Hero looking for Villain, Inquire within (One Shot)

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Hero looking for Villain, Inquire within (One Shot)

Post by Mir » Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:56 pm

Villain looking for Hero, Inquire within (One Shot)

Doctor Carven Semerin eased into the window seat (Seat A) of aisle 18 of the large Boeing 777. Semerin wasn’t a superstitious man, but that didn’t mean he didn’t wish the airplane was a 747. This was a damn short flight anyway, so why was the airline using a 777? He shook his head, mentally computing the amount of money that would be wasted by using a 777 instead of a 747. The figures went out of his head when he looked up.

Damn, she was beautiful. Amazingly so. She wore the bluest jeans he’d ever seen and they were snug, tight around her legs. A black t-shirt with the infamous “Bat-sign” on it. It too was snug around her. Black hair ambled down freely from the top of her head. Black eyes twinkled at him as she sat next to him. He tried to mirror her casual, easy smile as an alluring body of all curves sat temptingly next to him.


“Hello.” He looked out the window and tried to conceal his embarrassment. He’d never been good around the opposite gender, and the young woman sitting next to him was an exemplary specimen of that opposite gender. He felt fairly sure that she looked like a goddess, one that men sacrificed virgins to. He leaned back and watched discreetly as she settled herself in her seat. Further upsetting him was the nearly as beautiful woman who sat down next to the previous one. They immediately began talking, giving him the understanding that they were friends and traveling together.

“I don’t understand him at all.” Male trouble, he figured. Women usually talked to each other about their boyfriends or husbands.

“What do you mean?”

“He wasn’t even upset or mad that I was leaving for New York. Zoey, don’t you think he should have at least been somewhat upset? I’m his best friend. I’ve been there for him his entire life, I’ve know him my entire life.”

“Cassie, he’d just lost his parents, and from what you told me, had just thrown Jason Nevins out of a window. Isaiah’s mind had to be on something else.” This Carven had heard about. Isaiah Muir throwing Jason Nevins out of a window at the Wayne Manor after the funeral of his parents. Apparently the beauty next to him had been there. She shrugged her shoulders.

“He was a little out of it, but still, it doesn’t, he should have…” Cassandra Simmons trailed off. She looked around and her eyes settled on Carven. She smiled again and then looked away as the flight attendants did their little spiel. As usual, no one paid attention. The plane taxied and lifted up into the air. She looked back at Carven. “Do I know you from somewhere?” She paused thinking as he shook his head. “You’re Professor Carven Semerin, aren’t you?” He smiled weakly.

“Yes, I am.”

“Wow, its great to meet you. You were working on a new Lie detector machine or something like that. My friend, Isaiah Muir, he told me about you.”

“Ah. Yes, I am. Actually I have the prototype with me, and I’m going to be presenting it for review in the city.” Carven replied. She flashed that amazing smile again. “Along with other prototypes and research that I’ve done.” He added. She nodded.

“I’m Cassandra. Cassandra Simmons.” She held out her hand and he shook it, noting the soft smooth skin. He couldn’t quite guess her ethnicity, but it wasn’t Caucasian, that much he could tell. If he had to guess, he’d say part African American, and perhaps some Eastern ethnicities. The stewardess came around and after they’d selected their refreshments, she left. Cassandra had forgotten her friend, who after more careful observation Carven realized, had actually forgotten her, opting to listen to music. So when Cassandra struck up a conversation with him about his prototype, he eagerly allowed her to take up his time. She said she wanted to impress her friend, Isaiah by having met him, when next she saw him, and Carven did his best to keep his ego deflated.

They were knee deep in a conversation on the human nature and personality, when Cassandra looked out of the window in thought. Suddenly she remarked, to Carven’s surprise, “There’s a man flying outside of the plane.” He turned, and sure enough, there was a man flying outside of the plane. The shock started slowly, but it rippled through the plane quickly. Shrieks and screams ensued when he stretched out a hand and some kind of energy pulsed out at the plane.

He’d just graduated about a month ago. High school was over and Zeke Jensen was looking forward to his first year of college at St. John's University. Now he stood on Union Turnpike and Utopia parkway, just outside of the Coldstone’s, fresh Coldstone product in his hands. He munched happily. Till he looked up.

There was a man flying parallel to a 777. He wore a costume, and was preparing to let loose some kind of energy attack. People were pointing, wondering what in the name of all that was good and sane was going on. Zeke just grimaced and looked for a convenient spot to stash the Coldstone.

A minute later, he was in costume and running on the roof of the buildings, leaping to and fro. His bow was aimed, an arrow already notched. On one particular high leap, he let the arrow go. It flew straight and impacted against the flying man. It was one of his shock arrows, designed to cause as much physical damage to an opponent as possible. Right now, Zeke, or as he was known when in his costume, Shockteche, just wanted this guy’s attention taken away from the 777, which had a large hole in a wing. A hole that was trailing smoke and causing the jetliner to begin a sharp descent from the sky.

He hoped the pilots would be able to save the plane, as there was nothing that he could do about that. He was just trying to help, which as usual, he thought to himself, was more hurt than help. Still he had to try. It appeared that his tactic was working. The man turned his flight path, guiding it around so that he was heading for Zeke. Jensen reached behind him and pulled out three arrows. One was a shock arrow, the one of the right was a paralysis arrow, and the third was another paralysis arrow. He notched them and while he was still running, fired them.


The boy hadn’t sinned. That much was evident in Rex’s mind. Hadn’t sinned recently. Still. Ignatius moved faster in his flight, fists seeming surrounded by a haze of red and gray. The energy blasts were expelled, moving at a furious rate towards the boy who had shot the arrow at him. Remarkably, the child showed excellent reflexes, flipping backwards and dodging the blasts that exploded upon the rooftop that he was crouching on. Ignatius spun while he moved onwards, the arrows shattering and not delivering their payloads as he did.

He made a flip and landed, feet first, on the top of the roof top. He stared at the archer, while the archer stared at him.

“What are you here for?” The archer asked, testing the waters.

“To give you absolution for your sins, my son.” Ignatius replied, before unleashing a torrent of red and grey energy bolts. The archer moved quickly, as fast as he had before. Ignatius had to admit that the boy had some skills.

“What are you talking about?” He said, as he tossed his bow and quiver aside. He lifted his fists and ran forward, super speed the key to victory, at least in his mind. Ignatius just smiled. Childish, somewhat wise, but overall a failure of a tactic.

Last she remembered, Boeing 777’s weren’t supposed to be smoking hulks descending from the sky like the wrath of an angry god. Debris was falling, actual bits and parts of the plane that broke loose in the descent. Turning “on a heel”, Sarah moved quickly through the air. She couldn’t afford to let one of her first times on the watch of the city, (A self imposed watch), result in the death of hundreds of innocents. The wind ripped through her auburn hair as she flew.

She deftly used her keen eyesight to locate a long strip of road that was currently not being used. Hopefully that wouldn’t change when she got the plane over to it. She flew past the large hole in the fuselage and the hole in the wing. Luckily, only the cargo area had been hit in the fuselage, so no people had been bodily harmed.

Sarah reached the back of the plane and grabbed the tail, yanking backwards with her mutant enhanced might. The plane seemed to slow, but only by a bit. Also she was having a hard time being able to see, as debris was beginning to hit her. It appeared that something had caused the other wing to start to break up. She began to move the plane as best as she could, try to bring it over to that long strip of road.

Meanwhile, she opened up her mind, reaching with her telepathy to the pilots. Lower the landing gear please, I shall have the ship on the ground soon She cut the connection quickly, as she had to spend as much time trying to keep the ship from falling out of her grasp. This was not going well and she was unsure what was going to happen. But she had to succeed, and at any cost. She could hear the furious pounding of heartbeats. They didn’t deserve to die like this.

She pushed herself, beyond her limits. She knew what could happen and decided that she would just have to risk it. Her blue cape flew behind her as she continued to pull and slowly lift, trying to change the angle of the drop. Finally she smiled and let go.


Ignatius ducked the incoming fist and found himself surprised when the next one came not at his lowered head but at his stomach. He took the hit as the pain given when yet another lesson of life I slearned. He lifted his head as he moved forward, the back of his head clicking with Shockteche’s jaw. The other’s head lurched up, and the larger man charged forward, wrapping his hands around Shockteche’s body. He propelled himself quickly and powerful into a wall.

“You see boy, were your soul truly clean, you could fight me to a stand still. I would have to leave.” Zeke rose and instead of cursing the guy how’d gave him the cut in his lip that was bleeding freely, began to think of what his excuse for it was going to be.

“I could fight you to a standstill whenever I wanted to. I’m just bored right now, that’s all.” Ignatius threw a powerful bolt of energy that caused Jensen to roll, ending up behind a small A/C unit.

“Can’t stay there forever.”

“True.” Zeke replied, as he deftly prepared his final attack. This had better freaking work. He turned and jumped, vaulting over his foe’s head. As he did, he swung downwards. When he’d made the roll, he’d grabbed his quiver. His time behind the A/C unit had been spent flipping the direction of the arrows. Now all his arrows varying payloads erupted on Ignatius or directly around him. Zeke landed with his back to Ignatius and looked over his shoulder. “That’s what I call fireworks.”

He watched Ignatius rise into the air, obviously hurt and wounded. “This isn’t over.” He said, before he disappeared from sight.


Cassandra eased out of the hole in the plane and onto the ground. She helped her friend Zoey, and then the Professor. They’d just managed to land the plane, apparently with the help of a super powered human. Cassandra couldn’t wait to thank the person for his or her bravery and effective use of her powers. She looked around for the super. Of course, there would be a pile around him or her. She found the pile just as the screams started.

She dashed forward and then recoiled, hand over her mouth. The super was there alright, but she was dead. Blood flowed freely from her nose, mouth, and ears. Cassandra could see that her shoulders were dislocated. From holding onto the tail Cassie figured.

This person had paid the ultimate cost for their safety.
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