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Important Update

Post by Ghost » Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:42 am

I'd like to make this a bit official, so it's no hidden secret as it's been discussed with some Moderators and several key players.

XSC will be merged with Mir Corp (for IC mangement purposes) in order to allow me to back up a little from the MBT. I will still manage the Designs, Overall decisions and such as there are critical components which I have been blessed/fortunate enough and such to have the support of the community to introduce. One such thing, the Stealth-X, another is the heavily modified SSD Nightfury. Incom Corporation, Frei-Tek and Rendili will still remain Board members, along with XSC Director. Cortana for all intents and purposes, has been eliminated by Nell. The general plot was that Nell discovered she had something to do with Alarice's disappearance/death/cloning. In accordance with Nell's personal code and that of Spectre Forces, she killed her.

Nell Aulter will remain a highly used character, here and there until it comes a time that I decide to re-polish and bring her back into the main fold. As of now, she appears to guard high-level people and work with the CDF High Command on several projects. Retains the rank of Colonel. Will adjust her Wiki.

Marisa Kato, despite her accelerated growth due to her racial traits, has stopped growing. In five years time, she's about the age of a 16 year old. She was in Spectre Forces as a Lieutenant but Roman insisted she leave and at his request, did so. She is a Lieutenant in the CDF of the New Republic, No specific division chosen. Again, NPC being shelved for the moment. Might make a cameo here and there. Waiting for the right time to re-polish. Will adjust the Wiki's accordingly.

Alyesa Praxon, is retiring. I'm officially giving permission for you guys to use her to spark the war by killing a high ranking NR official. Do it :P

Alarice Mollari has returned. Although the details are murky, there have been some cover-ups. She is currently serving with her TF, waiting Senate hearings and so forth. Like Marisa and Nell, shelving essentially.

TF Phoenix, still around and kicking. Still will manage it accordingly.

Aaralyn Blackthorne - No change. Will pretty much be my only -active- MBT character.

WoH Changes

Arachne will not be introduced anytime soon. Don't ask.


The reason for these changes is simple. I got into too much, life got complicated here and there and I don't want that to happen. Also, Auriel is an awesome concept which has heavily attracted me and the MBT has stalled.

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