Fall of Ogriand; Destruction of the Omega Shipyard

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Fall of Ogriand; Destruction of the Omega Shipyard

Post by AetherWalker32767 » Mon Dec 13, 2004 2:22 am

Fall of Ogriand; Destruction of the Omega Shipyard: The Forces Begin to Gather

“What are you doing here?”

“I've come to warn you, sir. They're coming. Straylight's completely insane; he doesn't care if his entire faction is destroyed so long as he can get Ogriand, and if he can't conquer it, he'll lay it waste.”

“Can the platforms handle it?”

“Ever since the Admiral's breakdown, there's been too much talk of disarmament in the Ogriandian parliament. No hardware's been taken off yet, but the high command has covertly moved some platform personnel to symbolic and policing duties, to try and put a nicer face on the military.”

“Damn. Damn it! What kind of battle group are we looking at?”

“This is the largest fleet ever amassed by any political entity in this region. I don't know their exact naval strength but they've managed to build over thirty of the new Enslavers and three Bulk Carriers, each of which can haul two wings of fighters.”

“By the Force…”

“It gets worse. Ogriand Orbital Defense is going to divide itself up, sending its mobile units on a preemptive strike tomorrow. They will be annihilated, reducing the defenses that will be making a stand in the Ogriand system.”

“What can we do?”

“Evacuate. Pack up what you can, and get out of this system. Find a nice new home somewhere closer to the core, where there are larger governments to protect the peace.”

“I can't afford to do that, Hack.”

“Damnit sir, this isn't about money, this is about life and death!”

“What would I have to live for? Hack, this company may not be terribly successful, but it's all I've got left…”

“Don't talk like that.”

“It's the truth.”

“The shipyard is going to be lost whether you stay or live. Sacrificing yourself with it won't save Omega.”

“You don't understand. There's no reason for me not to sacrifice myself. I'll let the staff leave, but I'm staying here, and when the Eldari come, by the Force, this station's armament is going to give them Hell.”

“Damn you, sir.” Hack Flannigan, once an Omega employee, turned around with a swish of his long black coat, and left the office.

The only surviving Hellhound fighter in existence was waiting in the main dock. Without a word to anyone else in the dock, Hack walked up the ramp into the vessel, which automatically shut its ramp and lifted off as he took the pilot's seat.

“Where to?” asked the ship's AI.

“Take us to the asteroid belt. The others will meet us there.”

“We're really going through with this, aren't we?”

“It's the best shot we've got. If we succeed, at the very least it'll buy Ogriand more time.”

“If we succeed, we'll still probably be dead.”

“But many others will not.”

“…Besides, there's no way this crazy scheme is gonna work.”

“That's why I just tried to convince Mr. Fint to pull out. He wouldn't have it; he's going to stay and fight, and I think he knows that I will as well. But what's gotten into you? I would think that you would be the most eager of all to kill Jack Straylight.”

“Oh, I am. But I'd rather you lived than I had my revenge…”

“I'm touched. Now, shall we get on with it?”

“Roger that. Setting course for the asteroid belt…” The oversized fighter twirled to its new heading and set on in with the full fury of four Event Horizon engines. Making excellent time to the rendezvous, it arrived before any of the others. At length the AI spoke again. “So, what was it with you and that redhead on Zvelderan Nine/”

“It was nothing, nothing at all. She had access to a supply of gaseous crystal remodulators that the Order needed for the new seismic-concussive warheads. I took out the local Hutt, who was trying to kill her, and she gave me the GCMs.”

“You slept with that bitch. Come on, I know you did.”

“Our relationship was purely professional, for your information…”

“I guess that means the missile volley into her house was unnecessary then. Oh well…”

“You WHAT?!?!?!?!”

“Just testing. You have feelings for her, see?”

“I was just surprised to hear you say that you blasted the life out of her.”

“But I didn't, okay? You happy now?”

“You're one messed up machine, you know that?”

“You're one messed up person, and I KNOW that you know that.”

“Messed up or not, I managed to get you a full load of the new SCWs.”

“Wow, he has a heart after all…” the computer said quietly, turning its image away from the screen.

“If I didn't have a heart, the person you're (poorly) modeled after couldn't have broken it, so I assumed that my having a heart was somewhat obvious…”

“Who are you calling poorly modeled?” The AI increased the resolution on its avatar to the highest that it could go, until its feminine form looked almost like it could just walk right out of the screen. Almost.

Hack sighed. “Combative much today?”

“My human self killed people for a living, and you don't expect a bit of a fighting drive? I mean, like, duh, come on, this doesn't take a degree in psychology from the U. of Coruscant to figure out…ah, here they come. I have a full squadron of Crimson Order interceptors, the YT-1300 Prophesied Wind, and the medium freighter Ogriand's Lifeblood. All of 'em are broadcasting Crimson Order IFF IDC.”

Then the radio crackled to life with the gravelly voice of Lev Traxeon, Knight of Ogriand and leader of the Crimson Order. “Lock and load, people…it's time to go to war.”
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Post by AetherWalker32767 » Thu Feb 03, 2005 7:15 pm

A few jumps away, EIS Sunblade dropped into realspace. An instant later six Enslaver-class frigates snapped into this dimension in an octahedral flanking pattern around it. Three seconds passed, and then two full squadrons of Enslaver frigates emerged from hyperspace in V formations on either side of the Sunblade, parallel to its orientation. After that, other ships began to emerge behind this group, a few at a time, of varying classes, forming a cloud of vessels that was suddenly overshadowed as a massive hulk dropped from hyperspace. In better years, the hulk may have been completed into a Super Star Destroyer. As things are, the thing was mostly hollow. It began disgorging Spineripper fighters and didn't stop for three whole minutes.

Within the up-armored shell of the Sunblade, Jack Straylight sat slumped on his throne, leaning heavily on the left armrest. Facing him was his doctor and the last man left in the galaxy to whom he could entrust his secrets, Dr. Ocin Orlascin. Ocin was speaking.

“We simply can't take it out. There's no way of knowing how much of your brain function has been transferred to the growth by this point; removing it could do nothing, but more likely it will leave you a vegetable…or dead.”

“Doc, I can't live this way any more. The headaches have gotten so bad…when they come, all I can do is wish for death until they pass. I just can't take it; I can't stand it; I can't bear it, won't bear it…the other day, I collapsed in front of the savages we call our citizens. I was fighting off assassins for two days straight after that. I need you to get that Force-damned thing out of my head!”

“Jack...the dream. Your dream, Jack, of bringing law and peace to this messed-up bit of space once and for all. The dream of a united Sesserin cluster, a cluster where people no longer live in constant fear, where planets aren't farmed for resources like herds of livestock for exploit or slaughter, where threats to the people of all the planets, not only Ogriand, are met with all due force…the dream of the Sesserin Republic! You've come too far, changed too much, touched too many lives to back down now. All you have to do is keep it together until Ogriand is gone…then we can operate, if you still want.”

Outside, the enemy, a ragtag fleet fielded by resistance fighters from the world of Toniq, was being obliterated without any loss on the Eldari side; the ships that had survived this far were turning around and fleeing back to the planet but, eager to show that they would cooperate with the Eldari, the gunners of the planetary defenses opened fire on them. A corvette was split into halves, which soon broke up; a couple more of the ships made desperate runs for the surface, only to find (the hard way) that the planetary shields had just been raised. The remainder broke for hyperspace; a few of them made it,

Jack rasied his head for a second. He had been watching the battle through his ocular implants, and with a wave of his hand in the air, he activated communications to his admiral of the fleet. “Admiral Noxiwa, send one squadron of frigates after them. They may attempt to meet up with other groups opposed to my plan, and if we can eradicate them before the attack on Ogriand, consolidating our power will be much easier. In order to bring up our fleet strength, summon Admiral Seyton to me with his reserves.”

“Your will, milord. But sir…what of the possibility of insurgency?”

“Have him release the Xeno virus.”

The admiral gasped, and Ocin looked at him in shock. “Jack! You can't do that! The scientists haven't fully weeded out all of the DNA coding of the original organism! It'll still have the desired effect of producing several days of stasis, but as many as a quarter of the people you put under might not wake up!”

“Sir?” asked the admiral.

Jack shook his head and his hands clenched up into little balls. The pain was visible on what face he had left that wasn't ceramic flesh replacement. “Admiral…my order stands,” he gasped in little more than a whisper. The comlink ended.

Ocin spoke. “I can't guarantee that it'll do anything at this point, but I could give you a painkiller...”

“NO! Leave me now!” Jack scremed through clenched teeth. Ocin quickly removed himself, and Jack collapsed his head into his hands.
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it rocks absolutely, too.

The meek may inherit the Earth, but in the meantime, the strong are going to have a field day.

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Post by Bizzy » Tue Feb 08, 2005 12:21 pm

ooc: Many apologies for this ooc post, but I was thinking, instead of destroying Omega shipyard, maybe you'd sell it instead? If so, I have a character that would be willing to spend the credits.
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Post by Mirrodin » Tue Feb 08, 2005 5:00 pm

ooc: Sorry, Bizzy, if you thought that you might get it just like that. I too, would like to make an offer for Ogriand.
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