On Scarlet Fields We Softly Tread

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On Scarlet Fields We Softly Tread

Post by Mir » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:15 pm

On Scarlet Fields We Softly Tread

Two days after Asgard

The truth was, he could not properly tell which was better: the wine or the book. The book was one he had read many times over the years, in the same way the wine was one he had had many times as well. Still, the repetitious reading of the book had never taken away from the story’s power. Just as the wine had never lost its potency. He turned the page of the book, the only sound in the library room the roaring fire. The Asgardian God of Mischief was content in his surroundings.

The door to the room opened and two members of the Royal Guard stepped into the room. Loki looked up, to see who it was and more importantly, what they wanted.

“Well, out with it. I haven’t got all day.” Loki said.

“My Prince, the King requests your presence in the throne room.” One of the guards said.

Loki shut the book, setting it down on the table next to his unfinished wine. “I suppose we shouldn’t keep him waiting. The old man might fall asleep.” He said, rising and smoothing out his robes. “No need to accompany me, gentlemen, I know the way.” He added.

He’d had a feeling this conversation was going to happen sooner rather than later. Loki walked through the hallways of Asgard with purpose. The Allfather was all-seeing. He was many "all" things, as annoying as that could be. But there was something that had escaped his notice, at least thus far. It hadn’t taken long for him to catch up though. Loki had been counting the days. Only two had passed since Thor had been sent to aid the Avengers in recovering the stolen Time Stone from the vault, as well as stop whoever it was who was attempting to accumulate the stones. In that time, Loki had been wondering whether or not Odin had figured out what had happened, or whether it was even an inkling in the Allfather's mind. Either way, it was a very real possibility that he was soon to find out. Odin didn't summon Loki, generally, unless there was something serious. The Allfather of Asgard preferred private conversations for the most part. So if he was being summoned, it was something that concerned the entire realm, and by extension, all the Nine Realms.

It didn’t take long, he soon found himself in the throne room. Majestic as always, the throne room was resplendent in Asgardian gold. Engravings decorated the walls, murals that were seemingly alive fighting with the engravings for space. The ceiling was beautiful, a testimony to the thousands of years Odin had kept the Nine Realms safe and peaceful. Loki’s eyes flitted upwards as he walked towards the Gold Throne where his father sat.

Where his adopted father sat.

Safety and peace were boring.

“Father, you requested an audience.” Loki said, kneeling.

Odin minced no words. “How did Doom enter my vault? And how is it that he was able to break locks to steal the gem, locks I placed on there with ancient magicks?” Odin asked.

He had caught up, indeed.

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