Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:28 am

Warning, there will be language, Adult Situations, and Violence.

Genesis: Silent Scream


Manhattan, New York City

Marcus Anderon walked up the steps of the entrance to the subway. He had taken an early day at work, claiming sickness. It wasn’t too far from the truth, as he wasn’t feeling well at all. He’d woken up in the morning with a bit of a fever and a bit of a cold. Now he was thinking that it went beyond the common cold and that perhaps he had the flu. Ever since he had been a child, it had seemed like his immune system was just weaker than everyone else’s. He remembered one humorous episode when he’d accidentally stepped on a nail and had nearly lost his leg, because gangrene had started so quickly. He’d been lucky that time. His mother had said that it had meant he was special, but he wasn’t sure what she meant.

He was twenty eight, working in a dead end job. He was a cubicle man, working in an office. His company was an advertising business, and he was one of the people who had the sucky jobs. He wasn’t the guy who got to come up with any of the advertising campaigns for other companies, even though he knew he would probably fail at doing that if he tried. No, he was just the guy who handled the invoices and made sure the legal paperwork got to the right people at the right time. He made sure all the reports were filed and that the inventories were kept up.

Imagine that. He managed the inventories for the people who brainstormed the advertising campaigns. He was the guy who made sure they had enough poster board. It sucked. It was decent pay, but he wasn’t going anywhere fast. He wasn’t going to be making the big bucks anytime soon and it was starting to put a deal of stress in his life, and also important, a strain on his relationship.

Marie was a great girl, though, to be honest. She was good, had a great personality. She cooked great too and was pretty good in bed, with both of them satisfied, as far as he could tell. She worked as a secretary for some lawyer, and had to work late hours because of it. She did her job well though, and was thinking about going back to school to work on her law degree. He’d been thinking about proposing for the longest time, but hadn’t been sure if either of them were ready for that type of commitment. Plus, they weren’t in the best situation financially.

It was kind of pathetic knowing that your girlfriend made more money than you did. She managed to cheer him up though, when everything got too much for him. She’d just come behind him, and massage his shoulders, kissing him on the forehead, telling him how much she loved him.

He turned the corner and was about to keep walking, when a ball of fire shot down from the sky. He looked up to see a man hovering much more than a few feet above the street. His eyes were glowing and he didn’t look very happy. The ball of fire struck the ground, causing everything around it to shake a little bit. Marcus jumped back, unsure of what the hell was going on. His black eyes turned down and focused on the woman who was coming towards the man, from an angle that he couldn’t see. He knew who she was. It was Seer, one of the many superheroes who patrolled New York.

He’d heard about her after what she had done at the Times Square incident a few years ago. It hadn’t been one of her first missions, but up until that point, it had been the one with the most media coverage. Probably because Spiderman had been there, of course. Marcus watched as Seer, swung her battle rod around, and into the man’s back. The fire in the man’s eyes died as he fell towards the ground. From what he’d heard about her, she was pretty powerful. Seer landed on the ground five or six feet away from the man slumped on the ground. He slowly rose as she came towards him.

He raised his arm and a stream of fire shot out, headed straight for her. Marcus watched as Seer brought her arm up in front of her, lowering her head. He had heard that she was telepathic and telekinetic, but how was that going to help her from being burnt to a crisp. He along with a few other New Yorkers, watched in amazement as the fire curved around that amazing body of hers. She lifted her head up and he saw, despite the distance, the challenging smile on her face. Damn, but she was good. The blue eyes of hers had a twinkle as she started to walk towards the man.

The man had risen to his feet now, and had added his other arm’s firepower to the output of flames. But none of it was able to harm her, as Seer had a telekinetic shield wrapped around her. Her dark blue leather clad form was barely visible with all the fire, and Marcus was amazed that the flames didn’t burn the battle rod that she carried as well. She kept walking towards the man with the pyrokinesis. The flames died, as the man either realized he wasn’t going to be able to hurt her, or had run out of whatever it was that helped him make the fire in the first place.

He moved, attempting to punch Seer in the face. His hand never reached her. She flicked her hand and a telekinetic block came up. While someone like the Hulk or Thor could have smashed through the block, this man had no super strength. He was about to turn to run, but she brought her hand up again. The man was pulled up into the air, and forced to hover against his will. She cocked her head to the side, and after a few moments, smiled. The man’s head drooped. She had used her telepathy to knock him out, overloading his mind so that he became unconscious.

He dropped to the ground, a few moments after that, as she released him from the telekinetic hold that she’d placed on him earlier.

A few people started shouting and clapping. Seer looked up and for the briefest of moments, her eyes and Marcus’ locked. She smiled and he smiled back. As NYPD cars came around the corner, she turned, gave a nod to the closest police car and slowly rose into the air. With a flash, she was gone; using her speed to fly at an insanely fast speed, but not one that destroyed any windows from the shockwave.

He stayed for a few moments, having forgotten about his illness. He watched as the police surrounded the unconscious man and set about arresting him. Then he continued onwards towards his apartment.


He walked up the steps to the third floor of the apartment building, fingering the keys in his pocket. He had just been thinking about what he had just seen. Michelle Crawford, better known as the superhero Seer, had just been on her daily patrol throughout the city, along with Julius Rapa, also better known as the man who wore the costume hung up by Peter Parker when he died, Spiderman. She’d swooped down and stopped that man who had had control over fire. Marcus was unsure what the man had been doing exactly, but he had known that if Seer hadn’t stopped him, the man would have surely caused a lot of damage and maybe have ended some lives.

Damn, but Michelle Crawford was good looking. He wondered if she was single. Most of the time, she was out on patrol, she was working with Spiderman. He was hoping that Spiderman was sleeping with her. At least someone was, right? He headed over to the door of his apartment. His key slid into the lock and he turned the door, before realizing that the door was already open. Was his girlfriend home?

Usually she had to work late. He was home early as it was, having taken off a few hours before the end of the work day. Marcus walked into his apartment. He ran a hand through his black hair and unknotted his tie. He shrugged out of his black coat and tossed it onto a chair. Deciding that he needed a drink, and with the way he was feeling, some Tylenol, he felt that it was prudent to do that first, before thinking about sleep. He was about to head into the kitchen of his apartment when he heard a light thumping noise from inside the apartment. A little unnerved, he slowly and quietly made his way over, checking the various rooms, until he found the source of the thumping noise. At least, he found where it was coming from, but not what exactly it was. It was coming from his bedroom, the one that he shared with his girlfriend.

He had a good idea about what the sound was as well. His hand shaking slightly, he reached out and opened the door quietly.

Marie was home and that was why the door had been unlocked. But she wasn’t alone, either. One of his coworker, James Conway, also his best friend was in the room as well. He was lying on the bed, with his shirt and tie still on. His head was where one’s feet usually where. Straddling him and completely naked, was Marie. Marcus could see the expression on both of their faces, and they were thoroughly enjoying fucking each other. James had his hands on those wonderful C cup breasts of hers. Marcus stood in the doorway watching until finally, they noticed him. It was James who did first. It just so happened that it took place right after he came. His head slid down, off the side of the bed, and he saw Marcus standing there, although he saw everything upside down.

He moved quickly, getting her off of him, and rising. Well, at least Marcus knew that Marie was willing to cheat on a man who was far less endowed than he was. Marcus noted something then, that hurt more than just the fact that she was screwing around. Marie wasn’t on birth control, this he knew well, and James hadn’t had a condom on. Marie who had finally come to her senses, nearly screamed. She jumped up, and attempted to cover herself. Which was funny, considering he’d seen her naked more times than he could remember, and she was covering up so that he couldn’t see her, when he lived with her.

“Sorry,” Marcus said. “Did I interrupt?” He asked, willing the pounding headache that had come with the fever to go away.

“I…I…Marcus, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“Oh. Something about tripping, falling, and landing on his dick seems to come to mind right now. Isn’t that from a song?”

“Guilty Conscience?” James suggested.

“Yeah, that’s the one.” Marcus said, the two words settling into the minds of the other two occupants in the room.

“Look, man, I just-“

“Save it.” Marcus said. He turned and looked at Marie. “Since this apartment is in my name and I pay the rent with the little bit of a salary I make, you’re going to need to get your cheating whoring ass out of here. Soon, I might add, like tomorrow.” He said.

Tears sprang into her eyes.

“Marcus, please, don’t-“

“As for you,” He said, turning to James, “I’m going to have to tell McAvers the name of the person who’s been stealing from the Cork Inc. account tomorrow. I’m not going to cover ever again when you want to leave early. You’re lucky I don’t break your face.” He said. “Now, if you would oblige me, by putting the rest of your clothes on and getting the fuck out of my apartment?” He asked.

“Yeah…sure.” James said, and did just that.

When he left, Marcus turned and looked back at Marie. She had dressed, and was still crying, sitting on the edge of the bed. “This has been going on for a while now, hasn’t it?” He asked and she nodded. “You knew that I wanted to propose, that I’ve been wanting to do it for over six months. When did you and James start doing this?” He asked, surprised that he was able to keep control. He was usually such a wuss when it came to fights and arguments.

“Two months ago.”

“So you knew that I wanted to propose and you started fucking around anyway. My best friend? Really? I’m kind of surprised that you would be that sloppy.”

“Oh shut up. At least James is getting a promotion at the end of the month. He’s not going to be in a cubicle for the rest of his life. You’re just pissed that he’s going to be making more money than you.”

“Well, he’s been stealing money from the company. I’m sure he’ll be fired by the end of tomorrow.”

“That’s not the point. He’s better than you and he always will be. You’re not a man, Marcus, I make more money than you.”

“Yeah, from the size of things, he’s clearly a man.” Marcus said with a laugh. “You’re gone by the end of tomorrow, Marie.” He said. “I’m going out for a drink.”
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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:42 am

Marcus’ hand gripped the longneck bottle of Budweiser. He still had a pounding headache, and the fever was still there, but he was ignoring it as best as he could, just putting it out of his mind. He was happy with letting Captain Jack drift him away, though he was planning on sticking with just beer for now. The bar was one of the many that one could find in Manhattan and he had decided to stay close to his apartment since he honestly didn’t want to be walking around the city while intoxicated or even inebriated. He’d already finished three beers and he was steadily working on his fourth. He knew that he had a weaker system than most, and he was actually more susceptible to alcohol than the average person.

He knew this, but he was still going to drink and keep drinking. He was doing it mainly because it would help him to wash all of the pain away. Yeah, he had put on a good face when he had been in the room with Marie during and after he had kicked Conway out of the apartment, but inside he had been hurting. It was worse than being betrayed and the knife was still sticking out of his back. He didn’t understand why she had cheated on him and not once, but repeatedly. It made no sense. Yeah, they were having some money problems, but outside of that, their relationship had been solid, at least to him. He hadn’t sensed anything wrong and they usually were very forthcoming about their feelings.

So what had driven her to his best friend? He couldn’t think of the reason and thinking while drinking was probably a bad move anyway. He took another swig from the bottle before setting it down. The beer was beginning to hit him and he was getting to the mildly buzzed stage. He’d only been drinking for about an hour, but it was hitting him harder than it would have an ordinary man his age, because he was “special”. Right. That was a load of shit. His mother had just said that to make him feel better. So that when he was stuck in a dead end job, when his girlfriend was cheating on him and screwing other guys that he could have something to fall back on.

He was “special”.

That was honestly all he had to make himself feel better. Okay, maybe he was decent in bed. Apparently that wasn’t the case, since his girlfriend was looking for action elsewhere. Maybe he was a good boyfriend, kind, caring, and considerate. Apparently that wasn’t the case either, since he’d walked in on Marie fucking his best friend. Realistically it was all that he had to make himself feel better about life. That was pretty pathetic.

Ever since his parents had died, his life had slowly begun a downhill descent. His father had been a businessman, but he had been quite a few levels above where Marcus was now. His mother had been a homemaker, and she had been the rock of the family. She had died from cancer when he was twenty. That had been eight years ago and he had missed his mother since then. Almost all of the family’s wealth had gone into treating his mother’s cancer and trying to keep her alive. His father had gone in on wild theories and ideas regarding cancer and all of them had failed.

She had developed the cancer shortly after his twelfth birthday and it had been in remission over the years, springing up whenever the family needed something to knock it down a few notches. His father hadn’t been able to go on without his mother; they had been the flip sides of the same coin. Eventually he’d just given up, though not through suicide. Still, his father’s choice in the situation was something that Marcus hated him for.

Giving up was never an option. He could easily give up when it came to his job, but he hadn’t and he didn’t, as much as he loathed the cubicle and loathed the office. He did what he had to do and worked hard to scratch out what little pay he had. He had done what he had needed to do in regards to Marie over the years. His mother had wanted to live long enough to see at least her first grandchild, but that had been meant to be. Marcus didn’t know if he would ever have children. He didn’t know how he had gotten the immune system that he did, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to risk giving any children of his the same problems when the baby picked things out of the genetic lottery.

The bartender brought him another beer and Marcus set to work on downing it.

He wanted his kids to be able to win a drinking contest. At least once. Because when they woke up in the hospital they would swear off drinking heavily. That was his hope. He smiled at the thought. Marcus leaned back in the chair and continued to drink, working towards getting seriously drunk, all thoughts of safety now far behind him.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:46 pm

Marcus woke up. He was a little dazed and confused and definitely unsure of where he was. All he knew was that there were bright lights and they were blinding. He blinked a few times and finally got past the light. It was then that he realized where he was. It was a place that he had been to many times in his life, though not the same place all of the times. It was the hospital. He slowly tried to rise and felt a pain in his stomach. It was incredibly strong and his eyes bugged out for a few moments until he decided that he wasn’t going to be able to get up, even if he wanted to. He was forced to lie back down and his head swam. A nurse came into the room and smiled at him. She walked forward and pushed him all the way back down. Then she checked all the equipment in his hospital room.

“What happened?” He managed to say, despite the fact that his mouth was incredibly dry.

“You were drunk, Mr. Anderson. Not alcohol poisoning drunk, but drunk nonetheless.” She said. “In addition to that problem, you have something else as well. Apparently, you went picked a fight with a few people at the bar you were in. That’s why your stomach hurts. I suppose you’ll feel the other pain soon enough. Specifically in your back and in your ribs.”

“Are they okay?” He asked, somewhat concerned for the well being of the men that he had given hospital stays. Not too concerned, considering they had been more than happy to complicate his problems and instead of just putting him into the hospital for alcohol related things.

“Yes, but you did do more damage than you got. They’re in worse shape than you are.”

“Good, they deserved it.”

“Did they?” She asked with a lot of humor in her voice. She turned and looked at him, the look one of disbelief in his story.

“I don’t know what started the fight, but I guess they deserved it.” He said and tried to smile. It hurt so he stopped trying.

“I guess that works, Mr. Anderson.” She replied. “You have to stay here for a little while, but not longer than your friends, since your injuries were somewhat severe. But not too bad. Also, apparently you have a weaker immune system than most, so it’s been a little tough getting the alcohol out of you. Are they any relatives we should contact? Wife, girlfriend, siblings who should we get in touch with?” She asked.

“No.” He said. “My girlfriend moved out last night so no.”

“Sorry to hear about that.” She said.

He closed his eyes and few minutes later, she was gone, leaving him alone in the room. As she predicted, the pain began to take over, just in his back and ribs, like the nurse had said it would. Then he went back to sleep.


She had found him. She had been looking for him all over New York City and now she had finally found him. She had known that he was here in New York, but she hadn’t thought that going through the hospitals would have worked. It had been months into her search, but there he was, lying on a bed. The heavily reddish brown haired woman slowly walked into the room. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her iPhone. She flipped through the phone quickly and came up to the picture that she had of him. It matched. Perfect.

After all this time.

She had located him. The woman turned when Marcus’ nurse came into the room.

“Excuse me, are you related to Mr. Anderson?” She asked.

“I’m not related to him, but I’m a good friend of his.” She said, lying. She turned and looked back at the sleeping man. “Is he going to be alright?” She asked.

“Oh yes, he’ll be fine. He just needs to sleep it all off.”

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:03 pm

He had been asleep for a good bit of time. When he finally woke up, Marcus looked around the hospital room that he was in. He shook his head, trying to clear it. He quickly checked himself and was more than happy to find that the pain was gone. He was back to normal, or whatever it was that he had the misfortune to be. Marcus looked around one more time, before deciding that he really wanted to get the hell out of here. He swung his legs out and was about to get up, when his nurse entered the room. He turned to look at her and she smiled at him, making him smile back, in order to be polite.

“Mr. Anderson, you’re looking much better.” She said. “I think it’s safe to say that we can release you today.” She said with another smile.

He nodded in response to this and smiled, knowing that it was exactly what he had wanted and had needed to hear from her.

“That’s good news. I think I’ll take you out to lunch when I get out of here.” He said, half joking and half serious. He grinned.

“Actually, it’d be more like taking me out to dinner considering the time. But I would think that you would want to take your girlfriend out to dinner, not me.” She said.

“My girlfriend? Why would I do that, I broke up with her.” He asked

“She’s been here since yesterday, Mr. Anderson. She refuses to leave and has stayed for as long as the hospital allows visitors to remain on the premises. At first she said that she was your good friend, but when I questioned her about it, she said that she was your girlfriend, but that you two were on the outs.” The nurse said.

“Marie is here?” He asked, more than a little confused by this. That didn’t make any sense. He had thrown her out, had ended their relationship. Was she trying to apologize and get him back? Maybe. But he had been final and she had been accepting of it. It was just another thing about the female mind that confused him. A part of him didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that Marie was here. A part of him wanted to be as suave and seductive as possible and engineer things so that he walked out with the nurse on his arm with Marie watching him. But he couldn’t, because that wasn’t who he was. He was a nice guy. With a sigh, Marcus shrugged.

“Well, I just need you to sign some forms, and we’ll be able to get you on your way.” The nurse said. She handed him a clipboard that had a pen attached. Marcus looked over the paperwork and signed where it was needed. He just wanted to get out of here and get on with his life. Once everything was taken care off, his belongings were brought to him. He quickly changed into the clothes, rather the old clothes than the hospital gown. Marcus headed out of the hospital room and began to navigate his way to the main doorway so that he could get out.

Little did he realize that he was being watched and followed by a heavily reddish brown haired woman who was doing everything she could to make sure that he didn’t notice. As he moved through the hallways, she was only a few steps behind. She had to hustle from time to time in order to keep him in her sight, since Marcus was a good half of a foot taller than her and his stride was far longer than hers. Still, she was able to keep up with him rather well, ensuring that when he reached the streets of Manhattan she was still behind him.

Marcus, for his part, was confused. He had been looking for Marie as he walked out, tempted to call her. However, he hadn’t seen her anywhere, something that had surprised him to a degree. If she had been there trying to speak to him and be with him when he was in the hospital, and if she had been there as long as the nurse had said she had been, he would have definitely seen her. If anything, she would have been near where his room was, but he hadn’t seen her at all. It was definitely weird. He was still tempted to call her and ask her what was going on, but he figured that he should probably get back to his apartment first and get something to eat.

He was about to cross the street, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see a gorgeous reddish brown haired woman standing there. She was gorgeous, really. He blinked a few times, trying to get through the obvious attraction that he immediately had. After a few moments, when she continued to just stand there and stare at him with a weird smile on her face, he got a little annoyed. “Yeah? What do you want?” He asked.

“Marcus Anderson?” She asked, her voice soft, smooth, and almost like a caress.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I’ve been looking for you.” She said.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:38 pm

“Who…who are you?” Marcus asked the woman standing in front of him. His next question was going to be what did she want and why in God’s name had she been looking for him. If she had been some kind of lawyer or official, she would have already made her presence known and wouldn’t be acting a little creepy. She was shorter than him, by more than a little bit. He was six feet and two inches, while she looked to be a couple inches or so under five foot ten, which meant that he was around six inches taller than she was.

She was looking up at him with a look on her face that frankly scared Marcus a little bit. It wasn’t admiration or anything like that, it was something else. It was something sort of like awe. Like respect, but something different. She was still staring at him and he nearly snapped his fingers at her. “Who are you?” He asked again.

“My name is Jenny.” She said after a moment.

“Okay, Jenny, what do you want?” Marcus asked, wondering if he was going to have to spoon feed her everything in order to get the answers to his questions.

“Wait, my name isn’t Jenny.” She said and Marcus nearly took a step back.

What in hell was going on here? Who was this lady? She seemed to be insane first off. She was giving him weird looks and then she was telling him her name was Jenny when it wasn’t. Marcus had a good feeling that something bad was going to happen to him very soon. This wasn’t the best of situations to be in. This was New York City after all. Crazies littered the landscape about as much as litter itself did. He looked at her weird and decided that he was going to wait five more minutes. If she didn’t get sane in those five minutes, he was leaving and potentially calling the police.

“My name is…Medusalith, but you can call me Medusa.”

Now that actually rang a bell. He did know his Greek mythology a little bit. He looked at her with an ever weirder look on his face, one of disbelief. He had never heard of anyone naming their child Medusa, let alone Medusalith. Maybe she had legally changed her name? And if so, why? “Are you like…a goth or something?” He asked. She didn’t look like she was a goth. Actually, she was dressed in rather normal clothes. She had on blue jeans with sneakers, with a white button down shirt, and a dark brown jacket over it. She was attractive, actually she was really beautiful, but she was also creeping him out. This new revelation, what her name actually was, it was doing little to helping her convince him that she was not in fact, insane.

“Okay. What do you want with me?” He asked.

“You’re Marcus Anderson.”

“Yeah, I think we covered that one.” He said and she smiled in response. Insane or not, this woman had a great smile.

“I’m sorry, I just…” She trailed off and turned away, suddenly sneezing very hard. “The city, the pollution, it gets to me very easily.” She said.

“Yeah, me too.” He said in reply and for some reason this seemed to make her smile more. Now he was just wondering if she had some weird attraction to germs or something like that. It would explain things. Sort of, but not really.

“Can we go someplace and talk in private?” She asked. “There are something’s we need to discuss.” She added.

“Like what?”

“I can’t really tell you in public. Korg has spies everywhere.”

“Korg?” He asked, with an incredulous look on his face. “Who the hell is Korg?” He asked. “Are you part of some cult or something, cause this is freaking me out here.”

“No, I promise you that I’m not part of a cult or anything like that. I just need to talk to you in private.” She said. Her eyes were what did the trick, the look in them convincing him that she wasn’t crazy and that he at least should hear her out. Whoever this Korg guy was, she seemed genuinely scared of him. He knew that there was no way he was going to be able to help; he was just an average guy who had a meaningless day job.

What could he possibly do to help her?

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:56 pm

Marcus looked at the woman sitting in his living room. She looked incredibly nervous. She had a purse with her and she was absentmindedly twisting the strap of her purse. She looked around the room. He finally had a chance to really look at her and study her. Before he had just been looking at her as though she was insane, but now he had time to admire her. She was rather beautiful. She was definitely more beautiful than Marie was. One thing that he definitely noticed was her incredibly long hair. It was really long and besides that it was a hue of reddish brown that he had never really seen before. He would have been lying if he said that he didn’t find her attractive.

Still, what she was talking about somewhat killed the attraction to a great degree. He looked at the cup of coffee in his hand that she had insisted on making when they entered his apartment. He looked over at hers and then finally he spoke. “Okay, uh, Medusa. What is it that you needed to speak to me about? Who the hell is this Korg person and what is he trying to do to you?” He asked. The woman looked up at him, fear clear on his face. She had been sneezing a lot since they had come to his apartment and he had chalked it up to her quirkiness. “Look, this place is safe, right? None of his spies or whatever.” He said with a shrug.

“I know, I know.” She said with her voice smooth and soft. She ran a hand through her long tresses. She looked around and then up at Marcus. “You know how you told me that you’re very susceptible to injury and sickness?” She asked and he nodded in response to what she had said.

“Yeah. You’re going to tell me that this all part of your crazy Korg issues or whatever?” He asked in response to what she had said.

“Actually, no, I’m not going to say that. But I do have an answer as to why that happens.” Medusa said with a smile on her face. She knew that he still didn’t fully believe in what she was saying. That was alright though. She knew that she would be able to convince him. It was mainly because she had to. She had no choice other than to convince him that she was right. Because without him, she would lose against Korg. Medusa needed him.

“Well, alright. Out with it, please?” He asked.

“You’re not human.” She said. “Well, you’re human, but you’re human.” She said, her fingers grasping the cup of coffee. Her fingers had avoided the holder on the cup, instead opting to go and wrap around it. The cup was rather large it was one of the ones that he used normally; at least it looked that way as she lifted it up to her lips. Her eyes were wide as she looked at him, attempting to gauge his reaction to what she had said.

“Uh, then, what, would you say I am?” Marcus asked her.

“That’s an easy question.” She said with a brilliant smile. “You’re an Inhuman.”

“A what?”

“An Inhuman.” She said. “A race of people close to baseline humans. They are naturally stronger, faster, and better than humans when it comes to everything. Except for the fact that their bodies are conditioned for the cleaner, purer air of their home area, so they are easily susceptible to earth’s pollution, particularly when it comes to areas where there is a condensed population, like a city like New York.” She said.

“I’ve never displayed strength above what I guess you would call normal human level.” Marcus said. “You know, you’re not helping your case here. I still kind of think you’re crazy.” He added with a small smile.

She nodded in response.

“That may be true.” She said. “Of course, there is the fact that I can do this.” She said. Suddenly strands of her hair lashed out and moved forward. The cup in his hand shattered.

He stared.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Sat May 02, 2009 1:28 pm

The man stared at the shattered cup in his hands. His response time had been cut down because of the shock of what had happened. It took him a few seconds after everything had happened to realize that because of what Medusa had done, there was rather hot coffee spilt on his right hand. He let out a bit of a yelp that had Medusa nearly giggling and he dropped the shards of the cup onto the floor. He glared at her and then headed into his kitchen to grab a towel for his hand. Medusa lost control of herself then and let out a short laugh. Marcus stuck his head out of the kitchen and showed his displeasure with a scowl that nearly made her laugh once more. She lifted a hand up and shook it and composed herself quickly.

“What…what was that?” He asked.

“It was my hair.” She said. She reached a hand up and twisted a strand around her finger.

He could have said that the action, combined with the innocent look she was giving him was not enticing, but he would have been lying.

“Well, that much, I got.” Marcus replied.

“It’s my power. I have the ability to manipulate my hair however I wish and furthermore, my hair is naturally incredibly strong.” She said. “Its part of what makes me an Inhuman.” Medusa added with a smile. She looked up at him then to see his reaction.

“So then, what’s my power?” He asked. “If you can do that, I should be able to do something as well, right? I’ve never done anything involving a power before.” Marcus replied. He was looking at her almost expectantly, like ready to hear that he could do something amazing. Maybe he had powers like Michelle Crawford, Seer. Maybe he could fly or do a whole bunch of amazing things. He looked at her, wondering what she was going to tell him.

“You don’t have one.” Medusa replied.

“What do you mean? You just said I was an Inhuman, and you said that your powers are part of what makes you an Inhuman, so why don’t I have powers?” He asked.

“Because of the Terrigen Mists.” She replied. “Every Inhuman is born with enhanced attributes. You are stronger than a man who has nothing to augment his baseline strength, in essence, you have superhuman strength. You have faster reflexes, greater endurance, and swifter speed. But what gives an Inhuman his or her power is exposure to the Terrigen Mists. You would have been exposed as an infant, but you were brought instead to earth and placed in the care of two humans.” Medusa said, knowing what was going to come next.

“You mean…my parents, weren’t my parents?”

“Not your biological parents, no. They were your parents because they raised you, shaped you, molded you into the person you are today.” She said

“I think you should start at the beginning, Medusa. And don’t leave anything out.” He said.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Sat May 16, 2009 3:15 pm

By the time she finished explaining things to him, Marcus was thoroughly confused. He had a feeling he was more confused than he had been before, simply because there was so much information that he had to process in order to properly understand everything that she had told him. Medusa for her part seemed quite pleased with herself, having been able to tell him all of these things. He had another feeling that she was going to assume that he would know everything that she had told him perfectly and never ask another question about anything regarding Inhumans. This was not going to be the case, whatsoever.

She had told him that he was a full blooded Inhuman, and that his mother had journeyed to earth when she was younger. She had met the woman who Marcus considered his mother and the two of them had become close friends. His biological mother had brought his adopted mother to Attilan and the human woman had marveled at everything that was there. Eventually, she returned to her home in upstate New York. She fell in love with Marcus’ adopted father and got married.

Back on Attilan, things were not going well for Marcus’ family. They were being attacked through the inter family wars. They were incredibly cloak and dagger and Marcus’ biological mother didn’t want to raise her son in that kind of environment. She arranged for Marcus to be adopted by the woman and man that Marcus thought were his real parents and Marcus’ biological father went along with the plan, knowing that it was the best chance for Marcus’ survival.

He was now the last living member of his family. After Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family had been wiped out by the Chrell, a man by the name of Korg had exerted control over the people and had taken over Attilan. Medusa had joined the resistance against him after the man had killed her mother. She was now fighting against him and needed Marcus’ help in order to win the war against him and end his tyranny. This was why she had been looking for him. He was unsure why she needed his help and more importantly, what he could do to help her fight this war.

As she had been quick to point out, he had no powers of his own. He could theoretically obtain powers if he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists of Attilan, but they had to get there first off and Korg had the Mists heavily guarded now, in order to prevent anyone from getting to it that shouldn’t be there in the first place. She had told him that though she had journeyed to earth in secret, word had gotten out that she had left, and Korg had put her father under house arrest. Furthermore, he had sent some of his warriors to find Medusa and Marcus and kill them.

This hadn’t been too great in Marcus’ book.

He had finished cleaning up the spilt coffee around this point in time. Marcus headed into the kitchen, with the wet paper towels and opened a cabinet underneath and to the right of the sink. This was where he and Marie had kept the kitchen garbage. As he tossed the paper towels into the container, he heard the door open. He headed back into the living room. Medusa had assumed a bit of a fighting stance, but had done nothing with her hair.

He figured that it responded so fast that she could use it at a moment’s notice. It was then that he realized that there had been another sound and that that sound had been the key in the lock. It was only Marie. He wondered why she was here. Most of her things were gone already, perhaps she was just here to get the rest of her things and drop off her set of keys? It was definitely possible and the most probable out of everything. He watched as his ex-girlfriend walked into the room. Marie saw him and he could see a wave of hurt and sadness rush through her. It stung him to know that he was putting her through this, but he was quickly reminded of what she had done to deserve this kind of treatment.

She turned her attention away from him and to the other occupant of the room. Medusa had relaxed once she had seen who it was. She did not know who this woman was or anything abut her,but she did know that she was not the kind of person that Korg would have sent. Korg was all about strength and smashing things to pieces. His enforcers were much like him. Not to say that they were dumb brutes, for they weren't, just that they tended to be on the larger, stockier side. And they were usually male as well.

"Who are you?" Marie asked Medusa without preamble. "And what are you doing in my apartment?" She added.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:49 am

"My name is-"

"Marisa." Marcus said. "Her name is Marisa." He added. He had come up with the name on the fly, but he decided that it was so similar to Medusa, that Medusa might actually answer to it, so if ever they were in public, they could get away with her being a little bit more normal. He turned and looked at Marie. "And it's not your apartment, but you already knew that. What are you doing here, Marie?" He asked, folding his arms over his chest.

Marie cast a wary eye towards Medusa. She knew that Marcus wasn't the greatest with woman, and that furthermore, he had a bad track record when it came to dating. She had been his first serious girlfriend. A part of her was upset that he might have found someone new so fast. She didn't consider the fact that she had been completely in the wrong when it came to why the two of them had broken up. Marie just knew that there was another woman in the place that she had, for a while now, called home, and that she didn't particularly like it. She had intended to talk to Marcus about everything that had happened and maybe see if they could work things out.

Unfortunately when she had gotten here, he had been out. That had been last night. True to his word, he had left and had gone out. She had just finished moving all of her belongings into a friend's house and after going to dinner and talking things over with her friend, had decided that perhaps Marcus was the better choice of the two men. While James was more upwardly mobile than Marcus, Marcus was the kind of person who was easier to get along with. He didn't ask for much and he didn't expect too much from her. She was comfortable with him and she knew his likes and dislikes very well after all the time that they had been together. She didn't really want to get into a relationship with James, because she knew that James wasn't the kind of person who would be faithful to her.

An outsider would have found it interesting and perhaps ironic that an unfaithful woman would be deciding between two potential relationships based on whether or not her future significant other would cheat on her. Marie was a woman who enjoyed stability. Marcus was that. He was stable no matter what happened. He rarely lost his cool and calm and he was the kind of person that any woman would want to marry, assuming that they could get him to be more proactive about advancing in life. Also if they could deal with his medical issues, but that wasn't as important as a paycheck really. Marcus didn't get banged up too much so that most of the paycheck went for medical expenses.

Marcus was basically more easily manipulated than James. Which wasn't a bad thing, especially in Marie's book. So she had reasoned out her arguments to the best of her ability and had worked everything out in her head. She knew how she was going to get him back.

But this new development, this new woman, in her house, was something to consider. To say that the woman was gorgeous was an understatement. Marie would have killed for that body. It was lithe, toned, nubile. Everything that a woman needed to immediately attract the baser nature that men possessed. But there was something more, something that Marie could tell was there, but something that she didn't have the words exactly to describe. One thing was for sure, Marie was definitely in love with the woman's hair. Medusa's hair was just simply amazing to look at. Marie spoke then, to Marcus.

"I was hoping that we could talk know, what happened."

"I don't think that there's anything to discuss about it." Marcus replied firmly.

Medusa looked between the two of them and wondered what was going on. Who exactly was this woman and why did she give Medusa a bad vibe? Was there some kind of bad blood between Marcus and Marie? In that case, Medusa had no problem using her powers to crush the life out of Marie. It wouldn't take much, just two to three individual strands of her long hair wrapped around Marie's neck. She could have the breath casually and quickly removed from Marie's windpipe and the suffocate her rather easily. It would be an efficent and painless death. Well, painless for Medusa that was. As she stood there, she considered the Marisa name.

She had no real problem with it. She would have preferred if Marcus had consulted her first, because technically her name was Medusalith and furthermore, she liked her name and the shortened, easier for humans version that she had. Marisa was something new and she tested it out in her head. After a few moments, she embraced it, particularly because she liked the way that Marcus said it. Not that the way he had said Medusa was bad, but there was nothing wrong with something along the lines of a nickname.

"But Marcus, please. You have to listen to me." Marie said and Medusa was drawn back into the conversation from her musings. "Just...can we talk about it?"

"Fine." He replied.

Marie turned to Medusa and then back to Marcus.

"In private?" She asked and he nodded in response, gesturing the bedroom that up until a very short while ago, the two of them had shared.

Medusa just nodded and took a step back, indicating that she had no problem with them doing this and that they were welcome to their privacy.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:13 am

"I just...I just don't think that we should give up on us so easily, Marcus." Marie said, assuming a defeated posture. She knew how to play this game and she knew how to play it well. All said and done, she was banking on her being able to win Marcus back in approximately fifteen minutes. Less than a minute after that, she was going to get that woman, Marisa, out of her home, and then she and Marcus were going to engage in make up sex where she was going to blow his mind and shove all thoughts of her unfaithfulness out of his head. She felt that it was a good plan and one that she could easily, oh so easily implement.

"You don't think that we should give up on us?" Marcus rephrased, more than a little surprised by what she had just said. "Marie, you're the one who gave up on us the second you cheated on me. I did nothing wrong here." He said, folding his arms over his chest. He had a feeling that he knew what she was trying to do and he also knew that he wasn't going to stand for it. This woman in front of him was no longer a woman. She was a cold, heartless bitch who had cut at him worse than she would ever know. Men didn't fall in love as easily as women did. When they did fall in love though, they fell in love with a stronger connection and a stronger attachment than their female counterparts did. Marie had destroyed him when she had done what she had done, especially since she made him use protection and James hadn't had to have that prerequisite when he shoved his dick into her.

That alone made him furious.

"I know, I know and I'm sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am, Marucs. If I could do it again, I would never have cheated on you." She replied.

"That may be, but I don't know that for sure. I'm not telepathic or anything like that." He said. Suddenly, he wondered about what Medusa had told him, about the Inhumans and their powers. Maybe he was telepathic, he just needed to be exposed to those Terrigen Mists in order to properly understand it and be able to control it. He pushed it to the back of his mind as Marie did her trademark pout.

Usually it got her whatever she wanted out of him, but today was a different day. It was a very different day and it wasn't going to work as well as she might have thought it would have.

"Marcus, how can you be so cold and say that?"

"You’re not in a position to accuse me of being cold, I’m sorry to say. How do you expect me to react? You want me to just welcome you back with open arms, to go back to the way things were?” He asked her a little incredulous.

“You’re not even giving me a chance to try to make up for what I did.”

“You cheated on me, Marie!” He said, starting to get angry. “What could you possibly do to make up for what you did?” He asked, his voice rising in volume.

Outside, Medusa wondered if it would be prudent for her to go inside of the room and check up on the two of them. Their voices were beginning to grow in volume and she wanted to make sure that Marie did not harm Marcus in any way. That woman did not properly understand how important Marcus was to Medusa and to the rest of the Inhuman population. They needed him in order to properly fight back against Korg and she needed him in one piece. There was the side part that she could begin to tell what was at the root of the problem between Marcus and Marie and she didn’t approve of the other woman’s actions in the least.

How could she have cheated on her boyfriend? How could she have cheated on a man like Marcus at all?

Medusa rationalized that out somewhat quickly. Marie didn’t know who Marcus was, who he really was. If she knew that he was the only real person in line to what had once been and could be again the most powerful house amongst the Inhumans, she wouldn’t have done that. Furthermore, everything she had seen of Marcus, outside of the rather curious looks he had given her when the two of them had first met, actually met, lent itself to the theory that he was a very good man. A “good catch” as these earth women would say. He was a sweet, caring man who Marie had deeply hurt. Medusa knew all about men and their egos and she could tell that Marcus didn’t have a big one.

He was a down to earth man and he hadn’t deserved what his girlfriend had done to him.

Anger of her own began to grip her and she unconsciously formed fists. Marie didn’t deserve Marcus. She wasn’t good enough for him. Not at all. Medusa couldn’t talk though. She was a little biased. She had long ago seen pictures of what Marcus looked like and what he was supposed to look like now and she had fallen in love with him then. When the time had come to find him, she had volunteered herself, despite being a high ranking member of the resistance. She had wanted to meet him, meet the man that she had fallen in love with when she had just barely hit puberty. Only to find that he was exactly the kind of man that she had dreamed she would one day be with and a lot more.

Only to find that some other woman was in his life and furthermore had been so incredibly cruel to him and had broken his heart. She wanted to go in there and deal with Marie permanently. But she knew that she couldn’t. So she uncurled her fists and waited patiently.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:58 am

Marie knew when she had lost. She nodded slowly, knowing that she had lost this battle and that Marcus was still a free agent. She headed out of the door, anger on her face and visible through her body language. Marcus stood in the doorway to the bedroom for a few moments, just thinking about everything that had happened. Then he turned and looked at where Medusa was sitting, giving her a small somewhat sheepish smile. She returned the look and gave him as warm and understanding of a smile as possible. Marcus waited until Marie was gone for a little while before turning to Medusa. “It’s complicated with her.” He said, feeling as though he owed her some kind of explanation, even if it didn’t go in depth or cover anything at all really.

“It’s fine.” She said in reply. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay. Medusa, I’d like you to tell me more about Korg. What exactly has he done, who is he, what are his powers and everything like that. What is it that you want from me? How am I supposed to be able to help?” He asked. His mind was still on Marie, partially, but he wanted to know more about what was going on and what Medusa wanted from him. “I’m not sure what exactly I’m to do to help you fight this guy.” Marcus added and Medusa nodded in response.

“Korg has taken over and he is repressing the people. He’s not being a fair leader like Black Bolt and his reign was. He needs to be stopped and you are the best chance to do that, out of everything that our Resistance has.” Medusa said and her tone changed to a martial one that partially scared Marcus but definitely intrigued him. She had changed somewhat and he could see that her hands had curled into fists. She relaxed them after a moment.

“Why me? That’s what I don’t understand.”

“Your heritage. The one you don’t really know about and that I’ll tell you about as we head to our next destination.” Medusa said. “We need to get to Baltimore, Maryland.” She added. “I don’t know where that is though.” She said. “What’s Maryland?” She asked after a few moments, with a look of pondering on her face that was incredibly attractive. Marcus clamped down on that, because now was not the time to be thinking about things like that. He had to figure out what was going to be happening in the next few weeks.

“Maryland is part of the United States, like New York is. It’s south from here.”

“How far south?”

“Not really far south.” Marcus said with a smile. “We can get there very quickly actually, it shouldn’t take us that long. What is there though?”

“A transporter device. It will take us to where Attilan is. We only have a small window of time to get there and to use it to get to Attilan.” Medusa said. “Once we get to Attilan, things will get a little tricky. We have to sneak you into the chamber where the Terrigen Mists are and expose you to the mists to give you powers. Once the people see that you are alive and that you have powers, they will rally behind you and we’ll be able to fight Korg and his soldiers.”

“Overthrow them and go from there.” He said.

“Exactly, yes.” Medusa said, beaming. “We need to move quickly though. There’s a limited window of time, and Korg could have his spies in place. You won’t be able to tell who they are, they’ll blend in with humans, just like I do.” She said.

“Alright, tell me where in Baltimore we need to go.”

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:41 am

They had made their way from his apartment to an Amtrak Station. The station wasn't too far away from Marcus' place. He wasn't sure how well Medusa was adjusted to life on Earth and how well she could deal with people, so he had decided to take a cab. The last thing he wanted to do was subject Medusa to the interesting breed of people known as New Yorkers, especially not in the New York Subway system. He wasn't suicidal, not by far. Marcus stepped out of the cab when they reached their destination. His parents had raised him to be a proper gentleman, so without thinking he offered his hand to Medusa to help her out of the cab. She didn't take the offer, but she smiled at the gesture. Marcus paid the cab driver and then turned, looking at the building that was Penn Station. He hadn't been to Penn in a while, but every New Yorker had been there at some point in their life. Every person who had ever come to the city had been there, it was a huge tourist attraction.

He was a little apprehensive of going through Penn Station, but realistically, it was one of the fastest ways of getting to Baltimore, and one of the cheaper ways. He didn't want to go on the planes, because he didn't really do air travel well and furthermore, buying tickets at the last second was incredibly pricey. However, both airplanes and trains had a problem. They were really public. Medusa had been warning him about this guy Korg for a while now. If Korg was as strong as she was saying he was, then Marcus had reason to be afraid of him. More importantly, the man who had taken over rule of the Inhumans had potentially sent agents of his after them. Since Inhumans apparently looked like humans generally, there was no real way to pick them out of a crowd. Therefore, going into a crowd wasn't the smartest of ideas. He didn't know, and neither did Medusa, it seemed, who these people were going to be and what their powers were.

Marcus was just spitballing though. He was hoping that he wasn't right, even though he feared he was. He had seen enough war movies or action movies and he knew how a lot of these things worked. It was just a matter of time before they were attacked by someone who represented this Korg guy. The problem was, he wasn't sure how this Korg guy could know where they were. It wasn't like he was able to track Marcus' movements. Medusa seemed like she was on top of things, so he didn't think that Korg was able to track them through her. Which made him wonder why he was being so apprehensive about using the train to get them to their destination. However, as he started to walk towards the train station, he remembered something that was of extreme importance.

If you thought about it, Medusa had had no way of tracking him, yet she had found him. The only reason why he was thinking about Korg as a problem was because Medusa had been able to find him. If she had been able to find him, it stood to reason that Korg or his agents would be able to find him. The question wasn't whether or not it would happen really. The question was simply a matter of time.

This meant that they had to move and move fast.

Buying tickets for the next didn't take them that long. They weren't too expensive either. Marcus had called in sick before they had left, and while he hadn't had a shred of evidence to prove that he was sick, he fell sick so often, that it was just accepted and the company moved on without him for a day. He had a feeling that he was going to have to take a little more of an extended leave down the road, but he would cross that bridge when he got there. The black haired man walked through the doors to where the trains were and headed down to the track that their train was going to be at. Medusa dutifully followed, her eyes wide as she took in the sights and firsthand learned what a train station was. It was an interesting and exciting experience for her.

She had read about human train stations before hand and while she had been growing up on Attilan, she had tried to learn whatever she could about the people who lived on planet Earth. However, there was a difference between learning something in a book and actually experiencing it. A book or teaching tool couldn't properly capture the essence of the location. The smells, the sounds, the sights. It could describe it, yes, but beyond the person's innate imagination, there was no way of conveying just how it was. From everything that she had seen, she had decided that she liked train stations. They were an interesting melting pot for people to meet and greet. If she had had the time, she would have enjoyed to spend a little while in the train station itself and study the comings and goings of all the people. Medusa had spent a great deal of her life in training and in combat, but she enjoyed learning and enjoyed learning about other people the most.

Medusa's followed Marcus as they headed over to where their train was. Hopefully their trip would be uneventful, but she had a feeling that this wouldn't be the case. It was never the case when it came to Korg. She didn't know how, but he would do something. She was keeping her eyes open for anything and anyone that looked out of place. To be unprepared would mean death and that was something that Medusa wanted to avoid at all costs. Marcus was important and she had to get him to the Terrigen Mists.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:18 pm

They were on the train. The train itself was on the tracks and headed towards Baltimore. It wouldn't take them that long to get to their destination. Baltimore was close to New York. They were going at a consistent speed without the problem of traffic. They could cover more ground in the same amount of time and didn't have to stop for tolls or anything. Marcus had wanted to take a small nap, but Medusa had kept him up, asking him various questions about human culture. She had a look on her face that told that she was a hardened warrior who had seen and had witnessed a lot. But Marcus had seen something underneath. Curiosity. Not exactly the curiosity of a child, but something similar to it. He couldn't resist it at all.

Every time he said something funny, she gave him a big smile. He really liked her smile. Also, he could be telling her about the stupidity of lawsuits like the hot coffee one from McDonald's and she treated it as seriously as when he told her about ethnic or religious strife like in the Sudan or what had happened in Bosnia years ago. Of course, then he had to explain to her what exactly McDonald's was. Then he had been forced to promise her that they would make a stop at a McDonald's when they got to Baltimore so she could try the food there. He had rolled his eyes, but she had made him promise and he had given in after a little while.

She was filled with questions and each time he answered one, it was like she had two or three more for him to answer. It made him feel appreciated, to say the least. It was as though she was hanging on his every word. That was a first. It wasn't something that he wanted all the time, but just the fact that she was listening to him, really listening to him was something that was something new to him. Marie has listened to him when they had first started dating, but after a while, she just tuned him out all the time. His opinion hadn't mattered. She would just decide what they were going to when faced with a decision and whatever he said was like a second thought. After a while, Marcus had just gotten tired of it and had just gone with whatever she wanted. It was easier than arguing with her or just giving her a silent treatment for a little while.

Medusa and he were alone in their section with the exception of only a few people. Every once in a while, Marcus looked around the room, watching the people. He did it in a way that he felt was not obvious, but you never knew. If any of them intended to harm either Marcus or Medusa, they didn't give the appearance of it. As they continued to travel, Medusa slowly became more interested in what was going on outside, at the scenery and suburbia that she could see as they flew by. Her questions began to dwindle until they stopped.

It allowed him a chance to sit for a while and just think, something that he liked. He didn't understand what exactly was going on with this Korg guy. He wanted to know why it was supposed to be him who was able to take Korg down. Furthermore, he wanted to know how exactly Korg had been able to take over Attilan or whatever the name of this place was. Medusa had told him some things, but he didn't fully understand and he wasn't sure how to get her to tell him, especially since they were in the presence of other people. He wanted to make sure that no one could over hear them, so the people didn't think that they were crazy or anything like that.

Or, if they were this Korg guy's spies or agents, that Marcus and Medusa's hand would be tipped. But he needed to understand. If one looked at the decisions that he had made recently, they wouldn't make sense. He was going with Medusa on this journey, this mission, but he didn't properly understand everything that surrounded it. There were questions that he had, and answers that he needed. He was acting without proper knowledge, or at least full knowledge of what was going on. Maybe he had the proper knowledge, it was actually very possible that he did. But since he didn't know everything about what was going on, how could he know that what he did know, was the proper knowledge?

It didn't make sense and he knew that he needed to get to the bottom of it. But he also needed to do it in a location where he and Medusa could properly talk about everything. This was not the time nor the place. His problem was that he was running out of time. When they got to Baltimore, they were supposed to be going to this portal thing that would take them to Attilan. Which meant that he only had a short period of time when they got off the train, but before they got to this portal to really figure out what was going on. As far as he knew, this portal could be taking him anywhere. It wasn't that he didn't trust Medusa, it was that he barely knew her.

How did he know that he wasn't being tricked?

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:31 am

Medusa took another bite of her hamburger. Since getting off the train, she had developed a ravenous hunger, fueled partially by actual hunger and predominantly by nerves. Her stomach was a ball of them, and despite how good this Big Mac hamburger construct was, she had a feeling that it was not going to ease the worry that she was going through. However, she attempted to make the best of it, chewing her food carefully and washing the bite down with a large gulp of her soda, Dr. Pepper. She made a mental note to ask about this Dr. Pepper person and find out his formula, because her drink was very good. Marcus had said something about a marketing gimmick of twenty three flavors and how he wasn't actually sure if there were twenty three in there. Seeing as he had worked a few actual advertising and marketing campaigns, she didn't doubt his knowledge, but she wondered if Dr. Pepper had been an Inhuman. Some of the flavors that she could taste, she knew were particular to Attilan cooking.

She had wanted to say something to Marcus, but he had seemed on edge for some reason, and she had a feeling that whatever it was that was bothering him, she didn't need to add to it, in any way. They were still in the McDonald's and she had to admit that she kind of liked the place. There was a hustle and bustle to it. It reminded her of Attilan in some ways. She turned and looked at Marcus, who was carefully considering his meal. He had told her that he was Episcopalian and since it was a Friday, during Lent, there was a rule that he was supposed to follow. That was something about earth culture and the earth way of life that she did know from her studies. She had learned a great many things, but a lot of it had been overview types of things. She hadn't gotten into things like McDonalds, but she had learned about much larger, deemed more important, things. As it was, they were working to the end of their meal rather quickly, and they needed to be off. They were in Baltimore and the portal that she had worked to get put into place wouldn't be around for that long. The Resistance had worked hard to set up a set of portals that would allow someone to travel from earth to Attilan or vice versa. The system had worked rather well so far.

The only way that someone could access the portals was if they were an Inhuman or if they were with an Inhuman, touching or holding onto that person when they traveled through the portal. It had cost the Resistance much to set the portals up and furthermore keep them maintained and protected from Korg's people. They'd done it for many reasons though. Korg had an almost all seeing eye on Attilan, but on earth, he couldn't track people the same. It meant that earth was a great hiding spot and the resistance had utilized it as such before.

It had another purpose, one that Medusa had been working on for a while. She had known that the man who would save them would be on earth and she had known that someday she would need a way to get him to Attilan. Thus, she had made sure that the Resistance had dedicated what resources it had been able to, to create and keep up the portals. It had been a great idea and the Resistance leaders had agreed with her. She rose then, grabbing her trash and indicating that she was done. Marcus was finished as well with his meal and he rose too, grabbing his tray. They threw their food out and headed out the door of the McDonalds.

"So, where is this portal located?" Marcus asked her after a few moments.

"It's at this place, the National Aquarium." She said. "We like to put them in plain sight so that if Korg is going to send people after us, we can blend in with the crowd and then escape that way and come back or sneak through the people and get to the portal." She added and Marcus nodded in response.

"Doesn't that also mean though that his people could hide in plain sight?" He asked.

"Yes, but we have to take that chance, unfortunately." Medusa replied.

"I have a question." Marcus said, nearly stopping in his tracks before he continued onwards.

"You're wondering if this is some kind of trick." Medusa said and he realized that it was much more statement than it was question, by far, making him pause and look at her.

"How do you know?"

"Body language, facial expressions, simple things like that. I'm an expert at reading them and I'm beginning to pick up on a lot of your signals." She said.

"Telling me that doesn't instill a lot of confidence in me."

"It wasn't supposed to. I was simply stating the facts."

"Well, convince me then." Marcus said.

Medusa stopped on the side of the road and turned full fledged towards him. "You want me to convince you of what exactly? That all the stories you heard about Black Bolt and the Inhumans before the Chrell Invasion are true? Or that I am indeed named Medusa and that my hair can do amazing things because of the Terrigen Mists? That there is an evil man named Korg who is oppressing all of the Inhumans and doing horrible things to them, a man that needs to be stopped? Or that you are the one who can do it, because you are, simply put, who you are? What exactly do you want me to convince you of?" She asked. She knew what she had to do here and it was going to hurt her to do it. She put her hands on her shapely hips and waited.

"I, well, I-"

"Because honestly, it doesn't matter what you want me to convince you of." Medusa said, cutting him off.

He blinked a few times and just stared.

"I don't need to convince you, because you're going to come with me anyway. Why would I spend all this time and effort to trick you, Marcus? You've said it yourself, you're a nobody. That's why Marie cheated on you right? Because you're nothing special. You're just another loser. You need me and you need this to be real, because it'll support everything you've thought in your life and been told by your parents. Admit it. You have to trust me, because otherwise, you just have to go back to your mundane, boring, and pathetic little life." She said, before turning and continuing to walk down the busy metropolitan street.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:59 pm

Marcus followed Medusa in silence as they walked. He had had been silent for the past twenty minutes. They had caught a cab to their destination and now they were walking through the National Aquarium. The two of them were walking through the Maryland part of the Aquarium. Medusa feigned interest in the exhibit on the Diamondback Terrapin, which, as she read, was really called the Malaclemys terrapin. It was an interesting creature, but her mind wasn’t on what was happening around her. It was instead on the man who walked with her. His eyes were on the Sheepshead Minnows, also in the Tidal Marsh section of the Maryland section. She could tell that he wasn’t paying that much attention either.

She wasn’t sure where the portal was supposed to be. She knew that it was in the aquarium, but the portal itself wasn’t that large and it was hidden somewhere in the aquarium. They never revealed the full location in case the information got leaked to Korg and his minions. She needed to find the portal. They were on a timetable. The gateway was going to be closed soon so they had to make good time. Medusa needed Marcus to get out of the funk that he was in. She knew that she had upset him and while she wished that her words hadn’t been as harsh as she had made them.

However it had been something that had needed to be done. She would rather him be all upset and following her, stewing about her comments to him, than thinking about all he had been thinking about and questioning her. At least this way, the two of them made some progress on their journey. Her eyes moved, flitting around what she could see, trying to detect if there were any of Korg’s soldiers in the aquarium with the two of them. She couldn’t see the agents of the illegitimate ruler of the Inhumans, but that definitely didn’t mean that they weren’t there.

Staying on their toes would be what would keep them alive. She spared a glance at Marcus. He wasn’t paying much attention to anything, which meant that he was being a liability. Part of her action was because she wanted him to be attentive, but a larger part of her was because she did feel sorry for what she had said to him.

“Marcus,” She said, reaching a hand out and putting it on his arm, “I apologize for what I said.” She said. “I was out of line in what I said and I wish to make amends.” She added, with a small smile.

Anderson was quiet for a few moments before he just nodded and continued to walk. She followed him, unsure of whether or not he had actually forgiven her or not. She wanted to make sure that he wasn’t upset with her for what she had said.

“Do you forgive me?” She asked.

“Sure.” He said.

“I don’t believe you.” Medusa said in reply.

Marcus stopped and turned then, looking at her full in the face.

“Well, you don’t need to believe me, the same way I don’t need to believe you like you said earlier.” He said. “After all, everything you said, it’s the truth. I might as well follow you, because what do I have to lose? Nothing. I am nothing and I have nothing going on in my life. Don’t try to convince me otherwise since you just worked really hard to convince me of that fact.” Marcus said. He paused then and looked away for a moment before looking back at her. “You know it’s true. I do have a mundane, boring, and pathetic life.” He said.

Medusa was reduced to silence as he walked away into the Coastal Beach section of the Aquarium. She followed him, sighing as she did.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Thu May 06, 2010 3:06 pm

They were still walking through the Aquarium. Medusa wasn't sure where the portal was, and she hadn't seen anything that would lend itself to being the portal either. It was beginning to frustrate her. She had a nagging feeling that there were people following her and Marcus and that they were with Korg. She didn't know why she thought that way, as there hadn't been anything overt that would lead her to believe that they were being followed. It was just a feeling nothing more. One thing Medusa had learned though, when you had feelings like these, it was wise to trust them. The two of them had made their way to one of the many food areas. Medusa watched as Marcus walked through the food area, just looking around. He turned and looked at her, shaking his head slowly. She had given him a description of what the portal could look like. While it could be, and would be disguised as an everyday item, it would have different things that would make it stand out to someone who was an Inhuman or part Inhuman. It wouldn't be obvious so as to make their reaction to seeing it for the first time be conspicuous, but there would be tell tale signs to someone who was an Inhuman or part Inhuman, that it was different from a normal version of that item.

Medusa turned and looked behind her as more people streamed in from the end of a tour. There was no one there that she recognized and no one that, upon a even a quick survey, she felt threatened by. She wasn't sure why she felt the way she did, but she signaled Marcus to come towards her, so that they could go to another section of the Aquarium. She had a sinking feeling that they were going to have to go into the inner workings of the building, where they weren't allowed, to try to find the portal. It didn't look as though it was anywhere in the open, visitor access allowed, building. Unless Korg's people had gotten to it first, but she doubted that. She didn't think that anyone would have talked in the Resistance and that was the only way that Korg would have been able to find out.

She turned around and started walking out of the cafe, knowing that Marcus would follow her. As she strode forward, she reached into her coat pocket and let her fingers brush against the small packet of metal spheres that she had with her. A part of her felt bad knowing that Marcus had no defenses really in case an attack did happen, but at the same time, a part of her didn't want to give him what she had brought with her for fear of it really pushing him over the edge, and him really realizing that his life was in danger. She had a feeling that if there was an attack and then she gave him the tools, that he'd be even more upset with her than he would have if she gave them to him before anything happened.

It was rather obvious how he'd rationalize out the anger.

Her fingers grabbed onto the small bag that held the three different size spheres and she turned, her eyes searching for Marcus. She saw him walking towards him when a woman sitting near him accidentally dropped her purse, her arm brushing it off of the table as she ate her food. The woman who was seated had her back to Medusa, so she couldn't see the woman's face. She watched as Marcus bent and picked up the black haired woman's purse, putting it onto the table. The woman looked up and thanked Marcus, at least that's what Medusa thought happened. Marcus' response was to smile, nod, and accept the pat on the forearm, so Medusa's deduction was that he had been thanked. He took a few steps past the woman and then the woman turned, with a smile on her face. Medusa's eyes widened.

She knew that face. She knew that woman. It was Ashla, one of Korg's Royal Guards. Her blue eyes crackled as she looked at Medusa, the smile on her face widening. It sent the Resistance woman into full on panic mode. What the hell was going on and how had Ashla gotten here. If she had just identified Marcus and Medusa, it meant that Korg and his agents had to know what Marcus looked like now, which put his well being into jeopardy. It also meant that she was going to have to give him the spheres now. Medusa started walking forward, towards Marcus, who had an unassuming look on his face. Blame could not be put on him. He had no idea that the woman that he had just helped was someone who was trying to kill him.

It had just been another human being who he had been trying to help, that was all.

Marcus saw the look on Medusa's face and he wasn't sure why it was there. he just had a feeling that there was a bad person behind him. He turned and looked, but saw nothing. His eyes were snagged by the woman sitting at the table, the woman that he had helped. Her clear blue eyes sparkled as she smiled at him again and he just smiled back before turning once more. Was that what Medusa had gotten all worried about? He had just helped her that was all. Marcus was pretty positive that even wherever it was that Medusa was from, people helped each other on a daily basis. It was just the way that things worked. So what was she getting all upset about?

He continued to walk forward, and was about to reach Medusa when something hit him in the back, hard with a lot of force. It was energy of some kind, electricity, because it played havoc across his body as he went flying forward. Marcus landed on the ground, skidding forward as he slid into a trash can. He picked himself up and turned, wanting to know exactly who had done that to him and how. He watched as the black haired, blue eyed woman that he had helped got up from the table that she had been sitting at. Electricity was flowing out of her eyes and around her body. Her hands had become balls of electricity. His eyes widened.

Medusa spared Marcus a glance. "Find cover." She said, before turning to deal with Ashla.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Sat May 29, 2010 12:46 pm

Marcus remembered the first time he had seen Medusa use her powers. Her hair had changed color. Seeing it then still didn't prepare him for it happening now. Her hair shifted colors, from a beautiful brown, and he wasn't entirely sure why he found it beautiful, to an even more beautiful shade of red. He still didn't know why he found it beautiful, but he did know why he found it awesome. Medusa lashed out, strands of her hair crossing the gap between her and the electricity woman and started attacking her, while other strands reached out for chairs and picked them up, cocking them back and throwing them at the electricity woman. Still more strands reached out for a garbage can that was nearby and prepared to do the same with that. Medusa was in a full on combat stance, bracing herself for an attack that didn't seem like it was coming. Marcus wasn't sure what was going on though. Why wasn't the electricity lady attacking Medusa back?

The electricity lady just had her arms up in a defensive position, attempting to block the attacks. Medusa's hair was apparently razor sharp, for the attacks were beginning to cut through the woman's clothing and Marcus could see blood starting to come from the cuts. He wanted to do something, to try to help somehow, but he wasn't sure how best to do that. At any point, the electricity could start again, and he was pretty sure that he didn't want to go through that again. Marcus stayed where he was, behind a table that some fleeing people had overturned. He peered over the edge of the table, and watched as Medusa charged forward, right after she threw the garbage can at the woman.

The woman smiled and lifted her hands. She brought them together and Marcus watched as crackling blue electricity emanated from her hands. She pulled her hands back and there was a spindle of electricity between her hands. She made it longer and in front of Marcus' eyes, the woman caught the garbage can in connection. He watched, awestruck, as the electricity increased in brightness and power. Medusa herself slowed down her charge. The woman pushed outwards, the garbage can moving through the air towards Medusa. "Medusa, look out!" Marcus said, without thinking about not using Medusa's real name. However, Medusa didn't respond to Marcus, she just reacted.

With a flick, some of her hair snapped outwards, grabbing a hold of a chair. She lifted it and threw it, hard, towards the garbage can that was coming towards her. The two collided in mid air and the garbage can was knocked to the ground. "I didn't know you knew how to do that, Ashla." Medusa said.

Ashla? She knows this lady? Marcus thought.

"There's a lot you don't know, Medusa. But don't worry, I'll make sure you learn everything very well." Ashla said. She started to walk forward, a smile on her face. "One such thing, is that Korg knows all about your great hope, and that he's merely amused by it. That man isn't going to be able to stop Korg and you know it." She said. "Why are you even bothering?" Ashla asked, with a shrug of her shoulders.

"You don't know whether or not he'll be able to stop Korg. He's-"

"And you do?" Ashla asked. "You don't know what powers he'll have after the Terrigenesis. For all you know, he could be stuck with powers more stupid than yours."

Medusa's eyes narrowed and then she charged forward, while Ashla smiled, her bait taken.

Medusa jumped though, something that Ashla wasn't prepared for. She utilized her hair to reach out and grab Ashla's forearms. She twisted as she came down, turning Ashla as well. Medusa angled her attack so that Ashla's forehead slammed into an upturned table edge, knocking her unconscious. Medusa let loose her strands of hair and retracted them, her hair changing in color once more to brown. She looked at Marcus. "Let's move. Now."

"No complaints here."

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:38 am

"You know that lady?" Marcus asked as they moved.

"Yes, yes I do." Medusa stated matter of factly as they hurried through the aquarium.

"Care to share?" He asked.

"She's tried to kill me before." Medusa said.

Her stale tone of voice and word choice was beginning to get to Marcus. It was the same all the time, as if devoid of emotion. The only time she seemed emotional was when she was learning new things about human culture. "Unsuccessfully, of course." He replied with a smirk on his face.

She stopped moving and he took a few more steps before he realized that she'd stopped and he stopped himself. "Well…yes. Of course." Medusa said, her eyes showing the confusion that she felt. Marcus couldn't do nothing but laugh. She gave him a look that conveyed the message that he really shouldn't be doing that in the middle of a situation like this. He shook his head slowly, and brought his hand up as if to ask for a moment to compose himself.

Suddenly a bolt of electricity flew past their heads. Both turned and saw that Ashla was headed their way. Marcus indicated that they should keep moving and Medusa glared at him before they started moving again. "Alright, so what's the plan?" Marcus asked.

"I…I'm not sure." She said. "We weren't able to find the transporter, and we need to have that before we can make any decisions." She added.

"So what, just run for it?" He asked and Medusa nodded.

Electricity flashed past them, making them choose their movements more carefully. People were screaming now, and rushing past them, in a stampede motion. Medusa, due to her Resistance training, had started to use them for cover, trying to blend in as best as she was able to. She watched as Marcus attempted to mirror her moves, but with far less success. She could tell that his attempts weren't going to work. Hopefully the simple fact that there was such a large crowd, would work in their favor. They were moving quickly though, and Medusa knew that she had to make a choice soon. They needed to find the portal, but they needed time and the ability to move around without being seen by Ashla. Medusa didn't know if there were more members of the Attilan Royal Guard here. Furthermore, the people were running towards exits and if they followed them, they'd be led outside of the aquarium, which complicated things.

If they tried to get back inside, Ashla would probably see them. If they didn't, they lost all chance of attempting to find the portal. Also, Medusa was pretty positive that the local earth authorities would be called in, and she didn't want to get in trouble with them. That would be an interesting conversation to have and she couldn't risk being detained by them, for fear of Korg using it to his advantage.

A group of exit signs were fast approaching. She needed to make her decision and make it now.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:08 pm

Medusa continued to run, her pace slowing though. Marcus saw this and he followed suit. Medusa knew that they needed to find the portal. If they didn't at this juncture in time, she wasn't sure when the Resistance was going to be able to set up a new portal and furthermore, she didn't know where the location of it would have to be. Another problem was that if they did set up a new portal, it was possible that Korg and his Guard would be able to find information regarding the location. She found this to be a bigger problem considering the fact that they had been able to find out the location this time. She didn't know if it had been a fluke or a lucky break on the side of the Attilan Royal Guard, but she had to assume that there was a problem with the Resistance's security. It made the decision that she had to make an easy one.

She turned to Marcus. "Find a place to hide. This has to happen now." She said. "I can take Ashla, but you will need this." She said, and handed him the small spheres. "I didn't think that it would have to come to this, so I didn't want to give them to you and worry you. But you may need them now." She said. "They'll activate if you're in trouble and help you." Medusa added. "Go."

Marcus just nodded, a little too dulled by everything that was happening to properly think. He turned and moved away from her, finding a security guard's desk and getting behind it. With Marcus' safety secured in her mind, Medusa turned and waited, knowing that Ashla was going to show up sooner or later. She just hoped that it would be sooner and that it would be before any earth authorities showed up and she and Marcus were in trouble. She didn't have to wait that long.

They were in a room that had quite a few different exhibits, and Asha walked around a corner. The two women regarded each other before Ashla smiled and shot electricity out of her fingertips. Medusa knew that she had no overt defense against the electricity. She had to count on her Inhuman physiology, but there was only so much that she would be able to take. She had no idea how much Ashla had improved since the last time that they had seen each other and fought. With what she had done in the café area, clearly the woman's skills had improved.

Medusa braced herself for an attack that never came. The electricity wasn't aimed at her. It was aimed at the glass of all the exhibits in the room. Ashla had fired multiple tendrils of electricity and the attacks shattered the glass, making the water, and the animals start to tumble out on the ground. Medusa's eyes narrowed as did Marcus'.

He knew what Ashla was doing. Water conducted electricity very well, and flooding the place would allow Ashla's attacks to travel anywhere and everywhere. Medusa would have to be airborne the entire time, unless she took her out with a few quickly placed attacks. Marcus looked down at the ground around him, and was a little relieved to see that the water hadn't reached him. But that didn't mean that Medusa was safe. He peered over the edge of the desk, wishing that security here had some kind of weapon at the desks. Not that it would do much good against Ashla, or so he figured, but at least it would be something. It would at least make him feel a little relieved.

He watched as Ashla's smile grew and she shot more electricity at Medusa. This wasn't going to end well. He needed to do something. Marcus looked down at the small metallic spheres that Medusa had given to him. While he wasn't sure what exactly it was that they did, she had said that they would protect him in case he needed help. He couldn't think of how he was supposed to activate them, or turn them on. He figured that they would do that themselves, if he was in a serious situation. Also, he didn't know how strong whatever it was that they did would be. Something told him that they were a last resort kind of thing and he didn't want to push it to see what would happen. Marcus looked up as Medusa screamed in pain, his eyes widening. She was being electrocuted. Because of him.

Because for some reason, she believed in him. He didn't know why she believed in him, but she did. His grip tightened on the metallic spheres.

He knew enough science to be able to guess that the electricity that was being pumped into the water was enough to kill a grown human being. He didn't know for sure if Medusa was right in saying that he was an Inhuman. He didn't know for sure if he would be protected by his innate biology. All he did know, was that he needed to do something to protect her. She believed in him and she was willing to die to protect him.

Marcus rose and gripping the metallic spheres, ran forward.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:52 pm

Marcus' movements caught Ashla's eyes and she smiled as she saw the man running towards her. She couldn't wait until he fully stepped into the water. She wasn't going to kill Medusa. Ceriux wanted her to capture Medusa and the man that she considered to be the savior of the Inhumans. That was what Ashla was going to do. She pushed outwards, sending out a pulse wave of electric energy that knocked Medusa backwards, throwing her out of the water. The woman landed in a heap on the ground, struggling to rise. Ashla would deal with her later. She knew that if she kept up the electric attacks once Marcus got into the water, the attacks would hurt Medusa as well, possibly ruining Ceriux's fun when Ashla brought the two before him. That, she wouldn't allow.

The second in command of the Attilan Royal Guard turned her attention to Marcus. She unleashed a blast of electricity, this one aimed directly for him. She was sure that Medusa would have done her homework. This one was probably an Inhuman. But that didn't mean that he had really experienced pain on the level that he could experience it, because he had lived amongst the humans for such a long time. If she could kill his will to fight early on, it would make this an easy victory for her.

As the electricity arced toward Marcus, something interesting happened. Ashla had seen it happen before, but not quite like this. A metal sphere appeared from out of Marcus' hand and drifted upwards towards his chest. It expanded, becoming an elongated, flat oval. She narrowed her eyes. She knew what it was. Some time ago, the Resistance had started recruit from the alpha primitives. Many of them had powers from the Terrigen Mists that couldn't really be used in combat or weren't that effective in combat. The Resistance still wanted them, because it made their lives easier when it came to hiding away and making sure that they had public support. So they had developed a series of battlesuits and protective equipment that could be utilized by an alpha primitive or by an actual Inhuman, just one who didn't have the greatest of powers.

The electricity slammed into the metal plate and fractured, splintering off of it into a thousand different miniature tendrils. She watched as some of them were sucked into the metal plate. Ashla knew from experience that the battlesuits had their own power supplies, but they could be powered by enemy attacks, especially electric and energy based attacks. This was going to make things difficult.

She watched as more spheres emerged from his hands and coated him, turning all of his clothes into a dull metallic silver. She wasn't going to be able to win this fight. The more she attacked him, the more the suit would be empowered until he was able to take her out. Which meant that she needed to fight using intelligence as opposed to brute force, something that Ceriux had never properly understood in all of his lessons from Korg. It was something that she had picked up though. Medusa protected Marcus, and she figured that Marcus would be willing to stop attacking her if he thought that Medusa was seriously hurt. So she turned and unleashed a barrage of electricity at Medusa's prostrate form.

Marcus watched, and started to move towards Medusa as the electricity hit Medusa. She had started to get up, but now the electricity coursed all around her and through her. The red haired woman gritted her teeth and turned to look at Ashla, almost willing the other woman to turn up the wattage. Ashla grinned and did just that. Marcus had almost made it over to Medusa when Ashla sent out a large, powerful surge and then turned, running away, back into the Museum itself.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

Post by Mir » Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:29 am

Medusa was groggy when she woke up. She slowly lifted her head and looked around, not sure of where she was or what was going on. Bits and pieces of everything that had happened flashed into her mind. She rose, finding herself to be incredibly sore. Medusa looked around, and saw that she was in some kind of bed in a decently sized room that was filled with a number of different machines that were beeping and making various noises at what appeared to be random intervals. It was a cacophony of sounds, but for some it was harmonious. To Medusa, it was anything but. She was reminded of the hospitals, more like field medic camps that she had been in over the years. She was also reminded of when her mother had died, whenever she was in a hospital. Medusa looked around and saw that Marcus was sitting in a chair, his eyes focused on a magazine that he was reading. It was something called Rolling Stone. She had heard of this magazine and a group of musicians who shared the name in a way. Her attention was drawn away from the contents of the cover of the magazine and to the man who was reading it.

She didn't remember much of what had happened, it was still starting to come back to her. But from what she did remember, Marcus had done incredibly well for his first "real" combat experience. She was proud of him, to say the least. As she looked at him, there was a flutter of something else, something entirely different from pride somewhere in her stomach. Medusa wasn't sure what it was though. It was a weird sensation, one that she had never really had before. She wasn't sure what to make of it. There was no way to qualify it or quantify it. She was feelinga little warm inside, warmer than usual. A part of her wanted to reach out to him, but another part of her didn't want to disturb Marcus. Eventually she decided that the lack of information was something that needed to be overcome. "Marcus?" She asked, her voice soft, much softer than usual.

The dulcet tone brought Marcus' attention from the article on the Black Eyed Peas that he had been reading to the woman in the bed near him. He was a little shocked by the tone, it was far gentler than anything he'd ever heard her say. He rose slowly and put the magazine down. "Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked.

"I'm fine." She said. "I'm more worried about what's going on. Where are we?"

"Hospital. Local one in the area. I was able to convince the police that we were part of the guests and got caught when everything went down. The few people who did remember what happened and hadn't forgotten due to shock made claims about wild hair usage." He said and gave her a small smile. "But, that Ashla lady, her electricity things fried the cameras, and the feedback blew out a lot of the equipment, and the security equipment in the aquarium."

"The spheres?" She asked.

"I still have them. They, I guess the best word would be congealed, so they congealed back into the spheres after Ashla left. I was able to pocket them before the police showed up."

"That's great." She said. "You did very well, Marcus." Medusa said. "I wasn't sure if you'd be able to handle it, but you were." She added, a smile coming to her face. She watched as he blushed a little bit, and the smile grew. She reached a hand out and put it on his arm. "You did well, the Resistance needs people like you." Medusa said.

"Well, for right now, I think the Resistance needs to get you out of here. I'm not sure how exactly we're going to pull that off though."

"I have an idea." She said. "Call a nurse."

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

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Marcus wasn't sure exactly how Medusa had pulled off what she had done. She had sent him out of the room when the police officers had come, and he had been a little put off by that. After all, she had just been telling him how well he'd done. He would have thought that she would have let him be in on her plans. Either way though, she had gotten the two of them released and she'd done it without breaking a sweat. She'd been incredibly sore though and when Marcus had gotten back into the room, he'd overheard the tail end of the doctor's conversation with her. The man had been marveling at Medusa's ability to shrug off pain and hurt, but at the same time, wanted to make sure that she was properly healed. The amount of damage that her body had sustained was tremendous and the doctor wasn't sure how she'd healed. He hadn't been told that Medusa was in fact, an Inhuman.

Neither Marcus nor Medusa were going to correct him. When the doctor had left, Marcus had gone over to Medusa's side to help her up out of the bed. She had changed into her clothes from before, clothes that Marcus could tell she needed to change out of. So did he. They hadn't exactly packed a large number of wardrobe changes when they had left New York.

It was when they'd exited the hospital, that Medusa had apologized for not letting Marcus be in the room. She had told him that she had cooked up a series of lies to the police and while she knew that Marcus would have been able to follow them and help her out, she didn't want him accidentally upsetting what she had come up with. Furthermore, she hadn't wanted him to make a face or even inadvertently give something away that told the police that the two of them were being less than honest. She had said then, that he had an honest face and was a good person and that she didn't want to corrupt him in anyway if she could avoid it. Then she'd given him a funny look that he'd never seen any woman give him before. He still wasn't sure what it was or what it meant.

He understood what she had tried to do, and while he was still partially upset, he understood her reasonings behind doing it.

Now they were at one of the large shopping malls in Baltimore, looking around. Medusa, despite being incredibly tired and still sapped of energy, appeared both excited and apprehensive about the prospect of walking around this mall. Marcus didn't want them to venture around the place too much, for fear of something happening to Medusa, but at the same time, he had quickly picked up on the fact that this was Medusa's first time in an earth mall.

They had to find the bourbon chicken.

But first they had a little bit of shopping to do.

"What kind of clothes do you like to wear?" Marcus asked as they walked through one particular store. He watched her out of the corner or her eye, a little cautious still until he knew that she was ready to really move around.

"I don't know what you mean." She said. "They're clothes. You wear them so you don't die of the cold or look indecent or anything like that." Medusa said.

"A woman who isn't about her fashion sense? This is interesting." Marcus replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Medusa turned and deadpanned. "Where I come from, at least right now, there are more important things than being in style."

"I was joking, Medusa." He said.

"I used to be into fashionable things, I guess." Medusa said, looking away, thinking for a moment. Her gaze was one of wistfulness. "I remember the balls I used to attend. I was part of the Royal Guard, a junior member, at the time, but there were dances and social functions and things like that. My mother was always beautiful and my father was the most dashing man there, at least he was to me." She said with a smile.

"Are your parents still on Attilan?" Marcus asked, realizing that she'd never really spoken of her parents before. "They're part of the Resistance?"

"My father is." She said. "My mother…Ceriux killed her a few years ago." Medusa said, and started walking slowly.

Thanks to their height difference, Marcus didn't have to walk fast to catch up. "I'm sorry, Medusa. Who's Ceriux?" He asked.

"Ceriux Astragon is the leader of the Attilan Royal Guard. He used to be Korg's second in command when they were in the military, and after Korg was made king, he put him in power as the head of the Guard." Medusa said, turning to look at what was being offered through the windows of one of the shops. Deciding that the clothing was too revealing, she turned back and continued to look straight ahead. "I resigned my commission shortly after he was put into command. He's a ruthless man, and he has no empathy." She said, her words becoming bitter.

"Why don't we try this store?" Marcus asked.

She just turned and nodded wordlessly. Medusa didn't pay attention to the clothing inside of the store until she had stepped inside and given it a look. Then Marcus had been able to glimpse what Medusa had been like when she was a teenager and into fashion and clothing and things like that. She'd dragged him all over the place and had used his long arms as racks upon which to put things to try. He'd felt kind of like he had with Marie, except Medusa did something a lot different. Whereas Marie would have made him wait until she'd tried everything on, Medusa's Spartan sense of lifestyle had kicked in. She had eliminated over fifty percent of her choices before she had entered the fitting rooms.

The fitting rooms were a little more secluded than the rest of the store and Medusa found them suitable for what she needed. She tried on the different clothes within the cubicle like structure and then began to set her choices aside, while Marcus waited outside. The lady behind the counter had assumed that Marcus was Medusa's boyfriend or something like that, and she had just waved him onwards into the fitting rooms. Medusa was a little unsure of whether that meant she should show Marcus what she looked like in the clothes. It didn't make sense to her, considering that Marcus was bound to see her in the clothes sooner than later. Furthermore, it wasn't like she was trying to impress him. They were just clothes. Yes, they looked nice and they made her feel good, but whether or not Marcus liked them, it wasn't going to affect whether or not she purchased them.

Then she had wondered how she was going to pay for everything.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream

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Marcus sighed as he handed over his credit card. Some things never changed. At least right now, he wasn't too upset about having to hand over his card. With Medusa, he didn't mind. While he wasn't sure why, he had a feeling it had something to do with the fact that she had lost her mother and had been fighting at such an early age. He didn't know. He just knew that close to two hundred dollars had just been taken out of his account to pay for the clothing. If everything she had told him was true, he considered it a wise investment. They sat now in the food court, and he was able to marvel, once more, what it must have been like, as a child to come to a huge mall for the first time. Medusa's eyes had lit up when they had entered the place, but here, now, at the food court, it was just a little short of pure wonder and awe. He watched as her eyes avidly scanned all of the different stalls and vendors. He could tell that she was having difficulty choosing what she wanted.

"Marcus." She asked, standing close to him and rising upwards on her toes. Her mouth was positioned by his ear and she whispered conspiratorially. "What does this 'KFC' stand for? I didn't know that the Korthun Fighting Corps had food services here on earth." She said, and Marcus couldn't help but smile at the question and the subsequent remark.

He also couldn't help but notice how close she was. She was standing so that his shoulder was perpendicular to her, and while her head was turned to see the signs, she was still eerily close to him. He didn't mind it, not at all. "It stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, not the Korthun Fighting Corps. What the hell's a Korthun, anyway?" He asked.

"Dangerous group of people. Very good at hand to hand combat. Nasty opponents, you don't want to go up against them, unless you're well trained. They have a fighting corps."

"So I've been told." Marcus said.

"Yes, so you have." Medusa replied, matter of factly.

"Right, you want to find the place that sells the bourbon chicken and that's where you go." He said and she frowned at him as they started walking.

"Why don't you eat any of the other options here? Are they bad for you? I see other's eating them. Shouldn't someone tell them that they can get sick and die from these foods. Marcus, why don't you help them?" She asked.

"It's about taste, nothing else."

"Oh." Medusa said, nodding slowly. She decided to reserve judgment until she'd eaten this bourbon chicken.


"What do you mean, you lost them?" Ceriux asked.

"Well, I think it's rather self-explanatory, Ceriux." One of the others in the room said.

"I was set to kill Medusa, but she'd given the man a set of battle spheres. There was nothing I could do." Ashla said.

"Nothing you could do?" Ceriux replied, angered. He brought his fists down onto the table in a move of anger. "There's always something you could do. You chose, Ashla, to do nothing, which means that you've failed me." He said.

She looked away, stung by the remark. She was with the rest of the main team of the Attilan Royal Guard. They were in Attilan itself, speaking on what had happened at the aquarium. She had fought well, but only results mattered to Ceriux. This she knew, and intimately. "Either way, we need to figure out what to do now." She said. She turned to Valun. "Were we able to recover the portal that the Resistance had set up?" She asked after a few moments.

"No. By the time I got to it, the crystals inside had decomposed. It was useless." He said. He turned to Ceriux. "They're going to have to try again. Which means we need someone at the museum to-"

"No, the aquarium is compromised as a staging location. Medusa knows that the crystals will be useless and that the device is worthless. She won't return to the aquarium. We need to find out where the Resistance is going to send the next device." Ceriux said. He sighed and sat down in one of the chairs that the room had. "Wait a few days and then we'll start rounding up Resistance members and start questioning them. Medusa won't have asked them to send another device just yet."

"She wants the heat to cool off." Ashla said.

"Yes." Ceriux said, his eyes flicking upwards to meet Ashla's. "Besides, the device takes a few days to construct and they need to get it to the location." He looked down at the ground for a moment and then up at the rest of the group. "Go back to your respective duties. I'll be in touch." He said.

As the members of the lead core of the Attilan Royal Guard drifted out of the room, Ceriux beckoned for Ashla to stay. "I'm not upset with you, my sweet."

"Really, I couldn't tell." She said, deciding that she was going to be stand offish. She stood there, arms folded over her chest. Ceriux rose and stepped towards her, towering over her.

"I needed to discipline you, so that the rest of the Guard wouldn't think that I play favorites."

"If that's what you need to tell yourself, Ceriux." She said, and turned, to storm out.

"Wait. There's something I want to give you."

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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Ashla took a sip from the glass of wine, slowly, carefully. She wasn’t sure exactly was Korg’s ploy. She knew that there had to be a ploy, because it was Korg who was orchestrating these events. He didn’t just do things, there was always a hidden motive behind his actions. And considering what was going on around her, she needed to be aware of it and aware of everything. Anything less just wouldn’t do. What was going on around her was a party of sorts, more of a gala event. She had gone from the Attilan Royal Guard’s strategy room to her own personal apartment, before changing into a dress for the evening’s festivities. Ceriux would not be able to attend the King’s event. He was busy engaged with checking up on some things in regards to a Resistance push. Ashla would be going and representing the two of them, as well as the Attilan Royal Guard on a whole. It was quite an honor. The gala wasn’t on the AGR’s behalf, but still it was proud if when asked why she didn’t have an escort, to tell whoever asked that she was there representing the Attilan Royal Guard and that she didn’t need anyone with her.

Mingling with the high society of the Inhumans was something that Ashla did and did well. It wasn’t hard for her, for some reason she was good at playing the chameleon, something that was especially needed here in Inhuman society. The way the people behaved had changed ever since Korg had taken over. There was much much more backstabbing and plots that went on behind the scenes. To the people of Attilan, the “nobles” were presented in a very clean cut way, but even most of them knew the truth. Sometimes it disgusted Ashla. But as she took a sip of her wine, she knew that those moments were few and far between. For the most part, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

“My dear, you look lovely tonight.” A voice said, and she turned, a little startled. A smile came to Ashla’s face quickly though, part actual, part practiced.

“I’m glad that my choice in dress pleases the King.” She said to Korg.

Korg nodded slowly, a small smile on his face. His eyes dipped back downwards once more, over the blue silk that she wore. “It is indeed only beautiful because of the body inside of it, Ashla.” He replied and stepped closer. “I received word from Ceriux of what happened in the aquarium in Baltimore.” He said.

Ashla felt a shiver go up her spine. Was that why Ceriux wasn’t able to attend tonight? Was this her final moment, was Korg going to claim her life? She knew that she had failed, but after everything she had done for Ceriux and Korg were they really going to execute her over one minor failure? “Yes, we came close, but Medusa managed to escape.” She said.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it. The good thing about the Resistance is that they always give us more chances to eradicate them.” He said, his smile becoming much more benign. “You know who the human is that you and Ceriux are after, yes?” He asked, and Ashla shook her head. “He poses a critical threat to the people of Attilan. He needs to be killed, or at least captured so I can talk to him. I know not what his plans are, what his methods and motives are.” He said, and Ashla instantly was reminded how people easily fell under his sway.

His eyes were conveying so many emotions to her. “I need you to find him for me, for Attilan.”

“I will, my lord.”

“Good.” He said. “I would like to speak with you further about this, but there are matters that I have to attend to. Perhaps after the gala?” He asked and she nodded with a smile.
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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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Ashla opened her eyes slowly, blinking a few times before she looked around. She was a little unsure of where she was. One thing she did know, was that she was comfortable, and felt great. Why she wasn’t a hundred percent sure of. Lying down, she decided that she needed to see more of her surroundings. Sitting up, she quickly realized that she was in a bed and that she was naked. Red satin pooled around her waist. She had no headache, nothing of the sort. About to swing her legs out to start moving and figure out what was going on, she stopped when she heard a voice.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

She knew that voice. It belonged to Korg. Had she and Korg slept together?

“My King?” She asked and then Korg came into view. Almost immediately, whatever had caused her to get herself in this situation came and reared it’s head again. He was topless, wearing a set of black pants only. His muscles were showing off and though she had known that the King was an attractive man, this was something completely different.

“How do you feel, my dear?” He asked. “Well rested after last night?” He asked with a smile, offering the glass that was in his hand. She nodded, taking the water and drinking from it. “We should talk about what happened.” He said.

She remembered flirting with a few of the older members of Attilan high society and meeting with a few key members of the government before the ball had started to die down. From there, she also remembered lingering, knowing that Korg wanted to speak with her. “I remember what happened.” She said. “We slept together, didn’t we?” She asked and saw Korg smile and nod slowly. “I cheated on Ceriux.” She stated, without an ounce of heat in her voice.

“Yes, well, Ceriux is something that we need to discuss as well.” Korg said, sitting on the bed next to her. “We discussed a personal alliance last night. Albeit we didn’t have a chance to talk on it for too long.” He said.

“Why would the King need me? Does he not have the strength of all Attilan behind him?” She asked.

He nodded slowly. “I do, but I need to know that there are some that I can have closer than others. Ceriux is restless, I can tell. I don’t know if he wishes the throne, but it is something that I have to know. You, my dear, are one of the highest ranking members of the Guard. You have influence and power in society. You are a natural choice for a partner and an ally.” Korg said.

Memories of last night flooded her mind. She remembered her legs wrapped around his waist, him clearing things off of a counter. Being penetrated by the King, screaming his name. Yes, it all came back to her. “The fact that last night was very good, well, I’m sure that it’s something that bring pleasure to the both of us.” He said, reaching a hand out and gently caressing one of her breasts. “I need your help and I want your help as well, Ashla. Will you help me?” He asked.

She reached a hand out of her own, placing it on the side of his face, his stubble scratching her hand lightly. Her mind was clear and she knew what she wanted out of this. Ashla knew exactly what she was going to get out of this partnership and how it was going to benefit her. “Marry me.” She said. “Marry me and make me Attilan’s Queen, Korg.” She said.

He nodded slowly and she lowered herself onto her back, pulling him with her. Since he had started talking to her, he had been getting harder and harder and she had been able to see it. The satin that covered the rest of her fell away and his pants followed. Ashla smiled as she saw him fully naked. He had reached deeper than Ceriux was able to. Her legs opened, parting to allow him to slid in between. Then he was inside her.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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The doors opened to the display room of the Attilan palace. Ashla walked in, wearing an Attilan Royal Guard Officer’s uniform, that displayed her rank and all of the awards that she had received. There was no one in the display room, with the exception of Korg. He was standing int he center of the room at the main display. She had been here before, with the rest of the ARG’s top leaders giving briefs on the current status of the war against the Resistance. As she walked forward, Ashla saw a group of folders on one of the many desks. Each one was for a key leader of the Resistance. She knew the names by heart and there was a good chance she already knew a lot of the information contained in the packets. Having had run ins with many of them in the past, her debriefs were bound to be included.

“I’m going over our public enemy numbers.” Korg said. “This, going after them, is going to be Ceriux’s task. You will concentrate on Medusa and stop her.” He said. “I assume you know all of them?” He asked and Ashla nodded, pointing at the first image that he brought up.”

“Karnakus Rhest. Codename is Karnak. He’s an exceptional hand to hand combatant. I’ve never been able to beat him in that regard. I don’t think Ceriux has either, now that I think about it. He has an interesting ability. He can see shatter points, or an opponent’s weakpoints and he can exploit them very easily. That man’s an incredibly dangerous foe.” She said and then she smiled when she saw the next picture. “Gorgos Rhest, his brother. The Resistance’s codename for him is Gorgon. Also dangerous. I’ve had some...interesting fights with him in the past. He’s got a mean right hook, to be honest.” She said. “His strength, isn’t a huge amount on any scales, but he uses it well.” She said.

Maximus, the leader of the Resistance, had his moment and after that the smile grew. She knew that Korg was watching her. Ashla knew her place in Attilan society. Many of these people had worked with her in the past as part of the Attilan Royal Guard. They and everyone around her were stepping stones to what she wanted, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have a healthy level of respect for them, especially since some of them, before they had turned against the government, had helped her fight the Chrell. They had stood side by side not too long ago. “Crysta Coreliqan, codenamed Crystal, heir to the bitch’s throne. Elementalist. She still needs some training before she can become a real Resistance fighter.”

And then Crystal’s cousin was on the three dimensional display.

The smile hardened. “The second in command of the Resistance. Medusalith Coreliqan. Former member of the Attilan Royal Guard. My former commanding officer. Incredibly dangerous, more so than the others, I’d say. She’s got a lucky streak about her, and she’s a brilliant tactician. In one of the battles against the Chrell, she took over from Ceriux, and saved the day. You weren’t there, but I was.” Ashla said. “As much as I hate her, I do have to respect her for her abilities.” She added, her voice taking an edge to it.

“She, Medusa, is your mission. You will capture her and bring her and the human she’s working with back to me. I need them. I can’t help the people unless she’s brought in. If we can get both of them, then the Resistance will fold.” Korg said. He took a few steps forward, placing both hands on her shoulders. “Ashla, you have to understand how important this is.”

“You haven’t told me everything though. I can tell. You’re holding back.” She said. 

He paused in response. “That’s because my plan isn’t ready to be revealed yet.” Korg said. “I’m sorry, I know you want to know. I want to tell you, but I don’t want to tell anyone about what I’m working on, until I know that it’s going to work and it’s finalized.” He said. “But I do know that if you get Medusa, I’ll be another step closer. It’ll be a big leap, as well.” He added, a small smile coming over his face.
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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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Karnakus Ghest ran a hand through his hair as he looked around, a little confused. It was not his first journey to earth, far from it. He had been here in the past and more than once he’d come here to escape from the Attilan Royal Guard for a little while. However, it was his first time in a place known as Baltimore. It was an interesting city, one that he wouldn’t mind being able to spend some time in, if he had the time. The brown haired man blinked a few times before checking his watch. There was still time before Medusa and Marcus were supposed to get here. He idly brushed at the dark brown leather jacket that he wore. In his pocket was the technology that Medusa sought. The proper transportation equipment needed in order to get her and Marcus back to Attilan. The equipment was safe for now. Karnak kept his eyes open on the lookout for the Attilan Royal Guard. After what had happened to Medusa and Marcus, they could not afford to take any chances. Safety was the prime directive now.

Marcus was too important, and his safety was paramount. Karnak was a high ranking member of the Resistance and he knew what having Marcus meant to the Resistance and thier ability to win. He had seen Attilan before Korg. He was excited to see what it would look like after Korg, and Karnak would do what was needed to make sure that that possibility became an eventuality, and then an actuality. If it took his life, that was alright with him. Something needed to be done. Karnak was about to check his watch once more when he saw Medusa. They had agreed to meet in an open place, a Best Buy. He was standing in the car electronics section. It seemed to be one of the more abandoned places of this particular store. Thus they would not appear to be doing anything too out of the ordinary.

Medusa’s face lit up when she saw Karnak and moved faster towards him. Marcus followed, his eyes focused on the Inhuman man. Ghest knew that a lot of this was new for Marcus, if not all of it, so he didn’t begrudge him his looks and stares. It wasn’t that big of an issue in the the first place. “Medusalith, it is good to see you alive and well. We were worried after your report on what had happened. Our informants within the Royal Guard had given us an interesting picture of the turn of events in that aquarium.” Karnakus said when the two reached him.

“I’m fine, Karnak. I’m just upset that I wasn’t able to get Marcus to the mists yet. Our window of opportunity is closing, and fast.” Medusa replied. She turned to Marcus. “Marcus, this is high ranking member of the Resistance and personal friend of mine, Karnakus Ghest, you can call him Karnak. Karnak, this is Marcus Anderson.” She said, making the necessary introductions.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Marcus.” Karnak said.

Marcus gave the other man one final up and down look before deciding that he was going to have to trust this man and reached his own hand out to shake Karnak’s. “Well, I suppose we should get this show on the road. We don’t know how Ashla or whatever her name is found us in the aquarium, so I guess we need to move quickly.” He said, sliding his hands into his pockets. More and more he felt out of place. He didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t know what Medusa’s plan was. He just knew that he was involved in it, and he was going to do what she needed him to do and asked him. Why, he wasn’t sure. That was something that hadn’t really been properly explained to him yet. Maybe this Karnak guy would be willing to divulge a bit more information that Marcus already had.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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Marcus did have a point. Time was of the essence. Korg prided himself on his ability to out think his enemies. Karnak had met a few earth men over his years and from the looks of things, Marcus was one of the better lot. He wasn’t entirely sure what gave him the indicator, just that it was there. Medusa had fallen in love with Marcus years ago, or at least she had fallen in love with his image and what he was to the Inhumans and to the Resistance. It had been something that had ben a part of her life for a while now. it was one of the things that had complicated anything between the two of them and why he had never tried to have something in the first place. He wondered now if the man she had met lived up to the expectations that she had built up for him over the years. That was neither here nor there though. There would be time to ask her about all of those things. That time would be later.

For now, though, they surely had more important things to worry about. He made a quick look of the store to make sure that no one was watching them or paying them too much attention. Nothing of the sort. They appeared to be regular customers on a regular day, which was just what he wanted. “Here it is.” He said, as he handed the device to Medusa. “This will get you back to Attilan. My personal tether is elsewhere so I won’t be able to join you. I only have a few more hours before I have to return to Attilan.” He said, noting Marcus‘ interest in the device.

It was small and seemed like a big block of metal that had a dull sheen to it. Small enough to fit into the palm of his hand, Marcus wasn’t too sure how this thing was supposed to get them back to Attilan. There were several small spikes that jutted out from seemingly random places all over the body of the block that were a black colored metal. There was a small circle that was recessed into the metal on the top of the block, colored red with a blue ring around it. “So this is the transporter device?” Marcus asked and Medusa nodded.

“An interesting piece of technology. It simulates, utilizing a Terrigen crystal, the mutant powers of superhuman flight and durability. You attach one of these larger spikes to your chest and it will take you back to it’s preprogrammed destination.” Medusa said.

“In this case, Attilan.” Marcus said, and Medusa nodded once more. “That’s pretty nifty, not going to lie.” He added.

“Yes, we thought so.” Karnak said with a small, amused smile. “There are different versions, different models, but this is the one that the Resistance uses the most. They’re expensive to make, because of the rarity of Terrigen Crystals now, but it’s something that for you, Marcus, we’re willing to spend.” He said.

“Right, because I’m like some kind of chosen one or something.” 

“Or something.” Karnak said. “Let me guess, my captain here hasn’t been too informative on answering all of your questions?” He asked as Medusa put the device away and gave him a glare.

“No, she has been.” Marcus said as they started walking towards the entrance of the Best Buy, “I just can’t seem to wrap my head around a lot of it.”

“Ah. Well then, let’s find a more secluded place and we can talk.”
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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

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Marcus wasn’t sure what question he wanted to really ask first. There was so much that he didn’t know, that he didn’t understand about the Inhumans. He had questions about this Attilan place, and these Terrigen crystals, He had questions about Korg, and how Marcus was going to magically get powers that he had never actually had. Some of what Medusa had told him had made sense to him, but most of what had made sense had to do with the actual political workings of the Resistance’s war against Korg and the history, not with the mechanics of the society and the technology involved. That stuff started to make his head spin and not in a good way. They had headed out of the Best Buy and were walking down the street. This area wasn’t too busy and there was a small cafe nearby. Karnak guided them there and got them a table outside on the sidewalk. Marcus was soon sipping on a water and Karnak looked at him expectantly.

“Alright, what questions do you have?” He asked.

“Kind of a loaded question to spring on someone, don’t you think?” Marcus said in response and Karnak smiled.

“Indeed.” Karnak said in response. “I figured it would be best to just dive right in.” He said with a small shrug. “Seemed like it would be what you want.”

“It is.” Marcus said with a nod of his head.

Medusa closed her eyes then and thought about how a few years ago, she would never have thought that one day she would be sitting at the same table as Karnak and Marcus. She had never dreamed that it would happen, because it would have meant that Marcus was with the Inhumans where he belonged. But here she was, and the man who could and would save them from Korg was here. She opened her eyes and turned to look at him. Medusa had been studying him since the day they had met, and had been learning his body language. She knew that he was important and that she needed to be able to read him in order to make sure that he would come to Attilan with her. It was essential.

She knew that once he saw Attilan, saw the city’s beauty and saw the plight of the people under Korg, that she wouldn’t need to try to convince him to help the Resistance. He would side with them. Medusa was sure of it. She knew that right now he had reservations about everything. She could see it in the way that he sat, the way his back was. He had one hand on the table, the other in his lap, and his fingers drummed a slow pattern on his thigh. But it was steady, which showed that he was thinking. She’d picked up key references since she’d met him.

Always on the lookout for more tells and signs, Medusa wanted to know everything she could about Marcus. She had been studying what information the Inhumans had had on him for years and she had wanted to see whether or not what she knew of him, how accurate it was. Also, Medusa had fallen in love somewhat with the man that the files had told her about. So far, the actual man was different, but not in an extreme way. Knowing that he wouldn’t be exactly like how the files had made him out to be, Medusa hadn’t bet too much on him being that way.

She reached a hand out and placed it over the one that he had on the table. 

Marcus turned and looked at her.

“Karnak will be able to explain everything better than I ever would be able to. Trust me.” She said and Marcus nodded.

“Okay, let’s see...” Marcus said.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:53 am

It had been quite some time since she’d seen or heard from her ex-boyfriend. Still smarting from that, Marie had maintained that that woman had a hold on him. Marisa or whatever that bitch’s name was. Marcus didn’t act like this normally, he was so much more pliant to her will. She liked that. She wanted it back. Something was going on, and Marie knew that staying with Marcus was going to be her ticket in life. She had tried his cell phone a number of times, but it had kept going straight to voicemail. Trying to find him had been even harder. There had been no way to figure out where he was, or where he was going. And even more important, who he was with. Marie didn’t like that Marisa chick or whatever her name was. She didn’t trust her. It was going to be Marie who got Marcus down the aisle, and she wasn’t going to let anyone keep her from that, no matter who they were.

A few days ago, she had been having lunch with one of her girlfriends who had given her the idea that she was pursuing right then. She had keys to the apartment still, Marcus had never gotten those back from her. So it made sense that she could go over there and snoop and look around, especially since obviously he wasn’t there. It was her place anyway. Marie had never bothered to take her things out of there. She had felt that this argument they had had over her infidelity would be over soon and he would ask her back, so she hadn’t thought to take her things out. As long as he didn’t get that bitch Marisa pregnant, she was fine with him sleeping with her, until he got back.

Then she was going to put that bitch on blast and her Marcus would be hers again.

As she walked through the apartment, she knew that finding what she wanted was going to be easy. Marcus was a man of organization and he possessed a great deal of skill in that department. If anything, he was organized. Everything was always neat, always in it’s proper place. He had been raised that way by his parents, in particular, his mother. Marie knew that it had something to do with shying away from disease and infection, which, when you thought about it, made sense. Marcus fell sick a lot and so it behooved him to keep where he lived and worked very clean. That was just being smart. Marie had wished that Marcus' mom had raised him with as much attention to being upwardly mobile in life. That would have been pretty nice too. Marie could have taken care of the rest.

She was at his desk, and brushing away the different projects that he had been in the process of completing at work. This didn’t concern her. The computer that was on the desk, that she would use soon enough, but not until she had the paperwork that she needed. Marie was not on Marcus’ credit cards. They hadn’t made that transition yet. Due to being a little retentive about being organized, Marcus still had the paper copies of his monthly statements mailed to him. In this way, she could get the account number and she knew that he would have the sign in information somewhere, even if he had it hidden away carefully. If it came to it, this apartment could get torn apart.

Roughly ten minutes later, Marie had what she was looking for. After going through meticulously organized drawer after drawer, the third one had had what she was looking for. Pulling out the Credit Card section, she had dug through until she had found the login information to go with last month’s statement that she had found. And then she was in.

A few minutes after that, her eyes had narrowed as she looked over the credit card statements. What the hell was he doing buying tickets for Baltimore? Two tickets? Maris was still with him, then. This was getting out of hand. At least now she had a way of tracking his movements and figuring out where he was headed.

Marisa had turned the computer off after signing out of everything, making plans in her head to go to Baltimore. She turned around and promptly saw two completely unknown people in the bedroom with her. And fainted.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:35 pm

When she came to, Marie realized that she was tied up, in the chair that she had been sitting in a little while ago. She tried to scream, but her mouth was gagged. She couldn’t believe what was going on. There were people, here, in her apartment, in her home. Who the hell were these people? One of them was completely covered in a silver like skin. The other had what looked like plants wrapped around him. They looked like freaks. They were freaks. That was the only explanation for this. Fear was in her eyes and it was clearly evident. She didn’t know what to do, what to say. Screaming was out of the question, but she could scream in her head, even if it was silent. They were looking around the room, and it was obvious that since she’d been out of it, they’d gone through the whole apartment, trying to find something. But what was it. She tried to call out, but it came out as a muffled moan. It did draw the attention of the silver man, though.

“She’s awake.” 

He came over and held a finger to his lips, before ungagging her. As he did, the one that was seemingly covered with plants came over as well.

“We’re not here to hurt you.” He said. “My name is Soktir. This is Valun.” He said.

“You guys are freaking me out.” Marie said. “What the hell is going on here? Why am I tied up? What are you doing?” She asked, the volume and pitch of her voice rising as she spoke. “I’m scared.” She said.

“You don’t need to be.” The one who was named Valun said. “Marie, that’s your name, right? Marie, we’re here, because we’re looking for someone. This person is in a lot of trouble, a lot of danger, and we’re trying to help them. We’re trying to get them out of the situation that they’re in. We need your help in order to do that.” He said.

“What...What are you talking about?” She asked, still incredulous to everything that was going on around her. She had to be dreaming, that was it. There was no other explanation for this. That was it. Dreams, just dreams.

“Do you know a man by the name of Marcus Anderson?” Valun asked and he smiled when she nodded slowly. “That’s the person we’re trying to help.” He said. “We just want to make sure that he’s okay and that he’s safe and to return him here, safe and sound. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He asked.

“He’s with another woman, Marisa.” She said.

A look of confusion came over the face of the two men. She wondered if they knew about Marisa. Maybe she was the one who was causing all of the problems. That had to be it. It was what made sense too. Her Marcus would never do things like what he’d done if it wasn’t for someone like that Marisa character. She was the one who was causing all the problems for Marie. Maybe these two would be able to deal with her. Then she saw the look of realization on the silver skinned man’s face. “Her name is actually Medusa.” He said.

“I knew it.” Marie said. “I knew there was something wrong with that woman. Marcus is a good man, he wouldn’t just start acting crazy like this all of a sudden. It’s her, isn’t it? She’s the one causing all the problems, isn’t it?”

“Marcus is lucky to have such a smart woman, like you.” Soktir said. “We need to know how to find him.”

“I just found a way, I’ll tell you if you bring him back to me.” She said, with a smile on her face.


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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:31 pm

Washington D.C..

That’s where they were headed. Soktir had gotten in touch with Ashla and had told her what was going on and where Marcus was headed. They’d just bought tickets to head to Washington D.C. on a bus. Soktir and Valun were on their way as well, having gotten word to the Alterrig Corporation of what was going on. The Alterrig Corporation, based out of London, England, was a genetics research company. While it wasn’t ridiculously well known, one of the lesser known facts about the company was that it was owned by a man named William Roland. This was actually Korg. The Alterrig Corporation based a lot of its research around the Terrigen Crystals and what they could do. Scientists on Attilan would reach out to and get in touch with some of their compatriots on earth, those who were trusted by the King. They’d give them data to work with and different things that the Inhumans were working on. Then Alterrig Corporation would turn around and release the work to the public, making millions of dollars in the process.

The reason for the company was that it gave Inhuman access to money that they might need when they were on earth. Ever since Korg had taken over, the number of Inhumans allowed on earth had been drastically cut down. But when they were there, the money granted them the ability to do things that they otherwise would be unable to do. Such as get a private Alterrig Corporation jet to fly them to Washington D.C. The flight wouldn’t take them that long. It gave them time to work with Ashla to figure out who the third person that Marcus had purchased a ticket for, was.

There were three bus tickets that had been put onto his credit card. Who was this third person? At first they had thought that maybe it was someone that Marcus had picked up, a human. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Ashla had started putting feelers out and trying to see if any high ranking members of the Resistance were gone from Attlan. She looked for any information that she could that there was definitely another member of the Resistance on earth. She knew that there would have to be someone in order to give Marcus and Medusa another transporter. It hadn’t taken her too long to find out that there were two members of the Resistance who were not on Attilan. One was Karnak. The other was Gorgon.

Encountering either of the two would be a problem. Ashla had herself, Soktir and Valun and had to fight. It would be an even match number wise. She had to consider what strengths either Gorgon or Karnak would bring to the table and how Marcus Anderson would detract from the trio. If there was one thing that she did know, she knew that this encounter was going to be important. She had played her hand, and Medusa knew that she was coming after her. Medusa wasn’t the kind to sit idly by when there were people planning and plotting against her. Her old friend would be ready and waiting for whatever Ashla could devise to throw against her.

Which meant, that Ashla needed to think outside of the box.

She herself was on Attilan, in the transportation chamber. She was headed down once more to earth, to handle this. It had been a stroke of good fortune for Soktri and Valun to find the Marie woman. Her death hadn't been necessary, but she let the two of them have the fun that they looked for every so once in a while. One needed to do that from time to time to ensure that one's underlings were kept happy.

"Ma'am, are you ready?"

Ashla turned, her thoughts interrupted. One of the engineers was beckoning her forward. The chamber was ready and the process was almost complete for her to travel down to earth.

"Yes, yes I am." She said.

And she was.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:49 am

“I don’t get it. If we have the pieces to the transporter, why can’t we just go to Attilan right now? You know, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’?” Marcus asked, a smile on his face due to the last part.

“We have all the equipment, but the Resistance’s transporter can only shoot to specific areas. It’s a set up stolen from the Attilan Royal Guards. The ARG have designated areas where they send people when we have reasons for Inhumans to be on earth.” Medusa said. “So we only have certain places and certain windows of opportunity to utilize different portals. Think of it as a big network. When one is open, it stays open for a set period of time. Once that window is closed, it is closed. Once one has been opened, it has to recharge, before it can be utilized again.” She added. 

“So we have to go to the next designated spot.” Karnak said, finishing the explanation.

“Doesn’t that mean, then, that the Attilan Royal Guard basically know all of your different ways to get to earth and then get back to Attilan?” Marcus asked.

Karnak nodded slowly. Marcus could tell that this weakness had been exploited before, and from the sadness on Karnak’s face, it had been exploited greatly. “Yes, it does, Marcus.” The man looked away for a moment. “We try not to go to earth unless the heat on a person or group of persons has gotten a little out of hand on Attilan. It is very dangerous for that person to return to Attilan and furthermore, which is more important to the matter at hand, it means that the likelihood of us facing some kind of danger soon is much higher.” He said.

“Ashla has known, since Baltimore, that if we’re going to immediately try again, we have to go to Washington, D.C.” Medusa said. “But whether or not she has confirmed that we are indeed trying to go through Washington, I don’t know. I doubt that she would have found a way, but the woman is resourceful, I do have to give her that.” She said. “We have to assume that she knows what we’re trying to do, and we have to be ready for that.” Medusa said.

Karnak looked at the two of them. “Unfortunately, we don’t know who or what she plans on bringing with her. It could be anyone from the Attilan Royal Guard.” He said as Marcus looked out the window of the Greyhound bus that they were on.

They didn’t have that much longer to go, only twenty minutes or so. Looking back at the woman who sat next to him, he saw the look on her face. Determination and a drive to make sure that this time was not like the last time. That much he could understand. The first time they’d run into Ashla, it definitely hadn’t ended that well. They’d just managed to escape, thanks to the battle sphere things. He still had them on him, and they were his now, to keep him safe. Medusa had told him that while they had waited for Karnak to arrive.

He hoped that he wouldn’t need to use them, but he feared that he would. All of his questions had been answered by Karnak, but he still didn’t understand why he, he himself, would be able to solve the Inhuman’s problems of their tyrannical rule by Korg. That was the fundamental part of all of this that he still couldn’t understand. He hadn’t been able to get it before, and he still didn’t. Marcus didn’t see what was special about him that would allow him to stop Korg in anyway. But these people believed in him, and he would do his best for them. Looking once more out of the window, he didn't see how Medusa was looking at him. Karnak did, however.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:15 am

They were in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America and a place that Medusa had never been to. While normally she would have given in to the curiosity that was inside of her, she tried her best to clamp down on it and keep it buried. They had a limited window of opportunity to accomplish everything that they needed to get done. Time was of the essence. If everything went well, after Korg was defeated there would be time to come and visit and see all the things that made up Washington D.C. She was sure that she would be able to get a personal tour from Marcus. Why she was sure that he knew a lot about everything when it came to humans, she wasn’t sure, she just did. Marcus was away, saying that he needed to check on something. While she was looking at the GPS that came included on Marcus’ phone, Medusa turned, seeing that Karnak was walking towards her.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure.” Karnak said.

“What do you mean?” She asked, incredulous. “Clearly he has what it takes.” Medusa said, not willing to believe anything to the contrary. The look on her face did not change but only got worse when Karnak shrugged.

“Your eyes are blinded, Medusa.” Karnak said. “You’re focusing on your feelings for him.” He said. “He is still filled with doubt. Furthermore, this plan of the Resistance has always hinged on luck. We don’t know what powers he’s going to get when he’s exposed to the Terrigen Mists. He could get a power set that will not help us at all. Then you’re going to throw all of what we’ve worked for, what we've fought for, and what some have died for, on the thought process that maybe the people will unite behind someone who is part of the proper ruling house?” Karnak said.

“How can you express such doubt with the plan? You’ve been fighting for it for so long.” She said in response. She knew that he had valid points, but she refused to acknowledge them though. Medusa knew that if she did that, she didn’t know if her faith would be able to handle such a thing. She had to believe in this.

“I’ve fought, because fighting Korg was right. I knew that this plan was very finicky. Think about it. Your father hasn’t pushed for this plan to be put into effect because he knows how unlikely it is of working in our favor. We’re getting desperate, that’s the problem here.” Karnak said.

“He may have doubt, but you can look at him and see that he is someone that the people can rally behind.” Medusa said. “He’s kind and he tries to help people and-”

“And you’re in love with him.” Karnak said.

“No, I’m not.” Medusa said, looking away. “I’m not.”

“Yes you are. You’ve been in love with him for years. You feel in love with the idea of a savior for the Inhumans.” Karnak said. “You’re just lucky that he actually fulfills a great deal of what you expected him to be.” He added. “Otherwise you’d be next to useless in all of this.” 

She was about to speak, when the two of them saw Marcus coming towards them in the distance. Both knew that this train of conversation would be bad if it continued, so both unconsciously decided to shut up about it.

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Re: Genesis: Silent Scream (Mature)

Post by Mir » Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:03 pm

Marcus smiled as he walked over. He didn’t know what they had been talking about, having been too far away to hear any of it. Whatever it was, he guessed that it was about him, since they had stopped talking as soon as he’d walked within earshot. Either way, he didn’t care, he wanted to get this transporting thing done before Ashla attacked them. None of them had said for sure that Ashla was going to be attacking them, but all three knew that something was going to happen. The woman who had attacked them at the museum, she knew what they were trying to do and she knew the general vicinity of where they were going to be when they tried to do it. It only made sense to try to stop them once more considering the information that she had at her disposal. This meant that they were up against a timer, and they didn’t know how much time they had or when the timer had started to count down.

They had to act, and fast. Ashla could be anywhere, preparing to strike.

He’d left to check his bank account balance. Why, he wasn’t sure. After all, if they were successful, then he’d be on Attilan and he wouldn’t need his money. If they weren’t, and they had another shot, it didn’t matter whether or not he had money or not, they’d have to find a way to make it work. But it was something that he was accustomed to, and his brain had told him that he needed to do it. The information that he’d been processing over the past few days was great and his subconscious had seized on something that it connected to the “normal” life that he’d led before. He couldn’t blame himself for wanting something that he was used to. He couldn’t blame himself at all.

As they walked through the streets of Washington D.C., Marcus thought about how his life was about to change. He was gearing up to be transported to the moon, of all places, to fight in the civil war of a group of people who up until a few days ago, he’d only heard stories about or seen on the television back in the day. He found it so hard to believe, but at the same time so easy to believe. Everything that Karnak and Medusa had said made sense in his life. They’d explained so much, inadvertently. There were things from his childhood that had been given great clarification. Marcus understood why things had been a certain way. He’d forgiven his father. His father had been faced with a series of difficult choices and his father simply hadn’t been strong enough and hadn’t been able to face everything without his mother.

Marcus was faced with decisions now, and he wondered if he would be able to rise above them and do what needed to be done when the time came. He could only hope.

"What's wrong?" Medusa asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"Nothing." Marcus said with a smile. He saw the look on her face. She was getting better and better at being able to tell what was going on with him based off of his body language. He wasn't good enough to hide things from her. "I'm just wondering if you guys found the right person for all of this, that's all." He said with a shrug.

"What do you mean?" Karnak asked.

"Well, I understand what it is that you guys want me to do, and what you guys would like me to be able to do. But the question is whether or not I can actually do it. I'm just hoping that I can be the guy that you all are looking for. I would hate to let you down, that's all." Marcus said.

"I see." Karnak said, sparing a glance to Medusa. Had the man over heard? Doubtful.

"It's just that, I've never really been anything great or stupendous in life, so helping to save a whole race of people? That's some pretty heavy stuff." He said.

"I'm sure you're the one we've been looking for." Medusa said with a warm smile.