Things Better Lost...

18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
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Things Better Lost...

Post by TalRaimi » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:05 am

Jedi Temple - Ossus

“So, what was it this time?” Enara Jaden asked gruffly as she swept aside the curtain of the small triage cubical to reveal a startled looking Padawan. “Fell off the top of the Temple? Tried to break solid rock with your head? Or did you finally manage to chop off your arm?”

Bar’rith Klesh looked up guiltily, his bright red skin flushing a shade darker. He was, Enara noticed, cradling his right arm.

“Seems I was closer than I thought,” Enara gestured to the boys arm, before placing her hands on her hips. “Care to elaborate?”

The young Twi’lek boy managed to hold Enara’s gaze for a full five seconds before he wilted under her practised stare. Well at least he was getting better that she conceded, he’d held her gaze a full three heartbeats longer than the last time he’d been brought to the medical wing to see her. Since coming to Ossus to begin his apprenticeship, Bar’rith had been a regular in the medical wing for one reason or the other. From sprained ankles, cuts and bruises, all the way to broken bones, Bar’rith had succumbed to just about every minor injury there was. Quite frankly Enara wondered if he was cut out to be a Jedi.

Taking a step forward she sat down on the cot next to him and extended her hand. Bar’rith reluctantly placed his injured arm in it.

The flesh around his palm was cracked and burnt, extending an inch up past his wrist. The boy must have been in quite some pain yet he didn’t show it. He was too proud and too stubborn; traits that were both a blessing and a curse in a Jedi.

She studied the blackened flesh, noticing shards of metal still embedded there; something had exploded in his hand. “So are you going to tell me what did this? Or do I have to guess?”

“I was...” his voice wavered for a moment and his stubborn visage cracked as a flicker of pain flashed across his vision. He took a shallow breath to regain his composure and then continued, “I was experimenting.”

“With what?” Enara pressed. Without waiting for the boy’s reply she opened herself to the Force and focused on his injured hand. She could feel the torn flesh and the slivers of metal that were embedded there. As gently as she could she began to pull at a single sliver, teasing it free with her mind.

Bar’rith tensed and Enara could feel him calming himself with the Force, an attempt that was only partially successful. With his level of training his ability to dampen pain would be rudimentary at best. She thought about aiding him, but decided that perhaps the pain of his injury would serve as a reminder to be more careful in the future.

Finally the small metal shard came free. It was barely the size of her fingernail and shone underneath the lights of the medical ward despite the slick coating of blood that covered it. There was something familiar about the way the shard curved, something that reminded Enara of... ‘A lightsaber?’ she burst out incredulously. “A Lightsaber exploded in your hand?”

Bar’ith nodded.

“Lightsabers don’t just explode,” Enara pointed out. There was something more that the young Padawan wasn’t telling her.

His large violet eyes glanced guiltily at hers but he remained silent.

Fine, if that’s how he wants to play it.... Setting the shard in a small bowl next to the bed she reached out through the Force and began the slow but steady process of removing the rest of the metal from his mangled hand. Ten minutes later she was finished and a fine sheen of sweat coated the boy’s brow. To his credit he hadn’t let out a single cry of pain.

Next she dove deeper into the Force, closing her eyes and allowing herself to become lost in her surroundings. She could feel the life all around her, the dozen or so Jedi healers around her blazing brightly in the Force. She focused on Bar’ith, ignoring the mix of worry and shame that emanated from him she concentrated on his body, his heart was hammering, the blood racing through his veins. She looked deeper, focusing on the cells in his injured hand and finding that beneath the dead skin fresh cells had already set about repairing the damage.

Enara had never been able to fully explain her gift with healing, but each healer she had come to learn was different. Some healed through sheer force of will, others like her seemed to be able to sense what was wrong with the body on a microscopic level, repairing the damage step by step.

She let the Force flow from her into Bar’rith, focusing on those cells and speeding up and multiplying their growth, strengthening them and massively accelerating the healing process, repairing nerve endings as she went. Although she didn’t see it, the cracked and burnt skin began to slowly flake off and fall away, until shiny new red skin was left underneath.

Sometime later she released Bar’rith’s hand and opened her eyes. “It’ll still be sore for a few days,” she warned, the new skin was still raw and a shade darker than the existing skin around it.

“Thank you,” the Twi’lek flexed his hand.

“So what happened?” Enara tried again.

The boy glanced at the floor, but gratitude finally won out over secrecy. “I was building my own Lightsaber...” he began.

Enara cuffed him round the head.

“Ouch!” he squealed in protest, the first gasp of pain to escape his lips.

“Idiot,” she chided, her voice devoid of all sympathy. “Now do you understand why one of the final tests a Jedi undertakes is to build his or her Lightsaber?”

“But I thought...” the boy began before Enara’s steely gaze silenced him more effectively than any stun blast could have.

“No, that’s just it. You didn’t think. If you had, you’d have known you weren’t ready to build your own weapon. This is your first year under Master Yedras? Yes?”

Bar’rith nodded.

“And how many other first year Padawan’s your age do you see with their own Lightsabers?”

The boy didn’t answer.

“Exactly,” Enara told him.

Having made her point she stood and gestured to the exit.

“Are you going to tell Master Yedras?” Bar’rith asked sulkily.

Enara glowered at him, pretending to think long and hard about it. “I should...”

“Thank you!” Bar’rith hopped off the bed and charged past her, “Thank you! Thank you!”

Sighing to herself Enara watched him speed from the medical wing. The young fool, she wouldn’t have to say a word to his Master, he’d spot the newly healed skin as soon as he saw the boy. Not that she wagered it would make any difference, short of wrapping Bar’rith up in the Force and suspending him in the air for the next four or five years he’d do something that would bring him back into her presence within the month.

A Jedi Padawan he may be, but he’s also still a child.

She smiled ruefully thinking back to her own youth, she’d not had the luxury of being so carefree. Let him enjoy being a child while he could, soon enough he would be forced to grow up. Such was the life of a Jedi.

Enara emerged from the cubicle and was just about to see who her next patient was when her comlink beeped at her. “Yes?” she answered.

“Mistress Jaden,” the voice of one of the Temple communications droids piped through the comlink, “I have a priority transmission from Jed Master Gyran Vo-Kant for you.”

Master Vo-Kant? Her former Master was on a sabbatical from the Temple, but he’d only been gone a few days, what could he possibly want she wondered?

“Very well,” she told the droid, “Patch it through to Master Vo-Kant’s office, I’ll take the call there.”

Slipping the comlink back into her robes she headed for Gyran Vo-Kant’s office, wondering what was so urgent that he’d contact her after only being gone such a short time...
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Re: Things Better Lost...

Post by TalRaimi » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:35 am

“Dear girl, there you are!” the flickering blue and white hologrpathic image of Master Vo-Kant smiled at Enara, “The delay on this transmission is terrible, I’ve being holding for minutes!”

Enara grimaced, “That’s as much my fault, Master. I had the call transferred to your office so we could have some privacy.”

“Piracy, huh?” the Zabrak Jedi’s master’s brow wrinkled as he considered this. “Yes, good idea my girl! Good idea! You never know who’s’ listening.”

Enara forced a smile. Master Vo-Kant was an excellent healer, perhaps only Jola'Edana Kahlid Vos
and Master Chirushk ranked better, but the elderly Zabrak had always been something of an eccentric. Often absent minded but brilliant at the same time, he had been one of the first Jedi Enara had met when she’d joined the Order almost a decade ago and had nurtured and guided her in the arts of healing ever since.

“How’s your sabbatical going, Master?” Enara asked.

“Good, good,” her former Master assured her, “However I seem to have left something at the Temple that I desperately need.”

Well, at least that explained his call, Enara smiled inwardly. When it came to healing the old Zabrak had a meticulous eye for detail however when it came to the more mundane aspects of life, such as packing, he was sorely lacking.

“What is it Master? I’ll have it sent on to you as soon as I can.”

“Excellent! I need blood sample VX122. Oh, and I’ll need you to deliver it to me personally. It’s much too important to trust to a courier,” Master Vo-Kant added almost as an afterthought. “If you can meet me on Nar Shaddaa in two days that would be perfect!”

“What?” Enara stuttered, her mind trying to keep up. Never mind the fact he wanted a blood sample, he wanted her to deliver it? Was he out of his mind? “Master, I can’t leave the Temple right now, there’s too much going on. In fact I’m surprised that you were allowed a leave of absence considering the war against Sivter!”

“Sivter? Terrible fellow!” her Master muttered, “A nasty piece of work that, I’ve seen the results of his work close up. However needs must, dear girl, and I must have that blood sample.”

Enara shook her head in disbelief, had he heard a single word she’d said? Still for Chirushk to have allowed him to leave the Temple, Master Vo-Kant must have had a compelling reason. “What’s so important about this blood sample?” she wondered.

“It’s the key,” the Zabrak replied cryptically. “It will unlock one of the most amazing discoveries in the history of the Force!”

Enara narrowed her eyes. “Master, what are you after?”

Master Vo-Kant gave her a rueful smile. “I can’t tell you over an open channel. But all will be revealed when you arrive. Yes, dear girl, it will indeed!”

Enara scowled. This was crazy, putting aside the fact she didn’t want to abandon her duties at the temple, she had no particular desire to visit Nar Shaddaa. Not again. However her Master had never been one to simply charge off across the galaxy before, in fact as far as she knew he’d never left the various Temple’s of the Jedi order in the better part of a decade. This was obviously important to him.

“Are you sure someone else can’t deliver the sample?” she tried, “One of the apprentices, perhaps?”

Her Master signalled a negative. “I cannot trust this to anyone else. It has to be you.”

Enara sighed, pursing her lips as she thought about it. “Very well,” she conceded, “But I’ll need to gain permission from Master Chirushk.”

“Of course, dear girl. Of course!” her Master seemed positively giddy, “But before you speak to him I have a few more requests of you...”
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