Odyssy Supra-Plot OOC: HELP NEEDED!

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Odyssy Supra-Plot OOC: HELP NEEDED!

Post by Mandalore_The_Uniter » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:09 pm

I've decided to do this seperate OOC for the Odyssy as a whole, which should be getting back on track after Beorht gave me Rach.

To those not aware, The Odyssy is basicly Alleria and Rach's travels through the galaxy as Alleria learns what a Jedi truly is and Rach regains his Humanity, The Odyssy is not so much one adventure as multiple adventures.

For that I need help, I need cool stuff for my characters to do on The Odyssy, Mir and I have something, as we're gonna try the GDI Birth in Blood again....

Cadden, is there Some kind of adventure relating to your main character and the Crimson Empire we could set up and do, preferably something that contributes to the overall thing you've built up...

Pryde, Do you have something we can do involving your characters?

Everyone else, Suggestions are welcome, and thanks for the help

EDIT: Anyone with a plot that has openings for characters or open slots please speak up!

Guys, thanks for listening, without beorht being fully here, It's cool to know I can get help.

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