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When Lightning Strikes (Limited Series)

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:03 pm
by Cazzik
Central CIty
One Year Ago

The sounds of thunder rolled through the Central City Police Station, shaking what seemed like the very foundations of the building. The storm was particularly strong for the city, despite it being winter and adverse weather being commonplace. The occupants of the building barely gave it a second thought. They were all busy with their jobs. Officers were leaving for patrol, while others were bringing in recent arrests. Detectives were pouring over cases and active warrants. Records clerks and evidence technicians were sorting paperwork and going about their mornings. On the east wing of the large building was the dispatch center. Inside were twenty different individuals hard at work at their desks answering calls. They were the voices of calm on the worst day of someone's life. Shift A was coming to end after 12 hours of hope and stress.

Robbie Evans was one such dispatcher. He yawned as he realized 7:00 pm had finally rolled around. It had been a long shift. He was exhausted and starving. He took off his head set and logged out of the system; handing the station over to the next shift. He collected his belongings from his locker and nodded to his friend Greg who was getting off shift as well, "I'm headed to Big Belly Burger for dinner. You want to go?"

Greg nodded, "Sounds good. I'll meet you there."

Robbie continued to the exit as Greg yelled after him again, "It's your turn to buy, Evans!"

Robbie just smiled and continued walking out to the parking lot. He stepped outside to the worst rain storm he could remember in recent years. He pulled his jacket over hid head and ran to his car. He pulled out his keys and promptly dropped them on the rain soaked ground. He sighed, bent over and picked them up. When he stood up there was a reflection of someone in the window of his car. Before he could turn around he the sky lit up and there was a cracking sound of epic proportions....then all went black.

Re: When Lightning Strikes (Limited Series)

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:19 pm
by Cazzik

"I am friggin starving!"

Greg looked at Robbie in astonishment, "Seriously? Again?!"

Mrs. Evans, who had come all the way from Star City to take care of her son who had awoken from a coma less than a week ago, slapped the back of Greg's head, "If my boy is hungry then he's hungry and he doesn't need any flak from you, Gregory. Poor boy went 8 months without any real food."

Greg shrugged, "I guess."

Robbie shrugged as well. Despite being hungry he did realize eating this amount of food was extremely abnormal for himself. But he couldn't help it. Ever since he woke up a week ago he couldn't stop eating. He was afraid he was going to plump up like a balloon if he continued this way. He had been released from the hospital yesterday and his mom and Greg were taking shifts to make sure he wasn't going to slip back into a coma again. He still remembered next to nothing about what happened. The doctors said he had been struck by lightning in the parking lot after work. Greg was the one that found him and rushed him to the ER. The hospital is where he stayed until he miraculously woke up.

He was supposed to be taking it easy for the next several weeks before he went back to work but he could already feel himself going stir crazy. He needed to get out of the house at some point...soon.