The Jedi Temple: Shattered

18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
A divergent, persistent and interactive Star Wars timeline with a rich history and established characters.

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Re: The Jedi Temple: Shattered

Post by zephre » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:41 am

"Dewback by name, I have had.." She said, glad the conversation changed. "Meat in general, I could not say.." and took his hand, standling. "Hunting, however I miss as know what your eating you do. Praxeum Moon was the last hunting I did, a nice, fat Clackerbird I got.." they walked down the ramp of the shuttle, following Jola, Kali and Jerrik Fel. "A fine broth the head and feet made for Tommo soup.."

"The Clacker Bird Mistress Zora speaks of is the Large beaked Du'jib, a avian common to the Praxeum Moon. Their natural foods are the fruits that she calls Tommos.." J-5PO said, appearing behind them as if by magic and causing them to jump..

The Silent Running mode installed into the Protocol droids joints and other running parts by the Artemis institute worked remarkably well, Jay considered, pulling his hypothesis from thier reaction.....

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Re: The Jedi Temple: Shattered

Post by coronhorn » Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:57 pm

The four startled young adults reacted almost as a single unit spinning and drawing sabers in reaction to the droid's completely unexpected presence, to their credit none of them activated the weapons, Jay-five staggered back a step at the unexpected reaction, Jola just shook her head and smiled at Jay,

"And that shall be my lesson for the day on sneaking up on jedi." the droid added in it's coursaunti accent.

"Sorry Jay." Dairen smiled sheepishly as he returned his hilt to it's place on his utility belt, "It's just been a tense couple of days."

"That much is evident young sir." Jay replied cheerily, "which is why I have prepared what i hope will be a most relaxig evening meal in the Lord Defender's suites abroad the ship. I think the corellian cream pudding turned out just right myself, though admittedly I lack the facilities to confirm my consulusions."

Kali's expression brightened considerably at the mention of jay's corellian cream pudding, it was one of her absolute personal favorites, as soon as she'd clipped her own weapon to her belt she hopped forward and hugged the droid,

"Thank you Jay!"

"Ah, well thank you mistress," the droid seemed to stammer and Jola noted with a smirk that if the droid could blush he probably would be at that moment, maybe she would have Draven look into creating a coating for droids that allowed for that kind of feedback.

"Well that settles it," she spoke up, "Zora, Jerrik, you're pretty much family anyway so I don't want to hear any arguments. Jay darling, please lead the way."

"It would be my pleasure mistress Jola!"

As Darien watched as the droid moved off ahead of them towards the lifts he felt a tug on his sleeve, it was Zora,

"The golem cooks?"

He laughed, "You kidding? Jay is one of the best chefs I've ever had the pleasure of encountering, Draven had him programmed by some of the best in the galaxy and I dare say he's gotten better with time."

The young hurachi's brows arched up in disbelief, "Never end do the surprises here beyond the veil."

"I suppose they don't." Dairen chuckled, "I wonder if dad's going to join us?"

Blade of Justice: Admiral's Ready Room________________________________

Devon watched the message from the Sith Lord he'd already been tracking confirm his earlier suspicions about the man and reinforce his decision to task one of the Defender Shadows on the man. He just hoped that Daer'gunn knew what he was getting himself into, for sure the prize that was being dangled in front of him was likely more than any former Grand Master of the Jedi order could resist but if this man's claims were to believed something he had little trouble doing based on his own encounters with the man then there was without a doubt an ulterior motive to his actions, Keena was by far one of his most talented and cautious shadows, it would be a loss to the defenders if she didn't survive this assignment but if there was anyone capable of doing so it was her and she had his complete faith in the matter. Closing down the terminal he stood and swept back out onto the Blade's small small bridge,

"Captain please get us underway for Agramar at your earliest convenience, I will be in my quarters with my family if there are any troubles."

"As you wish m'lord." the middle aged Iridonian responded with the tight liped seriousness his race was known for throughout the galaxy, as he started to leave he felt that the officer had a question,

"Yes captain?" he asked stopping just a few steps away.

"Is it true that you travel with one of my people who bares Black Horns and white tattoos?"

"It is." Devon answered.

"Thank you for indulging my curiosity Lord Defender." the man replied with a bow, Devon continued through the hatch and down the hall to the entrance of his suite on-board the the ship, it was not the first time he'd had a member of the Zabrak species ask him about Zora's rather unique horn and tattoo coloration. As the door opened and the smell of Jay-five's cooking drifted out he shook his head and smiled, he'd have to add the mystery to his list of them to solve some day, he could already hear the sounds of a rather robust debate coming from the central dining area of the suite,

"I'm telling you wild Nuna tastes far better than the farm raised stuff." he could hear his son say as he slipped through the entryway, "There's not even a comparison, right dad?"

All the heads at the table turned towards him, and he crossed his arms in thought for a minute, "Well the wild ones do have a better taste to them but they're nowhere near as big as the farm raised ones, but really if we're debating the best game for eating, the grantaloupes on Kashyyyk are at the top of my list. The wookies know their big game."

"Wook iess?" Zora questioned around a mouthful of something, probably the carved nuna that had in all likelihood ignited the debate in the first place. Devon smiled, Zora's still limited knowledge of the galaxy atlarge tended to catch people off-guard as apparently it had his former padawan Jerrik Fel who was staring at he from across the small circular table in disbelief,

"Is she for real?" he finally asked.

Zora's brows beaded together in annoyance, "Would not ask if I knew this!" she finally replied her pointy teeth showing in annoyance.

"They're a large forest dwelling race from the outer rim, usually two meters or more tall, strong muscular builds, all howling and growls when they speak." Darien put in from beside her, "Also some of the best engineers in the known galaxy."

"And game hunters." Devon put in and he tried his first cut of nuna, "Jay you have outdone yourself, I didn't realize how much I'd missed your cooking!"

"Why thank you sir." Jay replied as he shuffled in quietly from the kitchen off to the side of the common room,

"The Pudding is ready now as well." he added, beneath their feet the deck of the ship shudder with a vibration most spacers knew by heart as the ship made the jump to lightspeed...

OOC: The story of the Vos clan will be continuing in A Fork in the Road

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