A search through time...

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A search through time...

Post by Xanamiar » Mon Apr 04, 2005 4:12 pm

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The silence of the building was suddenly shattered.

"I think I found it...." The young mans voice echoed through the emptiness as they heard the loud *Pop* comming from his direction. The Darkness was eliminated by the light.

"I'd say you have." The long haired woman stood at the entrance, as she waited for her younger brother to search out the lights.

"Do you realize how big this place is?" Her brother came out of the back area of the building. "It's HUGE. Someone knew how to build."

"Considering where it is, would you expect anything else." Another young mans voice echoed through the building as he entered with several bags on his back. "According to the last clue we found, we should find the library here."

"Why in the world would they have hidden the library so well?" The younger brother asked.

"Perhaps that will be answered, once we find it." The oldest of the three spoke once again. "Besides, we don't know what things were like 300 years ago." Her voice was as pleasant as the morning sun, on Naboo.

"Zack, come here." She beckoned her brother over to where it looked as if a giant pool had once been. "A garden? Perhaps?"

"Jaron... check it out. Looks like this use to be the water source for the building." Zack smiled as he noticed Jarons twin brother carrying in the rest of the supplies. "You two always come prepared, don't you?"

"Hey, if you can't come prepared for a stay, then expect to go home early." Daron replied as he lugged the supplies in and drop them on the floor.

"Where to next, Tali?"

Taliann looked around the room. "Well, the clue kind of implies that we go down, under the garden."

"So we dig?" Daron said as he pulled a shovel out of his bag.

"No, I don't think it'll be that hard, look for a trap door." Taliann started to look as did the rest.

"Why not just use the Force to find our way?" Zack being the youngest of them, also had the least ammount of patience.

"Once again. This isn't a Jedi mission. We are here to find something that was left to us by our ancestors. It kind of ruins the hunt if everything is done for us." Jaron smiled at Zack. "Besides, if we used the Force for everything, what would be the point of living."

Daron just laughed and started his search again.

"Found it." Taliann's voice came out with much excitement as she found a trap door on the side of the dome. She started to pull at it. "Can't open it though."

"Let me give it a shot." Zack ran over to the door, and yanked as hard as he could on it. "Ooof... That's heavy."

Daron pulled a pick axe out of his bag and walked over to the door. "Need some help little man?"

"Sure." Zack smiled and backed off the door, as the pick axe slammed into it.

Daron pulled with all his might and still couldn't budge it. "Jaron, come help with this."

Jaron walked over and pulled on his brother and with Tali and Zack pulling the door finally budged, then suddenly released, throwing all 4 of them onto the floor.

After a little bit of laughter they could feel the excitement of their find running back through them.

"So, who's first?" Jaron asked as he looked at the other three.

"Ladies always first." Daron said with a slight grin on his face. "Age before beauty also."

Tali gave Daron a dirty look and then shrugged as she walked down the staircase that layed under the door. "By the Force." Her voice chimed through the building, almost loud enough to shatter the glass. "Get down here."

The rest of them walked down the staircase to find what their wildest dreams could not imagine.

"Are those holocrons?" Zack asked as he began approachin the shelves of shining blocks.

"I think so." Jaron looked around the library.

Zack moved closer and reached out with his hand to touch one.

"Wait!" Tali spoke up before Zack got his hand on one. "Remember, these are memories, that will flash into your mind. Be prepared for them."

"Of course." Zack looked at the other two guy's who were also moving towards the holocrons.

"Guess we should find out what's in them though." Tali began walking towards Zack. "A lot of knowledge here, and hopefully many stories to learn."

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Post by Halcyon508 » Mon Apr 04, 2005 7:05 pm

Jaron and Daron looked at each other and smiled. “It’s the jackpot alright!” replied Jaron.

”This is what we have been looking for, where all the clues have led us.” Daron said, darting forward to grab the first Holocron. “Huh…Funny, I thought when a Jedi touched these images would come into there mind.”

Jaron stepped next to his twin and touched the Holocron. “Perhaps its broken…Or we don’t know how it works.”

Suddenly the device started glowing, this was enough to startle the brothers into dropping the smooth metalic like cube. It wiggled on the ground for a brief moment before saying, “You have reached the Holocron instruction program. A Holocron is a device used by the jedi for documentation purposes. Each holocron has host Jedi, or gatekeeper, who is the one portrayed in the holographic image. Other Jedi may add additional information to a holocron; however the primary host will always be the gatekeeper of the holocron. Each holocron has a unique way to access information such as touching a specific panel, speaking a phrase, or some method by the Force. Within Jedi holocrons the gatekeeper has the ability to restrict information depending on Force ability, preventing dangerous or extremely powerful information being known to Padawans. To access this units Gate keeper Jedi you must hold the Holocron within your hands.”

The company stared at the device until Tali reached out and picked it up. She noticed glowing lights being emitted out of the surface facing towards the dusty floor. When she tipped it over a young man could be seen, he was clad in Jedi robes and had a grin on his face.

“Greetings I am Daxan Sage, the Gate Keeper.” Tali stared at the man and then over at the twins, “Perhaps you should…” she hadn’t finished her sentence when Daron grabbed the holocron followed closely by Jaron.

“Greetings Jedi, I am Daxan Sage, the Gate Keeper. You have accessed the secret holocron door, of our family. You are either directly related to me, or, you are a descendant of one who is accepted here. I bid you a special welcome to my home, as well as to the library of the Jedi."

“Wow” replied Jaron to the message.

”How did this place come to be?” Daron asked quickly.

"For many years, I have been blocking the Dark side for so long, this was my last resort at saving what precious memories we have of the Jedi. It was a time of darkness, we were being hunted, and I felt a need to preserve the legacy of the jedi. This holocron has been made as a relic for those who follow. I had been blocked out the Dark side for so long, I felt my mind begging to weaken. This was my last chance at making a holocron for my family. If you have any questions please ask.”

“What of the other Holocrons here?” Tali chimed.

“Yes” the Gate Keeper said as he folded his Arms up. “Several were taken from the temple by me to preserve them, I retrieved so few though. My Descendants and those they trusted with this secret, added to my library. Each have there own way of being activated, each have there own gatekeeper.” The man sighed “I recieved so few from the temple. However I hope that others will find me, and add to it also. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
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Post by Xanamiar » Mon Apr 04, 2005 7:34 pm

Tali smiled at the twins as they recieved their message. Then she started to let her mind wander. "If we were given clues through our family, then that means that our family must have a holocron also here. Don't you think?"

Tali looked over towards where her brother was standing, but noticed he had moved over to where the twins had found the first holocron.

Zack picked up a crystal box, holding it in the palm of his hands, nothing happened. "Maybe it's a dud?"

Tali walked over and took it from him, she concentrated her thoughts on what the message could be that is in the box. Suddenly a light errupted from the box, and a man dressed in a black cloak, with a hood over his head appeared. He pulled off his cloak, revealing a handsome face, with a black beard, and mustache, as well as long black hair, down to his shoulders.

**Greetings Jedi. I am Zylan Xavier. You have accessed this holocron through the powers of the force. Please Identify yourself.**

Tali thought for a moment and then looked over to her brother shrugging her shoulders.

"Taliann and Zachory Xavier."

**Taliann, a beautiful name. No doubt you're named after my wife, Talia. I am honored of your parents choice. This holocron was left here to help you in your endeavor to see the things that had happened in both my life, and that of a good friend, Crystal Roshia. This holocron is meant for you, and you alone. Please take it with you for it will help in your endeavor to seek out my past, as well as that of other Jedi who we ran across.**

Tali looked at her brother in shock from what she was seeing and hearing. Zachory spoke up suddenly.

"Can we see something of your life?"

**Of course.**

The image of Zylan disappeared as a large image reappeared in it's place. A deserted planet appeared in the large space. "This is the planet where I began my training, and being raised by a great bothan Jedi. His name was Xanamiar Knight." A dark black bothan appeared, walking out of what seemed to be the ground. "Here we were raised."

Tali couldn't help herself and suddenly said .. "We?"

"Yes, we." Zylans voice replied. "My brother Ziven and I were raised here on this planet." At that two young boys also ran up from the ground, playing around. "At a young age, Master Xanamiar taught us the ways of the force, and how to use a lightsaber." The story started to unravel before them as the children started to grow older as they dueled with sabers. "Unfortunately my hautiness as well as my arrogance as a young man forced my brother into leaving the way of the Jedi at a younge age of 16. It is a time I regret." Zylan was still fighting his brother, as his brother dropped his saber, Zylan continued to strike, with his bare hand Ziven blocked the training saber and burns appeared on his hand. "This is only the begining of a story, which shall be saved for another time."

The holocron went out.

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