Things I am working on

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Things I am working on

Post by StefanTheGreat » Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:41 pm

So, after taking what John inhirited to me i took some days reading threads and wikis before posting this and also by speaking to some people who were involved in some storylines.

My current will is to froze some things. Something i will froze for sure is the Kuat Drive Yards solo thread and the Ryloth-Mon Calamari and the Quarrens triangle of fire thread.

What I am preparing is the grand summit stuff already having a meeting undergoing on F.A.S. main thread and soon I will contact you Cadden Blackthorn to have a reach to the Midpoint Station people. Then we will start the actual Summit or Midpoint Summit thread where Tab will handle some invitations as also developing the Holonet newsflash.

Other than this, Naboo is also my second priority also T.F. is important and hey Tab if you read this we can do some IGBC RP whenever you wish, and as for the Sith thread of Darker Times and the F.A.S. second thread i still need Beorht and Durgan to reach me ;-)

Thats for now so everyone have a clue what the new guy with the many things is doing :bothan:
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