Twin Titans: The Beginning of the End

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Twin Titans: The Beginning of the End

Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:50 pm

New York State Penitentary - Cell Block F

The jail cells and their inhabitants were quiet, the bright white lights of the overhead lights left criss-crossing shadows of the cell doors. Some inmates slept, some wept, one waited.

One inmate sat at the edge of his bed, peering into nothing. The walls of his cell were different than any other around him, there was no metal in the room at all, the walls were solid rubber and the door had no bars, it was solid and also made of rubber.

Shockwave stared at the door and the walls, they of course had made this rubber pen to negate his powers. He was in solitary confinement permenetly, his electrical powers played hell with anywhere else. He would electricute the walls and door so that any guard who touched it would get a 10,000 volt shock. He had been rotting in this pen for 2 months now. Alone.

Finally there was a knock at the door. "Inmate Smith, visitor for you. No funny stuff."

The door swung open and a man of about 6'8 strode in the door, "Where the hell have you been?" Shockwave growled as the door shut.

The man laughed, "I've had some thing to take care of, I couldn't very well break out my little brother without a place to go to."

The guards standing next to the man both gave sideways looks as he mentioned a break out. That however was the only time they had before the figure grabbed both their heads and slammed the against each other.

"All guards to Cell Block F, Code Red!" came over the loudspeaker.

The figure laughed, "Let's go little bro, I've been waiting for this."

"Bout time, Brim. I've been waiting to get out of this hellhole for two months." Shockwave grunted.

Brimstone laughed again as his body turned pitch black as the ash covered his body. Guards ran into the cellblock as Bimstone and Shockwave walked out of the cell, "Freeze!"

"Sorry fellas I'm just leaving," Brimstone taunted as he swung a mighty fist into the ground which caused the ground to rumble and sent superheated rocks towards the guards. Their screams brought an eeire smile to Brimstone's lips as he walked towards the prison wall and with one punch knocked the entire wall off. As he was picking up some of the rubble to toss at the guards Shockwave spung into action and send 5 lightning bolts towards the guards and electrocuted half of them. The last two guards opened fire but were crushed as a huge peice of molten rubble landed on both of them producing a sickning crunching noise that brought a smile to the brother's faces.

New York City - Bronx

The small apartment was dark and quiet besides the light and sounds from the TV.

"..the fire raged on for hours after fireman got there. Here now with a breaking update is our own John McKensey, John?"

"Thanks Diane, we're just receiving reports from the New York State Penitentary, a high risk inmate has recently escape and is considered on the loose. The inmate is Kevin Smith, a mutant with the ability to harness electricity, he and his brother Mike, who is involved with the escape have been wanted in New Jersey for years for their string of violent crimes."

The reporter paused as gathered himself, 'If anyone has any information about these suspects and their whereabouts they are asked to call the police immediatly and do not try anything yourself. Both are considered armed and extremely danger-"

The TV clicked off and Brimstone threw the remote across the small living room. "I hate when they use those names, my name is Brimstone."

"Relax, Brim. What are they going to do? They havn't been able to keep us in jail for long, even with this solitary crap."

"OH yeah!" Brimstone said as he got up from the couch, "next time I say it's time to leave, you follow me. Or so help me I'll leave you in jail next time."

"Brim, relax."

"Don't tell me to relax, Zap."

"Stop calling me Zap!"

"Then don't tell me to relax."

"Don't call me Zap and I'll stop telling you to relax."

"Fine, I won't call you Zap anymore."

"Thank you."

Shockwave then sat down on the couch, "You do need to relax though."

"God I hate you."

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:48 pm

New York City - Bronx

From the street level, only a few lights illuminated the large apartment complex that many had considered part of the "projects." Many of the residents had been scared off by the local gangs and their drug and prostitution rings. However, Brimstone and Shockwave had learned that the weak fools could be harnessed to their own needs, since they had moved their operations to New York they had been immediatly hassled by the local gang. They called themselves the Rouges, a gang of about 20 guys who had been to welcoming party for both Brimstone and Shockwave. They had said that no one from "Jersey" was welcome in their turf; Brimstone nd Shockwave made it their turf soon enough.

Of the orginal 20, 15 were killed in the first meeting, Brimstone had crushed some of their skulls personally while Shockwave electrocuted them until they their skin was charred black. The surviving 5 were sent as messengers to the other local gangs to join Brimstone and Shockwave or die as the other did. The brothers knew not everyone would join them, they counted on it, they prayed for it. Their sick and twisted minds made them giggle like a school girl at the thought of making someone suffer.

However, they knew that they'd need more help; so Shockwave and Brimstone had been looking up any information on mutants in the area.

Shockwave sat at the computer as Brimstone paced around the kitchen looking for a drink, "Find anything, Shock?"

"Yea, I have 5 names so far," he responded, "I'm printing them out now."

Once the list was done he handed it to Brim

Nuclear Winter - assault and battery, strong armed robbery
Green Phantom - robbery, numerous jewel thefts
Phoenix - assault and battery, 1st degree manslaughter
Deep Freeze - assault and battery, grand theft, 1st degree manslaughter
Inferno - assault and battery, grand theft, 1st degree manslaughter

"Hmm," Brim said as he surveyed the list, "Look like two of these are brothers, just like us."

"We'll look into it tomorrow, right now lets hit the hay." Shock said as he walked into his bedroom.

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Fri Mar 23, 2007 7:36 pm

New York City - Queens

The rain poured down in the streets causing many people to seek shelter to keep dry. One person, however, slowly walked through the streets shouldering anyone in his way. He was a burly man who wore a large black hooded sweatshirt with a noticable blue shirt on underneath. His blue jeans were stained near the feet from the numerous puddles he'dwalked through this night.

Blake slowly made his way through the streets of Queens listening to his iPod which was playing "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. He had lived in Queens his entire life, born and raised, not long ago though he had gotten himself mixed up in the wrong side of the law. He was a wanted man, not only by the police but by rival gangs. He had the hood pulled up over his head to protect him from the rain and to keep people from seeing his face.

However, his large stature gave him away to most. Most importantly, member of the gang known as the Red Demons, a gang of kids from Queens who had been in charge of this area for a few years. As Blake was walking he noticed three figures stop in front of him.

"Hey there, Buchanan, not too smart for you to be out here at this time of night," one member laughed.

"Yea," another laughed, "It'd be a shame for something bad to happen."

Blake only smiled as he pulled out his iPod and scrolled through his songs until he came across "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera.

"This'll be fun," he laughed.

With a simple motion of his hands he created a green haze that extended towards the gang members causing them to fall over clutching their throats. The radiation he made began to cause bubbles in their skin while another's skin blackened. As they tried to stand and fight back, his hands covered themselves in ice and he mercilessly beat them to a pulp. Blood sprayed across the alley walls as he crushed skulls and broke bones clean.

Unfortunatly, their screaming has caused some people to call the police to come and they soon were on the scene and had surrounded Blake. Before he could even make a move, a stream of lava erupted on one side of him and a series of lightning bolts filled the air on his other side.

The cops were dead in seconds and two figures leapt down from the overlooking rooftops. "You got skills," one said who was covered in a black ash.

"Yea," the other said as lightning jumped between his hands, "We could use you. You interested in a lil' crime wave? We need to liven this place up a bit."

Blake smiled, "I'm in," he then extended his hand in a greeting, "Name's Blake Buchanan.."

" can call me Nuclear Winter."

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Sun Mar 25, 2007 1:47 pm

New York City - Manhattan

The air was quiet, people made little noise as they shuffled in and out of the subway cars and made their ways up to the street. What someone didn't know is that in this crowd of people from all over New York, there was an expert pickpocket stealing a small fortune for himself.

Dante Wallace smiled to himself as he stufed his pockets with wallets and jewelry, it was so easy in this confined space. However, every so often someone has to get caught; it was quick but as soon as Dante bumped someone and eached into their pocket he was handcuffed and the undercover cop tried to throw him against a wall and arrest him.

"That's enough of that buddy, looks like your fun's over," the officer taunted.

Dante only smiled as his eyes began to glow green, "My fun is just starting."

The air around Dante began to shimmer as the officer backed away, from his eyes Dante had dissapeared but now he saw a giant spider in front of him. His eyes opened wide in shock as he yelled, everyone turned to look and saw the officer staring at a plain wall. The officer then started running for the exit to the street, the only problem was where he thought the exit was, was actually the tracks on which a subway train was about to speed by.

Dante smirked as he watched the officer plummet down onto the tracks as the train passed. The people in the station screamed, some ran away. Dante stayed leaned against the wall, using his powers to keep himself hidden. Or so he thought.

A giant hand came down on his shoulder and pulled him aside behind a column, "Wha-What? How can you see me?" Dante stammered.

"I'm not some weak minded human like the rest of these losers," the figure said as he stepped out of the shadow, "that was a nice trick there, quite a power."

"Yea, it helps every now and again," Dante responded, "Who are you?"

Shockwave smiled as he put his hand out, "Call me Shock. How about you? You got a name?"

"Dante. Dante Wallace..."

"...but you can call me the Green Phantom."

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Tue Mar 27, 2007 8:54 am

New York City - Staten Island

The bar was quiet as patrons entered and exited thoughout the night, it was a locals bar so not a lot of unknowns ever came in. There was the occasional tourist but other than that it had the allure of a "members only" bar. The door creaked open slowly as a large man strode in and took a seat in the back of the bar. He ordered his drink quickly and relaxed into the seat. However, what really got everyone's attention were the group of frat boys who stumbled in next, obviously drunk out of their minds.

Kimberly rolled her eyes as she finished drying the last of the glasses, "Like clockwork," she mumbled.

For some reason there had been a lot of students from the local school coming into the bar and making a real scene out of themselves. Most of them had been innocent enough just trying to playfully flirt with Kim which she usually did right back to get them to buy more drinks.

However this didn't feel like one of those nights, "Hey there sexy," the lead frat boy mumbled as he took a seat at the bar. Kim put on her signature smile as she leaned on the bar, "Anything I can get you fellas?"

Two of the men ordered a beer for themselves but the lead frat boy seemed to keep at his attempts into Kim's pants. "How about your number?"

Kim inwardly groaned at the comment and when to fetch the two others their drinks. When she returned the two who ordered thanked her and gave her a tip, however the lead was still at it, "I'm trying to talk to you here," he mumbled, "it's rude to ignore someone."

Kim only smiled as she said, "Sorry babe, I have work to do."

The lead then grabbed Kim's arm, "Listen, bitch, when I say hi you sure as shit say something back."

The bar was quiet as everyone turned to see the frat boy grabbing Kim, no one moved though, Kim had a habit of handling these things herself. In what seemed like a flash, Kim pulled her arm out of the man's grasp and slammed his head down on the bar.

"Marty!" she called to the bouner, "get this drunk fuck out of here!"

Patrons cheered as the large bouncer came and threw out the man while his friends walked out behind him.

After a few hours, it was time to close and Kimberly walked out of the bar after she had said good-bye to everyone. She didn't even make it 3 blocks before she felt someone behind her. By the time she turned around she had taken a hit to the face and fell to the ground.

"You bitch! You think you can make a fool out of me?" the frat boy said as he stepped out of an alleyway.

He stepped closer as he attempted to land another punch but he stopped when he heard laughing, "What the fuck is so funny?"

Kim looked up at the man who jumped back in shock at her now flaming yellow eyes, "Hun, you just made the last mistake of your life."

With a flick of her wrist she sent a wave of flames which threw the man back against a wall, but she didn't stop there. She then jumed on top of the man before he could get back to his feet and grabbed his head in both hands. "Sorry, babe, looks like I've got the hots for you!"

She then unleashed all her power and poured flames reaching 200 degrees onto the man's body, his screams made her shiver with pleasure. Once he stopped screaming, she got off of the man and stared at her work. His face was completly charred black and he wasn't breathing anymore.

However, before she could do anything she felt a massive arm wrap around her waist and a huge hand cover her mouth, "Don't scream," the voice growled, "I'm not here to hurt you."

At that moment Kim tried to trigger her flames again but as she did the voice said again, "Don't bother. I actually like it."

The figure let her go and ignited his hands in flames, "See? Two of a kind."

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" Kim asked.

"My name is Brimstone,and I need you to help me take over this borough and possible the others as well. You interested in showing that mutants should be in total control or are you one of them?" Brimstone said as he motioned to the now charred man.

Kim then smiled a seductive smile as she moved closer to Brimstone, "If it means killing a few more frat boys like him, then I'm defintaly in. My name's Kim."

Brimstone then laughed, "What is your real name?"

Kim smiled again, "You can call me Phoenix, stud."

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:00 pm

New York City - Brooklyn

The air was quiet, people gathered around the dual graves as the priest continued his sermon. "So we give these two boys, Kody and Jim Jackson up to the lord in hopes he will welcome them into his holy prescense."

The group in front of the graves were solemn and quiet, until the hecklers arrived. Two local gang members passed by and snickered to themselves, "It was about time that those bastards got what was coming to them." The group turned with looks of pure shock, the mother of the boys looked completly dumbstruck.

"Yea," the other gang member said, "they're just lucky I didn't get a chance at them."

As they laughed something unexplainable happened, the ground began to shake and rocks shot up from the ground. The gang members looked around in terror as rocks sprang up from the ground and locked them into a cage of rocks.

"What the fuck did you shitheads say! No one bad mouths my cousins!" a rough voice growled.

The gang members screamed as they saw the figure responsible for the voice. Ryan Jackson walked out of the crowd, he was 6'7" and 350 pounds of pure muscle. He was the most massive figure the gang mebers had ever seen and as the crowd scattered out of the cemetary he walked up to the gang members still trapped in the rocky cage and with one punch he knocked the rocks away and grabbed both gang members.

With a simple flick of his wrists he threw the gang members high into the air and punched the ground causing two sharp pointed rocks to come out of the ground. When the gang members came back down they were both impailed by the rocks going right through their chests.

"You're lucky, shitheads," he growled, "Kody and Jim would have made this much worse."

Ryan then called two rocks to his hands and he smashed them against the gang member's head causing them to cave in. Turning around he saw teo large figures staring back at him, one with skin as black as midnight and the other had bright green eyes, "And what the fuck do you want?" he growled.

"Just a chance to cause some hell, and help you avenge your cousin's honor. You interested?" the one with the black skin asked.

"Fuck yea," Ryan said as he approached, "Name's Ryan Jackson..."

"...but you can call me Quake."

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Tue Apr 03, 2007 7:25 am

New York City - Bronx
3 weeks later

The sun was setting giving the aparment a reddish hue, the beams of light streched the length of the living room floor and ended at the foot of Brimstone's door. The door opened slowly as Brimstone walked into the living room with a pair of boxers on and made his way into the kitchen.

Green Phantom looked into the room and saw Phoenix lying in the bed with the sheets barely covering her nude body. But, he looked away quickly as Brimstone entered the room again.

"Hey, Ghost, where's the rest of the guys?" Brimstone asked as he drank a beer.

"I dunno man, they left an hour ago," Green Phantom said as he flipped through some more channels.

"What the hell? Ever since we got back here from Times Square, those three have been away all the time," Brimstone said.

"Yea, It's almost like they're starting their own little group," Green Phantom laughed.

Brimstone's eyes narrowed, "Why do you say that?"

Green Phantom froze, "'s just....well....uhh...well they.."

Brimstone grabbed Green Phantom, "What the hell is going on, Ghost? What are you hiding from me?"

"Nothing! I swear!"

Just then the door to the apartment swung open and Quake, Nuclear Winter, and Shockwave walked into the apartment. After they took off their jackets Brimstone walked right up to Shockwave's face, "Where the fuck have you guys been? You're never here anymore, you three are always gone doing god knows what."

"Relax, Brim," Shockwave said as he brushed past Brimstone.

"Don't tell me to relax! From now on, you don't go anywhere without telling me!"

Nuclear Winter and Quake looked to Shockwave as he stopped dead in his tracks, "You'd like that wouldn't you? Just make me your little pet while you fool around with that bitch in the other room."

Brimstone sneered as he brought his arm back to swing at Shockwave, only he never got the chance, he was hit by a rock and sent flying into the wall.

"What the fuck!" he yelled.

Quake and Nuclear Winter stepped up to Shockwave's sides, "We've had enough of you, Brim. You only care about yourself and your little bitch," Nuclear Winter began.

"Yea, the last three heists we've pulled you've left us out to dry and if it weren't for Shock, we'd be in jail right now." Quake added.

Brimstone finaly stood up and with Phoenix now at his side they both powered up their flame powers, "No one walks out on me!" Brimstone yelled.

Shockwave only smiled, "Watch us. NOW!" he yelled.

Then at one time, lightning bolts, rocks, and ice flung across the room and impacted into Phoenix and Brimstone which flung them out the side of the apartment. After they fell out of the apartment, they turned to Green Phantom, "You're choice, buddy."

Green Phantom froze, "Sorry guys," he then turned and jumped out the hole in the wall and down towards Brimstone and Phoenix.

Shockwave then turned to Quake and Nuclear Winter, "So, Ryan, Blake, let's get out of here."

They both smiled, "After you, Kevin," they said in unison.

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:01 pm

New York City - Manhattan

The apartment was quiet, the only audible noise was the TV in the living room. The spacious Manhattan apartment hadn't been used in weeks, it belonged to the mother of Green Phantom but after her death, Green Phantom took over ownership but until the incident with Shockwave breaking off, it hadn't been used in weeks.

Green Phantom sat on the couch as he flipped through the channels until he finally came across the familiar sight of Brimstone's old apartment combined with the voice of the news reporter, "Reports are coming in that this apartment belongs to the infamous Mike 'Brimstone' Smith, a mutant villian who has been terrorizing New York City for sometime with his gang of other super villians. We believe that they are the same villians who recklessly attacked Time Square severeal weeks ago."

The video feed cut to the Times Square attack and showed Quake fighting with Spider Man as Shockwave fought the unknown girl. In the background, Green Phantom saw himself on the ground next to Nuclear Winter while Brimstone and Phoenix fired their fireballs into the crowd. "Thankfully for Spider Man and the as of yet unnamed female hero showed up and saved the area from further destruction."

"For right now," the reporter continuted, "we have actually heard rumors that there was an internal struggle from the group. However, as of now these are only rumors..."

Green Phantom turned off the TV and leaned back on the couch, he still couldn't believe what had happened only a day ago. He knew Shockwave and the others were unhappy with Brimstone but he never thought that they would actually do something so rash. For now though he had to get some rest, because he knew for sure that the next day, Brimstone would raise hell until he found Shockwave and the others.

New York City - Queens

Kevin stared out the window into the starry night beyond, it was calm, still. He looked behind him and on the couch lay Ryan while Blake was in the kitchen having a late dinner. The smell of Blake's meal wafted through the small apartment and flew into Kevin's nostrils.

The small apartment that Blake owned was good enough for the three of them, so for now they stayed here out of view. They all knew that it was only a matter of time until Brimstone came after them, so they had to work together to be able to fight them off.

Kevin kept staring out into the night beyond, towards Manhattan. Somewhere on that island was a chance for them to take down Brimstone and his group of villians. Somewhere on that island was hope.

Somewhere on that island was....

..Spider Man.

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:52 pm

New York City - Bronx

The First National Bank on 32nd Street was just opening as a few patrons shuffled in to get their finances in order before the beginning of the work day. Reggie Jones stood in line impatiently as the people in front of him took an abnormally long time to deal with the tellers, causing him to frequently look at his watch and then at the large clock hanging on the wall secretly hoping his watch was going too fast and time would go backwards to suit him. He swayed back and forth as he inched closer to the tellers, he hated waiting in lines, and nothing was more aggravating to him than waiting.

Unfortunately, he was too preoccupied with the people in front of him to notice the now threatening figures behind him. When he turned to look at the person who had bumped into him the first and last thing he saw was a massive black fist.

With one swing, Brimstone send the man in front of him flying across the room and into the large vault doors, the sickening sound of bones crunching cemented the fact that Reggie had died on impact. "Spread out and find the manager," Brimstone ordered, "He has the key to the vaults."

Within 45 seconds of Brimstone and the gang entering the bank, the police were on the scene and surrounded the building. Having dealt with these mutants before, the SWAT team was on the scene and entered the building first. Wearing newer Kevlar that was flame repellant they stood more of a chance against Phoenix but they never counted on Brimstone's molten rocks or Green Phantom's mind control.

Half the SWAT team's armor was melted into one piece as Brimstone's molten rocks impacted on the armor, while the other half fell to the ground clutching their heads. They screamed as they felt like their heads were being compressed until finally the pain subsided and they opened the eyes to see they were surrounded by copies of the Green Phantom. What they didn’t know was that the real Green Phantom was in fact not even near them, he had only made them believe that the other half of the SWAT officers were copies. The SWAT team never knew what they were doing, killing their own teammates.

This was where it stopped; this was where it turned around. The large glass dome ceiling shattered and the glass rained down on Brimstone and Phoenix which was followed by streaks of lightning. Brimstone laughed as he saw the figure who descended into the bank lobby, “I knew you’d show up, Zappy.”

Shockwave slowly floated down to the floor, his eyes glowing white with bolts of lightning flowing from his hands. “Like an ant to a picnic, Mike.”

Brimstone’s face contorted into a defiant sneer, “Don’t ever call me that again. Not smart to show up all by yourself.”

Shockwave smiled as he crossed his arms, “I didn’t.”

Within a second two large figures jumped through the opening in the ceiling and landed with an audible thud on either side of Shockwave. Nuclear Winter and Quake both took up aggressive stances on Shockwave’s flanks.

“You have 3 seconds to get out of here, Mike, or else we’re taking you in.” Shockwave threatened.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT NAME!” Brimstone screamed.


Brimstone and Phoenix’s hands began to glow. Nuclear Winter’s fists covered in ice.


Green Phantom’s eyes began to glow green. Quake’s body covered itself in rocks.


Shockwave attacked.

Shockwave rushed Brimstone with an all out attack, he threw two lightning bolts to get him off balanced and then he delivered a hard jab to Brimstone’s gut. Brimstone staggered back as parts of his ash skin broke off; regaining his stance he whipped his hands around and threw three molten rocks at Shockwave, which he easily dodged. However, the hard kick to his face was much harder to dodge. Shockwave flew across the bank and impacted on the wall 10 feet away, after rolling to his feet he clenched his fists and began to emit a small electrical field around him.

Quake’s fight, however, was a little more one sided. Green Phantom had attempted to use his Demon’s touch on Quake, unfortunately, Quake’s hardened body was too tough to get through and the massive mutant was on top of the smaller mutant in no time. Quake was relentless in his assault, landing blow after blow. Suddenly he staggered back in horror as the figure of Green Phantom was replaced by his cousin Kody; he looked the same as he did when he was killed, same empty gaze, and the same gaze that looked straight at him. Finally Kody got up and looked right into Quake’s eyes, “You let me die! It’s your fault!” However, Green Phantom underestimated Quake’s fury, “You son-of-a-bitch!” Quake grabbed the vision of his dead cousin and slammed him into a wall, “I know it’s you, you coward! Stop hiding behind your illusions!”

Nuclear Winter had only a second to look and see Quake slamming Green Phantom into a wall before he himself was thrown into another wall. Phoenix stared at him with her glowing yellow eyes, “I’m gonna make you wish you never turned your back on us!”

Nuclear Winter climbed back to his feet and spit blood at Phoenix’s feet, “From what I hear, you’ve been turning your back on Brimstone a lot, not to mention bending over too.” He smiled a bloody grin as Phoenix lunged at him full of anger, anger that made her forget her tactics. When she was within reach, Nuclear Winter connected an icy fist into Phoenix’s face and then brought an elbow into her back which sent her colliding into the ground.

During his brief moment of respite, Nuclear Winter looked around the room and watched the other battles unfolding. Quake had knocked Green Phantom unconscious from slamming him against the wall, and Brimstone and Shockwave were locked in brutal combat. Nuclear Winter threw Phoenix over his shoulder and threw her down next to Green Phantom, “Ryan, can you make something to hold them?”

Quake smiled, “You got it, Blake.”

Quake slammed his hands into the ground and seemed to pull two long poles made of rocks out of the ground and using his power he wrapped the rock poles around Green Phantom and Phoenix keeping them in place. They then turned to Shockwave who was now standing over Brimstone in the middle of the lobby.

“It’s over, Mike,” Shockwave taunted, “It’s a shame you guys were such a push over. Maybe if you would have focused more on training than fucking that slut of yours we might have actually had a challenge.”

Brimstone was about to say something back when Nuclear Winter delivered an icy fist across his face and knocked him unconscious. “Throw him with the others,” Shockwave said as he turned towards the hole in the ceiling, “Good work, guys. Now let’s get out of here.”

Once the three villains were taken care of Shockwave, Quake, and Nuclear Winter all jumped up and out of the hole in the ceiling and they were off into the bright New York skyline.

The cops entered the bank with guns drawn and when they saw the three culprits unconscious they were absolutely perplexed and it wasn’t until a frightened teller told the whole story that they knew about the three heroes who stepped in to save the day.

It was then, on that day that the Three was truly born. However, it was also on that day that the enemy of the Three was born, the Triad of Darkness.

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