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Post by Mir » Sat Apr 19, 2008 10:17 pm

Their life had found some sort of routine over the next week and a half. They chased Korensan from system to unknown system. Isaac grew increasingly impatient. He'd decimated all of Korensan's fighters, but with the Shan'teni's weapons limited to the quad laser cannons, they couldn't do enough damage to the actual corvette to halt Korensan's jump to hyperspace.

The impatience had grown on Erik as well, but he was better equipped to handle it. He let the Force take his worries and cares. What was the Force's will would work for him. He stood now, in the refresher, wiping his head with a towel. He looked at his reflection, or what he could see of it in the partially steamed mirror. Water dripped from fur after his shower. He knew that Korensan had to stop soon.

How else were they going to catch him? He tried to think of what his former padawan was doing, what he was thinking. He had to figure out his strategy. There was a knocking on the fresher door. "You better not have used up all the hot water. I know you, strangely considering, love showers." Erik rolled his eyes at Isaac's comment. He opened the door to the fresher, towel wrapped around him, and a wave of steam exited with him.

"Or what? My ship, my rules." Isaac now rolled his eyes and brushed past him.

Erik headed to his quarters to change and work on figuring out what Korensan was thinking. He knew for some reason that the man had to stop soon, but what he didn't know was whether it was a trap or not. The Force was trying to tell him something.

But what?
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Post by Mir » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:38 am

"He's heading down to the planet." Isaac said with a smile. He sat next to Erik in the cockpit of the transport as they moved though space. THey watched as Korensan flew down to the planet below. They didn't know anything about this system. There were settlement and some cities on one of the planets. The other was barren.

The transport was on Korensan's tail, heading into the atmosphere. The corvette landed in a clearing. The two jedi set the Shan'teni down in another clearing nearby. Isaac rose, not as fast as Erik though. The Bothan was the first out of the ship, but Isaac was the first hit by the Force Lightning. It lifted him, effectively pinning him to the ground.

Erik moved forward, saber in hand. "Release him now." Vlan's saber rose and twirled in the air, beckoning Erik forward. THe bothan Jedi moved and Korensan dropped the Force Lightning to grab his saber in both hands. He needed that to block Erik's forceful attack. Isaac rolled on the ground, nerves firing repeatedly.

As if he didn't already know that he was in pain. It was excruiating. He'd never experienced anything like this. Even coming deathly close to drowning on Kamino had been nothing like this.

Eventually he rose, but he found that the sounds of combat had vanished. They were gone. But where? He reached into the Force to look for Erik. He needed to find them. This had to end here and now. Korensan had to die.

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Post by Mir » Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:20 am

Erik was struggling and he knew it. He didn’t know how, but Korensan was slowly getting the better of him. His former apprentice was strong, this he’d always known, but for some reason his Soresu was not holding up against his foes’ strikes. What was even more confusing was that he and Korensan had fought each other a variety of times in the recent past. He wasn’t sure what was happening to him, but he could feel himself weakening.

“I’ll tell you what’s happening, Master.” Korensan said, reading his mind. “I have been hiding everything that my new Master has taught me. You didn’t realize that when we met again.” He spun around in the air, bringing his lightsaber blade down on Erik’s Soresu defense. “I have enough power now to beat anything or anyone, including your infamous impregnable brand of Soresu.”

The Bothan merely smiled and turned his blade in his hand, so that the hilt point downwards. He brought it around to block his foe’s next attack. He was nowhere near the point where he would need to begin to tap into the Force to replenish his stamina, but he knew that he would be approaching that point. The Bothan wasn’t old. He was thirty six, in his prime, anyone would say.

He was feeling old though. His arms locked into place, doing a move that he done hundreds if not thousands of times by now. Korensan’s blade was blocked, yet again. The Red skinned alien took a few steps back, trying to figure out just how he was going to apply the knowledge that he claimed he had to the problem before him. Isaac was nowhere to be found, but that didn’t mean that the Arkanian padawan couldn’t spring up from anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Vlan knew what he had to do. Kill Erik. He wasn’t trying to defend himself anymore and then find away off this rock. No, he was going to accelerate his master’s plan, and achieve victory, a victory that was supposed to happen more than a few months down the road. He had no choice really. He could only hope that Hauc was forgiving.

The two continued their dance for a while, Erik barely moving from the defensive circle that he had set up. His Soresu was strong, easily the strongest in the galaxy. Erik had learned the form and mastered it early on, training constantly to develop his skills so that it was impossible to beat him. As Vlan began to pour more and more attacks into Erik’s defenses, it had the effect of water beating upon hard stone.

Eventually, in a thousand years, it was possible for the water to erode the stone, but by then the rain would have most assuredly stopped. Vlan would tire, but Erik would hold. The Dark sider’s Djem So was good, Erik had taught Vlan everything that he knew about the discipline, but it wasn’t good enough to beat Erik’s Soresu.

Nothing was. Erik had taken his time and had instructed Isaac in many of the different nuances that he used to make it so impenetrable. He hadn’t had time to properly train Isaac, but he knew that the special Balins and the datacards on the Shan’teni would help Isaac learn in his free time. Erik ducked and made a short stab towards Korensan’s feet, with the intention of making the Dark sider backtrack.

He was successful and Vlan was forced to shuffle a few steps backwards to avoid getting attacked. Vlan countered by leaping into the air, throwing an Ataru attack that had Erik staying low to the ground once more. Erik turned and smiled, just as Vlan’s face got very angry. The Dark sider turned and backed up a few steps and Erik had to turn to the right in order to keep facing his foe. He saw why the red skinned alien was so upset.

Isaac had found them.

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Post by Mir » Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:51 am

Isaac’s two red blades were making short work of the gain that Korensan had made on Erik’s defenses. The boy’s Jar’kai skills had picked up, Vlan had to admit. He backpedaled and brought his own lightsaber around to block Bel’kaar’s attack. His single blade stopped both of Isaac’s blades, the two beams were only a few inches apart on Korensan’s own sword. The Dark sider flicked upwards, forcing Isaac and his two red lightsabers backwards. But before he could move in for a sure stroke, Isaac had shifted to Soresu, his movements swifter than the eye could see.

Something had changed in the boy since the last time they’d fought. Erik had taught him more and more of his Jedi knowledge and had strengthened his resolve. Isaac was becoming more and more of a Jedi. Isaac jumped backwards, back flipping over a man who was about his height. It just happened to be a Bothan man spinning a lightsaber around his head in a Djem So attack. Korensan’s eyes went wide as the blade came down towards his head.

He jerked backwards so the blade missed by a hair’s breadth. He didn’t have time to think about how his luck had factored into that. He was already on the attack once more. The two continued to dance around, moving so that he wasn’t fighting either one of them for more than five or six seconds. They were melding perfectly with the Force. It was as though it was three blades guided by one person instead of three blades and two people.

Korensan’s one blade was getting a workout keeping up with them. He needed to get them away from each other. They were too powerful together. He saw an opening when Erik jumped away. Vlan threw his hand out, throwing a wave of Force energy towards Erik. But Isaac jumped forward, his blades up in an X, blocking the attack. He himself got knocked backwards a bit, but it ended up so that the two Jedi were standing side by side.

Then the two of them charged forward. Korensan braced himself and moved forward. His lightsaber came down in a strong Djem Son attack. Erik, being the better defender, slammed his saber into Vlan’s. In response, Korensan slid his blade down before the two beams could get locked. Isaac swung one of his blades up, since he couldn’t get the other around due to the angles. But Korensan moved forward in a roll low to the ground. Erik’s blade went forward; as it didn’t have Korensan’s acting as the unstoppable force. Isaac’s attack was a few inches above Erik’s lightsaber blade.

“Nice trick. But you’re going to need more than that to win this fight.” Isaac said. The red skinned alien smiled and shrugged. The two Jedi came at him again, and Isaac took a boot to the chest. He was thrown backwards, the air knocked out of him. He landed on the ground with a thud. Isaac looked up as Erik got his attack blocked and knocked backwards a few steps.

“Who said I’m trying to win this fight? I have a clear objective and I’m going to achieve that objective, my young Arkanian friend.” He said with a smile as Isaac leapt to his feet.

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Post by Mir » Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:13 pm

Isaac realized that he’d been suckered. He moved as quickly as he could towards the red skinned alien. He threw one of his sabers in a saber throw to try to disorient his enemy so that Erik could move in. Vlan moved so that he wasn’t in the way of the spinning red blade. It flew through the air and came back towards Isaac who was nearly on top of Vlan. Korensan ducked the attack, throwing his shoulder into Isaac’s midsection.

He didn’t have time to try to stab Isaac, since he had to turn to block Erik’s Ataru slash. He came around his blade locking with Erik’s. Korensan had to move quickly. He was too close to both of them to effectively defend himself against the two of them. He took a few steps back as Isaac was getting up off the ground. He spun his blade in his hand and dropped into a Djem So stance.

“Well. Come on then. Let’s finish this.”

“Oh, we will.” Erik said, bringing his blade up in a Djem So uppercut. Korensan parried and slid his blade towards Erik. Isaac brought one of his blades down, knocking Korensan’s blade towards the ground, while he spun, bringing the other blade around. Vlan jumped back, dodging the attack.

He needed to get Isaac away from Erik. He had to. Otherwise, the energy that the younger brought to the fight was going to overpower him when combined with the skill that Erik had. But he’d tried to do that before and it had failed. He needed to try something new. But what? None of them noticed that the villagers from the settlements had finally located and caught up with them.

They had an audience, and even if they didn’t pay any attention to them, they gave them a good show. Isaac brought one of the blades around, and Korensan saw one of the things that he could do to even the odds against him. He angled in a Makashi attack, but aimed for something other than the blade to block it. He aimed for the hilt. His red blade slid through the metal like it was butter.

Isaac looked down at the remains of Mistress Vale’s lightsaber and discarded the saber immediately. He was down to Derek Muir’s old saber. He looked up to see that Erik and Korensan had worked their way twenty yards away from him. Korensan was pouring attacks onto Erik’s defenses. Erik had decided to just give up ground instead of stand and use his Soresu. He was waiting for Isaac to get back into the fight.

Isaac was moving when Korensan began the complicated series of attacks. He started with a Makashi stab. Erik flicked his blue blade over to block it. Korensan spun faster than he usually did, faster than Erik was expecting. The red skinned alien’s elbow slammed into the Bothan’s nose. Muir stumbled a few steps backwards, his eyes closed by the force of the attack.

He brought his blade around in a blind block of what he knew was going to be Korensan’s next attack. He wasn’t sure where the attack was coming from, and though he missed the attack, Korensan’s blade wasn’t long enough to touch Erik. But his next attack was and Erik wasn’t able to block it. The stab entered Erik’s stomach, burning past layers of robes, fur, skin, and then organs.

The look of shock on Erik’s face was nothing like the look on Isaac’s face. He stood there, frozen in shock was Erik was killed. “I am sorry, my old friend. Be at peace, my old master.” Vlan said and slowly lowered Erik to the ground. He turned to look at Isaac who had finally unfrozen. “I’m leaving now.”

“No, you’re not.” Isaac charged, anger clouding his judgment. Korensan lifted his hand and Force Lightning slammed into Isaac. He was stopped and dropped his lightsaber. He was thrown back. He was unconscious by the time he hit the ground. Korensan knew what he had to do to Isaac, but he figured that he’d hurt the Arkanian enough for one day. He turned to look at the villagers.

“Contact the Muir. Tell them what happened.” He lifted his hand and reached into the Force. “Tell them that Isaac Bel’kaar killed Erik Muir.” He turned and left for his Corvette. It was then that he found out that they’d repaired the ship and had destroyed the Shan’teni. He headed upwards into the atmosphere and then jumped into hyperspace. Everything was proceeding according to a new plan, one that would ultimately bring about Zohamaj Hauc’s victory.

OOC: Sometimes…the bad guys do win.

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Post by Mir » Sat Jul 26, 2008 3:03 pm


“Cassie, I’ve just received word that a Master Muir has been severely wounded in battle.” Cassandra turned to the Muir Corporation Navy Commander. His name was Davro Buurn and he’d been one of Cassie’s many boyfriends during her time at Radion Labs on Calidna. He’d transferred to Myojin a few months after she’d gone with the rest of the Angels to Kuat Systems Engineering.

“Derek?” She asked, knowing that the list of Muir who were Jedi wasn’t that long. The man shook his head.

“No. Erik.” She nodded. “We can’t send out a response team or anything like that we’re tied down and-“

“What’s the system? I can take the Dawn.” She said. He nodded and handed her a datacard with the coordinates on it. She looked down at it. “Unknown Regions?” He nodded again. “Okay, I’m on it. Thanks, Davro.” He smiled and gave her a salute. She had no military rank, but it was her family that paid his salary. She turned and headed towards the hangar bay on the ground that the shuttle they had used was docked. She grabbed her commlink as she walked.

“Yeah?” Emmali said when Cassie dialed her.

“We’re leaving. Now.”

“Cassie!” Her best friend whined. “I finally convinced the quartermaster to give me a room. Lorcin is coming back from-“

“We’ll be on the Dawn, so you’ll have your own quarters and your chest of toys to use with Lorcin. We’re going. There’s a Muir Jedi who needs our help.”


“No, not Derek. Erik.” There was a slight pause.

“Okay, I’ll get Lorcin and head on over. He’s not going to be happy you know.”

“Well, you can do something about that while we’re in hyperspace.”

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Post by Mir » Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:37 am

Isaac woke up. He was weak and he knew it. He looked over to where Erik's body lay. Pulling what little strength he had to him, he dragged himself over to where his slain master was. "Isaac." Erik rasped. His eyes widened. Maybe Erik wasn't dead. He reached the Bothan's side.


"Korensan...did a bad job of it. Never could...teach him...Makashi properly." Erik groaned his pain, his eyes squeezing shut for a moment.

"Okay, now is not the time for jokes. I'm going to get to the village and call for help." Erik shook his head, grabbing Isaac and pulling him close. He took the necklace that he always wore off. It was a black rope that had half of a blue Adegan crystal for a pendant. He looped it around Isaac's neck.

"My time is up, Isaac. Death claims me. Find my little girl. Find my daughter and take care of her. You understand me?"

"Yes, Master." Isaac would have promised him anything. His thoughts strayed briefly to the little one that Erik had talked about a few times. He'd find the little girl and raise her. If that was what Erik had wanted, then that's what would be done.

"The Force is strong with you. My only regret…is that I couldn’t have finished your training. Don’t rush off to face Hauc or Korensan. You need to finish…your training.” Isaac nodded. “You’re like the son I never had. Goodbye my padawan.”

“Master! Erik!” Isaac looked into his eyes as the light died in them. A few seconds later, and Isaac was holding onto the robes that Erik had worn. His body had disappeared. It was then that the unconsciousness took over once more.


“Do you know where Erik Muir is?” The villagers nodded and pointed. “At the bottom of the hill?” Cassie asked. They nodded again. She turned to Lorcin and Emmali. “Come on, let’s go.” They moved down the hill and came onto Isaac’s unconscious form. She saw the robes and Erik’s lightsaber. She grabbed the hilt and then turned to Lorcin. “Grab him for me?”

Lorcin just nodded and grabbed the Arkanian, slinging him over his shoulder. The action brought Isaac back, and his eyes opened. He couldn’t see but that was because of his long silver hair. Cassie looked at Isaac’s face. “You killed him, didn’t you?”

“No. He was…Korensan…Erik…Master…”

“I got a transmission when I reverted from hyperspace that said that you killed him. As far as I’m concerned, you killed him. You don’t kill a Muir.” Isaac had no more strength, he couldn’t argue with the woman. He just closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

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Post by Mir » Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:09 am

OOC: A little bloody. The next series of posts will be a little bloody.


The crewmembers of the Dawn watched as Cassie, Emmali and Lorcin brought Isaac’s unconscious form onboard. Cassie lead them down to the remodeled holding cells. “Strip him down and place all belongings in a corner. Oh and give me the sabers.” Lorcin and Emmali stripped him. All his clothes, and the necklace, went into a corner. Cassie clipped the two sabers to her belt. She poked her head outside and grabbed a passing Vaungiur Mercenaries ensign. “Get me our ysalamiri.”

Oremin wasn’t the only one who access to Ysalamiri. Muir had them, though not in the numbers that Oremin had. Cassie had wheedled one out of Tej. Five minutes later, Cassie returned to find the slug in the rom. She’d changed. She wore black leggings and a black top that bared her midriff. She wore it for functionality only. “Leave me along with him.” She said. Emmali looked at her. “Emmali, please. Leave me alone with him.” Vaungier just nodded and grabbing Lorcin’s hand dragging him out of the room.

Cassandra reached into her pocket and pulled out the roll of black cloth. She began wrapping it around her hands. She finished as Isaac woke up. She hauled him to his feet and before he was aware she had chains wrapped around his body. “What the-“ He managed before she pushed a button on the wall. The chain was attached to the ceiling and retracted in to the ceiling. Isaac was upside down, his eyes fixated on her belly button. “What the hell is going on?”

That was all he was able to say before her fist streaked into his stomach. Then another. And another. She backhanded his head. Because of the chains, his hands were pinned. He was further disoriented because of the Ysalamiri. But he felt. He felt the pain. His fingers gripped into four fingered fists as the pummeling continued. A good five minutes later, she stopped.

“How ya feeling, buddy?” Cass asked, crouching so she was at his eye level.

“Not so good.” He had a feeling she’d cracked one of his ribs.

“Why’d you kill him?” She asked as she walked to a wall, pressed a button. It pulled away revealing a compartment.

“I didn’t kill anyone.”

“Liar!” She said, returning with a metal pipe. It slammed into the side of his head, just above his ear. “Tell me why.”

“I swear, I didn’t kill him.”

“And I don’t believe you.” She rammed one end of the pipe into his stomach. She dropped the pipe and began to use her fists again. Bruises were beginning to form on his stomach. She smiled. Cassie had a bit of a connection to the Force. It had never been developed, never been trained. She barely felt the loss of it due to the Ysalamiri. But for Isaac who was very intimately connected to the Force it was horrible. What little of the world he was able to see was in shades of gray and white. Added to the pain the woman in front of him was inflicting, and he was not happy.

Apparently attempting to break his ribs wasn’t doing it for this woman, because she grabbed the pipe again. She changed her stance and brought the pipe into his stomach like she was playing stick ball. Then she turned and brought it in at his back a few times. His eyes opened with pain. “You want to talk now, or do you want me to hit you a few more times? Whichever works for you, really.”

“I didn’t kill Erik. Why would I kill my master?”

“That’s what I’m going to find out.” Cassandra said with a calm sense of detachment. She walked over to the wall and came back. The color left Isaac’s face.

“Look, seriously.” He said, starting to thrash around.

“Seriously.” Cassie replied as the light glinted on the durasteel knife. She crouched and indicated a drain below his head that he could barely see. “Your blood will go down there. I like to keep these things nice and neat, you know.”

“Please. For the love of…” He trailed off as she placed the knife tip against his left shoulder and slowly pushed it in. Red blood began to pour out of the wound and around the blade. It began to drip onto the floor, thick red drops. Isaac tried really hard not to scream. But when Cassie twisted the blade, he lost it. “I was told that you and Erik were having an argument and you killed him over it. Don’t try to bring Vlan Korensan into this.” She looked at the removed blade, the thick red blood. He was breathing heavily, gasping for air, really. It pleased her. She crouched and grabbing his shoulder to make sure that he was steady, shoved two fingers into the wound.

He howled now. The dam had been broken. Soon she would break him. She rose to her feet, knife in her hand. He was good looking. If he hadn’t killed a Muir and she’d met him under different circumstances, they’d have had a lot of fun together. But, she thought, he had killed a Muir. She brought the knife down over his six pack abs, cutting off a layer of skin.

Isaac felt pain and a host of other things in his current detached view of the world. Chief amongst these was the blood dribbling over his chest towards his neck. “How are you feeling, Isaac?”


“Awww, that’s too bad. I’ve got something to make you feel better.” She said, going to the wall. She reached inside and pulled a syringe out of a rack of syringes of different colored fluid. It held a clear liquid. She spritzed a little on the ground and then aimed at the knife work on his abs and sprayed a bit of it. He cried out, squeezing his eyes shut. “Oops, did I get the wrong syringe. Oh, I’m sorry, I got the saline solution. My mistake.”

She moved down and sprayed the heavy on the salt solution into the shoulder wound. Then she backed up. “I’m going to give you a little while to think things over and decide if you’re going to talk or not. It’ll be easier if you do. I’ll make your passing a lot nicer and quicker than it’s going to be otherwise.” She turned to go, putting the empty syringe back in its place. She was at the door when he spoke.

“Can I ask you one question?”

“You’ve already asked me one. I’ll give you one more.”

“What was my master to you?” This is too much for a distant member of a family that adopted you.”

“You’re right. Erik Muir was much, much, more than a distant family member.” She reached and grabbed the black rope that was around her neck and lifted it to the light. Isaac saw the other half of the blue Adegan crystal. Oh….shit. “He was my father.” She said as she walked out.

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Post by Mir » Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:45 pm

Cassandra was on one of the viewing levels of the Dawn. The crew had left her alone, the same with Emmali and Lorcin. Emmali was the one prone to more violent and angry outbursts. Cassie was the one who kept a level head at all times. To see her lose it like she had, it made the entire crew pretty scared. They were unsure what was going on, and few ventured near where Isaac was being held. Any person or thing that could cause the Commander of the Dawn to lose her self control like that had to be dangerous.

So she was alone looking out at hyperspace in all its glory. She was sitting on one of the viewing couches. Her eyes were open, looking at the flashing lights of hyperspace, but her mind was elsewhere. Her mind was on the planet in the outer rim called Curitas. She’d been taken there from Sahde, the place where she’d been born, kidnapped at shortly after birth along with her mother.

Cass barely remembered Sahde. She remembered Curitas though. Her mother had told her stories of Sahde and of her father, a traveling spacer who had stopped over in Sahde for a few days. It had been a whirlwind romance, but in the end, he’d had to leave and couldn’t offer her a life with him onboard his freighter. Her mother had understood and the two had left things open ended. He could return and they would be together like they wanted to.

It was after he left that she’d found out she was pregnant. She’d been happy, happy to have a way to remember her love. After Cassandra had been born and they’d been kidnapped, things had slowly turned bad for the two. Life on Curitas was hard. Her mother was pressed into labor and other sorts of activities. Cassandra was taught how to fly speeders and eventually ships. She did a lot of the orbital transportation work for the planet.

There had been men who hadn’t wanted her mother, who was known on the planet for her beauty. Instead they’d come after her daughter and Cassandra had ran and fought on more than one occasion. She was mean and quick and she’d always gotten away. When she was twelve her mother had died in a construction accident, when shoddy building materials had caused the support beams of the high rise the team had been working on to collapse. Her mother had been killed instantly, so she’d been told.

Life had gotten harder from then on. She almost gave up, giving in to the pressures of some of the men, losing the will to live. She had no family left, no one to call her own, no one to welcome her inside the house she lived in and give her love. Cassie had stolen one of the guard’s blaster pistols and had considered ending things. She didn’t want to face the life of a slave any longer.

Until one of her fellow ship workers had come in and told her that a Jedi Knight had arrived. Erik Muir. Her father. When they’d met there was a connection that she’d never felt or seen before, even with her mother. She’d follow him around, asking questions, pestering him, getting under his skin. A lot like what Isaac had done when he and Erik had first met, though obviously Cassandra didn’t know this.

She remembered the moment when she’d become Erik’s daughter. When nothing in the galaxy would have stopped him from adopting and taking care of her. She’d been running from a big burly man, one of the foreman’s of the new mine construction project. She was sixteen and was growing into the figure that many of the Muir employees at the Calidna Base, Radion Labs, and all over the Corporation’s territory would drool over. She’d had no one to talk to about the changes in her body and she’d been really scared that night.

The chase had reached near where Erik was staying, but still a good distance away, when the man had caught her and pinned her. She couldn’t scream, he’d covered her mouth with one of his hands and had eventually exchanged that for a rag so she couldn’t have bit his hand. His fingers had roughly fondled her, moving over every inch of her, touching her the way that no one had ever done before. It had created in her a weird sense of desire. She wanted to know why and how she was feeling these things, what they were doing to her, and what they meant.

But she also knew that there was a time, a place, and a way for people to discover these things together and this definitely didn’t fall into any of the categories. She’d screamed in her mind. Up until that point, Cass had never known that she was Force Sensitive. She’d never known of the connection, though there had always been something strange helping her with things. She’d been able to run faster than boys far older, stronger, and more agile than her. Other things would later make sense.

Only after Erik had come, lightsaber in hand, though. He’d gotten the man off of her and away from her. He’d brought her, shaking, and half dressed back to his quarters. After settling her down and calming her nerves, he’d learned what exactly was going on. He’d come to work with the corporation that was overseeing the development of the planet to try to reduce the mistreatment of people. He’d been making some progress, but things like this still happened.

She’d held onto Erik, who at the time was close to thirty. He’d tried to put her to bed in his quarters, but she’d held on, demanding that he stay in the room and talk with her. So he did. He sat there at the side of the bed and while her death grip on his fur slowly eased off, he told her stories of the Muir. She became enchanted by the Bothan Clan. How even though they were ruthless to others, they still deeply loved and cared for one another. She liked that. She realized that she’d fallen in love with Erik, though not the way that people would mostly think.

Cassie didn’t want to have his children or anything now, she’d fallen in love with the man and what he stood for. Little did he know that Erik had fallen in love with her too, thinking of her as a daughter already. While he’d appeared to be slightly amused and annoyed with her whenever she pestered him with her endless questions, he’d really been appreciative. It was his way of playing around with her. The next day, Erik had informed the company of what had happened. The man lost his job and Cassie was protected.

A few months later, Erik had seen to it that all slaves had been freed and given work contracts. He’d done this on purpose even though technically slavery had been legal in the area, using threats from the Duke of the House of Muir, then Nathan Sha’rn-Muir to get the job done. He was ready to leave, but Cassie didn’t want him to leave. It was then that he made the offer to adopt her. She’d been happy beyond words and they’d left Curitas, bound for Bothawui.

She wasn’t the first person and non-Bothan that the Muir would bring into their fold, nor would she be the last. But besides Ameri, she was the one that they saved the most. Now some Arkanian had taken the life of the only man who had ever showed her kindness. He’d killed her father, the man who had guided her. She remembered all the times she’d wasted arguing with Erik, especially about the time she’d wanted to go join the Aeris Pirates to see more of the galaxy and to do something where she didn’t feel beholden to the Muir for her position.


She also remembered the practical jokes she’d played on her father, the good times they’d had. She’d constantly tried to find a way to disturb him while he meditated, just to see if she could. She’d never been able to, even when Ameri had convinced her that dumping a bucket of freezing cold water over the cross legged silent form of her father would do the trick. She’d even sat in front of him and with small scissors had proceeded to, in the famous, hated, words of the Muir, “give him a trim”. He’d merely smiled slightly, his eyes still closed.

He’d never taught her how to use the Force because he’d never considered himself to be that great at using it. She’d heard talk on how he was one of the more powerful members of the Order. She’d heard talk on how he was the greatest fighter at Soresu that the galaxy had seen since Obi-wan Kenobi. She herself had witnessed the bottomless well of decent kindness, amusing wisdom, and most of all the patience that was the hallmark of Erik Muir.

He’d been the greatest man she’d ever met. She’d loved him without measure, and constantly strove for his approval. He’d frowned on the number of liaisons she’d had with men and women over the years, but knew that everyone had some vice. For Cassie, as it was with the other two Angels, it was activities between the sheets. For Erik, his one vice had been how he indulged his daughter. She’d probably given him more than enough reasons to rethink his actions on Curitas, but he’d always just smirked and told her that she had to do what she had to do.

Erik had been a beacon of light and a guiding hand in her life. She’d been able to call him up at any time just to talk. Just to hear his voice. Just to get his advice. Now, he was gone. She felt as though a part of her more vital than a limb, more necessary than an organ had been ripped from her. She felt empty inside, her single purpose in life right now very simple: To cause as much pain and damage to Isaac Bel’kaar as he had caused to her and the Muir.

Word had reached Ogriand now concerning what had happened. No doubt the shockwave of the death was rippling through Muir Manor. She knew that Tej would be devastated. Sarithe, his wife, would be too. The happiness that had been created with the birth of the heir to the House, Mal’ik had been swallowed up.

Her Grapa, her grandfather, over at KSE would probably be inconsolable. She didn’t want to think on what he was going through. At some point in his life now, he had lost both of his sons. Her Uncle Derek perhaps had come back as a human thanks to someone named Karn, but Erik was gone for good.

She would forever be grateful to the Muir for what they’d done for her. She was proud to have their last name as her own. She would forever be grateful to the man who had saved her life, her father. Curling up on the couch, Cassie finally let the tears come, squeezing her eyes shut to try to block them away.


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Isaac’s eyes snapped open. Cassie had walked back into the room. She held the knife in her hand, twirling it lightly over her fingers. He shook his head which was stained with blood that slowly dripped onto the floor. The action caused a mini shower of droplets to rain down from his long silver hair onto the floor. No words passed between them. Cassie’s other hand hit in the face again.

He was developing a black eye and now another fist split his lip. He looked out of the swollen eye and his normal eye and stared at her as she hit him over and over. She shifted upwards to what part of his abs she hadn’t cut. He was soon bleeding from the nose as well as the owner of a few more bruises.

Fifteen minutes later, she had worked up another sweat. She took a step back, readjusting the black cloth wrapped around her hands. She cocked her head at him and smiled. He was fighting the pain again, determined not to cry out. They couldn’t have that, she thought and nodded as she headed to the syringe compartment. His eyes widened slightly with fear. Whereas before he’d just suspected that it had been something and the clear liquid had turned out to be a saline solution, this syringe was filled with an orange liquid.

He knew it was bad. She stuck it in his neck, none too gently and let the liquid flow into his veins. It was a nerve exciter, designed to stimulate his nerves so that they would over react and fire more often for the same amount of pain as before. She had a few minutes before it would fully kick in. Taking a few steps back, Cassandra grabbed a bottle of water from another compartment and took a swallow. She made a flicking motion with her hand, spraying some of the water on his face and body.

“I’m guessing you went with the option where you stay silent and I break a few more of your bones.” She said in a voice just a few degrees above a whisper. “The thing is, you don’t have to pretend now. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just tell me why you did it. That’s all I want to know.”

“But I didn’t do it.” He said finally. She was counting down in her head. “No matter what I say, you’re not going to believe me. There’s no point trying to argue with you about it.” She nodded.

“You’re right about one thing. There is no point to argue with me. I know you did it, and we’re going to find out one way or another. Eventually I’m going to kill you. You’re just drawing out the pain that takes place before you get to that eventuality.”

“Would Erik want you to be doing this? Would he-“

“Don’t you ever talk about my father. You understand me, you piece of shit?” He fell silent as she broke into his sentence. She roundhouse kicked him, her foot hitting the side of his head. He swayed side to side. The effects were beginning to get to work. The pain was clear on his face, bere he wasn’t making a sound. She’d get him to scream. Oh yes she would. She reached down for the metal pipe trying not to think about what he’d said.

Her father wouldn’t have wanted her to do this. It screamed of the Dark Side of the Force, and she knew it. But she was doing it anyway, because some things just had to be done. If it had been any other Muir, even her Uncle Derek, she would have roughed the killer up a bit and taken him back to Ogriand for the Muir’s judgment. But not for Erik. Not for her father. He meant to much to her and she was willing to lose some brownie points for what she was doing.

But this man would pay. The pipe hit him in the side and he cried out. Isaac felt as though his entire body was on fire and right there, at his right hip, an explosion had taken place. The fire had reached a set of oil drums. He didn’t know what she’d injected in him, but he was feeling more and more of the pain, so he figured it had something to do with his nerves.

He couldn’t do anything about it. He just had to take the punishment that she was giving him. She reached down and grabbed a fistful of his hair. “Hold your left arm out.” She said. He knew what she was going to do. He shook his head as best as she would let him. “Hold your left arm out, or I’m taking out one of your eyes.” He grimaced and did as she’d asked. She let go of his hair and took a step back and to the left where his arm was outstretched.

Tears came out of his eyes as she brought the pipe down heavily on his forearm. She reached out and grabbed his arm at the wrist, holding it steady for her repeated hits. After a few more cries from Isaac, she stopped and took a few steps back. It was time to bring out the big guns.

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Cassie had been convinced by Emmali to show Isaac some form of mercy. They’d brought him down off the chains and had given him a soak in one of the ship’s bacta tanks. Cassie was sitting now in the medical bay, watching him float in the liquid. They hadn’t told the medical droids what had happened, how the captain of the ship had inflicted the wounds on the man. The droid’s diagnosis had been that he needed much, much more than one treatment and that he should stay in the medical bay.

However, Cassie had refused to allow that. Once this single dunking was over, Isaac was going straight back to the holding cell where she was going to beat the health that the bacta had replenished out of him and then some. She watched as he was lifted up and out of the bacta tank. The liquid dripped off of him and onto the floor as he was set down. He could barely stand, even after the half an hour session. At least she was sure that her abilities to hurt someone were still intact.

She watched he slowly toweled himself off. He was avoiding her gaze. He was trying to figure out how to convince her that he hadn’t killed Erik. But then again he could barely stand; he wasn’t sure how well he was thinking right now. He finished toweling off and had barely put the towel down when Cassie had him by the arm. She was dragging him out of the med bay. They’d put the Ysalamiri on a movable cart and one of the Vaungiur Mercenaries pushed it in tow.

Isaac was thrown into the prison cell. He collapsed onto the ground. The Ysalamiri was installed in its former place. The soldier saluted and left, barely able to hold onto his stomach. The room still had bloodstains on the floor. Cassie cracked her neck and reached to what was attached to her belt. She pressed the button on the hilt and the black stun baton extended in length. It crackled for a few seconds as the battery kicked in and gave it a charge.

Bel’kaar was on all fours, slowly getting up. She took a few steps forward and brought the baton down on his back. His upper body jumped so that it was fully vertical as he cried out. She spun around and kicked him in the face with her left foot. He fell backwards onto his back. She dropped to the ground, bringing her fist and the bottom of the hilt into his chest, knocking the wind out of him. She thwacked him in the stomach with the stun baton and then rose.

He curled up into a ball.

She took a few steps back and watched as he whimpered with pain. “Whenever you want this to end, you have the power to do it. Just tell me what I want to know.”

“I…didn’t kill…Erik!” He said his voice barely audible.

“Are we really going to keep doing this?” He turned then and looked at her.

“There are Eldar on board this ship, right?” She nodded. “You can’t read my mind, but they can. They can tell you whether I did it or not.”

“If I do that, you’d have to be outside of the Ysalamiri.”

“They access the Force in a different way. They might be able to get past its affects.”

“I’ll look into it.” She said and reached down, grabbing him by the arm. She threw him into a chair and tied him up. “Until then, here’s a parting gift.” She slammed her fist into his face one more time. He had barely healed from the bacta. He still had plenty of wounds from all of their sessions. She’d tortured him a total of ten times now, each one varying in injury. If he was wrong about this, they both knew what he was going to go back to.

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“It is possible to get around the Ysalamir’s effects, Cassandra.” The Eldar Huntress said. “It will take me some time, and I will need the help of a few of my brethren, but it can be done.” Cassie nodded. She was in one of the hallways of the Dawn as they hung in orbit of Ogriand. She had refused to turn Isaac over to her family until she was finished with him. Mainly because if he confessed to having killed Erik, the Muir were just going to kill him, and Cassie rather she did it instead of one of them.

“Get all the Hunters and Huntresses on the ship if you need to,” She said. “I want to know if that shit is telling me the truth or not. I need to know as soon as possible.” The purple skinned alien nodded and departed heading for a turbolift. As she did, she telepathically reached out to the rest of the crew who were Eldar, telling them that she needed to meet with them.

“You know, I believe him.” Cassie turned to see Emmali standing there. “And I don’t like seeing what all of this is doing to you.” She added, shaking her brown with red streaks hair. She had her arms crossed over her chest and was giving Cassandra one of her martial looks that had some concern mixed in there. Cass just gave her a look back that told her that her concern was unnecessary

“What would you do if your mother had been killed?” Cassie asked Emmali already knowing the answer to the question.

“I’d have chopped the guy’s balls off. If it had been a woman, there are ways to stop her from having kids as well.” Emmali said matter of factly, as she examined her nails on her right hand.

“Exactly. Isaac is the only person I know who was connected to it. Vlan Korensan was not there.”

“Maybe because he left.” Emmali suggested and Cassie nodded. It was indeed a possible theory.

“Maybe, but the villagers don’t remember him being there.” She said, giving the answer to the possibility.

“Cassie, honey, he’s a Dark Jedi who was partially trained by your father. You don’t think he could have used the Force on them?” The Silserian responded, not able to believe that Cassandra wasn’t using her common sense. People usually said that she was the sane one. She figured that everyone was allowed their moments and if anything, the death of one’s father easily fell into that category. Still, she was amazed at how her friend was reacting.

“He could have. It’s possible. We’ll find out once the Eldar do their thing and rip his brain to shreds.” Cassie said as she leaned against the wall of the hallway. She unwrapped the black cloth that was around her hands and pocketed it. She was keeping it handy in case the Eldar were unable to get past the Ysalamir’s effects or they confirmed that Isaac was guilty.

If he was guilty, she intended to make his death slow and painful. He was going to be her private project and she was going to keep him alive as her plaything. She’d torture him and then heal him with the bacta and then torture him again. The cycle would play out over and over until she finally decided that it was time for him to die. By then he would be thanking her.

“You’re going to owe that man a hell of an apology if it turns out you’ve been wrong all this time.”

“I’ll pay for his medical bills and we’ll treat him here. I’ll drop him off where he wants to go.” Cassandra said as Eldar trickled into the hallway.

“We’re ready.” The lead Huntress said and Cassandra nodded.

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She had insisted on bloodying him up a lot before she let the Eldar in there. She opened up a lot of the cuts that had healed, had made a few new ones and had roughed him up pretty badly. The blood was drying now, and he was upside down as he had been before. All she needed to know was that he’d done it and she would be the happiest person in the galaxy. Cassie leaned against the wall of the holding cell, watching the Eldar as they went to work.

Cass didn’t know how the Aether worked. From what she understood the Aether was another name for the Force but the way that the Eldar connected to it was different. She’d never been a religious type, or a philosophical one. She just lived her life the way that she saw best in each situation. She had had quite a few friendly debates with her father on the subject with had ended with Erik saying something about not wanting to have to identify her body in a morgue and her playfully pulling on his fur before insisting that he let her braid it. At which point he’d play his trump card in the argument and use Force Speed to get away from her.

She watched as the group of Eldar which numbered around twenty stood stock still with their eyes closed. They were standing all around the upside down Arkanian who was smart and was staying silent. His own eyes were flicking from face to face, knowing that they held either his doom or his salvation in their hands. Time passed, first five minutes, then ten. At twenty five minutes, Cassie was growing impatient, but she was quiet. She knew that the Eldar had to do a lot of work and she could see the concentration on their faces.

Finally, an additional ten minutes later, the lead Huntress turned to Cassie who looked at her expectantly.

"He did not kill Erik Muir. A Dark Jedi by the name of Vlan Korensan killed your father. He’s telling the truth.”

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He was floating in bacta. It was his third dunking since the Eldar Hunters and Huntresses had told Cassie that Isaac was innocent. She sat in the medical bay and watched his floating form. Guilt had been her constant friend since the revelation. Her right had was unconsciously holding her half of the Adegan Crystal. She felt horrible for what she’d done. There was no way she was going to be able to sufficiently apologize to Isaac. The doors to the medical bay opened and Emmali stepped in.

The Silserian came over to her and sat down. She looked at Isaac for a few moments and then at Cassie. She put her arms around her friend and Cassie leaned into her. “I’m such an idiot.” Cassie whispered. Her friend nodded slowly as Cassie spoke the words of self condemnation.

“I know.” Emmali said, running a comforting hand over Cassie’s brown hair. “Think of it this way though, you know what to do to Korensan when we find him.” Cassie nodded soberly. “Have you figured out how you’re going to apologize to him?” Cassie shook her head.

“He’s going to need a long time to recuperate. I…kind of did a lot of internal damage. Bones need to be set and need time to heal.” Cassie said. She leaned back and looked at her friend. “I don’t know what to do.” Emmali nodded.

“I think you should be his personal nurse. You’re going to make sure that he gets everything and anything he needs whenever he asks for it. Like a glass of water at four in the morning or something.”

“I had already planned on doing that.” Cassie said. The two of them turned as Isaac was pulled up and out of the bacta tank. The medical droids wrapped him in a towel first and then exchanged it for a white cotton robe. He was sat down on a couch and Isaac closed his eyes, keeping them closed. She knew that he was using the Force to heal himself as well, but the whole process was going to take time. He would have to heal naturally, at least for part of it, no matter how much he used the Force. That was unavoidable.

“You’d better start now.” Emmali said and gave her friend’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze before rising. “I’m going to find Lorcin and convince him to let me play dress up with him.” She turned and left the medical bay.

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“How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” She smiled. She’d been trying for roughly half an hour to get him to talk to her. Isaac had been given quarters. Since they’d also brought the Shan’teni up and put it into the Dawn’s docking bay, so Cassie was able to transfer all of his belongings to his quarters. He’d merely stayed in the bed and refused to speak to her. He was constantly shivering, something that she figured had to do with the beatings she’d given him.

Now that she’d finally gotten something out of him, even though it was just a word, Cassie was happy. “Do you need anything, want anything?” He shook his head and continued to stare up at the ceiling. She had pulled up a chair next to his bed and was sitting in it. “So, you’re-“

“Can you leave please?” He asked very softly. She looked at him. He had closed his eyes again and she could tell that he was attempting to detach himself from the world for a while. She nodded and rose. She had accused of him of killing the one man who had been a father to him. The only family he had really had. Not only had she done that, but she’d beaten him to an inch of his life more than once. She’d even told him that she was going to kill him.

And she expected him to just pretend none of that had happened? He may have been a Jedi, but that didn’t mean he was completely forgiving. Odds were he wouldn’t be able to forgive her for a while. Then he stopped. What would Erik do? Erik would have forgiven her. He would have understood that she hadn’t had all the information at the time in her hands. She had made a decision based off of what she’d known at the time. Also, she had just been angry and wanting to lash out.

He also realized that she was trying to find a way to apologize to him without making a complete fool of herself. That much was clear to him and he knew that he should give her a chance. She had intended to do all of those things to him, but she hadn’t known that she was doing it to the wrong person. He couldn’t blame her for that as much as he might have wanted to. He was a Jedi, which meant that he was supposed to rise above his own weaknesses.

All these thoughts went through Isaac’s head as Cassie headed towards the door. “Wait.” He said. She turned. “Look, I know you’re trying to figure out a way to apologize for pretty much nearly killing me. I accept your apology. You couldn’t have known that I didn’t kill Erik. And in all honesty, if I had been in your shoes, I wouldn’t have shown me the mercy you did. I probably just would have killed you.”

She slowly walked back to her chair and sat down. He sat up in the bed, though it strained him to do so. She saw the cuts and scabs on his skin. “I did take it a bit overboard though.”

“Yeah, you kind of did.” He said with a small smile. “I’ll live though.” She reached out and gently touched one of them on his chest.

“I am sorry though.”

“And I told you, I accept your apology.”

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The two of them had spoken for a little while longer until Cassie was sure that he had indeed forgiven her. She'd spoken of her father and he'd told her what he'd known of Erik. She had been incredibly pleased to know that her father hadn't been able to shut up about her. Isaac had told her that due to all the stories that Erik had told him, he'd thought that she was much, much younger. Erik had never given him any reason to believe that she was closer to Bel'kaar's age. He'd told her how her father and he had met, and everything that had happened.

Geonosis, Alzoc III, Misery, all the major places and the other locations in between. She'd been a little upset after he'd told her that what she'd done at Theracraya with the Aeris Pirates had doomed the planet when the Xen'Chi had come. They both knew that even if the Aeris forces hadn't decimated what ships had been there, those ships wouldn't have been able to repulse the Xen'Chi invaders. But Cassie still felt somewhat responsible for what had happened and all of Isaac's words to the contrary feel on deaf ears.

She told him what she knew of Vlan Korensan. The Dark Jedi was powerful, they both knew this. Isaac however, didn't know much of Korensan's history. Erik had never gotten around to telling him that, nor had he really explained why the red skinned alien had left Erik and fallen to the Dark Side. Cassandra didn't know that much about it either but it was more than what Isaac knew and he listened intently. He told her about Zohmaj Hauc and how the Sith Lord had killed his parents. While Korensan might have killed Erik, Hauc himself had taken away her Uncle Derek's life.

He had come back as a human, but there was no chance of that being an option for Erik. He had died, and was one with the Force now. Cass had to let him go, and she knew it was going to be hard. She had told Isaac that he was welcome to stay on the ship as long as he wanted. Since Erik hadn't formally been apart of the Jedi Order at the time of his death, Isaac wasn't sure whether or not he should go to Onderon and the Jedi Temple that was there. After Cassie told him that Derek was on the Jedi Council and would probably be able to get him into the Order, Isaac felt as though he had to go.

Eventually. For now, he had decided to stay on the ship and work with them. The Vaungiur Mercenaries they called themselves. A portmanteau of Vangiur and Muir, the mercenary group had an extensive array of firepower at their disposal. The Dawn itself was a powerful ship. The three squadrons of fighters onboard were nothing to laugh at either. The ground forces, a mix match of different genders and species, had acquitted themselves well in the different missions that the group had done so far.

Cassie now entered one of the observation decks of the ship. She made a face as she saw the two people tucked away in one of the corners. Lorcin was sitting and had Emmali in his lap. The two were making out as though they were alone. Well, they were alone, except for Cassie. She coughed lightly. She could feel Emmali’s pheromones in the air. She’d long ago found a way to tell when the Silserian woman was using the pheromones to her advantage and with Lorcin’s hands underneath Emmali’s shirt, she could tell that she was quite pleased with herself. The two of them broke apart and looked up.

Neither of them had the decency to look guilty. Cassie scowled, as it reminded her of the fact that she’d been sleeping alone for some time now, something that she wasn’t too used to. Damn bed was too cold without someone else in there with her. “Hey there Cass.” Emmali said, fixing a smile on her face. Lorcin just looked at her. If he wasn’t happy with her showing up, he didn’t make an effort to convey the feeling through his facial features.

“Yeah. Hi.” Cassie said in response, moving over towards them.

“What’s up?”

“I was thinking…Lorcin, you’re pretty much free right now, aren’t you?” Emmali spoke first.

“Um, excuse me, Cassie, but he’s mine.”

“No, I mean, as a mercenary, he’s free right now.” Emmali nodded and turned to look at Lorcin. He just nodded. “You could do a few missions with us, if you want. We’d pay you and everything.”

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Lorcin grinned. He didn't much like being recognized for his skills by such a wide variety of individuals, but it was flattering, to a degree, that Cassie was calling directly upon his skills.

"You need me?" he responded. "Flattering. But I don't come cheap, so I hope that you're willing to dig deep."

It was well known that Lorcin did not take to menial labor work or anything of that sort. When his services were required, it was usually for the more dangerous tasks. And when Cassie had specifically approached him, Lorcin knew it had to be something big.

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"Baby," Cassie replied with a smile, "the fact that we've got this ship means we've got some deep pockets." She moved forward and sat in his lap, balanced on his other knee. Emmali frowned. Cassie leaned in and kissed Lorcin who looked pleased with himself.

"Excuse me? What about me?" Emmali said, a little annoyed as Lorcin slid an arm around Cassie's waist. Cassie shrugged, leaned forward and kissed her, pulling the other woman close and putting her arms around their neck. The familiarity with which they kissed told that it wasn't the first time. Cassie leaned back with a smug smile. Emmali just scowled and gave her a look.

"I've got to go check up on my patient." Cassie said, rising from Lorcin's knee. "I'll leave you two to whatever it is you were doing."

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“Are you sure you should be doing that?” Cassie asked from the doorway. Isaac looked up. He was halfway out of the bed. His feet had found the floor and he’d been ready to throw off the covers when she’d entered the room. His eyes focused on hers. “I really don’t think you’re ready to do that yet. You could hurt yourself.” He shook his head as she walked in, knowing that she was going to create problems for him when all he wanted to do was get out of bed and on his feet. He’d been cooped up for too long and he didn’t like it at all.

“I’m fine.” He replied, slowly rising to his feet. He had on a sleeveless undershirt and black shorts that went to his knees, having changed out of the med bay clothing some time ago. He looked around and smiled, knowing that he’d accomplished what he’d set out to do, even if he wasn’t sure that any steps he took were steady. He swayed back and forth. Suddenly he fell forward. Cassie grabbed him, holding him firmly in her arms. “I’m fine. Really, I am.”

“I don’t think so.” Cassie said and moved him back against his wishes. Soon he was lying down on the bed again, clearly unhappy. Cassandra looked around and saw the tray of food that ha been brought to him earlier. “No wonder you can barely move, you haven’t eaten anything.” She looked at him, visibly upset with him. “What’s the matter with you?”

“The person who brought it didn’t understand that it’s hard for me to move my hands. My connection to the Force is coming back slowly, I don’t understand why though.” She nodded, making a mental note to speak to whomever it was that was assigned to bring Isaac food and drink. Then she sat down in a chair next to him, tucking some hair behind her ear. She had grabbed the tray and had it sitting in her lap. “What are you doing?” He asked.

She took a spoon and mixed some of the food together before taking some and lifting it to his mouth. “Feeding you.” She said.


“You’re not going to be able to eat otherwise. I could convince the med droids to IV you.” She said, patiently holding the spoon in front of his mouth. He grudgingly opened his mouth. She smiled and put the food in his mouth. “Chew before you swallow.” She said, a part of her unconsciously and strangely pleased to finally be able to play doll.

Isaac for his part was a little annoyed. He was about to say something, after the fifth spoonful, but his stomach smacked his head and told him that food was good. Also, her datapad went off. She set the little vegetable container back down on the tray, which was on her knees. Then she slipped her datapad out of her pocket.

She accessed the message that had been sent to her inbox. Isaac read the message over her shoulder. “You’re not really going to accept that are you?” She turned and looked at him. “That offer. You’re not going to go and do it are you?” He asked again, confused at the blank look on her face.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She asked, clearly not understanding what he meant.

“It’s extremely dangerous.” He said.

“I’m a mercenary though. It’s what I do.” She said. He shook his head. “I have to eat somehow. I can’t just live off the Muir name for everything, I’m not that kind of person.” She said, putting the small datapad away.

“Erik wouldn’t have wanted you to go on the mission.”

“Dad knew I was on my own person and understood that I needed to stretch my wings and that I could take care of myself.” He shook his head and her eyes danced with amusement. “Don’t tell me you’re a proponent of what some would call the traditional role of women.”

“No, I just think that you guys here could use some help. Clearly someone has to look out for you, since you don’t believe in the word ‘safety’. She heard the tone of his voice and shook her head, attempting to stop him from doing what she knew he was about to do.

“Nu uh. Absolutely not. You can barely stand and this is in a couple of days.” She shook her head as she spooned him more vegetables, back to the mother role. He chewed and then swallowed.

“I’m coming.”

“No you’re not.” She said, stubbornness flashing into her eyes. “Listen here, Isaac Bel’kaar. My father had the most patience out of anyone I’ve ever met, and I managed to outlast him in arguments. So when I say that you’re not coming, you’re not coming.”

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"Guess we found someone else who outlasts you." Cassie scowled at Emmali's words. They were onboard a shuttle headed down towards a planet. The system was called Decrin, the planet Oronti. There was a larger transport behind the shuttle. Onboard was the Vaungiur Mercenaries ground force and Isaac. Somehow he'd managed to get the medical droids to okay him for combat.

She was willing to bet he'd use the Force somehow. "Why don't you go back to thinking up new positions with Lorcin?"

"Okay." Emmali said happily. "He's rather flexibile you know. I've been teaching him yoga and he's pretty good at it. I might start teaching him some Silserian stuff. I dunno if he's ready for that yet." Emmali added, noting with a smile the envy on Cassie's face. It was customary for the Angels to have and collect men extremely easily. They were apparently losing one in the case of Ameri, who was basically engaged to Jax Sage at this point, even if he didn't know it yet.

"She'd get him to the church though, Emmali was sure of it. Ameri was the most homely, "normal" one of the three women. Cassie was somehwere in the middle, so the lack of a man in her bed would be rather annoying to her, especially after a long period of time. For some reason, Cassie refused to sample from the men on the ship, which surprised Emmali to a degree.

If there was one thing that pained Emmali, it was to see someone in a rut in that department, especially a close friend like Cas. She reached a hand out and squeezed Cassie's shoulder. "It's not that bad, you know."

"Says you." Cassie replied, scowling again. SHe folded her arms across her chest and looked out of a viewport. Emmali dropped an arm around her and drew her in close.

"Sweetheart, you and me are two of the same kind. I'm not surprised when mother told us that we're half sisters." Cassie laughed. After the job with KSE the group had had a period of time off. Ameri had gone with Jax. Emmali had decided to return to Silseris to visit and Cassie had tagged along. Apparently, Emmali was a big thing back home. She had met Emmali's mother and had learned something about her father. One of the first person to come from the outside galaxy, he was a space who had met and been with Emmali's mother on more than one occassion during the two months that he'd stayed there.

When he'd left, he'd left some data about himself, one part of which ahd been the logo of his ship. Emmali had gotten the logo tattooed on her stomach, over her belly button and belly piercing. Cassie had never met her father, but her mother had kept some holos of him. Cassie had gotten one of the tattoos that her father had had tattooed on herself, the one at the back of her neck. Emmali's mother recognized the image and it turned out that Emmali's father and Cassie's father were one and the same, the same spacer.

"It explains a lot." Cassie said.

"Like the fact that we're both insatiable nymphos?" Cassie laughed. It was true, but she at least had the decency not to admit it.

"Speak for yourself." She said, neither of them ashamed that the pilots of the shuttle were able to hear everything they were saying.

"Excuse me? I remember a certain base party where someone took not only the chief of base security but my date, one of the pilots, back to her quarters for some R&R." Cassie bit her bottom lip as she blushed and tried not to laugh. Her mind scrambled for something to throw back and it didn't take long for her to remember one of Emmali's exploits.

"Was that the same party where you convinced two Eldar men and one Eldar woman that since we all worked in a research and development base, that you all should have an experiment of your own?"

"It was an experiment. And it was also all the pheromones."

"Lies!" Cassie replied.

"You're just jealous." Cassie stared at her half sister and best friend, shocked.

"Am not."

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"They really must be sisters." One of the pilots said jokingly to the other. Both women turned on them.

"Bite your tongue before I toss you out of the airlock." Cassie said.

"Yes ma'am."

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“It’s good to finally meet you.” The man said, clasping Cassie’s hand. Emmali was next to her, Isaac behind the two of them. “For a while, I didn’t think you were going to come and help us.” Emmali smiled.

“I live for the danger. She lives for the money.” She said.

“Well, here you’ll find both.” He gestured and the trio headed inside. Isaac caught up with Cassie, tapping her on the shoulder.

“I just want you to know, if I don’t like this, we’re leaving. Either that or you’re not going to be part of it.” Cassie rounded on him, jabbing a finger into his chest.

‘What the hell did you just say?”

“Erik told me to take care of you and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“If you’re not happy with this, you can stay on the ship. I’ll be here, doing what I’m being paid to do.” She turned, but he was faster. Isaac’s hands weren’t huge, but he was able to get his thumb and forefinger around her upper arm. He ignored the feeling of how soft it was, instead focusing on the number thirty two that had been tattooed there on that arm.

“I’m not going to take no for an answer.” She just glared at him, broke free, and headed down the hallway. Isaac walked after her, his larger strides ensuing that he caught up. The two joined up with Emmali who was a getting a more detailed explanation of the problem. It involved a nearby system, a broken trade agreement, and hostilities that had recently started. The Vaungiur Mercenaries were going to spearhead an offensive on the other system, targeting a space station that they had. There would be a raid, particularly for the goods owed to the people according to the trade agreement. That sort of thing didn’t bother the two leaders of the mercenary corps.

The people had a few ships to their name, but nothing on the power level of the Dawn. They would need the Dawn to hold off the station’s guns as well as the guns of any other ships in the system. A few moments later, the two women were in a strategy session with the military leaders of the small government. Cas didn’t understand what had caused the other system to break the trade agreement. That didn’t matter to her.

Isaac stayed out of the planning for the most part. He wasn’t interested in the details, just the generalities and the danger that it would pose to Cassandra and by extension, Emmali. He wasn’t wearing clothes that would have suggested he was a Jedi. He had his lightsaber, but no one had said anything about it yet. His eyes moved over the plans and after giving more attention to them, he found that they were alright. Unfortunately so did Cassie and he knew that convincing her not to participate was going to be impossible. He was a Jedi, but he couldn’t work miracles all the time.

After the meeting, Cassie came over to him with a smile. “So, are you happy with everything?” He shrugged. “I’m not staying on the ship.” She said, setting herself in a stubborn position, arms folded under her breasts. He shrugged again, his pose giving off disinterest.

“I don’t think I’d be able to convince you not to go on this mission.” She smiled, neither seeing that Emmali was watching their exchange with a good amount of interest. Cassie smiled wider and punched Isaac in the stomach, lightly.

“Now you’re learning. There might be hope for you yet, you know.” Isaac laughed. “Dad didn’t really tell you to take care of me did he?” She asked, still a little unsure that her father would have said something like that. It was rather out of character for Erik. He knew that Cas was independent and didn’t need help for a lot of things.

“I swear. He made me promise.” She sighed.

“So you’re going to keep doing this every time?” She asked, voice becoming a little whiny as she realized the implication of what she was thinking in her head.

“Something like that yes,” She groaned. Emmali walked over, enchanted by the dialogue between the two of them.

“So when do we attack? Tomorrow, right?” She asked. Cassie nodded. “Are we staying on the ship?”

“I guess so. Unless they offer quarters in which case it would be rude to say no.” She replied.


As it turned out, they were offered quarters and they took them. They had dinner and then the group retired to their separate rooms. At least Isaac did. Emmali headed over to Cassie’s rooms fairly quickly. Her half-sister had just stepped out of the shower and was going through her pack for a change of clothes. Cassie dropped her towel, neither embarrassed. “What is it? Something about the job?” She asked Emmali as she dressed. Emmali watched her best friend put her underwear on and then nightwear. Emmali shook her head as she leaned against a wall. “Then what is it?”

“I figured out how to get you over your little slump.”

“Oh yeah?” Cassie said as she jumped onto the bed. “How?”

“The dashingly handsome, silver haired, Arkanian heartthrob of a Jedi that we picked up. You have to admit he is sooo good looking its not even funny. He’s gorgeous and he’s perfect for you. I say you take him.”

“Isaac?” Cassie said, her eyes wide as she looked at Emmali incredulously. “No way. I couldn’t do anything with him.”

“Why not?” Emmali said, a clearly Silserian look of confusion on her face.

“Did you forget the fact that I beat him to an inch of his life? More than once?” Cassie asked.

Emmali shrugged, lying down on the bed next to Cassie. The two looked up at the ceiling. “It’s a factor, but it doesn’t look like its going to affect things that much. It’s not like he’s that mad at you over it.” Cassie shook her head and Emmali knew she was going to face an uphill battle convincing her that it was the right thing to do. Emmali knew it and because of how much she loved Cas, she was going to do her best to convince her to do it.

“No. It just…it wouldn’t feel right.”

“It’s not like the two of you don’t have things in common. Both of you were slaves at one point and both of you knew Erik.” She could tell that Cassie was still unsold on the idea.

“I know, but I’m not looking for a relationship right now.” Emmali rolled her eyes.

“I’m not saying you should. But this situation of yours has got to stop. You’ve gone far too long, longer than I ever have after I became a True Silserian. It’s starting to hurt me, sweetie.” Cassie laughed. Emmali paused and considered. “I could pheromone him for you.” Cassie laughed again.

“No, darling. That’s alright.”

“If you don’t make a move, I will.” Emmali noted the clear anger on Cassie’s face. “He looks like he could be better in bed than Lorcin.” Cassie sat up and glared at her half-sister, clearly upset at her words.

“You will not. Do you understand me?”

“Why, would you be jealous?” Emmali said with a humorous smile. When Cassie didn’t respond and just sat there with her back against the pillows and headboard, Emmali did the same. “You would be jealous?” She asked. “You actually like him?” Cassie nodded. “Then why the hell aren’t you going after him?”

“I just told you. How do you try to start an actual relationship with a guy who you nearly killed? He’s good looking, yeah I saw that. When I was breaking his nose, isn’t that funny? While he was recuperating and I was talking with him, I realized that I really liked him.”

“You won’t allow that to stop you.” Emmali said, giving Cassie a hug. “You shouldn’t.” There was a knock on the door. It opened and Isaac stepped into the room. He found them in the bedroom.


“What?” Emmali asked him.

“Nothing.” He replied, figuring that they just were in each other’s bed a lot. It didn’t bother him really.

“Why are you here?” Emmali asked.

“Bored really. I don’t have Erik to bother. Can’t tell you guys that you scare children when smile.” Cassie burst out laughing.

“You don’t know how many times I told him that.” Cassie said. He smiled, laughter in his silver eyes. Cassie brought her legs up to her chest, adjusting the silk nightgown and the bed covers that she had over that.

“I told him that the galaxy knew how to defeat him and the Muir. Star a fad for natural fur coats.”

All three laughed at this. Isaac found a seat. “So, what do you think of the attack plan?” He shrugged at Emmali’s question. “Cassie told me that you’re being rather overprotective and that you’re taking what Erik told you to do too seriously.” Emmali said, ignoring Cassie’s scowl and Isaac’s frown.

“It was a deathbed promise.” Isaac replied, folding his four fingered hands.

“I think Cassie’s being too stubborn. I think she should listen to you.”

“Excuse me?!” Cassie said, rounding on her half-sister.

“I think I’m going to be good friends with you Emmali.” Isaac said with a grin.

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Isaac wasn’t to sure how much he liked the Mark II Razors. One of the best fighters in the galaxy, it was designed by the Muir. There was a single squadron of the interceptors onboard the Dawn. One of the pilots had volunteered to give the Arkanian Jedi the use of his fighter. Bel’kaar had tried it out and while the stats were good and it was an awesome handle, he somewhat preferred his old Arkon to this fighter. He’d soon decided that he would probably not try to obtain one for his new personal ship. After all, the Shan’teni was still in one of the Dawn’s hangars and he doubted that Cassie would be using it anytime soon.

He was lying under the Razor, rag and tool in hand, working on the machine. He’d already used the Force on the interceptor, learning the history of the machine, which had been relatively short. He looked past his feet and saw two legs enter the hangar. Clad in black they were coming towards him and, he had to admit, rather good looking. He immediately recognized them though and slid out from underneath the fighter to see Cassie walking towards him. Her long chestnut brown hair had been pulled into a ponytail.

She wore a black jumpsuit that was unzipped to her navel. She had an aqua colored top underneath. Cas’ half of the blue adegan crystal was around her neck and once his eyes lowered from that and her chest, which took a while, he frowned, seeing the tool belt that grasped her shapely hips. “Hello.” He said. She smiled, lifting a hand in greeting. Afterwards, it went back down to her thighs.

“How’s it going?”

“Well, just adjusting a few specs.” She nodded. He wasn’t a fool. He knew where he remembered this from. This was just how he’d “met” Rayna. But that had been years ago.

“Need some help?” She asked. He shook his head. She just shrugged. “You’ll take some.” When she took a step forward, he raised a brow and she added, “My ship, remember?” He nodded wordlessly and she went over to the fighter.


Emmal reached a hand back and pulled the leather tie loose. The brown hair with natural red streaks fell to its full length, below her elbows. The man she was straddling wore a smile as her index finger traced the outline of the tattoo on his head. She blinked as his hands began to gently massage her hips.

The Silserian rested her head on Lorcin’s chest. Both of them were sweaty, covered in it and though Emmali was easily a few hours away from being fully sated, she’d decided to let Lorcin off the hook as she always did. She felt his hand move over her back, fingers trailing down each other vertebra till he reached the small of her back, pushing deeply as she’d taught him to. She smiled as she set a hand on the other half of his chest, her other hand sliding around his neck.

Emmali made a sound, telling him how good it felt. She was ready to close her eyes and head to sleep when she remembered what Cassie had asked to her to do. Making another sound, she slid forward. She reached onto the table near her bunk, giving Lorcin a full and tantalizing view of what was only one part of the Emmali Vaungier Seduction Experience. She got the datacard and retreated, grabbing a datapad out of the jacket that was lying on the floor by the bed. She slid the datacard into the datapad and accessed the information.

She handed the datapad to Lorcin and made a sound of comfort as she reassumed her position from before. Lorcin read the information there, his free hand moving back and forth over her bare back.


An hour or so and a shower later, Emmali was refreshed and stepped into one of the hangars. As usual, every man in the hangar turned and watched her. Emmali groaned inwardly. Cassie and Isaac were involved in a heated debate about fighters. Isaac was trying to say something about the Eta-2, while Cassie was stubbornly defending the X-wing in the argument. Emmali snuck up on Cassie and slid her arms around the other woman’s waist from behind. Cassie turned and Emmali kissed her.

“Hello, my two loves. What are you discussing?”

“This…idiot, is claiming that an X-wing is not as good as an Eta-2.”

“You can dodge proton torpedoes or shoot them down.” He replied.

“Four lasers better than two.” She replied.

The two of them could have been something so much better than arguing. At least Lorcin knew his place. Still, Emmali had offered to pheromone the Arkanian heartthrob for Cassie. She disengaged herself and looked at the Razor. “You know, I’ve always been partial to the Shielded Interceptor.”

“You would, you Imperial.” Cassie said and Isaac laughed. Emmali, happy that she’d broken up the argument, went with the flow.

“At least I’m not a furry Bothan, Cassie.” Her friend’s eyes went wide as her mouth opened.

“I’m so throwing you in the brig.”

“I’m the captain of the ship too.”

“No you’re not. It just says that on the papers.” Cassie said. With a grin, Isaac could tell that he would regret getting into this so he just sat down on a crate. It was a bad move. Emmali had been waiting for him to do something. She went over and sat in his lip, sliding one arm around his neck. The other started at his stomach and gently rubbed.

“Isaac, you don’t want Cassie as the captain, do you?” Fear was on Isaac’s face. He instinctively put an arm around her to steady her, as her bottom was resting on one of his knees. Cassie managed to keep her cool and not smack her half sister.

“I…um, I guess.”

“Excuse me?” Cassie asked.

“I mean, no. I do want Cassandra as the captain.”

“Are you sure?” Emmali asked, dirtying her fingers by framing his grease stained face and kissing him. Cassie folded her arms over her chest, impatiently angry. Emmali deepened the kiss, plunging her tongue into Isaac’s mouth. She pulled back.

“Cassie’s the captain.” Isaac said with a smile.

“You’re good.” Emmali said, respect in her voice.

“So are you. Want to do that again?”

“Maybe later.” She said and looked at Cassie. She winked and then kissed Isaac again, lightly. She rose and turned to Cassie. “Well, Captain, don’t we have a mission to accomplish?”

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They were in the system and the battle had begun. The blaring klaxons had told him that it was time and so Isaac’s fighter lifted off the hangar floor. He moved forward, exiting the Dawn’s hangar. The rest of Delta Squadron was with him. The two Spineripper Mark II squadros had already been launched. Isaac brought his scanners to full power. He’d lost T.38 when the Arkon had been destroyed, and he’d yet to find a new astromech that he could bond with. He’d been with T.38 all of his life so he wasn’t surprised by that.

He opened his comm. to pick up the pre-battle chatter. Most of Delta Squadron was looking forward to the fight. In the end, Delta leader keyed in, “Alright people, let’s do this. In and out.” Isaac snapped his fighter over. The Dawn was moving into position, turbolasers opening up on the station. The people who had hired the Vaungier mercenaries had a small force, fielding a Nebulon-B2 and a Corellian Corvette. They were using their home defense corps to protect the system while they were gone on this mission.

The system they were attacking, in addition to the station, had a Class 1000 cruiser, as well as a horde of fighters. The Dawn was merely softening up the shields for the Frigate and the Corvette before shifting to the Cruiser. Isaac keyed his comm., accessing communications with Cassie. “Be careful, Cassandra.” He said, knowing that he was speaking directly to her, but not through the bridge communications on the Dawn. It was thus a private conversation.

“Right.” Her voice was dripping with honey. He smiled as he sat in the cockpit. “You watch yourself too.” She said, her voice suddenly shifting into a more caring and concerned tone. It surprised him and he response in an equally caring tone as he was caught off guard.

“I will thanks. Delta Six out.” He went back to his squadron’s comm. channel as the two starfighter forces reached range. The enemy had numerical superiority, but that was it. The Vaungiur forces had technological and skill superiority. Still, Isaac didn’t believe in anything like that, knowing that no matter what the odds or the advantages, he just had to get the job done and keep as many people safe as he did it.

His hands tightened on the controls of the Razor Mk II. His eyes closed for a moment and he retreated into the Force. It washed over him and when his eyes opened; his mind was connected to the Razor, bringing to it a level of maneuverability that the designers could only have dreamed of. Machine and man became one in a matrimony that defied logic.

Isaac was pushing his ships faster through the Force, making the others have to catch up with him. His laser cannons began emptying their charges, pulling energy from the reactor to replenish their stores. Mark II’s laser cannons were coded and colored blue due to the equipment used. Spinerippers had read, and a storm of red and blue came at the enemy fighters.

Howlrunners, Zebra fighters, Cloakshapes, and Y-wings made up the enemy force and they began to explode. They returned fire and the starfighter battle was on. Meanwhile, Cassie had given order for the Dawn to switch targets. The Class 1000 opened fire as the Dawn did. The attacking system’s forces were still attacking the station while the freighters and transports that they’d brough with them began to move forward, headed towards the station.

They run had started. The shields were starting to fall on the station. They just needed to make sure that the Class 1000 cruiser or the fighters would not be able to harass the freighters and transports. That was the Vaungiur Mercenaries’ job.

Cassie smiled. The Class 1000 wasn’t larger than the Dawn and the Strike Cruiser had more guns than the other ship. Her gunners were concentrating on mere meters of shielding, pouring turbolaser fire into them to make them buckle faster. “Keep up the fire. We need to stop them here.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Captain, the transports and freighters have reached the station.” Cassandra nodded. Vaungiur Ground Forces were escorting the workers who were loading up the transports and freighters. Odds were that the medbay was going to get a few soldiers come in reporting injuries, but that was expected. It was only a matter of time. This was just a simple raid, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Until Emmali turned to her and the alarm went off telling them that a new contact had just arrived in system.

“What is it?” She asked, and the look on Emmali’s face told her that it was bad. “Well, what is it?”

“Corellian Star Destroyer.” Cassie merely nodded and began factoring this change into the plan. She needed information, data that her crew began to feed to her. How far away the ship was and with its speed, when it could be in range. Whether or not it had its fighter complement onboard. She knew her ships well. An unmodified Corellian could have anywhere from two to three squadrons of fighters on board. That could tip things against the attackers. Most importantly, they needed to know whose side the ship was on, if any.

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The Corellian-class Star Destroyer, as it turned out, was a type of foe. It wasn’t affiliated with the systems; it was like the Vaungiur mercenaries. It launched two squadrons of fighters, a mix of R-41 Starchasers and T-wings. Cassie nodded. “Get our missile defense system up and running. They might get a salvo off before contact.” She turned to their fighter controller. “What’s the status?”

“We’ve nearly finished routing the enemy fighters.”

“Contact Delta Lead and get them over there.” The man nodded and went back to the console. “What’s the status of the transfer?”

“Roughly seventy percent complete, Ma’am.” As soon as everything was done with the transfer, they were gone. The Dawn could fight the Star Destroyer, but it would be pointless. She leaned against the command chair she was in.

The Class 1000 Cruiser was all but dead in the water. The shields were donw and the Dawn was pounding away at the hull. The enemy Star Destroyer was closing in, but wasn’t in range yet. Hopefully they’d be able to escape before it got into range. Cassandra watched as they dealt the Class 1000 its death blow. It began to drift.

“Reverse thrust, get us away from the CSD.” She said. Her helmsman obeyed. She watched as Delta squadron headed towards the oncoming fighter cloud. Isaac targeted a T-wing and began firing, cycling through his heavy laser cannons. The blue beams splashed onto the enemy fighter’s shields and after a few moments, broke through. The fighter exploded. Isaac went to the next target. The squadron tore through the enemy ranks. Isaac’s interceptor was like a destructive demon to the enemy fighters.

The squadron broke up, and individual dog fights began. Isaac maneuvered, his guns blazing. All they were, were simple targets. Lasers began to fly at a furious rate. More and more explosions took place. Isaac evened out his shields, and headed down tailing another T-wing. He triggered an ion blast. The fighter slowed and Isaac switched to lasers.

Three blue beams lanced through the T-wing. “Delta Six, you’ve picked up a tail.” It took Isaac a few moments to realize that the person on his comm. was talking to him. He turned and looked behind him and then checked his scanners. The person was right. An R-41 was keeping up with him.

Suddenly the enemy pilot decided that he had his opened and started pulling the trigger, opening fire. Red lasers came at Isaac’s tail, creating a problem that he had to address as soon as possible otherwise he’d be dead in the water. Isaac decided to ignore the fighter by putting extra energy to the shields at the back to take care of the lasers. He spotted a pair of R-41s and moved in for the kill.

A perfect quad shot took out the first R-41. He switched from quad shots to multi shots to deal with the second fighter. After he did, he changed his tactics, going after the fighter on his tail. Isaac decelerated, but the pilot stuck with him, despite the tactic. The lasers were wearing down his shields little by little and it was starting to get through.

He needed to take the enemy fighter out now. Neither saw another of Delta squadron heading over to help Isaac. As the new addition made himself known, taking out Isaac’s tail with a few well placed shots, Isaac’s shields fell and four lasers got through, doing damage to his interceptor. It sent him spinning out of control.

“Delta Six, are you alright?”

“Yeah, he hit the shields through. Damaged my engines as well.”

“Patching you through to the Dawn and to the Commander.” Isaac cursed mentally. Cassie was the last thing he needed right now. He waited.

“Isaac, return to the ship.” He sighed.

“I’m fine, Cassandra, I’m rejoining the fight.”

“I pulled the log file, you’re at sixty eight percent efficiency.”

“More than enough.” He said. He could hear the anger in her voice when she spoke next.

“Damnit, no one is asking you to be a hero.”

“I’m a Jedi, I’m here to do this.”

“If you do not return to the Dawn, I will tractor beam you in.” She said. Isaac considered his choices. Odds were he could reach out with the Force and destroy the tractor beam, but all that would do is piss Cassie off further.

“Fine, I’m coming back.”

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Isaac stepped out of the bacta tank, a little annoyed. After saying she wasn’t going to baby him, after promising him that when she came down to the hangar when he was pulled out of the interceptor, Cassie had sacked the med droids on him. He had just wrapped the towel around his lower half when Emmali walked in. She cast an appraising eye over his defined upper body. She liked what she saw and knew that her sister had made the right choice in going after him, however slow she was going about it. He rolled his eyes, not surprised now, by the Silserian’s actions. His long, silver wet hair was over one shoulder and he took a step forward. “Yes, Emmali?” He asked, having an inkling of why she was here.

Odds were that Cassie couldn’t make it down to check on him, so she’d sent her sister to do the job for her. Isaac didn’t mind, it was just more annoying and he had a feeling he knew what Emmali was going to say. Still, he’d asked the question, because it was polite to do so, and otherwise she’d say it anyway. Either way, he just wanted to get out of here and do some training and meditating. That’s what he needed right now, not the headache of dealing with Emmali.

“Nothing, just making sure you’re okay. Cassie’s dealing with the employer and asked me to see if you were okay.” Isaac just nodded, annoyed again. “I guess that you’re okay.” Emmali said and saw the look on his face. “Look, she’s just concerned about you, okay? You and Derek are the only direct connection she’s got to her father now.” Emmali said, not wanting to tell about Cassie’s feelings for Isaac. They were hers to tell.

“She could just leave me alone.” Emmali laughed at what he’d said. She shook her head at what Isaac was saying. There was no way that he knew what he was in for. All she knew from seeing Cassie and now from seeing Isaac was that wedding bells were in the future. Of course, she was a Silserian and saw the optimistic side of relationships and wanted to see them together, but still, that didn’t mean that it was necessarily going to work out for them.

“Sorry babe, you’re stuck with her, how she is.” Isaac smirked. Obviously that much was true for him. He’d already figured that it was going to be that way. Still, he’d figured that he could try and say something about it. They’d brought a set of clothes from his quarters and he went behind an opaque screen to change. Emmali did her best to not peek, even if she wanted to. “She’s a good person though.” Emmali said and Isaac had to nod at that. It was true.

“Yeah, just a little bit smothering though.” Isaac said. He paused and then asked the question that was in his mind. He was sure that it was probably going to get him in trouble. He had a feeling that Emmali would come around the screen and smack him once he said it. But he had to say it anyway. “Is that why she’s single?” Emmali paused herself; going through the motion of folding towels to stall even though he couldn’t see her.

“What do you mean?” She asked the question pretty big with meaning. Isaac knew that he would have to come up with a good answer.

“Well, I’ve heard of both of your, uh, exploits from the crew of the ship. Cassie’s never really had a steady man in her life.” He said.

“Why so interested?” Emmali asked as Isaac came around into view again, now dressed in a combat ready outfit. Her eyes moved over the outfit and thought about handing the man a blow dryer for his still wet hair. She thought against it and decided that it wasn’t a good move. He’d probably get all touchy feely about something remotely attached to women.

“Curiosity, I guess.” He said, and Emmali figured that she could use the blow dryer to kill the Arkanian. But she did curse the idiocy that was the male species. They were such retards when it came to women. It wasn’t funny at all. They made mistake after mistake after mistake. Clearly, Isaac was not immune to this disease. Maybe there was hope for the man, but Cassie was going to have to get to him quickly and get to work on him as well.

“It’s because Cassie has never found anyone who she can commit to.” She said. Isaac found this interesting and had to know more. He wasn’t sure why though. Some part of him knew that he had to know because of the promise he’d made to Erik. But it was something more than that. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to think about it or address the issue really.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because no one she’s met can handle her.” Emmali replied. “A lot of men see and only see the body. They don’t know how to deal with her personality and will.” Isaac nodded. It made sense. He’d seen proof of it himself. “You like her, don’t you?” Emmali asked after a moment, as she leaned against a wall. Hope was in her mind and she knew that she had to be careful. She studied him carefully. Now was the moment of truth for her and the beginning of Isaac’s fall.

“Well, I can’t lie, I do see the body.” Isaac said and then Emmali smiled. “But…there’s just…something about her. I guess I do like her.” He said.

“Awesome. So do you want to, I guess the normal term is, date her?” Isaac stared at her for a good few moments before finally managing to say something.

“Wait, what?” He asked and Emmali smiled. Perfect. She had him right where she wanted him.

“She likes you, idiot. Now, do you want to date her, or not?”

“Well, yes.” Isaac said. “And no. I’m not the kind of person built for a relationship. I’m…complicated.” He said.

“So is she. Half the fun is getting to know each other and being together.” She said in the response. Isaac nodded slowly. Emmali smiled. “If you want, I can make it look like an accident.” Isaac shook his head.

“Why?” She asked, more than a little confused.

“Because if its going to happen, I’d rather I did it.” Emmali smiled.

“An old fashioned guy. Cassie will just love you.” Isaac sighed as Emmali left.


Cassie was in her office, going over the reports on the Dawn’s munition stores. She needed to make sure that they could resupply their fighters when they needed to. She looked up as her half sister came into the office. Emmali plopped herself down into one of the chairs and sighed. Cassie eventually looked up, once she was done with all of her paperwork. “Is he alright?” She asked.

“He’s fine. Bacta patched him right up.” Cassie nodded.

“That’s good.” Cassie said.

“So what’s the next job?”

“Jungle planet. Ground campaign this time. They need us for a particular mission.” Emmali smiled.

“Sounds good.”

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The door to his quarters opened. Isaac was meditating. The noise and the addition of someone in the room barely registered at all. Because his connection to the Force was heightened, he recognized the person as Cassandra. Also, her familiar, intoxicating scent gave her away. She sat down across from him, mimicking his cross legged pose. Cassandra watched him as she used to watch her father. It was interesting for her, to see how he looked like her father when he meditated. He utilized the same crosslegged sitting style that her father did, which was probably because Erik had trained him, but still.

They were quiet for a while and Cassandra spent the time studying him. He was bare-chested and he wore long, white, cotton pants. His hands were on his knees, his breathing regular. A scar on his chest intrigued her and she unconsciously reached out, touching it. She ran her fingers over the long scar. She was leaning forward, her head tucked underneath his chin. Her hair, the very top of it, brushed so lightly against the underside of his jaw. She wasn’t able to notice that his eyes had opened.

Isaac looked down and saw the tattoo on the back of her neck. She leaned back and Isaac closed his eyes so Cassie wouldn’t know that he’d done it. She smiled at him. “You’re not meditating anymore. I can tell, I had a Jedi for a father.” She said. He didn’t responde and she rolled her eyes. She reached out with her hands and lightly pushed him. He leaned back out then came back to his original position. Cassie pushed harder. The same thing happened. The third time she pushed even harder and Isaac finally responded. He grabbed her wrist and pulled. He went back and was laid out, with Cassie on top of him.

He rolled and she was under him. The surprised look on her face died, and she planted her feet on the ground, bringing her knees up, corralling him in a way. She pouted. “You’re no fun. Dad never let it get to him no matter what I did. You don’t even want to know the different things I did to him to try to get him to come out of one of his meditations. You never know though, I might try some of them on you.” Isaac smiled and shrugged. “You’re heavy.” She said and he shrugged again in response to what she’d said.

“Did you come here to bother me, or was there a point to the trip?” He asked with a look of mild humor on his face. She effortlessly mimicked his shrug and he couldn’t help but smile again at it.

“Maybe both.” She said. Cassie looked up at him and reached a hand up. She wanted to feel his long, silver hair for a while. It was surprisingly soft, but not as soft as hers. She saw a scar at the top of his forehead and realized that it was from what she’d done to him. Immediately all thoughts of flirting left her head as she was instantly reminded of one of the reasons she’d told her half-sister she couldn’t do anything with Isaac even if she’d wanted to. “Can you get up?” She asked after a few moments.

“Why?” Isaac asked in response, yet another smile on his face. For some reason he found a lot of reasons to smile around her.

“You’re heavy.” She said shortly. He shrugged and she glared at him.

“You play, you pay.” He said, shifting so that they fit, and what a fit it was. It was like they had been made for each other, and they both pushed the thought out of their heads, but at varying speeds. He was definitely getting comfortable and Cassandra sighed in response.

“Fine. Crush me to death.” He laughed and sat up, pulling her with him. She rose so that she was standing. She looked down as she leaned against his bed. She turned and Cassie saw something in his room for the first time. There was a holo on the table by the side of his bed. It had been taken a little while ago. Isaac was younger and she saw a desert background. More important was the beautiful woman next to him and the way their hands were linked. “Who is that?” She asked and Isaac turned.

“Oh, that’s Rayna.” Isaac said after a few moments. She nodded slowly, as if that explained everything. It didn’t and it immediately put her on the defensive. She wanted to know who the woman was and more importantly, if there was something between her and Isaac. While she did want him and did like him, she wouldn’t pursue anything if she knew that he had a relationship. She wouldn’t be a third wheel or a homewrecker, it just wasn’t in her to do something like that.

“She’s beautiful.” Cassie said, truthfully. Isaac took the holo in his hands and looked at it before nodding slowly, agreeing with her statement.

“Yeah, she was.” He saw the confused look on her face and he began to explain to Cassie what he’d told Emmali was a complication towards anything happening between him and Cassie in the relationship department. “Her name was Rayna Midun. She was a colonist on Geonosis. Erik and I had traveled there, it was shortly after I met him. It was the first time we did one of those trips where we just went wherever the Force guided us. Regardless of how we got there, we were there, when the colony was going through problems with pirates. Erik and I volunteered to help with the pirate problem.” Isaac said, rising and sitting on the bed, the holo still in his hands.

“What happened to her?”

“She was a pilot. I couldn’t save her during the battle.” Isaac said. Cassie sat down next to him.

“I’m so sorry.” He smiled.

“It’s okay. I just…Everyone I get close to gets hurt. Erik was the only thing I had that resembled a father.” He said. “Cassie, I’m…attracted to you. But, like Rayna, like Erik, I just…I don’t want to see you hurt.” She looked away for a few moments.

“I can take care of myself. You can’t blame yourself for their deaths.”

“Korensan may have been Erik’s padawan, but he was there for me. He was trying to get me. With Rayna, I should have been able to save her. She was counting on me and I let her down.” Cassie reached forward and cupped his chin.

“You can’t stop being a part of the galaxy because of that. You can’t segregate yourself from everyone else.” She said, leaning in to kiss him. She stopped, less than an inch away, for him to complete it. It was on him whether or not he was going to accept the gesture and try.

“I’m sorry, Cassie. I can’t.” Cassandra drew back as her face fell.

“I understand.” She said, rising and heading towards the door. She stopped and turned and there was a challenge on her face. “I’m going to get you, Isaac Bel’kaar.” He smiled, slowly. “You can fight me if you want, it’ll just make things that much more fun for me.”

“I’m not scared of you.” A look of mild, amused shock came over her face.

“Oh, really?” She asked as she walked back to him and stood in front of him. “Honey, I’m the woman in your life whether you want to admit it or not. I can make that life a living hell with just the crook of my finger. You should just accept it now and you definitely should be scared.” He smiled. Both of their hands were up and he linked his fingers with hers. He pulled back as she pulled herself. After a few more moments, she let go and just for the hell of it, ran her hand through his hair once more. “I’ll see you around.”

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Cassandra gave a sweet smile. Unfortunately, its finer points were lost on the scowling Arkanian before her. She was dressed in a jungle camo jumpsuit, and had her weapons in their proper holsters. Her fingers were absentmindedly going over the check points of her Muir Corporation Gauss Rifle. Some time ago, they had bought the blueprints from MMA, and had been given permission to use them to design their own version. The weapon had become the standard weapon for the Muir SpecOps. Cassie was qualified with the weapon, despite its weight. She didn’t use it often, and didn’t intend to take it with her on the mission. They were going to be in a jungle environment and agility was going to be important if they were going to survive.

She set it aside and turned to the rest of the contents of her weapons locker. There were various odds and ends in there, and she took out a personal favorite. It was a carbine with an underslung grenade launcher. She hefted it, testing the weight before putting it down on the table next to her. She reached in and pulled out a long, but narrow canister. Cassie opened it and withdrew a pair of concussion grenades. They were going to go into the launcher. She watched as Isaac’s hand moved. His fingers grasped an old holo of herself and Erik, back when she was younger.

He smiled. Cassie might have been in her late teens, but she had been behaving like she was five or six. There was a big smile on her face as she’d been pulling the fur on the top of Erik’s head and he’d been patiently swiping at her hand when the person had taken the holo. The backdrop was a lake of some kind and there was a small mountain range in the distance behind the lake. “Uncle Derek took that.” She said. “We were on a short vacation.” He nodded and set it back into the locker. “So, why don’t you just come out with it and say what’s on your mind?” She asked.

“Why can’t you just command the mission from the headquarters area? You know, basically the same thing that you did with the last mission?” Isaac asked, a bit harsher than he intended. He knew that Cassie had picked up on it and it would only make her spine that much more rigid in her decision.

“Because to me, a good commander is one that’s in the field with his troops, that’s why.” She replied evenly.

“Yes, well, you’re essentially a general. I don’t think that the general is in the field. At least not as close to the action as you’re trying to get.” He said with his arms folded across his chest. She looked up at him. Cassandra was by no means a short woman; she was five feet and seven inches. But that still left a little more than half of a foot difference between herself and the silver haired man who had only four fingers on each hand. She mimicked his expression, the scowl.

“If I was a general, as you claim I am, I wouldn’t tolerate insubordination or insolence from my men.”

“It’s a good thing I’m not one your soldiers, isn’t it?” Isaac said with a quick grin. Cassie sighed, for he did have her there. Both turned as someone entered the weapons locker room onboard the Dawn. It was Emmali. The Silserian walked towards the two of them, giving Isaac a light, friendly peck on the cheek, before sliding a hand around Cassie’s waist and kissing her on the cheek as well.

“And how are you all today, my little dumplings?” Emmali asked. “I just spoke with Lorcin, he’s in position on the mission we sent him on.” She said to Cassie before either of them could answer her question. “You guys ready for this?” She asked, turning to Isaac.

“I am. I don’t think that Cassandra should be going.”

“Nonsense. If she comes, the mosquitos will bite her. Otherwise, they’ll come after me. I need her there as protection. Surely you can understand.”

“But, of course.” Isaac said in reply. He watched as Cassandra finished readying her weaponry. She was carrying the blaster carbine in addition to two blaster pistols, an assortment of grenades, and a couple vibroblades. She was prepared for a lot, he had to admit. She had her gear straight. He sighed. There would be no reasoning with this woman. He just didn’t know that he would never be able to reason with her, not when she had set her mind on something. “When do we leave?” He finally asked resolutely. Cassie smiled and so did Emmali.

“In a few moments. We’ll be exiting hyperspace and then we’ll head down to the planet below. I talked about all of this during the planning session with the rest of the soldiers. Weren’t you paying attention during the briefing, Isaac?” Cassie asked, jabbing a finger in his chest. As he rubbed the spot, she gave him a look and then turned and left the room, Emmali in tow. Issac rolled his eyes and followed them out of the room, mentally complaining about stubborn women the whole way.


To say that the planet was a jungle was an understatement. It was hot and humid and wasn’t very agreeable with Isaac. That said, he was happy to be off of the ship. While he liked mechanical things and vehicles, he’d been onboard the Dawn for a good amount of time. He needed the feel of solid earth underneath him, even if it meant dealing with a rainforest. Despite what Cassandra had said, he had paid attention during the briefing. They had landed and were moving towards the first of their targets.

Their enemy was a highly trained group of mercenaries who were currently working with slavers to protect them while the slavers plied their trade. The locals were a primitive group, who could barely protect themselves. They had created a resistance movement and needed Cassie and her forces for a particular mission against the slavers and the mercenaries. This mission, if a success, would be key in liberating the people from their enemies. All Isaac knew was that they had to strike fast and efficiently and that was all that mattered.

The natives didn’t have much in the way of money and at first, Isaac hadn’t understood how they had been able to pay for the Vaungiur Mercenaries’ services. He’d asked and Emmali had explained to him that for every two jobs that Cassie and Emmali undertook for pay, they did another for no pay, particularly situations like this where there was a serious wrong being committed. It was their way of giving back to the galaxy and doing good instead of just being straight mercenaries, loyal only to the person paying the most money.

Slavery fell under the terms of a serious wrong being committed. A former slave, Isaac had been more than happy to lend his expertise and services on this mission and had insisted that he was ready to fight. Cassie had questioned the med droids, but Isaac wasn’t a powerful Jedi and good with machines for nothing. Yes, he was hurting a little bit, but it was nothing that Erik’s adopted daughter knew about or could obviously tell from his appearance. He knew that as a former slave, Cassie felt a special connection to the mission and wanted it to be a success.

He was going to help her as best as he could and in this case, it meant stomaching the heat and humidity. He had passed over his traditional Jedi robes for more form fitting attire. Also, it would breathe easier and be cooler. Functionality was more important than tradition right now. He put one foot in front of the other as he continued walking. Cassie was in front of him, her mouth glued to the commlink. She was coordinating with a group of Vaungiur soldiers who were swiftly coming towards their target from another angle.

From what the briefing had told him, the mercenaries didn’t have much in the way of sensor equipment. The Vaungiur forces could easily land and move about without being detected. It had helped that the system they were in was rather large, with multiple planetary bodies. The Dawn had jumped in far enough away to avoid detection. While Isaac would have assumed that the slavers and mercenaries would have ships to transport cargo, they were a small time operation. They had access to ships, but only periodically.

This meant that they were without ships during the off periods. Cassie had wisely chosen to attack during one of these times. The system was remote so naturally the slavers had reasoned that there would be few and far between who would stumble across their location. It had made sense, though it was a weak strategy to go on. Isaac would have kept some ships here and had shifts set up so that there was always some kind of presence in the system’s space.

It looked like their assumption was going to cost the slaver’s gravely.

However, besides the lack of sensor equipment and ships, the mercenaries were well equipped and well trained. When that came into the equation, it made things more even in their favor. They weren’t pushovers to say the least. Isaac had heard of this mercenary group, even on Arkania. This was only part of the group that had explained their lack of ships. But they would be prepared for an attack, even if they didn’t know the hour of its arrival.

Time would tell if they were prepared for a Jedi.

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Isaac had his two lightsabers, Mistress Vale’s red saber and Cassie’s uncle’s red saber. He stood on top of a tall ledge, leaning against a tree. Below him, down more than a good bit of distance, was the slaver’s main base. He lowered the microbinocs that he had been using and turned as he sensed someone approaching. Emmali came out of the foliage and looked at him. Both were silent as she stood next to him and she joined him in watching the base. “So far, everything’s good. The other force is about to commence their attack on a secondary facility that they have to go through before they get to this main base.” She said and Isaac nodded that he understood. “It’s going to tip them off a bit, but that’s what Cassie wants.” Emmali added.

“She’s hoping that they send reinforcements.” He said, and it was much more statement than it was question. He turned to see Emmali’s response, tearing his eyes from the base down below to look at the Silserian woman. She nodded slowly, her own eyes still on the base before they slowly moved up to meet his silver ones.

“Yes.” Emmali replied. “From what we know, our force is rather large compared to the defenses of the secondary facility. In a normal scenario, we wouldn’t be able to overrun the base, but we would suffer few casualties when we wiped them out. It’s also something that is easy to see and that base commander would know it. He’ll tell the commander here the information and his opinion. It would make sense for them to hold out as long as possible and then fall back, or for ground reinforcements to be sent. Considering what they have, that’s all that they can do.”

“You’ve got a point about the commander’s response time. But you think that the commander here is going to value the secondary facility and send the help that is required to save the secondary facility.” Isaac replied, crossing his arms over his chest as he considered what she was saying. What she and Cassie were doing here was guess work, yes, but it was educated guess work. They first understood their opponents before they worked on creating a viable strategy for the Vaungiur forces to use for the mission. Unless they knew everything about their foe, down to their thoughts, they had to make some guesses. They didn’t know for sure how much heavy weaponry was present, for example.

Of course, with Eldar Hunters and Huntresses present, technically they could have that kind of information if they wanted to, but that would be making things much too easy. If there was one thing that Isaac had learned, it was that Emmali and Cassie enjoyed a challenge, particularly a good one. This wasn’t that big of a challenge for the two half-sisters, but they could affect it in certain ways by handicapping themselves. Restricting their use of the Eldar was one way in which they could do that. They were gambling with the lives of their soldiers, yes, but even the mercenaries themselves wanted a challenge.

“The mercenaries wouldn’t, because they’re smarter and they’re much better trained, but the slavers probably would.” Emmali said. “I can see the mercenary commander maybe deciding to sacrifice the secondary facility, but the slavers are going to see credits being lost. Personally, I would have them fall back.” She said.

“Would you?” Isaac asked.

“Yes, I would. I wouldn’t know whether or not the current attack is the only one that was going to happen. However, the fact that until now, the locals haven’t mounted any form of real resistance to the slavers would tip me off to this being bigger than the attack on the secondary facility. The enemy forces would have equipment; the commander would see this from visual reports. He wouldn’t know about training, but the equipment alone would make him think twice. I’d have them fall back and leave a surprise waiting for the invading force.” Emmali said, examining her nails for dirt. She was treating it like a normal, everyday conversation, which Isaac found to be more than a little funny, but he said nothing.

“Rig the secondary facility to blow and retreat.” Isaac said, and he nodded knowingly. It was a viable strategy for the enemy to go with and one that he would probably use himself, were he in the position of the mercenary commander. Thankfully he wasn’t the commander and so he wasn’t surrounded by enemy forces right now without his knowledge, enemy forces ready to take him by storm. Something about small blessings and the like.

“Scorched earth never hurt anyone but the enemy.” Emmali said, a slow smile appearing on her face.

“And you, once you’ve won.” Isaac pointed out in response.

“That’s true, but at least you’re alive to salvage and rebuild.” Emmali said and they fell silent once more, as they turned to look at the base. After a while, Emmali turned to him. “I’ve got to go check in with my part of the attacking force. Cassie made you a group on your own right?” She asked.

“Yeah, after I argued with her for a good amount of time. I don’t need troops helping me when they could be supporting one another. I’m fine by myself.” Isaac said. “Also, I’ve never been a good commander, so I wouldn’t be able to lead properly.” He added with a smile. It was true, especially considering that he had never been a commander at all, unless you counted that one time during the fight at Geonosis. He’d been a part of the starfighter wing and some of the pilots had deferred to him because he was a Jedi, but in the end, they’d lost a lot of men and machines that day.

“Only way to get better at something is to do it.” Emmali said with a smile, before she disappeared back into the jungle.

It might have been the case, but he didn’t want to start now, in a situation like this. If the danger level was less, he might have, because he didn’t want to be in a real combat situation until he had a better handle on things. He needed leadership simulations and things like that. He wasn’t a military commander and he doubted that he ever would be one. He also doubted that a need would arise when he had to be one either. Isaac’s eyes went back to the base.

Isaac’s commlink buzzed. He slid it out of the holster on his hip and brought it up to answer the person who was calling. “This is Isaac Bel’kaar.”

“You have a codename, silly, use it.”

He smiled at what Cassandra said.

“Fine. This is Silver Soldier.”

“Better. Are you ready? The secondary facility attack has started. You’re going to move out in five minutes.”

“Alright. Next time can I make my codename?”

“No.” She said, her voice nice and cheery.

“I hate you.”

“I know.”

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Isaac looked at the carnage in front of him. The main battled had started. He was near the one of the gates of the primary base, working his way towards a series of E-web emplacements. They were laying down a heavy concentration of blaster fire at the advancing Vaungiur forces. He had been called in to help. The primary base was surrounded by hills, making it vulnerable to artillery fire, but creating a harder path for ground forces to go over. One of these hills was blocking a column of hovertanks and repulsovehicles from targeting and destroying the E-webs. There was a tower in the corner of the base, and in there were soldiers with Mer-Sonn rocket launchers. They were another impediment to the advancing armor.

But with a Jedi around, many advantages were negated.

Bel’kaar entered the base with a fury of blaster bolts coming at him. His two lightsabers were active, working an intricate Soresu block to stop them bolts from harming him. He leapt into the air and landed behind a soldier. He turned, his blade slicing the man in half. The other soldiers were quick to track him, but try as they might; they found it hard to keep up with a blur. A blur was exactly what Isaac was, enhancing his speed through usage of the Force. Armor couldn’t stop the destructive force that was a lightsaber and he made quick work of the soldiers.

He turned, setting his sights on the E-webs and the tower. As he headed there, he encountered soldiers running around, getting into position. He disrupted what he could and more importantly, cut down any power lines that he saw. He didn’t have the time to destroy any generators, but with the power lines cut, the enemy wouldn’t be able to get any more weaponry online. They simply wouldn’t have the time to get new lines up while fighting the Vaungiur mercenaries.

Especially since Isaac was about to ensure that the Vaungiur had access to this section of the base. His lightsabers clipped to his belt, he jumped up into the air and landed on a building that was two stories high. He could tell that it was a storehouse for food, and so he didn’t bother with doing anything to it. Isaac used it as a springboard, leaping up into the air. He made his jump higher and farther by means that only a Jedi had access to. He flipped through the air, his feet slamming hard into the transparisteel. Shards of the alloy sliced through his jumpsuit and cut his face, but weren’t that injurious.

He landed on his feet, crouched. Soldiers in the tower turned, and as their blasters came up, he raised a free hand. A wave of Force energy was pulsed out, hitting the soldiers and knocking them back, with such a force that they were thrown threw more panels of transparisteel and began the plummet to their deaths. Unfortunately, Isaac didn’t have time to think on how bad of a death that was. He hadn’t meant to use that much Force power. His actions had alerted the rest of the tower’s guards and the gunners who were manned the reinforced emplacements more than five stories below.

He had inadvertently warned everyone that he had to take down that he was coming for them. The two lightsabers sprang to his hands as he ran forward. The red blades snarled to life. He came around the corner, and kicked a door down. Taking the turbolift to the top would be too predictable. With the Force as his ally, a few stories of stairs were no trouble at all. He began the journey up.

When he reached his destination, he slowed and stopped in front of the door. He reached out with the Force and picked up on a total of twenty life forms in the room. There were ten bunched by the door to the elevator shaft, in case he entered through there. Another five were in front of the door that he was at, and the last five were still firing their missile launchers. He brought his hand up and using the Force, blew the door down. It crashed forward, crushing three of the five soldiers to death. Isaac leapt forward, impaling another. His other blade, Mistress Vale’s blade, lashed out, slicing into two disproportionate pieces the blaster that the soldier had been holding. Isaac spun and kicked the man full force in the face.

The ten at the elevator shaft had turned and opened fire now. Isaac dropped into a Soresu stance and began to deflect the bolts. He had more than a few things on his side in this fight. They were in an enclosed space and there were only so many places for the deflected bolts to go. Furthermore, he was slowly advancing towards the soldiers. Isaac wasn’t the greatest at lightsaber combat, but he had been trained in Soresu by the master of the craft. He didn’t have time to deal with them right now. The missile soldiers were getting off one last round before grabbing their sidearms. Taking them down was his goal.

He moved forward, his lightsabers constantly flashing here and there. Meanwhile, he reached out and grabbed the controls of the turbolift, signaling that the turbolift car should come up to this level. By the time he had finished with the five missile soldiers, the doors to the turbolift had opened. It had arrived. At this point, there were only six of the ten soldiers who had been guarding the turbolift left alive. He threw the remaining soldiers through the Force into the car. Then he activated the controls, shutting the door in their face. They were headed down to the first floor. He knew that they would try to override the command and return, so he reached out with the Force and sent a wave of energy into the security doors.

It dented them, in such a way that the turbolift car doors wouldn’t be able to open. They’d have to go down one flight and come up using the stairs.

But by then he would be gone.

Isaac clipped both of his lightsabers to his belt. He walked forward and grabbed the nearest missile launcher. Packs of rounds used had been stacked in the area and he grabbed one. He was a little unsure how to use the launcher, but there were simple instructions written on the side. He opened the tube and discarded the empty casing. He slid the new missile in and closed it. Then he flicked the sights on. He only had a certain amount of time, a number that he didn’t know.

His target was one of the many E-web emplacements. He sighted it, waited for a few moments and then fired. He didn’t bother to watch what happen, the resulting sound and explosion telling him clear enough that he had hit his target. He had to move quickly, since now the soldiers at the other emplacements would definitely be alerted to what was going on. He reloaded and opened fire again.

By now the soldiers at the emplacements were attempting to leave and furthermore, some were starting to reset their E-webs so that they fire on him. Isaac knew that it was time to leave. He jumped up into the air, and out of the tower. He called his two sabers to his hands. He had bought the Vaungiur forces the time that they needed. Now he was going to finish the job, instead of leave. He had taken out only two of more than a few emplacements.

He had to rid the area of them in order to allow the Vaungiur soldiers the ability to get into the base. He could already see them coming out from behind their cover. With the E-webs concentrated on him, they could do their mission. He landed on the ground crouched and looked up at some oncoming enemy soldiers. It was time to get back to work.

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Re: The Journey Begins

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“They want you to join them?”

“Yes. The offer they made was pretty considerable.” Aeorn said.

He was currently onboard the Star’s End. Kya was sitting behind him in one of the other seats in the cockpit. Nell was in the main pilot’s chair and the ship was currently hurtling through space at lightspeed, heading towards a system near them. This system was the one that contained the people that Lorcin Kileon worked for. The Vaungiur Mercenaries. Aeorn had heard of them before. The organization had been started by two women, Cassandra Muir and Emmali Vaungier. It gave him a few insights. They were affiliated with the Muir. Who hadn’t heard of them? They were one of the more powerful groups of people in the galaxy. He wasn’t surprised when he heard of the equipment that the Vaungiur had.

He had a feeling that they wanted him to do some training for their forces, or just to freelance through them. As long as the pay was good and he was able to take jobs outside of whatever they wanted him to do, he was okay with things. Convincing Nell would be a different matter all together. He leaned back in his seat. Nell had her feet up one of the consoles, and she was looking out of the viewport, her arms folded across her chest. He could tell that she wasn’t too happy with this development. She was a free spirit and was probably thinking that the Vaungiur would hamper her ability to do what she wanted.

He had to show her that it wasn’t going to be the case. He turned to Kya. “Kya, do you mind if me and Nell have a little alone time?”

“No problem, Aeorn. Call me if you need me.” Kya said and rose, heading out of the cockpit.

“I don’t like it.” Nell said, as soon as the other woman had left.

“Yeah, I know, but you’re only looking at the potentially bad things.”

“Mainly because I don’t see any potentially good things.” She said in reply.

He sighed. “Look, I’m going to make sure that they can’t force us to take jobs we don’t want to take. The money is going to be good, better than anything we’ve ever had before so-“

“Is that it? The jobs I found weren’t good enough for you, Aeorn? Not enough money, not enough fame?” She said, her head whipping around to face him.

“No, that’s not what I meant, and you know it.” He replied.

“You have five more minutes to convince me before I make up my mind and tell you I don’t want to do this deal.”


“I thought we had the bounty hunter spot filled already.” Isaac said.

“What, with Lorcin?” Cassandra asked.

“Yeah. Why do we need another one?”

“Because, he’s not being hired to work for us. He’s being hired to work for Tej.” Cassandra said. “Your pay grade isn’t high enough for me to be able to tell you though, sorry.”

“I didn’t even know I was getting paid.”

“Well you were, until you messed up that damn interceptor. I had to take it out of your, I hope you don’t mind. Technically you’re not going to get a check for another month.”

“That makes me feel better.”

“I thought it would, sweetheart.” Cassie replied, leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek.

They were in one of the training rooms onboard the Dawn. The mission was over and they had accomplished their goals quite well. They had taken a few losses, actually a few over what they had anticipated. Still they had completed the mission. Once they met up with Aeorn and his people, they had another mission to go on, one that was designed to test Aeorn’s skills all over again, as if his fight with Lorcin hadn’t done that enough. When they had completed that, then Cassie would make the offer that Tej had told her to make. Odds were that Aeorn would agree to it. Lorcin might get a little touchy that it wasn’t being offered to him, but there was a reason why Emmali was just so damn good in bed.

After their recent mission had been completed, they had taken on a shipment of new Balin droids. Cassie had decided to bait Isaac by claiming that her father had been a great teacher of how to fight, but that Isaac himself probably sucked at using one. While he might have not fallen for it, had the person making the claim been someone other than Cassie, but it was Cassie, and so now they were here in the training room. She leaned against one of the walls and smiled, folding her arms under her chest. He was cute when he was angry. Of course, she wouldn’t say that to him. Mainly because someone had said the same thing to her some time ago and she’d ended up breaking the person’s arm and putting them in the hospital for a couple days.

Still, she could think it.

And boy was he cute. He just stood there, brow all furrowed, lightsabers in hand. Once he had said okay to the duel, she had upped the ante, telling him that a real Jedi would be able to take on two of them at the same time, and that only the best could take on three. So, of course, Isaac had said to boot three of them up. Now they floated towards him.

“You know, you can still back out of this. I mean, you really want to go to the ship’s med bay for a third time?”

“Shut it, Cassie.”

“I’m just saying, you’re putting yourself at risk. It’s better for you to just say you can’t do it.”

“Cassie, you’re putting yourself at risk of me kicking you.”

“You kick me, and Force powers or no, you’re going to be in a world of pain.” She replied with an innocent smile on her face. “Go ahead, sweetheart. Be all manly. I’ll watch and say ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ as you flex your biceps.” She said.

He ignored her and ignited his lightsabers. The droids did the same and the fight was on.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:38 pm

Emmali, Isaac, and Cassandra all stood in the hangar bay. Isaac was actually sitting on a crate, but because of his height, he was still pretty close to how tall Cassandra was. He winced a little as he flexed his hand. During the duel, he’d accidentally hit the droid, and thanks to Erik’s foresight, the droid had a rather hard armoring. Cassie saw the move out of the corner of her eye and she smiled at it, having witnessed it firsthand. She had given him a higher level of respect after seeing him fight so well against the Balin droids. It had only confirmed something she already knew, that her father had been a damn good teacher when it came to things about the Force. After all, he had turned out Vlan Korensan, hadn’t he? Even if Vlan did horrible thing, they were pretty amazingly done. Her father had taught him. Vlan’s choices had been completely his own.

They were waiting now for the Star’s End. The ship had arrived out of hyperspace and was on its way to the Dawn. It would only be a short while now. Lorcin had arrived the day before, and he entered the hangar now. Emmali turned and gestured. He nodded and came towards them. “So they said yes?” He asked, without preamble as he reached them and kissed Emmali hello.

“Yes, they did, in the end. From what I understood, it took a little convincing for one of their members, the captain of the ship. Aeorn explained that he’d had a hard time getting her to agree to everything, when I spoke to him.” Cassandra responded. She rubbed one of her feet with the other one, before looking up at Lorcin to see if she knew who she was referring to.

“A Nell Morrows, if I remember right.” Lorcin said after a moment of thinking.

“Yeah, that’s her. In the video conference she was very vocal, to say the least. She was mostly concerned about them being able to keep their autonomy. Being able to select their own missions outside of whatever it was that we were doing at the time, even if it meant clashing with our mission scheduling wise. I can understand where she’s coming from. Smugglers are always like that. Corellians, even more. They like their independence to say the least.” Cassie said. “They don’t know what they’re really being called in for. What we really want Aeorn for.” She said, looking back down at the ground as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Neither do I.”

“Well, there’s a reason for that, Isaac.” Cassie said with a small smile and he scowled in response. Cassie just reached out and pushed his head with one hand. He scowled again and batted at her hand halfheartedly. “You’re just not important enough, sweetie.” She added to annoy him further.

“If she was against him joining when she believed that he was just going to be part of the Vaungiur Mercenaries, I really don’t think she’ll be that happy when we tell them the real deal. She’s liable to try to walk, and something tells me that Aeorn is the kind of guy who won’t leave her. There’s more to the two of them than just a business relationship. Like me and Lorcin.” Emmali said with a smile and patted Lorcin appreciatively on the stomach.

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on here?” Isaac asked, looking at the two women who he was sitting in between

“No.” Cassie replied.

“If it helps, I don’t know what they’re really calling him in here for either.” Lorcin said, appearing to empathize with Isaac. “They just told me to make sure that he got here, that’s all.”

“Damn women thinking they’re in charge.” Isaac said in response and this time, Cassie pushed his head that much harder.

“We are in charge.” Emmali said, turning towards Isaac, with a smile. “Women are always in charge.” She added, batting her eyelashes at him.

“There’s the ship.” Cassie said.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:24 am

“I don’t understand. You want to hire us on as another test?” Nell asked. She shook her head slowly, trying to figure out what was going on here. First they had ambushed Aeorn during a mission and fought him, and that had been a test. Now they were hiring him in order to further test him? It didn’t make sense to her. She was unsure if she was willing or able to trust these people. They played with their cards incredibly close to their chest. She also wasn’t sure of what to make of the chests of the two women in their group. They were definitely well endowed and besides that, they both had lovely, really, really lovely figures that made her more than just jealous or envious.

A part of her was very sure that Aeorn loved her and would never dream of cheating, but with a woman looking like Emmali did or like Cassandra did, one could never be sure of anything. She would have to watch them both to see what happened. She was relatively sure that the brown haired woman had direct and heavy feelings for the long haired Arkanian who sat next to her. At the same time, she was also sure that the brown haired woman with red streaks had a thing going on with Lorcin. Still, she couldn’t trust them over what was going on with Aeorn, so she wasn’t going to trust them when it came to their relationships, either.

Emmali nodded. “Members of this organization are connected and related to the House of Muir. It’s the Duke of the house who wishes to hire Aeorn for a job, but he wants to make sure that Aeorn is ready for the task.” She said and her eyes shifted from Nell to Aeorn as the Mandalorian nodded. His hand rested easily on the helmet on the table next to him.

“What do you need me to do?” Aeorn asked, turning to Cassandra. It appeared that while the two women were the ones in charge that Cassie was the one who somewhat outranked Emmali when it came to things. She had done most of the talk so far for the most part, so he was confident in that assessment. Also, Emmali seemed to defer to Cassandra to explain things, which the Silserian did now, looking to Cassie.

“Just go along with us for a few missions, things that will allow us to see you in action. Lorcin already vouches for you.” Cassandra replied with a grin as Aeorn nodded slowly. The two warriors shared a quick look of mutual understanding between them, both reminiscing about the fight that had brought everyone at the table to this position. “In my book, that already means a great deal, but we need to see you fight and-“

“What exactly is it, this job that Tej wants him to do?” Nell asked.

Cassandra smiled. She had to give Nell credit. Many people had heard of the Muir. It went without saying that almost everyone who traveled beyond their home system had. But not everyone knew who the Duke was. Uncle Tej. She turned and looked at the woman as everyone sat in the meeting room onboard the Dawn. She was allowed to tell them a great deal about what it was that Tej wanted this particular Mandalorian for, but she wasn’t allowed to them everything. Not yet. Tej had given clear instructions as to what was supposed to happen when it came to that. If there was one thing she wouldn’t do, it was go against something that Tej had directly told her to do.

“I can’t reveal all the details about it now. Suffice to say, it is something very big and very rewarding.” She said.

“I’m not that much interested in the credits.” Aeorn said in reply.

“Well…after this, there’s a good chance that a lot of bounty hunters who are Mandalorians or who dress as Mandalorians will be treading on your name.” Emmali said with a grin.

That made Aeorn smile a little.

“These missions that you want me to do, what are they and when do they get started?” He asked.

“Glad you asked.” Cassandra said with a smile. “We’re in hyperspace, so they’ve already started. Let me brief you.” She added, rising.


The three men were standing outside of the briefing room. Isaac felt out of place. He was a former slave who had become a Jedi. The two men before him were hardened mercenaries and killers. He was definitely not one to be in their ranks. Agreed, he had taken down a very highly trained Sith With, but he considered that the Force and luck, nothing to do with his own personal skill. If it did have anything to do with skill, it was due to Erik’s training, nothing that he had done himself. He listened to them talk for a little while, all the while trying to find a way to get into the conversation. They were talking on various blaster models, something that he didn’t really know much about. As long as it fired when you needed it to, Isaac was good.

“Aeorn, I was wondering something?” Isaac said finally.

“What?” Aeorn asked, turning to the Arkanian. He had been wondering when the man was going to speak to him.

“You’re trained in the Mandalorian ways, yes?”

“That’s correct.”

“I was wondering if you’d be willing to train me.” He said.

Aeorn paused and thought about it for a few moments.

“If I do this, you’ll have to listen to whatever I tell you to do during the sessions. Furthermore, I’m not an easy taskmaster. You’re going to be learning more than just how to fight like a Mandalorian, you’re going to learn how to think like a Mandalorian.” He said. “I used to lead the Supercommandos and I can make you on par with them, but you have to be willing to do whatever I ask of you.”

“I’m willing.” Isaac replied.

Aeorn turned to Lorcin. “You’re better than most, Lorcin. You and I could learn something from one another.” He said. “I think the two of us have a great deal we could teach Isaac here.”

Lorcin was silent as he thought it over. He didn’t want to reveal much about himself and where he was from. At the same time, he did want to help Isaac. He could see that the man had potential and it was a waste to never do anything with that potential.

“We’re going to push you beyond what you’re used to Arkanian.” He said. “Your master may have been a great man and an amazing warrior, but we will teach you to not rely on the Force as much as your cunning and brain. You will be exceptional at fighting, once you are able to use the Force in conjunction with what we will teach you.” He said.

“I understand. I need to become one of the greatest fighters this galaxy has seen.” Isaac replied.

“This should be fun.” Aeorn said with a smile.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:01 pm

OOC: Three years! Shaka-zam!


Isaac looked at the pool of red liquid. At least it hadn’t come courtesy of Cassie’s fist. He rose and looked at the man in front of him. Aeorn hadn’t been kidding when he’d said that they weren’t going to go easy on him. The training had begun and had begun in earnest. They’d been going back and forth for a good two hours already. The hyperspace journey was almost done, but that wasn’t on either of the two men’s minds. The only thing they were currently thinking about was the fight. Isaac feinted left and threw a punch, but Aeorn saw it coming. He blocked and slammed his knee into Isaac’s stomach. Isaac brought his fist around, but he was continually telegraphing his attacks. Aeorn blocked again, and hit Isaac in the head with his elbow.

The two combatants broke apart, as Isaac took a few steps back. He thought that Aeorn would ease up and give him a bit of a moment to rest. But he wasn’t surprised when Aeorn pressed the advantage. The man came in with combination attacks that Isaac was only able to block because of his connection to the Force. Unfortunately, he had learned when he had first come to the Dawn, that ysalamiri were powerful creatures. He had been careful to avoid the creature, but Lorcin had brought the thing into the room when the training session had started.

Now he stepped into the bubble that the ysalamiri projected. The Force suddenly left him. He knew why they had done it. He needed to be able to fight without the Force. He couldn’t afford to use the Force as a crutch. When he was able to effectively fight Aeorn and Lorcin without the Force, then they could add the Force back in and make him devastating at fighting. But for right now, he was sucking and he knew it. It was personally infuriating and Aeorn made sure that he could feel every punch and hit. Isaac took the beating, trying to block as best as he could.

Everything was moving fast. Faster than he normally saw things when he had the Force because the Force granted him the ability to somewhat slow things down, that much was for certain. It was part of what gave a Jedi his or her edge. Their amazing reflexes were thanks to the Force. Bereft of the Force, they were normal people, though highly trained.

There were few schools of training that could beat that of a Mandalorian though.

Aeorn smiled to himself as Isaac blocked what he could. He was only a year older than Isaac, but had been training his entire life in the art of war. He wasn’t surprised that Isaac wasn’t keeping up with him. By his own admission, Isaac had lived a relatively peaceful life. The man had taken down a highly trained Sith Witch and had fought against more than a few darksiders and trained force users. But he couldn’t stand up against a Mandalorian. Still, Isaac was doing better than he had expected him too. The Arkanian refused to go down, which was good. He had fight in him, resolve. He knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to let go of that objective.

Aeorn could work with someone like that. Isaac was also a better fighter than he had let on. The problem was that to an experienced fighter, Isaac’s moves were predictable. Aeorn and Lorcin needed to make him unpredictable, to make him so that his opponents wouldn’t realize that he was utilizing Teras Kasi, because he was using Stava, Echani, and a host of other styles blended into one. Aeorn was already formulating how he was going to go about teaching Isaac and instructing him. The thoughts in the back of his head were leading him to believe that Isaac would learn through direct teaching.

He had quickly picked up on what Erik himself had learned almost within minutes of meeting Isaac back on Arkania. Bel’kaar learned through doing. Actually physically working with whatever he was attempting to learn. Erik had used this when he’d first started teaching Isaac the lightsaber combat skill known as Jar’Kai. This had been back on Kamino. Lorcin had seen it too and he knew how he was going to handle the training as well.

During the upcoming mission, while Cassie and Emmali were watching Aeorn, Aeorn and Lorcin would be watching Isaac. Both groups wanted to see how the other fought in actual combat but for different reasons. Cassie and Emmali were looking for confirmation that Tej’s choice was correct. Aeorn and Lorcin were looking to see how Isaac fought outside of a training situation when things were real and death was around the corner. While Aeorn and Lorcin would push him to his breaking point and far beyond, the most they would do would be to give him a dunking in a bacta tank.

They wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt him. On the battlefield however, the same courtesy would definitely not be extended to Isaac.


Another half an hour later, the group entered the bridge. Isaac was sporting a black eye, a lip split in more than a few places, and a good nosebleed. This was in addition to the bruises that he had on his face. He had put on a few bacta patches on his arms where serious cuts had been made, and was wiping his nose with a towel. He walked over to where Cassie was, sitting in the command chair of the Dawn Emmali stood, as was her custom, next to the chair. Nell and Kya stood nearby, out of the way. The women had been making small talk, getting to know each other.

Nell was beginning to loosen up around them, which was a bit of a feat for her, despite her half Zeltron heritage. All four turned as the three men walked onto the bridge. Cassie had sent them a message that reversion was imminent. Now, she jumped out of the chair and moved to Isaac’s side. “What the hell happened to you?” She asked her eyes wide, concern on her face. He hadn’t told her about his plans to get training under Aeorn and Lorcin. Everyone else noticed what was going on inside of her, everyone including Isaac. She had lifted a hand up to his face, but now he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand down.

“I’m fine. Aeorn and I were training.”

“And you’ll note, I don’t have a scratch on me.” Aeorn said with a smile.

“Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.” Isaac said. “Also it hurts to smile, so please don’t make me do it.” He added.

“You’re an idiot.” Cassie said.

“For trying to get better at combat?” Isaac asked.

“No, for allowing yourself to get banged up so much. Can you even see out of that eye?”

“Yeah.” Isaac said.

Cassie gave him a look.

“If I squint.” He added after a few moments.

Cassie turned to Aeorn.

“Well thanks, you just incapacitated the Jedi angle of our strike force.” She said. She turned to Lorcin. “I can only assume that you’re in on this too?” She asked.

Lorcin merely smiled.

“You want me to take care of Lorcin?” Emmali asked with a grin.

“No.” Cassie said turning back to Isaac.

“If this is the part where you tell me that you’re not going to let me do the mission, here’s the part where I tell you I’m going to do it anyway. We both remember what happened the last time this took place. Plus I was injured worse then.” Isaac said.

“Idiot.” Cassie repeated, for good measure.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:14 am

This was an interesting mission. They had to spearhead an assault on a planet. The Dawn was going to participate in the space battle as well as launching ground transports to capture the planet. Isaac’s job was going to be on the ground assault team. Cassie had said something about a danger to himself and others when it came to the space battle, and at least there, he hadn’t bothered to try to argue with her. The Dawn was part of a group of mercenaries who were being financed by a neighboring system that wanted to take over the system that they were attacking. Cassandra’s group was the strongest out of all of the mercenary groups and she intended to get some Muir contracts signed once everything was said and done.

Isaac was in the hangar, preparing. He had basic combat armor on so that he would be as mobile as possible. He turned as Aeorn walked into the hangar. The man was decked out in his Mandalorian armor. He walked towards were Isaac was. Bel’kaar made sure he had everything and then checked his blaster rifle, to make sure that all was good there as well. “Isaac, I’m going to head down on the Star’s End. You can ship out with me if you want.” Aeorn said, the helmet’s vocal processors disfiguring his voice.

“Yeah, that works.” Isaac said in reply.

Aeorn nodded and turned, heading over to where the Star’s End was. Isaac turned again, back to his equipment. The ship lurched slightly as they reverted from hyperspace. They had to meet up with the rest of the fleet before heading to the system they were going to attack. Isaac felt a presence and he looked up. It had been a familiar presence, one that he knew well now. It was like a cool breeze, gentle, caressing. He shook his head slowly. His job was to protect her. Erik had asked him to take care of his daughter. That was all he was supposed to do. Even if she wanted something different. Even if he was starting to fell the same way. He put a smile on his face.

“Hey, Cas.” He said.

“Be careful out there.” She said. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. “Remember, you’re a little injured.” She said and reached a hand out. He leaned back, so she couldn’t touch his somewhat still puffy eye courtesy from the first round of Aeorn’s training regimen. She frowned and lowered her hand.

“I’ll be fine.” Isaac said.

“Okay. I’m…going to head back to the bridge.” She said. She had left the bridge during the beginning of an important mission just to check on him and here he was being an ass. She was about to turn and leave when she looked up at him and scowled. She reached up and grabbed his head and dragged him down so that they were kissing. Finally, they broke apart and he was scowling. “Remember, I’m the woman in your life.” She said. “You have to listen to me.” She said with a smile.

She kissed him again. “Be careful and take care of yourself, alright?” She asked.

“Fine, just…stop with the damn kissing will you?” He replied.

She smiled. This time, she reached up, sliding her arms around his neck. She rose up, lifting one of her legs as she brought his head down to hers as she rose. The kissed again, this time deeper and sweeter. He couldn’t stop himself and his hands went to her hips. Then they were wrapped around her, pulling her in closer as their eyes closed. He knew it was wrong, but he wanted it so badly. He wanted to be with her, but he knew that he couldn’t. The kiss deepened.

The thought hit him once more and he pulled away, despite how much it hurt him.

She looked up at him and she smiled, knowing what was going through his head. She reached and brushed her thumb over his lips. “Promise me?”

“I promise.” He said.

Cassie smiled. “Okay, then. I’m happy.”

“Anything to make you happy.” Isaac said.

“You keep that mentality up; you’re going to go far, Isaac.” Cassandra replied with a wry grin. “I’ve got to get back to the bridge; otherwise, I’d do a thorough check on your armor, if you know what I mean.” She added with a smile. She was soon gone and Isaac grabbed his gear.

He headed over to where Aeorn was, outside of the Star’s End. The Mandalorian hadn’t been able to help but overhear the exchange between the two of them. After a while, he had turned and had watched what was going on. He had started smiling and now he was full on grinning as Isaac came towards him. “Trouble in your little slice of paradise?” Aeorn asked as the Jedi stopped a few steps in front of the ship. “I couldn’t help but overhear that you were having some problems with your lady, there.” He added.

“The problem is that she’s not my lady and she thinks she is.”

“Wait, what? I mean, come on Isaac, she’s a very good looking woman.” Aeorn said, taking his helmet off for courtesy’s sake.

“My master, Erik, was her adopted father. It was his dying request that I take care of her. I don’t think that he meant in a romantic way, even if I’ve unfortunately started to develop feelings for her. If I’m going to keep her safe, I can’t get involved with her.” Isaac said.

“Just your luck that she seems to have let her eyes rest on you, huh?” Aeorn said in response.

“Yeah, just my luck.”

“Think of it this way, Isaac. From what I know about you Jedi, you guys are supposed to be all compassionate and it seems to me that it might be what your master meant.”

“I am being compassionate.” Isaac said.

“No, you’re denying your feelings.” Aeorn said. “Being compassionate is one thing, but from the looks of things, Cassandra needs more than just compassion.”

“I’m not the person who can give her those things.” Isaac said in response.

“I think you’re just being thickheaded and not open to what your heart is telling you.” Aeorn said. “You’ll learn, my friend.”

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:43 am

It had been a hard fight, but the Star’s End had made it down to the atmosphere of the besieged planet. The enemy had entrenched themselves, both in space and on the ground. Luckily for the attackers, their foe did not have access to planetary weaponry. However, they had made up for it with the sheer number of ships with which to pit against the attacking band. It wasn’t just capital ships, though they had a decent number of those. They had converted freighters and transports into mobile weapon platforms, all in order to stop the mercenaries. Isaac had watched from the cockpit of the modified Baudo-class Star Yacht as they had broken through the enemy lines, truly unsure if the ground war was where he was supposed to be, really.

There were hundreds of starfighters clashing. Laser blasts and proton torpedoes flew everywhere. The larger ships utilized their heavier weaponry, though they were targeting the capital class vessels. The capital ships themselves were pounding away with their turbolasers, all in an attempt to ensure victory for their chosen side. In the midst of all of this, was the Dawn. Cassie’s modified Strike Cruiser wasn’t leading the charge, that honor had been given to the lead ship of the system that they were working for. But her ship did have, pound for pound, the largest armament out of the group. The vessel had been engaging a Nebulon-B Frigate when last Isaac had checked on it through the Star’s End’s sensors array.

What it was doing now, he didn’t know, but he did know that it was still in one piece and in good shape, since Cassie was on the Vaungiur comm. channel, talking to them. She was informing them that their lane had been relatively clear of enemy starfighter contacts and that more transports were on their way. But until that time, the crew of the Star’s End were on their own. This basically meant that Isaac and Aeorn were by themselves, since the rest of the crew were going to stay on the ship. Nell and Kya weren’t qualified to fight in a battle like this. They would use the heavier guns on the ship to take out any larger targets that proved to be too big for Isaac and Aeorn, though Aeorn had jokingly said that Nell was going to have to use the guns more for herself than for the Jedi and the Mandalorian.

Nell, of course, had responded by threatening to make him take his helmet off so she could smack him upside the head.

Isaac had just laughed and had headed over to where the boarding ramp was beginning to lower. Aeorn had walked over to him and to get him back, had mentioned the fact that maybe Isaac would like to send Cassie a message before they left, telling her how he felt and that he was going to be careful and just in case to make his last good byes. That was then though, this was now.

Now Isaac was jumping out of the ship. Aeorn was right behind him, utilizing his jet pack to make the transition not as bad for him. He didn’t have the Force. Isaac’s two red sabers were in his hands, and the crimson red blades came to life as he fell towards the planet’s surface. The ship had brought them a good fifty meters above the ground. Aeorn’s blaster was already at work. He wasn’t trying to take anyone down just yet. No, he was merely announcing that the two had arrived. If anything, the soldiers that they were quickly approaching, thanks to the planet’s gravitational pull, were more scared of the two red lightsaber blades than the Mandalorian.

At least Isaac had that. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, drawing the Force to him. It surrounded him, permeated him, allowed him to do things that otherwise would have been impossible to the normal being. He was a god, but a humble one. Arrogance was not one of his qualities, instead an intense desire for justice. There was no justice to be found here, no action necessary to right some wrong created by the vices of evil men. Isaac was here because this wasn’t his mission, this wasn’t his destiny. No, that wasn’t why he was here.

He was here because this was training. Isaac’s journey had only begun.

It ended when he landed on the ground, utilizing the Force to reduce the shock on his body. A few of the soldiers were running towards him, their blaster rifles cocked and ready. His eyes opened and he saw the red bolts coming at him. He spun, his lightsaber blade moving in a long Soresu arc that had been taught to him by the master of the art form and philosophy. The bolts ricocheted, heading off in a multitude of directions, some of them aimed back at the soldiers who had originally fired them. It was as though he had used a Jedi mind trick on someone’s minions and had turned them against their original leader.

Some of the soldiers fell and Isaac was running towards them, clashing with the rest before their bodies could hit the ground. His lightsaber flashed here and there, cleaving through body parts and laying the rest of the squad to waste. Shortly after he finished, Aeorn landed on the ground next to him. The two men looked at each other and no words passed. They had mission to do and they set about it. The Jedi moved in one direction while the Mandalorian moved in another. They had to clear this area, and they were up against a concentrated amount of enemy forces.

It would be a long and hard battle, in order to create a landing zone for the rest of the Vaungiur mercenaries soldiers and then the rest of the attacking ground force.

Isaac smiled. At least he’d have time to show Aeorn what he was really made of.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:52 pm

Isaac and Aeorn had worked hard and had worked fast. They had cleared the landing zone so that the Vaungiur ground forces could arrive. Aeorn didn’t know too much about Erik Muir. He had never met the Bothan Jedi, nor had he ever really heard about him. Cassie had mentioned some things in passing, when Aeorn had asked her about Isaac’s master, since he did know that padawans had masters, the basics of the Jedi Order. Aeorn considered himself very good at the art of soldiery. He was one of the foremost Mandalorian warriors in the galaxy.

He knew a great deal of martial arts and how to wield weapons. But if what he had seen Isaac do, with that third form of lightsaber combat had been only a taste of what Isaac’s master had been able to do, then Aeorn wouldn’t dare to even dream of fighting Erik Muir. Isaac had been deflecting more than three E-webs like it was nothing, along with much, much, more than a few enemy soldiers firing at him as well. Aeorn had to admit, that Isaac had considerable prowess when it came to fighting with a lightsaber. He wasn’t the best that Aeorn had seen, but he was up there.

The two of them had moved quickly when they landed, striking at the enemy with sharp, pointed attacks that were able to break their lines and morale with ease. The Jedi had made them fear him, with his two lightsabers cleaving through enemy vehicles like they were nothing. He had struck hard and fast, never where they expected and always showing up at the weakest points in their defenses. He had been like a fast moving blur that they couldn’t keep up with and couldn’t hit at all. Whereas Isaac was moving quickly and attacking here and there, to cause as much damage as possible, his comrade had taken a different tactic.

It had complimented Isaac’s perfectly. Aeorn wasn’t as fast as the Jedi, movement wise. He didn’t have the Force to increase his speed or reflexes after all. He did have better training in the art of war though. What Isaac had left behind, Aeorn mopped up. The soldiers were thrown into disarray by the sudden appearance of the Jedi. When he left the area, they weren’t sure what to do or how to properly regroup. They were scrambling and unable to properly defend themselves.

That was where the Mandalorian entered. He took advantage of their state of disarray and had taken down any survivors or stragglers with ease. He didn’t mind being the clean up man. He was just doing his job and one of them had to do it. Isaac was the faster of the two, while Aeorn had the heavier raw firepower. It just made sense and they had done it without thinking. Aeorn respected that and it gave him a new insight into Isaac’s mind. Isaac had said that he wasn’t a great fighter and that might have been true, despite what Aeorn had seen.

But one thing was for sure. The Arkanian Jedi was a brilliant strategist. While his targets may have appeared to be random, if you took a closer look, they weren’t. Isaac had first gone for communications equipment. If there were soldiers with mobile communications modules, they had been next. Once an area was unable to get the word out that they were under attack, he then searched for the officer in charge. Aeorn wasn’t sure how Isaac was able to do it with such accuracy. Either he just picked the guy out of the mass of enemy soldiers, or he used the Force to read the mind of one of the soldiers and figure it out that way.

Regardless of how he got the information, Isaac then went after whoever was in charge. This made defending even harder, because when the officer was taken out, the grunts didn’t know who to listen to and fight or flight took over, meaning that a lot of the soldiers simply turned tail and ran, trying to get out of the area as quickly as possible before they were next. Once that officer was taken out, Isaac went through as many soldiers as possible before he felt that it was time to move to another area, those that didn’t run and tried to fight him. He went after heavy weaponry and anything that would impede Aeorn’s own progress.

The other reason why Aeorn didn’t mind being the clean up man was that it allowed him a good vantage point from which to watch Isaac work. He had a good enough feel now to know exactly how he was going to go about shaping the Jedi into as perfect of a warrior as he could possibly make him. Once he shared what he had seen with Lorcin, he had a good idea that they were going to come up with a physically grueling but learning experience for the Arkanian.

Aeorn was looking forward to it.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:18 pm

Isaac sat down, weary after everything that had taken place during the battle. He was back on board the Dawn, and seated on some supply crates in one of the hangars. The battle was over, at leas the main battle was over. Now it was just a question of mopping up the rest of the stragglers in the enemy forces and reinforcing the attackers’ positions, incase of any enemy counterattack. Isaac knew that the counterattack would be long in coming if ever and that most if not all of the enemy forces had been completely routed. He sighed as he leaned backwards. His back was killing him.

He had been fighting for the better part of three to four hours. His Force reserves were close to empty and he was extremely tired. He was dirty all over and his face was streaked with grime and sweat. Isaac was ready to head to his quarters and collapse on his bed in order to get some sleep, at least sleep that he considered was well deserved. He really wanted to rest. But he couldn’t. Not yet. Cassandra had been out on part of the mission, one of the ground ops required her presence. He hadn’t been where she was, at a separate point in the invasion plan.

His eyes lifted as a transport entered the hangar, moving past the protective shielding that the Dawn offered. It was the transport that Cassie was on and he slowly rose to his feet, stretching to the full extent of his frame. He didn’t bother to make his way over to the transport, mainly because he knew that Cassie would most definitely come to him. He waited a few moments, as the landing ramp descended to the ground of the hangar.

The guess had not been wrong.

She came towards him. Her armor was damaged in various places and a line of worry came across his brow as he saw this. He didn’t like knowing that she was going out in the field. He had no problem doing it himself, but it was different when it was her. He was supposed to be keeping her safe and it was one of the reasons why he was out there in the first place. So that she could stay on the bridge of the ship and not have to be put in the front line. His mouth which had been turned up slightly into the beginnings of a smile was ironed out, thinning as she came towards him.

Cassie saw his expression and mimicked it, but going further so her expression was rather comical. He just continued to keep up his expression as he sat back down. Cassandra walked forward so that she stood in between his legs. “What’s up, Silver Soldier?” She asked. She reached up with both hands and pushed up at the corners of his mouth trying to get him to smile as she smiled herself. It was then that he saw her arm, or at least, her arm was brought to his attention.

The undershirt that she wore had been burned away thanks to a blaster bolt that had gotten too close, at least far too closer than Isaac would have liked. Not only had it burned away a lot of the clothing on her arm, it had also burned her skin. It wasn’t serious and a part of him was telling him not to worry as much as he was, but he couldn’t help it. As he had told Emmali some time ago, he liked Cassie and was attracted to her. This was a problem. He reached out and grabbed her wrist. Not even realizing what he was doing, he pulled so that she was even closer to him and he turned her arm so that he could see exactly what the wound looked like.

“Isaac, what are you doing?” She asked, a frown crossing her face.

“Your arm, you’re injured.” He said.

“Yeah, it’s just a burn.” She said. “I’ll get some salve for it and it’ll be fine soon.” Cassie added. She looked at him, trying to figure out why he was acting so strangely. It struck her then and she smiled to herself as she realized why he was doing what he was doing. She yanked her hand back and his face lifted, his eyes finding hers. She could see the annoyance there and it made her smile.

“Hey, I was checking that.”

“It’s fine.” She said and turned to leave.

Isaac reached out and grabbed her wrist, touching the burn. It made her wince and he was able to turn her.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s just fine and dandy.” He said. “Let me take you to the medical ward.” He said.

“How about no?”

“Humor me?” He asked and she shook her head. “Please.” He said and she smiled to herself. He was cute when he was being protective, that much was for sure.

“Alright.” She said, knowing that she was going to enjoy being babied, even if she wasn’t going to let it show.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:06 pm

It was a little bit of a walk over to the medical ward onboard the Dawn. Cassie used that time to mildly fight back against the proprietary way in which Isaac was treating her. She lightly clawed at him and then resorted to smacking him, but she still didn’t do it that hard. Mainly because she actually didn’t mind how he was behaving at all, and in fact, was rather enjoying it. But she would never tell him that. He was carrying on as though her wounds were the end of the galaxy as everyone knew it and how she needed treatment. All she really needed was some antiseptic, some burn salve, and a few bandages to get her back to her form.

Isaac was talking a minimum of three bacta dunkings before she was ready to be released from the infirmary. It was actually pretty funny to hear him carrying on like this.

The doors to the medical bay opened and Cassie walked in, followed by Isaac. The lead doctor turned and looked at them, and then a look of confusion came over the man’s face. He dealt with serious injuries and wounds. From the general looks of things, neither the commanding officer on the ship, or the only Jedi on the ship had either of the two. He honestly didn’t have time to stop and chat to either of them right now, he had work to do. There weren’t that many wounded, but he wanted to give them as much time and effort as he possibly could, since just because there weren’t many of them, nothing detracted from the importance.

“Yes, Commander Muir? What can I do for you?” He asked, knowing that despite the fact that in here, he ruled, he had to be civil with the woman who not only commanded all of the people on board the ship, but also owned the ship as well. At least, he only had to be civil to begin with.

“Cassandra suffered some major burns and I was just wondering, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, if we could get some salve for them.” Isaac said, answering before Cassie could speak.

“Right over there.” The man said, shaking his head slowly. He couldn’t believe that they were bothering him for something like this.

Isaac headed over to where the man had pointed, dragging Cassandra along with him. She rolled her eyes as he hunted through he drawers until he got to the salve that he had been looking for. Isaac grabbed the bottle and unscrewed the top. He dripped his fingers into the salve, not bothering to use something more sanitary. He gently smeared the blue substance on Cassandra’s burns. She hissed in response at the stinging but had to admit that it was helping. She had been going to get the salve anyway, it didn’t matter that Isaac was doing it, not really.

Once he was done, Isaac put the salve away and figured that the doctor probably wouldn’t be in the mood to tell him where the antiseptic was. Deciding that he was going to find it himself, Isaac went and started his hunt for the necessary materials. It didn’t take long, and he had to repeatedly tell Cassie not to move, because she was constantly trying to leave. He was getting impatient with her and she was beginning to get annoying. He found the antiseptic and then walked back over to where he’d told Cassandra to sit down.

She hissed again, as he applied the antiseptic, by means of a cotton ball, to the various cuts that she had on her arms and face. She also gave him the evil eye as he did his dirty work. Finally, when he was done, he set everything to the side. Cassie watched, incredibly touched, when Issac went and reached his right hand out and gently brushed some of her hair out of her face and then rubbed his thumb over one of the larger cuts on her face. She reached up and grabbed his wrist. He didn’t stop what he was doing, but his eyes shifted a fraction of an inch from the cut to her own eyes. She looked into his eyes and her breath caught. She knew what was going to happen, she was dully aware of it in the back of her mind.

She leaned up and kissed him.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:01 am

Isaac leaned into the kiss, his hands on Cassandra’s hips. The Jedi knew that he shouldn’t be doing this. It was wrong. He was supposed to be keeping her safe and the mantra kept repeating itself in his head the entire time that they kissed. He had promised Erik that he would do that. But he couldn’t stop himself. The problem was that he didn’t know why. He had a feeling, an inkling, but he didn’t properly understand why and he really wanted to know why. There was something about the woman in front of him whose arms ad twined themselves around his neck. Isaac didn’t know it, but Cassie had pulled him in closer. Then it hit him, and he unconsciously angel his head, deepening the kiss. The silver haired Arkanian knew that he’d completely allowed her to change the dynamic between the two of them. No more could he ignore what was between them. He’d have to find a way to rationalize this.

For her part, Cassie was enjoying this immensely. It had been a while, a very long while since had had an extremely attractive man in her arms kissing her. Furthermore, she liked the man in her arms a lot, and was more than willing to mess around with him. If only she could do some rationalizing of her own, and work past what had happened between them when the two of them had met. She moved, taking a few steps around and then backwards, so that she was leaning against a counter in the medical bay of the ship. She pulled Isaac with her. It was as though they were fused together. They finally broke apart after a few more life changing moments. Cassie leaned back and lifted a hand up.

She tucked loose hair from her bangs behind her ears. Then she looked at Isaac’s chest for a few seconds before she raised her eyes to meet his. She had a slightly embarrassed look on her face. “So…yeah.” She said. She rested her hands on his forearms. “Say something?” She asked after he was silent for a couple seconds, suddenly scared that he was going to be absolutely furious with her for what had happened.

“Why did you do that?” Isaac asked.

“Because. I like you, Isaac.” She replied, folding her arms over that perfect chest of hers. “You’re angry?” She asked, somewhat incredulous. Last she checked, men were very happy when they got to make out with women, particularly a woman who looked like Cassie.

“Sort of.” Isaac said, turning away from her. He didn’t see the dejected look that came over her face, since his back was to her now. “This changes things.” He said, more to himself than her. He didn’t want to face the music so to speak that once more, he had a woman in his life. He could try to fight it, but he already knew that Cassie had won this war. He wouldn’t be able to resist her anymore, not that he had done an incredibly good job before she had kissed him.

“And what’s so damned wrong about that?” She asked, angrily.

She reached out and grabbed his arm, spinning him around to face her, forcing him to look at her and answer her question.

"Everyone I ever care about is hurt. I don't want to start developing feelings for anyone because I don't want to lose that person. It's not a matter of risk, its a matter of fact." Isaac said and walked out of the med bay.

Cassie followed him, walking after him as he headed down towards his quarters. She was silent and so was he. Due to his height and the pace that he had set for himself, she was forced to hustle to keep up with him, but she did it without complaining. Anyone who was in the hallways with them quickly got out of the way of the Arkanian Jedi and definitely got out of the way of the Captain of the ship. It was only when he reached his door that the silence that was between them was finally broken. She waited for the door to open and for him to cross the threshold into his room.

"Coward." She said.

He turned. She was standing with one hip tossed out, her hands on her hips, a defiant look on her face.

"Coward." She repeated when he stayed silent.

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Re: The Journey Begins

Post by Mir » Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:18 am

Cassie looked at the man in front of her. The Mandalorian warrior was dressed in a jumpsuit and he was leaning against a table in one of the briefing rooms onboard the Dawn. Nell was standing next to Aeorn and she regarded Cassandra with a look of curiosity. Since Aeorn had arrived on the ship, nell had treated almost everyone around her with distrust, but Cassie and Emmali had managed to break through the shell to uncover the insecurity that Nell had regarding Aeorn’s future. The Corellian didn’t know what the Muir wanted with Aeorn and she had been worried that the Muir would try to separate the two of them. She had known that it wasn’t the rest of the crew of the Star’s End that the Muir wanted to hire. That much had been obvious from the beginning. Cassie had stressed that this wouldn’t happen and wasn’t the Muir’s intentions what so ever. It was now that Cassie was going to tell Aeorn what exactly it was that they needed of him.

She turned as Isaac walked into the room. She scowled then, just a little. After she had accused him of being a coward, he hadn’t done anything, he had just turned around and allowed the door to shut. But there had been a look on his face. It had been such a pained look that she had felt immediately sorry for saying what she had said. She had meant it, but she hadn’t meant it to be that bad. Cassandra hadn’t been sure what to do about it. A part of her had wanted to bash down the door and apologize and then throw herself at him again, but then another part of her had decided that if he was going to be a stupid man, then she should let him go and do that. In the end, the second half had won.

Now, she had been dodging him for a few days. He had done his best to stay away from where she usually was. She had been watching him on the cameras though. He had been on the Shan’teni, working on her father’s modified freighter. He had been fixing things here and there and checking up on various problems. Her eyes went back to Aeorn and ignoring the Arkanian who had walked into the room, she spoke.

“Aeorn, my uncle is Tej Muir. He wants to use you as a template for an army.” She said, deciding that she wasn’t going to bother beating around the bush and just lay everything out on the table.

“An army?” Aeorn replied as he folded his arms over his chest. He had no visible reaction, but Nell did. Her eyes widened significantly and she turned, looking at Aeorn.

“Yeah. You remember Jango Fett, don’t you?” She asked.

“A clone army?” He asked and she nodded in response to his question. “Well, I…I’m not exactly sure what to say to that.” He added.

“I understand that.” Cassie said.

“You mean…an army, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, all cloned from Aeorn?” Nell asked.

“Probably closer to tens of millions, but yeah, that’s the jist of it.” Cassie said. “He’ll be well compensated, I can assure you of that.” She added.

“Give me a little while to think everything over, and I’ll get back to you.” Aeorn said. “It shouldn’t take me too long though.” He added.

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