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A New Begining.

Post by JadeKyle » Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:06 am

Through the six inch glass and lead door a small girl is seen rocking back and forth on the bed that was given to her. She was responsible for the deaths of many people and could not be let loose in her present condition.

"Let me see her file again." A Doctor said and held out his hand for the metal binder. In it detailed how so many people had died, within days of each other.

The first was her mother. The cancer had spread rapidly to an extent that no one could see. It started in her lymph nodes and traveled with her blood the to her brain. The tumor they had cut out was of average size it had killed her in her sleep and had grown still off of the dying tissues. It happened within two days and the woman had been subjected to the radioactive equivalent of an atomic blast over the course of two days.

The next which was on the same night was her boyfriend and presumed lover. He had third degree burns all over his body and cancerous tumors under his skin. They had been asleep when he suddenly cried out in pain and rolled over, he was passed out in seconds and died en route.

The third was her baby sister, this one was the saddest. The child is a toddler and had had poor health through out her two years. She was in and out of the ICU constantly and no one could figure it out, they suspected abuse because of the bruising that was one her body. No one suspected radiation poisoning and that the bruising was the cause of cell death on the surface of the skin. Two years and she was dead in her sisters arms.

Closing the binder tears began to role down the mans face. All he wanted to do was hold his daughter in her time of need let her cry on his shoulder and make her feel better. He watched as she was curled up arms wrapping her knees that were to her chest. The slow rocking and shaking of her head was beginning to be too much for him.

"Why?" He asked one of the men standing next to him, the man only shook his head. The fathers eyes began to mist as he turned away tear streaming down his face. His family dead, his daughter insane and dangerous what was he going to do.


"Can you tell me how did you grow up?"

"I had a good life, my parents were loving and always provided what I wanted and needed." The girls voice came clear through the speaker in the wall. She was now rocking in a chair that was been provided after the metal frame of the bed had begun to melt and the mattress began to burn. The chair was made to withstand high heat so it should work well.

"When was the first time you discovered this talent?" A different doctor looked up at her as he finished his question.

"You do like to jump around don't you?" she said a sad smile on her face. "I first discovered it while holding a glass of milk, it immediately soured and began to boil in my hands."

"When was this?"

"When I was twelve so almost four years ago."

"Did you tell anyone about it?"

"I showed Silas, he thought it was neat..." Her voice lowered and her bottom lip began to tremble. "Not anymore."

"I think we should stop now." The doctor said to her as the radiation meter sky rocketed and a buzzing red warning light began to rotate. She continued to cry and her side of the thick glass began to melt and her clothing burned as did the padding around her room. The doctor moved quick slamming the lead door shut and sighing with his back to it.

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Post by JadeKyle » Fri Mar 16, 2007 1:31 pm

Five Years Later


Crystals sickly green hair seemed to flow down her sleek curves and the black body suit she had to perpetually wear. It was built by Stark Industries at a special request from the institution. It was an adaptable suit, built for special operations troops to withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as radiation and the like. It was currently the only piece of clothing she could wear that wouldn't burn when she put it on.

Control came slowly, any emotion would set off a devastating blast of radiation burning anything that was not protected against it. The most devastating came when she remembered her family or Silas, the ones she had killed. A man had come he was like nothing she had ever seen never opening his mouth but he sat in a chair opposite her and talked for several hours. Convincing her that it wasn't her fault that most mutants have to learn to use their powers and aren't just thrown into them. That was when she realized she was a mutant and not a freak that their were others like her and she wasn't alone in any of it.

Her father now sat across from her, idly she pushed some of her hair out of her face and behind her ear.

"You want to send me there?" She asked interrupting the current conversation. He looked at her pain drawn his face tight. No radiation was escaping but heat was it was a terrible thing to be near her even for him without a body suit.

"Yes, you have made great improvements but I believe the Senator's home would be a better place for both you and the men that work here." He knew that instant it was a mistake and cringed back as more heat escaped her body and was directed at him.

"Do you think I wanted to be like this?!" She screamed at him standing up, "To not get close to anyone in fear of harming them, to be scared that they will finally try and kill me?" The heat became more and more her father backing up step after step long since throwing up his arms to protect his face from the searing heat she generated. Then it stopped. She felt drained and sat back on the bench.

"I'm sorry." She said putting her face in her hands letting the green hair flow over them. "I should go shouldn't I?" She looked up at her father who still stood several feet away.

"If you want to stay you can, but I think it would be better for you with the Senator." Crystal nodded affirmation and brought her knees back up to her chest.

"I guess I will go then."

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This post might be a bit graphic, proceed with caution.

Post by JadeKyle » Sun Mar 25, 2007 8:03 pm

The life force of everyone surrounding her swallowed and consumed Rebbecca as she looked into the deepest pores of people. Seeing their good, but more often then not their evil. She sifted through them looking and watching as they filed by they seemed to become more and more depressed, more angry, more sinister. There however was nothing she could do, she didn't have super strength or any other powers then this curse that was forced upon her. She had no way to make them regret their doing. The things she saw were the reasons for her gray hair.

Images and memories floated to her mind as she walked through the crowd touching people, their possessions anything that is linked to them.

A man raping a girl thrusting again and again as the girl kicked and screamed tears streaming down her face and blood down her leg. Her face going into contortions of pain as the knife to her throat pressed harder. She let out one long dying scream as blood poured from the slit that appeared in her neck as the blade was drawn across it. Gasping for air that would not come the man simply laughed and walked away.

Rebbecca steeled herself against these images seeing them but allowing no emotion for them. Even so a solitary tear streamed down her face feeling for the girl.

A mother getting home from a long day at work only to have the T.V. blasting, the fridge open and music blaring from another room. She suddenly felt cool and calm as she took the chef's knife from the rack and the rolling pin from the drawer and went to the hall way, into one room she went, her daughter lay on her stomach reading and listening to music, as she heard the door open she rolled over, only to have enough time to gasp as the knife went through her right breast. Closing the door on her bloodied dying child she opened the next to find her son on the computer playing a game that she didn't remember okaying. She put all of her weight into the rolling pin and as it made contact with the boys head it made a large crunching noise and the boy's head went flying through the screen. Another wack and she could tell the boy was no longer breathing. Taking the rolling pin she walked back to her room toward her husband's gun cabinet breaking the glass she took and loaded a shotgun. Placing a chair facing the door she set up the gun and waited. Two hours without moving she waited until the door nob began to turn and her husband opened the door. She let out two shots, the buckshot ripped through the mans chest, he collapsed dead to the ground. Taking his keys she drove for days coming to rest in New York City, assuming a new life she forgot her old one as if it had never been.

Tears now freely ran down her face, no matter how remote she was, the pain still got through to her.

"Would you like to do something about it? A man was now standing at her shoulder watching her concern filled his eyes.

"I can help you." The man said without moving his mouth. "I am a mutant as well." He put out her hand to her and she took it.

A series of images passed through her mind as her hand made contact with his. She saw he has been traveling the world find and saving mutants just like her. Helping to train them showing them ways to use their powers for good rather then evil. She saw him in front of Congress making a speech that made no noise but still he moved and warmed people, bringing a halting blow to anti-mutant movements. She saw him as a boy, killing a man who killed both his parents in an attempt to score some money for drugs. She saw him concentrate so furiously on the man that he collapsed blood leaking from his ears and eyes.

"I don't like blood, I vowed that day to never use my powers for evil again."

"Even if they deserve it?" She asked remember the raper and murdering Mother.

"Sometimes evil deeds can help the good cause though. You will discover later, but right now you are squeezing my hand a bit hard." His thoughts came into her mind with a urgency to them.

"Sorry." Rebbecca said releasing the Senator's hand.

"So will you go on searching for places to be so you can discover the things that are wrong with this world, or will you help go out and fix these wrongs and try to make them right?"

She looked at him surprised by the question.

"I will go." She said with determination in her voice.

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Post by JadeKyle » Sun May 13, 2007 7:42 pm

The building was large as Rebecca soon found out room after room all ready for more students to learn to live and be happy with their powers. Many had come and gone and so few had stayed. The Senator had told her it was meant to house around three hundred mutant students, but he had discovered soon that that number was unreal. Now there were but five three students the Senator and his wife.

"I can only guess at how many that have stayed in these rooms more then a thousand but less then two."
He thought to the children that were following him. "I wanted to help so many more, but you would not believe the many that refused saying they would rather forget they were special." His face turned sad as he said this. "Others refused thinking they had other things to do with their powers, I am proud of you for making the right choice." He stopped suddenly and turned back. "I have showed you all that my grounds have to offer what you do with it is up to you."

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