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Temporary Ban Enforced

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:33 pm
by Nichalus
Sorry for the delay in this post...

About a month ago, the Team had to place a Temporary Ban on a member of this forum.

We will not name names, nor will be discuss the particulars of this case with any member of this forum. We will state that harassment OF ANY SORT will NOT be condoned on these forums. If a member of this forum is reported to us to be harassing a member via text, PMs, Messenger or even Carrier Pigeon, and we investigate such a report and find it truthful, you will be punished with anything from a Warning to a Permaban, depending on the circumstances. If you are given a Warning, and you continue such actions, we can guarantee a Ban of one type or the extreme.

We take these types of issues 'very' seriously, and hope that we do not have to be confronted with this again.