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Forum Purpose

Post by starwars1235 » Tue Apr 22, 2003 4:40 pm

This forum serves the purpose of allowing the community to reach the adminstration (Admins and Mods).

1. All announcements on changes made to either the board or website will be made here. Also, any discussion on the business of the roleplaying board or website will be conducted here, so as to keep everything under one roof.

2. Any complaints you may have about our website or roleplaying board should be posted here. We strive to allow you, the roleplayer, to have the smoothest ride and for that, we need to know when you find a problem.

3. If you have to get in contact with a moderator, please post here. While they do monitor the board for any potential troublemakers or problems, they can't see everything, therefore they need your help in reporting any potential hotspot.

Finally, we ask community members to make it a habit to return to this forum on a regular basis. As we like to discuss changes or new developments with our members, and give you a voice, we can't hunt each of you down to come here, so this is your small responsibilty.