Surreptitious Beginnings...

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Surreptitious Beginnings...

Post by Lord_Pravus » Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:09 am

A Star Destroyer hung silently over the small moon. A shuttle made the trip skyward from the backward rock, accompanied by two snubfighters for an escort.

"Lord Pravus," the pilot said. "We are approaching the Incubus."

"Good," the shadowy figure spoke. He was shrouded in a black robe, his face obscured in darkness.

"And your business on the planet?" the pilot inquired, curious.

"Is none of your business," Pravus quickly corrected, his voice icy. He leaned forward, his eyes shining from the darkness with an evil intent.

"Yes, m'lord," the pilot quickly recovered. "My apologies. It won't happen again."

Lord Pravus nodded. "See that it doesn't." Pravus thought silently to himself. These troops were loyal... but they did not yet fear him enough. They were recruits, from backward worlds, much like the one that hung below. Even his Star Destroyer was not originally his. He'd had to steal it, like so many other things. But slowly, his fleet was growing, and with it, his power and influence.

Many times, Prvaus found himself envying Palpatine and Vader. They had only died a few years ago, but their legacy, and their memory lived on. They held so much power... Pravus had to borrow and steal everything he had. Until he became a Sith. Things started to change then.

He had been a Jedi, on a small backwater moon, much like this one. A defender and guardian of the peace - trying desperately to survive, more than anything else. And then someone, a ghost from his past, had opened his eyes. He had been shown, the beginnings at least, of the Sith arts. It fascinated him. And so he began to research at first. He went about learning everything that he could, one single purpose in his mind.

He would become the Dark Lord of the Sith. And he would rule.

He had a dream. A dream of bringing ultimate peace to the Universe. He would succeed where Palpatine had failed. He would squash anyone who got in his way. But to do that, he needed power. More power. So, he stole a Star Destroyer. He convinced a few loyal followers from his past to become his crew. A loyal inner circle that he had promised great power in some distant future. They were simpletons, really, but they were capable of running his Star Destroyer, and that was enough.

And so he'd started out small. Lord over a few small worlds, and spread his influence like a virus. He sensed great rumblings in the Force... and he would be ready to make his move.
Every Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic.

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