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World's Finest

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:03 am
by Mir

World's Finest

Monte Carlo

The man shifted the car as he drove through the winding roads. He was taking the long way, and the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 Super Sport was making the trip absolutely amazing. The fastest street legal car in the world, it had a top speed of 267 miles per hour. Inside the car, Franz Schubert’s Quartet D. 804 was playing through the speakers. Idly, the man driving the car, allowed his fingers to tap lightly on the steering wheel in some kind of rhythm with the strings whose luscious sound filled the interior of the car. The drive was a long one, from his starting point, but he didn’t mind. It was all about the experience, and he had time to spare, at least this night.

The man finally reached the casino and hotel a good twenty minutes later, and the black on black Bugatti slid in front of the casino for the waiting valet. The man who took the keys from him had seen a number of different cars throughout his time on the job. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, even a McLaren. But this car looked amazing. The vehicle was a beast that was for sure. His eyes lit up as he took the keys, knowing that even if it was for a few moments, he’d be able to drive the car.

He turned to the man dressed in the dark blue Tom Ford suit and lighter blue striped shirt. “Nice car.” He said, looking the man up and down and noting the leather shoes that the man had on.

The other man smiled. “You should see my other one.” He said, with a slight hint of a Gotham City accent. “It’s even nicer.” Isaiah Muir said.

He left the man standing there and walked into the casino. The casino and the hotel was sponsoring some kind of charity event, and his name had been on the list of people who would be interested in such an event. Muir had opted not to stay at the casino, as he owned a house in Monte Carlo. While he hadn’t been that interested in attending the event, Winston, his butler and closest confidante had insisted that he go. The man had said something about children and that had made Muir even more hesitant to go.

Then Winston had stated that this would be a good test for Steven Santieri’s competency at the Major Crimes Unit in Gotham City, if the city could survive a few days without the man who kept the streets safe for the citizens of Gotham.

The Batman.

Muir had grudgingly allowed this argument to hold sway. Now he was here, at Monte Carlo, at this charity event. He walked in and immediately regretted it.

Opulence was everywhere. Luxuries that most could not even dream of affording. And he hated it. With a slight sigh, he put on the mask that the rest of the world saw on a daily basis.

Isaiah Muir, billionaire industrialist and playboy. In the top ten of the richest men in the world. The man who could buy anything he wanted, except for the peace of mind and peace of soul that he so desperately craved. He walked through the place, his eyes taking in everything. Even now, he was casing the place. The skills that he’d acquired in his travels, becoming the most dangerous man alive, they didn’t just go away even if he turned his mind into Isaiah Muir. They couldn’t. Those skills were what had brought him to the dance and they’d served him well so far.


He turned at the sound of his name.

“Jerry.” He said, shaking the hand of the man. “How is everything at Cadric Enterprises?” He asked. 

“Great, after the business deal that we hammered out a few years ago. But I still haven’t forgiven you for stealing my assistant.” Jerry Santiago said.

“Interesting.” Isaiah said, accepting a glass of champagne from one of the people walking around with trays. “You had her as an assistant. I made her the CEO of the company. I don’t think you were utilizing her the way you should have, Jerry. You wouldn’t have needed Wayne Enterprises to bail you out if you had.” He said. “I need to speak to the host.” He said.

He didn’t bother to wait for Santiago’s response.

Moving through the crowd, he set the untouched glass of champagne down, and continued on his way. It didn’t take him that long to reach the host of the charity event. The woman turned, in the white bandage dress, and saw him. Her brown eyes danced with mischief as she walked up to him. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Isaiah Muir, I have to say I was surprised when I got the response from Winston that you would be attending.” She said.

“Ms. Walker.” Isaiah replied. “We both know that once I saw who was hosting it there was no way that I could turn down an evening of your company.” He said.

“It’d have been Mrs. Muir, if you’d given me the chance.” Blair Walker, the CEO of Frost International said.

“Well, this has been a lovely evening of your company. Unfortunately one that had to end far to early. That’s my cue to leave.” Isaiah said with a smirk.

She laughed and reached out ruffling his hair slightly. “We all know you’re never going to get married.” She said and when he gave her a look, the smile grew. “We meaning all of womankind. We had a meeting and it was discussed. But we all wish and hope.”

“At least I’m awesome enough to merit a meeting of all womankind.” He said.

“Of course you are dear heart. Don’t be a stranger, but for now I have to head out. I have to keep mingling.” She said and he nodded.

After she left, he looked around and saw an open poker table. Sitting down, he nodded at the dealer. The other man dealt him in, giving him about two hundred thousand euros in chips. Nothing too crazy.

A few hands in, and Muir had gotten his share up a great deal. Now he was looking at three hundred and twenty seven thousand euros. Not bad for a night at the casino. The charity even encompassed a number of different games and a number of different venues. It had cost a sizable amount to get in, and in an interesting turn of events, the charity took about sixty percent of any winnings that you got during the course of the evening. Muir didn’t mind. Not like he needed the money anyway.

“Can I join the game?” Someone asked behind him.

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Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:27 pm
by Nichalus
Only 30 minutes prior Christopher Chase was in Metropolis, finalizing a new project that he had been working on at Chase Inc.'s complex, before entering his highly secure office situated on the roof of the building. Most people thought of the private suite on the top of the building was befitting the generous humanitarian, but most truly thought he enjoyed his privacy due to most people that looked upon him in his Anti-Gravity chair with smiles of pity, or smiles that showed that they looked upon him as the man that gives so much, but is hindered by his handicap.

Christopher saw these looks and felt ashamed that people would look at him with pity because of his handicap, but knowing that he was far from being so. It was a charade that he had to play though, he truly had no choice. Hiding his true identity as Superman was sometimes a great burden, he felt like it was a lie when he hovered around the floors of Chase Inc., and saw the looks, the smiles, and knowing that it was all a façade for his true alien.

--Mr. Chase, will you be needing anything else?-- Came a female voice over the intercom.

"No Kim, that will be all for the day. I'll take the private elevator down." Chris responded.

--Well, you have fun in Monte Carlo, Mr. Chase, and we'll see you in a week. If anyone deserves a vacation, its you sir."

"Don't I know it." Chris smiled at the intercom. "Say Hi to Bill and the kids for me."

--I will. OH, and hey! Thank you so much for getting my kids those autographed pictures of Superman. You have no idea should much they loved them!--

"It was my pleasure Kim."

Chris smiled broadly, and it was in those last words where all the doubts about his secret identity faded away. It wasn't the adulation in being recognized, or being shown appreciation for what he has done as Superman, it was the smile that he was able to give to those that needed it, and he didn't need to throw a mountain, or battle a horde of robots, or defeat some being intent on destroying his adopted home to get it.

Stepping out of his anti-grav chair his form seemed to shimmer, his body blurred and then he stood in the middle of his office in his Superman uniform. Stepping over to the large sliding doors, which were deeply tinted to prevent anyone outside from looking in. The doors automatically slid open and Superman moved faster than the eye could see, out the doors, which automatically closed and the Security System came online.

Superman streaked into the heavens of the crystal blues skies, a faint vapor trail spiraled out behind him. Of all his abilities, flight was one of his most favored. It was the one thing that he had to himself, his joy at being able to see the world below him. Brilliant green valleys, snow capped mountains, and blue oceans. Even the stark difference of the Sahara Desert and other barren areas of the planet seemed beautiful.

Reaching his apogee at the edge of space, he paused for a moment and took in the beautiful sight below. The planet looked so serene, peaceful from the cold edge of space, but his super hearing could still hear the people hundreds of miles below on the surface. Screams, cries, yelling. Gears turning, foul gases hissing from the millions of factories, jet engines screeching across the skies, car tires squealing, engines revving. 'Only listen to what you 'want' to listen to Chris.' Sarah Chase's voice echoed into his head. It was one of the many lessons that she and his adopted father taught him as his powers began to manifest

With that memory, the sounds from below faded away, and Chris smiles. He orients himself, and for a brief moment his eyes glow a faint bluish glow as he uses his telescopic vision to get his bearings on Monte Carlo. His smile broadens even further as he zooms his vision in and sees none other than Isaiah Muir stepping out of his high priced vehicle.

Superman soars back into the atmosphere and within only a few seconds, and once again too fast for anyone paying attention to see, he lands on the large balcony of his top floor suite, paid for prior to his arrival and already stocked, complete with one of his anti-grav chairs. He steps over to the closet, opens it to a full array of various dress cloths for casual or formal, and selects the latter which happens to be....a Tom Ford Tuxedo, black with a white neatly pressed shirt and red tie. His form blurs as he quickly dons the suit, and then steps over to his grav chair.

He sighs as he sits down and activates the controls. The façade once again in place, much to his annoyance, and then he exits the suite and heads down to the Casino Floor.

"Christopher Chase!" Blair Walker waves and walks to him. "Oh my, you have no idea how flattered I am that you managed to come. Thank you!"

"Ms Walker it is my pleasure to be able to help the children." Chris blushes dutifully.

"Your work with the underprivileged Special Need Kids in Kenya was inspiring Chris. With Chase's help dozen of those poor children that were mutilated by those tribesmen will be able to walk again."

"Truly Ma'am it was my pleasure to be able to help."

Chris then spies Muir sitting at the Poker Table. "If you'll excuse me Ms. Walker, I see a friend that I need to speak to." He shook her hand and silently hovered over to the table.

"Can I join the game?"

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Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:39 pm
by Mir
Isaiah turned and looked at the man who was trying to join the game. There was no facial reaction to the newcomer, though inside his mind was already at work. "Well, all things considered, I'm a little surprised to find you here." He said.

"The same could be said about you." Chase said, his chair navigating so that he was next to Isaiah. The two men regarded each other with similar looks of mild interest.

"I thought a little fresh air might be do me well. I'd hate to be stuck in a tower all day, if you know what I mean." He replied, as a waiter brought him a drink. At least if he was going to have to put up with Chase he could have some fun while he did it. No chance of him avoiding drinking it here, and he did allow himself some alcohol, so he took a sip of the vodka. Isaiah drank enough to make sure that he would never not look like a drinker when he had to consume alcohol in front of people. But not nearly enough to actually be the drunken playboy that many people and many media outlets regarded him as.

"We all have to get out of the cave every once in a while." Chase said, a twinkle in his eye.

That was a good one. It almost stung a little bit. In response, Isaiah feigned ignorance. "I literally meant getting the wheelchair out of the tower." Isaiah said, with a smile.

Chase blinked and then stopped. He thought about it for a moment. "Oh. Well, that's not actually that difficult. If you stop brooding about the problem, and just try to solve it." He replied with a simple shrug of the shoulders.

"Do you two know each other?" One of the women at the table asked, interrupting with interest before Isaiah could fire of his next bit of sarcasm. Their exchange had garnered the interest of most of the people at the table, even the dealer who was concentrating or at least trying to concentrate on doing his job. But the conversation was just so stimulating between the two men. It was like they were very good friends who hated each other.

"Some days I feel like we've just met." Isaiah said, and extended his hand to the wheelchair bound man. "Isaiah Muir, owner of Wayne Enterprises."

"Christopher Chase, owner of Chase Enterprises." The other man said, shaking his hand and playing along.

"Firm grip for a cripple."

"Isaiah, you can't just go around calling people crippled." Blair said, appearing out of nowhere. "Not at a charity event." She said.

"I'm Isaiah Muir. It's to be expected. Besides, Chase here knows I'm just messing with him." Isaiah said, leaning back in his seat. "We do know each other ma'am. Chase Enterprises and Wayne Enterprises have worked on a number of projects together." He said. "He likes to help people and I like to apparently date his cousin. When she's not flying around the world." He added, offhandedly, making Chase wince.

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Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:42 am
by Nichalus
Chris raises his hand in a dismissive motion to Blair with a smile. "Oh, it's quite alright Blair. I know some people may think that my friend Mr. Muir has bats in his belfry, but when you get to really know him...well...even my dog has quite an attachment to him."

The people gathered around the table chuckled quietly as the dealer dealt a fresh hand to everyone.

"And let's face the facts, my cousin is a, as most people are her age. But her heart is in the right place."

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Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:19 am
by Mir
“I’m going to put that dog down.” Isaiah said, low enough that he knew only Chase would be able to hear him.

“Good luck.” Chase said with a small smile.

Isaiah rose as he threw his cards down, winning the hand of Poker yet again. “Luck is for losers. Only those who are unprepared need it.” He said. Collecting his chips, Isaiah walked over to one of the charity drops and gave the person standing behind the counter all of his chips, totaling a good half a million euros. The man behind the counter gave him a wide eyed look. “But you know, just hitting things over and over seems to be a good solution sometimes too.” He said, knowing that Chase in his wheel chair was behind him.

“It does work, sometimes. Particularly against those who are hard headed.”

Isaiah turned and looked down at the man in the wheel chair. They both shared a similar smirk on their face.

He didn’t get a chance to reply as a man with a microphone started speaking, saying that they had one of the special attractions ready to perform. Isaiah and Christopher headed over to the main stage, where there was a band ready to perform. As the singer came out, Isaiah breathed a small sigh of relief that it wasn’t Cassie. Instead it was a woman by the name of Elizabeth Grant, better known as Lana Del Rey. After a short introduction, she launched into the first song from her set, Summertime Sadness.

“Let me get this out of the way. You’ve slept with her.” Christopher said, with a sigh.

The other man paused and considered. He had to close his eyes and think back. “No.” He said, finally after thinking it over.

“I’m amazed.”

“Have seen her naked though. She can do amazing things that doesn't involve actual sex.”

“Of course you have and why am I not surprised?” Christopher said with a roll of his eyes.

“I’ve been wondering something. The whole wheelchair thing that doesn’ know...when know.” Isaiah said and gestured. “Birds and bees and things of that nature.”

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Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:04 am
by Nichalus
"While my private life is...well...private, unlike yourself Isaiah, the answer to your question is 'yes', I'm still a fully functional adult. But being functional, doesn't mean I go out of my way to prove it, or overcompensating." Chris retorted and for a moment contemplated something. "You alone must keep the Trojan company in business...or you own stock. That is if the stories on TMZ are to be believed."

"Don't believe everything you read Chris." Isaiah stated smiling as he waved to a person, whom he really doesn't know but waves none the less.

"While you might believe me to be naive Isaiah, don't make the mistake of actually believing, that and probably breaking one of your own rules of underestimating a person by their actions."

"Don't be naive Chris." Isaiah smirked back at him.

Chris chuckled, knowing that if there was anyone in the room that didn't underestimate, it would be Isaiah. "I stand corrected."

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Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:56 am
by Mir
“That might be difficult.” Isaiah said, as Lana Del Ray finished another song, and moved forward in her set. The singing continued and he turned away, looking around at the party. “I hate things like this.” He said.

“Are we back to the topic of leaving one’s cave?” Chase asked.

“So many more productive things I could be doing.” Isaiah said.

Chase looked at him, and he could see in the other man’s eyes a sense of cold, calculating sharpness. The eyes that flicked around the room, taking everything in, belonged to a man who was a shark. The look of a man who was always thinking, always working, never taking a moment to rest. Suddenly they changed.

“Isaiah.” A woman said, walking up to them, and Chase could hear the Australian accent in her voice. “It’s been a while.”

“Since we worked on the Academy’s charter together. This is Christopher Chase, he's kind of important at Chase Corporation.” Isaiah said, nodding at the attractive brunette. “Chase, this is Miranda Vesper. Lawyer, one of the people in charge of Mayer, Ingram, and Rogers. She takes a lot of my money.” He said.

“Lies. We just charge you a fair rate for the services rendered.” Miranda said.

“A lawyer telling me I’m telling lies.” Isaiah said, with a mock look of surprise on his face. “There’s got to be a precedent for this one. To the law library.”

“Well, she should know.” Christopher said with a warm smile, causing Miranda to turn towards him.

“Oh, and are you just like Mr. Muir here?” Miranda asked.

“No.” Both men said at the same time. They eyed each other.

“Obviously, he’s in a wheel chair.” Isaiah said. “I on the other hand, have total control of all my faculties.”

“I’m not as annoying as he is.” Christopher said.

“Duly noted.” The woman in the champagne colored dress said. “Well, I have to be off. Mr. Chase, it was a pleasure meeting you.” She said. “Isaiah, I need to talk to you about that acquisition you were talking about a few weeks ago.” She said. “I’ll get in touch with Winston or Britney.” Miranda added as she walked away.

When her head turned back around, the look was back in Isaiah’s eyes. The sharpness. The focus. “I hate this.” He said.

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Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:37 am
by Nichalus
"Actually Isaiah, I would think that it would be good therapy for you." He holds up his hand to stop the retort he knew would come. "And, I'm not saying that you need it. All I'm saying is that you have your hands full in Gotham. Getting out into the real world, getting away from all that is going on there, should be seen as good thing. The world outside Gotham isn't perfect, but it must be a far cry from it. Everyone needs a break, every now and then."

"I suppose that your saying that you could do better?" Isaiah smiled wanly back at Chris.

"Absolutely not." Chris countered. "There is a time and place for ground and pound tactics, and then there is a time for shadow games. I know my place in the scheme of things Isaiah, and when I am needed. My mentor burned that lesson in my head from the beginning. I can't be the world's problem solver, nor force my own personal decisions on the world. I just need to be ready for the time when I am needed."

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Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:40 pm
by Mir
“Admirable, I’m sure.”

“You don’t listen.” Christopher replied.

“I do listen. I choose not to follow. There’s a difference.” Isaiah said.

The two continued their journey through the party, meeting with various people that they knew. As they did, they continued to converse, their conversation going a variety of different directions. Christopher’s train of thought drifted towards asking about a new reporter that the Daily Planet had acquired, and Isaiah asked about the current whereabouts of Christopher’s cousin, who, as he’d stated before, he apparently had dated. Soon the two were discussing the pros and cons of reactive and proactive courses when it came to the world’s problems, and their path had taken them quite far away from the rest of the party.

They were walking on a veranda of sorts, and Isaiah stopped, leaning on stone as he looked out at the gardens below them. He fell silent after a moment or two and then looked at Christopher, his eyes narrowed. The other man nodded slowly. They both knew what was going on. Isaiah turned and saw the group of men that were on the veranda with them.

“Well, hello there.” He said.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” The man who appeared to be in charge said. He was dressed differently than the rest of the men with him. While they wore tactical gear and all held silenced semi-automatic sub-machine guns, this man was dressed in a creme colored suit. A light peach dress shirt, and a black tie. He had brown loafers on, and his eyes seemingly glistened in the dark. “I was wondering if I could have a conversation with you all.”

“I didn’t know you needed guns to have a conversation.” Isaiah said, and looked at Christopher. “What about you?” He asked.

“No...I didn’t think that either.” Christopher said. He shook his head slightly. “A conversation about what?” He asked.

“I don’t think this is the place for the conversation. Perhaps, somewhere a bit more private?” The man asked.

“As long as it’s wheel chair accessible.” Isaiah replied with a smirk.

“Really?” Christopher mouthed to man who was seemingly lounging against stone fence. He almost rolled his eyes at the other man’s shrug. “Though, he does have a point.” He said, aloud.

“I usually do.” Isaiah said.

“Gentlemen, if you would.” The man in the creme colored suit said, and gestured.

The men with the guns moved forward, and moonlight glistened off of handcuffs. As they did, Isaiah watched the man unbutton the suit, and rub a hand over his chest. Barely discernible the sound was, but the two men who were being politely accosted were not the most common of men by any stretch of the imagination. They both were able to hear what seemed like a hiss and a plate of something sliding out of the way.

And then Christopher started sweating.

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Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:40 am
by Nichalus
Wade Simonson looked at the two with no small amount of disdain in his bright green eyes. Pompous sophisticates of society that cared more for themselves than the people around them that made them into what they are today. Some dressed themselves up like Chase, acting all humble and giving, but he knew it was just a front for the greed and grandeur that he wanted. Then you have those like Muir that did not even trying to hide their self absorbed nature, no doubt thinking that his money would buy his way out of this and he would go back to his room and bang some air-headed blonde whore with dreams of being Mrs. Muir.

It was these very types that he could not stand, he loathed everything about them, always getting away with anything that they wanted to do, skirting their way under the radar, or even blatantly getting away with anything they wanted due to their status and money. He couldn't get away with it. He didn't have the money or the grandeur. So what they he clipped a few drug dealers out of some cash, or leaned on some of the low level street gangs for a cut of their action, or even tossed a few off a roof. Who would miss them? Why should anyone care?

The bleeding heart libtards, that's who. The politician that was looking for points, the District Attorney that used him as a spring board to clean up the Police Department's undesirables. The same District Attorney that now has to live the rest of his life drinking his dinner through a straw after Wade crushed his mouth, his dirty, lying stinking mouth with a crowbar while he slept. The same fucking asshole that cost him his job, his wife and children and his pension of 25 years. For that act of retribution, he got 25 years at Ryker's Island.


But he wasn't there long. Only 6 months into his stint at Rykers, long enough to know he wasn't going to survive long since several gangs within knew who he was, and the fact that one of the leader's brothers was one of the ones that found out what Sudden Impact Syndrome with concrete felt like at 10 stories. All he knew was that one night he awoke from a dead sleep and saw a man, or he thought it was a man, standing in the shadows of his isolation cell, his face hidden by the corner of shadow cast off from his lone window.

"Enjoying your stay Mr. Simonson?" The Man spoke.

"What the fu.." Wade sat up quickly in his bed.

"Spare me your surprise Mr. Simonson, and allow me to rest your fear. I am not here to harm you, I am here to liberate you. If I wanted you dead, I'm sure I could have bribed one of the many guards to allow one of your fans in here to...what is the word...?" The shadowy face seemed to think for a moment. "Oh yes...snuff you out"

"Who the fuck are you?" Wade sneered back.

"No one that you want to say no to Mr. Simonson." The voice replied. "But one that can give you what you want. Your freedom, and the means to get some measure of retribution to those that look down upon you. The one that can give you the power to do what you want, and the power to prevent anyone from stopping you from regaining your dignity."


"Really?" The Man stated with a bit of incredulity in his voice. "I am standing in your cell, an isolation cell mind you, and there are no alarms going off."

Wade had to concede the point. "Alright, what do you want?"

"Why, your cooperation in an experiment. One that will give you all that I have stated you will have." Again, the shadowy figure paused in thought. "But there is a price."

"There always is..." Wade stated. "I'm in." He finished without a further thought.


The trickle of sweat rolled down the side of Christopher's face almost imperceptibly, and while he was struggling to maintain his facial features as neutral as possible, inside it was a battle. This was something that he had felt before, it had been quite some time, and the passage of time did not diminish it's effects...however much resistance he had to it. Knowing that Isaiah would be looking at him, he carefully mouthed the word 'Kryptonite', knowing that Isaiah was an expert lip reader.

"What's wrong with your boy Fancy Pants?" Wade looked between the two of them.

"Well, you know how these cripples are, always susceptible to the little things...even the rich ones." Isaiah rolled his eyes and produced a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and handed it to Chris. "He's been fighting the effects of the local water. I'm sure it's not up to par with his delicate special needs system, nor on par with Evian Water."

"Your all heart Isaiah." Chris managed while he dabbed the sweat from his forehead.

Wade sneered at them both. "A pimp and a gimp. If I had my way...." Wade suddenly lashed out with his arm, the speed of which caught even Isaiah by surprise as he grabbed him by the throat and lifted him from the floor with effortless ease. "I would snap your neck like a twig and pitch you off the balcony like the piece of trash that you are." He pulled Isaiah close to his face, while Isaiah grasped Wade's arm feeling what lied beneath the surface of Wade's skin.

"But, you aren't why I'm here." Wade said and casually threw Isaiah against the wall painfully.

Cautiously Christopher hovered over to Isaiah as he struggled to get into a sitting position against the wall, concern etched on his face. "Are you ok?" He asked.

Isaiah shook his head as if to clear the the cobwebs from his head, and nodded to Chris before looking back at Wade. "So, why are you here, and why take us...other than to tear up a perfectly good suit and face?"

"You'll see soon enough." Wade stated and then nodded to the two other gunmen in the room. "Send out the word."

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Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:29 pm
by Mir
It didn’t take long for the word to get out. The group made it’s way towards a group of vans that were ready for pick up. The helicopter was a good few miles away. Isaiah’s mind was working furiously. He looked at Christopher and thought for a moment. He could read Christopher’s lips, probably better than anyone in the group of people here. Meanwhile, knowing what he knew, he could whisper as low as possible anything that he wanted to say, and Christopher would understand him.

“Something’s going on.”

You think?” Christopher replied, managing to inject enough humor into his face as the group moved.

”No, seriously. This guy here, something’s not right with him. There is definitely something going on.” He replied.

“Come on, you two.” Wade said, gesturing to the vans. “I don’t have all day. We’ve got a schedule to keep, so get a damn move on.”

“Right yeah.” Isaiah said and shoved his hands in his pockets, taking the look of someone who had just seen a wrench thrown in the cogs of the plan. “I just may have a slight problem.” Isaiah said. “He’s kinda like the Tin Man, and he needs oil for the wheel chair to-”

“Are you shitting me?” Wade asked, dead stopping and turning to look. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Gimp’s a genius and he can’t make a wheel chair that works? No wonder his company sucks.”

“Well..uh...yeah?” Isaiah said. “Course I’m shitting you.” He said. ”Though your company does suck.” He added, just for Christopher.

Christopher chose that exact moment to feign the wheel chair malfunctioning and he dropped over to check something, letting roll the item that had been slipped to him, along with the handkerchief. A stronger than military grade combination flash bang and smoke grenade rolled along the ground, and a small Bat logo blinked blue twice before it detonated. The flash was enough to allow cover time.

Which was all that Isaiah needed.

“Wheelie, move it.” Isaiah said, and Christopher accelerated, moving through the smoke and slamming into Wade. As Simonson fell to the ground, stunned by both the sudden flash and the hit, Isaiah’s foot lashed out, connecting with one of the soldier’s heads. Within seconds he had them all on the ground unconscious.

“Where’d you learn all that? And where’d you get that grenade from? I could have sworn I saw a-”

“Special friend of mine.” Isaiah said. “Quickly, we need to move before they recover. I think my vehicle is probably closer than yours. Let’s move.” He said.

“Still bored?” Christopher asked as they left the scene.

“Well, I’m not going to get laid.” Isaiah said. “Course, I guess I could call your cousin, that’d solve that problem.”

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Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 11:29 am
by Mir
Isaiah walked into the offices of Chase Corporation and when security tried to stop him, he gave them a look. They insisted on doing a scan of the briefcase that he brought with him, while they waited to receive word from upstairs that Isaiah was on the proverbial guest list. Which prompted Isaiah to make a comment that they wouldn’t find a toolbox in the briefcase, and he wasn’t intending to dismantle their boss’ wheelchair. Once word was received that he was definitely welcome in the building, Isaiah was soon on an elevator that took him directly to Christoper’s office. Walking through the doors, Isaiah found himself looking at a woman who told him in no nonsense terms that Christopher had a meeting soon, and that whatever this was, it needed to be finished with quickly.

“Kimberly, I don’t think that I can rush anything.” Isaiah said. “I like to take my time and make sure that things are done properly.” He said.

“I’m sure that’s the case, Mr. Muir, but-“

“Call me Isaiah.” He said with a smile.

Mr. Muir, Mr. Chase has a busy schedule today, so I will need this to be brief.”

Isaiah sighed, realizing that this was going nowhere. While there had been a hope for brief flirtation to annoy Chase with, he saw that that was going to happen, and that it was time to get a move on things. So he gave a short laugh and then smiled. “Well, I know how long it takes him to get places, so I’ll try to be quick.” He said. “Anyway, I’m sure he’s glad that someone like you is able to manage his time so effectively.” He said, before walking into the office.

Christopher was seated behind his desk.

“Stop playing minesweeper.” Isaiah said, dropping the briefcase onto one of the chairs and unbuttoning his jacket.

“Good morning to you too.” Chris said, his eyes still on the computer screen.

“Did you purposefully hire a secretary who would be able to resist me?” Isaiah said. “Because I’m a little flattered. And touched, that you would give me such a challenge. It’s very thoughtful of you.”

Chris turned and looked at Isaiah, blinking. “Can’t say I did. Though I should probably give her a raise just because, now. Not everything is about you, just so you know.”

“I detect some snark in there.” Isaiah said. He looked around the room and studied the office. Neat and organized, as was to be expected. But it lacked a certain flair that he had been sure would be present in the office of Christopher Chase. Turning, back towards Chris, he frowned. “Where’s a picture with you and that Superman fellow? I figured you’d have one, since you’re probably the chairperson of the fan club.”

“It’s in the mail. We’re collecting dues for the fan club, by the way.” Christopher said, looking at Isaiah expectantly.

Isaiah feigned checking his pockets. “Must have left my wallet in the car.” He said.

“Course you did. So what’s going on Isaiah?” Christopher asked, and watched as Isaiah reached into the briefcase and pulled out a folder. Chris caught the folder as it was tossed to him. Opening it, he started looking at the contents, beginning to frown. “So this is the guy who accosted us?” He asked.

“Wade Simonson.” Isaiah said, nodding.

“How did you get this?” Christopher asked, his eyes on Isaiah.

“I have a friend.” Isaiah said. “I figure you could give this information to your friend and the then our friends could work on this.”

“Together?” Christopher asked, with a little bit of hope in his voice. “Like…a team?” He asked.

Isaiah sighed. “That’s generally how two people work on something when they work on it at the same time and in the same vicinity, Chase.” He said, a slight growl in his voice. He turned and started walking out of the room. “Keep the documents, I have copies. I’ll be in touch with my friend. Tonight, don’t be late.”

"Where?" Christopher asked.

Isaiah paused and considered. "The Daily Planet."

Re: World's Finest

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:38 am
by Mir
It was a building with history, a rich history for both men.

Superman stood on the rooftop of the Daily Planet, having arrived early to the meeting. He was walking on ground that Kal-El had walked on. It was one thing to do it in the Fortress of Solitude, or the Watchtower. It was something else to do it on the top of the Daily Planet. This was an intimate space, a space that had meant a lot in the life of Kal-El. Lois Lane and he had spent many hours up here, and though the surface dust and dirt was different, the pockets of the concrete cratered differently now, it still held the same potency. Unintentionally, he wondered where Diana Aricia was, also known as Wonder Woman. Muir had gotten her a job at the Daily Planet, and he wondered if she was adjusting properly. He couldn't hear her heartbeat, so he knew that she wasn't in the building. Not at the moment. Ree closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, listening to the sounds around him. There was so much, but it was a relatively quiet night in Metropolis.

There were sounds all around him, and he could pick them out and dissect them better than anyone. He could hear a woman chasing after her eight month old puppy, who had managed to tug the leash out of her hand. They were in one of Metropolis' parks, so he wasn't that concerned about the puppy getting hurt. He could hear a couple arguing in their apartment on the other side of town, about whether the Metropolis Monarchs could beat the juggernaut Gotham Rogues. The Gotham Rogues had one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but the Monarchs did have a solid defense. Ree listened as Knubblechen Prime ordered yet another Metropolis Meatmania Pizza from Tommy's Pizza, and as Carly Stevens complained about the bill.

He could even hear Damien Croft in his penthouse apartment, discussing some matter with one of his assistants. Something about an experiment that had gone awry.

What he could suddenly hear, was a myriad of soft tones, barely registering. They were high pitched, just outside of the human auditory range, and though they weren't loud, they were all over the place. Twenty in various parts of Queensland Park, fifteen in Park Ridge. Another forty in New Troy, and twenty seven in Bakerline. There were even multiple ones in the waters around New Troy.

It made no sense. They were all on the same frequency, all the same pitch. Different levels of volume, but none of it made sense. Ree's eyes darted around, as if visually he'd be able to figure it out, but he couldn't. The file in his hands, the one that Isaiah had given him earlier that day was about to drop from his hands as he took off, but suddenly the noise stopped.

And he heard a heartbeat behind him.

He turned, his eyes narrowing.

"What was that?" He asked.

"It's a localized sound net designed to overload your auditory abilities, with enough stimuli that you're forced to stop concentrating on what's happening directly around you. When not in use, they remain dormant and unable to be detected." He said.

"So you can sneak up on me." Superman replied, eyes narrowing further. "You built an entire network of sound nodes just to sneak up on me. I don't go to Gotham have to admit that this," he said and waved his hand in a general fashion, "this is a bit excessive."

"It has other...uses." Batman replied, cryptically.

"How..." Superman said and sighed, lifting a hand up to run it through his hair. He'd had a momentary thought that they were all bomb counters that were suddenly going off, and had imagined, for a second or two, that he had been about to witness half of Metropolis explode. As much as he considered Batman his friend, Superman wanted to throttle him. Lightly. "How long did that take you?" He asked.

Batman was silent for a moment and looked away. "Months." He said. "How long it took doesn't matter. What matters is the man in that file." He said, and pointed at the file in Superman's hands. "We should talk about that."

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Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:35 am
by Nichalus
"Well, from his jacket, Simonson was nothing more than a disgruntled with life man. Various minor infractions that culminated with a 25 year sentence for a violent act on the District Attorney. The telling item about that is the fact that due to a technicality his sentence was reduced and he was released after serving only 6 months." Superman stated.

"The next question, and most important one, is how he got his hands on Kryptonite. When I tried to using my X-Ray vision, there was something lined with lead under his cloths, so that leads me to think that either they knew, or they assumed that since I have close ties with Chase, they assumed Superman would come to the rescue."

Batman nodded in agreement. "The next questions would be who supplied him with the Kryptonite and what he was after? Kryptonite isn't something that one can just pick up off the ground."

Re: World's Finest

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:53 am
by Mir
“In order to get that kind of information, we’d need to talk to him.” Batman added, looking away, thinking about it. Their options were limited, it wasn’t as if they could just call him up and they had no real way of tracking him down. All they had was the rap sheet, that was it. “But we do know that he’s coming after you, through Christopher Chase.” He said.

Superman paused and then looked at Batman. It didn't take him too long to make the same connection that Batman had. He realized what Batman was suggesting and he sighed. A part of him had seen this coming. All things considered, this was something that the other man would do without a moment’s hesitation. “You want to dangle me in front of him in the hopes that he’ll attack Christopher Chase again. You want to use me as bait.”

Batman winced slightly and turned his head back and forth slightly. “Dangle is a strong word, I wouldn’t go that far. Bait though, yes, I would use that word. Christopher Chase would probably make a good damsel in distress. We can put a skirt on his wheelchair.” He said. He turned, and Superman could hear the police radio in Batman’s ear.

“One moment.” Superman said and was gone in a blur.

Batman looked down and pressed a button on the utility belt. He stood patiently and just waited, knowing that it wouldn’t take long for Superman to get back. When Superman returned a few seconds later, he pressed the button again.

“Attempted B&E.” Superman said and Batman pointed at the side of his cowl. “Oh yeah, right. So, use me as bait?” He asked, with a smile. “When do you want to do this, during another public function?” He asked.

“I’ll let you choose how that happens. But we need to be able to question him, so we’ll have to take him down.” Batman said. “Making you relatively useless. Not like you can jump out of the wheel chair and punch him, and if he uses that Kryptonite on you again, you’ll be even more useless.”

“You ever think that one day, you’ll put the vigilante life behind you and write the messages in greetings cards or birthday cards?” Ree asked, as Batman walked up to the ledge and got up on it.

“All the time. Send one to each of the people I’ve put in Blackgate.” Batman said, pulling out his grappling hook. “Maybe Chase can commission me to write the birthday cards for all the members of your fan club.”

“I’m very protective of my fan club.” Ree replied, stepping over to the ledge as well and looking down at the city of Metropolis below.

“Good, make sure you keep watching my back then.” Batman said, and he was gone, giving Superman his first mild shock of surprise in a long time, though the look on his face gradually changed to a smile.

Slowly…Slowly, he’s coming around.

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Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:25 am
by Nichalus
"Winston, I need to pull the detailed files on Simonson again."

Batman said as he entered the main floor of the Batcave about an hour later, pulling his cowl back from his face, as he made his way to the main computer, passing Winston on the lower level. Stopping as he stepped up to his chair, he then immediately sensed something was amiss. It was not just the fact that Winston did not immediately answer him, but it seemed that the entire cave was as quiet a as church. The usual fluttering of leathery wings from the hoard of bats that he shared the cave with were non-existant. With the exception of the waterfall at the concealed entrance some hundred yards distance, it was eerily silent.

"Winston?" Isaiah turned slowly, his alert level rising quickly, and noticed that Winston had not turned to look at him, and was staring off towards a shadowed section of the cave. "What the hell is wro..."

He was cut off instantly as a low, guttural growl echoed through the cave. The growl was at such a low octave that it literally caused his bones to vibrate. The growl was then punctuated by two red glowing eyes that pierced the shadow, followed by the large canine teeth that gleamed in the cave's recessed lighting.

"I would say that you have found the answer to your own question Sir." Winston replied, his voice even, but with a slight tinge of worry.

"God Damn that dog..." Isaiah cursed, and was immediately with a snarling snap from the gleaming teeth within the shadow. "I sincerely hope you have some Milk Bones with you Winston."

"Dreadfully sorry Master Muir, but I left those off my list when I went shopping today. You may fire me for my lack of foresight." Winston deadpanned.

Muir grumbled and raised his hand towards the animal in the shadow. "Easy Krypto..."

"Oh, he's not Krypto." Came the voice of Ree from the shadow. The animal then stepped out from the darkened space, and while the dog was of a proportional size as Krypto, instead of the pure white fur, this animal was covered with a jet-black fur. Around his neck was a yellow collar, with a small LED screen that was glowing, and from which Ree's voice came. "His name is Shadow, and he is the genetic twin of Krypto. But, he does not have the ability of flight."

"Damn you Ree, get this damned dog out of my cave." Isaiah stated irritatedly, which caused the animal to step out on the platform and begin to circle both Isaiah and Winston, it's jaws snapping repeatedly as it sensed Isaiah's irritation.

"Oh, and I'm not really here, or listening in on this conversation. I anticipated your responses, and this device is keyed to respond toward certain sets of words." Isaiah could'nt help but notice the mirth in Ree's tone. "Shadow is genetically pre-exposed to your specific scent, thanks to your visit to my Fortress of Solitude, and thus how he found his way to you."

Shadow sniffed the air as he continued his slow stalking of them, slowly raising his head, the red glow dimming from his eyes, as if he recognized the scent of the dark man in front of him. The hackles on the back of his neck stood erect as he slowly, tentatively stepped towards Isaiah, his broad angular head as high as Isaiah's waist and extending his pointed snout and sniffing briskly at Isaiah's outstretched hand. Shadow then suddenly licked Isaiah's hand, and then pressed the his forehead into it.

"By the way Isaiah...Merry Christmas." Ree's voice stated and the lighted LED went dark.

Shadow sat down on his haunches next to Isaiah, his hand still resting on the back of the animal's neck.

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Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:05 am
by Mir
“They don’t even have Christmas on Krypton.” Isaiah said, though he knew Ree couldn't hear him.

“Shall I check the storage sheds for leashes, Master Isaiah?” Winston asked, with a small smile on his face. He remembered how for years Isaiah and Daniel had wanted a dog, and their mother had been all right with it, but Hugh Muir had refused, citing some bad experience that he’d had with four legged creatures many years ago. Of course, Cassie had had a dog, so Isaiah had still had a dog around in some shape or form, but for Hugh, it wasn’t as if Cassie’s dog lived at the houses.

“Because leather is going to be able to stop a genetic twin of that freak in Antartica.” Isaiah said.

Shadow cocked his head to the side and whined, somewhat angrily.

“Careful. That is his brother you’re talking about.”

“Yeah. His brother is a freak, but Shadow here is…” Isaiah started saying before he could stop himself. He stopped and then coughed roughly. “Winston, if you’d give me a moment alone.”

“But of course.” Winston said, nodding and bowing. He turned and started walking away. “I’ll bring some…steak, I suppose.”

Isaiah nodded, a bit absently and then looked at Shadow, who was still waiting patiently for Isaiah to actually pet him. Crouching, the man and the beast were now at eye level. Isaiah stared into the dog’s eyes and the dog stared back. Then the dog leapt forward, knocking Isaiah down and standing over him, licking the man’s face. The force of the blow was enough to crack all of his vertebrae back into place as he hit the ground.

“All right, all right, settle down.” Isaiah said.

There was no response, but the licking continued.

“I said, ‘settle down.’” He repeated, using a tone of voice heard more often by the criminals of Gotham. It had the immediate desired effect on the dog.

Shadow backed up and whined a bit, sitting down on the ground, and then laying down.

Isaiah sat up, and then reached out gently stroking the dog’s head. “Good boy.”

The tail thumped.

He had an idea, and smirked. “You know what ‘fetch’ is?” He asked, and the tail thumped harder.

With a speed that was uncanny, Isaiah reached into the belt, and suddenly a vibranium titanium alloy batarang was shooting through the air. To Isaiah it seemed as though Shadow’s eyes never left his, but the dog tracked the batarang and then, from a full prone position, flipped backwards, up in the air, and caught the batarang in his mouth, crunching down, before landing and dropping it next to Isaiah.

It was a vibranium titanium alloy, a different mix than that of Ben Davis’ shield, but still, there were bite marks in the winged projectile.

“Son of a….he wasn’t kidding. You are genetically Krypto’s twin.”

At the actual sound of Krypto’s name, Shadow barked, loudly and paced around a little bit.

Isaiah smiled. It didn’t take the world’s greatest detective to notice, in any man or beast, that here was pride bordering on arrogance.

“But of course, you’re better.” He said. “Better than Krypto, aren’t ya? Aren’t ya?” He asked, unable to resist.

Shadow gave out a gruff bark and then suddenly, his ears went ramrod straight and he was like a statue. His head turned and he looked at Winston, who was walking down the stairs with two pieces of dinnerware, a plate with a steak on it, and a bowl full of water.

“Did he break the batarang?” Winston asked, as he brought the two items down and set them in front of Shadow who went to work.

“Yes, he did.” Isaiah said. “I need to work.”


They were dressed in suits again. Chase, in his wheelchair, Isaiah standing next to him. They had already worked the room in the charity event that Christopher was hosting, and now were able to be amongst themselves. The event benefited the ASPCA chapter of Metropolis, something that was not lost on the man from Gotham. Isaiah had made small talk, something that he'd hated and now he was waiting, just waiting for Wade Simonson to come back and start something. He knew it was going to happen, and he knew that it had to happen. You didn't just attack two billionaires the way that Wade had and not try again. Not if you were a professional. The problem was that odds were, Wade was going to bring better help this time, and that was what bothered Isaiah. It was one thing to deal with some mercenaries and a man with Kryptonite. That Isaiah could do without the utility belt. But to deal with more people like Simonson, that was more tiring and more annoying than anything. At least he didn't care if he ruined his suit.

That's what the money was for after all, to keep up appearances.

Speaking of appearances, it was an interesting thing how both Isaiah and Christopher subtly changed their body language when they wore their less noticeable attire. Both had slight hunches in their backs, both talked louder, but with more mirth, but that was just scraping the surface. There was so much there, if you were willing to look. There were people at the event that were willing to look, but they were only watching Christopher Chase closely. After all, that man was the target.

Isaiah Muir was just some billionaire who wasted his money on alcohol and would be gold diggers.

“We still don’t have a lot of information on the people that want to get to you.” Isaiah said.

“The beautiful part of this is that it’s a trap for us and a trap for them.” Chase said, looking up at him with a smile.

"A trap that we're about to spring in a very big way." Isaiah said, and he couldn't resist the smile that crossed his face also.

"This is my life that we're talking about, and granted, I don't think that I can't survive this, I mean, I am who I am, but I feel like you're enjoying this too much. Dangling me like the damsel in distress like you said." Christopher paused, figuring that he wouldn't get a better chance at bringing this up later in the evening. “It’s like a great big Christmas gift for someone like you. Speaking of which…”

“My dog could kick your dog’s ass.” Isaiah said, interrupting him and folding his arms over his chest. He looked like a proud father. “I’m not even joking.” He added, when Christopher gave him a tired, weary look.

“That was not the…point of the…you are so annoying.”

“Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t win.”

Chase shook his head, and that’s when he started to feel it. “He’s here.” He said, and it was all that Isaiah needed to hear. But then Chase paused. “He’s…he’s not alone again. I can hear the frequencies. Radios and communications channels, but it’s different than last time, it’s a team of people like Simonson.”

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Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:38 am
by Nichalus
Wade Simonson strode into the room dressed in a fashionable Docker's slacks and buttoned up white shirt. The security guard at the entrance held out his hand to ask for his invitation, and Wade promptly backhanded the guard, sending him flying across the room and crumpling against the hard wood walls. The second guard pulled his weapon and fired off several shots which pinged harmlessly off Simonson's armored chest underneath his now ruined shirt.

"That was a mistake." Wade smiled

Bolts of electricity suddenly surrounded the guard causing his body to jerk and snap horrifically before they disappeared and the guard fell to the floor, his body still jerking from the lethal energy.

Stepping around Wade, the Electrocutioner appeared, his armor plated suit casading with trickles of electricity. "Rent a Pigs are always so stupid."

Stepping to Wade's other side, a woman wearing a long black leather longcoat looked around the room, her narrowed eyes taking in the entire room, as if searching for possible threats, which soon presented itself, as three more guards rushed the group with stun batons in their hands. The woman stepped in front of Wade and deftly caught the wrist of the first guard, twisting and snapping the guard's wrist, while at the same time spun on the ball of her foot, while lashing out with a vicious round kick that caught the second guard fully on the side of the head. She twisted the guard she held in her hand around, so that he took the full brunt of the stun baton from the third guard, while at the same time bringing her captive's stun baton around and catching the third in the temple with it. All three fell to the ground in a jumbled heap, and the woman merely stood there looking to see if there were any further challenges.

"Silent, but deadly. I like that. Nothing like a woman that can keep her mouth shut and just do her job." Wade chuckled.

The woman gave Wade a look that most men most likely would have died immediately from, but she knew her place in this job. But that didn't mean she would forget the slight.

By this time the guest in the room where in sheer panic, with many trying to run into nearby rooms, or merely cowering until tables.

"It think we have everyone's attention now." Wade said towards the guests. "Everyone shut your fucking holes and me and my crew will be out of here and you all can go back to patting each other on the back for whatever lame ass reason your here. But...." He pointed a finger towards Isaiah and Christopher in the back of the room. "...we got some unfinished business to take care of. Try any of that bullshit like you did in Monte Carlo, and your admirers will all die."

"The LMDs appear to be working out well." Superman stated as he looked over Batman's shoulder at the hand-held monitor in his hand. "There are two more approximately 300 yards away on a rooftop, one of them is definitely Deadshot and he's got a bead on the front of the building. The other I don't recognize."

"That will probably be Spade." Batman stated.

"How the ...nevermind." Superman paused, as he was getting use to Batman knowing things before he did. "I still feel badly for the guests. We're up here several floors away. Those security guards didn't stand..."

"It's what they get paid for." Batman cut him off. "Stop being such a bleeding heart. They do their job, while our Life Model Decoys do theirs. You going to worry about them too?"

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Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:54 am
by Mir
Superman opened his mouth to reply, but Batman held up a finger. “Don’t quote Isaac Asimov to me.” He said and Superman shook his head, at least amused that his compatriot had known where his train of thought was going. “They should be moving soon. From what I know of Wade Simonson, he’s not exactly against collateral damage, but he’s also focused on getting the job done. I don’t anticipate them causing any more harm before they leave.” He said.

He watched as Simonson punched a guest and then gestured for the two life model decoys to move.

“Any more harm after that.” He added.


Christopher Chase looked visibly sick, as he rolled along in his wheelchair. “Sick again?” Wade asked. “Your insides are way too delicate there, gimp.” He said.

“He does bath in the tears of kittens and third world children. The children are usually happy because he donated to the cause.” Isaiah replied.

“And the kittens?” Chase asked, because he couldn’t help himself.

“Cause they’re scared of you.” Isaiah said without missing a beat. “You scare baby cats.”

Christopher’s eyes closed and he sighed. “Of all the…we’re at a benefit for the ASPCA." He almost hissed. "Why would you insinuate that I scare kittens?”

“I can’t help who you scare.” Isaiah replied. “It’s not my fault, I’m simply telling the truth.”

“Not quite unlike how you scare women, pimp.” Wade said.

Isaiah laughed. “Oh. That was good. I see what you did there. Was humor your strong point when you were in prison, by the way? I can’t anticipate you having other useful prison skills.” He asked, and like before, Wade’s arm lashed out gripping Isaiah’s throat and squeezing. There were audible gasps from many of the people in attendance.

“Isaiah, I don’t think annoying the man is going to get us anywhere.” Christopher replied.

“Wade, we need to go.” The woman said, looking around the room. “These people are too rich not to have security details.” She said. “We don’t want to get into a prolonged fight.”

“Let’s go. We’ve got a ride to catch.” Wade said and the group started moving towards the exit. It didn’t take them long to get to the lobby of the building and waiting outside was a van.

Isaiah held his hands up. “Whoa, I know how this movie ends. I’m not getting into that-“

Electrocutioner reached up and shocked Isaiah, causing him to fall to the ground. When the woman looked at him, Jesus shrugged. “Habla demasiado.” He said, making a chattering motion with his hand. Reaching down, he grabbed the man and tossed him into the open van.

Christopher shook his head. “Were Isaiah conscious he would ask why there were no handicapped accommodations for the van in this plan of yours, since you know I’m in a wheelchair.”

“I’ll shock you too.” Electrocutioner said, leveling a finger at Chase.

“Oh fine.” Christopher replied, and the chair lifted up off the ground, hovering into the van.


“He shocked Isaiah.” Superman said with a smile. “He had a point, Isaiah does talk a lot.” He said, looking down at Batman.

“They didn’t even care enough about you to make the van wheelchair accessible. Let’s see where they’re going.”

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Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:29 am
by Mir
The helicopter ride was short, they weren't going very far in Metropolis itself. In the warehouse district, the van trip ended, and with rough hands, the replicas of Isaiah and Chase were taken out and into the warehouse, their captors none the wiser that these were in fact, not the actual John Isaiah Muir and Christopher Chase. Batman and Superman watched from a nearby building, Superman with his x-ray vision, and Batman through the eyes and ears of the two Life Model Decoys. "I wonder if they're ever going to realize that that's not the real people." Superman said.

"Doubtful. All part of the plan."

Superman turned to Batman. "You know, for a laugh, we could sic the dogs on them." He said, referring to Krypto and Shadow.

"I want to know what's going on, not have that mutt of yours tear the warehouse apart with useless destruction."

"That mutt has the same pedigree as Shadow."

"Shadow is a mix of a Kryptonian canine and an Asgardian wolfhound. His pedigree is unquestioned. Krypto is a degenerate you found in a shelter." Batman replied without missing a beat.

"You've been saving that one, haven't you?" Superman asked.

Batman paused. "Maybe. Let's see what happens."


Isaiah looked around the warehouse. "This place is pretty roomy. Kind of spacious. What kind of rent do you think they're paying?" He asked.

"Has to be a good amount per square foot." Chase replied. He turned to Spade. "Did you get a good deal on the insurance? After all, blood can be difficult to clean up."

"Especially rich boy blood." Wade replied for Spade. "You both seem awfully in good spirits considering your predicament." He said with a smirk, and Isaiah mirrored his face. "Maybe you should rethink that stance."

The king of Gotham's smirk changed. "Maybe you should do the same." He said.

"Enough." A new voice said. Everyone turned to see a short, slightly portly woman emerge from the shadows, wearing an off-white colored suit. The African American woman was holding a folder, and reading from it as she came into view. "Mr. Muir, your mouth's inability to cease amazes me, sometimes."

"Yet you told me to be quiet." Isaiah said. "It's like you don't even know me."

"Oh, I know you." She said, looking up at him. "I know that Wayne Enterprises is the sole global retailer of Vibranium from Wakanda." She said. "It's a lucrative deal you struck with the current King's dead father, one of the many that helped revitalize Wayne Enterprises."

Isaiah nodded. "It accounts for over thirty billion dollars in revenue, annually." He said. "The contract is very specific on who we're allowed to sell to and for what purpose. "What's your point? That's public information, there were articles written about the deal. The revenue is reported in Wayne Enterprises' annual reports with the SEC." He said and both her and Chase watched as she reached into her suit pocket and produced a small item, in the shape of a bat. "So that's a Batarang." He said. "Ten points to creepy lady."

She held it flat in her hand, balancing it. "It is a Batarang." She admitted. "Probably one of the most feared weapons in that city across the water. What I want to know, Mr. Muir, is why it's made of a Vibranium titanium alloy? This is a weapon utilized and employed by the masked vigilante known as the Batman. You're the only person who sells Vibranium in the entire world. How did he get it?" She asked.

He cocked his head to the side, his eyes narrowing. "Lady, did you really hire these piss poor excuses of enforcers to ask me a question about my business? Wheels isn't even involved in this?" He asked, and then was forced to take a step back. A katana blade was at his neck, less than milimeters away from his naked skin. It tapped gently against his Adam’s apple. He turned to look at the woman who bore the blade. The look on their faces carried a wealth of knowledge, only understood by the two of them. "Okay, The Girl here is a few steps above piss poor. But Simonson is a useless animal. Please tell me we can agree on that."

The jab didn't phase Wade at all, who just smiled.

"Answer the question, Isaiah." The Girl said.

"I don't know how he got the Vibranium. Look, we mainly sell to research organizations, government back research organizations. After it's sold, I don't know what happens to it. The Wakanda Foreign Office maintains the inspection rights. They enforce it, even on the United States. Ask T'Shon."

"I think you help him." The woman said, pointing a finger at Isaiah.

"And I think you're crazy. But only one of us is right, and no offense, it's usually me. Now, if that's all you wanted to know, mystery lady, Wheels and I have a date with some models back at the party. Since he's not really fully functional down there, it's probably going to end up just me and the girls." Isaiah said, turning around. He stopped, as Spade was right behind him. "Look, deuces wild, you've got a choice. Get out of my way, or commit assault and battery on a guy who'll make sure you rot in prison."

"Tough talk. Where I come from, a man like you, with your soft hands, you don't matter much. You don't mean much. Where I come from, people like you can get killed for pennies."

"Well, the prison you'll rot in will decidedly be better than the third world Commie country you call home, comrade."

"Isaiah..." Christopher said, with a warning tone.

"No. No. No. I've had enough of this. I'm an American citizen. I have rights. This is kidnapping and false imprisonment." Isaiah said and turned back around. "Who the hell are you anyway?"

"My name is Joanna Locke. I work for the United States government, Mr. Muir." The African American woman said, glaring at him. "Your choices aren't exactly pick of the litter." She said. "You know how to get in touch with Batman and this one-" She said, pointing at Chase, "seems to be able to produce Superman whenever he's in trouble."

Chase started laughing, a hearty laugh, from the stomach. Locke gave him an expectant look and Chase held a hand up, to try to buy himself more time. "Wait. You mean to tell think that Superman always helps me when I'm in trouble, and you think that Isaiah knows Batman, and you want to get both of them, so you decided to kidnap us?" He asked. "That's the dumbest plan I've ever heard of."

"This is the government we're talking about." Isaiah said. He started to walk, staying in the warehouse, looking around. "In hindsight, I really do hope you got the insurance package. You really think that these people are going to be able to stop Superman and Batman....the World's Finest?" He asked.


"Oooh, that's a nice touch." Superman said.

Batman cracked a rare smile.

Re: World's Finest

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:45 am
by Nichalus
There is a sudden creaking sound that fills the warehouse. A metal rending sound that grows and screeches louder and louder. Everyone within the room looks around, Isaiah and Christopher put their hands to their ears as the screeching reaches a crescendo.

"The doors!!" The Electrocutioner yells out and points to the massive metal door, that is bulging inwardly until it finally tears apart at a seam and widens, showing a muscular silhouette with a bellowing cape flowing behind it.

"Oh, you all are fucked now." Isaiah states matter of factly.

"Isaiah, watch your language." Christopher chastises him.

"You're such a prude. I bet when you have a orgasm, 'if' you can that is, you start crying in thanks."

"You really are a crase Son of a..."

"Would you two shut the fuck up!!" Simonson screams at them, while leveling his rifle at them.

"..bitch." Christopher finishes and then sheepishly looks at Simonson and points to Isaiah. "I was saying that to him."

"That's IT!" Simonson aims at Christopher's head, his finger begins to squeeze the trigger. There is a sudden low hum in the air and a batarang whistles through the air and strikes Simonson's forearm, surprisingly with a 'ting' as if metal on metal. The strike throws Simonson's arm sideways causing the bullet to fly off harmlessly into a nearby crate.

Another silhouette glides in from the newly formed opening and lands next to the other. Batman leans into and whispers out of the side of his mouth. "If you tell anyone how I got across the bay with you, I'll shove a lump of Kryptonite so far up your ass, your eyes will glow green."

"I thought is was a truly bonding moment." Superman whispers back with a sardonic smirk on his lips.

Superman turns to Joanna. "Miss Locke, there are much better ways to get ahold of me, that are far easier than resorting to kidnapping and breaking the law. But as a Government employee, that becoming the usual MO it seems nowadays. Not to mention hiring rogue terrorists and criminals to do so, do doubt to throw them under the bus when they fail to do as you order."