed that his clothes had been changed, where he'd once been clad in muddy cover-alls that he'd treked through the jungle in he now wore a tunic made of lightly spun fine silk and trousers of light homespun cotten he also found his own scent to be different, cleaner. Sliding his feet off the side of teh bed he was laid out on he tried his feet and found much to his relief that he still retained his full strength,

"CD?" he questioningly called into the air and then with his mind added, Ra'Za

We are in the next room. came the cat's gentle mental reply.

The light silk rustled around him as he moved cautiously to the only door within the room he'd awoken in. The door moved silently on well oiled hinges as he pushed it open and found both Ra'Za and CD near the center of the room along with another, the being was tall easily the hieght of a wookie with long white hair draping down it's turned back, it was dressed in a manner similar to his own. As he approached the being turned and greeted him with a nod of it's head,

"It is an honor to meet you Chosen, I am Forlorn. Lady Medina has asked me to be your companion while you are with us."

"And where exactly is that?"

"The refuge ofcourse." the man flashed a slight smile, "Now if you will follow me, the council is waiting."


"Yes, they will be the ones responisble for completeling your training chosen."

As the biden motioned towards the doorway both Ra'Za and CD began to stir but Forlorn motioned for them to stay,

"Honored guests you may be but this meeting is for teh chosen alone."

the man felt a pange of anger spike from Ra'Za as he bared his fangs and a low growl emanated from his throat,

"Either they come or I stay." the man finally spoke feeling that niether side was about to back down. The Biden looked back at him sternly but then softened his features,

"Very well chosen, though the council will not be pleased."

"Then let them."

The biden again motioned to the door and this time then allmoved out of the room, the tall Biden strode ahead of them down the alibaster hallways which were strung with what appeared to be some form of bio-luminecent sources, Ra'Za stayed by the man's side as they moved. After what felt like an eternity of moving through empty halls they arrived in a small foryar with a massive set of doors set into the wall opposite of the arch they'd entered through,

"Wait here." Forlorn spoke as he moved to the doors and with a motion they opened and he slipped through. Once they closed quietly behind him Ra'Za spoke quietly in the man's mind,

The elders will not like our presence, espeically the droid, they perfer more... organic constructs.

"Well the elders will have to adjust."

Indeed, there is much they will have to adjust to...

The man chuckled at the preceived joke, he fell silent as the doors again opened this time completely flooding the room with soft sunlight from the next room, Forlorn stepped back into the room with a nod,

"The council is ready to see you..."

The man nodded and followed the biden into the room...

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