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Post by Nyran Kheiron » Sat May 07, 2005 5:08 am

Sunlight was glinting harshly off the metallic floor as Eres Daemon walked forward. Not many were crowding the starport this day, and it would make no difference if there were millions, Eres knew the one she sought and could pick him out of any sized crowd. Idle against a wall he stood, barely six foot tall and nowhere near as 'impressive' as she was expecting. He stode in shadows, slumped over slightly with his eyes averted to the floor. His attire looked like that of a smuggler, black vest over a brown shirt and camo pattern trousers finished with boots. Yes, not at all what she expected.
Eres continued to stride toward the shadows figure but stopped short when he began to move. She'd never admit it but she actually jumped in a mix of surprise and fear, no, she'll never admit to that.
Still stuck firm in her place she heard the man speak,
"Robes are cumbersome, and these clothes provide more protection and mobility, leave your expectations behind you, analize dont assume"
Knowing full well that no oppurtunity to speak was granted she simply took her place by the mans side and left the starport.

The place he had taken her to was, to be honest, depressing. A mere abandoned warehouse is what she would guess. Dust and dirt littered the entire area, boxes and crates and other miscellanious objects were scatteed all over, truly depressing. Once inside the man walked over to the other end of the building, quite a distance, to pick up a box. He then moved it near the entrance and took a seat on it. "Grab yourself a seat" he told Eres so, with a mere motion of her hand, she dragged a box over by use of the Force. Just as she was about to sit down however the box shifted back a few feet and she almost fell on her arse. "I said grab yourself a seat" and the box returned to its original place. Somewhat disgruntled about the forced labour she retrieved a box by hand, an unusually heavy box. Now seated facing each other he continued to speak,
"You obviously have questions so ask them, its by far the best way to learn"

"Who are you?"

"I am Archer Ronin"

"Ok, um, what are you"


"Ok, am I suppose to ask a specific question here?"

"Ask what you want to know"
Eres immediately knew the answer she wanted most to know, "Why am I here?"

"Good question, buggered if I know"

"What kind of answer is that?"

"An honest one, I've no idea why you are here but I'm certain that you know"

"You Jedi and your damn mysteries"

"Dont mistake me for such a fool" he spoke with an obvious undertone that Eres grew somewhat fearful she had made a drastic mistake, "I am no Jedi". Eres wasn't about to get into this game of 20 questions so she thought about it and got to the point. "I am here to learn from you"

"Dead on, but no"

"What do you mean no!?"

"Let me spell it out, No, I will not teach you"


"I dont like you"

"You dont know me"

"Why do I have to?"

Eres was getting a little huffy now, but she became concious of it and controlled her emotions, just as her Jedi teachings told her to. When she returned her attention to Acher he had one eyebrow cocked in her direction. "What?"

"I've changed my mind, you obvious need to be taught and as luck would have it my schedule has cleared up".

Archer then rose and moved over to Eres, she also got to her feet and they stood face to face. With care Archer raised his right hand a slide it behind her back and under her shirt. Expecting to have to defend herself from another groping hand she was miffed to see him step back with her lightsabre in hand. "Thats mine"

"No shit" and he tucked it into his pocket. "First lesson," Archer began, "Is to forget about the Force, in fact no Force usage by you at anytime unless I say so, ok?"




"Do you even know why I'm asking this of you?"


"Then how do you expect to learn, the essence here is not just to follow direction but to understand why the direction is to be followed. Knowledge is not about being lead to the conclusion, at the very least you should understand the journey"

"Alrighty, why must I abstain from using the Force?"

"Because you 'Force wielders' rely on it far to much, can you imagine how a Jedi would cope if they lost thier connection to the Force?, Billions of billions live thier lives without ever even thinking of the Force and they are capable of great, galaxy changing feats, and here you are unable to go get a box without the Force to help you".

Leaving Eres with a look of confusion and anger on her face, he exited to a nearby room.
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Nyran Kheiron
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Post by Nyran Kheiron » Mon May 09, 2005 8:31 am

Lesson One

Archer strode over to Eres, who was scrubbing dishes with a toothbrush, the same toothbrush she had used to scrub just about everything in this stinking place and she was sick of it. "Time for a lesson" Archer mumbled over her shoulder and Eres was quick to drop the toothbrush and follow him out into the large central room.
"Lesson one is on the Force itself, as it's what you wish to gain mastery off it's imperitive that you know it for what it is. A Jedi will tell you the Force is everything, it binds us, guides us, it is the reason we live, they are wrong. I have met those completely devoid of the Force and yet they live. The Jedi will tell you the virtues of the lightside and the evil mechanations of the darkside, and they are wrong. There are no sides to the Force, it is the Force, it is one and whole. The sides are purely defining terms used to describe the intention of the weilder. Should they use the Force to hurt it is considered a use of the darkside. The Jedi will also warn you of the seduction of the darkside, but rest asured this seduction comes from no outside force, it is within you. Your own emotions, desires, fears, these are what the darkside is, but as such they should be embraced. Faced on a daily basis until you are the master of them. Once this is achieved you can use the Force with impunity, you will never fall. A true Force master could use thier lightning to destroy an army or cook popcorn, and feel no different. Now, get back to washing my dishes"
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