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Post by Ghost » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:48 pm

Alarice Mollari

Previous - Death, Was a clone, alot of false information had been passed through her clone to the New Republic. A bigger and more in-depth story was being developed.

Changes/Current - The Sith Poison which was given to her by the Infiltrator onboard the Nightfury prior to the Battle of Arcanix remained. Was injured during the Charon incursion onboard her vessel but maintained command of the vessel during the battle. Shortly after the battle, sought aid from Derek Muir's children in cleansing the Sith Poison from her system. As of late, she is still in Command of the Super Star Destroyer Nightfury and Task Force Phoenix which is currently situated above Corellia.

Alyesa Praxon

Previous - None.

Changes/Current - Will be on a diplomatic mission of sorts to Outer Rim Territories. Probably encounter pirates or Hutt Cartel..something nasty. IDK.

Nell Aulter

Previous - None

Changes/Current - Much like Alarice, has been cured by Muir children. Currently assigned to Roman Kato protection detail.

Aaralyn Blackthorne

Previous - Was leaving Tython for a Jedi Shadows mission

Changes/Current - You'll see.

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