Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

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Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:40 am

Her problem was that she didn’t know where Silseris was. It was her home, but she had only flown away from the planet, she’d never learned the coordinates for the system. She was going to get there eventually, but for now, she had decided to head to Kalarba. The transport had little in the way of supplies and she knew that she would need to stock up. In addition, she would need to find a doctor to check her out.

She was napping, sitting in the cockpit of the shuttle with her eyes closed, her knees to her chest with her arms wrapped around her knees. Somehow, despite the bulge of the two children, it was comfortable and she had gone to sleep halfway through the trip. Now a soft chime awoke her to the fact that she was coming out of hyperspace. She straightened and grabbed the controls as the stars snapped back into focus.


Well, not Kalarba exactly, she was headed to Hosk Station in orbit of Kalarba. She got an entry vector and headed towards the station. When she got on the station, she would stock up on supplies and then see a doctor. She had a finite amount of credits and was going to withdraw as much as possible to keep on her person. She didn’t know if Derek would freeze them. She doubted he would, but she didn’t know what the rest of the Order would do.

The small transport moved past the hangar’s shields and headed towards her designated berth. She set the transport down and then lowered the boarding ramp.


She was at Kalarba? She didn't belong on Kalarba and she definitely didn't belong on Hosk Station. It was too filthy a place for someone like Rhyana. Derek stood on the bridge of the modified Dysara-class currently in orbit of Onderon. He hadn’t given the ship a name or anything, mainly because it wasn’t on his mind. He’d just breezed past all the amenities and luxuries that Uliur Arwen had put into the ship at Derek’s unborn son’s request, things that had made the cost of the ship over forty times what someone would have paid for a stock Dysara. He didn’t even notice them, though when he’d lain down on the Emperor-sized bed, bigger than a King, he’d been a little amazed at how soft and comfortable everything was.

It had been so soft that he’d gone to sleep for a few minutes. The few minutes turned out to be an hour. He was woken up by the Eldar Huntress, a woman named Toh Pahz, whose Muir codename was Topaz, telling him that the tracker had activated. Now he was on the bridge, preparing to jump to lightspeed.

He was going to get that Silserian woman back and then he was going to marry her. He’d decided and there was nothing that was going to stop him. Hauc could appear out of nowhere and try to kill him again and that wasn’t going to bother Derek. Rhyana’s last name was going to change and that was final.

Derek turned to the purple skinned alien. "Let's go get her. Engage the hyperdrive." He sat down in the command chair of the ship as Toh plugged the necessary information into the navigational unit. A few moments later, Onderon was gone and they were in a tunnel of light.

Rhyana Muir. Who didn't like the sound of that?

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Post by Mir » Sun Aug 17, 2008 3:16 pm

“Everything looks fine, Ms. Torshey.” Rhyana nodded, relieved. The doctor completed his checkup and had done his tests. There was nothing wrong. Her pregnancy was completely normal. She smiled at the doctor. “You’re free to go.” He said with a smile after looking over her charts one more time.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure. The nurse will see you out.” Rhyana nodded and let herself be guided out of his office. When she was back out in the middle of that level of the station, she decided that food was her next priority. She had already been to the bank and withdrawn a large sum of money. The credits were safely tucked into her pockets, and she had reason to believe that no one would be able to pickpocket her. Something to do with the whole lightsaber attached to her belt thing. She walked towards one of the many different restaurants and cafés that littered the station.

Sliding into a booth at one of them, she ordered one of the specials and then sat back. The doctor had said that everything was okay. She had been pregnant now for seven months. Her stomach was huge, and it was easy to see that she was pregnant. She attracted a few stares and when she’d been sitting in one of the station’s parks a young boy had asked if he could feel her tummy. She’d obliged him and one of her children had decided to please the boy by kicking.

She knew that she only had a little bit of time left before the children would be born. Two months was realistically not that long of an amount of time. The back ache that had hit her when she’d arrived at the station had become her best friend now. She smiled up at the waiter as he brought her the water that she’d ordered. She took a deep sip, more of a gulp. She leaned against the padded booth and closed her eyes for a moment.

Opening them, she thought about everything she was going to have to buy and everything she was going to need to get in order to make sure the twins had everything they needed. What about her though? What did she need? She needed Derek. She was scared, really scared. She knew nothing about bringing life into the galaxy. What if she messed things up? She wasn’t fit to be a mother, was she? Children needed both parents, or at least, they needed a mother figure and a father figure. She couldn’t be both for them.

If only the Twi’lek whore hadn’t come. She might have worked things out in her head and been able to tell him. Her head came down and rested in the palms of her hands. The tears slowly began to fall. What was she going to do?

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Post by Mir » Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:46 am

The unnamed Dysara-class came out of hyperspace. Derek’s eyes immediately scanned the system, as though he’d be able to see Rhyana immediately and get her. He grabbed the flight controls for the ship and goosed the throttle. His contact with Hosk security was brief and quick. The ship was granted access, though he had to go to a different part of the station than where Rhyana’s ship was because of the sheer size of his craft. After waiting for a good ten minutes for a slow lumbering freighter to finally get inside of the station, Derek was able to get the ship inside.

He was off the ship as soon as the boarding ramp finished descending. Toh knew that she was to stay on the ship and keep the engines warm, just in case Derek needed to get back and leave soon. The Jedi Knight stepped into the turbolift and pressed a button indicating that he wanted it to take him to the mid level of the station. He’d start his search in the middle.

Derek was already thinking of Rhyana as his wife and he knew he had to get to her as quickly as possible. Every moment that he spent away from her was another moment that something bad could happen to her. At least when he was around her, he knew that she was safe. The turbolift doors opened and he stepped out and then he froze.

Vlan Korensan was here.

His eyes narrowed. His brother’s killer was here on the station. What was he doing here? Before his mind was able to think of Rhyana being connected to Vlan or possible Vlan attempting to hurt Rhyana, a need for revenge took a hold of him. In a move very unbecoming of a Jedi on the Jedi Council, Derek’s yellow lightsaber was in his his hand. Pointed downwards, the blade was not alive. But he slowly moved forward, ready to strike when he felt it best.

Korensan turned and saw him. It took a few moments for recognition to come. Derek felt Vlan’s mind enter his for a short few moments and then Vlan smiled, putting changed human face to name. “Derek Muir.” He said, with reverence. “A member of the Jedi Council and my esteemed former Master’s brother.” He bowed, out of respect and it was a genuine respect. While Vlan had killed Erik, he had had the utmost respect for his former Master and hadn’t wanted to go along with Hauc’s orders. He knew what was going to happen and prepared for it.

“Vlan Korensan. A former Jedi, now lost to the darkness, and my esteemed brother’s former padawan and killer.” Derek said, acknowledging the bow with a head nod. Vlan’s eyes lazily moved down to the lightsaber in Derek’s hands. He knew the Jedi was smart enough not to be holding it in a way that would allow others to see it. His fingers were at the edge of the blade, so that the hilt was hidden by his hand and forearm. Vlan’s face didn’t change, but he tensed up ever so slightly.

“Well, now that we’ve been reintroduced, how are you Derek?”

“Funny you should ask. I just lost my brother a few days ago.” Vlan nodded slowly. He understood the anger coursing through Derek’s veins. Had he had a brother and had someone else killed him, he would have been more than just angered. He would have been incensed and heads would have rolled.

“It wasn’t personal. My master said that he had to die.”

“Your master? I wasn’t aware you had one.” Derek replied, still angry, but curious as to who Korensan obeyed. He had a sinking feeling he knew who it might be. Korensan was powerful; there were only a few people who would command his allegiance. His fears were confirmed when Korensan spoke.

“The man who made you feel your humanity.”


Rhyana rose from the booth. She’d paid the bill for her food and had decided that it was time to leave. She wasn’t just leaving the restaurant, but the station itself. She couldn’t afford to stay in one place, in the off chance that Derek was looking for her. During the time that she’d been eating, she’d also thought about what Akain had told her. What her two boys had done, the jewelry that they’d had made and sent to Akain and Caitlyn. They still hadn’t explained everything about that and she had a feeling as though it wasn’t the last thing that she would find out that they had done.

She worried about the problems that they had possibly caused between Akain and Caitlyn. She knew that the two of them had their own problems and hoped that the twins hadn’t caused any aggravation of those problems. If what Akain had said was true, and she had a feeling that the Nagai wouldn’t lie to her, then it was possible that someone could know of her children’s powers and come after her to get to them. She was trained, but she didn’t trust her skills enough while she was pregnant to be able to properly defend herself and her children.

She wasn’t far from her ship and decided to leave immediately. She wasn’t sure where she was going to go. But she’d figure that out when she got to her ship. She nowhere in particular to go to, so odds are she wouldn’t have a problem finding a destination.

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Post by Mir » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:05 pm

“So what then, are we going to duel right here in the middle of this crowded populace? Are you going to endanger the lives of the thousands if not millions of beings onboard this station? Quickly now, Jedi Muir. You must make a decision.” Korensan said, a small smile on his face. His hands were tucked inside his robes and he stared at Derek, the smugness evident on his face. Derek for his part had his hands at his sides, though they were clenched into fists. He opened them slowly. So, Vlan’s new master was Hauc. This in and of itself was interesting.

He had let his anger at seeing his brother’s killer seep out of him, and he was calm again. With the calm came the reminder that he wasn’t here to bring Hauc or Korensan or any Dark Sider down. He was here for his future wife. He needed to find her and soon. “No, Vlan. We’re not going to duel here. I’m going to walk away. Not because I want to, because I don’t, but because I have more important things to do then show you were my brother’s lightsaber lessons fail you.”

“I thought your brother was the best swordsman the galaxy had ever seen.”

He was the best when it came to Soresu. But you never learned it like he did. He could never teach it to you the way he knew it.” Derek said quietly, his eyes peaceful and lacking the heat that Korensan had wanted to see. But still, the Dark Jedi claimed victory. Korensan nodded with a smile, his point driven home. He spoke it aloud then, just to make sure that Derek knew exactly the reason why Vlan had maneuvered him into saying it just then.

“If his Soresu had been perfect, if it had been on par with that of Kenobi’s, he would still be alive and I would have been struck down.” Derek nodded. His brother’s former apprentice was right about that. But there was a reason for everything. Just like there was a reason that Rhyana had ran and he was coming after her. It was to show to himself that he was in love with her and that he couldn’t live without her. Also, the Force had orchestrated these events so that he would be able to meet Korensan. Whether or not he battled and slew the man here was up to him.

“I have watched Erik Muir spar and fight for hours. He once sparred with a Jedi trained in Soresu and the match went on for over twelve hours. And never in all the time, I knew my brother, did he ever make a mistake, once he had learned and mastered the art. He lived and breathed its philosophy, Vlan. That’s what you’ll never understand about him. That’s why you couldn’t take being his apprentice. You tried to be exactly like him and you couldn’t. Then the failure stung you so badly, anger took hold of you and the Dark Side reared its head. I don’t blame you. I pity you. If you managed to strike Erik down, it was for a reason. I don’t know that reason. Neither do you. But something wiser than you or me does. I will let the Force know its reasons.”

“Spoken like a true Jedi.”

“Thank you.” Derek said. He turned to leave, but turned his head so that he could see Korensan over his shoulder. “I have business to attend to, Vlan. Business more important than ridding the galaxy of your presence. Consider yourself lucky that I’m busy. Otherwise, you would have tasted the edge of my blade some time ago.”


Eriadu. She’d decided to go to Eriadu. When she had originally left Silseris, Rhyana had planned on seeing a number of places around the galaxy. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to see all the places that she’d wanted to, but she was going to do that now. She was officially auditioning worlds to see where she was going to raise her children.

She wanted them to have space to play and room to run around. She wanted them to breathe easily and have lots of friends. She wanted there to be a place where Jedi weren’t treated with suspicion and she wouldn’t have to hide as much as she felt she would have to. Rhyana knew that she was asking a lot and that she would be hard pressed to find a world that would be able to fulfill these needs. But she had time before the twins were born and she would find their future home.

She sat now, in the cockpit of her transport. Her fingers danced over the engine controls, gently bringing the ship to life. After a few moments, when the reactor’s juice had sufficiently warmed up the three engines, she took the controls in hand, lifting the transport up into the air. It hovered for a few moments, before she turned, guiding it out past the docking bay’s shields and into space.

After consulting a star chart and plugging into the coordinates for Eriadu, Rhyana leapt into hyperspace.

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Post by Mir » Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:16 am

Korensan was onboard his ship. After everything that had happened with Erik and Isaac Bel'kaar, he had decided to upgrade his vehicle of choice. He knew it was only a matter of time for the Muir to realize that the story about how Erik had died was only a ruse. Besides the fact that the Muir were the best spies in the galaxy, he had learned that Erik's daughter Cassandra had gone to the system and recovered both the Shan'tani and Isaac.

By now Isaac had communicated what had happened. It was possible that the woman hadn't believed him at first, but it was better to be safe than sorry. By upgrading to a Victory-class Star Destroyer, he had a bit more of a punch against any Muir ships that were sent after him than if he was in a Marauder-class Corvette. The small shuttle he was in now was equipped with a sophisticated communications suite.

He was making use of it now. He activated it and put the call through. It was time to speak with his master and receive new orders. When the person on the other line accepted it, Vlan wasn't surprised to find that the screen was almost completely blacked out. After all, Zohmaj Hauc didn't live in a particular place. He laired. He could make out Hauc's gleaming red eyes and that was it. "What do you have to report?"

"I have accomplished the mission that you put forward for me here." Korensan said with a small smile. "However, there was has been a development." He added, gaining a look from Hauc that showed only incredibly mild surprise. It was as though he had known that Hauc was going to tell him something and had been waiting for his apprentice to get in touch with him.


"Yes, master. Derek Muir is onboard the station. For what reason and for how long, I do not know." Hauc nodded slowly and then considered.

"Find out what ship he is using and track him. I will be sending you a few of my agents to help you."

"Normal agents, or Bringers?" Korensan asked. Hauc smiled slowly as though Korensan had asked a stupid question.

"Derek Muir has been a thorn in my side since he was accepted to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He managed to consistently track my movements for years and dueled me on more than one occassion, nearly killing me once. Not even you could beat him in a lightsaber match. I'm sending Bringers." Vlan nodded.

It seemed as though they were going to need all the firepower that they could get. It didn't matter to Korensan. He would do his master's bidding. Korensan was about to end the call when he remembered something. "He wasn't with his apprentice."

"Torshey, the silver haired Silserian?" Korensan nodded.

"It seemed as though he was looking for someone. He said he had important business to attend to. I checked the turbolift when he left. He headed for some of the upper levels, perhaps to meet up with her. I thought not to track him. I figured he might come back down and I'd have to fight him immediately." Vlan said.

"Make sure you find out what he was doing and where he's going when he leaves. If he's returning to Onderon, then we shall have to call everything off. I do not wish to assault the Temple on Onderon, yet. I could raze it to the ground if I wished, but at this point that would be pointless." Hauc said and Vlan was struck by the fact that even though he was essentially Hauc's second in command besides the Witch, Var'nio, he barely knew anything of his master's plans.

"Very well, my master."

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Post by Mir » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:14 am

“She left?”

“Yes, sir. I was able to track her exit vector though.” Derek nodded and waited expectantly. “She headed to Eriadu.” Derek sat down in one of the chairs on the bridge of the Dysara-class. Eriadu. An industrial world, it was heavily developed and Derek knew that there were shady parts about the world. Rhyana wasn’t stupid, but a part of him still worried. She was more than capable of taking care of herself, but that didn’t stop him from being concerned.

“Find out what else is around Eriadu and get the information to me. Also, I need you to find hyperspace solutions for all of those locations. I want to be able to leave as soon as we get confirmation.” He said. Toh nodded and looked behind her for something. A second later, she turned back around holding a datadisk which she then to hand to him. He looked down at it for a moment before looking back up at her.

“Already finished the first and working on the second.” He smiled as he looked back down at the disk, its importance increased. “Sir, perhaps we should be more proactive?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we know which ship she’s on. Also, we can locate the ship itself. If she manages to get evade you again, we can install a more indepth tracker into her vessel, so we know exactly where she’s going.” Derek nodded, pausing to stroke the stubble on his chin as he considered.

“That could work.” He slowly rose. “Make it happen.” She nodded as he left the bridge of the ship.


Niman was, as Renato Farani was learning and Derek already knew, a hard discipline to learn and master. The Dysara had been stocked with five G-547b Balin Training Droids. They were the newer, adaptive models, and Derek stood now in one of the ship’s training rooms. The inner surface had bee coated in lightsaber resistant materials, so Derek had no qualms with hitting a wall or a ceiling. Two of the Balin’s floated towards him. “Good day, Master Muir.” He nodded at their salutation.

He had remembered soon after fighting a Balin for the first time, that his brother had an interesting sense of humor. A Balin, put on the maximum level of difficulty in Soresu was damn near impossible to beat, not just because it was Soresu, but because it was Erik’s brand of Soresu that had gone into the droid. Not all of Erik’s nuances and tricks were in the droid’s memory, but it would still be able to outfight almost any Jedi.

It would probably be able to outfight some of the other council members, as long as the Force was not in the equation. Two silver blades came to life in the room, followed by a yellow one. Derek spun his blade in his hand in a loose, lazy circle. He closed his eyes as the droids came towards him, dropping into a Djem So ready stance. The droids came at him, lightsabers coming down hard. He had programmed them to fight using Juyo. His blade blocked one and then he moved to intercept the other’s attack. He ducked and came out from underneath the two attacks.

Flicking his hands over one shoulder, the blade was parallel to his chest and it blocked one of the Balin’s attacks. He ducked again and took a step back, the other Balin’s attack going where his head had been. He had reversed their position and now he’d done it again. The droids turned in the air, faster than the eye could see, their learning processes at work to analyze Derek’s style and then find a way around it.

The droid brain was puzzled for a moment. A Makashi lunge followed by a Ataru parry and then another Makashi lunge, followed by a leap and then a Djem So slash? Niman was the only answer, and the droids adjusted accordingly. They soared through the air, their blades crackling as they came down on Derek’s defenses. The Jedi Knight blocked and parried, moving here and there.

The three combatants worked their way through the room, here and there. Derek had finished his mastery of Niman after Karn had brought him back from the grave. He no longer had the anger and hot headedness that had not only been his greatest weakness, but uncharacteristic as a Bothan. He’d utilized Niman as a physical reminder of this. It allowed him to pool all his resources together, but in order to learn it, he had needed to be patient to allow the forms to meld together in their own unique way.

He didn’t feel the ship launch into hyperspace as Toh sent them towards Eriadu.

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Post by Mir » Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:33 pm

Rhyana quickly decided that she didn’t like Eriadu that much. There was a lack of vegetation and water and the air was polluted. Heavily industrialized, everywhere she went she saw a factory of some sort belching fumes into the sky. No one seemed to care about doing anything about it, which surprised her. She had been on Coruscant before, so it wasn’t completely foreign to her, but Coruscant had redeeming qualities of which she could find none during her walk through Eriadu City.

She felt an odd prickling in the back of her head and knew that it was the Force telling her something. She reasoned that it was a person and felt that it was too far off for her to be doing any serious worrying about it. It was close enough for her to be thinking about who it could possibly be. As far as she knew, Derek wasn’t able to track her and she doubted that he was or was going to.

Yes, he had come after her on the Temple, but that was just because he had a duty to try to stop her. She was, after all, his padawan. Besides the fact that he would look bad if a padawan of his left the Order, he needed to find out what went wrong and what had caused her to not only seriously consider leaving the Order, but to actually go through with it. Since she had told him one of the reasons, and he was somehow clueless about the other, he would think that he had the answer to his question.

Also, she had no doubt; she thought darkly, that he was relieved that he didn’t have to worry about his relationship with her now that she was gone. He didn’t have to stop and consider whether or not it was right for a Master to be pursuing a relationship with his padawan. She doubted that there had been any problems in the age gap between the two of them. She personally hadn’t felt any problem with the fact that he was sixteen years older than she was. Perhaps that had been another factor in what had made him call it off. He was thirty six and she was twenty. No, that couldn’t have been it. The Twi’lek whore was only a few years older than she was herself. Tatya was twenty three.

Regardless of what his reasoning was, she figured that he was happy now that she was out of the way. There were few things worse or more upsetting than a Silserian in a full blown depression. Rhyana wasn’t close to that stage anymore. She had been when she was sitting in the café back on Hosk Station. But not anymore. She had put that out of her mind by thinking of her children and her love for them. Derek could be with Tatya and be happy. That was alright. Really.

She continued to walk until she found a park, finally able to sit and see a bit of greenery. She bought a snack from a local street vendor and sat down on a bench. She felt the presence again, pulsed a bit stronger. It wasn’t anyone she knew or recognized and at the same time she also couldn’t tell whether or not the person was a dark sider or a light sider. Neither could she tell the person’s intentions or feelings towards her. All she knew was that the Force was making her aware that someone or something was coming towards her, bearing her either good or ill will.

Rhyana had her lightsaber clipped to her belt underneath the dark grey cloak she wore. The silver top she wore was large enough to accommodate the twins and also perfectly hid her lightsaber from view. She ran a hand through her silver hair, blinking her eyes. She didn’t trust her ability to be mobile if a fight took place. She was too heavy and hadn’t trained in a while. She wasn’t used to fighting with the added weight.

She slid a hand into the bag and ate another piece of the food that she’d bought. She’d spent a total of three hours on Eriadu and she had decided to spend the night on the planet before leaving once more. Suddenly she felt the presence again and closer. It was onboard a ship getting ready to land on the planet at a spaceport. Rhyana noted that its location wasn’t close to her own vessel, but close enough.

She closed her eyes and then reached out and probed with her mind, intending to find out what she could. Rhyana moved quickly and found her target. All of a sudden her eyes flashed open and she grimaced in pain. She clenched her teeth as the person onboard the ship lashed out at her through the Force. Whoever it was, the person was trained and powerful. However, Rhyana was more that just powerful, particularly when it came to telepathy and telekinesis. She reached back, slamming into her opponent in a return shot.

Tears fell from the pain and concentration, her hands balled into fists in her lap. There was a contest of wills between the two, on an unseen, much more dangerous plane than the one that reality called home. Finally, she pushed past the attack and then past the defenses, moving quickly. She attacked the person as deeply as she could, as savagely as she could. The spike was powerful, wedged into the person’s head. She retreated, having gotten what she’d come for.

His name was Asker Vavren. And he was definitely a bearer of ill will.

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Post by Mir » Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:11 pm

Derek wondered what he was going to call the ship. He stepped out of the shower stall, steam rising. Somehow, Uliur had known who Rhyana was and her tastes in things. While expensive marble had been used for the sink, shower stall, tub and floor, all of the fixtures were silver. There was a set of cubby holes built into the marble wall with a glass door decked with a frosted motif. Silver towels were set in the cubbies and pulling open the door, Derek grabbed one.

Marveling at how soft the towels were, Derek began to wipe himself. What was he going to call the ship? He’d never really named a ship before; he’d never needed or wanted to. All the ship’s he’d ever used had simply been fighters really. They’d never needed names. The few times he’d used transports, he’d never been thinking about the name of the ship. He wasn’t sure what to call the ship, really. With a smile he stepped out of the fresher with the towel around his waist as he decided to let Rhyana name the ship once he found her and got her back.

It gave him yet another reason to get that woman back, but it wasn’t that high on the list, as it couldn’t compete with restoring his sanity. Derek went into the master bedroom to the man’s closet. It wasn’t large, more of a medium size. What Derek had with him barely filled any space at all. He reached in and grabbed a fresh set of his Jedi robes. They were white with a black design. He began to dress.

As he did, Toh came on the intercom telling him that they had arrived at Eriadu. He felt the gentle bump a few moments later as they reverted from hyperspace. He headed out of the room, pulling his lightsaber to him as he did. He headed through the halls but suddenly stopped. He felt a presence in his head, something sweet, soft, and perfect. A gentle breeze caressing his face. He closed his eyes and he could almost smell a hint of her scent.

He came onto the bridge and looked at Toh. “I think I can sense her. I couldn’t on Hosk Station.”

“Is there a reason why?”

“None that I know of.” Derek said. “Find us a spaceport Toh, and get ready to find her ship and put that upgraded tracking device in there.” He said. “Hopefully we will not need it, but it will be there if we do.” She nodded and guided them down towards the planet.


“Vavren is in place.” The woman said. Korensan opened his eyes from his meditation. He was onboard his ship, headed towards Eriadu. They would arrive in a few more moments. “He reported in and told us that he’s made contact with Rhyana Torshey and that he’s going after her.” Korensan nodded and rose.

“Good. Prepare my shuttle. I wish to leave as soon as we get out of hyperspace. Make sure all the codes are in place with the local authorities. I don’t want any problems as we are packing a serious amount of firepower.” The woman nodded and turned. She headed out of his meditation chamber.

Korensan smiled as he grabbed his cloak. He was going to kill Derek and then he was going to capture Torshey. The silver haired beauty factored into his master’s plans. How he did not know. But she was a beauty. He would ask his master what was to be done with her after, if she was alive after whatever it was Hauc wanted with her. It would be the ultimate insult for Vlan to deal Derek, especially if Hauc was going to keep Derek alive for some time.

He walked out of his chambers and headed towards the bridge.

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She had to get to her ship. She knew that her foe was in the spaceport, but she had to leave. She had to get away and all she had was the ship and her spare belongings inside of it. Rhyana quickened her pace as she walked through the streets of Eriadu. She kept a hand on her lightsaber hilt, the wide silver eyes that Derek had fallen in love with flitting here and there, wanting to make sure that there were no unseen attackers, just waiting to strike. Boys, is everything alright? She asked, when one of them kicked, voicing his displeasure with something.

Yes, Mother. You wan to know where the bad man is right? One of them asked. She nodded reflexively, not thinking about the fact that the twins couldn’t technically see her movement. Still they knew, as she also reflexively spoke to them through the Force. He’s behind you! One said suddenly.

She spun around as the Force also screamed to her, to see a speeder bike coming towards her at an insanely high speed. A black lightsaber came to life in the hands of the man onboard the speeder bike. He had on a billowing black cloak and an ominous white mask. She stopped and her silver saber ignited, blocking his powerful Djem So attack. The bike slowed as he turned. She turned as well, silver hair whipped into a frenzy as the engine wash made her face burning hot. She closed her eyes as it happened and opened them as the man got off the bike, smiling at her.

“Hello, Rhyana Torshey.”

“Who are you?” She asked as the narrow street finished cleaning out, leaving them alone except for the few brave souls wanting to watch what was happening here. “What do you want?” She asked, trying to inject metal into her voice. She knew that odds are it wouldn’t do much to the man before her.

“My master is Zohmaj Hauc. You know him, yes?” She nodded. She knew who Hauc was. She hated and loved Hauc at the same time. She hated Hauc because of the pain he’d caused Derek, killing him on Ossus. At the same time, she “loved” him for it because Derek had changed, become a human, and she’d been able to fall in love with him. For a Silserian there was nothing more powerful or destructive as love. It could change lives, wars, anything. If Rhyana hadn’t loved Derek as much as she did, she wouldn’t have left. She would do anything to make her Furball happy and to her that had meant removing herself as a source of distraction and aggravation for Derek. If Hauc had never acted, she wouldn’t be incredibly pregnant with two beautiful boys.

She also wouldn’t be being attacked by a crazy Sith on a speeder bike, but that was alright in her book. She could deal with him. “Well, my master has a need for you.” He said. He slowly took a step forward towards her and Rhyana went on edge, unsure what the man was going to do.

“A need for me?”

“Yes.” He took another step forward, his eyes on her large stomach. He reached a hand out gently placing his palm on her stomach. Asker could sense the two beings in her stomach. “He has a hunger for them and for you, silver haired beauty.” He said with a smile on his face, though she couldn’t see it behind the mask he wore. “Zohmaj Hauc wants you, for you are the queen of the Ok’rimos.” He could feel that the two children were more powerful than even Hauc. They were the more powerful Force users in the galaxy. Before Rhyana could respond, her babies acted as one.

Vavren was tossed like a ragdoll, slammed against a building with a force twice the power of what would have been needed to kill a normal human. The Twins grabbed him again, holding him in the air. Rhyana could feel the anger in her children and it scared her. It was not of the Dark Side, but it could lead to it. Before she could begin to think on whether or not she would be able to be the mother that they would need, Asker was dropped to the ground and he slowly rose. He decided that it was easier to spill her blood than to subdue and capture her and take her to Korensan. He began to walk towards her and Rhyana’s grip on her lightsaber tightened.

“If you think I’m not going to do anything while you stand there and threaten my children, you have another thing coming. You’re crazy.”

“Thank you, Rhyana Torshey. Now, allow me to start your journey to the netherworld.”


Over the years, Derek had had the opportunity to meet with some of the greatest Jedi of the Order. Cameo Naton, Kalja Leidias, Adam Sage, Faarel Blackthorne, and Daer’Gunn, amongst others. Whoever it was that had just released that blast of Force Energy, whoever had just attacked someone was the most powerful Force user Derek had ever seen or felt. They were more powerful and more intimately connected to the Force than anyone before them. It wasn’t hard to say that whoever it had been was a literal god amongst men.

He felt the raw anger released and his heart stopped for a second. He didn’t want to take a midi chlorian count of the person. It would probably have the potential to be around Anakin Skywalker or Yoda’s count. He was in the spaceport and stopped, leaning against a wall for support. “What is it?” Toh asked, coming up beside him.

“I…I don’t know.” He said. “But I’m going to find out.” He added, hand tightening on his lightsaber as he started forward once more.

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Vlan came to Eriadu. All the players were here now. There was an Arkanian on the bridge with him, but unfortunately it wasn’t Isaac Bel’kaar in chains. “Why was I called away from my mission? I was busy and I have not the time for your personal whims, Korensan.” The Arkanian said. The red skinned alien looked at the man, wondering what exactly it was that Hauc had sent the man on that had made his ego get inflated to such proportions.

“Feris,” Vlan said, remembering, “While you may be a high ranking person in our organization, I am one of Hauc’s second in command, and I can kill you without batting an eye.” Bayin smiled at Korensan’s words. They were all true after all. Korensan was much more powerful than he was, much more skilled.

“But you always rise to the bait. I wish only to kill Derek Muir before returning to my own mission and I’m honored to work with the man who killed Erik Muir.” Vlan looked away for a moment, hiding the personal pain he felt. Yes, he was the man who had killed Erik Muir. That didn’t mean he was proud of it, or he was happy. He had simply been following orders and that was why in the end, Erik had only pitied him.

“You’re in reserve. This is Asker’s game.”

“How did you know that Torshey was not with Muir?” Korensan smiled.

“How am I to remain senior to you if I give away all of my secrets?” Vlan replied. Feris laughed, an oddity for the bloodthirsty darksider.

“Very true,” Feris said. “But come, we waste time in space. Shall we take a transport down?”

“No. We’re to remain here; stopping them should one of them get away Asker.”


Rhyana was sweating, something that was hard for a Silserian to do, unless the person was physically exerting themselves, which she was. Her blade blocked Asker’s attack, as she had done every time in the past that he’d attacked, but each time her blocks were getting weaker and her counter attacks slower and slower. She wasn’t going to be able to keep this up. She could feel the weariness beginning to hit her. Fatigue washed over her, pulling at her.

Vavren’s style of fighting was incredibly physical. Rhyana lifted a hand to her face, brushing strands of soft, long, silver hair out of her face. Asker jumped, lifting his blade high. The attack brought Rhyana down to her knees. Asker’s fist flew out, hitting Rhyana in the jaw. She felt it wobble and made a quick attack to force him backwards and away from her.

“He knows not that you’re pregnant, does he?” Rhyana shook her head. “Well at least he won’t know that his children died.” Asker said. Rhyana smiled.

“He will know that a Sith fell though.” Asker smiled at her words, knowing what she meant.

“You have a tongue on you, wench.”

“I have more than just that.” Rhyana said, attacking her foe. Her blade executed a complex series of strikes that forced Asker backwards. The black blade worked furiously to keep Rhyana’s lightsaber at bay. They went back and forth in the street, each attempting to get past the other’s defenses without success however.

Once Asker got past but was only able to sever through some layers of cloth. Another time he came dangerously close to lopping off some of Rhyana’s long hair. She avoided the blade. She could feel her children lending her strength, helping her to keep fighting. But her children were not giving her all of their strength, they couldn’t. No one in the galaxy could properly contain her children’s powers. She didn’t realize that it was for some other reason that they were doing it.

It wasn’t going to be enough. She could feel herself failing. Her blade locked with Vavren’s and he kicked her. Directly in the stomach, where her babies were. She fell to the ground, crying out in pain. Due to her connection to the Twins, Rhyana felt the pain doubly and Asker kicked her again while she was down. Tears leaked out as she dropped her saber onto the ground.

Asker brought his saber up with a smile. He had the intent of stabbing her directly into her stomach. But then he looked up and behind him as they heard a new sound. His eyes widened at the sight. Derek stood near them, yellow lightsaber in hand, blade casting light into the street. Barely masked rage was on his face. He’d seen what Asker had done. Rhyana was on the ground, crying silently, curled in the fetal position and it didn’t take a genius to see that she was badly hurt.

Asker lowered the saber and charged at Muir. Derek merely lifted a hand and threw Asker backwards, over a building and far away. He came forward and crouched in front of Rhyana. He’d found her. Before he touched her he spoke, “Rhyana are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Get away from me.” Her response stung. He rose slowly as she rose herself, without his help.

“I…I’ve been worried about you.” He said. She just looked at him. “I want you to come back to Onderon.” He reached a hand out and she flinched away. That stung more. She was telling that he no longer had the right to touch.

“No.” She said and began to walk away. He went after her. “Derek, stay away from me. I don’t want to go back to Onderon. Go back to Tatya.” She said. “You’ll be happy with her.”

“Rhyana, I-“ She turned, cutting him off before he’d been able to tell her that he’d sent Tatya away. He looked at her. Her hair was wet and dirty now from the street. There were streaks of dirt on her face.

“No.” She said. He looked down at her, the joy at seeing her again swallowed up by the despair he felt at her not allowing him to help. She turned back and began to walk away. He went after her again, knowing that something was wrong. She turned again and caught him off guard, throwing through the Force as he had done Asker. Then she ran for the spaceport.


“Asker has failed.” Korensan said. “We must be ready.”

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She couldn’t believe her eyes. All thoughts of Derek, what had happened and what it meant left her head as she looked at what was in front of her. A Victory-class Star Destroyer. Her transport was fast, but she wasn’t sure whether or not it would be fast enough. There were already tendrils of green energy lancing out from the Star Destroyer headed straight towards her. Rhyana didn’t claim to be a good pilot. She was a decent pilot, and she was in over her head and she knew it. With these shields, she could take one maybe two hits before the shields would fail. Then she’d be dead. Her heart sank when she saw two squadrons of Shielded TIE Interceptors headed towards her. Her transport had no weapons of any kind. She could use the Force in an offensive capability, but a part of her didn’t want to, opting to instead escape as quickly as possible.

Suddenly energy streaked past her, annihilating two of the incoming fighters. Rhyana checked her scanners. A ship close to a hundred meters was headed towards her but it was coming from behind. She could sense Derek onboard, even if she couldn’t see the ship that he was on. He was helping her. She pushed the thoughts out of her mind, knowing that there would be time to think about it when she escaped, if she escaped. For now she had to do what had to be done. She jerked the craft to the side.

Fighters tried to mill around her, and the transport was hit with beams of energy. She watched the shields rating go down at an extremely slow but steady rate. She had a high shield rating, because there were no weapons and the Muir had put plenty of work into the transport. She accelerated, but even built the way it was, it was not going to be able to outrun the enemy fighters. The ship that Derek was on was shooting at the VSD now. Its guns weren’t going to do much, but it was drawing attention away from her vessel.

The fighters diverted, headed towards Derek’s ship. As they left her, it gave her the time she needed. Rhyana went to work on her navcomputer, programming a set of courses. She had to leave. Undoubtedly, this had something to do with the darksider who had attacked her on the planet. Finally she was free long enough and utilized her hyperdrive. She had escaped.


Derek sighed with relief. She was safe. Almost immediately the turbolasers stopped. Derek accepted the incoming transmission and smiled when he saw Korensan. “Well, at least I know what you’re after.” Vlan smiled at his former master’s brother’s words. “What do you want from my padawan?”

“Me? Nothing much. Now, Hauc? He wants a little something from her.”

“Well, what does he want?”

“Why would I tell you? That would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?” Vlan said with a smile on his face. Derek nodded, a look on his face. “Now, now, Derek, you should watch that temper of yours. I know what you’re going to say, that if me or my men attempt to attack the silver haired beauty, you’ll kill us.” Derek nodded slowly. “But the problem is we both know you won’t do it.”

“Oh, I won’t?” He said in a whisper. Asker came into view.

“No.” Asker said. “Her hair smelled good. Before I rubbed her face and head in the dirt.” Derek’s hands gripped the armrests of the chair he was in.

“I saw what you did to her, and you will pay.” Asker smiled.

“So I roughed her up a little. Maybe you could tell us if she likes it that way.” He said with a smile.

“Enough.” Korensan said. He believed in a level of respect for his enemies and foes. He demanded that same level of respect given to them from his subordinates. He would tolerate some remarks made that besmirched Rhyana’s honor, but eventually he would tire of them. He knew that there was a limit to how many insults and verbal attacks would work on an opponent. Derek might have responded to more, if he had been in his old Bothan skin. Now, it was a completely different story and Korensan had yet to get a feel for the man. He turned back to Derek. “You have a choice. I think I gave it to you earlier. Go back to Onderon. You can’t stop the three of us. Your padawan is lost.” Derek shook his head.

“I will find her and I will do it before you. If you continue to attack her, I will find a way to make your blood drip from my lightsaber blade.” Korensan nodded.

“Very well. I will not be able to hold these two back. They want your blood.”

“I just want his padawan.” Asker said and smiled at the look on Derek’s face.

“When the time comes when next we meet, you show no mercy for I won’t.” Derek said and cut the comm. channel.

“Killing that man is the only mistake I’ve ever seen or heard of Zohmaj Hauc making.” Vlan said. He turned from the bridge as the ship Derek was on entered hyperspace. “Track him.” He said as he left the bridge.


Pain. The word barely described what she was going through. Rhyana tried to rise and fell to the floor of the ship. She’d coughed up blood when she’d first come onto the ship. Her hands went down to her stomach. Ever since she’d left the temple, her children had been talking more and more about anything and everything. They’d had conversations, the three of them and sometimes just the two of them with Rhyana as a referee.

Ever since the attack, they’d been quiet and it scared her. Her fingers slid underneath her clothing and spread out over her swollen belly. Boys…? She asked, fearing a miscarriage or something.

Yes, Mother? One answered her, the one she associated with having more maturity for some reason.

I was so scared, I thought you two were hurt.

We’re not that hurt. We’re alright. Her hands gently began to massage her stomach and she struggled to her feet. Mother, we think you need to see a doctor when we get to Commenor.

Yes, I know. I will. She vaguely remembered plugging in the coordinates for Commenor as the end point for her hyperspace jumps. She headed slowly to her quarters, using the walls for support. She collapsed on her bed as sleep overtook her.

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The doctor on Commenor had asked questions. Rhyana had known that he would. The injuries that she’d sustained were not that bad directly to her, but were not the normal things for a pregnant woman to receive and to have to endure. She’d passed it off, using a subtle mind trick to get his line of questioning off that topic. She’d found out that she’d been close to a miscarriage though. The kicks hadn’t hurt her that much, but it had hurt her womb tremendously.

The doctor had been amazed at how fast and well she’d healed, considering how long ago the incident had taken place. Rhyana wasn’t fully healed, but she was fast on the road to a full recovery. Rhyana realized that her children had helped her. She was now back on her transport. She had found docking space and was relatively alone in the bay. She grabbed her lightsaber and headed outside.

She needed to get back to her lightsaber training. She couldn’t afford to be not at the top of her game anymore. There were people out there, trying to harm and her children. She would not longer any attacks like that again. She realized as she walked around her transport, that her connection with Derek had never gone away.

She had thought that it had. Shortly after they had been intimate on the Ice Planet, it had built up. But after Derek had said not to a relationship it had seemingly died. She saw now that it wasn’t the truth. She could feel Derek. He was in hyperspace, bound for…Commenor. How did he know she was here? It made no sense. He couldn’t be using the connection to figure it out. If he was, he would have sensed the boys already. They’d told her that she would have to be the one to tell him. It was obvious that they were hiding themselves from him, but still, he should have been able to sense them.

That meant something else. Suddenly realization hit her. This was a Muir vessel after all. It wasn’t that far of a stretch to the reality of the situation. The Muir would probably install trackers in their ships, in case something happened to them or someone took them. Maybe he was able to track her through the ship. She put her thoughts of training on hold as she headed back into the ship. She wasn’t a mechanic. She knew nothing of what went on inside of a ship.

Time passed as Rhyana did what she could. After spending around an hour on the ship, she found the problem. There was, in the onboard ship computer’s programming, a loop that could be entered into if one had the proper authorization. It was hidden in some other code and was encrypted. Therefore, if someone did a normal search, assuming they thought of a built into the computer tracking device, they wouldn’t find the tracker as it was hidden elsewhere. It was genius, but she expected something like that of the Muir. They were after all, the greatest spies in the galaxy.

If you did have the proper authorization, the ship would triangulate its location through the navigation and send it in a message to another ship. That was how he was tracking her. She wasn’t angry, she was more relieved if anything. At least now she knew how he was tracking her, which meant that she could formulate a way around it. She had been serious when she’d spoken to him. She wanted him to go back to Onderon.

Rhyana headeded out of the spaceport, her destination somewhat decided. She had a decent amount of credit with her. She was going to get her hands on a new ship. Odds are, this new ship would not be as enhanced as the one she had now, but it would allow her to be free of Derek tracking her. It would be bad if she ran into that Star Destroyer again, but she would be able to get away from Derek which was important to her.

She walked through the streets and after checking with a public directory, she found the second had ship market area. It wasn’t that far of a walk, she’d be able to make it easily. She needed the exercise anyway. Silserians possessed the most desirable bodies in the galaxy. For a Silserian woman, it wasn’t just a need to look good; it was more of a staying in shape thing. Rhyana had no idea how she was going to get back into shape once she had her children. She had time to think about it though.

Heading down the street, she made her way to the place she had picked out. When she finally got there, she entered the first shop she saw. There was a woman behind the counter, many years older than Rhyana was. She smiled warmly. “Hello there. How are you today?”

“I’m fine.” Rhyana replied. As she spoke, she approached the counter.

“What can I help you with?”

“I’d like to purchase a ship.” She said. “It needs to be fast with good shielding. I’m not concerned with amenities or weaponry.” The woman nodded at her words. They got particular requests like this every day.

“You’re almost ready to give birth, aren’t you?” Rhyana smiled and nodded. “I think I might have something for you.” The woman said.

She searched on her datapad for a few moments before swiveling the display so that Rhyana could see it. Torshey had brought the numbers of her own transports abilities. She compared them to what she saw on the screen. This ship would meet her needs. The price would not. It was more, much more than what she had with her.

“It is good, but I do not have the credits the purchase this ship.” She said. “I have a ship of my own. Would I be able to trade it?” The woman nodded.

“Depends on what it is and what’s in it.” Rhyana nodded. She had come prepared. She pulled a holoprojector out of her pocket and pressed a button. The ship appeared and the woman’s eyes lit up. “A modified Muir? Honey, we’d owe you.” She stopped and her eyes narrowed. “It isn’t stolen is it?” She asked. It was a valid question. After all, why would someone like Rhyana have a ship like that.

“No.” Rhyana said, shaking her head, silver tresses moving with the motion. “I…I must confess. I am attempting to run away from an abusive husband.” She said, crossing her fingers as she basically insulted Derek. “I took the ship, but it has a tracking program. I don’t know how to get rid of it and I’d rather just get a new ship.” The woman’s features softened once more.

“Don’t you worry. We’ll help you.”

Rhyana found some irony in the name of the ship that she was purchasing. It was a Pursuer-class Enforcement ship. Modified to remove some of the weapons and cargo, the ship had faster engines and more powerful shields. She felt that it would suit her needs perfectly. With the ship she had in her possession, she would be able to easily make the trade. In the end, she wouldn’t have to spend any money, and she was actually going to get some credits back.

It only took a few moments, and Rhyana had completed the deal. After she transferred her belongings to the new ship, she went and stood in the cargo bay. It was a good size and she would have space to train. She didn’t have anyone to train with or against, but she could do her velocities. Her business on Commenor was done. It was time to leave. She had no doubt that Derek would arrive soon and she wanted to be out of the system by then.

She headed to the cockpit and took off. Her new ship rose up into the air and through the levels of the atmosphere. After finding a suitable course heading, she made the jump to lightspeed. Then she rose, pulling her lightsaber from her waist. It was time to practice.

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Derek smiled. Rhyana was smart. She’d figured out how he was able to track her and had ditched the ship. He knew this, because he was standing in front of her old transport and was getting berated by the old lady who was the owner of the second hand ship shop that Rhyana had sold it to. Apparently, Rhyana had spun some tale about him being abusive and some other things to convince the woman to help her. He had a feeling she’d just been saying it to get the ship. He’d have to remind her about mind tricks when he found her again. He decided that it was easier to just use a mind trick here instead of telling the old woman the way things actually were.

His hand waved and the woman slowed down what she was saying and finally stopped. “Now, could you answer my question from before?” Derek asked, a small smile on his face as he posed the question to her. She shook her head slowly, clearing it and then looked at him, a little confused.

“I’m sorry, but I have forgotten what you asked me, sir. What was your question?” She asked.

“What was the ship that you sold her?” Derek asked.

“A MandalMotors Pursuer Enforcement Ship.” Derek smiled at the irony of the ship’s class. “It was modified for higher speed and higher shielding.” He nodded. Rhyana was proving her intelligence yet again. She knew what she needed to outrun both Korensan and himself. Shields and speed. He reached a hand up and stroked his chin for a moment. He now had no idea where she was going and looking for her through the Force would easily alert her to where she was. She’d be able to move to a different location before he got there.

Which, generally speaking, was what had been happening for some reason previously, but now it would be a guaranteed thing. He sighed. “Thank you for your help, ma’am.” He said. She nodded and he left the store. As he walked through the streets, he began to think of a way to try to locate her. Nothing came to mind, but hopefully he’d be able to figure something out. He didn’t understand why she’d acted like that before on Commenor. It was not like her. For the first time, Derek was unsure if what he was doing was right.

Maybe he didn’t have a right to try to find her and convince her to return. If she was happy away from him, wasn’t that what counted? Even if it meant that she wasn’t going to be with him? Could he live with that? The Jedi maneuvered around a couple of children who were running at top speed through the street. He slowed and turned, watching them. Derek wasn’t old, he didn’t consider himself old. He knew that he wanted children one day. Rhyana would be a good mother, he knew it.

He could see himself now, carrying a boy on his shoulders through the halls of the Jedi Temple. Odds were any child of his and Rhyana’s would be Force sensitive, and he could see teaching them the way of the Force, sorting through blast helmets just to find the one that was way too big for his child’s head. He wanted that. One of the two children was chasing after the other and they were throwing a ball between them. One of the throws was over the head of the other and the ball bounced on the ground.

It came to rest near Derek, who picked it up. With a smile on his face, he tossed it to the boys. Then he turned and kept walking back towards the spaceport. Why had Rhyana acted like that? Did she really not want to be with him anymore? From what he understood, what was keeping them apart was Tatya, but he’d sent Tatya away. And no matter how much he tried, something kept stopping him from being able to tell her. She refused to listen to him.

What Derek did know was that he would make good on his promise to Korensan, Asker, and that Arkanian if they continued their hunt for his padawan. He didn’t have the same qualms with killing that someone like Kalja did. As far as he was concerned, if a Darksider refused to come back to the light side, then they were fair game. In this case, they were directly threatening the life of his padawan and innocents in the process. That meant that they were even fairer game.

She was alright with a lightsaber. Her previous master had worked with her more when it came to her Force skills and powers, particularly telepathy. Derek had helped her with her lightsaber combat. She wouldn’t be able to outfight someone like Korensan, but she would be able to hold his own. He was unsure just how good Asker was, despite having seen the man in action. He hadn’t seen enough to be a proper judge, since Rhyana had already been down on the ground when he’d reached there.

That, brought about another question in his mind. Why did Hauc want Rhyana? What did he want with her? He loved Rhyana, but he didn’t know anything about her that would make her that important to Hauc besides that. Yes, she was Silserian, and he didn’t know much about Silseris besides the climate and what little of the culture he’d asked Rhyana about, but maybe there was something on Silseris that was important to Hauc?

From what Rhyana had told him, an extremely few people knew Silseris’ location. It was possible that Hauc would be going after a Silserian in the known galaxy to coerce the coordinates out of them. If anything, it only made him that much more determined to find her before Korensan did. There was something else though. Something that told him that even if Hauc was after Rhyana for that reason, that there was another reason, something behind that, lurking in the shadows.

He couldn’t sense it, and he couldn’t deduce what it was. Derek looked up as he entered the hangar that his modified Dysara-class was in. Toh was waiting for him, standing on the boarding ramp. “Where to, Commander Muir?” She asked. Derek shrugged as he stopped at the base of the boarding ramp. “What do you mean?”

“She ditched the ship, bought a new one.” He said. “I don’t know how to find her now. She could be anywhere in the galaxy.” He said. Toh nodded slowly. She didn’t fully understand his pain, as she wasn’t in love with someone nor had her love left and wasn’t returning to her. She empathized with him. She kept nodding as she considered their options. She didn’t know too much about the Jedi, but she knew of the Force, at least the way that the Eldar utilized it.

“Can we track her through the Force?”

“No, not really. She’d be alerted to my presence.”

“Perhaps if we used the Aether?” She asked.

“What do you mean?”

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Rhyana was in the ship. She hadn’t changed the name, so technically it was called something really violent and vulgar in Huttese. If Rhyana had known Huttese it would have probably helped, but she didn’t. It didn’t bother her anyway. The ship suited her and that was all that mattered to her. She would soon come out of hyperspace. She was sitting on an empty crate, meditating. Suddenly, just as she was about to reach a higher connection to the Force, one of her sons kicked hard, breaking her concentration completely. Along with it, she heard a muffled laugh through the Force.

“I heard that.” She said, lifting an eyebrow to show her disapproval. In response, she heard a giggle.

“Sorry, Mother.”

Rhyana smiled, the frown going away. There was a little bit of an alarm sound that rang through the ship. She was still not used to the noises that the ship made, but that was to be expected considering she’d only owned it for a short time. She opened her eyes, blinking the two silver and white orbs. She rose, unfolding herself from on top of the empty crate where she’d been sitting crosslegged. Her ship was pulling out of hyperspace, so it was time to get to the cockpit. As she headed towards the cockpit, a thought came to her mind.

It was about Derek. He seemed so alone. When they’d spoken briefly on Eriadu, he seemed so sad, so upset. She felt so horrible doing what she was doing. She knew that it was for the best though. He would get over her, she was sure of it. Maybe, eventually she’d return and they’d be able to share a laugh about the whole thing. Maybe. Ten years from now, it could work.

She knew that no matter how bad or lonely Derek looked, she had to stick to what she’d decided. It was just better this way. The door to the cockpit slid away, allowing her access to the controls of the ship. She sat down and grabbed the joystick, signaling for the onboard computer to take her off autopilot and put her back on manual.

Rhyana flipped the switch and dropped out of hyperspace. Her eyes took in the planet that she’d jumped to. She smiled. Maybe here. This could be a good place to settle down and raise two boys. Yes, she knew that it was an Imperial system, but she could blend in here. She had only heard good things about Chandrila, particularly involving the ecology of the planet. The flora and fauna were supposed to be superb and well kept. It was a temperate world, one that experienced a little of everything, but enough of the good stuff. It was possible.

She got through the inspection easily enough. There was a bit of a problem with the modifications, but she smoothed everything out after fabricating a story about living in a pirate infested area. Once she was past the inspection, she headed down to the surface. She had a spaceport to go to and a docking bay. It was a start on a planet that just might become her home.


Chandrila. It was an Imperial world, last Korensan knew. He turned to Feris. “You will go after her this time. You will take your own vessel, I will not be able to support you. It wouldn’t look right for a Victory-class Star Destroyer to arrive in system without prior knowledge of the Imperials. Questions will be asked, questions we don’t have time to bother with.” The Arkanian nodded. He turned and gave Asker a mocking smile as if to lord over the other the fact that it was his turn to go get the woman and her spawn. The other just smirked from behind the ebony white mask he wore.

“Very well, Korensan,” Feris said.

“Do not, I repeat, do not bodily harm her unless you absolutely have to. If you do, make sure you avoid her womb. Lord Hauc wishes for those children to be alive. I don’t have to explain to you what will happen or enumerate the ways he’ll make you experience the word ‘pain’.” Korensan said and Bayin smiled.

“Disable her. I understand. She doesn’t need both of her ears, does she?” He asked with a menacing laugh. He turned and left the bridge before Korensan could answer as he already knew what the man was going to say. Asker turned to Korensan.

“What’s so damned important about those unborn whelps?”

“When it comes to the Force, they are the most powerful beings in existence, maybe even ever. Their raw power is enough to move planets and shift their orbits. I’ve heard Hauc say that the could kill without lifting a finger.” Korensan said. Asker nodded as these thoughts answered some questions and raised others.

“How does Lord Hauc know of their power and ability?” Korensan shook his head.

“Ask not that question for the answer is too complicated for one of your stature. Rest assured that Lord Hauc knows what he is doing and has devised plans to work around them.” Asker turned away.

“Do you want to kill Derek Muir?” he asked and Korensan’s eyes widened to a degree. He had sensed a thought on Asker’s mind the entire hyperspace trip to their staging system and now it had finally come out. It had been long on Asker’s mind and had stayed there for some time. It was more than just a simple question. No, it was something more and had more behind it. Vlan could tell.


“I know of your history with Muir and his brother. I know the respect you have for him. Will you be able to kill him or no?” Korensan took a few steps away as he marshaled his thoughts. Had it been any other lieutenant, Korensan would have attacked the man through the Force and physically for daring to question him or his intentions. Asker was high enough to deserve an answer to the question.

“Yes.” He said finally and left it at that.

“My apologies for asking the question, but I had to know.” Asker replied. Korensan nodded.

“Do not worry about it. We have a common goal you and I. As long as it is achieved, I care not as to how.” Asker nodded.

“Lord Hauc’s will be done.”

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Post by Mir » Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:28 pm

Derek was concerned. He was unsure how to find Rhyana. Toh’s use of the Aether had not been successful in locating the Silserian. Something was blocking the woman, as she was able to find others as she had done in the past. There was something peculiar surrounding Rhyana in the Aether, something that Toh couldn’t discern. It was something that had made her fearful as well, and she had told Derek that she’d never come across something like the before. It didn’t make any sense to him, either. What could be blocking Toh’s abilities? Was it a person? Was it Korensan? He doubted that the red skinned alien was able to do something like that.

His master though, that was a possibility. Hauc, maybe. The thought brought a chill to his bone.

Hauc would be able to do that. He knew that he could, he had first hand experience on that matter. It made him furious to think that Hauc had his hand directly in this. Korensan on Hauc’s orders he could understand and deal with. Korensan was a problem, but he could be dealt with. Hauc involved was something else entirely. That tipped the scales far in the favor of the bad guys. Derek’s ship was currently in orbit of Commenor as he waited and thought of a way to find Rhyana.

He was out of options at this point. She had robbed him of his other choice and now he had to pursue this course of action. Derek had to find her through the Force. It would alert her to his presence, yes, but he’d at least be able to find her and hopefully reason with her. This was assuming, of course, that she stayed where she was in time for him to get to her. She’d never given him a chance to properly explain what had happened, how he felt and why her going away as destroying him little by little.

Ever since he had become a human, he had been able to meditate better. Before, he had managed a tentative connection to the Force at best. He sat in the center of his training room, cross legged, eyes closed. His lightsaber was on the ground next to him, the yellow blade extinguished. He was sweating, though it didn’t concern him. Derek had finished a sparring session with three of the Balin droids, and it had tired him to a degree. He had decided to meditate to rejuvenate himself, but also to locate Rhyana. He was deep into his meditation, working on achieving a more intimate, personal connection to the Force.

For different people, the Force felt like different things. He knew that it was like a gentle stream for Rhyana. His padawan had told him how it felt when the Force literally washed over her. For Kalja’s Nagai padawan, Akain, the Force felt like the dull quiet after a vicious battle. Akain and he had spoken about that what seemed like and was years ago. For Derek, when he connected to the Force, it was like flying a fast speeder. The quickness, the pulse invigorating movement. He felt the calm that was brought by knowing that you were in control of such a fast vehicle.

The meditation room on board the Rhyarek was dead silent. If they had mice on board, they were exceptionally good at keeping quiet. Derek’s hands rested on his knees and with his eyes closed, he went out, searching. For him, Rhyana’s presence was something like a soft couch in a safe place. It was somewhere where he felt at ease and at peace. Locating her wouldn’t be that big of a problem, at least he didn’t expect it to be that big of a problem. The fact that he was alerting her to his presence and alerting to her that he was still conducting his search for her.

He had no choices left. She had ditched the Muir vessel. This was his only option. He had to do it. With his eyes closed, he let his mind drift and wander.

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Post by Mir » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:36 pm

Chandrila was an Imperial world, this the man knew. The Imperials had recently gotten interested in the movements of the organization that he was apart of and so by connection, his moves. He had his hands in more than a few jars, some of them unknown to his master. Some were much more innocent than others. The mild insurrection that he was brewing on Nagi, it was only part of his grander scheme. To say that he wanted unlimited power was a lie. He didn’t. He wanted enough power to carve out an empire for himself and to remain there. The man wanted to be royalty, but he didn’t want to constantly be at war. He wanted enough power to be able to protect himself, that was all.

His master had tasked him with the objective of hunting down and capturing the padawan of one of the members of the Jedi Council. Apparently she had run away from the Temple. Her master was currently giving chase, attempting to track her down. His mission was to capture her, and bring her back alive. At first, he had not understood why she had to be alive. As far as he was concerned, it was just another Jedi padawan that could be killed. It was only after he had been told that she was pregnant with twins that her importance had been clearer.

Her twins were fathered by her master. If taken when they were born, they could be indoctrinated and turned into loyal soldiers. While the product of a union between any two Force users would have a higher chance of being Force sensitive themselves, he had been informed that these twins were incredibly powerful. There were on a level that the galaxy had seen before but only in a few individuals. They were so powerful that they could pose a threat to even someone like his master. From what he knew there was no way to train a child while he was in the womb, but he wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that they were being instructed in the ways of the Force by their mother.

They had the capability. While it would make sense for someone like his master to only fear them if they were trained, the raw power that they could summon made up for their lack of training. When they were trained, they would be able to dispatch their foes with ease. His master needed to get to them early, which was why he had been tapped for this mission. How his master had known that he should go to Chandrila, he didn’t know. He had sensed the woman some time ago, walking around a large park. A great deal of the planet had been dedicated to preserving the ecosystem, so it wasn’t something that he hadn’t seen coming.

What was strange was that he could not sense the children. He figured that it was because they were so powerful, but how his master had been able to sense the twins, well, he just couldn’t fathom it. As it was, he sat in a large building that overlooked the place where the woman was. He had yet to actually see her. But he knew what she looked like. He had seen holos of her and could understand why her master had fallen for her and they had gone to bed together. To say that she was beautiful was putting it incredibly, incredibly lightly. He’d been interested to see what species she was.

But what had made him even more interested in this mission was the man who had fallen for her. Who hadn’t heard of Derek Muir? More importantly, who hadn’t heard the rumors that had swirled around him after he had come to the Jedi Temple in the body of a human? He had heard the rumors, but there were more than a few. His master had his own theories, even if he didn’t share them with others. The only Jedi Knight on the Jedi Council, it showed that there was something special about Derek. The man was a formidable swordsman and he was the most dangerous element in this mission. His brother’s prowess when it came to Soresu was legendary.

Derek didn’t have his brother’s knowledge or experience with the defensive form, but his mastery of Niman had brought about some interesting displays of ability. The use of Niman was something that he had a lot of respect for, because one had to constantly innovate in order to properly use it. It allowed you to break from the mold and to be outside of the box. You could surprise your opponent. The man closed his eyes, reaching out with the Force, passively, of course. It was around that time that Feris Bayin arrived in system.

A frown flitted over the man’s features. The three who were also after the woman, they were a mystery. An extensive search of his master’s database had yielded nothing on them. He knew not who they were, nor what they could do. But he was going to find out. It went without saying that they wouldn’t allow him to take Rhyana Torshey with little fuss, the same way that Derek wouldn’t either. His hand settled on the Sith Sword at his side. He had inherited his ancient relative’s expertise when it came to Sith Alchemy and had put it to use. He wasn’t as good as someone else in the organization, but in his mind that was because he hadn’t inherited the full abilities that his ancestor had possessed.

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Post by Mir » Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:45 am

Rhyana was enjoying a quiet day at the park, and she was happy that her two boys were finally at peace, whereas before, she had been trying to mediate some kind of argument between the two. Apparently, one believed that Exar Kun was cool because of his lightsaber skills, while the other believed that even though he had insane skills with a lightsaber, he was still a darksider and therefore bad. She had been listening to them go at it for more than a few hours. Apparently the fact that Exar Kun was plenty powerful in the Force had not been lost on them, and they had also discussed his techniques and the way he used the Force. She had also heard them talking about some bald man, who was also apparently extremely powerful in the Force, but they hadn’t named him or gave any indication as to who they were talking about.

Finally, she had found a compromise that both boys could agree to. Exar Kun’s lightsaber skills were cool, but he himself wasn’t. She sat on a bench, admiring a large and old looking tree. Her boys were sitting next to her, though only she could see them, and they had manipulated time and space so that they looked like they were five. How they had done it, Rhyana didn’t know. She feared to ask, and so far they weren’t volunteering the information, even though they knew that she had her questions about it. She sighed. She wondered what she would be doing right now if she hadn’t left the Jedi Order, if she hadn’t left Derek and hadn’t left the Temple.

She’d probably be training somewhere. Or perhaps helping Derek with the maintenance on that Muir issued fighter he had. What had it been called? A Razor-class Interceptor. She had been joking with him, back when they were with the 4th Fleet. She had called it nothing more than a machine, but she had only done it because she’d known how annoyed he would get by it. Back when apparently both of them had been tiptoeing around the fact that they were falling in love with each other. She knew now what he hadn’t wanted to tell her then when he had been speaking to Adam Sage. Before the battle, before the Ice Planet. Before they had made love. She would have been in the hangar, working on the fighter with him, and it would have been wonderful.

“Actually, there’s a good chance you might be in the hangar with Father, but not working on a Razor. You’d probably be meeting some of the Leidiases.” Her older son said. She turned and looked at him, and watched as he “ate” an ice cream cone with multi colored sprinkles on top. His legs were kicking the air and there was a content smile on his face, something that was definitely not on hers. It was a good thing; she thought that no one could see them. It did mean, however, that people who looked at her would think her weird because she was talking to herself and making faces.

The first thing that came to Rhyana’s mind was why exactly she had defined him as her older son. They were twins and she didn’t know who was going to be born first, yet for some reason she automatically assumed that it was going to be him. Then the rest of the thought kicked in and she wondered how he was able to know what was going on at the Temple at this very moment, assuming he was right about what he was saying was going on.

“How do you know?” She asked, a little confused as to what they were talking about and how they would have known all of this.

”Because Uncle Akain and Aunt Caitlyn are there. You were around them a lot when we were on Nexus Station, so it makes sense.” Her younger son replied.

A thought struck her then.

“Boys…you can tell me where you Father is, can’t you? You can do it without him knowing that you’re looking for him as well.”

There was a moment of silence before her older son spoke. When he did, it confirmed a possible tactic in her mind.

“Yes, Mother, we can.”

“Where is he?”

”He’s in space, with no real direction right now, and he’s looking for you through the Force. We’ve been blocking him though.” The younger one said, though he failed to mention that Derek could easily work his way around the block, as they were setting it up rather obviously. Their father would just think that it was Rhyana doing the block, and not them. Odds were that Derek had his course heading of Chandrila by now. They wouldn’t tell her that, because they wanted their father to find them. Yes, they had told Rhyana that she had to be the one to tell Derek about them, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t orchestrate things so that their parents could be around each other. That way, they would give Rhyana ample times to tell Derek about them.

Sahaja had hit upon the plan, of course.

“Okay, that’s good.”

”Mother, we don’t really want to keep running.”

“I know, but until we find a place to stay that your father can’t find us at or he gives up his search, we have to keep moving. Also, there are those darksiders looking for us.” She said, painfully reminding herself of what had happened back on Eriadu. She couldn’t afford for anything like that to happen again. She had been in dire straits when Derek had shown up to help her. She had set about practicing with her lightsaber since coming to Chandrila, but she wasn’t on the level of that man who had attacked her. She knew somewhat, who the person was, and who he worked for. Hauc. But why Hauc was coming after her, what he wanted from her that she had no idea about.

She needed to figure it out. Future brushes with that darksider, Asker Vavren, would tell her that, but she didn’t want to go through the risk that would come with learning the new information. She would rather just do without the information and the attacks on her life. But she knew that it would be impossible to get that. Odds were that-

”Someone is coming, Mother.”

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:35 pm

Rhyana was walking quickly, in the same direction that the newcomer was coming at. She had to get away, but she didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself. From what she could tell, this person wasn’t sensing her or tracking her through the Force. If she caused a commotion, whoever it was could be alerted to where she was and find her that much faster. She had to get a move on things. She kept her sphere of responsibility low, as small as possible. It wouldn’t be good to give herself away by actively looking for whoever it was that was looking for her. She trusted her children to be able to do that for her and not get caught.

She had brought the folds of her brown robes close around her and she had brought her lightsaber out into her hand. She was holding her hands in front of her, linked together. The lightsaber was not visible to anyone who was looking at her. She continued to walk, knowing that her pursuer was getting closer every moment. She had to keep him at bay. If it was the man from before, it would make things incredibly hard for her to do that.

But it wasn’t.

Something told her that it wasn’t. It wasn’t her children, but it was something else. Something inside of her told her that it was someone else. She continued to walk. Perhaps it was the fact that the attack hadn’t come yet. Her foe last time had moved quickly in on her position, he hadn’t given her any time to think really. Agreed, he and she had basically had a conversation after his initial attack, but still. This one was taking his time. She had more room to move around and was taking advantage of that, but the fact that she was moving didn’t seem to be affecting her thoughts about her potential attacker taking longer to attack her.

Rhyana continued her movements. She knew that there were speeders and other vehicles in the direction that she was going, as soon as she got out of the park itself. She could take one of them and head back to her vessel. She would be temporarily safe there, until she could plan her next move. She was going to have to leave Chandrila, unfortunately. That much had been decided for her. Rhyana was nearing the exit when she stopped. She turned around, knowing that her attacker was near her. She was right. The man had silver hair, like she did.

He had four fingers on each hand. His eyes were silver too, just like hers. His face was pale, with red markings all over. The man was incredibly tall, at least six inches taller than she was. He was a little bit shorter than her Furball, but the only reason that she knew that was because her mental picture of Derek was incredibly detailed. The man ignited a red bladed lightsaber and gave her a wicked smile. She held her ground, though her grip on her lightsaber tightened.

“And you would be?” She asked.

“Feris Bayin.” He replied, the smile widening. “Asker told me of what he did to you. I intend to make what he did look like child’s play.” He added.

Rhyana nodded slowly, revealing her lightsaber. Her silver blade sprang to life and she dropped into a Soresu guard.

Meanwhile, the man who had been watching Rhyana for a while grimaced. This was not the way to go about things. He reached for his sword. He would have to intervene. This one was going to make his mission that much harder to achieve. While he had no problem with a high level of difficulty, Morikune didn’t advocate senseless killing. In addition, he had specific questions he wanted to post to Rhyana, particularly about Silseris and her people. If this animal was allowed to capture her, that would make things unfortunate for him, since he would have failed his master and more importantly, would have failed himself.

And that could not be allowed.
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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:14 am

Feris’ blade came down strong and hard. The attack didn’t force Rhyana to her knees, but it came very close. Feris knew he had to be careful. Asker had told him how the two whelps had intervened in the previous fight and the results of that taking place. He couldn’t afford anything like that happening here. He pulled his blade back and tried again. He executed a complex series of combinations and movements. Rhyana stuck with him, blocking each time, almost all the way to the end. Instead of blocking the last two attacks, she moved back, away from the first and ducked the second one. Her Soresu was strong that much was for sure. But would it be strong enough?

He grinned. Derek had taught her well. Derek was a good swordsman, yes. Not nearly as good as his older brother, who had been virtually peerless, but he was good. That strength had been translated in Rhyana’s tutelage in the art of lightsaber combat. Feris was no Vlan Korensan, but he had been well trained himself. Rhyana’s strategy was to constantly give ground in an attempt to make him over calculate and over reach. She didn’t realize that Feris had figured out her strategy early on and knew this. He was manipulating her own movements, herding her to where he wanted her to be. Rhyana’s silver blade was pointed down in an effective block. She was shorter than he was, so it was harder for him to target her legs and force her to go vertical. He was just amazed that a woman this close to giving birth could move so well and fight so effectively. It was as though she wasn’t incredibly, incredibly pregnant at all.

The Force worked wonders indeed.

Rhyana had resigned herself to her fate. Derek wasn’t going to show up, like the last time. She wasn’t going to be saved. She lacked the skill to effectively fight one like Feris, at least for an extended period of time. Her short game was good, but her long game lacked what she needed in order to survive. She was good with a lightsaber, but she wasn’t that good. Also, her children had fallen silent. They weren’t talking like they usually always were. It was something that added to the fear that was bubbling through her. Feris was a skilled opponent, but he was making attacks that even Asker hadn’t. He truly was a monster and relentless, enjoying the pain that he caused.

Finally she went on the offensive, lunging forward with a stab that forced Feris back. He smiled then, both knowing that she had been forced to break from her strategy because it just wasn’t going to work. More importantly, it was going to get her killed. She replaced his smug smile with a look of pain as she pushed him through the Force. He was thrown back. Feris scrambled to his feet and looked at Rhyana, anger on his face, and also a level of satisfaction at what she had done.

“You might kill me, but I won’t go down without a fight. It will cost you, your victory.” Rhyana said in reply.

“Any price I must pay, I will pay gladly.” Feris said in response and moved forward.

“Pay this one then.” A newcomer said, blocking Feris’ attack with a sword that could resist lightsaber blades.

Both of the combatants turned and looked at the newcomer who had appeared almost literally out of thin air. He looked like he was a Nagai, like Akain. But there were differences. He had pointed ears, which reminded Rhyana of a fellow Silserian, Tone. She hadn’t seen Tone since before Nexus, which had been some time ago. Thoughts of the Bol’zeri woman left her mind, as the newcomer swung his sword at Feris’ head. The Arkanian ducked the attack. He didn’t know who this person was, but he could sense a great deal of strength in him. He had skills, that much was obvious. Feris was unsure ho whe was going to be able to effectively fight two people at the same time, considering how strong this one was.

“Who are you?”

“My name is immaterial. But if you wish to know the name of the man who will kill you, Arkanian, my name is Morikune.” The gray skinned alien said.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:43 pm

OOC: I’ve been trying to make sure that this thread sticks with the Search for Significance thread, or the Jedi Temple thread as it is now known as. So after this post, there will be a two week jump, just like the one that took place in the Jedi Temple thread.


Rhyana didn’t know who Morikune was, or what he wanted. She just knew that he was helping her. So she took advantage of what was put in front of her and acted. While the two of them were fighting, she summoned a large amount of Force power and shot it out through her hands. The massive push threw both men over one hundred and fifty meters away. She didn’t even bother to see what had happened to them, she just turned and ran. She had to find a speeder and get to her ship. Rhyana had felt the taint of the dark side all over the newcomer. It only made sense that he would want to hurt her as well. So, she needed to get away as quickly as possible.

She put her saber back on her belt and began to run. After using so much of the Force for that big push, she was a little drained, and so she wasn’t going to be able to accelerate her speed as much as she would have liked to. Still, it would be enough to get here out of the park and away from here. She hoped that it would be enough. She needed it to be enough; otherwise she was in the same boat as she had been before Morikune struck, possibly something worse. If his intentions had actually been benign, her attack could have angered him.

Meanwhile, Feris was the first of the two to rise to his feet. He called his lightsaber to his hand, the red blade springing to life as it flew through the air. A bloodlust driven smile came to his face as he saw Morikune who had yet to rise. He decided that he was going to kill the man right then and there. He was more than a few meters away from the half Nagai half Sephi, and he knew that he would have to cross the ground quickly in order to get to Morikune before his foe came to. The fight would be prolonged otherwise. He’d be able to kill Morikune and then chase after the sweet prize of the Silserian beauty.

He moved forward, jumping and bringing his saber down in a long Juyo attack. Morikune was laying on the ground, but he suddenly turned up so that he was facing Feris. His hands were connected and his palms were out. A wave of force energy that made Rhyana’s look paltry in comparison emanated from his hands. He was after all, a Dark Lord in the Cult of Shadow. Anyone thinking that they would easily win in a fight against him was foolish to a great degree. Sivter didn’t grant the promotion to just anyone. Feris was tossed high up into the air.

Morikune had a good feeling that the man would survive. He had sensed a good bit of power in Feris, but more importantly, a great deal of training. The man knew what to do in various situations, and it was possible and incredibly probable that he would have to deal with Feris later. For now, he had merely been trying to get the man out of his way albeit temporarily, so that he would be able to get to Rhyana. Had he wanted to be thorough instead of just quick, he would have thrown his sword after the man and impaled him while he was in the sky.

But he was savoring a good fight, and he was willing to be patient in order to get it. While he would have rather fought Derek, the Human Jedi Knight was nowhere to be found. He would have to make do with the much less experienced and far less powerful Feris Bayin.

He didn’t mind though. The challenges he had received in the recent past had been barely worthy of his time and presence and it was one of the reasons he had accepted this task in the first place. Feris was a decent challenge. At least, he could be considered the appetizer until Torshey’s protector arrived. Morikune wanted Derek to come. It wasn’t everyday that one had the chance to engage a member of the Jedi Council in combat, after all. He was perfectly content with scooping Rhyana up and taking her back to Sivter. In fact, he liked that idea. He would have preferred it, however, if he was able to fight Derek. Hopefully that would come to pass.

He began his journey in the direction that Rhyana had gone. He opened his mind to the Force, searching for her. He wanted to find her and soon. Feris would be landing on the ground soon. As soon as he had his heading, he began accelerating his speed with the Force. She wouldn’t be able to stay out of sight for long. Not if he had anything to say about it.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

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Morikune looked at the star charts on his vessel. He was currently traveling through hyperspace, bound for the moon known as Iktotch. It was a moon that orbited a gas giant and it was the home world of the Iktotchi, a race of beings who had precognitive capabilities. He had been tracking Rhyana for a while, and he knew that she was headed there. They had played a cat and mouse game for the past two weeks. It had been frustrating to catch her. More than once, complications had arisen with the other dark siders on her trail. He had learned their names. They were Feris Bayin, the Arkanian who he had come close to killing back on Chandrila, Asker Vavren, a man who believed that he was an avatar and a servant of the Dark Side, and their leader, Vlan Korensan, a man who rivaled Morikune himself in raw power. It had been interesting to say the least.

Feris, he had nearly killed. Morikune had cornered Rhyana on Chandrila, and the two had engaged in a duel. Morikune had been forced to hold back, as otherwise, he would have killed Rhyana and killed the two beautiful creatures in her womb, something that he couldn’t do under any circumstances. Feris had eventually found them and then had made the duel one between three people once more. Feris had interfered and had cost him his prize. Rhyana had escaped, but not before the black haired Jedi Knight on the Jedi Council had arrived.

Derek had tracked Rhyana and the duel had become an interesting one. Feris had known that it made little sense to continue when Rhyana had left. Morikune himself had lost sight of his original goal. He had wanted to kill Derek, placing that above finding Rhyana. That had been a mistake on his part and that had cost him dearly. He knew now that to kill Derek, he had to make sure that he had the silver haired woman. Derek was a competent fighter, to say the least. His knowledge of Makashi had been brilliant to watch when it was put into practice.

His Niman had skillfully blended what forms Derek knew together. Morikune had seen Makashi, Ataru, and Shien in the mix, along with a little Djem So. Morikune had fought Derek to a standstill though. It had taken a beating out of both of them, and Morikune had left the fight with even more respect for the Jedi. He knew that Derek was probably cursing him, but he didn’t mind that. It came with the territory. Derek hadn’t lost sight of his goal and had realized that Morikune’s involvement was keeping him from what he wanted most and needed to find.

Morikune had forgotten and had allowed her to escape.

Now he had been involved in a two week hunt for her. He had tangled with the various players over that period of time, all except Vlan himself. He, Vlan’s group, and Derek had been after her and had gone to different planets and locales throughout the galaxy. If there was one thing that the Silserian was effective at, it was managing to stay out of any of their grasps for long. She had baffled all three on Umgul and then had actually been captured for a while by Vlan’s forces on Talasea. Morikune and Derek had helped each other, though they hadn’t agreed on anything beforehand. It was just a spur of the moment decision and after they had injured Asker, Derek and Morikune had turned on each other.

This had allowed Rhyana another chance to escape.

Morikune didn’t have access to things like Vlan’s Victory-class Star Destroyer Mk II. Unfortunately, he was in his much smaller ship, a heavily modified freighter from Arcanix. With all that firepower and equipment, Morikune found it very hard to completely understand why Vlan was unable to capture Rhyana when she was in her ship. The man had access to tractor beams, ion cannons, and fighters. It made no sense, none at all. Derek had intervened more than once, yes, but that modified ship of his didn’t have that many guns, it wasn’t that powerful. It wouldn’t be able to stop Vlan from getting to Rhyana.

He looked up as the alarm went off. He had reached Iktotchi. He was confident that this would be the last time he had to chase Rhyana Torshey.



Vlan Korensan smiled. Here, he would take her down for good. He had been allowing Asker and Feris to hunt the woman down, but somehow she had managed to escape them every time. This time, would be different, as this time he was going down to the planet to deal with this problem himself. Once he had seen what this Morikune person could do, he had known that it would be up to him to solve the problem and get Rhyana. He should have realized that Sivter would be interested in the two children. It only made sense. Something told him that Hauc had known but hadn’t told him. In order to test him perhaps? Or was it in order to give Vlan a unique challenge, something that he hadn’t seen in a while?

Or was it a good way to get Vlan killed in case the Dark Jedi was having problems with the last mission he had been ordered to do?

That had been killing Erik Muir.

Admittedly, he did have problems with what he had been forced to do. He hadn’t wanted to kill his old master, he respected the Bothan greatly. Erik had been like a father to him over the years. He would be able to kill Derek if he had to. He knew that while Derek had conquered the temper and anger that had ruled him for some time, he could still hold a grudge. Even for a Jedi, holding a grudge against the man who killed your older brother made a great deal of sense. Vlan knew, he had been a Jedi at one point after all. He sighed as he watched the glow of hyperspace from the bridge of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Mk II.

Hauc’s plans were speeding along. All that the man needed was for these two babes to be delivered into his care. Vlan knew that Rhyana was close, so very close to term. She would need to find someplace and stay there for some time in order to give birth, unless she was going to try to do it by herself on her ship while traveling through hyperspace. Even then, she would be susceptible to getting waylaid when she came out of hyperspace. Also, Rhyana would be incredibly foolish not to seek help in delivering the babies.

She couldn’t afford for something to happen to her and then leave them alone in the world. Outside of being stupid when there were people looking for them, she would be being a horrible mother. The need to do that would make her vulnerable. Vlan had no qualms with butchering people in order to accomplish his mission. If she went to a hospital or some place like it, he would be there and doctors, nurses, nothing would keep him from those two children.

She wasn’t running out of places to hide. The galaxy was a large place with a seemingly infinite number of places for Rhyana to find shelter and hide from not only Hauc and Sivter, but the man who wanted to help her as well. No, it wasn’t that at all. Vlan smiled.

She was running out of time.

The commander of his vessel turned to him, telling him that they had reached Iktotchi. Vlan was eager that things would be over soon. He would bring Rhyana Torshey and her twins back to his master soon enough.


Even with a Class .05 hyperdrive, he was behind the rest of them.

That was because he had been badly injured during the last fight. Morikune had managed to get past his defenses and that Sith Sword of him had given Derek a nasty cut. Derek had passed out and luckily, Asker’s intervention had saved his life. Morikune had been forced to fight Asker and the two of them had, after moving out of the area, been forced to dodge speeders thrown courtesy of Rhyana who had thought that Derek had actually been dead. Toh had arrived on the scene after the fighting had gone up into orbit.

She had brought him back to the Rhyarek and after sending the ship into hyperspace, had put him into a bacta tank. He was still unsure how she had known where to go. How she had known that Rhyana was headed to Iktotch. When he had come out of the bacta tank, she had told him that there had been some guiding force, some presence in her mind that had told her. She still didn’t understand it and neither did Derek. Still, he trusted the Force and knew that it wouldn’t steer him in the wrong direction.

Hopefully the speed of the Rhyarek’s hyperdrive would allow them to catch up with the other two ships and possible reach there at the same time. In a perfect world, it would allow them to overtake them and get there ahead of them, but ever since the get go, Derek had always come too late on the scene, too late to keep Rhyana out of danger.

This Morikune had been the first since Hauc to actually give Derek a dose of fear.

He had skills when it came to wielding the Force and he wasn’t shabby with the sword that he had either. Derek wasn’t sure whether or not he could beat him. Morikune had an interesting mind. It was very singular, always focused on a goal. It reminded him of a man who was more Nagai than Morikune was. Akain had a very similar mind. Akain had told him his memories of being a mercenary and a soldier. Derek wouldn’t have wished that life on anyone, especially if they had gone through it starting at the age that Akain did. Akain was a focused individual. Morikune was like that.

Derek had realized over the two weeks that Morikune had two objectives. One was to capture Rhyana and the other was to kill him. He had also come to learn that Morikune served Sivter and that had brought a cold thought to Derek’s mind. Morikune had calmly told him during one of their duels, one that had left Derek incredibly weakened, that Sivter wished to capture the Silserian as well. What did Sivter want with his padawan? What did Hauc want? Were they the same things? Why couldn’t Derek sense what it was either? He had no idea why all these people were after his padawan.

He had gone over everything he knew about Rhyana and hadn’t been able to uncover what the reason was. Did it have something to do with her previous master? Rhyana had told him much of her former master, but there was nothing there that would have made sense as to why these two were after her. What was the reason? Neither Asker nor Feris had given any clues as to why Hauc was after her. Derek figured that it was because they just didn’t know. He wrapped the blanket tighter around his body. The last bacta dunking hadn’t sat too well with him, something about his genetic make up now that he was a human.

He was going into whatever was going to happen on Iktotch not at his best.

Toh walked into the master bedroom of the Rhyarek, to tell him that they had reached Iktotchi. He was neither confident like Morikune, nor eager like Vlan. He was worried. Worried that something terrible was going to happen and that he wasn’t going to be good enough to save the woman that he loved.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

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Rhyana sat on a crate outside of her ship. She was on the moon of Iktotchon, known as Iktotch. The people here were naturally telepathic as well as precognitive. She knew that the three groups of people coming after her knew that she was here. To think otherwise would be foolish at this point since they had managed to show up in some shape or form on every planet she had gone to, regardless of where it was. She was hoping that the telepathic capabilities of the Iktotchi would mask her for a little while, and maybe even forewarn her to the danger that Morikune and Vlan Korensan presented to her. She breathed heavily, trying to regain her equilibrium.

It was becoming harder and harder to travel, to even move around with the twins that she carried. She was going to come to term soon, and she needed to find a place where she could safely give birth. But she didn’t know where that was. It seemed that no matter where she went, Morikune or Vlan would be one step behind her. Derek might eventually give up, but those two wouldn’t. She could tell that much about them. They were after her children, she had also figured that out relatively quickly. She was at her most vulnerable right now.

She had no real way to defend herself. She could barely lift her lightsaber. Even with the Force, it was becoming harder to move around. She had barely been able to make it to her quarters after getting into hyperspace. She had slept the entire trip, needing to rebuild her reserves. Rhyana had barely been awakened by the alarm system. It hadn’t actually been that, but instead the burning need to eat to give her fuel. She was burning herself up every fight. She felt so bloated and knew that once she did give birth, she was going to need that baby weight bump to stay alive. Rhyana was expending thousands of calories in every single one of those fights.

Outside of the direct danger those fights put her babies in, she was scared that she would be too unhealthy to give birth and that there would be some complications when it came time to give birth. That was a fear that was ever present in her mind. She reached into the crate and grabbed one of the ration bars that were there. It had also been a while since she’d eaten a real meal. Rhyana knew that she was very unhealthy right then and she knew that she needed to do something about it.

She rose, deciding that the first thing she needed to do was to get a good meal in her system. After that, she would sleep some more, but not before locking the ship up and setting the self defense system up. She had to make sure that she was safe; otherwise everything she was doing would be for nothing. The last thing she wanted was to wake up in a prisoner cell in Korensan’s Star Destroyer or Morikune’s ship.


She sat down in the booth fifteen minutes later. She had ordered and was waiting for her food. Rhyana sipped at her drink, a glass of water. She had ordered one of the largest meals on the menu. She needed the energy and the fuel otherwise this was going to be pointless. She leaned back against her chair and rubbed her hands over her face as she considered her options. Iktotchi wouldn’t be safe for long and she had to find a way to get to a new system, a place that she would be able to be undetectable. That was going to be incredibly hard, since Vlan and Morikune weren’t tracking her ship, but tracking her, through the Force.

Rhyana could tell when they were doing it and while she tried to close her mind off, or fight against them, it consumed too much energy, and she couldn’t do it all the time. It appeared, at least for Vlan, that he had a bevy of Force-users at his disposal with which to antagonize her. She couldn’t fight against all of them and it made attempting to mastermind a plan incredibly hard. She needed to find the strength to wound one of them very badly when they attacked this time. She knew that they were going to attack. Thinking that they wouldn’t attack would be a folly.

She smiled at her waitress as the food was brought to her. The amount that she had ordered was more than anything she’d ever seen even Derek eat, and he had a huge appetite. She took her cutlery in her hands and set to work. As she ate, she weighed her options and worked on what her next move was going to be.

She couldn’t just run. That would achieve nothing. She also couldn’t kill any of her pursuers; she just wasn’t good enough to do that. Morikune put Feris and Asker to shame without even trying to and she could barely hold her own against Asker and Feris. The dark siders were too physical when it came to their styles of combat, and while normally she would have been able to fight back, with the twins in her womb she just couldn’t keep up with them. She wouldn’t mind risking a broken rib, but knowing that any injury, no matter what it was, could hurt her children meant that she couldn’t make those decisions.

What this meant was that her only hope was that they killed each other while fighting amongst themselves. They didn’t always fight each other, but sometimes they did. She could only hope that Morikune would help her out by killing Feris or Asker. Maybe even Vlan, if he ever came down and attacked her himself. It was either that, or hope that Derek was able to help her. She didn’t want to be a burden anymore on the father of her children, but in this situation, he was the only person who could help her.

He would be able to effectively fight the dark siders where she couldn’t. She had seen him during the past two weeks. While she was trying to get away from him, so that he could be with Tatya, she was selfishly proud of him when she saw him fighting with the skill that he had. Of course she had contributed nothing to her master’s skill with the lightsaber, but she could still be proud of him, couldn’t she?

He was a great swordsman and she had been happy to call him her master. She would have been happier still to call him her husband, but some things weren’t meant to be. Rhyana continued to eat and smiled at what could have been. She could have been in their quarters, with the two boys, maybe feeding them or taking care of them or just playing with them and Derek would come back, after teaching a class.

They’d be a family and she wanted that more than she wanted anything in this galaxy. Derek would come in and smile and the two boys would be so excited to see their father. She’d give him a hug and a kiss and ask him how his day had been. It would have been perfect.

But now…now that could never be. It would never be anything more than a dream that she would be able to call up and think about when she thought about how things could have been. Nothing more than that.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

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Over the past two weeks she had slowly grown to learn what some of the darksiders’ presences felt like. Feris was like a ball of fire in the Force, burning hot, bright, and most importantly, burning angry. Asker on the other hand, was more of a shadow, a presence barely seen, but definitely felt. Vlan had a power about him, a sense of purpose, and to Rhyana, he felt like a juggernaut. Morikune, the half Nagai half Sephi, he was something else entirely. He was just dark; there was no other way to say it. But to counter that darkness was the light of her Derek. Derek was just…she honestly had no words to describe her love. In her mind, he just was.

She felt all of their presences arrive, not within moments of each other, rather within minutes. She shuddered as she finished her walk and arrived back in the hangar. They were here. They had brought their violence and bloodshed to another world, another system. Innocent people had died last time. She hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t happen again. She headed over to her ship, remotely activating the ramp on the Pursuer-class. As she walked up the ramp, Rhyana wondered if now would be the time to leave.

Unfortunately she had no destination. She didn’t know were she could go next, having not really been a member of the “galaxy” for too many years. Her children had been silent on the matter, despite having advised her last time, that this place, Iktotch, had been the place to go to. Over the past two weeks, her children had become quieter and quieter. She didn’t know what was wrong and when she had asked them about it, they hadn’t told her much. She feared that it had something to do with the constant strain that she was putting on her body when she fought every time against either Morikune, one of Vlan’s minions or all three.

She also feared, even more, that it had something to do with the dark side and was being caused by Morikune or Vlan. She knew that her actions couldn’t be healthy for her two babies, but she honestly had no choice. Rhyana looked at the star charts that she had and then down at her swollen belly. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that she was so very close to coming to term, that was why the level of conversation that she normally enjoyed with her children had dwindled so much. She actually like refereeing their fights and arguments, even if they made her wonder how her children were able to know so much about history while still in the womb.

Rhyana had had fears even before getting pregnant about whether or not she would be a good mother. Now those fears were compounded and made much worse. She knew that she would have to be an even better mother than she would have had to otherwise, because she would be raising the children by herself.

She could feel the presences coming down towards the moon. She closed her eyes as she tried to think. Everything was telling her to leave. Something told her to stay. Her children had been quite adamant in coming to Iktotch. There was something about this moon that held some importance to them. What exactly it was, she had no idea. But so far, her children hadn’t steered her wrong. Nothing they had told her had been a lie. Therefore, she was inclined to believe them. While she didn’t know or understand why Iktotch was so important to them, she would stay and find out whatever it was.

Her right hand idly rubbed her stomach. She thought back to what Jola’edana had said to her back on Nexus Station. It seemed like years ago. The Jedi Healer had been right. Foot massages would have been oh so wonderful. She barely fit into the shoes she had, since her feet had swollen.

The Silserian ran a hand through her silver tresses and looked again at the star charts. She could feel Morikune landing on the planet. Vlan’s ship had stayed in orbit, and a shuttle was heading down towards the planet. She was shocked to realize that she hadn’t felt Asker or Feris. Instead, she had felt their leader, the juggernaut that was Vlan Korensan. They were there as well, both Asker and Feris, both of them, but if Vlan was coming down, things were bad, very bad. She had only sensed him before when she was leaving, flying past that Star Destroyer of his. He was coming down personally this time. This was not good and she knew it. Why did her children want her to stay when things were escalating out of hand?

It made no sense.

She also felt the ray of light that was Derek entering orbit.

”Boys, what’s going on?” She asked as she rubbed her hand over her womb one more time, hoping that they would answer her.

They didn’t answer her and she ran her hand through her hair again, starting to get worried. The four of them against her? Even with Derek’s help, she didn’t think that she’d be coming out of this altercation alive. Definitely not in a position to give birth, that much was for sure.

”Boys, answer me now.”

”Mother, you need to stay on Iktotch for a little while longer. Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” Her younger son said to her.

”Alright?” Rhyana mentally cried out. ”Vlan Korensan is on his way down here. I can’t fight both Vlan and Morikune. Vlan’s two Sith are with him as well. You need to explain yourselves right now, otherwise we’re leaving.” She said.

”Father will protect us.” Her older son replied.

”Protect us? He can’t fight against all of them, and I’m not going to be able to do it either. The two of us can’t fight four exceptionally trained dark siders like them. You’re actions don’t make any sense to me whatsoever. You’re going to get your father killed!” Rhyana said and a moment later she moved into action.

She headed over to the controls of the ship and started her pre flight sequence. The engines started to warm up.

”Mother, you have to trust us.” Her older son said.

She slowed her actions. Her fingers paused over the controls of the Pursuer-class.

“Do you two really know what you’re doing?” She asked, out loud this time.


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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

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Vlan’s calculating eyes scanned the area as he stopped moving. He had just stepped off of the shuttle that he had taken down to the moon’s surface. He looked over his shoulder as Feris and Asker also disembarked and walked down the boarding ramp of the ship. Both of them stopped a few steps behind him and waited for his instructions. “We know where she is.” He said. “Let’s get her and get out of here, before that damned Nagai half-breed has anything to say about it.” Vlan said and began walking. The other two followed, as they walked, they pushed outward with the Force and picked up on as much as possible. It wasn’t to find Rhyana, they knew where she was, in a spaceport hangar not far from where they were now. It was to look for Morikune.

They had landed a few minutes after he had. He had already been on the planet for longer and with the way their confrontations had been in the past, it only took a few minutes to achieve dominance amongst the three groups looking for Rhyana Torshey. They had to move as quickly as possible and there could be no distractions, nothing to swerve them away from their goal. They had to get her and get her back to Zohmaj Hauc. Nothing was going to stop them, not even Morikune’s Sith sword. Vlan’s eyes continued to move back and forth.

Vlan had not made the mistake of not counting Derek in all of his calculations. He knew that the former Bothan was easily the better of Feris and Asker when it came to using the Force and wielding a lightsaber. When it came to Vlan himself, he knew that he would be able to hold his own for a given amount of time against Derek. What he needed to do was manipulate the situation so that Morikune fought Derek. While that was happening, Vlan would be able to go, find Rhyana, and collect her. That was his plan. It was one of the few strategies that would work in this situation. He knew that Rhyana was too far along to be able to properly defend herself.

It wouldn’t take much to capture the Silserian woman and more importantly, the two children who were growing in her womb.

As they walked, Vlan made sure to keep periodic tabs on where Rhyana was. She was inside of her ship, and hadn’t strayed since they had arrived on the surface. She had to have known that they were there. Vlan and his two subordinates were not that far away from where Rhyana was, she should have been able to sense them by now. But she wasn’t doing anything. Vlan smiled as a thought came to him. Perhaps she was meditating, trying to find a way out of the situation that had fallen before her. She should have realized by now that there was nothing that she could do to stop what was going to come to pass. She wasn’t strong enough and neither was the father of her children. Even if Vlan wasn’t successful, Morikune would be. It was inevitable. She would give birth to the two most powerful Force users the galaxy had seen.

What would happen to her afterwards was something that Vlan didn’t know, but he did hope that he would have a chance to take her as a slave, particularly a pleasure slave. He could see her beauty and he could see why Derek had become physically attracted to her. She was the most beautiful woman that Vlan had ever seen in his life. He didn’t care for things like her personality or whether she would be happy with her lot in life if she became his slave. That didn’t concern him. Touting her as a prize and showing her off to a defeated Derek Muir, now that had its benefits.

His pace quickened as the thoughts came to him. Nights full of physical pleasure with the Silserian began to infiltrate his brain, creating a collage of images. They were soon followed by a singular moment of glory when he presented her, bound and chained, humiliated and submissive, in front of Derek, knowing that both were powerless to fix their current predicament. It would definitely be a truly beautiful thing to behold.

Feris and Asker moved faster in order to keep up with their leader. They were almost to the hangar where Rhyana’s ship was.

Everything was coming together.


Morikune watched with a smile as Vlan made his way towards Rhyana. He hadn’t bothered with attempting to locate the Jedi Padawan. He knew that Vlan would do the work for him and that he could just watch and wait and get the information in his own way. He reached a hand up and rubbed his chin as he considered. He was going to move in very slowly. He didn’t know where or more importantly when Derek Muir was going to make an appearance. The where was obvious, wherever Rhyana was. The when, was a different matter altogether. Morikune was perched on the ledge of one of the open air hangars that the spaceport had.

He slowly moved forward, staying low. Vlan, Asker, and Feris were walking down one of the many avenues and hallways of the spaceport. Morikune leapt into the air, flipping as he did. The Force assisted jump landed him silently on top of another open air spaceport hangar. He had to keep Vlan and his two minions in his sight at all times.

The Sith Lord from the Cult of Shadow looked around slowly and then smiled to himself. No one knew that he was there and no one had seen his jump, just what he had intended. He continued on his way, and all of Morikune’s movements were quick and very calculated as he moved towards his destination of the pregnant Silserian woman.

He kept his profile as low as possible. There was no need for Vlan or either of the other two to pick up on him until it was time to strike. He wanted them to wear Rhyana down as much as possible, to weaken her so that when he stepped in, his work was little to none. There was nothing like making other people do your work for you. It was a very smart way of doing things. Then he would jump in and dispatch them. He had a plan to leave his ship here for a while. He would take Rhyana captive, subdue her and then he would leave on her ship since it appeared as though that’s where they were headed. It would be the easiest thing to do.

His ship was very tightly locked down and there was no way for anyone to get on board the vessel and try to steal it, at least no way that he could think of. If they were foolish enough to try to do it, well then they were going to be in for a world of pain. While the ship wasn’t that sophisticated or that special in its inner workings, he had made sure that it was modified to do what needed to be done in order to keep it safe. Morikune was one of the few who knew the coordinates to Arcanix and they were onboard that ship, in its navcomputers. He had to make sure that it was properly defended. The ship was well equipped to deal with any one who would try to take it away from Morikune.

Thus, the Dark sider decided that the best plan of action was to just use Rhyana’s ship. If she had been smart enough to put defense mechanisms on board the ship, there would be problems. He doubted that she had done something like that. Morikune knew that he’d be able to get around whatever systems she had set up, if any. If he really had to, he’d torture it out of her, provided that she was able to speak. It would hamper the speed of his departure with his prize, but he had every confidence that he would be able to pull it off.

There was no reason why he couldn’t. He would just focus Derek Muir’s attacks and attempts to save his padawn at Vlan, Feris, and Asker.

Victory was in the air and he could taste it.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

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Rhyana watched from the cockpit of her ship. There were a group of birds that had landed inside of the hangar. They were milling around something or other and she rested her elbow on the dashboard of the ship, holding her head up with her hand. They looked so free, so liberated. They could do what they wanted and they weren’t bound by any laws or anything like that. At least, laws that they knew existed. If they didn’t know that the laws existed, there was no way for the law to be able to control them, if you thought about it. She watched them and smiled.

She wished that she could have been more like the birds. She wished that she was able to do what she wanted, whenever she wanted, however she wanted. It was something that was barred from her and something that angered her and made her sad. She had a lot in common with the birds already. They were white and silver and she had silver hair and apparently had a thing for the color silver, if Derek was to be believed. She watched them for a few more minutes and then closed her eyes, trying to think about what was going to happen.

She didn’t know what her boys were planning and how they were going to survive this encounter with the darksiders currently on attempting to find her. She knew that it wouldn’t take them long to realize where she was. Once they did, they would find her and she would have to fight them. But she couldn’t, not in the shape that she was in. Furthermore, there was no way that she would have been able to properly hold her own against them even if she hadn’t been incredibly pregnant. She opened her eyes and realized that she was beginning to tear up, because she knew that if she listened to her boys, there was a very high chance that she was going to die.

Suddenly, Rhyana lifted her head. Something had caught her eye. Something had unsettled the birds. They were flying away from the cause of this disturbance which meant that they were flying towards her cockpit. She moved her head and craned her neck in order to see what it was. Her eyes didn’t get wide when she saw who it was. Neither did she get scared or worried or anything. She just accepted it. Accepted what was happening to her and accepted that she was going to die.

Vlan Korensan stood in her hangar, arms folded across his chest. From behind him, Asker appeared and moved onto Korensan’s left. Feris was there as well, and she watched as he walked over to Korensan’s right side.

They stared at the ship silently and she knew that they were waiting for her to come out. Rhyana’s eyes closed and she knew that she had to do something. ”What am I supposed to do?” She asked. There was no answer. She waited a few more moments, but her boys were silent. She asked them again, increasing in volume. Finally, they answered her.

”You have to make the choice.” The younger of her two boys said.

Rhyana rose then and headed out of the ship. She had her lightsaber clipped to her belt. She came around and stood in front of her ship. She looked at first at Vlan and then Feris and after him, she looked at Asker. Finally her eyes came back to Korensan and she stared at the red skinned alien who’s minions had been trying to kill her for a long time for a few moments. He smiled and then spoke, breaking the rather peaceful silence that had been between them all.

“Rhyana, I hope you understand the seriousness about the situation. I’ve come down personally to make sure that everything goes smoothly. I want to make sure that nothing happens outside of the plan.” Vlan said.

“All this tells me, is that your lackeys require more training. And that Derek is just that good.” Rhyana said, folding her arms over her chest.

“There’s that tongue again.” Vlan said with a smile. “It’s a shame that Derek won’t be able to enjoy your verbal lashings years from now. Among the other things you’re probably very good at with your tongue.”

She knew what he was trying to do. Bait her by talking about her Furball. She wasn’t going to let it get to her. She just looked back at him, her expression remaining cool.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:25 pm

Rhyana watched as the lightsaber descended downwards. She struggled to lift her silver blade up. She was tired and she knew it. There were too many enemies and she didn’t have the strength to fight all of them. Maybe if she knew better Soresu. Maybe if there was one less opponent. Maybe if she hadn’t been pregnant. Too many maybes. If she hadn’t been pregnant none of this would have happened in the first place. Asker had long ago told her that she was being hunted by Hauc because of her babies. She blocked the attack and gave ground once more. They had been moving around the hangar for a good while now. She had kept them away from her ship.

She had a feeling that one of them would try to disable it somehow if they got the chance and she couldn’t risk that. In case, somehow, she had a moment where she was able to flee, she wanted to be able to take that opportunity, to seize it and escape. She had trusted her children, yes, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t have a contingency plan in place in case they had been wrong. So far, Derek had not shown up and she didn’t know if he ever would. What did actually surprise her was that Morikune, the half Nagai, half Sephi Sith was not here, either. She would have expected him to have gotten on the scene some time back.

But he hadn’t, so that had gotten her worried, since usually he appeared very quickly into the fights. While she couldn’t count on him to help her, he was enough of a wild card that she had managed to use him to escape from the fights before. Or she had used either Asker or Feris to escape if Morikune had been the first to find her. She wondered why Morikune had not showed up. With a rueful laugh, she wondered if it was because he was scared of fighting the three opponents that she was now up against. She ducked another attack and moved away.

She was tired, so tired. She felt like she could barely move, and she knew that she was using the Force to a great degree to keep herself in the fight. But soon she would be using her reserves and then she would have nothing left, nothing to stop them from taking what they wanted. She had to stay in the fight, but she didn’t know how she was going to do that.

Suddenly, a breeze of cool air washed over her face. She knew that it wasn’t an actual breeze or anything like that. She just felt better and felt as though she was able to fight better. Rhyana actually was better for some reason. Her moves were faster, her blocks and counters quicker and crisper. Something, or someone was helping her. Or someones, as the case might have been. She realized that her children were aiding their mother as best as they could. They were powerful, and had they been in full control of their powers, she knew that the two of them could easily dispatch all three of the Dark siders that she was fighting against.

And that was the reason she was fighting them in the first place. To keep her children safe and stop them from being corrupted by the Dark side of the Force.

It was all that mattered, and whatever sacrifice she had to make, Rhyana was willing to do just that. She looked up as she jumped through the air and saw that Morikune apparently was not scared of the fact that he would have to fight three Dark siders plus Rhyana herself. He had been masking his presence the whole time and was perched on top of the hangar bay. He rose suddenly and jumped, heading down towards the ground. Rhyana wasn’t the only one to have spotted him either. Vlan had seen him as well, and the Dark sider took a few steps back.

Rhyana knew what Vlan was thinking. He was already recalculating the game and seeing what needed to be done to remove this new factor from the dangerous category. He had to be doing that, simply because of who the new factor was. He needed to find a way to deal with Morikune. To say that the newest addition to the fight was a strong powerhouse was an understatement. Morikune was well trained and well versed in the Sith sword that he pulled into view. Vlan apparently had already worked out some kind of strategy in his head before the fight had started, for the three original Dark siders moved as if everything had been planned out to the letter.

Asker and Feris converged on where Rhyana was, while Vlan himself turned and started towards where Morikune had landed.

The fight had just gotten interesting.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Fri May 29, 2009 4:15 pm

“The one I serve has already laid claim to the woman and her spawn. It is not for you to interfere, half-breed.” Vlan said, as his lightsaber connected with the Force modified and alchemically tampered with sword. The red skinned alien smiled at Morikune and pushed forward, forcing the other man back a few steps. Morikune accepted the change in stance and position, while Vlan used the break to reach up and wipe some blood that was leaking from a cut on his bottom lip. Morikune had punched him earlier rather hard and with the armored gauntlet that the man had, he had managed to cut Vlan’s lip. Vlan brought his hand down and dropped into a defensive position.

“That may be true, but the one that I serve bows to no one. And he does not acknowledge your master. The woman is fair game, as are the children she is set to bear. It is my mission to retrieve them for my master and I will not fail him in this mission. It would be unwise for you to continue to test me.” Morikune replied, spinning his blade loosely in a circle. He gave Vlan a feral grin. “This shall be your death place, my friend. I hope you have made your peace with whatever deity you pray to you. You shall soon find out if you were correct in your belief, of that I can guarantee you.” He added as the grin widened.

He slowly began his advance, the blade held low, the tip pointing down towards the ground. He kept his gaze on his foe as he brought the blade up. Vlan reacted, moving forward, but continuing to hold his defensive position. His red blade was angled so that he could defend against a wide range of attacks, and he had been studying Morikune’s style over time to properly understand it. The man didn’t attack unless he had to. His movements were chosen with economical and frugal precision. He wasn’t the best at it, and he could be distracted, particularly by new arrivals to the fight, or the loss of his quarry, but generally speaking, his focus was incredible.

Vlan had never really seen a focus quite like Morikune’s. It was exact and calculating. Morikune lacked the raw power that Hauc had; otherwise, Vlan would actually have feared the man. As it was, he had a modicum of respect for him, but nothing more.

The two continued their fight, neither giving ground, neither intending to give ground either. Something was going to have to give and that something was going to have to give very soon if either of them was going to be the victor of the fight. They were rather evenly matched, even if Morikune had more skill with a blade. Korensan had him beat most definitely however when it came to raw power and control of the Force. Their fight was going to be a long one, a very long and drawn out affair, unless an outside factor was introduced into the fight.

That outside factor could not come from Asker or from Feris, unless they stopped what they were doing and then jeopardize the entire mission, the reason that they were there in the first place. They were too busy with their prey in this attack, Rhyana.

Feris had to admit that she was doing a very good job defending herself in the fight. He had no idea what her source of energy was. He didn’t have any real experience with pregnant women, but he could guess that they had to slow down because of the added weight. Their endurance had to come down because of the weight that they were now carrying around. Feris did not know where she was finding the energy, but he had a very good suspicion of where it was coming from. He figured that it was coming from the twins currently in her womb.

They were incredibly powerful and it would be possible for them to lend their mother strength through the Force. This meant that he had to get physical in the fight. He turned and looked at Asker as Rhyana backed up a few steps to catch her breath. The two shared a look and their new strategy was conveyed almost mentally. They understood each other and Asker smiled a wicked smile. He had attacked Rhyana in a physical manner designed to directly harm her children before. They weren’t going to cause her to miscarry her children.

They were going to injure her greatly through harming the children though.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:59 am

His footsteps were silent as he walked into the hangar. The scene before him was not one that was unfamiliar, though there were different things about it. There were always different things. Usually they weren’t in a hangar. Furthermore, the number of Sith attacking Rhyana was different. That was the main difference and the only one that was important in the mind of the man who walked into the hangar. Derek’s grip tightened on the lightsaber in his hand. He had tracked them to this location. Finding Rhyana had been difficult, but finding Vlan hadn’t been, so he had gone with Vlan, knowing that the Darksider would eventually make his way to where Rhyana was.

Derek’s lightsaber was ignited, and the yellow blade’s snap hiss sound filled the hangar, almost deafeningly. All five of the combatants stopped and turned towards where Derek was. The Jedi Knight stood there for a moment, surveying the situation. He could see the look on Asker’s face, which was eager delight. Feris had the same dead pan look on his face, and Derek knew that while the Arkanian didn’t share the same joy and glee at Derek’s arrival that Asker did, he held similar thoughts in his head. Meanwhile, Morikune was regarding Derek with a look of cold anticipation.

Last but not least was Vlan. Vlan’s face was interesting, because on it was not shock, but resignation. That Darksider had known that eventually Derek would arrive. At that point in time, things would begin to go as they had always gone since the hunt for Rhyana and for her twin children had begun. Somehow, someway, Rhyana would escape, and they would start the whole process all over again. Not this time. This time would be different. Vlan would make sure that it was different and it was the express reason why he had come down himself to make sure that it was different.

Defeat could not be tolerated and no matter what happened, no matter who had to die, Vlan would capture Rhyana and her twins.

“It would appear that all the players have arrived.” Morikune said with a small smile on his face. He too knew what usually happened now and he had no problem allowing it to happen again. Sivter wanted Rhyana and her children, yes. If the two baby twins were captured now, they would provide him with everything he needed to ensure that his war of darkness was a success. But Sivter was a patient man and he could wait if he needed to. His plan had been made independent of the children and the raw power that they possessed. As long as the children were never turned or used against him, Sivter was fine with waiting as long as it took to get them.

Morikune might have wanted to stop all the nonsense and capture her quickly, but like his master, he was patient and could wait as well. Eventually, Rhyana would succumb. From now on, she could not be as mobile as she could otherwise and in the earlier stages of this chase and of her pregnancy. She simply could not fight on the same level that she used to and he knew this. It was simply a matter of waiting her out. She was trapped in a hole and she had to come out at some point.

He was simply ensuring that when she did, his was the only face that she saw, the only hand that offered her help. That meant that he had to end Derek’s life. Derek living was something that jeopardized the mission and something that Morikune needed to attend to. Sivter didn’t have any personal vendetta or agenda when it came to the Jedi who used to be a Bothan, but any day that a member of the Jedi council fell was a day that Sivter was happy. There was nothing like making Sivter happy, this Morikune knew very well.

“All here and all accounted for.” Derek replied, lifting his lightsaber up in a salute.

Despite the fact that Morikune was of the darkside, Derek respected his foe. He knew that if erik ahd been alive and here, Erik would have been able to stop Morikune. No, Erik would have been able to stop all four of them from trying to harm Rhyana. That was why Erik had been a master at the time he had died. He knew that Erik would have enjoyed discussing the philosophies of the Force with Morikune, provided that he could convince the Half Nagai, Half Sephi to put down his blade, at least temporarily. But Vlan had made sure that that could never happen.

Derek was the one here, now. And Derek didn’t want to discuss philosophy of the Force.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:35 pm

OOC: Been a year in RL and she still hasn't had the baby. Go figure.


The yellow blade slammed up against the Sith sword. Morikune was pushed backwards and he grimaced, thinking on how things had changed since Derek had arrived at the battle. The fight had decidedly shifted in Rhyana’s favor. The Silserian had found something like a second wind, after seeing Derek and she was holding her own, though barely, against Asker and Feris. Derek meanwhile had engaged both Morikune and Vlan. The three combatants were locked in a free for all match of sorts, with no one wanting to give up their position. Morikune watched as Vlan attacked Derek, coming to his own rescue, though that obviously hadn’t been Vlan’s intention. No matter, Morikune had no problem taking advantage of things when placed before him.

The half-Nagai, half-Sephi took a few steps back to make sure that he had his footing and was properly in the fight. His eyes shifted to where Rhyana was. Vlan and Derek had no problem going back and forth. Derek was definitely the better swordsman out of the two of them. Whoever Vlan served had been smart in sending Asker and Feris as well to back the red skinned alien up. Vlan by himself was no match for Derek. With the other two, the odds were increased for Vlan’s mission to be a success. Morikune had been a curve ball thrown into Vlan’s master’s plans.

Morikune’s attention was brought back to his own fight, as Vlan, who had managed to kick Derek away, turned and attempted to strike at Morikune. The member of the Cult of Shadow brought his Sith sword up, blocking the attack. He did a counter as Muir came towards the two of them. The Jedi put himself between the two of them, coming in with a strong Djem So slash. His attack landed on their interlocked weapons, knocking them down towards the ground. Derek’s fist hit Vlan square in the face, and then he spun around, his elbow slamming into Morikune’s face. Both of the darksiders moved backwards and Derek pressed his advantage.

He moved towards Vlan, knowing that compared to Morikune, Vlan wasn’t as big of a threat. If he could neutralize Vlan, then he could spend all his time trying to deal with Morikune. He couldn’t take out Morikune if he had to stop and engage Vlan. The problem was being able to eliminate Vlan while dealing with Morikune. Derek knew that he was choosing the lesser of two evils and he hoped that he would be able to pull it off. With luck, Morikune would put their differences to the side, at least temporarily so that they could get rid of Vlan.

Meanwhile, Rhyana was having an interesting time dealing with Asker and Feris. She was able to hold her own, having got something of a second wind by seeing Derek and knowing that he was incredibly close by. Just seeing him, the man she loved, had given her an energy boost. The same went for her children though, and that was complicating matters a little bit. Both of her boys were kicking and were causing her discomfort. Rhyana had pushed the thoughts out of her mind and was doing whatever she could to stop Feris and Asker’s blades, to keep them at bay.

So far she had managed to do that fairly well.

She ducked, low to the ground, and her knees yelled at her, telling her that she could not keep doing this. Rhyana ignored the pain as best as she could, rising upwards. As she did, she angled her blade down and to her right. She had ducked because of one of Feris’ attacks, and Asker had tried a downward stab to get at her. Her blade now knocked into Asker’s lightsaber, batting it away from her. Rhyana utilized the Force and put on a short burst of speed, moving forward and brushing past both men, going in between them. She turned and brought her blade up to defend once more, but not before reaching out and slamming a wave of Force energy into Asker, knocking him a little over ten yards away.

Her move was calculated. Right then, she was most vulnerable around her stomach area, where her babies were in the womb. Feris was the more skilled duelist out of the two dark siders that she faced. However, Asker was the more ruthless. He was the one who truly enjoyed inflicting pain upon other people. Since she was more vulnerable there, it made sense to get Asker as far away from her as possible. She watched as he went backwards and then turned to where Feris was.

Feris tried to attack, but she got the block up. It was then that her children decided to intervene. They reached out through the Force and grabbed Feris. The Arkanian let out a yell as multiple bones were broken, and in some cases snapped completely. To say that he would need bacta treatments was an understatement. Rhyana’s eyes widened and she didn’t see out of the corner of her eye that Derek had stopped fighting and had turned to see what was going on.

He couldn’t believe that Rhyana would be that powerful. There was no way. Something was going on here, he just didn’t know what it was.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:18 pm

When Derek looked back at what had happened, he still wasn't sure exactly how everything had gone down. Simply put, what had taken place had been pretty amazing and fantastic, and that was something coming from someone who's soul had been brought back from the nether of the Force and put into the body of a human when it had been used to the body of a Bothan. He had gone over the events in his mind a countless number of times afterwards. After all, when you're floating in a bacta tank for a long period of time, and you have to deal with the bacta smell and taste everywhere, you tend to reminisce about what got you into the situation in the first place. He had studied everything that had happened, but he couldn't put his finger on every last detail, something that bothered him, and made him wonder just what was going on.

He had been fighting both Vlan Korensan and Morikune when Rhyana had unleashed a huge amount of Force energy and had utilized it to systematically and rather thoroughly, break a large portion of one of Vlan's underlings' Feris Bayin's bones, if not snap them into two pieces completely. It had made absolutely no sense to Derek, because he knew exactly how powerful Rhyana was and what she could or couldn't do. In reality, he didn't know exactly what she could or couldn't do, but seeing as he had been her master for some time, he knew pretty well what her limits was. What she had done had been something that had exceeded her limits in a great way and for Derek, it was rather inexplicable. He had tried to find a reason, but none of the reasons that he could think of made sense to him.

After that, Asker had lost his control. He generally wasn't a person who had a large degree of control. He was incredibly in tune with the Dark side of the Force, but he channeled insanity as opposed to pure rage or jealously or greed or the various emotions that helped make up the Dark side. Seeing what he had seen, Asker's insanity had completely taken over and he had begun to make wild attacks on Rhyana in an attempt to either incapacitate or kill her. Either of the two had been unacceptable to Derek. He had disengaged himself from Morikune and Vlan and had charged over to where Rhyana and Asker had been. His padawan hadn't been able to properly defend herself from the attacks and she was being overwhelmed. He had needed to do something, other wise she would have been killed and that was something that he wouldn't allow.

The Darksider had moved to attack Rhyana after her defenses had been battered down. But before he had been able to make what would have been either a killing or maiming stroke, Derek blocked the attack. He had stepped in and started fighting Asker. Vlan had tried to go after Derek, but he had been unable to, as Morikune had kept up the pressure, forcing him to keep his attentions on the half Nagai, half Sephi Force user. Derek didn't know why Morikune had done that, but he had been grateful for it. It allowed him to devote all his time and energy on Asker. The Darksider he had faced then was strong, but not nearly as strong as Derek was. Furthermore, he didn't have the experience and knowledge of a lightsaber that Derek had. It made the fight between them a moot point.

So when Derek's lightsaber had sliced through Asker's right arm at the elbow, it hadn't come as a surprise to anyone, but Asker himself. Mainly because he had probably thought that the defensive tactic that he had tried was going to hold. Unfortunately it hadn't. Derek had watched as the man had fallen to the ground, clutching what was now a cauterized stump of an arm. He had turned to Rhyana then, a look on his face that had told her that she needed to listen to what he had to say and he had told her that she needed to come with him now. However, Rhyana had insisted that she was fine on her own. Derek had come close to losing his temper right then and there, but he had managed to stay calm despite the anger that was coursing through him.

He hadn't understood and he still didn't understand, as he sat onboard the unnamed Dysara-class, how Rhyana could think that she was fine on her own. He didn't understand why, but there were multiple darksiders on the hunt for her, and all of them were very powerful, most of them better trained than she was. Zohmaj Hauc was looking for her. Derek didn't know why, but he was sure that it wasn't so that Hauc could have a nice talk with her over a lovely dinner and then a nice evening out. He didn't know why Morikune was after her and he wasn't sure that Morikune was working for just himself either. That meant that there was possibly another player involved in this hunt for Rhyana.

What had happened after that had been something incredibly interesting too. Vlan had charged towards Rhyana who had responded with another explosion of Force energy like she had done with Feris Bayin a few minutes before. The energy from the blast had slammed into Vlan, throwing him against the wall of the hangar and knocking him out cold. Morikune had defended himself as best as he could against it and had only been thrown backwards roughly twenty yards. Derek, meanwhile, had been thrown as well, but he, for some reason, hadn't been hit as hard as either Korensan or Morikune had been. Derek had gotten up and had moved forward to try to speak to Rhyana, but she had been rushing up towards her ship. He had nearly gotten on the ship after her, if it hadn't been for Morikune stopping him.

The half Sephi half Nagai darksider had intercepted Derek and had forced him to defend himself. Derek and Morikune had dueled as Rhyana had fled on board her ship. The two had nearly dueled to a standstill, until Morikune had suddenly broken off his attack and had left, without an explanation or reason as to why. While they had been dueling, soldiers had come into the hangar, but hadn't done anything to either of the two combatants. Instead they had simply retrieved Vlan, Asker, and Feris. Derek had been left there with nothing. Only after Morikune had left had Derek realized what Morikune had. Vlan would eventually come to, and he would have a clear head start in the hunt for Rhyana Torshey. Feris would heal with bacta and Asker could be given an artificial forearm and hand. But if Morikune and Derek stayed where they were, they wouldn't be able to catch up with him and Vlan would get to the prize first.

That had been over two weeks ago. Derek had been unable to find Rhyana since and he was worried that Vlan or Morikune had gotten to her first. He clenched his right hand into a fist and lifted it to bang it down against the arm of the command chair on board the Dysara-class. His hand never reached the arm though, as a communications channel was opened up with the ship, and Morikune's face appeared.

"Good day, Jedi Muir." He said.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:45 am

"What do you want?" Derek asked as his eyes narrowed.

"I want to help you with your problem." Morikune replied evenly. The man as standing on board a ship, his arms folded across his chest. He smiled, lightly, at the former Bothan.

"This begs the question, what problem would that be? I find myself beset by too many these days. Perhaps you're referring to the problem of finding my apprentice. I don't need your help there, I think I can find her on my own without you coming near her. Perhaps you're referring to the problem of Vlan Korensan and his accompaniment. While his Victory-class can destroy my vessel, the matter of him and his two disciples is not something I would need your help with. Perhaps then, you refer to the last of my current problems." Derek said.

"And which, Jedi Muir, would that problem be?" Morikune said.

"The problem of a half Seph half Nagai nuisance of a Sith that interrupts me and stops me from bringing my padawan back to the Jedi Temple where she belongs." Derek replied.

"Your interesting choice of words regarding where your padawan belongs aside, and your delightful description of myself aside, I was not referring to that problem."

"Oh? Then it must be one of the other two, unless there's a fourth one which has currently escaped my grasp. Which one?" Muir asked.


"I already said that I could deal with Korensan." Derek said.

"Oh you can deal with Korensan. You're one of the better duelists this galaxy has scene, that is for sure. Not as, talented as your late brother, but not all of us can be as amazing with Soresu as Erik Muir was. You have my condolences." Morikune said, sincerely. "You can deal with Korensan, but you can't deal with Korensan, the Arkanian, and that other one. It was I who intercepted that red skinned whelp from stopping you when you went to fight Asker." He said. "Don't forget that, Jedi Muir." He added, leveling a finger at the holocamera.

"For that, you have my thanks." Derek said. "I realize that those two will have healed by now of their wounds and injuries." He added. "How then, would you help me with this problem? And furthermore, what would I have to give you in exchange for your help?" He asked.

"It seems to me that Korensan's party is the weakest link out of the three of us. Somehow, your padawan and my prize constantly eludes the grasp of all three of us. Were Korensan and his group eliminated, it narrows down the odds of one of us getting her. Surely you've thought about this."

"I have and I'd rather, then, we kept things at the status quo. That way, even if I don't get her back to the Temple, she doesn't fall into either of your two hands."

"Yes, but the odds are against you. There are two of us, and one of you. Eventually she will not be able to escape, and when that happens, there is a higher chance that either Vlan, or myself, will be the one who gets her in the end. You need my help." Morikune said.

"I do have a question, Morikune."

"And I might have an answer for you, Jedi Muir."

"Why do you want my padawan? I know not why Vlan Koresnan is after her and that is something I intend to find out, but why are you after her. Korensan, at least, has some kind of connection to me and I can see why he would want her. But you? Your motives are a mystery to me." Derek said.

"There is nothing I like more than a Jedi kept in the dark. An interesting play on words, if you will." Morikune replied. "If you can't see what's right in front of you, Derek, perhaps your Jedi wisdom is for nothing. I serve someone yes, and I won't reveal to you who that is. I want your padawan for selfish reasons, reasons that do not conflict with why my master wants her. If I obtain her, the result benefits both my master and myself. I have a connection to your padawan, you just don't know what it is." He said with a small smile.

"The only thing I can think of, is that she ran afoul of you or your master before she came to the Jedi Temple. But she couldn't have done anything that would make you hold a grudge like this, even if you are a Sith." Derek said.

Morikune sighed. "Is this the caliber of Jedi that they allow on the council? Where was she before she came to the Jedi Temple and before she was in transit?" He asked.

"Silseris." Derek said. His eyes widened slightly. "But she doesn't the coordinates to Silseris. She's told me that. She can't get back there, so what good would she do you. What do you want with Silseris?"

"That, Jedi Muir, is an interesting question. I have decided and it appears that I will extend my help to you, even if you don't wish it. Good day, Jedi Muir." Morikune said with a smile that widened as he reached for the controls to close the communications channel.

OOC: For the few who read this, and how many of those few that wished there was just a bit more dialogue.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:07 pm

"And what makes you think I need your help, half-breed?" Vlan Korensan said, nearly spitting into the transceiver and by extension at the holodisplay that was in his personal quarters as he sat behind the desk in his office. "I don't trust you and I certainly don't need your help." He added. "Your offer is useless to me and you are wasting my time."

"What makes me think that you need my help? That fact that you were unable to capture Rhyana before I got involved in the fight for her for starters. That proves to me that you can't take Derek Muir by yourself. Then you add in what her children can do. All you need is another attack like the one before from those two boys and your numbers will mean nothing when compared to Muir's. I know this and so do you. More importantly for your situation, so does Muir. It will have crossed his mind." Morikune said. "Attacking them with superior numbers means nothing if your enemies' fighting force is far superior to your own. That's common sense." He added with a smirk that didn't go unnoticed by the red skinned alien.

"What would you propose then?" Vlan asked.

"Simple. We join our forces, for the time being of course, and rid ourselves of our common enemy. What kind of boon would it bring to eliminate one of the members of the Jedi Council, especially one of the more active members of the Jedi Council. I think it would serve more than one purpose to kill him." Morikune said, to which Vlan nodded.

"Yes, yes, but then we run into an interesting problem of what happens to Torshey and more importantly to the two whelps growing in her womb?" Korensan replied.

"Careful. I wouldn't insult them when they can hear you."

"Oh, I know that they could strike me down whenever they wished. They could seize control of my helmsman's body and drive my vessel into a star. Their power burns hotter and brighter than the star that they'd use to kill me. But that does not mean I fear them, especially not the way that you do, Morikune. If my words angered them, I would have been dead already, killed some time back to say the least. No, I do not fear them, that much I can say." Vlan said.

"It is not fear of them that I profess, but respect. Anyone who could best me, no, remove me from existence by simply thinking it, the least that they can get from me is get my respect." The so called halfbreed said with a small shrug. "Regardless of what you feel about the children of Rhyana Torshey, my offer is something that you need to consider and assess. I will give you some time to think things over and see what you wish to do. You are under time constraints." Morikune replied. "You need to get the children to your master before they are born, and that will happen soon. You know this and so do it."

Vlan eyed the man on the viewscreen in front of him. How he was able to know so much about the children astonished him to say the least. It was information that he himself sometimes questioned and doubted. It was also information that he had only recently been told. But Morikune was discussing it as though he had had extensive knowledge and dealings with the same source that Vlan had gotten the information from. As far as Vlan knew, there weren't many who truly knew or furthermore understood and comprehended the awesome power that the children wielded. The fact that Morikune was one of them was cause for him to be wary. Unfortunately for Vlan that wasn't enough. The problem was that though he was being wary, he also had to admit, albeit grudgingly, the Morikune was right.

He was under time constraints and he needed to move fast. He wasn't sure how well Feris and Asker were going to be able to fight against someone like Derek. They could realistically take Rhyana. However, Vlan did not know what would happen if those two children attacked again.

"I'm listening." He said. "What exactly are you proposing here?"

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:47 pm

Rhyana shook her head slightly as she walked through the cantina. Her fingers idly brushed over the countertop of the bar as she walked. Her mind was elsewhere, not on the cantina in the city that she was currently in. She was thinking about what had happened the last time she had been attacked by Morikune, Vlan Korensan, Feris Bayin, and Asker Vavren. Derek had been there, like he almost always was and he had put himself between her and the dark siders as he was known to do. They had been on another planet that Rhyana had never been to up until that point in time. It had been called Malastare. It was the homeworld of the Dugs. She had been reminded of the rather lovable Dug Wosino who had been on the 4th Fleet Task Force of the New Republic. It felt as though it had been so long, something like forever since all of that had happened, their fight against the Xen'Chi.

The fighting that had taken place on Malastare had been the worst. Vlan and Morikune had apparently teamed up against Rhyana, opting to eliminate Derek and then fight amongst themselves as to who would get her. As if she hadn't had a say in it at all. Derek had quickly realized that the odds against him were incredibly high and that he wasn't sure if he would be able to defend her against them. Rhyana had done her best, but she simply hadn't been able to move the way she used to. Her pregnancy hindered her, and she had known it. She had stayed away from the fighting as much as possible. She knew that Derek was risking his life to keep her safe. She knew that no matter how good he was, Derek couldn't fight against four darksiders, especially with one at the caliber that Morikune was. The half Sephi half Nagai darksider was not one to be trifled with. He could challenge Jedi Masters if he needed to, he was that strong.

But Derek had done it, because it meant protecting Rhyana. It had made her love him even more and had made the decision that she had made even harder to bear. More importantly, she knew that he didn't know why Vlan or Morikune wanted her. But he was defending her anyway, simply because he wouldn't let any harm come to her. She loved him completely and totally and it had hurt watching him fight for her. Apparently it had hurt her children as well, because the fight had ended abruptly once they had decided to get involved.

Asker and Feris had been the first to be dispatched. Rhyana had watched, part amazed, part horrified, as her children had reached out with the Force. Asker had been picked up, by the robotic arm that had replaced the one that he had lost to Derek's lightsaber, and thrown far away from where the fighting had been taken place. Feris had be pushed through the Force, and had hit multiple objects before going down. He had been completely knocked out and was out of the fight in the matter of a few moments. Morikune had nearly disengaged from the fight then and there. She had been able to see on Derek's face the confusion that he had about the level of power and furthermore the level of control over that power that had just been witnessed. She had seen the look on his face before.

He hadn't understood and she hadn't had the time to properly make him understand, especially since not telling him about the children had been one of the things that she had promised herself wouldn't change. But then Vlan had charged forward, trying to take advantage of Derek's momentary loss of focus to try to get in a killing stroke. Derek had managed to duck the attack in time, but Vlan's lightsaber had cut through part of his robes and had gotten dangerously close. Rhyana had lashed out at that point in time, her silver bladed lightsaber ignited.

Her blade had hit Vlan on the wrist, but he had been able to pull his arm back before she had been able to cut through. Derek had caught up with everything that had happened, and had forced Vlan on the defensive. They had looked around to see where Morikune was, but the dark sider had seemingly disappeared. Vlan's anger about what had happened to Asker and Feris had spilled over and he had said something about the twins. The look on Derek's face had been even more confused and Rhyana had known then that she needed to get away as soon as possible.

It hadn't taken her long. Derek was busy fighting with Vlan and the two of them couldn't really afford to take their attention off of the other.

She had snuck away and had headed over to her ship where she had-

"Hello, Rhyana."

Rhyana turned, jogged out of her replay of the events by a voice that called her name. She turned towards it, and her eyes widened.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:30 pm

"Derek." Rhyana said, a small smile coming across her face. She was happy to see him, truthfully. If anything she had missed him so much during this time. Especially since what had happened after the last time she had seen him had been painful and she could have used him with her. "Come with me, where we can talk in private." She said and beckoned him to follow her. He nodded and started walking. "How did you find me?" She asked, after she had gone with him to one of the storage rooms in the cantina so that they could have some privacy. It had been funny, the barkeep who she worked for had come over and had intimately suggested that if Derek tried anything, Jedi or no, that he was going to have to answer to him. It had been rather humorous, a random barkeep threatening a ranking member of the Jedi Order and a member of the Jedi Council, but it was what it was.

"It was interesting, to say the least. I spent two months looking for you, only to be guided in the right spot by two voices." He said and when he finished the sentence a fear came over her.

A fear that he had found out and that everything was going to change.

"I see." She said, carefully.

"They kept telling me to come here, but I never thought that they were right. Apparently they know something about these twins that Vlan was talking about." Derek said. "Who are they?" He asked, "How do they know you and how do they factor in to all of this?"

"Derek, look I-" She started

"No, no more evading." He said, cutting her off as he walked towards her. "No more running. Tell me what's going on here. I think I have a right to know. I've been protecting you from Vlan and Asker and Feris and Morikune and I don't even know, after all this time, what it is that they even want from you. I think the least that you can do is properly explain all of this to me." He said.

Truth be told he really did want to know what was going on. Just seeing her again had been wonderful, simply amazing for him. He didn't know if Vlan or any of them would show up. He doubted it though. If they hadn't found her after such a long time, why would it happen now. That had been one of his largest concerns during the two months that it had taken him to find her. He had worried that one of them would have come across her first and that she wouldn't have been able to defend herself. It had angered him that he didn't know what it was that they all wanted from her, when she obviously did. Furthermore, he had been angry about the fact that she had gone in the first place.

If she hadn't left, she would have been protected from scum like Vlan and predators like Morikune thanks to the Jedi Temple on Onderon.

"You're right. You should know. Come with me, they just woke up." Rihanna said.

Derek, now more confused than ever, followed her once more.

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:21 pm

Derek couldn't believe his eyes.

Rhyana had brought him from the bar to a small house near it. It hadn't been that short of a walk, and he could easily picture her making the walk back and forth each day between the house and the cantina. As they walked, she told him about the life that she had made here in the little time that she had been here and how she had become a part of the community in her own little way. He hadn't doubted that she would, because he knew her and he knew her well. It was just something that Rhyana did very easily, because of her species.

They had entered the house and he had found it to be roomy and cozy at the same time, an interesting feat. It wasn't abundantly furnished, only the bare essentials, but Rhyana had made it seem like a home. That wasn't what had surprised him though. What had surprised him was the light sounds of crying when he had walked into the house with Rhyana in front of him. They had been high pitched, not squealing, but definitely a little plaintive. "They're hungry." Rhyana had said, turning to him with a smile. "Would you like to meet them?" She had asked.

Unsure of what exactly she had been talking about, he had nodded mutely. She had taken him to the second room of the house, which was the one and only bedroom. Lying down in a large cradle were two baby boys.

And that was what he couldn't believe.

"How did this happen?" He asked as Rhyana opened her top so that she could nurse the first baby boy. The child looked up at Derek for a moment before he started to nurse, and then his eyes closed. "I don't understand, Rhyana." Derek said.

"These two are what Zohmaj Hauc was after." She said. "They're my children."

"But...you weren't pregnant." Derek said.

"Of course I was." Rhyana replied."

"But...who's the father?" Derek asked. "When you and I...you were..."

"I know. Who do you think is the father?" She asked with a little smile.

He paused for a moment before slowly pointing at himself. She nodded slowly.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was going to, but then you went and ruined it, Derek Muir."

"What did I do?" He asked, as she walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down.

"Well, I knew I was pregnant back when we were in the cave, by ourselves. I came running over to you to tell you. I believe I slid accidentally and collided with you and-"

"And I told you that I didn't think the two of us pursuing a relationship was a wise course." Derek said.

"There you go."

Derek mused on this for a moment. He remembered exactly what she was talking about. It had been back when they had been with the 4th Fleet of the New Republic. They had been with Adam Sage and Kiel and all of them, including Wosino. he remembered it like it was yesterday. He turned and looked down at the other baby in the cradle and asked, silently if he could pick the child up.

"Of course. They are your children, after all." Rhyana said, playfully.

Derek reached down, awestruck as he picked up the other child. They were his children. His children. Twin baby boys. They looked like him, he could see it in their facial features. Their eyes were like his too, and he could see flecks of silver, indicating that Rhyana was the mother. "Why didn't you say anything?" He asked. "If you had said something, I would have listened to you." He said.

"By the time I was over the shock, we had been captured. Then Tatya showed up, and I thought that maybe you could have a relationship with her and she clearly liked you and I thought tha tit would be better for you. I thought that I could handle it, handle being your padawan and having your children and knowing that you were with her, but then it just became too much."

"So you ran." He said.

"So I ran." She said, concurring with a nod.

He held the child up and then placed him so that the the little one's head rested on his shoulder. The child stared up at him and then smiled, showing a toothless mouth. Derek's heart yanked and then fell. These were his children. Anger coursed through him, anger that Rhyana hadn't told him, but now that she had explained it, he understood why she had done what she had done. He turned and looked at her. There was a content smile on her face as she looked down and watched one of her two sons nursing. He smiled in response. She looked so perfect, so beautiful, so wonderful. He couldn't believe that for a moment there he had been willing to turn her down. "I am so sorry, Rhyana." He said.

"Don't worry about it. It's in the past now." She said.

"There's a few things I don't understand though."

"What's that?" She asked.

"Why I wasn't able to see that you were pregnant, and why Hauc wants them."

"I can explain that too."

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Re: Rhyana Torshey: The Birth of the Twins

Post by Mir » Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:40 pm

After Derek had been given all the information that he had wanted and had asked for, his final decision on the subject was that Zohmaj Hauc was even more dangerous than he had thought beforehand. He wasn't sure what he was going to do about Hauc at this point in time, but he did know that he needed to make his next move, his best move. His children, he had found out, also already had names. He had been amused to find out that Rhyana hadn't had that big of a hand in choosing the names for the two boys, as they had already had names picked out for themselves and that had been the way things had been. The elder of the twins was called Sahaja and the younger was named Jaidev. They had named themselves after an old language, one that apparently, Rhyana knew parts of. She didn't know the name of the language, and they refused to comment on what the name was. Furthermore, Rhyana knew it from her Silserian heritage, as she had been taught parts of it in her schooling when she was growing up. Sahaja meant "spiritually enlightened", while Jaidev meant "divine victory".

Derek was still amazed at how the children could effectively communicate with both him and Rhyana through the Force. He had seen this before, he had done it himself in the past, but never had he seen it in children who were effectively new borns. It boggled his mind and he knew that over time he would hopefully be able to understand just what was going on with his children. As it was, he and Rhyana were currently journeying towards his ship. As they sat in the speeder, piloted by Toh, Derek remembered that the ship hadn't actually been named and that his plan all along was that Rhyana was going to name it. He turned to her in the speeder and smiled. "You know, when i decided to come after you, I reached out to Tej for help." He said as she turned to look at him.

"Isn't he something like a cousin?" She asked.

"Something like that, yes." He replied. "He gave me a ship and I didn't understand the circumstances surrounding it then, but I think I do now."

"What do you mean?" Rhyana asked, her silver eyes blinking.

"Well, there is a man by the name of Uliur Arwen. He's the head researcher and designer at Radion Labs, the R&D company owned by Muir. Tej put out a bulletin asking for any available ships for me, and Uliur had one waiting already. He said that he had been contacted by a silver haired man telling him to make the ship to a certain specification and to have it ready by a certain time. The ship had been constructed and finished merely a few days before I got in touch with Tej."

"Oh?" Rhyana asked. "You think it has something to do with our little ones?" She asked, indicating Jaidev and Sahaja, who were bundled up, one in each parent's lap, fast asleep.

Derek nodded. "I do. As it stands, you weren't really able to name them. I never really named the ship, and I had decided that when I found you, I was going to let you name it." He said.

He looked up then. They were fast approaching the docking bay where the ship was. "So, you feel like you're up to the task?" He asked.

"Sure." Rhyana said, and then looked when Derek indicated. Her eyes widened as she saw the ship. "Oh my, she's beautiful."

"Yes, she is." Derek said.

"One question though." Rhyana said with a playful smile and a nudge into Derek's ribs. "Can we get her painted silver?" She asked.

"Absolutely not." Derek replied.

"I think we shall call her the Rhyarek." Rhyana said, after they had stepped out of the rented speeder. "She's part both of us, and she'll be our home away from home." She said.

"Then it's time for us to head back to our home, Onderon."