[A.R.G.U.S.] - Black Arrow: Bishop G3 to Knight D6

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[A.R.G.U.S.] - Black Arrow: Bishop G3 to Knight D6

Post by Vox » Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:23 pm

Star City
Hyde Park

Dressed in a business suit and tie Jean Bishop looked across the men gathered at the table before him and coughed lightly to gather their attention. He was a well-built man, the envy of women who saw him without his shirt off as he had once heard it put. His grey suit accentuated his green eyes matching the light green button up shirt that was unbuttoned at the top. Smiling the man nodded to his assistant who handed out leather bound embossed folders. Opening his own folder Bishop thumbed through a few pages and then stepped around his chair looking at the men before him. “Gentlemen, we have an opportunity to change this city.”

“We have been given the chance to set in motion a change that will forever shape the way our organization moves forward. You have all been chosen to help prepare this city for the coming changes. As prominent business men in this community you have the ability to lead your city into changes that will bring about a rise in power thought unreachable until now.” Stopping for a moment the man smiled to himself and nodded to his assistant again.

“We did not choose any of you at this table lightly. As a matter of fact you were each hand picked by A.R.G.U.S. to help further our goals and complete this mission.” A noise was heard as two armed men brought a crate into the room. Setting it down at the end of the table the men stayed in the room and Bishop opened it slowly. A yellow hue lit the room and the man set down an object on the table. A few gasps were heard around the room while one man stood a look of anger on his face.

“Get that out of here! We do not need Chrell weaponry to help us complete our goals.” Nodding Bishop seemed to agree with what the man had said and then held up his hand as if holding a rod. As if out of thin air a bow started to materialize in the man’s hand unfolding and locking together with the same yellow hue swirling around it until it completed it’s construction turning all black. Flipping the weapon here and there Bishop looked at the weapon and set it on the table.

“I agree, we do not need Chrell weaponry to continue our mission for this city, but the very nature of our goals for this city require Chrell technology to allow them to be completed within our timeframe.” Leaning forward and placing both palms on the table the man nodded toward the weapon. “What you see before you is only a tiny part of our uses for the technology we have at our disposal. The folders before you contain all of the information you will each need for your part of the mission. No one else need know about your part of the mission, no one will be told about your part of the mission…”

Walking around the table Bishop tapped his watch and the armed men pulled a middle-aged man up out of his chair dragging him to the front of the room. Walking around the table Bishop picked up the bow and took an arrow from a quiver aiming at the man. “We do not tolerate failure or the inability to follow our rules. Mr. Johassen here decided that sharing his mission through a lapel camera was a wise idea.”

Stammering the man tried to come up with a reason for his camera and dropped his head. Loosing the arrow Bishop walked back to his place at the head of the table and let Mr. Johassen lie bleeding on the floor. “With that said, are there any questions about your assignments?”

“Yes,’ one of the older men said, “Red Arrow is becoming a bigger problem. He and his team of idealists are starting to gain momentum in the city. He has the backing of some very important figures including Brendan Knight.” Moving toward the now dead Mr. Johassen the man in charge of the meeting pulled the arrow from the dead man’s chest in one quick movement. Holding up the arrow Bishop spun it in the light looking at the black shaft and arrowhead contrasting with the blood that covered it.

“Brendan Knight…one of Star City’s golden boys. We have a plan for him. His assistant is a liability that can be removed and cause him to bend to our will.”

Looking away from the arrow Bishop smiled. “Do not worry about the Red Arrow. We have implemented our own plan to deal with him. There will be no distraction or disruption of our planning.”

“And his supporters like Brendan Knight? How exactly do you expect removing his assistant to bend him to our will?” The man who spoke seemed exasperated by the entire discussion. It was clear he wanted the entire meeting to end as quickly as possible.

“Do not ask questions about things you do not want answers to.” Bishop slipped the arrow back into its quiver after wiping it off. “Brendan Knight’s assistant is the key to not just removing Knight Weapons and Development from the playing field but also to them removing their support of Red Arrow.”

“How exactly is that going to happen? Are you planning on killing more people?” Half standing the man seemed to be gaining confidence and Bishop found himself wanting to punch the man.

“Do you know what Ulysses S. Grant said about the Civil War Mr. Quick? He said ‘It is probably well that we had the war when we did. We are better off now than we would have been without it, and have made more rapid progress than we otherwise should have made…but this war was a fearful lesson, and should teach us the necessity of avoiding wars in the future.” Bishop made eye contact with Elijah Quick and held steady as he did so.

“What we intend on doing is making this the war that will shape the city in the way we want, we will remember this war and look back on it fondly.” Walking around the table Bishop smiled and opened the door as the Chrell technology was placed back in its case and removed from the room. “You don’t seem to have the constitution to know how we will go about the business of removing the players from the board Mr. Quick. I suggest you stick to your job, find Jordan Vega.”

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