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Blind Justice...

Post by Topgun220 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:33 am

Jason ran across the building rooftop, the wind was an invisible wall that pushed against his body as he reached the edge of the roof and propelled himself off with supernatural strength. He spun and twisted through the air as his feet gracefully landed some fifteen feet later on the opposite roof. Jason slowed down and jogged to edge of this roof. He crouched on the edge of the roof and looked down into the alleyway. He could heard the fanatic heartbeat of someone scared to death and the steady heartbeat of the man doing the scaring.

“Come on sweet heart, you look amazing I just want a taste.” The sound of a switchblade, then tearing clothes and a muffled scream. Jason had enough, he dropped from his position on the roof right behind the would be rapist. The man turned around, Jason’s sonar vision picked him up the second he stepped in a puddle behind him. “Who the hell are you freak show? Don’t you know costumes are overrated, I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

The man lunged out with his knife at Jason. Jason caught the man’s arm and pulled himself into the man’s chest. With one powerful movement he twisted the man’s wrist with such ferocity it broke and the knife fell out of his hand. The man screamed but midway through his scream of pain Jason sent a strict elbow into his chest.

The man doubled over and Jason grabbed the back of his hair and smashed his face off of Jason’s knee. There was a crack as his nose broke and Jason lifted his face up to look into his eyes. The man was crying, blood running down his nose into his mouth. Jason heard his uncontrolled urination as the fear for his life grew surreal. “Please don’t kill me, I’ve never hurt anyone I swear!” Jason heard the increase in heart beat that signified the lie.

“Liar.” Jason simply said and gripped the man’s throat with his right hand and held him firmly against the wall off the ground. His feet kicked around as he struggled to breathe. “You won’t hurt another soul ever again. Justice, will be served.” The man ceased to squirm and Jason let him fall. There were footsteps at the front of the alleyway and Jason quickly leaped onto a fire escape for the apartment building he was next to and climbed his way onto the roof.

“Om my god!” He heard a lady shout from behind him in the alley he had just been in. “He’s been murdered!” Jason cringed at the word murdered, if justice was called murder then so be it. He would have it no other way.

Jason jumped from rooftop to rooftop using his club’s grappling hook feature to swing greater distances. The red devil patrolled the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, he heard everything, felt everything, and through his sonar like sense saw everything. No one could escape his justice, none.

As he traveled through the air his attention was taken away by the sharp crackle of gunshots, he focused his sonar in on the area of the gunshots. He was able to make out figures, four gunmen at a local bank firing at two cops pinned down behind their patrol car.

Jason swung into action, his body flying through the air with such grace and speed few saw him and those who did didn’t know what they saw if it was human. He arrived atop the bank in seconds and jumped straight down some ten stories at the four gunmen. He hooked his club around a pole and swung himself up once to lessen the impact so he would not injure himself. He landed behind the group who were taking cover behind several parked cars.

An armored van screeched to a halt in front of them, the four made to get away on the van but Jason grabbed the last one from behind and slipped his arms around the criminal’s neck. A sharp twist and crack later the body was on the ground and his partners had turned to see Jason standing over their comrade’s corpse.

“Shoot the bastard!” The driver of the van yelled as they pilled into the back of the van. Jason heard the clicking of the hammers on their pistols cocking back and coming forward. He jerked his body down and dodged the first two rounds. He then did a handstand the resulted in a flip which dodged even more lethal rounds. He broke into a barrel roll in midair dodging more shots and ended his maneuver by tackling another criminal on the back of the van just before he entered.

The van’s wheels screeched ad it started driving off. Jason pulled his club out, and struck the tackled criminal behind the head in a specific pressure point that knocked him unconscious. Jason then shot his grapple onto the bumper of the van and was yanked forward towards it. Jason was literally being dragged along by the van as it stormed down the street. He turned sharply and Jason was thrown towards the wall of an apartment building.

He twisted his body and his feet caught the concrete wall, he ran along the side of the wall for a second before jumping off the wall and pulling himself onto the top of the van. He unhooked his club with the flick of a wrist and held it in his right hand as his left clutched the side of the van to keep him on. The van bucked and turned wildly to try and throw him off. He heard the driver from inside. “Shot the roof damnit! There’s a 12 gauge in the back!” Jason heard the pump of the gun, he jumped into the air and spun himself around so his feet were aimed dead center on the driver’s front windshield.

His feet crashed through and hit the driver in the chest which subsequently broke all his ribs and killed him instantly. The van swerved out of control, the passenger pulled his sidearm and aimed at Jason. Jason barely managed to get his club into the bullet’s path in time. The bullet ricochet off the club and struck his shoulder. Jason gritted his teeth in pain but still was able to free himself and jump off the van just before it crashed into a pole. The passenger hadn’t been wearing his seat belt and was thrown out the remains of the windshield and into the back window of a parked car. His heart stopped moments later.

Jason still heard the fast beats of two more criminals in the back of the van. They busted out the back door and onto the pavement. Jason just stood there, watching them as they got up and pointed their pistols at him. Jason pulled out two of his specially made fighting clubs that, unlike his normal club, contained no grappling cable and hook. He held them in each hand as he stared the two down. The two criminals looked at each for a second before raising their pistols at Jason.

Jason squatted down and jumped sideways into the air. His body twisted and wove through the air as bullets passed harmlessly by him. He landed a second later and propelled himself backwards in the air. As his body spun forwards again he threw both his clubs with incredible accuracy at their heads. He heard the sound of the clubs striking their heads solidly as he landed. Both men dropped to the ground unconscious.

Jason walked over and picked up his two clubs. Just as he did police cars converged on the van and slid to a stop sideways encircling him. Jason put his fighting clubs away in their holsters and took out his grappling club once more. He shot it at a gargoyle statue atop an office building across the street and was pulled into the air by it. He landed on the roof of the building and unhooked his club with ease as he ran across the roof and jumped to the adjacent one.

A minute later he was blocks away and in his apartment inside the church. He made sure no one saw him enter in his red leather suit. He entered the secret room behind the clothes in his closet and took off his uniform. He took a hot relaxing shower before settling himself in front of the TV on his leather recliner.

He heard the reporter’s voice and the sound of crackling fire in the background. “Moments ago a group of bank robbers were stopped by a local vigilante…look there’s one of the suspects now! Lets go.” There was the sound of the reporter’s and the cameraman’s footsteps as they approached the criminal Jason had just beat. “Hello sir, could you tell us who did this?”

“It was the devil! A red devil!” The man screamed. Jason cracked a smile and laughed as he reclined back in his chair and put his earplugs in to get some sleep.

The table jumped violently from the impact of the man’s fists. “This is ridiculous! We had the cops distracted and they couldn’t even pull off the bank heist! Those fools! I want this ‘Devil’s’ head on MY DESK or else It’ll be one of your heads on my desk!” The Kingpin was dressed in an expensive white suite with a red tie. He was very well built and his short brown hair was gelled perfectly as to not move. His features were distorted with anger and pure hatred, his counterpart on the other side of the desk was looking the complete opposite. The man was the Kingpin’s lieutenant. Joseph Gragaro, he was skinny and was dressed in a black suit that was a size too big for him. His yellow polka dotted tie didn’t match his suit. His brown hair was a mess, going in every direction but the one that looked decent. Right now, he was sweating up the Atlantic ocean in front of his boss.

“Boss, I’ll call in the best bounty hunters and assassins I can find!” Joseph pleaded. The Kingpin looked up from the newspaper on his desk and gave a stare so evil and full of anger that it seemed to burn holes through Gragaro’s head.

“NO I DON’T WANT TO PAY A HITMAN! WHY WOULD I BE TALKING TO YOU IF I WANTED TO PAY A HITMAN YOU DUMBASS!” A second later Joseph was thrown through the double doors of the Kingpin’s office and the two security guards lifted him up to his feet and brushed him off. “You solve it yourself Gragaro or you’re a dead man! Understand, DEAD MAN!” Joseph was so nervous and up tight he could barely make words come out of his mouth.

“ye-yea-yes Mr-Mr. Flox. Ri-right away sir.” He stumbled out of the hallway and into the elevator to escape the Kingpin’s wrath. After he had left a Japanese man emerged from the shadows in the corner of the Kingpin’s office.

“Mr. Yato, Gragaro won’t succeed, but we still have a use for him. Once he aggravates this Daredevil enough the costumed freak will come after him, use him as bait to lure him in.” The black haired Mr. Yato with a katana strapped across his back bowed to the Kingpin.

“Yes Mr. Flox, I will kill this annoyance for you and receive my…payment.” The Kingpin nodded and waved his hand for the Japanese swordsman to take his leave.

Once he was alone in his office the Kingpin stood in front of the massive windows the acted as walls and held the newspaper in his hand while a lit cigar left smoke trails curling up from his mouth. “If Gragaro succeeds that is good, if not then Mr. Yato will. The devil is about to really see what hell is like…” He started to laugh as he dropped the newspaper that on the front page read.

“Daredevil stops armed robbery! Five hundred thousand dollars returned safely to the New York Deposit.”
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